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0 reviews for “Pure Platinum Kearny Mesa

  1. mike j.

    The place was very nice and clean and drinks were reasonably priced. The only good thing about this place was that they show UFC PPV’s. Now to the girls….whoever is managing this place should be ashamed and fire every single person working there. I went there intending to watch the Fights then spend the rest of the night there but we left right after because there was not one single decent or average looking girl there. Definitely never going back there again, atleast from a strip club point of view. Only way i would go back is to watch more UFC Fights. Despite all that, the bartenders, cocktail waitresses, valet guys and bouncers and staff were all very friendly and nice and deserve a thumbs up.

  2. adamrod

    I had the best experience at any strip club i have been too, most of the girls are sweet, especially this little blonde girl with a rack that could kill. The drinks arent that pricey but I would stick to shots drinks on the rocks or bottled beer, Makes the night funner. They also have a smoking area away from anything else so my friend could go next door to smoke while i sat and chat with miss siara I think her name was. overall experience A+ in comparison to other strip clubs that sell liquor.

  3. KIzzle F.

    if you haven’t been here in awhile, you have to swing by!!! it looks like somebody wasn’t going to settle for mediocrity in San Diego anymore! they have done a complete 180! they did a full remodel and it really does look like a club in Vegas!! they had 6 girls on stage the other night! 6 girls at once!!! i remember walking in an thinking to myself “this is like something out of a movie”…. they also are the only club that has a whole sports lounge that you can smoke and drink in!!! wtf! this is your one stop shop guys, girls, everybody! the UFC events are crazy! full bottle service, sitting in a private booth with beautiful half naked women, smoking and drinking my scotch! the staff there are also extremely helpful and surprisingly humble! hands down the BEST CLUB IN TOWN! -Kizz

  4. Bob

    I don’t like the remodel at all. Bathroom is too small, its a bar, two toilets doesn’t cut it. Stage dances too short, you have to give tips every couple minutes. Far too little seating area in the main room. What the hell were they thinking? And, to top it off, the dj is annoying as hell. Used to be ok, now it sucks (and not in a good way, lol).

  5. billtheguy12

    It was ok girls were sexy but most occupied with return customers. I would come again if I was getting VIP and wanted to drop a lot of money. Other than that probably better off going down the street.

  6. wallanon

    [8.67] Pure Platinum in Kearny Mesa is the best club in San Diego. Hands down. The why is pretty simple. Full bar? Check. Full contact lap dances? Check. YMMV? Nice looking girls? Check. Cheetahs might have an edge on them there, but they’re close enough where it’s a wash once you throw in a better pricing structure on laps with a nicer atmosphere (and alcohol). The spacing in this place is good. Even with a crowd you won’t feel uncomfortable when standing room only. The stage has an oval shape with tables surrounding it. Again the spacing is good so you’re not constantly getting bumped by other customers or dancers trying to get around and collect their tips. It’s San Diego, so you’re going to get the walkaround after each girl is done with her set, but it’s less annoying here than in other places. It was busy enough where some guys were taking a pass on tipping and it didn’t sound like they were getting grief for being cheap. Yeah guys, you’re being cheap. If that’s the lay of the land and you don’t want to act like a Roman, don’t walk in. But anyhow, there is a long bar along the entrance wall where you can hang out if you’re not digging the stage show. Several guys were camped out there with their girl of choice. Dance options are: regular laps in the back corner, $20 a pop. VIPs are done in curtained booths off to the right of the club. Prices negotiable. If you’re going to go there, check to see which one she picks. You might have a winner if she’s trying to wait on one in the middle. The one’s on the ends have shear sides which could impact your action. You can also a champagne set on the left side, but it’s still San Diego so only do it if that’s your thing. You won’t be any better off than the regular VIP area. In case you missed it, YMMV. Some of the best $20 dances I’ve had in a while. The club is cool. Should get more buzz than it does.

  7. mdc
  8. rogerrab2

    Hot girls but this is a no contact place. My friend got a dance but it was what they called an “air dance” so they didn’t touch him at all. Complete waste of time.

