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0 reviews for “Deja Vu Centerfolds

  1. SomeOne

    Not worth the money whe I went

  2. John G.

    there was an ok amount of pretty girls here. i like the atmosphere here alot better than the hustler club a block down for sure. Girls walk around topless at least.Some of the girls rip you off if you don’t make sure what you’re paying for. Make sure you confirm what you’re paying for before you hand them the money. I never had issues with any girls, but my friends ended up getting only a minute for what is supposed to be about a 3 song is not fun unless you have money, because the girls on the stage don’t really work for it and just frollic around on stage. Use the pole damn it. So if you’re just sitting around here, don’t expect much effort from those on stage.There was almost a good show involving two girls on stage, but people were too timid and cheap to keep the show going. they had to stop it because no one was tipping or indicating that they had any interest of what was going on on stage. But at that point, people got pretty bored of what was going on before then.i say this is the best strip club i’ve been to, but i’ve only been to three. also, cover is kinda high, it is bit pricey to get in here. but, eh, do you expect to really have a frugal night going to a strip club?i would come back, but only on special occasions or when i have a crapload of money to blow

  3. Charise B.

    Centerfolds is really the jewel of the broadway strip. The dances are a little more than that bikini dance your used to getting at a topless bar, but you are not in a topless bar! You are watching the whole package shimmy, bounce, and caress whatever is in the body parts path. Girls that are not into oogling the pretty girls should really not bother entering the club to begin with.

  4. Johnnyboy123

    This place is suck and very badly ……. I spend $ 30 to enter and $ 80 for one of bitchs there to get private dance and she told me that she would do more….. after she got my money …… she didn’t dance and asked me to get out ..and I asked manger to refund me my money back and he refused and forced me to get out the club …….it’s really ridiculous and I won’t be there any more and I won’t go to any stripes clud anymore. …… they will cheat you and steal your mone

  5. Richie C.

    As far as strip club go this one at least has a little class. The over all quality of the dancers is higher than any spot on Broadway. I recently went with some friends from my old job and I had fun ,but in the process I discovered I’m pretty much over strip clubs.I remember the old logo was something like: “Hundreds of beautiful girls, and three ugly ones.” Those three are still there I think.

  6. joseph1k

    Ewwww so last nite my friends and I decided to go strip club hoping for a change of pace. We started at Centerfolds and….let’s just say the only good thing about the place was that couples get in half price so we got into the club for $30 per couple instead of the usual $20 per person. Other than the entrance deal….the place pretty much sucked. The girls were so-so and they are fully nude so there is no alcohol served. Ok for a girl to enjoy a strip club we gotta have some drank!! I was dying not being able to drink anything but O’Douls, water, and soda!Also the girls do not do ANYTHING on the pole. Whatever happened to working for the dollars?!? All the girls do is play ring-around-the-rosy with the pole not sliding down it or doing anything acrobatic. It was boring!!!Ok last rant…so I ended up buying a private dance for me and my friend and she took us in the back room for $60 which is supposed to include full nudity and a 5 minute lap dance. So this girl decides to just take her top off and dance for 1 1/2 minutes and then ask for more money to continue. Whatever! She jacked us out of $60 for 1 1/2 minutes of dancing in front of us not even doing much.Overall: There are much better clubs out there….Save your money and don’t go here!

  7. dan

    Well, i have to say this..i love ths club.the girls are nice and it is overpriced but the girls work hard for the money. i used to date a dancer and they get a good part of their money taken by the club..that’s why you have to tip. but if you want fun what can you expect?

  8. dream

    fk-u haters ,, malan was F-en gorgeouss***

    i got a lap dance twice*** ,,,,er in retopect wish i’d know about the vip 15 min thing*** would off been about the same price awh** oh well,,, experience vip with asian malan*** yep no wonder you guys are hating yar got with the wrong chick

  9. Jordanp

    Came here last night on a Monday for a friends birthday. We were on our fifth bottle of sangria at dinner and decided we wanted to see some hot girls. $10 cover and in & out privileges. No booze here but we were able to cut out to Bamboo Hut and come back. The place was pretty dead and we were for sure the biggest group there and we only had six people. Bought a couple dances and tipped a lot of the girls on stage. It was pretty sad because a lot of them wouldn’t even make $1 during their sets. Like damn dude straight up vagina all out and not even a dollar?! A lot of the girls were super nice and friendly. We were all having a great time until this random ass girl starts yelling DONT BE RUDE to my friend while she was on stage. First of all, who are you. Second of all, that’s super unprofessional. After she finished her set (where we yet again were the only ones who tipped) she came over to my friend and started shouting DONT BE INSECURE YOURE SO INSECURE. Um what. My friend literally had no idea who this girl even was?!!! She was being so insane out of nowhere, threatening to kick us out (WHEN SHE WAS THE ONLY ONE EVEN TIPPING ALL THE GIRLS) My friend and her BF were buying dance after dance so not sure where the hell this crazy stripper was coming from. Her name was Angeline or something after she had to introduce herself to us and told us she worked there since again, WE DIDNT EVEN KNOW HER!!! Why are you even talking to us?!!! This chick is bad for business man. I asked my best friend about it later who is a dancer at Gold Club and she said it must’ve been some ploy to get all the attention. Girl, that is not the way to do it.

  10. Weedman420

    My wife and I went to Centerfolds this past Friday for the “Miss Nude SF” event they held. It was just a possibility of a fun time. The first thing we did was rsvp’d online….. which was a bit misleading. It said if you RSVP’d the charge was $0.00. Winds up the RSVP was free; the event was still $20 a shot (after $10 off). We found that out when we arrived. No problem, things move on – it is one of the higher entry fees for a club I have been to, but I was game. Once we were in the club, we were immediately approached by Eva, a wonderful young lady who was fascinated by my wife’s boobs. She offered to give us a tour, and informed us this was a full nude club. They even have a shower where you can buy shower dances (?). Any who, it was really cool and we told her to check in a little later. She did, and the wife and I decided to get a TOPLESS dance (nude would have been very odd); which was fun, but pricey ($60). I would advise checking around if you like a lot of dances. The place was very small and a bit dingy – the furniture and carpets are definitely lackluster; the girls are less than glamorous; it’s full nude so there is no alcohol; the bouncers aren’t very friendly; but it’s not uncommon for a strip club. So we are $100 down after entering and getting one dance. No problem; but there’s definitely a racquet. It was a really fun atmosphere, so we decided to take a seat to watch the show. This place is very small; and seating is hard to find – and the spot is CRUCIAL. We took what I thought would be a fun seat; but girls and dudes who couldn’t find seats kept standing in front of the wife and I. This sucked because (obviously) she wasn’t DYING to be in the club; and now she can’t see and is (rightfully) bored. Bored. BORED. Even I was getting a bit agitated – they should consider tearing out the shower and adding more seating or limiting how many people they let in. Just a thought. Eva kept wandering by and chatting us up (which was cool); while many of the girls passed us by; I guess they don’t like wives around? No problem by me! Let’s talk about the girl for a second – many of them are 6 or 7’s; but not in a bad way. These girls are real and make you feel like you could actually talk to them on the street. If you are going for the “fantasy girl” with the fake boobs or a 0 waist; this isn’t the place for you. They are also big on the hustle (at least at night), so if you like sitting around and talking to the girls – also not for you. So the event begins and it was a lot of fun. There was a lap dance part and then a pole dance part – a lot of fun. But again, the people cluttering the place (lots of people from the other local clubs filled in) made it more difficult then it should be to watch flying boobs. A good time all together though! I am not sure if I would come back; but I don’t think the wife would come back – time will tell.

