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0 reviews for “The Pink Poodle

  1. butt-chinned bandit

    There are a full list of teams to be seen…Something for everyone

  2. Steph C.

    Granted we had some good laughs at this place but after leaving, I felt like I needed to bathe in bleach and scrub off the top layer of my skin.. (not because of the dancers but because of how DIRTY the place was.. mold, dust, everything is sticky… gross)So my friend and I (a girl) decided to bring some friends here as an initiation fraternity thing. Its kind of hard to explain.. But to sum it up.. I brought 2 guys here who just turned 18…My friend and I just wanted to kind of scare these boys who have never been to a strip club etc.. It was just a joke.. a good laugh.. totally innocent night. We walk in.. and we give each guy 20 dollars in 1s.. (I KNOW ITS NOT A LOT but still.. whatever)..We talked to different ladies who were serving while not dancing and we told the girls that to give our friends some extra attention when they get on stage.. NOW THEY DID GIVE THEM EXTRA ATTENTION.. One of the boys had glasses on.. the girl dancing some how.. took his glasses off with her ass and then SOMEHOW put them on the other guys face..My friend and I were laughing so hard.. … so hard that we were told to sit by the vending machine in the back.. if not they were going to tell us to leave. Now heres the thing.. The people who come to this strip club are not there for fun.. but straight up perverted. By us laughing, we ultimately got kicked out. We weren’t drunk.. we weren’t being obnoxiously annnoying or loud but we were just laughing because my friend’s glasses were up in the dancers ass hahaha.. So yeh.. we got kicked out. Asked to never return because we were laughing. They also charged us cover when most strip clubs let girls in free. (Well the ones in SF) (10$ to get in.. I think)The girls were so – so.. The cute ones we saw online on the website were NOT the ones at the club that night.. Surprisingly, I saw a girl that I went to High School with dancing.. (omg it was the weirdest thing ever.. talking to her ass naked “So.. do you still keep in touch with people?.. i mean.. talk to people from HS?”)Over all I guess I’m just saying that if you are looking for a fun, whatevers night which includes strip clubs.. I’d say stay away from this one.. They don’t allow laughing.. or people being loud.. only pervs..

  3. Alter E.

    Do you like girls with butter faces? How about cellulite in large quantities? And talentless flops? Try this place… I only rate it poorly because I have been there several times (and only out of local conveniece) and every time it was just awsomely bad.It becomes more comical than anything.There is a shower set up and I’m sorry but I don’t want to know about your shower fetish,foot fetish,or whatever…Save the strip clubs for the city.

  4. GC

    boobyluver (06/18) – I can appreciate where you’re coming from, but let’s turn this around…

    Blah, blah, blah and you acted like a cop would. People in the stripclub business don’t answer to “may I ask some general questions’. Smells fishy.

    Next time you go into a shady type of business and would like to ask questions, let em know up-front why you’re there.

    Example: “Hey this place looks like FUN! Who would I talk to about booking a bachelor party?”

    It aint what you did, it was the way that you did it.

  5. jackson

    hi… is ok and girls are very bad i paid 20 for lap but she just dance against me and go without touching…

  6. Eric V.

    LIke the “2 Stars” refers to, “I’ve experienced better” This place charged for girls to get in and wanted to charge us $80 to let a hot girlfriend of ours strut their stage. This is a decent stop for adult entertainment in the South Bay.

  7. Simon

    Cover feels a bit much at $20, no alcohol, but staff and dancers are plenty

    friendly if you’re not totally stingy. ATM limits to $100 with $4.50 fee, but

    that’s crap is same for every club these days.

    Lap dances vary by the girl (and your attitude), seems a 100% legal shop but

    can still be intense and damn enjoyable.

    Rose is built like a brick house and has amazing energy, sexy moves on stage

    and fun to spend time with.

  8. Amy B.

    Ok so me and my man sat there with 100s of dollars in our pockets ready to have some fun!!! We like getting dances and we tip well. First off only ONE girl even came to talk to us (Brandy…thank you) but it was RIGHT when we got there and I wanted her to come back later. When we saw a girl we liked we would go sit on stage and tip around 20 bucks between the two of us. Other people were tipping one or two bucks each but these girls did not even come talk to us after or try to get a dance. I was so looking forward to watching a pretty girl grind up all over my man but they never came over to hang out or flirt or anything. I guess these girls dont need to hustle…maybe so much money just falls in their laps that my couple 100 bucks would mean nothing to them (dont try to come work in LA girls….you will not make it) We like girls with curves and there were some pretty girls with nice bodies but I am not going to chase you down. After two hours of tipping the girls but no action we left….best of luck to you ladies….

