Booby Trap Pompano Beach



2840 Hammondville Road, Pompano Beach, FL 33069


26.244738, -80.161854




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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49 reviews for “Booby Trap Pompano Beach

  1. Anonymous

    what a great place, I love it here, a bunch of dirty little sex trafficked hos must have ran across the border, pussy is cheap the food is free, good drinks and lots of fun. Mostly Spanish girls from Cuba. All thanks to Joe Biden, if it weren’t for his policy on immigration this club wouldn’t exist. I get the mamasita lunch special which costs me 100$ and well worth it.

  2. Chachi

    Any dancers in dayshift with huge tits?

  3. Fryburg

    Let me start by saying i was a regular at this bar before the renovations. I loved it. Was a lot more personal with the bar staff and dancers. I would stop in daily. I loved the trap!

    Now .. this is the first time ive been in to the bar (maybe 2/3 yrs since) and its a WHOLE different atmosphere. More club like…lots of beautiful women. The whole feel is “this is a NEW club”. Out with the old in with the new. I had a great time. My only complaint is the music is too loud. Its almost impossible to have a conversation with a bartender, waitress or dancer. You use to beavle to sit down and strike up a conversation. Now its a dancer for $ and on ur way kinda place.

  4. Joe Edwards

    Im a business man and
    i went on a Saturday after being in the area on business. I paid 1.00 for parking and free admission. I have to say I had a nice time, tho I couldn’t stay long. There were quite a few nice women, probably 75 to 100 not sure, but quite a few. Definately more than Ive seen in any establishment locally. There was a mature crowd and the atmosphere was nice. I read some negative reviews but I didn’t witness that myself. Didn’t see any bouncers or saturated security. Seem upper class. The valet, barmaids and dancers were all nice. The beer was 8.00 which i think was ok for the type of establishment.
    Since the first time was nice I decided to go back again. Not sure what happened this time but barmaid was not at all friendly. Also she kept my change without asking. I was gonna give her a tip anyway but she took it anyway. I was turned off by that and walked out.

  5. Jimenez

    I went on a Sunday afternoon when typically all clubs have bottle specials going. This club did not, they have to go ask the manager to see if they can do a special price on a bottle on a slow day or night. My friend was charged $40.00 for a lap dance on the main floor, we later found out the dances were only actually $10.00 on the main floor. We advised the manager that the dancer was over charging. We later ordered a hookah we were charged $75.00! that is outrageous price for a hookah. We normally get a table on the second floor but this day we were not allowed up there. We later saw one of the workers letting a group of 4 people go up so we didn’t understand why we weren’t allowed but they were. We have been coming here for years even before the remodel and spending hundreds, not sure why the treatment changed.
    My only advice would be get some specials stabilized for the slow days, also treat all your good paying customers the same not just some. Also lower the price of the hookahs for a hookah that expensive you should have a hookah attendant to ensure the hookah is working 100%. They dropped off the hookah and never came back so not worth the $75.00. Girls were actually good looking and all had good attitudes. The club was remodeled and it look beautiful.

  6. Gabriella

    I love this place !!! Definitely my number one favorite bar in the north Broward area .
    The vibe is nice , the music is good and the people are really friendly . I brought my brother in law there for his birthday and we all had a blast . Daniel the manager was super accommodating and helpful with gettting us a table and making sure we were taken care of .
    Absolutely will be going back !!

  7. StonedCold

    Great Free LUNCH !! THANK YOU !! FREE BURGER or CHICKEN SANDWHICHES !!! I was at club Saturday many Spanish girls working what’s with the cops in the parking lot and all in club this is suppose to be a cool place what’s going on with this place everyone on egg shells service took a while we heard we have a great time fun our friend who works here always tell us about this place at gym gets 100 pussy. Great bunch of hos here fucking and suckin on the cheap if u want it come and get it.

  8. Fancisco Tores

    FREE LUNCH and 100$ Pussy if you cant afford that there some cheaper hos that hang in and around the men’s bathroom they will blow u for 30$-50$ plus u gotta tip the bathroom attendant, however none of the girls speak English so if you habla poquito espaniol esta muy bien.

