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37100 U.S. 19, Palm Harbor, FL 34684


28.109309, -82.74038




8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Silks Adult Entertainment

  1. Chet

    Had a great time, i will be back yea baby

  2. Bryan

    They had some birthday party and it was off the chain. I had damn great time. Gees those girls were so cool, I mean they had reviews coming

  3. Melvin

    I have always liked coming to this club. The staff is so cool, Martina, Debbie, and Rich. Keep up the good work.

  4. Chris B

    stopped in on Friday night, greeted by a very friendly staff. The club had about 12 girls working all looked good except for one. Drink and dance prices were very cheap compared to other clubs in the area but didn’t lack quality. Overall I had a very good time and i will def. be back

  5. Big Slim

    I love this club !

  6. sean

    I had a wonderful time with my friends. Everybody was real nice

  7. Big Jim

    Had such a nice time, Thank you to All, Nate was real cool, so was Shay and Deb

  8. zach

    great selection of girls. Had a great time

  9. Ricco

    This place was great, I will be back

  10. Bob

    Great club, the managers were very nice I don’t know why that guy wrote that? Anyway its a great club!

  11. Rob K.

    I just left there and that club was busy for a Monday Night. I had a great time, wow the girls were good looking. I definitely recommend this place to every one.

  12. Pete

    I had a good time last night. My friends and I hung their for a while. We hit all the clubs but this time we stayed played with the girls a lot. It was nice mellow time.

  13. Steve

    Wow, this club has come a long way since I was there last. They pretty much have remodeled every aspect of this place. I am impressed, looks like vegas style club.

  14. Mike Watts

    The managers are dickheads ! and the hospitality SUCKS! Did I mention that the managers answer the phone like they are hot shit! and act so tough over the phone!

  15. Robby

    I come to this club all the time and everybody treats me real good. I mean the manager is always out there talking to me and the rest of customers. The dancer are real cool and man do they know to party

  16. Chuck

    I was staying at Innisbrook for the weekend. I decided to go over to this club for a change. I normally go to the other clubs. I can truly say that I good time, wow has this place really changed. I mean I have been to a lot of clubs and this ranks right up thier.

  17. Tommy

    Constant flow of very beautiful dancers – most of the girls are very attractive, face and body. A bit crowded at times and girls are a bit agressive, but overall a good experience. Very high quality of dancers.

  18. MysteryPu$$y&theMAN

    My hub and I stop in once in a while and, for the most part, have had good experiences there… Angelina is a dream so make sure you ask for her! There are other girls in there, however, who do nothing but hustle the crap out of you every minute you’re there, or try to sell you those damn watered-down tube shots… which is extremely annoying when you’re just there to relax. We tip well and spend money, so get out of our faces every two minutes!

    Debbie is very nice and accomodating. Definitely our favorite ‘close to home’ spot, without having to travel far. 2nd would be Bare Assets but it’s too friggin packed on the weekends to be enjoyable for either of us.

  19. Samuel

    Like baskin robbins any flavor at any time. Great time with buds celebrating my brothers bachelor party

  20. Randy

    I was there the other night and everybody was so nice. It was not an act, it was the real deal. I such a nice time, I will be coming back

  21. Stan

    I had read a few of these reviews, and I decided to go check it for myself. I was greeted at the door my nice charming lady. I sat at the bar had some good conversation with bartender and few other folks. I had a great laugh with the girls and those VIP rooms. Well just check it out for yourself.

  22. Bobby

    Came into Palm Harbor for a boring sales convention, 3 days of hell! However, the nights were great because of this club! Silk Stockings made my whole time! The girls are HOT! Very Liberal in the private dance area. In the 3 nights I was there the staff made me feel right at home! I especially liked VIP rooms, not over priced, small but very nice in decor! That’s where I had the most fun!!!

  23. Mike E.

    This Rocks

  24. Larry

    visited last weekend, and i have to say one of the best clubs i have ever been to

  25. Allan Jay

    This place rocks, The girls were awesome and the staff was real cool. Thank you

  26. Jason

    I have been reading this list for years and I finally have decided to weigh with my opinion. I stop by every couple of days. I have been to all the other clubs, I feel comfortable in this club and they take good care of me. I highly recommend coming to this place. I call this my home club, so from my perspective I enjoy it.

  27. Kelly

    This place rocked the other night Nate & Deb treated me well

  28. Jeff

    Nice place had a great time everything was cool

  29. Mistercap12

    Tremendous service from everyone at this location from the dancers to the waitress to the bouncers even. Ended up spending a full afternoon here and it was a great time. Kudos to the whole crew! One warning: the drinks are very stiff and if you’re not careful you’ll end up staying all day enjoying the ambiance like I did. Much lighter on the wallet today but no regrets.

  30. Anthony

    I just did the Cobra ride and had blast. We stopped at several clubs but by far this Club was the best. They took care of us real good.

