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851 Richards Boulevard, Sacramento, CA 95811


38.5956427, -121.4885543




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Club Fantasy

  1. Reggie

    great stress relief. everyone is friendly

  2. GarryWas

    I’d give it a 0 star if I could.. Jr was the worst host ever. Paid for bullshit. He wanted to fight me because he couldn’t deliver. Bitch kept talking nothing. I paid to have a constant girl, and I got gap of bullshit. Fire Jr, he’s the worst representative of this company.

  3. Farrah C.

    The place needs sum upgrading..bathrooms hella nasty,and the girls are O.K not worth the money and the seats are hella uncomfortable….I like Centerfolds better and management is much nicer…

  4. James

    This club is overal just dirty. Most of the time the girls look strung out and there is never enough girls.

  5. joseph1k

    Lame. 100 bucks at the door for 4. Then they wanted another 500 before I had a bottle of water. No alcohol btw. Watch out for star, she’s a lazy hoe and she can’t dance. Plus she talks your ear off. (Lol just kidding star just wanted to piss u off real quick I know u love me and my hat). Real talk tho the rest are aggressive as he’ll if u like that and they even got a real clam with hair there too! Honest lol!

  6. Johnnyboy123

    This is not a good club you come to after a night of partying. THE music sucks it makes you waana kill your self some of the girls discriminate it was just a all around terrible club

  7. winston12

    I have frequent many strip clubs all over the place and several here in Sacramento. I have been by myself, with the boys and have brought the wife with me a couple of times. So I know a thing or two about flashing lights, pole tricks and your good looking girl named Chardonnay. As previously stated in my other strip club reviews, I focus on the big three. Money, Girls, Establishment. These make a strip club in my book.Money- For a lack of a better phrase…. How much Bang do you get for your Buck. This place really confuses me on this. They try to get you for the price right up front. 20 bucks has been the least I have seen and they have even tried to get me for 30 once. Other places you can use a Sac News and Review to get in for a little cheaper and this place use to do that. It is hit or miss. Some days it will have a 5 buck off voucher and other days it wont. At other establishments you can walk up with a hot girl and they will cut you a deal but this place does not care.Girls- I have said this before “To many times you go to a major city strip club and they are just there to get paid and it shows”. And Club Fantasy is no different. I have had a couple of top notch lap dances here before. The ladies are also really nice. I went here for a simi bachelor party with my father in law. He is a uber conservative republican. Some beautiful young lady comes up and seriously had a hour conversation about global warming. Never once seemed bored or like she didn’t care. Just sat there and had a really engaging conversation. I thought that was awesome. We did tip her but not as much as she would have made dancing. The girls here are all shapes and sizes and racial backgrounds. Not the best looking girls in Sacrmento but still not half bad. Establishment- The place has the best location… PERIOD. A simple cab ride from down town and you are there in moments. It is in a sketch area of Sacramento but I have never felt in danger. The inside could use some work. Very outdated and the decor is very average. Overall if they invested some money and made this place a little nicer I would be there a lot more instead of driving 20 minutes out my way for a dance or two.

  8. mathewater12

    Terrible service! girls didn’t approach me .. I sat there for hours alone … SMH I WOULDNT recommended this place unless you wanna waste money and time

  9. Brent

    Girls were hot!!

  10. Angel

    Loving the new sexy chocolate girl name Storm. Tiny but

    puts on an awesome show.

  11. dude

    one word, gross.

  12. Bob

    The women were beautiful and friendly. This club is very decent and well worth checking out.

  13. maxxy1

    Went last night cause I had problems with my diet. I broke my diet so I decided to burn some stress. $300 for the VIP? Ha. If you know an “Entertainer” there you get in free. Fwy guys.

  14. gee
  15. ty

    she had the finest butt i’ve ever seen. i’ve seen many butts but i would drive half way cross the country to see that butt again i can’t remember her name

  16. Nor Cal

    Nice variety. It was cool.

  17. boomboomlover

    club isn’t always busy and the atmosphere needs some help but it grows on you. Overall the girls are pretty, a lot of diversity in their looks and the way they danced. They follow the rules but still give great dances. Bring plenty of funds for the boom boom room.

  18. Brittany
  19. Bill

    Best club in Sac but bring lots of cash. $200-$600 will buy a really good time. The girls won’t dance for less in VIP. Girls are real hot.