  9. Amber B.

    I was invited to Pure Platinum last night for a birthday party. He invited about 20 people so we had a reserved section. I showed up with my fiance around 9 and I loved it right when I walked in. I liked the music all the chairs were comfy and the waitresses and woman were all super nice. the First hour and a half I was having a straight up blast. Kimberly was awesome. I thought she was just rad as heckWhat I really want to know is how I go from having an awesome time, tipping the girls left and right, dancing and cheering to being accused of assault??????I am talking to one of my coworkers and I get a tap from the lady from the front desk. She said one of the strippers filed a complaint against you. She said you purpusely bumped into her, then you said “don’t worry you are just a stripper” and that I also ” scratched my fingernails down her back and threatened her not to hit on my f**cking boyfriend”I was honestly having the time of my life, and that was what killed my night. After tearing up, being embarassed and saying bye to our friends. I realized I know deep down I didnt do it so some stripper honestly di d not want me there or I intimidated her or took away someones attention. Or the drugs she was on made her mistake me for another. Seriously if it werent for the one pathelogical liar I would have reccomnded this place to anybody.

  10. BigBoy

    Drama, Drama, Drama Club!

  11. johnny

    cool place to be

  12. fuckery12

    This place was comically bad. The San Diego laws mean that the girls only go topless onstage (not for lap dances or private dances). Even then, they only shed their tops for the second of their two song sets on stage. The talent was only about 8-10 women and ranged from the elderly to some with impressive pole/ring skills. This is definitely not on par with other cities. The private dances don’t raise to the level of normal dances in most cities. Also, the music alternated between the extremes of Lil Wayne and the Steve Miller Band. That said, they do serve alcohol which sets them apart from most other clubs in the area. I managed to have an enjoyable evening with friends, but I can’t imagine ever going back.

  13. spending my money elsewhere

    are you kidding me? the big fat dj is a moron. if i wanted to waste my money on a strip club with ghetto music, i would rent the playaz club at blockbuster.

  14. Jim

    This is an awsome place. Everyone from the doorman to dancers to the bartender was polite. Dancers love to sit an chat here. Do the VIP for 15 min. A much better value then single dances. Thanks Erica, you are just adorable.

  15. Cali S.

    Mayb I just went on the wrong day of the week even though it was the weekend. I have never had to give grls $ when I did not even go to the stage! I don’t get it, they come up to you when they get off the stage even when your sitting in the back row and ask “did you like my show” which I’m guessing means give me $$$$. Obviously your “show” was ehh or I woulda came up to the stage. How it looks on the inside I thought oh ok this place is gonna be hopping. Yea it is w/a bunch of skanks. It looks like most of them are addicted to something, you take your pick of what. Drinks were waayy over priced & had little alcohol in them. One stripper did tell me to wait right here she’s coming back to make out w/me & my girlfriend once she gets off the stage. Umm no thanks, we got out of there after being there for mayb an hour. I thnk I spent $100 bucks in a hr w/o any lap dances. Doesn’t make sense to me. Like I said mayb it was just a bad night or maybe I just like grls who don’t look like Amy whinehouse. IDK, but I was confused all night. Should I try them again???

  16. Kristal

    This club sucks! The dancers are terrible with exception of a couple of them. The bartenders and wait staff are very rude. The waitresses and dancers are always drunk and falling apart.

  17. XhXeXy

    How about Pure Gold? Or Pure Silver? Maybe perhaps even Pure Bronze because it definitely doesn’t deserve to be platinum status.Maybe I am being too harsh. It is alright here, or as the three star rating says, it is A-OK. Don’t be fooled by its luxurious Vegas-style looking interior though. To me Pure Platinum is just like all the other titty bars in the area. There are some cute one here, but I really hate the fake flirting that these women pull here (and other clubs for that matter). Sorry but I can’t be a sucker and plunge over my whole car/phone/electric/gasoline/grocery money just for maybe 15 minutes at most of “intimate satisfaction”. And believe me, some of the women are willing to do ALMOST anything for that Almighty Dollar in this economic recession of ours. I admit it is very tempting, especially when you have a little alcohol in your system……which brings me to my next topic of this review. They have a full bar here which is the primary reason why I came here which is to drink while watching eye candy. Drinks are a little pricey so I stuck with beer (Corona). It is helpful that they also have television sets here so this could also become a sports bar. The bartenders were on top of their job pretty well and there are plenty of seats around the bar area. I can’t comment on the mixed drinks as I only drunk beer that night.They have open lap dance areas as well as more private V.I.P. ones. Bouncers and attendants were cool overall; they wasn’t power trippin’ while I was there. I may come back for some drinks and to check out some of the other talent. This is one of the better titty bars in the area, but considering all of the other joints that I have been to down south, this fell just a little short of my expectations. And fellas, especially you first or second timers, don’t fall for the bull$#!t that the gals try to sell you. Enjoy and have a great time, but keep your head on a swivel and never let ya guard down.Signing out.