  31. Eric

    Had great last night, keep the girls coming and the Patron flowing

  32. Saturday

    nights have the most talent

  33. Billy O

    The Halloween party was rock-in, the girls were awesome

    Nice all the away around

  34. john
  35. Bud

    I went there the other night had the time of my life. The girls were awesome. The service was really good, I liked the new Vip Rooms. The talent was good, atmosphere was fun and nice.

  36. Tom

    This place rocks, had a great time, the girls were great

  37. Duke

    WOW what a change in the place, really have gone upscale

  38. Joeseph

    This place was rock and the girls were smoking hot

  39. Big D

    Awesome Baby, I really had a good time, No complaints

  40. Searcher

    OMG, this place is the size of my garage. And its not just the size that got it a .5 rating. I can touch the dirty ceilings, the bar staff is horrendously unhelpful. The door girl was reading a book when we walked in and seemed bothered she had to charge us a cover. And, do not venture into the prehistoric bathrooms. Was here for a golf outing, crappy weather so we turned it into a party weekend. Every other place we went blew this dump away. Go north and south. Dont bother here.

  41. Bill

    I had great time the other night. I mean the party never stopped. The girls never stopped, for strip club goers the is a real gem

  42. Tim

    I stopped in on my way home from work and ended up staying the entire night. Had a great time with the girls and staff. Can’t wait to return this weekend.

  43. Sam

    I had a blast I totally recommend this place to every one.


  44. JOE

    Great little club, they certainly try real hard there for you

  45. harryharry

    BEWARE!!! They will con you out of your money and there pathetic excuse of security will strong arm you at every turn. Not to mention the dancers are homely at best. I strongly recommend The Oasis or basically any other Strip club. Stay away!

  46. Owner

    Owner Needs to quit being a Cheap Fuck.

  47. TecFan

    Was in the other nite. Sat 2/20. Kind of a slow nite but the Dj played me some awesome tunes. had a great time with the girls. Will be back.

  48. Lapdance guy

    This is a pretty good club with friendly atmosphere and dancers. DJ played good tunes but the sound system was a bit loud. Dances are pricey at $25 each given this is a topless only club. Or you can go for $100 champagne room. Overall I liked this club and will be going back.

  49. Mikey

    I was in from out of town went to all the other clubs in the area. I had a good time at all the other clubs had a better time at this club. There was this one girl in particular, that just knocked my socks off. I will be back and the club was really cool too.

  50. Jason B

    Had a great time last night. Everybody was real cool, the girls were smoking hot. One girl right after the next was beautiful.

  51. Stephan

    Great place to have a bachelor party, my friend had his there last week and it was AWESOME! Drink prices are low compared to some clubs! Staff was overly helpful and nice, the entertainers all looked HOT! Especially Devin,hot blonde who was so much fun, also I recommend the VIP Room’s, I was in for 2 30min sessions, I didnt want to come out! Very liberal! Check it out for your self, I’ll be back!

  52. Rob

    I like all the changes, keep up all the good work

  53. Ed

    Had a great time Christmas night!!!

  54. Andy

    This is a very good club with a lot of hot dancers. The service is good and the music terrific ! Nice buzz and friendly girls.

  55. Tango

    Good dancers

  56. Big Brad

    Nice times, I will be back, You will enjoy

  57. josh

    Went there had a great time on the day shift with the bartender. We laughed and kidded around all day. Thankyou it was nice to be included in the laughter

  58. Paulie

    I was staying in Palm Harbor on a business. I had a great time at this club. This was a nice happening place, everybody was real friendly. I would recommend to everybody to at least check it out once.

  59. Pete H.

    Went there last Friday night not expecting much, I was totally blown away. The absolute best time in a long time

  60. ted

    wow had a fun night, was there for ever, time just passed by to quick. great hospitality and fast service. girls were hottttttttttt.cantb wait to be back

  61. Dave

    Really liked the place, very laid back, fun atmosphere. Will

    be back.

  62. Dale
  63. rogerrab2

    I am glad to provide some genuine perspective from a 40 year veteran of such clubs. I STRONGLY suspect those 5 star reviews are written by employees or friends of the managers of this turkey of a club. Went last night for the first time, and immediately smelled a rat. Stayed for an hour and a half, and will never go back again. Something is wrong here and while I don’t exactly know what that is, take my word for it. I have no vendetta against anyone there as I don’t know a single person connected with it. First off, this was the largest collection of huge butt women I have ever seen in one place at one time. There was only one woman there among the 6 or 7 working that was worth looking at (the VERY lovely Hannah), but she never got on stage. In fact, at least half the time I was there, NO ONE was on stage! Second this is supposed to be a nude club. Well perhaps it is in the VIP rooms (visits to which are the most costly I’ve seen anywhere in Florida), but not one girl was nude at any point on stage. The place reeks of disinterest. So apparently, this is all about getting you to the back rooms and taking as much of your money as possible. Go to Oz or Scores or Mons Venus instead, my friends.

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