  11. Mike E.

    This is the best nude club in the city.I went to college at one of the schools in the Bay Area and the hottest classmate I ever had was a former dancer here. So of course on my first trip into the City after I learned that tidbit I had to come here. The cover is in line with S.F. standards and the inside is nicer – plenty roomy, plenty clean.The dancers are killer-hot. I don’t know if Selena still works there, but I still have a crush on her – a string of tattoos around her waist like a sort of belly chain, ahhh… One of the reasons why I like this place is because one time I saw some small-dicked imbecile touch a dancer’s crotch with a dollar bill, and she darted away from him, flagged a bouncer, and the bouncer threw the guy out onto the street instantly. Stuff like that is bound to happen and management reacted absolutely the right way.The lap dances are good. If you are polite, smell good, and tip generously, you’ll get very “high mileage” as they say on The private rooms are comfortable. Even the non-private topless dances can be really fun with the right girl. And on a busy night there’s always been a lot of good dancers to choose from.

  12. tonycluber

    Horrible place! Check this place out 11/29/13 and it was horrible. Totally regret coming here and spending my money. The cover charge is outrageously expensive considering the fact all the strippers were skinny & very unattractive. The girls looked like they were on some hard drugs because you could literally see their rib cage. It was a horrible experience. I have gone to about 3 other strip clubs in SF, 2 in Las Vegas and 3 in LA.. this by far is the worst I’ve ever been to.

  13. james1412

    Came here to celebrate my 23rd birthday. I’ve always wanted to go to a strip club just for the experience. Most of the people in my party were ok with my decision to come here and only a few felt uncomfortable. Came here on a Friday around 11:30 or so (i don’t remember since I was a little intoxicated). Since I was the birthday girl I got in for free while everyone in my party got in for half off. Walked inside and it was a variety of ladies everywhere. Found a spot next to the side stage and one of the ladies came up to my party “I hear there’s a birthday girl here”. I said it was me and she offered to bring me up on stage but I was a little too uncomfortable for that. But she offered to dance on the side stage for me. Chloe was super nice and gave a great show! Glad my first strip club experience was great! None of the ladies were pushy or anything!

  14. Seung Hyun Y.

    Ok..I was bribed to post this. lol I came here alot when my friend worked here and since I saw her in the ad, well I had to go see it to believe it. Free lap dances woohoo! Wish my gf now could gimme that! wuahahaha speak of the devil..she could be reading this! -_- Well anyways, atmosphere is nice at night and since I know the “friend” will be reading this..Jana you’re still hella hot and you still got the booty to boot! lol

  15. Bnkr rchie
  16. Distinguished

    Who are these idiots paying 200+ for 15 minutes? I’m a multi millionaire and won’t pay that kind of money. This club is like the real estate market. They are going to suddenly see buyers, their business, evaporate as people get wise and find better bang for the buck elsewhere.

  17. DexterRexter

    It’s gone downhill and I know the reason. They started a $100 minimum lap dance. Cut their business way way down, and the hot girls wouldn’t work there anymore. Those girls still exist I just don’t know where they went. Terrible management decision:Other than that, which is everything, the inside of the club is so relaxing and amazing and awesome. Just reinstate reasonable lap dance prices.

  18. Crystal L.

    I preffer Centerfolds.Couples 2 for 1… I got me some free lap dances from an old man, he bought like 5 bitches. I loved it

  19. Richard K.

    I like this place, I really do. They have pretty girls, but damn some of them try to rip you off.Angela was her name, I believe she is Filipino. Pretty, but a classless act. She was wasted and tried to rip me off. She went to get me water and ran off to give another person a lap dance when I had paid for a lap dance already on my card. I seriously am looking for her at least a half hour. Finally, I get fed up and ask for the manager. I describe her. She is trying to close for the night and not give my lap dance when I finally find her.What I do not think so! Trying to close on me and take my money, hell no! Give my money back or give me the lap dance. The manager asks what I want to do. She is pissed that I had ratted her out. She reeks of alcohol and barely can stand and my soft side kicks in and I decided to get the lap dance.BIG MISTAKE! Worst lap dance I have ever had. She completely soured my mood on this place.Watch out for her and girls like that at this place. On another note, Isis she is a fun stripper and I recommend getting a lap dance from her. She is what keeps this rating decent for Centerfolds.

  20. Zu W.

    I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been here quite a few times, never for my birthday, sometimes for other people’s birthday, and sometimes just for pure enjoyment. 😉 I love bitchhess! (only if you heard me say that out loud, you’ll understand why I think I sound so cute saying this).Saturdays here are always awesome. The place is packed, practically naked bodies all over. The girls are usually the hottest on Saturdays. The only downside is that on a crackin’ night, they will milk you all they can on the cover. Even made girls pay. (But of course I’ve never paid cover here, and I don’t plan to, ever!).If you’re not into the rowdiness and the partying vibe, but you’d rather experience a more intimate time with your women, without all the other assholes cock blockin’, then I suggest sunday, monday, hell, any day that isn’t a thursday, friday or saturday or some really busy day. However I must say this, if you come on a non busy day, there will be less hot girls, more desperate, lonely, horny men, some creepy perverts and you can usually talk your way in for free or if you’re a guy, well, guys will more than likely have to pay, but it’ll be really cheap.I would say go here on friday or saturday because it’s way more fun and the vibe is better, but i’ve laid out both scenarios for you, so really you decide. Are u just partying and having a good time? Or are you feelin’ like a pervert that just wants to see bitches get down! :)Oh yea…bring a wad of cash, a HUGE wad if you’re really horny, you’ll need it!

  21. fisherdex1

    So for I’ve been here twice and I’ll continue to come back, it’s super fun and everything is set up great. There’s lots of seating and tables for big parties . I absolutely love Chloe she was super fun, friendly, easy to talk to and not too pushy. She made my first time the best now I love coming back ! Glad that I got to see her and spend a check on her

  22. Pat

    Cover is bit hight and they charge for drinks and it is only soda. It used to be free drinks with the cover and that was OK but now they charge for the drink so I and my friends do ont go there any more. We are about 6 of us.

  23. Vicky T.

    So we had a large party but they still wanted to charge full price.. which is understandable.. so we left…. then magically someone knows someone and we found our way back here The girls here are not overly aggressive which saved some folks in our groups a lot of grief…..overall the most consistent dancers in the places we checked out no alcohol since it is a full nude club. the bachelor had fun needless to say The ATM fee is 7.00 as an FYI

  24. Wendy H.

    This is where I lost my virignity for strip clubs. I was out with 2 male co-workers, my female best friend and I had never been to a strip club before. The idea of: corruption, rushed thru the boys’ heads. We knew we had to take shots before going in, just to put ourselves in the right mood. Yes, we both got lap dances. If either of us had any doubts that we were at any possibility lesbians, well, this experience proved to us that we are DEFINITELY straight. I couldn’t be MORE tense, could not relax, for the life of me. The girl was super pretty, and we ended up chatting about spas, my bag… I wouldn’t say this place is sleezy, dirty since this is the only strip club I’ve ever been to. I guess I’ve always imagined them to be like this, no different. But the girls were all really pretty, I at least liked their outfits 🙂

  25. Stocks & Bonds

    Early Wednesday afternoons are a great time to go. The women ranged from about 5-8, but the women were all friendly and eager to please. I will indeed return.

  26. Jill D.

    How many GREAT time have I had here?! Too many and some that I can only hazily recall and have to rely on others to fill in the details. Suffice to say that I was pulled onstage by a hot stripper and partially defrocked and teased in front of my boyfriend and his coworkers (I am considered THE girlfriend to clone now). My boyfriend and I go here all the time for anniversaries, Valentine’s days, or just fun days in general. I’ve also gone here with a girlfriend of mine who had her first lapdance and loved it. I have been fortunate enough to find many bi-honeys here that seem to like me (maybe it’s the money but whatever) and go the extra mile much to mine and my man’s delight.