  18. GMoney D.

    This used to be my favorite tity bar until Dream Girls stepped up their game. This place is really big. And it is pretty hot and cold. I’ve gone there and had a great time, other times I just want to finish my drink and head out as fast as possible. The drinks are expensive and weak, I don’t think they have cleaned out their beer lines in years, cause the draft beers always are flat and flavorless. Stick with the bottled beer.I used to like this place, but somewhere down the line they lost their way. What happened Pure Platinum? Its been a while since I have been there, but last time it was pretty weak. I’ll give them another chance. Worst case scenario I’ll seem some big boobies and bail.

  19. AnOnYmOuS

    STUPID club. My money would be better spent buying a bottle of jack and watching cinemax

  20. cutie
  21. Adam

    Went in had some drinks they come out of a gun not out of a bottle. had an OK time needs more class

  22. lame


  23. Vincent C.

    Great girls, great atmosphere. Really great place to visit while you’re in town and want to see beautiful women.

  24. million dollar mistress

    great girls best in town sadly too bad the owners dont give a rats ass about them

  25. XXXbeast

    I was very happy with my last visit to this place. It’s super convenient location near a few major freeways so its great for the out of towner. The drink prices aren’t too bad either. I’ve heard the non-alcoholic drinks aren’t cheap but if there is a bar I will indulge.The bartender Jorge is a man among men. Great attitude and a good drink maker. The young lady Aria (I’m sure it’s not her real name) was outstanding. She sat next to me at the bar and had a genuine conversation with me without being pushing about a private dance. Of course when she finally asked I was so mesmerized that I had to get several. I wish all girls were like her, lol. I will be back

  26. Heather R.

    It was my first time to a strip bar, I went with about 11 friends for my b-day last night. We got setup in the VIP champagne room and IT WAS ONE OF THE BEST BIRTHDAYS I EVER HAD!!!!! We did the bottle service, which was amazing! Girls did not come into the area until I told our personal waitress that I wanted them to, which was nice. I do wish more girls would have circulated through and a few friends wanted to see more cute blondes. Also, one girl helped herself to a few drinks – BUT our waitress took care of it and brought us more. All in all it was a classy joint with a very cool club-like vibe and we will totally go back. Thanks to Lisa & Dale – the mgrs, Mary our waitress and Brazil for sharing her beautiful body!

  27. Weedman420

    Great talent, reasonable drink prices, nice atmosphere. Make sure to tip the girls…

  28. curtis17

    I love this club!!! Me and my friends come here often. The employees and managers are so much fun and they really make you feel important and make sure your having a good time. With that said I am speaking on behalf of myself and the group of girls I came in with last night. When we got there we where prepared for our usual good time until this odd man ( and we MEAN ODD) named Joe came up to use and introduced himself as the new manager. We where taken back by that but didn’t think too much of it until he started bad mouthing the other employees and how he’s the best on town! I PRAY TO GOD this is a bad joke. Please If you read this don’t let him run your place, it was perfect before him. He makes people feel uncomfortable and isn’t a good choice. We don’t want our favorite hang out to be ruined. Thank you

  29. larry1

    It was alright. I seen about 2-3 latinas that i thought were cute. All the women with huge breasts were nasty looking and all the women with no boobs were hot. Cant win em all. Drinks are cheap.This is the only place ive been where girls will come up to you and ASK for a tip. Heres one, if you were worth a dollar id give you one. So this stripper came up to a guy and asked for a tip. Guy looks at her like….for what….. she says” Well when you see me and all the other pretty girls in here show our tits you turn around” then she walked off like she had pride.