  9. timmykilla

    Meh. Average on a weekday evening. The girls are not super hit but are nice. Not a lot of chit chat and a strong lap dance or move on….even when not a lot of people.Clean which is good.

  10. james1412

    People are tripping givin this place less than 3 stars. I went here on a random Sunday with a couple of homies and man the girls were sexy, fit, and fun to be around. There was a different type of girl for all likings! Dude in the front even hooked us up w a discount for such last minute partying. What more can a person ask for then down as nude females to entertain you. Would get 5 stars If they had alcohol… But we all know we can’t have best of both worlds when they are NUDE!!

  11. moneyman2

    Pretty girls on stage .. but the setting is awkward .. it really is like a theater , which makes it hard for girls to approach you . It be better if it was tables all around the stage, but I guess the place is sooo tiny they have to work with what they have. It is run down, the dj is also the bartender , lol poor lady .. she has to introduced the girls on stage as she also prepares drinks.. her voice needs a bit more animation but hey! It’s not her fault! It’s not her role! They need to have an actual dj . Not bad for San Jose . And yes it’s full nude

  12. Harrison69

    It’s really worth! Dont waste your money throwing in cash on stage… Chose a girl you like and head to the private dance.. Tip her good! She’ll let you play 😉

  13. Sarah S.

    The Pink Poodle was my second strip club experience, and I’m comparing it to Deja-Vu in Tacoma, WA, which is ghet-ghet-ghetto. I paid $20 there, and I paid $20 here, and my only real problem with that is that I kind of didn’t think I should have to pay at all, since I wasn’t really going to be “enjoying” myself. Anyway, I demanded that we come here as part of my “authentic San Jose” tour, and I was not disappointed. Well, I WAS disappointed that there was no booze, but I should have anticipated that. But regardless, there were all KINDS of people in there- all colors, shapes, sizes, male, female, what have you. I didn’t feel out of place for being a woman in a strip club at all. We only went ’cause it’d be funny and it certainly was.I’m sure my partner-in-crime would have enjoyed himself MUCH more if I hadn’t been ooo-ing and ahh-ing about the weird contorted poses and the pole tricks that the strippers were doing, or squealing when their business got too close to me, but he was a good sport and allowed me chatter away through the dances. Only one out of the five dancers was kind of fugly, but she’s also the one who felt me up twice, which was hilarious.I’m giving three stars because a) I don’t have a lot to compare it with, b) I had fun, and c) the hottest of the dancers did this amazing splits-thing that totally blew my mind and I’ve been talking about ever since. Five stars for her!

  14. Meagan S.

    I can’t stop thinking about this place! The Pink Poodle blows my mind every time we go here. If you are a lady and are looking to have a fabulous time with your friends there is no better place to go on a Saturday night. The place is surreal. There is a portrait of the owner (?) in a frame behind the bar, I’m guessing his name is Jefferson P. Poodle, and he gazes upon the patrons with a deeply Satisfied gaze. He knows this place is the shit. Hand to God, I think I saw a tear of joy come out of his eye last Saturday. A few of the ladies in our group were Poodle virgins, the dancers there bareback broke their asses in! One lady in our group wants to be a dancer, she got a taste of that life when Sabrina (?) abducted her from her front row seat and invited her up on the stage. Next thing you know, Sabrina had her naked! Whipped her clothes off before the end of the first song! I have never seen an aspiring dancer be baptized on stage before, and I’ve been to Reno. I thought to myself there is No Way this night could get any crazier! I underestimated the Poodle, more so, I underestimated the power of MONICA. Good god. We come here for Monica. Out she comes, dancing to some old throw back R&B, snatching dollar bills from cheap, miserly, moustachioed men at the end of the stage. Shaming fools who dared sit at the stage and not put forth a tribute….but it got even better! Monica abducted our lady Red from the front row, second lady that evening to be spirited away and given life upon the stage. What happened next is the stuff of legends. Wise women will tell her thot children about the mysticism of Monica. Girl kicks off her heels, squats down and dead lifts Red like a rag doll, hoists her ass up and holds her like a mama monkey. Monica bounced her, she thrust her hips into her, she gave Red the kind of dry hump that made me miss being a sexually curious teenager on a camping trip. When it was all over I had blown my wad of dollars. My fanny pack was limp and cashed out. Lord, we were spent! The Pink Poodle, Sabrina, and Monica are the reason strip clubs are still around. Can’t get experiences like this from a webcam or corporate club. Jefferson P. Poodle, your establishment is the most fun, most female friendly, inviting, and exciting club I have ever been to. Please keep taking my money.