  9. Ricky d

    What a great little whorehouse this place is, seems like no one here speaks English all the girls are from Cuba they give out free lunch free cheeseburgers and $100 I’ll buy you sex in the VIP room in fact the pussy was a cheap n there was a banged up hoe in the men’s bathroom willing to suck my dick in the stall for $25 not bad for a quick bite to eat and a pump and dump on my lunch break.

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  11. Varietyman Florida

    Not-so-private friction dances cost $25. Private rooms are available for $50 for 15 minutes and you must pay separately for the dancer to go back there. Most dancers want at least $150 additional to go back there. What is the $150 getting you? You must negotiate this BEFORE you go back there! All dancers dance nude on the main stage and are not at all ashamed to grab at, fondle, caress, and massage your junk while you wait at the upper bar. Special treatment by Celine, Star, Karma, Hope, and Courtney. The cutest girls get there after 8:30PM. A cheap pair of easy access/full sensory experience shorts cost $5.88. The dancers will thank you.

  12. docbiz

    this was the second place i hit tonight and i wish i woud have stopped here first. Had a blast. Big range of girls. A couple really hot girls the rest were average but a lot of fun. I’ll be back to this place.


    I have to AGREE BEST CLUB AROUND WOULD DRIVE EXTRA 30 Mins heck would drive from Philly BALtimore jersey even new york just to GO to this club great selection of galz great atmosphere not mand can compete with BOOBY TRAP

  14. Rob

    I like that the girls there range from the skanky to the hot and all the catagories in between.

  15. Johnny

    Scantily clad girls at the stoplight waved for me to follow-WOW! What a club ! Hot women all trying to push their wet pussies into me! What a great time!!

  16. Jersey Joe

    Always a good time here. Some days are better than others but always fun and a good choice of hot ladies.

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  18. Gregory Peck
  19. NY Mike

    Always have a lot of fun here. Good choice of hot ladies. Hot dances too. Two for one drinks.

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  21. Beware

    Diamond Doll of Clearwater is trashing other clubs and posting fake reviews to make them number one in ALL of florida

  22. bob
  23. club guy

    the club isn’t all that bad but I’ve been trying the club for the last 5-6 years hoping the girls will get better in both looks and body it hasn’t happened a lot of guys say give it up to many other clubs that i can go to maybe it’s time

  24. g

    days are not the same since jersey has not been there

  25. Varietyman WPB

    $5 Cover!!!! Can’t beat that!!!! Back rooms are minimum $100 for the girl, $50 for the house and our waitress was very gracious after tipping her only $10. Southern hospitality!!! Make sure you discuss with your girl what you’re expecting and how much clothing you’re wearing and how much/what she’s wearing while back there. The most spacious areas are at the back/end of the corridor. Even then they’re not roomy by any means. Make a friend or better yet, a fuck buddy out of your dancer and then you guys can hookup outside of the club. The right dancer will go ga-ga for flowers and immediately try on sexy clothes or shoes you give her. The right dancer will reward your loyalty as this makes her special in front of other girls.

  26. Fla Strip Specialist
  27. Missy L.

    Visited on vacation. Not great looking girls, club itself very rundown.A girl came to our table & started chatting with us. She asked my husband do you mind if I massage your lady? He says sure. Wonderful massage (she was clothed, just rubbed my shoulders) then she asks my husband if she could massage him too he says sure.When she’s finished I plan on tipping her and getting her a drink. She says that will be 80 dollars. WTF? When offering a massage she never discussed a price, and we figured she was trying to warm us up to get us to buy a dance.I said no way, she drops price to 60 and I hand her some money just to get her to leave us alone. Felt very cheated, especially since there was no mention of charging us at any point, or we wouldn’t have agreed. For $80 we could get a full hour massage in a very reputable place!The only good thing about this place was the manager if I could give him 5 stars I would. I spoke with him about the event and he was shocked! He spoke with her and got us most of our money back (I was willing to pay 20 because it was a good massage, but was upset at her bait and switch type approach). He apologized and was very genuine.