  27. Kione E.

    other than the visuals. it’s alright. a great place to have fun and throw money away on. where you’re able to watch some fine looking ladies dance (or attempt to. please managers of Centerfolds, make sure that the women you hire can dance. theres nothing sadder than a girl on stage who ain’t got no moves, even if she is cute. it blows the fantasy!). and, unlike some other places i’ve attended inthe past, there is no alcohol in this place. i believe it is a CA law. defeats the purpose, in my book. you want a hot babe to rub up and down all over you? $$$. if you wanna just see them dance and strip? $$$. want want to get a little more intimate or creative?$$$$. a decent conversation and heart felt memorable moment. WHATEVERS!!!!!!!!!!!! what you are really paying for is an ILLUSION/FANTASY. nothing more. of course they’ll treat you nice and talk to you, but it’s all business, people. i’ve had some friends who we’re dancers, and they’re really awesome ladies, but the stories they’ve told me about “customers”. dang! brutal. these girls dance for all kinds of reason. what ever they may be,… treat them nicely. yes, they are hot, they smell like vanilla, and if you can touch them, they feel soft and warm. and not every guy’s girl friend will give them that kind of playful game. but when it’s all said and done, you go home 100$ poorer and 100x’s hornier. main thing is you know what you’re really doing there. ENTERTAINMENT. really. some people don’t know this. they mix it up in their reality. seriously..i’ve taken a few of these knuckle heads to places like this. you know…..”dude! she really liked me!” sigh. sad.

  28. yayarea07

    the club has a good number of dancers … i have to say there are alot of beautiful women…..and if ur lookin to have a good time i recommend this club….

  29. timmykilla

    People don’t have to follow Ted Cruz so we love this place.

  30. Lee S.

    wtf, went here for new years one year.the bouncers were DICKS.the guy in the bathroom kept bitching at me because i’d come in a few times to piss and was not planning on tipping his ass until i was getting ready to LEAVE. the ladies, while hot, are bitches and only went up to the old farts in the crowd (prob because they assume they have more $$$).f*ck that, the Centerfolds in Sac is waaaay better.

  31. Dom

    Tatiana is by far the best dancer, when u see her, u will always come back and wonder, y did i go anywhere else?

  32. NnN

    This club is the best. I went here when I turned 21 4 years ago and loved it! I went back recently in the afternoon and it was great. The dancers are all very friendly and not too pushy. Beautiful girls. I got 3 full contact lap dances for onle $100. Great value. Jewel in the afternoon is smokin’ hot and super nice.

    I have been here 4 times and everytime I have an excellent experience. I have been to strip clubs all around the county and this is by far the best.

  33. eddyL

    I went to a couple of other clubs for my bday they were okay but a lot of the women looked hurt,tweaked out,no ass,bad body,my goodness cudnt dance worth a dollar I finally came here and fell in love,played good music,some women was beautiful n they were so nice and sweet.full nude,very entertaining and got a lap dance by this gorgeous gal and got blue balls.i recommend this place n will def be back!(:

  34. Party

    great place to unwind, really an enjoyable experience.

  35. Lauren V.

    I hadn’t been here in years till last night.My past experiences were always fun and cool, but I guess theyve redid things and now it’s like NEXT LEVEL of rad.I won’t divulge what transpired but I will say I love these girls attitudes nowadays and they are worth their weight in gold.The only reason I take off any stars is the shower room show thing.That is a rip off so beware!

  36. nickstrip

    it was fun while it lasted. This is my last time here. I went there with two friends, one of whom is leaving for the military and I told the stripper that when she told us her name, she gave us a ” i dont give a fk, who gives a sh*t about the military, give me money, tip me now! ” I gave her two bucks and she was like ” thats it?! ” she then proceeded to do the same to the other guys there. You want to hate on the military? Fine, dont do it on my watch. After that, I decided after an hour, its time to LEAVE. Very Anti-Military that Stripper Was.

  37. XhXeXy

    Okay, I’ll admit I’m on the VIP Mailing list for the San Francisco strip clubs. I received an email before Thanksgiving notifying me the San Francisco Fire Fighters of Local 248 was having a holiday Toy Drive. If you donated an unwrapped new toy at one of their sponsored clubs in the area, each entrance fee would be waived.After having a big feast a Cha Cha Cha, we wanted to bring the birthday boy to his first experience at Centerfolds on Broadway. This would his first time and he declined to go telling us he had another party to attend. Since we already planned on going, our group of five decided to go without him. I forwarded everyone my VIP email, but the other three didn’t listen to our warning and didn’t bring a toy. The streets along and around Broadway were filled with parking, so we decided to park in a pay lot for $20 to lessen frustration of circling around the area and waste time. The lot was next to Sutra on Broadway.When my wife and I walked in to the front counter at 10:30pm, the young gal behind the desk said we had to have a toy worth at least $30 each before we can get in for free. She called over another guy to help her out with our transaction and he called on his earpiece to see what could be done. Luckily, I had the original email on my phone as proof to show if they wanted to deny my free entrance. There wasn’t anywhere on the email that said you had to bring in a toy that matched the entrance fee. After five minutes of waiting, the guy said we could enter without paying as long as we donated the toy. I looked in the bin where they kept the donations and it was empty. We got our wrists stamped and entered.When we entered the main floor, the place was barren. There was a girl dancing on the main stage and another on a side stage. Not many people sat in front of the main stage but along the outer rim. There were plenty of girls, but not as hot as the other times I’ve been there. Let’s just say, the girls were decent, but not porno material. They weren’t exotic looking enough that I could salivate over or want to get a private dance from. There may have been one or two gorgeous ones with curves in the right places, but that’s to the extent I saw. Waif model like material is not what I expected. I asked one of the room attendants if he thought it would be busier enough to open the downstairs stage, and he reassured me it would as the night progressed. We met up with our three other friends a few minutes later and they told me they were charged $30 each because they didn’t bring toys in; two guys and one girl. In the past, they usually let ladies in free and charge $30 to guys, but it wasn’t the case anymore from what I observed. After an hour, the place had a few more people but not to the point that they opened the downstairs stage. There was the usual 2,3,or 4 for 1 lap dance specials, but each song was less than one minute long. Individually, I was approached a few times to go in the back for a dance but declined since I wasn’t feeling it. The place felt sterile and overly cold. My wife pulled a cute older Asian gal about 4’10” with too large implants for her size aside and asked her the rate for a couples dance, and she said $60 for simple dance, $80 topless, and $100 fully nude dance plus tip. $100? I remember six months ago when girls were charging $60 for fully nude, they didn’t insist on tip upfront, and they looked naughtier, acted more sensual, and carried themselves very well. This time around, the gals travelled in groups like cliques and weren’t as friendly talking to people to make them feel comfortable.Next time, I’ll have to go next door to Broadway Showgirls or venture out to the Gold Club and try my luck elsewhere for a better time. I would’ve given Centerfolds 2 stars, but my previous experiences were better, thus one notch up to 3 stars overall.

  38. James B.

    I assume this is the all nude place. Not the topless one across the street. FYI – they both use Centerfolds in their title. Anyhoo, this place is a rip off. The couple of times I went, the girls offer you a choice of dance. $40-60-80-100. At least that was what I got. Was so appalled, I got the 40 buck option just to see what they offered. Nadda of course. Then the last time got the 100 buck option. Same nadda – except for less clothes on. For the prices these girls want, you could go to a great massage place!

  39. David C.

    Oh, did I mention I hate clubs? Back in the days when I was single, I’d roll through here usually to celebrate the last days of singlehood for friends. I don’t know what the allure is with strip clubs. But I always find them sleezy and I find the girls skeezy. Typical strip club with the typical layout. Don’t do any lap dances in the rooms. I got ripped off by one of the girls. Some of my friends like to push the limit with the girls here. But I’m not one to try to get STD’s, especially in this part of the city. I know you used to be able to get coupons from the newspaper. It cuts the entrance fee in half. Not that I ever cut those coupons, but I remember my friends would look for them. Seriously. They would. Not me. I swear.