  15. AssnTits5

    So my boyfriend and our group of friends went to the Pink Poodle where for most of us it was our first time in a strip club.Pros:We had a blast in the beginning! The girls were friends and they had a large variety of girls of different ethnicity. We went for our friend who was celebrating his birthday as well as his last day in America. The girls used that to their full advantage to get money out of us! Which we had no problem with! We loved that the girls would joke around with him made the experience very enjoyable! Those girls would get our tips. They also have one girl who seems to be Asian/African American totally worth seeing! She is a show stopper! After that girl goes on might as well leave because there is no act that can follow her! She was extremely friendly too unlike a lot of the other girls.Cons: I doubt I will ever come to this place again though because as you will see the cons out weigh the pros. They have a one drink minimum which is understandable… However, what I didn’t think was ok was the server who brought us the drinks (not a dancer) was making us to tip her for bringing us our $3 sodas. It’s one thing to be given a tip but to be making us give her a tip? Not cool in my books. Also towards the end of the night the dancers got really rude. I assume it was because a lot of people were leaving but all the previous dancers were really friendly and would do funny things and dance with our friend who we were there for… These girls would just dance and collect their money so I decided not to tip them and every single one of these girls (white girls with blonde hair) were begging for our money one even got in my face and was arguing with me over a DOLLAR!?! I understand her job is to hustle people but come on I’m in sales I have to be polite and service every customer weather they buy or not do I force them to pay for my services of course not so don’t sit here begging me for money when you didn’t do what I paid to see… I just didn’t like any of the Caucasian girls what so ever rude and snotty. Really bad CON: Another girl was celebrating her birthday and one of the dancers brought the girl on stage (granted the birthday girl willingly went up there) and the dancer stripped the girl from her clothes when she clearly didnt want to be up there, the girl tried to get off the stage yet the dancer wouldn’t let her off. ripped her clothes off and the girl was clearly asking her to stop and the boyfriend wasn’t to please yet no one did anything to stop it. The girl was in her bra and underwear and the dancer proceeded to humiliate her and drag her across the stage by her pants which were around her ankles. She then threw her down face first on the stage and began to slap her on the ass (giving her so called “birthday” spankings) but the girl was just upset probably felt totally violated and the dancer did this all because the girl was hooting and hollering whenever the dancers came out? I think this place needs to have more control over how there dancers behave… It was un-ethical an socially irresponsible for a company to allow its employees to behave in such a manor.. Then again they are strippers so I’m sure ethical and socially responsible isn’t even in there vocabulary?? Next time I plan to go to a more high end “Adult theater” where i get treated with more respect, and get more bang for my buck..ALSO…. If you choose to ignore my tips and still proceed to go, Bring a lot of money with you because those girls will hustle you for every penny even though they aren’t worth it… at least the white girls aren’t….

  16. chris c.

    Ah the ol’ rippy. This is my first time out to any of the strip clubs in san jose. I have been a seasoned vet of clubs in SF, doing a tour in my younger years. Here is the poodle :The location, ghetto. The clientelle, ghetto with a sprinkle of engineer geek. The girls ghetto and tatted up. The most important thing about this place are the girls. I came out here on a sunday for my friends 21st birthday. Nobody wanted to spend 20 bucks on cover so they sent me in on a recon mission to see how the talent looked. Being the most experienced of the bunch (mr old man) I gave my professional assessment of the place. Lots of 4-7. I guess that was enough and they all came pouring in. About the girls. I was surprised to see so many girls working on a sunday especially in a small club like the poodle. you could tell lots were big fans of burger king and taco bell. The whole ethnic line was represented though so at least they had variety. There were only 2 girls that could pass as being sjsu co-eds, the rest were trash. I was surprised that they get down in one song. Usually girls do 3 songs, 1 song with clothes, 1 song topless and the last is everything. This presents good value since it only takes 1 dollar to see a girl vs 3. That way you can save while watching the lineup’s rotation and just pick the one you want later. Nobody wanted to drive so I guess that was it. Birthday boy was fine and he had a good time which was the most important thing. I’ll prolly never be back here again. Its just not worth my time and money.

