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2238 Cotner Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90064


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8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “4Play The Gentlemen’s Club

  1. benbee

    huge disapointment. used to be one of the very good club in LA. Girls selection symply doesn’t cut it especially after coming from Rhino in vegas which was impressive

  2. tooslow

    lapdances were boring

  3. Brian H.

    No Liquor WTF! My first time in LA and was surprised to add insult to injury a stripper said a 15 min lap dance is 200, hells no not even in E11even in miami they charge me this. I don’t recommend this place. But the girls are attractive but not worth the price.

  4. Thant T.

    Came here on a Saturday w the guys and some random girls we meet at the bar, and some random British people we meet at the bar. It was a really fun time. $20 cover. No alcohol. Girls were not only nice but gorgeous as well. The place was very clean. It was $25 for lap dance. It was open till 4am the day we went

  5. brandonresh

    My favorite strip club in LA! The most gorgeous women in LA. It it very classy here and be prepared to spend money, for the best time. