Cheaters Cabaret



5450 North Atlantic Avenue, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931


28.3673755, -80.6050774




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Cheaters Cabaret

  1. Harrison69

    Sorry but not agreeing with the other reviews. My wife and I went here and it didn’t seem really “couple” friendly. One girl, Bunni, actually approached us and took us to the back. We would go back just just to see her again but that’s about it. A lot of the other girls seems very stand-offish even to the single males in the club. Several of the girls seemed very “cliquey” tending to stay with people they obviously knew and not make any money, rather than approach new customers and get some cash. While, I will tell you, they have some knockout girls. There’s no denying that. But for a couple, eh…just an Ok experience and it gets that solely because of one girl. We will probably go back at some point, but it will be to see Bunni.

  2. Mel B

    Great club. Good range of girls, very lovely and attentive! Full touch private dances. Lots of waitresses. Also lots of girls. Tara really rocked the poll and gave a great lap dance. Ashley is a natural beauty.

  3. big G

    has a very neighborhood feel to it. The girls and staff were great. The prices were very affordable. Loved it! I will be back.

  4. tc

    i am tempted to move to cocoa beach just so i can hang out here all the time. It was a blast!

  5. jack

    it does not matter what you are looking for, they have it all! booty shakers, pole tricksters, big girls, small girls, barbie dolls,i was like a kid in a candy store.It was hell on my wallet, but i had a blast.I will definately be back

  6. terry
  7. Greydon C.

    A delightful Cocoa Beach meeting house where one can get together with fellow scholars and wax philosophic about anything from the poetry of Pablo Neruda to the paintings of Pablo Picasso.In one corner of the room, you may hear an argument on the fundamentals of existentialism, in another, a discussion on the spread of secularism during the French Revolution.Oh, I hear they have some evening entertainment. I will have to look into that.

  8. sugar daddy
  9. easy

    This club is located in what appears to be a relatively safe neighborhood/tourist area. There is plenty of free parking. Cover charge was $5 and a bottle of beer was $4. There were lots of very beautiful girls. I especially like that there were girls with no tatoos, no piercings and no “enhancements”. I really love natural, beautiful girls. And, all of the girls were very sweet and friendly, even after I told them that I wasn’t buying any lap dances tonight. (I had a grrrrrrrrrrreat lap dance there last night) Sometimes everything comes together and you find a great club on a great night.

    I’ll be back !

  10. sCOTT
  11. Big Dog
  12. XhXeXy

    Currently the best gentlemen’s club in the area, cute girls. I’ve easily dropped over a hundred bucks a night here. Damn you alcohol!

  13. harryharry

    This is the best gentleman’s club in the area. They always have more & better looking women than the neighboring clubs. The staff is fun & friendly. They run shot specials nightly. Monday night is any shot you want for $5! They have two huge poles going to the ceiling & the girls really utilize them by putting on great acrobatic & sexy shows. I’m always impressed with what they can do. It’s a must see for any strip club lover & great for first timers too!!

  14. Dog

    Couple friendly… We always have an awesome time when we go. The ladies treat my wife great every time.

  15. TallGuy

    This club is full of thugs. All dances are $10 and you can you anything you want. Their back room reminds me of mons venus; one big circle out in the open. All of the dancers look broke down. They have a Champaign Room (not even complimentary champaign) and they have a pool table. Pick a theme and stick with it. Are you going to be classy, or hip-hop? A girl I knew worked there and said she couldn’t make more than $100.

  16. Shawn

    My wife and I had a fantastic time. Jilliana was absolutely amazing on Saturday and Haley was eager to please on Monday night. We will be definitely be coming back.

  17. eddyL

    This review is not for the experience. I dropped my boyfriend off here with the guys we came with for a bachelor party and they all smelled DISGUSTING when they got back. I have not been in a strip club so I’m not sure if this happens at all of them but he smelled like a baby whore so much that I almost threw up when we were sleeping, even after he had showered and changed his clothes. He reeked of cheap perfume and baby powder. They all said the moment you walk in, its just a solid wall of that smell mixed with cigarettes and shame. They said a couple of the girls were worth looking at but most were fat and ugly. A lot of very shady people were there but I guess that just comes with the territory. Their beers were $3 at first then at some point they changed the price to $5 with no explanation. None of the girls show nipples which to me seems like a giant waste of time, and their “back room” is open with no privacy and is shared with other people.