  17. Franklyn

    3 stars cuz i actually had a good time and somewhat memorable. I been here 3 times with my brother in law and his brothers. I probably wont go again unless im high or something. The place is small and not so clean and smells kinda funky.The “dancers” wear toooooooo much perfume (1. u can smell it right away as soon as they come out. 2. “Motor boating”.) There was about 6 dancers that night (i don’t remember) only 3 i found attractive, nice and not to desperate for the money unlike the rest, asking throw more money and one brown thick ugly face latina (forgot her name) was rude n b*tching to throw more money and or to sit in the back (she told us 2 times she came out and danced 3rd time she came out we got up and sat in the back). Like how do you want us to make it rain when ur across the runway all up on a guy 95% of the time?!? Dumb broad. She probably got mad kuz we were making it rain at the 3 attractive girls in the theater. Who knows.1st there was classic, asian guy getting married got up on staged and got stripped down to his tighty whities lol. The dancer was trying to pull them down and he wouldn’t let himself, so the dancer let it go for a minute, later you know she got him off guard and whoop he got exposed. I didn’t wanna see that and didn’t expect that to happen. *Everyone cracking getting hyped up, DJ clowning on him* the Asian guy pulls up his underwear and gets the dancer against the pole and machine guns her, that pole ends up loose. Then she yells omg small but with potential. Then after all girls come out and dance, tha best part. Ill end it here too much craziness.

  18. another josh

    Nice small and local club. The club owns a adult book store next door were you can see pictures of dancers and look a dancers’ schedules. Smaller stage with plenty of back row sitting. Lighting is smooth and not harsh, the seating seems to be old but still works, cover price is $20 standard unless you come in earlier in the day when the crowd is low (15). Drinks for $4, not worth it. There is a nice private room in the back or if you perfer it there is also a shower room where you can pay for a private screening. The ladies are nice and curtious unless you sit in the back for too long. Tipping well here gets you good attention also may get a boobie rub if tip really well. Some ladies you can tell are loose and sagy but they are few and far between. One further comment, stay away from the dominatrix gal, she is a waste of time.

  19. winston12

    This place is trash. Ugly dancers and a depressing atmosphere.

  20. stevesjca

    Checked out the Pink Poodle on 10/5/2007 for a possible club for my buddy’s bachelor party. Worst mistake of my life. The moment I stepped in there I felt unwelcome. Didn’t even have a chance to settle in before they started harassing me for more money and to sit by the stage. The manager/owner or whatever he was didn’t even have the girls dancing at any regular interval, so I was left waiting and staring at the baseball game which the asshole decides to rudely turn off. On top of that he starts yelling obscenities which were obviously directed at me. He then has the waitress bitch to me that I should be tipping the dancers, but I was the whole fucking time. He finally decides to call out the next dancer, and again another short song/set. I tip her and get the fuck out of there. There’s basically only 2 full nude clubs in the San Jose area. Pink Poodle and Kit Kat Club…I would avoid Pink Poodle completely. Kit Kat Club has better quality women and the club managers are at least civilized.

  21. BookstoreGuy

    Talana is hot, she’s knows how to work it

  22. Enjoylife

    Go Boys, Have a night there, u will never forget

  23. Archie G.

    After a so-so celebration for my friend Matt S.’s birthday in Los Gatos, we decided to get out of yuppy-ville and get down and dirty at the Pink Poodle.This was the first time I had been to a strip, I mean, adult theater in about a decade. And well, my trip here did not disappoint. Here are some highlights:The DJ: Wow. He sounds super creepy on the microphone. I really wanted to see him. I am not sure where they hide him. I keep imagining that he looks like Sloth from Goonies.The “belly” dancer: Wow. She was the first girl I noticed. She had a huge gut. I lean over to my buddy Chris T. and ask:”Dude, is that girl pregnant?”He laughed. Unfortunately, I was not joking. Cheap patrons: I saw a group of frugal gentlemen, who were most likely sandwich engineers at Subway, put money down on the catwalk and then, once the dancer was done giving them attention and would turn her back, take the money off the table. It was hilarious. What morons. The creepy DJ had to yell at them on the loudspeaker. They got busted. They should have been kicked out. You are taking money out of the dancer’s hands. You are robbing them of food. And plus, one of them is pregnant and really needs the money.The “booty” dancer: So some stripper, I mean, dancer comes out and is really working it. She has manageable heels, so her movements are quick and fluid. This girl can dance.Then she gets on her knees and does the typical booty shake. But then, she reaches over the guy’s head, puts her hand on his forehead, and rams it in his face a couple times. The guy is totally dazed, but he smiles. She then proceeds to do it 3 times, even harder. Slap! Slap! Slap!Yes, continuous booty to the forehead. I am sure his nose was hitting thong or whatever. So I lean over to my friend Chris T. and say:”Wow. She is going to break his nose.”He responds:”There are worse ways to break a nose.”And yes, he was not joking either. We are so classy.Nerdy guy with glasses: I saw this guy get abused by the dancers. He would get a dance, and then as he was exiting the dance area, another dancer would grab him for another dance. He probably dropped over $1,000 that night. He looked really geeky and smart. He probably works at Lockheed. Your tax dollars at work, people!Asian dancer: There was this Asian stripper, I mean, dancer, and my buddy Rich M. loves Asian women so he is salivating all over the catwalk. He might have had some “goodies” in his pocket. I am not sure why he would be offering money, when I am sure these girls will do crazy things for the “candy” he had in his pocket.But he is so drunk, he continues to sip on his non-alcoholic beer and stares at Jade. Wow. What a clever Asian dancer name. She must be so smart.Crazy naked guy on stage: So I guess it was some guy’s birthday that weekend and his buddies put him up on stage. Some dancer would whip him and tell him to take his clothes off. He proceeds to strip down to his underwear. Okay.Then he decides to show off his bare butt, and the dancer whips him like crazy. Then some girl sitting down rips his underwear even more. I guess he is hammered because he just takes off his underwear and he flops his wanker around. I nearly choked on my non-alcoholic beer. I fell to the floor laughing. In the end, his butt was so red. And so was I from laughing so hard.This place is ridiculous. I don’t think I will be back. It’s tough to look at girls covered in tattoos with obvious daddy issues, dancing for their next hit. But then again, I have always been a glutton for punishment.Slap! Slap! Slap!

