7500 Blind Pass Road, Saint Pete Beach, FL 33706


27.743045, -82.750931




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Mermaids

  1. Eric

    Was in thursday night, not many other customers, but got to talk to plenty of girls, drinks came quick, courteous staff here, should be much busier with all the talent here, could use some food.

  2. Bikini Stye Strip Club

    Strip Club, Bikini only, located on 1 of Florida’s nices Beaches. Prices High to see the same thing you can walk across the street and sit in the sand and see.

  3. goofball

    This is currently a bikini bar, 5 dancers, 3 of good+ quality, not much touching in the vip area. not crowded!!! and the girls were all fun.

  4. B
  5. Very Disappointed

    maybe its just me but whats the point of a “gentleman’s” club where you dont get to see anything – even in a private $20 dance? – i can go to the beach if i want to see bikini clad girls- they dont even allow thongs in this place – so again what is the point ? DO NOT GO HERE IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR TITILATION OR ANY NIPPLE ASS OR PUSSY – YOU WONT SEE ANY

  6. Katie

    Thanks for the comments, guys! Hope to see you all soon. Happy Holidays!

  7. Uncle Larry

    This is a great choice if you’re looking for a low key bikini club. No glitz or glamour, just a good hangout with some cool people.

  8. Dave

    Katie is hot hot hot

  9. blake

    There are 2 girls there that are hot, Gia is drop dead gorgeous and Katie is very hot.

  10. jim

    4 young, hot, flat bellied girls there on wednesday afternoon. a HUGE improvement from previous visits.

  11. Brian

    With the new ownership, the quality of service has deffinitely improved. The girls are hot and friendly. About the only downside is that the city of St. Pete Beach prohibits any type of nudity, hence being a bikini bar and not a strip club.

  12. justin

    this club rocks

  13. BeachGoer

    Best description… a morgue with music. More chicks in the morgue as well.

  14. fritter17

    Great place. Awesome girls an drinks made properly. Not all watered down. Great music. Dj played a variety of different genre’s. Beautiful girls. Would recommend to anyone to visit. Place was live all night never a boring moment. Will be back soon. They girls dont demand money an bartenders was awesome.

  15. Roxanne

    I’ve worked here for eight years. I started here as an entertainer and am now a bartender. I love working here. Management treats the employees with respect, the customer are great, and the entertainers are excellent. We have definitely become an upscale club.

  16. Jon

    I was there last week. Needs more girls.

  17. tom
  18. tasha
  19. brandonresh

    We love it here at Mermaids!! Darcy is awesome and zoey rocks! Dancers here are beautiful!

  20. Tyler

    This club is NASTY and dirty. It needs to be shut down!!! Low

    class owners and staff. What a disgrace.

  21. Kevin p.

    I went here with my buddy after bowling and drinks -it was pretty happening, probably 35 heads in there which I was told was “a busy night”. Definitely a bikini bar but also definitely hands on, very touchy girls and definitely inviting of the same. Got two dances for 15 or 20 bucks which is quite solid as far as clubs go. Bartender was prompt and polite and the girls are interested and willing 😉 however the girls are seldom enhanced and mostly just your average gal, some older some college types. If you’re looking for a bar to drink at this is a solid option as both men and women go, however if youre looking for a strip joint it is only so so. I will be going back and hope to update my review.

  22. bob

    you guys are awsome keep it going

  23. Jay S.

    One of the WORST strip clubs I’ve ever visited.PROSDrinks and cover were cheapCONSEverything else. Lame dancing. No merchandising skills by girls (you strip on stage to sell lap dances.. duh). No nudity.

  24. John

    Princess and Aja are champaign room must see’s. 100% money’s worth!

  25. Eddie
  26. Smokin Joe

    I am really at a loss for words at how to accurately put into words the level of suck this club resides at. Yes. It really is that bad.

  27. nope

    sorry, rather go to the beach!

  28. Alexandra S.

    The best place ever. Kayla the bartender and maiden the dancer are the most fabulous people ever our waitress Darcy GREAT . Please go see Maiden she is well words can’t describe . !!!!!!!! Xoxoxoxo we are now all lesbians !!!

  29. J.

    Worked here before. Good dancer turn-over rate. Most are friendly. The old hillbilly broads need to go though.

  30. realbullet

    I just stumbled into this club, so I had no idea what to expect, except that it was a bikini club. There was no cover charge before 8 pm. It was shift change so the waitress & bartender danced for a little while — they were hot; I wish they were available for private dancers.

    The private dances that I had were much better than you would expect from a bikini bar. I didn’t have much time, but I would have liked to find out what would be available in the private dancer area — my gut says not too much more becaue they seem to be worried about possible police stings right now — but maybe in a few months.

  31. AssnTits5

    Wow! I don’t think I have ever been so upset that I stormed out of a strip club before. My wife and I went on a Thursday night, so they were slow, but after about an hour they picked up a little. There were about 10-15 people in there. We waited for 45 mins after they picked up and not one dancer went up on stage. There were 5 dancers just sitting in the corner at the bar. They mingled with a few of the patrons but not once did anyone come over to us, not even to ask what we wanted to drink. I’m not sure if they were scared of my walker, or not gay friendly. It’s a shame, we had money to spend, and the girls were hot. Needless to say I will not be returning.We also were never carded. The other thing I didn’t like about this place was the guy that grabbed one of the girls butt and genital area while she was on stage and no one cared.

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