  28. miamiguy

    NICE PLACE, DOZENS OF GIRLS, GOOD MUSIC, GREAT DRINKS, Since I recently mored to Oakland Park this will be my new hangout. I used to go to the Pink Pussycat but that’s a little too far away now. One of the few cubbs that are still at $20 for an intense full friction lap dance!

  29. BillyJoel

    monkey butts

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  31. jimmy etta

    this club is da bomb

  32. name


  33. ron

    rat trap girls need teeth

  34. AssnTits5

    My husband and I stopped by here Sunday night. I enjoy strip clubs, but this one just wasn’t as much of my style. There is a lot more ethnic diversity than some of the other clubs. You will be very happy if you prefer a lot of diversity, but the girls aren’t as pretty as a couple of other strip clubs we went to. We were both really surprised to see how much they let you touch the girls. Some club security is very strict, but it was way more relaxed here.The chairs look really dated and the tables are very close to each other. It took us several minutes to find a table. The bar tenders were very attentive and drink prices were pretty reasonable. Parking was only $1. Overall it wasn’t a bad time, but we didn’t really see anyone I wanted a dance from and we were ready to go after a couple songs. We went to another strip club down the street after we left and had a better time.Overall, we didn’t have a bad time, but we didn’t really have a good time either.

  35. traveler

    everything great until the dancer speaks

  36. Franklyn

    This place has a friendly staff and great food. Best of all is the food is free during the day. I never would have thought about eating at a strip club but I have got to say that they have one of the best burgers I’ve had since I moved to florida. Oh and the girls are nice to look at too….

  37. blue
  38. james1412

    Great !! Real Slutty women, somewhat pretty and friendly. It’s not one of them fancy places, but I like places like this. The women aren’t walking around with their noses in the air !! I recommend

  39. justinlk

    I loved this place! Manager was awesome. Bottles are so cheap here!!! $100.00 for Ciroc. Free to get in. Free lunch. And they had a variety of women. They had all size and shapes and types. Bartender was super nice my waitress was also very nice. We came on a Sunday at like 3pm and stayed until about 9pm.

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  41. Best Club FL

    These people will bend over backwords to make sure you a having a GREAT!! time

  42. grandpa

    this is where they put the old strippers out to pasture

  43. steve

    Great Club! Join them for their Christmas Party on December 13

  44. Prevert

    I agree with another reviewer: a large selection of attractive girls, from skanky to cute to hot. And unlike the higher priced ripoff joints on Federal Highway in Fort Lauderdale, the girls here are real girls, not Barbie Dolls with bleached hair, too much make up, and fake tits.

  45. jj

    best club in south florida. hands down. the girls are there to make sure you have a good time

  46. Pennsylvania dancer

    A friend and I (dancers from PA)came in here to work. Where we’re from, dancers are entertainers. We dance, and make sure you have fun. Here, apparantly, dancer and hooker go hand and hand. What a disgrace…these girls will do ANYTHING for the right price. My friend and I were there for 2 hours, saw two hand jobs, one blow job, and one girl get eaten out by a customer. and apparantly the sex goes on in the back room. We were absolutely disgusted and left. I feel sorry for these whores and the customers who catch their diseases.

  47. Johnny Boy
  48. Joe


  49. Rotten Raf

    Went 4 the first time last night, it was nice and all. most of the girls were decent looking. i got ripped the fuck off on a lap dance. usually they get off u after the song is over and are like give me my money, no this bitch started in the middle of a song, and started offering sex, $100 in the back room or $50 for a hand job on the spot. yapping away into the next song. i told this slut no and she got off and was like okay 50 bucks ! im like WTF , shes like that was 2 songs. im like it was 1.5 songs, i wasnt drunk enough to not know how many songs went by. just becareful they get u that way. and the black stripper “roxanne” valley girl accent on drugs. shes ugly as fuck and looks hungry. dont give her good company or she will never leave. and she yells in your ear.over all good place ,friendly stripper/waitresses. cool staff. yes they do offer sex in the back, 100 bucks and herpes 2 weeks later. but if u cant get laid on your own then there is something wrong, dont pay 4 something u can get free. i’d go back

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