  40. anthony1

    This review is about the management:I was put in charge of planning a bachelor party and the man of the hour wanted to go here. I wrote the management to tell them about our group. They made us a good deal. I was nervous when we would show up no one would know about us but to my surprise the front of house manager knew who we were, was expecting us and provided excellent customer service. At clubs like this you never know what to expect and I was very happy with how organized and customer friendly the management team was.

  41. Lepple

    The girls are hot, but they are expensive. How do the girls get paid? I talked

    to a few and they say they work for tips, so that’s why they up the prices and

    bug for tips. It is supposed to be 20/40/60 for bikini, topless, lap, but girls

    tack on an extra 20 or even double it to make there cash. Other strip clubs

    elsewhere, the girls aren’t so buggin for tips or shady for payment.

    It astonishes me how they are extremely nice to you when they ask you to

    dance, but turn cold when you turn them down. Some make it believable


    But they are HOT, if that is any consolation.

    BTW, don’t get hustled by the tour. Some girls will try to pull that on you,

    just walk around yourself.

  42. maxxy1

    So many beautiful girls I’m not sure how to chose. Between secret and summer. There’s choice that you should make your self

  43. Alexander E.

    The ongoing mission to review every gentlemen’s club in the city continues. This time around, Centerfolds was hosting a three day event with Jayden Jaymes as the featured guest. I’ve stayed away from Centerfolds, due to its steep cover charge, $30 to be exact. For $30, you can get a wristband for four Deja Vu clubs up the street. Nevertheless, for those insiders who RSVPd like myself, the $30 cover charge was waived.The club wasn’t especially packed, even with AVN award winning Jayden Jaymes in the house. I scoped out the club and the layout is hard to describe. The club has no exact shape and resembles more of a maze, with adjoining rooms everywhere you go. The main floor houses the main stage, which is pretty small, with a second smaller stage to the side for those watching from a distance. Centerfolds is an all nude club, which prohibits it from serving alcohol. As a result, the bar only serves soft drinks, non-alcoholic beer, juice, and Red Bull.If you’re able to get a seat at the stage, bring plenty of ones, which can be acquired at the bar near the back. However, if you’re running with a group, you might be better off paying $20 for VIP service, which gets you a reserved table and a private host, who can run you drinks and ones. Jayden Jaymes delivered a great set and was interactive with her fans and plenty of fans made it rain. After her set, Jayden did a meet and greet, sold merchandise, and offered private dances at $120 for three dances.Whenever a feature star is in the building, the house strippers are in a funk. The majority of the customers are there for the feature and pay little attention to the regular girls. However, Centerfolds does have a nice mixture of girls, from what I saw, including: white, black, Asian, and Hispanic. I opted out of a lap dance, with extras being a YMMV case. The girls were pretty, with some stunners here and there, and plenty of average girls as well.I ran into a situation with a dancer, who got pushy and pissed when I turned down her “special.” She was polite at first, especially since I was interested, but that soon changed, which led to a verbal argument and continued to worsen. The altercation ruined my night, but I know Rubi was simply having a bad night and took it out on me.Bottom Line: Centerfolds is pricey. Vegas pricey. A $60 special is hardly a special in my eyes. With such a variety of clubs to choose from in San Francisco, I suggest you keep driving and skip Centerfolds.Centerfolds Pricing Structure:Cover: Varies ($15-30)$30 is the standard cover charge. Do not pay more than $15, as it’s not worth it. Ins and out are allowed; no baseball hats allowed.Lap Dances:Bikini Dance (on the main floor): $20Topless Dance (private booth): $40Nude Dance (private booth): $603 Dance Special:Topless: $100Nude: $120VIP:Quarter Hour: $200Half Hour: $400Full Hour: $700

  44. Fred

    The girls are hot and very nice BEFORE you turn down a lapdance. Like said before, $20 dance, $40 topless, $60 nude, but its really $40 dance, $60 topless, $80+++ nude. The tour that the girls take you on is bs, they try to lure you into the VIP room, which they claim is $100 for 15 minute dance, but is actually about $200-$500 if you want to touch them or they touch you. The drinks use to be free, not any more. $5 or more for bottled water? The movie theaters are cheaper. The waitresses are not even hot…flat chested women. Also, you can smell the crank/cigarettes/weed from the girls…as if they don’t wear enough perfume. There isn’t enough seats/chairs. Lots of empty booths though, but you have to pay $100 to sit in the boothe. Most of the girls own homes and expensive cars (mercedes, bmw, lexus, suvs). Some commute from Stockton/Sacramento. You think they don’t make alot of money? The reason most have fake boobs is because they can pay for it in a couple of days ($5000-$8000).

  45. igor34

    My favorite place. I know a ton of the girls there my name, face, perfume that makes up for what I didn’t get in a high school and college as well as post grad. They have always been very nice to me and the hosts are super cool, was good friends with some of the bouncers and gateman a while back. They get frisky there and are very touch friendly and into constant contact. I have very few places with no doubt in my life that I can go to in an instant. This is one of them!!! I give them a ten even in 32 feet of snow kinda of thing. Stuck in B- More at the moment. Hugs and kisses to my girls!!!!!

  46. Marsha Z.

    It can be hot, and they’ve got nice bodies and all, but deep down, I really feel sorry for these girls…I really do. To think that some of them have to resort to this to make a buck…They all smell the same, too…of flowers and desperation.

  47. Jason

    IF you want to have fun, do not go to this place…they will suck, not you, but your wallet dry…a $80 dance doesn’t get you to touch the girl…ridiculous…go to some other place. The cover charge of $25 on weeknights doesn’t even get you a glass of water !!

  48. Mark G.

    I went here for my bachelor party and all I could think of was, “These poor girls. I’ll bet they came from broken homes.”This, I am aware of, is not the attitude to have when walking into a strip joint. To add to this, I am aware that this is not the attitude to have when walking into a strip joint during my bachelor party.Had I drank a little more I’m quite positive that this wouldn’t have been the case. Damn you California law prohibiting booze and naked women in the same establishment!Being sober, I was exposed to the true money-making experience that going to a strip club was all about. I now realize why I was drunk the other times I went into places like this: Alcohol kills all inhibitions and loosens the purse strings. Every four to five minutes the DJ came on the PA, urging the customers to partake in a lap dance. He even reminded everyone that the club took all major credit cards. Damn. That is just dangerous. After convincing myself to have a little fun and to stop thinking about these girls’ upbringing, I still was disappointed. We were there on a Saturday night. Yet, we didn’t see anything good. It was pretty tame and boring. The only person in our group that got any action was my best man. My best man was a woman. Why do lesbians have more fun?Perhaps I should have downed a few tequila shots at the Crow Bar before going in there. Heed my warning if you go to Centerfolds: Drink heavily before entering.

  49. -kiko- S.

    This place has the most conventionally hot dancers of all the full-nude clubs in San Francisco. It’s also clean. I like strip clubs that aren’t sticky and gross. However, the interior is tacky and their “drinks” are WAY overpriced. The girls are sweethearts, especially during the day. I did come here as a customer at night and I got a dance from Natalia. She was gorgeous and not weirded out about giving two girls a lap dance. It was kind of awesome.The dancers there are seriously super freaking fine and there aren’t as many “extras” going on as in the other clubs. (Personally that’s a good thing. It’s less competitive.) So if you’re looking for extras don’t go there. I think most of the girls there are non-extras girls, and there are few things more annoying than being asked all the time for extras if you don’t do them. If you just want to enjoy the gorgeous ladies in a slightly classier environment than the other clubs, go to Centerfolds. AND REMEMBER TO TIP YOUR HARD-WORKING DANCERS!! 🙂

  50. Tim W.

    I don’t think many would review this place, but truly I have to since shady places aren’t my thing.Went there first time thinking these strippers would be nice, but they are like sharks similar to what people refer guys at clubs. One lady tried to persuade me to give her my whole bank account as she pointed I will have lots of fun. Sad thing was I did had fun before I got to this place. Gentlemen, be careful as they will try to get more than what their service provides. A lap dance is $60 and since they give us discount on entry fee so it went from $30 to $15. Do not give those ladies more than $60 as they will not provide the service they say they would. Don’t get me wrong but these ladies look like a wallpaper plastered with tats all over, not very good tats, IMO. Don’t fall for their let me give you a tour crap…just trying to get more $$ out of you.Conclusion, we went in no more than 30 min and we left. Not worth going even if guys night out. With the budget you spend in there you can have better time elsewhere.