  24. Vera R.

    My hubby and I decided to try this place yesterday afternoon. It was pretty slow, but that’s expected on a Thursday afternoon. The quality of dancers is much better than The Brass Rail! For the most part, all the dancers had decent bodies that were enjoyable to look at. There is a nice variety as far as different types of girls for different interests. Our favorite dancer was Mimi. She interacted with me very much while she was on stage dancing. We paid for a lap dance for the both of us together with Mimi. It was very enjoyable! She paid more attention to me, but my hubby got attention too. The only complaint we have is the private dance only lasts one song – even with a very generous tip provided up front. She was a lot of fun and we’d love to see her again.

  25. joseph1k

    crap i went there; sat down for about 20 minutes and then saw a guy get thrown out head first! all because the stripper misunderstood what he said. i left immediately after, not wanting to be the next one to sit outside a strip club with a bloody nose.this club is protected by a bunch of agro-power trip bouncers who just want an excuse to rough someone up.

  26. Andrew T.

    for a perv, im actually not that into strip clubs. maybe it’s because this place was my first ever strip club experience. awful place. it was dirty, the girls(except for a couple) were not hot, there was a cover charge, topless only(again, im a perv), and they didnt have lap dances. only “table dances” (ie they dance on top of a table in front of you) for the same price as a lap dance. um, isnt that what you guys do on the main stage?

  27. rickywho2

    It has gotten better since the first time I went for a friends birthday party. It’s fully nude, the place is pretty small. I feel like all strip clubs are the same, even the “high end” ones. It’s not one of my top places to go to, but if it’s a birthday or some sort of event. I’ll swing by. Other than that I am not willing to spend $20 to see chicks spread their legs. I don’t want to get into detail about my experience lol.

  28. mathewater12

    Shiet i think this place was cool i got some dome by a latina lady that titty slapped inside older cat but it was cool only if she can let me touch all in her woulda been tight went there wit my buddy from uc santa barbra he had a good time on his 20th bday lol

  29. John Z.

    I had to edit this review since I haven’t been here in about 5 years. Last time I was here the girls and staff working here were rude. There was hardly any in the 18-21 category and most of them would be hounding you for dough the minute you walked in. I’m not sure how the place is now but the handful of times I had been there I didn’t have a good time.

  30. Steve H.

    Hella Labias, Clits, and Urethrals all up in our face.Came here FADED off that Jameson for my homie’s bachelor party. Needless to say the beer goggles were in full effect. The homies covered me on that steep $20 cover. Walked in and noticed this joint was mad intimate and there were a bunch of older cats. Sat down in the front and started making it rain!!! Every feline that came out made sure the bachelor got a smell of that stank (with their panties on). I remember most of the women were Hispanic and Asian so that was welcomed. Most of them had pleasant anatomies, not sure of the facial features though. A good deal were flexible letting their vajayjay mop up the floor and poles. Yuck face.The best part of the night was when my dood was called up to sit on the chair. Two felines strolled out and started their initiation. It seemed innocent when they were belting and jumping on him but things got progressively chaotic. They stripped him down to his boxers and rode him something viscious. Playfully kept pulling down his boxers so we were forced to see crack a few times. Then the strippers made it a mission to molest and strip him ass naked. I’m not trying to see all that. Eventually he made it off stage. After an hour or so we made our exit and continued the debauchery.Come with low expectations. Looking back on it the place did seem mad dirty and dead. Regardless though the Pink Poodle made this a night to remember. Thank you..