  30. Lieutenant Commander V.

    I’d like to say I call myself a connoisseur of the clubs erotica. I’ve been thru most of the strip clubs here in San Diego and I’ve got to say that PP Kearny is one of the best. The staff is humble and helpful, ladies are hot (there are some exceptions though) and the UFC events are off the hook. Last night my friend and I came here and it was hella slow. We gave extra $ tips to the girls since they danced pretty much just for us. One of the girls dipped her head into my friends lap and he nearly had a heart attack….twice! I swear this place looks like it came out of the movies…the stage is top-notch, music is loud, lighting is crazy, and the DJ is perverted. LMAO! This place is great whether just to hang out and have a drink or partake in some of the sinful pleasures this place has to offer. Check it out now!

  31. million dollar club

    Great club just wish it had more of a high class feel to match the inside.

  32. ????

    What happened

  33. Sam

    What a friendly and fun club

  34. stripper lover

    this place rocks thats all I can say!!!!

  35. Jim N.

    Last night a couple of us showed up to an event hosted by Pure Platinum, 4000 Kearny Mesa Road San Diego, CA 92111. The event was to celebrate our brave troops. After attending other 9/11 events yesterday, we wanted to show more patriotism by attending Pure Platinum’s function and at the same time unwind. It was supposed to be a free event but we brought cash for the dancers. Well, we were 86ed for our colors. The guy that kicked us out told us that no matter what club you are, we don’t allow colors. Then he told us we can go out and put our cuts in OUR CAR, hmmm. We are bikers, What car? We are aware that it is illegal to discriminate on that basis, however as Constitutionalists, we will never utilize an anti-business law against any establishment. They have the right to refuse service, but in our corner we have the right to NEVER patronize their business. We want to thank the organizer of the event for holding this event for our troops and this comment is in no way holding them responsible for the discrimination. Our club will NEVER patronize Pure Platinum. The following is the announcement for the event:”This is a free Show to EVERYONE, come celebrate FREEDOM that has been fought hard for by these very brave Men and Women of the U.S. Armed Forces. Plenty of giveaways and fun for all starts at 8pm. Get there early we got free shirts and other gear to giveaway.”The two words capitalized are the most important. Both are in serious question.

  36. Johnnyboy123

    Came here for a music event scheduled to run until 2am. It was cut off right at 1:30 during last call. Don’t have me pay cover and cut 30 minutes of music out. The bouncers gave me some bullshit excuse that really didn’t make any sense. I will wait until the next dubstep event to come up. The Djs were great. The sound was awesome. The fact that it is inside a strip club is even better. The whole concept is great, but don’t cut 30 minutes out that I paid for.

  37. Mistercap12

    The venue is very spacious and even has a back area that looks like another club. The staff there is very nice. Drinks are always right and everyone is happy. I had a great time going in there last Thursday to see the place for the first time.

  38. Dulce M.

    So, I came here last night with the hubby and we always have a good time at the strip club. I came in looking all sexy (as always) and I had the girls out and one of the strippers came over to get her tip after she was dancing and slapped my girls w/ her money and said “f&*% that, I’m gonna tip you”..and stuffed a dollar down my dress…haha…I made money!! LOL Pros: – Diverse (white girls, black girls, Mexican girls, Asians girls, I even think there was a Russian girl, old, young, tig o’ bitties and little bitties, tattoos, no tattoos, you name it, they got it) – Super friendly and nice waitresses – Clean restrooms that are separate from the dancers rooms – Drinks are fast – Lots of room to sit – Decent looking girls – Not pushy Cons – Dancers were not that friendly except the black ones for some reason…they were really cool – Dancers seem to ignore you if you come as a couple…hey I would’ve paid for a dance had one or two out of twenty cute ones asked! – Girls really need to learn to work the pole…as I previously commented in my Cheetahs post, flopping around on the floor the entire time is not sexy. Other than that, it’s all good!