  51. fuckery12

    What can I say? I was young and only 18….and that was my first strip club that started it all for me. But that was all it took. Just that one. It was cool and it doesn’t serve alcohol so the ladies def get fuh-reakky. Tried this one out next time your on broadway.

  52. Scott W.

    A+I’ve been to strip clubs a total of three times in SF. Twice with girls–to Mitchell’s and Gold Club. I’d kind of given up on them ’till I went to Centerfolds for a bach party (Will T.).Comparing:Gold club: CMitchell Bros: B- (but my girl was pulled up on stage and her top came off, so that was an A+, but the grade belongs to my girl. This is the same girl who said Centerfolds rocked.Centerfolds: A+. Because the girls are really pretty and completely sexy. The kind of girls you might, in some alcohol-fueled fantasyworld, call your GF.BTW, the bach party was terrrrrrrrrrrific. Will T. is 100% class. And his wife is even better.

  53. ybboB i.

    a lotta hotties, with a lot of ugly ducklings too. first time i been to a strip club and i got the whole experience. i got drawn in by the hot one and lost 60 bucks, then i got scamed by an uggo. booo. if ru 18 and cant drink… dude unlimited soda.

  54. trevor l.

    There are a lot of girls here. And actually lot of good looking ones, however…The management is not kind here, neither are some of the girls who ruin it…

  55. Karen B.

    Long before I had a husband, I was single and ready to mingle!! On a mingling occasion, after several beers with a gentleman / horny bastard we made our way through the North Beach labyrinth and found ourselves watching nekkid women dancing on a stage…which made the horny bastard even hornier…so we made our way through the strip club labyrinth and found ourselves in what looked like cabanas with a “bed” and lo’ and behold we seized the moment…that is until security found us and kicked us out…talk about ruining the moment for horny bastard…oh and the gentleman too!!

  56. Cassie L.

    So I went here about 2 years ago, and I went on Amateur night where girls get in free. But the odd thing that happened is that the first stripper that came on was a girl I went to High School with, for that and for that alone this place gets 4 stars!

  57. Batman

    I go to centerfolds atleast once a week. Prices may be a little high, but this club has there shit together. Girls become very friendly when you come in often and if ur lucky, you may get better prices. Clean club. My favorite.

  58. x
  59. Jade T.

    Sleaziest club Ive ever visited.. I have no idea why, but like everyone else, I really felt “bad” for the girls, maybe it was the sad and cold room, maybe the sticky floors (don’t you even think about dropping something and picking it back up), maybe the overly drunk audience, the tiny stage these girls had to dance on.. I suppose $20 for unlimited sodas is cheaper than $5 bottles of Voss water everywhere else, but I seriously wanted to be sprayed with some Lysol when I walked out of here. Some of the girls were kinda cute, but nobody worth a private dance.. besides, the black lights made those white stains on the couches way too visible..

  60. George

    This club has been remodeled and the lighting system is a little darker than in the past in which I don’t like because you can’t see clearly the girl’s face and body on the stage. Lap dance is a ripoff. Right now, even at $60, no titty touching is allowed. But if you pay more, around $100, they will let you touch it. With that much of a money, why don’t I just add $50 more and get 30 minutes of escort service for the “real deal” ? Lap dance is a joke, not only you will get rip off, you will also get blue balls afterward.

  61. Meena N.

    This was my first strip club, and I admit, I had a lot of fun. I was the only girl in a group of a bunch of guys but despite that fact, I had a lot of fun. The big downfall is that the admission price is ridonkulous. Even with me haggling with the guy out in front saying that it was my boy’s birthday, etc, we negotiated it down to 20/head The bday boy wasn’t even comped. I WASNT EVEN COMPED and i’m a girl.. how sad. Needless to say, when I went, the majority of the girls were hot. There’s several stages and rooms and all have live feeds showing of other rooms. Imagine my surprise when I looked at the live feed and there was my boy leaning over the stage, shirtless, and the stripper taking off his belt and WHIPPING him with it. He had bruises the next day. So did my other friend whose nipples kept being pinched super hard by another stripper. The same stripper that kept touching/squeezing my boobs, putting my face in hers and being extra touchy. I was slightly uncomfortable because I didn’t know wtf to do in that situation. The strippers do know how to hustle your money.. some of my friends got jacked agreeing to some bullshit for a lot of money. Either way, I had fun, the girls are friendly

  62. richard95

    Cover was outrageous but that seems to be the norm in SF these days. There are multiple stages throughout, the girls actually put on a decent show, was pleasantly surprised. They have a shower show which was pretty unique. The girls were pretty good, was told they cycle through all the deja vu owned clubs, so maybe the other clubs offer better value. If you want change to tip the girls on stage, they got some guy running around that does it for you, at a cost. Dude charges like 2 dollars to give you change, ridiculous. So you want to come prepared with dollar bills. Dude even had this BS line he used all night, ‘don’t worry man, a lot of times I mis count and you end up with more’. Yea right. I expect hustle from the girls working here, not from the guy giving me change. The best deal to be had here is when the DJ announces the 3 for 1 dances. So you can get 3 songs for 20-60 bucks depending on the amount of nakedness you want. Dances were pretty low mileage. Some of the booths had CAMERAS in them, so uh big brother is watching, literally, the girl told me a big black dude monitors the cameras. Also noticed a ton of bouncers in this place. Every corner, outside every dance area, near the ATM, near the exits, all dressed in suits with the same constipated look on all their faces. Some real secret service special forces mother f’ers. You would think obama was getting a lap dance in a booth with the amount of security this place had. A lot of bachelor parties were in there that night, they take the bachelor on stage and incorporate them into the show. Overall, it’s not a bad club. Middle of the pack. Not the most upscale, not the most run down, good selection of women, didn’t get too much begging for tips.

  63. rickywho2

    This is the first strip club my boyfriend & I had ever been to several months ago and it has been our favorite ever since! The girls are lovely and welcoming! As a couple the girls make us both feel comfortable, have a great time and they seem to cater well to couples over all! The Assistant Manager Brandy is awesome and has good recommendations for dancers! They often have discounts for admission, 2-4-1 dances and other discounts throughout the week!

  64. Andy

    Lolita is a SWEETHEART. Club should think of asking her to change her nickname to Barbie (A gorgeous brunette version with cute glasses of course).

    Overall the club is quite professional and clean. Though my complaint is the same as most folks here. Expensive, but come to think of it, these girls deserve the money for what they do.

    Lolita :-x, am sad your sweet fragrance has worn off my shirt. 😡

  65. BookstoreGuy

    the finest asian girl hustled me so bad…but it was worth it!

  66. jessica p.

    I love this place! So many hot girls! I came in with my boyfriend and he bought me a couple dances! I was tag teamed by Natalie and Hope! Those girls were so fun and made me feel comfortable! I’m for sure going to come back! This time with more people. I hope those girls are there because they were the best!!!!!!!!!!!Four stars because the water and soda are expensive!

  67. Jeef M.

    Best gentleman’s club in San Francisco!!! If you have the luck to stumble upon this fine establishment definitely go!!!! The girls are great especially the angel they have there named “Kendall”, her and all of the others make this place an great place to “make it rain!” Any day of the week. Go see what you’ve been missing out on and don’t forget to invite the boys! BRING MONEY!