  31. dopeboy19

    I was impressed by the establishment. They’re one or two ugly girls but for the most part the women are decent looking. The place is clean and well ran. It’s small but just remember there is a $20 cover charge, no alcohol, but you get to see fully nude women do their thing. The night I went my friend and I watched as some kid was being hazed (spanked, draw on, abused) by a stripper on stage which was well worth the $20 admission

  32. Mistercap12

    My last experience with this club wasn’t great, but I was back home for break from school and decided to check it out since I was in the area. I have to say that my perspective of this place took a full 180 after meeting a lovely dancer named Marley. She was cute, funny and very good at her job! I had a great time with her and the girls overall seemed to be more attentive and enthusiastic. I still think SF clubs are amazing and probably better quality based on the money and full nude experience, but if you’re in the Santa Clara/SJ area, then I think the Poodle is the way to go! Definitely worth giving a chance!

  33. Nima M.

    Where do I even begin? This place sucks more balls than Sasha grey, most of the strippers are ugly, only a couple cute ones, and a couple fatties as well, bouncers are stupid douche bags with miserable lives so they take there anger out on the customers, there’s always this posse of fat old ugly weirdos in chairs sitting in a circle right in front of the club, the inside is dirty and moldy, the sluts here try to scam you for your money. Plz if you value your time and money you will not cum here and just make a trip to San Francisco and go to the century theater

  34. MrniceGuy999

    Went to get to get away from friends of friends i was traveling with, and had an awesome time! Really easy to find, was hoppin on a Saturday night. Cover was 20 bucks which i though was a bit steep thinking that the staff was going to be pushing $4-5 drinks on me the whole night. Get in there and find that most people are not ordering drinks, which then makes the 20 cover a little bit more reasonable, since i usually drop about 14-18 bucks on drinks at other clubs. Sat right down at a table 10-12 from the stage, club is a great atmosphere especially for a 18+ club. Goop lights and sound and gotta love the 70 s style brass rail. I can say a lot of good things about the club, and you will have an amazing time. Let me talk about a few things that i did not like. First tipping, after one drink i slid up to the stage right in the prime spot to get some action from the ladies. I noticed that is was mostly younger people sitting on the side were i was, and mostly old creepy men on the opposite side. A dancer would come out and i throw at least 2 bucks to start them out and then if i liked them, more. and the guy next to me was doing even more, and generally the younger people were tipping a lot more and more consistently more. But still the dancers were giving about 95 percent of the action and the weren t tipping, except maybe after getting attention from a dancer. Finally the guy to my right and i had enough, and lined the rail for about 3 feet with dollars, about 20 bucks if i can remember. finally a dancer gave us some attention (she straddled the other guys head and rubbed her boobs in my face :P). other then that my privet dance was a complete waste of money. After being approached by some dancers offering lap dances i went and asked the dancer that i wanted to get one from. she took my money and said, “ok, wait right here i gotta go on stage; BRB” (yes she actually said B R B) so im standing up waiting for her to get off stage, finally she gets off stage and we go in the vip area. this consists of what ammounts to a small stage that i sit next to. so we go in and she says “ok, by the normal rules im supposed to stay in the box, but ill spend most of the time out for and extra $10” so i thought im already 20 bucks in might as well go for 10 more and get what i want. the dance lasted about 1 1/2 songs and was basically what she does on stage, just looking at me a lot. she came out of the box once and rubbed her ass kinda close to me and it eventually touched my bare knees. she jumped forward and back on to the table as they called it. Overall way not worth the 30 bucks, i could have layed 5 down on the main stage and got twice the action. Overall it was a great night, just could have done with out the 30 shitty table dance.

  35. Krystle L.

    Cane here with friends on a crowded busy night. Cover was $25 per person… Kind of steep, but worth it. The venue is small, but clean. Lots of girls and it was packed. Have to get lucky and grab a chair when someone gets up. This is a full nude club, no liquor inside. If you want drinks, you have to walk across the street to Alex 49er bar. Seems to be the trend, so it gives good business to them as well… Take a few shots and walk back over. Just make sure the bouncer stamps your hand so you can re-enter. Great club for San Jose, the only one that’s entertaining. Would recommend.