  20. pimp209

    tha girls at this club are hott hott!!! natasha! check her out!

  21. lala
  22. Zack

    girls over there are awesome

    There is one that is very fine.

    soft skin, great skills, hot body

    her name is Nadia

    she is a bit shy but very cute

  23. Duane

    real hip club lots of exotic women

  24. richard95

    Rating this strip club is superfluous. If you are in Sacramento and want to go to a club then you are stuck with this or a $50 cab ride to any of the clubs in the surrounding area. The girls are awful (to be expected as we went on a fri night) though, the service is the worst I have ever had, there is no alcohol, and they charge Vegas prices for cover and dances. But at the end of the day, if you are in Sacramento and want to go to a club, this is your one and only option. So this is a review for those of you on the fence about this or a bar. Go to the bar. Any bar in Sac is better than this.

  25. james1412

    Lol. My friend wasn’t impressed but it was the only place that I could think of nearby, without going downtown, that would be playing the Niners game and didn’t close befor 9pm. The bouncer was cute, maried, but still friendly. The 2 or 3 girls we saw were ok. Nice bodies and everything from tall and skinny to thick red-bone without being nasty. No crazy special tricks but let’s be honest, it’s a strip club in Sac…these poor girls are stripping and dancing for the bottom of the barrel blue collar guys. If it was a better market, I’m sure they’d put in more effort.Definitely pretty girls but it’s Sac and off Richards Blvd…what do you expect. For the area and look of the place, it was better than I expected for sure so I say 4 out of 5 stars.

  26. afc

    i have only been to two strip clubs, one in chico california called centerfolds and this one. i have to say i like club fantasy much better. the inside of the club was much bigger and was decorated better. there were also two stages instead of one, and the dancers were much more touchy feely. the one that gave me a dance rubbed against me quite a bit and if you have 200 dollars you can do pretty much anything in the boom boom room. overall a great time.

  27. PINKY


  28. Tony

    Jordyn!! Jordyn!! I love you Jordyn!! Please call me!

  29. Harrison69

    Since I was new in town and saw this as the only place close by to my hotel I decided to check it out. It was a Wednesday night so I didn’t expect too much of a crowd. When I got in there were was dancer on stage and the others were just sitting around however; I did not get “hounded” for a dance right away so that took some time which is fine. The dancers both a mix of cute to umm…I’m not too sure you should be dancing but who am I too judge? I won’t judge these dancers at all. Do you. Overall, It wasn’t too bad for a first time. Would I return to this strip club in the future? Probably not but not a bad thing.

  30. igor34

    I had a good time at this rather simple smallish club this year in April. The cover was 10$ and then you want to buy a wristband for another 10 to get lap dances for 10 each. I did meet a few hot girls there.

  31. int
  32. XXXbeast

    I went to this club a year ago hoping what I saw was just a fluke. It wasn’t. I returned there last night. Waited at the door for 10 min. Mind you – no one else around, empty parking lot, just me and the lobby.I get inside and was immediately greeted by two entertainers who were just sitting by themselves at first – only 4 customers on the place, 7 entertainers. Very nice girls to talk to. The VIP room is a joke. $300 for an hr and then find out it’s either 1 hr or 12 songs which ever comes first. Of course 12 songs equals 30 min so you get screwed there. The dancer was horrible. Complaining she’s been there since 6PM am she was tired. Spent HALF the time drinking red bull instead of performing, kept playing with her outfit, never got undressed at all – stayed fully clothed. The place doesn’t serve alcohol, but you could tell she was drinking alcohol because her breath smelled of whiskey!!! I had two other dancers offer me private lap dances and once in the semi private room told me for an extra fee at a hotel they would come over and give me better pleasures than what I could get at the bar!!Is this a brothel or a place for entertainment. Horrible establishment and HIGHLY recommend not ever going there. Don’t waste your money!!

  33. Mike

    high pressure to do private dances, or to go out to the parking lot with a dancer…not much fun to be had with nasty looking hoes

  34. vipguy

    Stopped by for the first time in six months and had a blast. There is a new crew working and some of the gals are really hot!

  35. Cynthia S.

    This place looks Great after the remodel they did. They also got some hot girls on stage who are also very nice. I will Definitely be going back!

  36. Tim

    Club Fantasy is the best. the girls are hott and the club is cool. there aint no pressure to get dances just alot of different girls asking. i would recommend this club to anyone

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