  68. Mary F.

    I walked in and felt Betty Friedan turning in her grave.But Jade, ohhh Jade. For 3 and a half minutes you had me questioning my sexuality.Take me down to the paradise city, you did, indeed

  69. Mighty N.

    This has to be my all time favorite titty-bar, being a straight girl and all. I really enjoy the music and the way they do things here. Very clean and not grimy like other strip clubs I’ve been to. I got a couple’s lap dance here because ahem she sold me on the ‘Asian sandwhch’ and it was great! 😉

  70. Keit K.

    Only one dancer was a 9.5, all the others had somthing wrong with them. They dont have $20 dances as advertised, only $40. $40 is too much! I only got a one minute dance when the dancer agreed to do 2 for 1. Her excuse was “we started mid way into the song” and I didnt agree to do the 2 for one, I heard you wrong”. ! And she refused to let me touch her boobs, for $20 more I could! I dont like upsell or bait and switch. Dont trust the dancers. My stripper pretened to be drunk and said ” for $100 dollars, you will cum” I asked her ” are you saying what I think your saying”? She says ” its a SECRET”. She aint drunk, shes drinking juice. Also, fuck the dj for cutting the songs in half.

  71. Ashley H.

    Very rude customer service from all aspects. Register.. Bar.. Manager. Will never go back.. Don’t order food here, they order it as takeout.. And apparently it’s standard for 3 orders of chicken wings to take an hour, but of course they don’t mention it until 45 minutes into our wait that food isn’t cooked there. Dancers are sub par, wouldn’t even look twice if I passed them on the street, def wouldn’t be paying them to be near me.

  72. Rawson K.

    Ok so this review is based on a personal experience, I would give it 5 stars if it wasn’t for this.The girls are beautiful and friendly, but after I had spent about 200 bucks (which was my limit for the night) the girls tricked me. It was my birthday and I was there with some friends. As I look at my friend and ask him if we should go, the girl he is with tells him he can’t speak to me. His lack of response, as well as my girl telling me he didn’t wanna hang out with me and telling me he is ignoring me, made me spend more money on being with her. Throughout the night I kept saying I need to see my friend, but she kept convincing me he left me, thus making me spend more money on her. Basically, I was scammed. Love the girls, but they will screw you over.

  73. Josh

    I usually like this club but my friend went in last Friday and he and his friends wanted to rent out the glass VIP room on the main floor. Come to find out he was charged $800 for an hour by one of the male staff members and this did not include any of the dancers. This is ridiculous when i have been in that room before along with friends and have only been charged $150. what is happening with this place i have no idea. Also the quality of the woman has gone down considerably. Hopefully someone will look into this, until then I highly doubt my friends and I will be returning until something starts to change with this place.

    also if you tip the guy well enough you get a bottle of alcohol. For $800 though i would think we should get one any way.

  74. Harrison69

    Even though the dances were a bit pricey as well as the cover charge, most of the girls were beautiful. this place offers full nude dances which kind of justify the expensive cover charge ($20). Some of the strippers have an attitude, but other then that this place is alright. I recommended this place to anyone at broadway street looking for a strip club.

  75. Andy (Lolitas greedy buddy)

    Beauty is PRICELESS, we can’t have it PRICED LESS. Nice motto for the club eh. 😉

  76. Mike V.

    Okay, quick review before I tell a story.The girls are absolutely beautiful. The dances (beyond the $20) suck unless you pay lots of money (60+). This place is huge with an upstairs with stage and a downstairs with stage. The service is real good.Story time:My first and only time here, I was asked by one of the strippers to join her as she performed downstairs. I agree and take my 5 friends with me. We are the only people watching this young lady dance. We are standing and applauding, tossin dollar bills, and doing the wave, yes, doing the wave. It was a ball.As soon as she was done performing, she asked me if I was ready to go to the back. I merely nodded. She then asked if she wanted another friend to go upstairs with us to play. I again nodded. I am now on a bed in an actual room with doors with two girls. $60 well spent for my first time at a strip club.LOL

  77. Allan T.

    So I’m continuing my list of places to take a girl when you’re on a budget (aka yo’ broke but you need some azz).So the infamous Centerfolds is a great place to take a girl on the first date. It’s located in the beautiful North Beach section of San Francisco. Don’t park there because it’s expensive. I recommend that you park somewhere really far away and walk – it’ll be romantic. However, if you’re a little on the plus side and you decide to take a method of transportation other than your automobile, then take the MUNI (the 15 will get you there). A taxi cab is way too expensive.After you’ve made the crucial transportation decision, the next one will come at the door. You’ll have 2 choices here. You can do the traditional admission fee at the gate or can you scalp a “pass” from a street peddler who usually hangs out at the entrance (hint: he’s not an employee of the establishment which means he’s not wearing a suit). His “pass” may or may not be legit so it really depends how lucky you feel that day. They can run you about $5/ticket.If you’ve decided that the traditional admission and you’ve brought your girl, or someone that can pass as a member of the opposite sex.. then you’re cool. From there you pay your admission, your significant other gets in for free and you’re off to enjoy SF’s finest entertainment and all-you-can-drink soda.It’s an unforgettable experience. I see a long lasting relationship ahead.

  78. Jessica

    my boyfriend & i loved the place. there are many hot girls to choose from & the dance prices now are $20, so we decided to do the vip. the girls love girls & the hospitality was very good from the staff. we got the couple discount. we’re planning to have our bachelor/ette party together there since they have vip party packages. we’re going with the big package that includes a shower show. yum i can’t wait

  79. Brittainie B.

    I went here on a saterday night with a group of people, most of us first timers. The place was not super dirty and gross like alot of us expected. Only two of us in the group were female, of course this place was filled with mainly men but we were suprised to see a hanful of women throughout the night. I will say first off that the strippers here were fantastic.They had women of all different races and body types so there really was something for everyone. The women were VERY patient and accomodating to all their customers, and they definitely get plenty of awkward difficult ones so i was amazed to see how well they dealt with all of them. Most of them were incredibly skilled.The downsides of this place: not the strippers or waitresses, but the rest of the staff. They were not friendly and looked like they loathed their jobs. And here there are women dancing all night long for creepy men nude, and they all seemed like they loved their jobs. Found that pretty ironic. This place is also pretty small, and we had to stand up for awhile before being able to find seats. It’s almost like people kill eachother for them. On top of it they have a fog machine in here that they REALLY over use, and it took us awhile to get used to it without feeling nausiated or lightheaded from all of it. Please note that this is a FULL NUDE stripclub. we actually had no idea about this until we were inside. Full nude bars do not have actual bars in them with alcohol because it is illegal, though they did sell beer upstairs. Also they do have alot of cool rooms which all seemed cool, but you can only get in them certain times of the night and if you spend alot of $$ buying wrist band things. We assumed we could walk through the rooms freely at first thinking there would be women all over, but that is not the case. Would have been cooler ans more spacious had that been the case.We probably would try out a different stripclub in the future because of the staff and size issue, but we had a fantastic time at this one. The dancers here really were fantastic, lively, and sweet.

  80. anthony

    this club is great everything is good about it

  81. stripclubconnoisseur

    Great looking girls, but most will try to pull some crap about why dances are $60, $80, and $100 and not the $20, $40, and $60 that the club advertises. Some girls pretend to get offended when asked about this discrepancy.

  82. Chony

    I LOVE RUBY!!!! OH GOD… that 100 bucks for a full contact lap dance was well worth it… the girls are down to earth and hot… well worth the high prices…

  83. JP

    2nd time back to the club, had a blast, literally!