  36. fuckery12

    SO I cant believe I’m leaving a reviews on a strip club, but here we go, so if I had to go to a strip club I would go to SF but I lived a block away from the place so I checked it out a couple of times, the place is OK nothing special I would say 80% of the girls look like a regular girl you find a local bar but you want to to some one bad, so when I went with my friends we had fun, it was cool, there was a couple of girls that did stand out and were awesome but looked like they had attitude, finally I decided to to get a girl that looked kinda like Rhianna and I asked if i can have a lap dance with her and we couldn’t even even find a place and girls on’t even come up to you you have to come up to them not like in SF, overall I had a OK night but there are much better places, but still a OK time.

  37. Weedman420

    I thought to give it a try, the entry is 20 bucks, on entering on a saturday night i see only one dancer yes its a nude club but one dancer at a time for a song, but the second song started but the dancer came late, after 4-5 dances/song i decided to go for a private dance, i choose the girl and paid 40 bucks for one song which is fucking expensive but given that its san jose i thought the price to be fine. I was given a token and the dancer came after 5-10 mins , i dont know why it took time as she was neither on the stage nor was she talking to anyone else, i had to look out for her.She took me to the private section and from the start only told me to keep my hands back to the seat/wall, are you kidding in 40 bucks you dont get to touch also thats insane. and she did not strip her panties as well. for half the song she was instructing me what all you need not do. You cant touch the boobs as well, then whats the point of taking private dance worst experience.

  38. Allister D.

    The Bitches are ugly, the atmosphere is wack and depressing, and its sooooo lame how theres all these old men around the floor..ughh! nasty as muthafuckas

  39. ryan123

    This was the first nude club I’ve been to and I actually came here with three other people for my boyfriend’s birthday last year. So yes, this review is wayyy overdue.Cover was $20 for men and women.It was a little intimidating at first because of the lack of women in the place (besides the strippers), but surprisingly, it was the strippers who made me feel more comfortable. It is true what they say that the girls will give you more attention if you are the same gender. One girl who was dancing, came up to me while she was on stage to say, “You’re too pretty for this. Don’t ever become a stripper.” Hell — I definitely took that compliment home with me ;)Be careful when pulling out of the parking lot because a doughnut eating pig in a black and white costume may pull you over just for the hell of it.

  40. larry1

    The Poodle is a good place if you are looking to relax. The good thing is the ladies are the real thing, not some pumped up plastic doll you can find on Playboy. Pay a visit to Molly; adorable, slim and curvy lady with a beautiful smile.

  41. Cody P.

    I have been a customer for years. I love this place. However, all it took was one lazy lapdance. $50 for some white chick w/ huge tits… However she was on her phone while giving me a “dance”. She was more of as like laying on me then doing anything. Plus the fact that it was literally like 3 minutes long. Complete garbage. Not even a fun experience. I don’t plan on coming back.

  42. nickstrip

    I don’t know why this club gets so many bad reviews it’s the coolest and most chill strip club I’ve been too. Most of the girls are good looking, and they’re not pushy for dances either unlike girls in other clubs. This place is small but it gets wild!

  43. Tbone

    The girls just go thru the motions. Very little interaction between dancer and guest. Most of the girls acted like they would of rather been anywhere else but there. Very disappointing.

  44. Tony B.

    So, it was a Friday night. Me and Shang spent most of the time in down town drinking. As the bars were starting to close, we realized we were horny (but not for each other). So we decided to go to the pink poodle.We got there around 2 am and it was about to close at 3 am. We were going to go there for only one hour and they were still going to charge us full price!I know you got some ugly girls in there. How you going to charge full price to see uglies for one hour? If i wanted to lose $20, I would rather be mugged.

  45. Fancey N.

    Well, after reading all the crappy reviews- I wanna give some love to the ladies at this place. I don’t go that often, honestly ive been 2 or three times I think, and those were because I was drinking at the Niner or I work down the street. Either way… When I went I had fun. The girls on stage are all really awesome and I love that they love that there are girls out in the crowd. I was very much entertainedAt what they can do and I think the only thing that sucks is that you can’t drink while in there, but that’s a California law thing and theres nothing they can do about that.Any ways- yeah. It’s fun to go, just go, don’t worry about all the crap reviews.

  46. XXXbeast

    You will find a temporary happiness. To have happiness you need to spend money so that other people will be happy to make you happy. If you seek not to spend money, then stay at home and sulk. Your hers will enjoy the money that you saved by not spending it on temporary entertainment

  47. fritter17

    I called them on 4th of July to make sure they were open. Short story short, the guy that picked up the phone was so rude to me that we didn’t end up going. I then became worried…. if this is how they treat their customers how do they treat the women that work there?!?!