  39. Franklyn

    T&A and a GREAT PLACE TO PLAY. Need I say more. Get your ass over to a TRUE GENTLEMAN’S CLUB where you are always treated and greeted with respect. Want a fun night any night of the week or to throw a bachelor, birthday party or special event for your friend(s) then check out Pure Platinum where the girls are to die for and the music is MAXIMUM.Thanks,Sulo

  40. Jason Buck


  41. AssnTits5

    It’s Saturday night, we find out the other Pure Platinum doesn’t serve booze, and we’re wanting a strippin good time so we mosey on down to this little gem. A girl named Austin…something. She has a mohawk, can’t miss her. She was A fuckin MAZING! She really had skiiiiiiiiiiiiillz and so so personable. We talked with her for atleast 30 minutes. There were several other girls that put some effort into their performance and then there were the girls that seriously walked/crawled around the stage for five minutes. Those lazy ladies and the basically mandatory dollar for each girl is the reasoning for docking a point. I mean really, you’re gonna walk around to each person with your G string open for a dollar when probably no one really watched your sad performance?All in all a really fun time, pretty good looking girls, some real talent, and kick in you mouth drinks. We’ll definitely be back…..maybe tonight?

  42. joseph1k

    I love it here.The women, they are all soo soft and smell like unicorns and raspberries. They have the softest of touches, that of a little baby cherub.its like. they understand me. They do.I will always have the memories. memories, and maybe some glitter on the side of my cheek.I just want to love them all soo tenderly.T_T

  43. Johnson12

    Came in on a Thurs to see if the talents is better than sun-tues. There were some hot girls and some that are well beyond their years,and should retire. Sat at bar and had one girl that was very pushy for free drinks,i didn’t mind but the drinks were very slow coming. The bartender/dancer was very amaturist , even the dancer sitting with me was getting angry cause it took so long(she told me that bartender is also a dancer). When our drinks came it was not good,lack of skills and alcohol was evident. This club is ok,if it wasn’t for the alcohol it would be dead there. There are non-alcoholic clubs that are way better. Over all the experience was not good,i won’t be returning anytime soon.

  44. ryan123

    I dropped in on a Wednesday night and I was less than impressed at what this establishment had to offer. The girls were borderline fair looking and some just had no business being there. I was even less impressed by how I was approached by one stripper at the bar with her hand in front of her asking for a tip. What the hell! “I just got here.” I thought to myself. I hadn’t even had two sips of my beer. Anyhow I gave her one dollar to go away. I’m originally from Texas and all I can sayid that if San Diegos strip clubs are all like this then Texas strip clubs make these Mickey Mouse strip clubs look like a joke. If you’re ever in Houston visit Treasures or the St. James and you’ll see what a real strip club should be like. Bottom line… I probably won’t be going back to this place…

  45. richard95

    This is by far the worst strip club I have ever been to. If I could give them negative 10 stars I would. They will scam you for money. Do not give them your credit card or debit card for anything. I got ripped off for 600 dollars and never received anything. I called their office and they would not take responsibility for it. Horrible place! I do not recommend coming here unless you want to be taken advantage of. Stay away!



  47. harryharry

    Just your average tittie bar. The women leave you alone unless you start tipping and there’s a strong smell of fish and silicone in the air.I agree Berlin is a swift kick in the pants.

  48. Jessica L.

    So the girls here are pretty nice, not too personable, but my favorite would be girl covered in tattoos, long black hair, Betty bangs. She’s one of the few who puts a show on on stage. Great personality n not the stereotypical plastic type. If I could I’d give her all my money, ha!

  49. james t.

    Firstly the manager, Lisa, is awesome. This is not a strip club to me, it is my favorite bar where there happens to be amazing bewbies. Unlike other strip clubs, when you walk in within 5 minutes the vultures circle and you are asked by 5 different girls for a lapdance, the girls here never do that and almost let you come to them which I love. A LOT of the girls are SMOKIN, berlin, sarah, and shawna are definitely my favs. And now why PP has 5 stars, sure its a great bar environment, sure theres hot girls getting naked, but they have a kick ass houka lounge where they do live music often with a full stage, lights, often recording the performances and streaming them online (you da man tom) and Eric, their sound guy has that sound so dialed in, it just sounds amazing. My band has played here before and cant wait to do it again. I love you pure platinum!So do the math, booze, bewbs, and live music, this place has it all.

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