  84. Jeffrey B.

    I haven’t been to a strip club in a loooong time, so this is the first time in years for me to go into one, and the last 2 times i went, i went to the garden of eden (considered the ghettoest of all strip clubs in the area) and i fell asleep both time.this time, i went to centerfolds, i tried to make 18 dollars last forever i arrived around 7:45 and i was in and out a few times and finally went home around 1:30 am. i made my 18 dollar admission fee last forever haha, the girls were okay, all of them have tattoos and im not into tattoos. Every 3-5 minutes, i would be approached by some girl, they finally got fed up at around hour 4, but i didn’t leave without getting a lap dance, so my friend hooked me up and paid for 4 $20 lap dances and it was aight, the girls felt robotic and they left make-up on my crotch from rubbing their ass against it, anyways, it was okay, not great but i had nothing to do that night, and i didnt want to stay home.

  85. Ruben R.

    There a good mix of girls. $20 cover got you in and FULL nude stage is worth it. I went in a Tuesday night so pretty empty, the girls seem a little pushy. 40 will get you topless and $60 will give you a nude private dance. Soda and redbull at the bar–no alcohol

  86. Rob M.

    This spot was alright. Pretty good specials if you catch them on the right day. The girls are alright as well. A wide variety to choose from. Skinny girls, thick girls, cute faces, butter faces, dirty girls, anything you like. Their private rooms definitely smell like ass, but what do you expect. Some of their girls don’t get all bitchy about you touching compared to other spots. Don’t really card at the door, they just stamp you. If you’re coming back from a 49er game and they lose, this place will cheer you up!!!

  87. Nicole I.

    Decent. The dancing was ok, and it was amusing to see the girls latch on to an old guy (tourist maybe) the second he walked into the door. Also when I went there was an “aspring actress” stripper who did this routine where she mouthed the words to the song and did stumbling ballerina turns. No one tipped her until the dj forced someone in the front row to do so…

  88. Brandon O.

    I came out with a few of my buddies to Broadway in San Francisco. We checked out a few of the clubs that were grouped together at on end of the street, they were small and not what we were looking for. We got to Centerfolds where we were greeted at the door, and let us know of cover charge included a drink.Once inside we were greeted by a host and were offered an opportunity to get one of the VIP tables. The price was reasonable so we accepted the offer. We explored the club and found out it was HUGE! 3 levels, 4 stages, and a SHOWERROOM! We got to check out a shower show with our cover charge and it was HOT! 2 Beautiful Naked young girls soaping each other up. I got a couple fully nude dances and had a great time through out my night. I love this place and I will be back soon!

  89. harryharry

    Got comped free entrance here after getting bored at Atmosphere cause one of my friends went to high school with a bouncer here, and I also saw an old high school classmate’s little sister that I actually knew dancing down the poll here over the weekend.+1 star for 5 stars.Another reason why I don’t plan on sending any future daughter of mine to an all-girl Catholic high school.Oh and I guess since the economy is down, strip clubs aren’t as recession proof as you’d think, so fully nude lap dances are $20 now, when they used to be $60. Not that I partake in any of those activities, but if that’s what floats your boat, then play on playa!

  90. DJ B.

    OK everyone here is the insiders look on what that place is all about.Last week i got a call from the management at the club, they said i could go in to DJ between 12 pm – 8 pm . First of all on a Monday you would be surprised How many of our town officials seemed to manage to drop in for a quick entertainment intermission whilst carrying on with their otherwise very busy schedules as city officials and what not.then the dancers were very interesting , the ones that were really creative with their routines seemed to not get much appreciation however a couple where more on the standard routine side of things and these two seemed to do OK.between clients the dancers looked very unhappy.their routines, I found to be really boa ring.Their attitude however was the real kicker for me.I thought being adult entertainers, would dictate these ladies adopt a more friendly demeanor from that which I in conclusion, don’t stop by their unless you are really really really bored and even then you might have more fun in the park or just people watching in the mission.

  91. Mistercap12

    Sexy women in a fully nude club that are ready to make you feel right at home. Located at the top of the Fidi and North Beach this is definitely a fun stop worth taking a peak at. The manager Angel is super cool the Dj will get you caught up on new music trends. Mai Lynn was 1 of my favorite entertainers

  92. Glenda G.

    Six years ago, when I was 18 and fresh out of high school, I lost my strip club virginity to Centerfolds. Sure, it was expensive. Yeah, I spent most of the night red-faced and staring at my shoes. Yeah, I stupidly decided to wait for my friends outside the bathroom and got hit on by some guy. Yeah, going to a strip club caused an argument between myself and my GF at the time. But it was all part of the experience.Now that I’m more versed on strip clubs, I give this place 3.5 stars. The place is big and they offer different services, they have separate men’s and women’s bathrooms, they have multiple stages and private lap dance booths, the girls are a hit or miss, and the cover is ridiculously high even with the discount you can get off of their website. If I had a full night to spend on Broadway, I wouldn’t mind going back in.

  93. Juliette S.

    Went here once, and was relatively shocked to discover that they wanted to charge me cover — and a steep one, at that. Perhaps because I came with friends? Still, I got them to lower the price a little bit, but it’s surprising not to comp a hot girl for entry to a strip club. I know it sounds egotistical, but, well…Anyway, the place is really nice inside. Very clean, very pretty, immensely spacious. There are a few poles off the main stage, so you can sit at a table with a dancer if you’re not interested in whatever is going on on the main stage, and the bar is pretty long, so there’s always somewhere to slide in and get a drink. Some of the girls were great, but most of them seemed relatively lukewarm in terms of actually being attracted to other girls at the night I went, so that was kind of a disappointment (there’s a distinctly different ‘feel’ between a stripper toying with you because you’re “safe”, and a stripper toying with you because she’s hot for you). None of the girls seemed like the heavy partying, crazy-dancer type, and while that is technically a good sign, it’s also sort of a letdown, since I always find that really fun.Was also kind of disappointed that despite the fact it’s pretty upscale on the inside, absolutely *none* of the girls had any modification one way or the other (that is, no heavy piercings or tattoos, and no implants or done lips); I usually like it at least one way if I can’t have it both. They were all natural, and very nice, but I left feeling sort of “meh” about the whole thing.Would be a good place to take someone who’s never been to a strip club before, maybe.

  94. Liz L.

    I think I prefer this place because it was a square building not like crazy horse main 1 stage… anyways.. yes this is my 3rd strip club i’ve been to… so i’m gonna sum up… most of the girls were pretty when i came here.. i was invited to go to a bachelor party so i went… got my first lapdance which was pretty funny because i’ve never had one.. but she was the prettiest one and she was really nice.. but her personality was kinda offish a bit… like she probably could have been like 18 or something… she was talking to me a lot and she’s all your really pretty and tiny… ARE YOU A DANCER? right when she said that i bust out laughing.. because i’ve never been asked that before… but ya… anyways… she was pretty.. i can’t remember her name… but i liked her hair.. i tried to do my hair like that but came out ugly.. anyways… here i go with my a.d.d.. so anyways.. again… got my lapdance which was funny because she’s all you can touch it.. and i’m like umm… ehh… thats alright.. haha.. so ya.. that was about it… btw… one dancer i swear when she was swinging on the pole she coulda ripped off the pole off the stage.. she was gigantic… haha.. watch out for her…

  95. Alex

    the girls are greedy

  96. daniel l.

    The girls are hot! But I was drunk before I even went in.All the girls smell like rose petals and freshly chewed gum. The “full contact” private booth dances were more like 85% contact, and too short and too expensive. I found out later that I can haggle to get “2 for 1″s and even got offered a “3 for 1” later in the night by a blonde girl with body piercings. But it was too late. I got played like a sucka and paid 1 for 1.30 minutes later, I left still drunk, unsatisfied, $129 dollars poorer, and wanting more. Which is good I guess, cuz my friend left even poorer than me.

  97. Kelly

    The lapdances are a ripoff. They try to get you for a 15 minute dance but then charge for more once you get in the boothe claiming “tip” money.