  48. John B.

    I was bored and decided to pull out a review with a blast from the past after reading all these negative reviews of one of the best clubs in The Bay.I visited this establishment a little while ago with my lady & friends. From the fact that that they charged the ladies an entrance fee ($20), to not serving alcohol while looking like a broke-ass Midwestern biker bar didn’t bode well for this place. Folding chairs near the stage? Seriously? Thankfully, they surprised us with service and fun…I’ve been to plenty of strip cl.. *ahem* Gentleman’s Clubs, and this has to be one of my favorite places to watch some fine women grind on the pole. Even the ladies in attendance enjoyed the show more than I have seen @ any other club. Maybe it’s because the dancers will sometimes pull women from the audience up on stage for an impromptu simulated oral session (super hot)! Yes, it’s a sketchy looking place in an even sketchier area but this is really a hidden gem that people need to see in order to form an opinion for themselves. Unless you’re morally opposed to these types of places, all the reviews in the world won’t change your judgemental, prudish ways. Check it out for yourself! Or if you’re a single female, feel free to check it out with me…Not sure on the quality of the lap dance but since it’s in SJ, I’m guessing it’s not worth it which knocks off at least one star. I hope to visit very soon to check out what the current crop of talent has to offer.

  49. maxxy1

    ghetto crowd, girls are okay, 20buxs to get in, went here twice, dont go back, go to santanna row on a saturday, you will see better vagina thier !

  50. Lena Z.

    I don’t live in San Jose anymore but I had driven by so many times growing up that I had to try it even though the reviews are pretty bad. First thing, the “bouncer” was rude and spit into his trash can from high up in the middle of talking to me… I may be at a strip club but I’m still a woman, come on I don’t want to see that. Anyway the place looks okay inside, kinda normal for a nude strip club. Two poles (which got used maybe once). The girls have some weird tattoos but are pretty enough, they just looked sooo unhappy to be there. I wanted to go up there and teach them how to dance!! They took their tops off right out of the gate, no teasing or sexy dancing. As much as I love boobs it got kinda old. I left after about an hour, first time I ever spent less than 100 at a strip club! I won’t be going back, if you have time definitely go to San Francisco instead.

  51. Mike

    Hello i was an out of towner came to this club with few friends.. $20 cover was fine.. no liquer..fine… lap dance with out any contact.NONE .THAS WACKkk.. bitch took my 20 doller and $5 tip before she begun the dance. then she steped back 10 feet and began showing me the same shit she showed on stage 5 min before.. it was soo wackk. i wanted to walk out… bitches want money up front and gives you shitty service… lap dance should be calld Lap view.. cuse thas all u get VIEW…find a better ur $$

  52. XhXeXy

    I truly wish I could give this place zero stars. It was the most disgusting, filthy, rancid place that I have EVER been. I am scarred for life after viewing those so-called “women” slut it up on stage. I absolutely love strip clubs, but this is not a strip club, this is a dark, dirty place that I wouldn’t send my worst enemy to. ALSO A friend of mine got PINK EYE here!! so be careful!!!!!!!!

  53. Mike S.

    Okay, I’ll admit it. I’ve been there once or twice … 5 times! The Pink Poodle is like the dive bars of strip clubs. A few friends & I have taken to calling it “The Pink Dog” because you see a lot of pink, & you leave the place saying “Dog, I didn’t need to see that”. It’s very dark & dank & uh, rank, inside. The girls are mediocre at best & they don’t serve alcohol (because it’s fully nude) so there’s no hope of beer goggles making the ladies any more appealing. They also offer this thing called a ‘shower scene’. I’ve never done it myself, but there’s a shower curtain off to the side that I’ve seen bath towel clad girls take unsuspecting men into for a few minutes. I’m unsure about what goes on behind the curtain but all the men I’ve seen come out of there stumble back to their seats with a very dismayed look on their face. Like someone just farted in their mouth. Word to the wise, avoid the shower scene like you avoid the cops. If you went to high school anywhere in the south bay be sure to wear dark glasses or some sort of disguise if you decide to go there because you a guaranteed to see a few old classmates shaking their aging asses on stage.

  54. Phinius M.

    have fun, some people take it too seriouslyIve observed people staring and quietmake some noise whoop it upcheers

  55. Rebecca D.

    I am a little on the fence with my review of this place. I really don’t think it’s that bad, but it sure could be a lot better. I have had 3 different types of experiences, first one was my first experience, went during the day with my ex, it obviously was dead, not worth a 20 dollar entrance fee, ended up leaving with a dancers number I didn’t want, second went with a group of friends after being trashed at alex’s and a few of us ended up getting ripped off by a girl who gave the worst lap dance ever (luckily I didnt have to pay) and the third experience I would have to say was pretty decent, again we were wasted, but the girls were ok looking and the crowd wasn’t super nasty.

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