  18. Mark

    Real laid back, has a pool table and great variety of girls

  19. ice man

    had a great time here, will be back whenever i can sneak out

  20. Joe

    Was in town waiting to go on a cruise so I went to the club on saturday night with my wife, we never been to a stripclub before, it was awesome! My wife got more dances than I did, lol. We spent 5 days on a cruise ship and all she could talk about was Cheaters. It was the a blast!

  21. randy

    I live in o-town and my neighbor always heads to the coast to hang out at cheaters, he always talks great about the place. I decided to go with him last thursday during the day. It just so happened that they had a magazine photo shoot going on in the club, it was really cool to watch. One of the girls in the pictures was named channel and i started hangin with her. i got about ten dances with her and had a blast. love the place will be back!

  22. Nobody

    Hot club! Much better than anything here in Orlando. Toni was a fantastic gal. Thanks!

  23. Mike

    was their yesterday. and let me tell you its a dive and an half. will not go back their

  24. roc

    I was in town for a fishing tournament and was staying at the hotel next door. with a few hours to kill i walked to cheaters. Big mistake! I ended up having so much fun that i stayed all night, and fished the tournament with a hangover.Lesson learned next time i am in town i will skip the fishing! Lol

  25. ryan123

    Love this place. .. I cine with my hubby and we have so much fun. ..I love it for drinks. …popcorn…yes I said popcorn….great place to go. .. had an awsome night! !!

  26. ronald

    i live in orlando and stop by the club whenever i get a chance. its always fun and worth the drive.

  27. GOTTI


  28. ROY


  29. mike d
  30. sammy

    if your not going to spend money stay home!!!, dont waste the dancers time and take up space by sitting ur ass in a chair all night drinking a freaking beer without tipping or getting any dances.

  31. Michael M.

    Last three times I gave this place a chance it was dead with some desperate need for talent. Never again.

  32. adamrod

    A very good strip club, the ladies come in all shapes and sizes. Also some very talented ladies that know how to work a pole, both on stage AND in the back room. A perfect place for the Wolfpack to den!BONUS: $5 Heineken bottles, you can’t beat that! Would definitely go back.

  33. yanard12

    A fuchsia colored building is hard to miss! Brand new carpeting inside & new seating in the lap dance area. It screams ‘strip club’ that’s for sure! At least they renovate their club some. That’s more than many do! Anyway- free entry during the day.. Drink specials (free shot with purchase of 1st drink). The best bartender would be Nina on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday! This girl is personable, funny, genuine & knows who all the best dancers are that are worth your time & money! Girls are kind & friendly. Some are really hot & some are average, of course. I’ve never seen any really out of shape or ugly girls though, so that’s a plus. Not enough blondes but definitely a variety! Seems to be more packed at night time but I always seem to have more fun during the day! I think it’s because of the girls I’ve met & how they genuinely seem to enjoy their job.

  34. Dean

    I would recommend this club to anyone!!!! I don’t know who the last guy ended up with, but the Sailor Girl Saturday was frikin hot!!!!

  35. JPBMX

    Me and my friend had a great time there on Friday night! It was my friends frist time and the girls treated him great. The lap dances are very good, the girl I had did a handstand on me to rollover to ass in my face move. sounds strange, but if you go and a girl ask to do a handstand, LET HER! I did however find the private room less then private. Its basically a large, open room with two seater couches on the perimeter of the wall, with single seater chairs in the middle. Not as private as I like it, but when a girl has her boobs in your face, you really wont be bothered by the openness of it.

    The girls are diffently wonderful and very friendly and VERY VERY ATTRACTIVE.

    If you plan on taking a trip to Cocoa Beach, visit this club!

  36. tye

    lots of fun

  37. JODY

    Was in town for boat races so i went to cheaters to check it out. I had so much fun that i lost my wallet and phone. I talked to Eddy the manager the next day and he said they have them. I went to get them the next night and my phone and wallet with my money in it were returned to me. Thank You!

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