  98. Tom

    The lapdances are a rip off as it cost $100 or more for decent (not hot) lookin women…better off going to Vegas. Drinks use to be free, not anymore. I think the owners have boat payments, as the dancers have Porsche and Bentley payments.

  99. Ivy V.

    Really San Francisco is a big sex pot. Centerfolds is just one of the many sleazy bars. I’m only go to this places when I’m really down on my luck, horny or seeking female attention. First off, the bouncer are ok, seems to be up for the task, but I am clearly hear somebody yelling at their ear non stop. The owner isn’t really nice, the Asian woman front end seek’s nice, but the strippers treat her as a go buddy or somebody to harrass. Cue in the strippers, young ‘girls’ not women, hints I used girls than women cause they are really immature in many ways. After talking to some of them, I know the reason why. All of them are results of broken home, broken family, so if you know some girl who mess up, they probably working at Centerfolds. Some of those girls are so under develop, they are pretty much the rudest bunch in Broadway. The stage is pretty big, lap dances are semi cheap, but honestly if you like sleazy girls that smell like death. (cigarettes) Go here.Another thing, the lap dance rooms are nothing, you wouldn’t be surprise to see clients interrupting your dance to get with the girl. The funniest thing to watch is the girls in high heels trying to go up and down the stairs. While crude, watching them fall from grace and the stairs is the best thing to notice. Hee hee.Not a lot of ppl knows this, but downstairs there is a private stage for I guess for private parties. Right near it is the offices. Honestly ‘real’ men don’t need thus strip club cr*p, but if you must go to one, at less go to Garden of Eden. As less they treat you as a person, rather than walking ATM machine.

  100. Jackie F.

    So, I officially LOST my Strip Club Cherry at this place. OMG….why oh why did I never set foot in a place like this before?I went with an interesting bunch, but since I have a vagina and tits, i got in for free.The first girl I decided to actually watch was named Jacquelyn (oh how perfect). She was cute and had a great bod (but she was small on top, very small). But she had me spank her, which was very nice. =) She smiled sweetly at me as I put $1 bills all over her, and she wasn’t dirty/trashy/skanky looking at all. Although I did wash my hand vigorously afterwards. And we made her a nice money pyramid for her. The second girl, Sophia, was hot. And apparently pulled down my top and motorboated me. I blacked out and slipped into my happy place during said motor boat. The minute I felt my tits hit the cold air I just glazed over. Afterwards, she asked me if I wanted to ‘dance’, I declined because my broke ass won’t pay the money. But as I left she spanked me, which was also a nice touch.Needless to say, I will be going back, and this time will bring by boyfriend, who was slightly jealous that I went without him. This was a very classy looking joint, considering I was surronded by fully naked women.And oh yes, I am a balla because I only spent a grand total of $12. HA!Next time I’ll make it rain. Oh baby, I’ll get $20 in singles next time. LoLOh Jacquelyn and Sophia, you two lovely ladies ROCKED my world. =) Thank you for letting me spank you, and thanks for spanking me. Seriously =)But why close at 2am?? Not like they serve booze.Oh yea, and one of the highlights of the night? Walking in after going for a quick drink and seeing a group of in FULL UNIFORM Marines enjoying the show. It was even more hilarious that said Marines were at the table next to us at Hooters a few hours prior…..Oh yea, and I went with my cousins and aunt. Yes. That’s how we roll…..

  101. yanard12

    This club is really nice probably the best nude club in San Francisco, I had a great time. Ask for Cassie!

  102. mike
  103. curtis17

    Maybe I was expecting to much. . . Maybe it was because we wen’t on a Monday and the b team was out. But I some how just expected more.The place was quite shabby inside and kinda seedy. Idk what I was expecting honestly haha.Hopefully the clubs in Vegas will be better when I go.But as far as the ones in the city, I’ll definitely be going elsewhere.

  104. Fresh Young Balki B.

    If you want to leave a place w/ an emply wallet and an unsatisfied erection this is your place!

  105. CC

    high prices and hot women–what do you expect?

  106. LEDmonkey

    It’s a nice atmosphere, a bit crouded when I went on a weekend, ridiculously overpriced for a lapdance in my opinion and the DJ just plain sucked. On a good note, the women were hot, just try not to get conned into a lap dance.

  107. sugawolf

    Club remodaled looks great and the shower show is a most see.

  108. mathewater12

    The white guy with the long hair in the bun that worked on sat night 9/13 was so rude and unprofessional. I’m not stupid and I know the industry so don’t try to scam my group just to get us in for a whack stupid deal. Antoine is great he was so helpful and also the girl that was doing promo with him. The white guy with the bun acted like he was the one running the show as if he was the GM…. Yah OK your just a door guy calling trying to call the shots. He tried to yell at Antoine and that girl to not get involved with his deal. But the thing is we walked out. And happen to run into Antoine on the way to that tiki hut place.That man with the bun YELLED at my 18 year old niece.. That never been to a strip club in her life because she was asking about bottle services. She didn’t know how things with with topless or fully nude and non alcohol and alcohol clubs. All she heard was bottle service and was asking about it and he snapped on her and told her “STOP talking about bottle service because we don’t do that here but we were going to do a favor for you guys if you pay the 500.”Just because of that guy snapping we all walked out… A bachelorette party of 13. We we were walking to Showgirls because they served alcohol and maybe they will be much nicer then that guy. Manny ran after us and apologized about that guy and he took care of us. He is the best. so nice and he handled the situation well. He told us not to worry about that guy because he not the boss. So we ended up going in.The door girl (white punk rocker) was so rude and mean… Didn’t smile and I was telling my party to tip her. She didn’t say thank you and I gave her 2 bucks. I should have took it back. She didn’t deserve it. No energy looking like she was about to sleep. She shouldn’t be working the front with that kind of attitude. Something needs to be done with that guy with the bun and that girl. Those two in the front will so not make them money. By the way this is a fully nude club and he tried to bribe us pay $500 for a VIP booth and they were going to buy a bottle of Hennessy across the street. No thank you!

  109. Jeremy W.

    Great buffet.There’s strippers here?

  110. Chris A.

    this place is alright… i went there a couple years ago for a buddies b day, we saw a stripper fall from the top of the pole up side down onto her head….everyone thought she was severely injured until she got up to continue stripping, the club busted up laughing!one star cause strip joints aren’t my thing.

  111. Franklyn

    Had a great time on my birthday! My boyfriend and I stopped in last night after having dinner. We have been to a lot of the clubs in north beach but I was our first time in Centerfolds. I was pleasantly surprised! I didn’t know it was all nude which is super fun! Watched a couple of girls dance on the main stage until “Chance” came on stage. We hightailed it to the front row and enjoyed her entertainment. Later the bf and I had private dance with Chance. She was very sweet and a lot of fun. All the girls we ran into were. I will definitely be back! I had a fun birthday night out thanks to Centerfolds!

  112. David L.

    Just went here last weekend. had a blast with my buddies. Got myself $60 is ones and prepared to make it RAIN!I went with Daniel L. What a funny guy. He went in 6-25-07, I made him go again 10-13-07. Favorite quote of the evening from you know who “Why are you so beautiful?” “You got that from your mama?” to the strippers. They love that line because they kept comming back and giving us the best show, EVER!The best thing so far at a strip club, seeing a chick who was totally there for her birthday, get up on stage and danced her ass off. AMAZING! She was just there with her girlfirends and decided to give us a show. ALLIE, if you are reading this, you have a great body. Loved how you came prepared: Thong *Check*Easy to slip off dress *Check*A nice fit body *Check*A landing strip *Check*You made my night!

  113. ryan123

    $30 was way pricy.Then got a lap dance in the back payed up front and then got done and she charged me another $60 saying I asked for another dance. Three songs is three songs. Then the dancer talked mad shit after I paid her. Really would not go there again. The dancer even give you dirty looks when you tell them no. I remember a couple years back girls used to get in free and guys were $20 . Now it is just a waste.

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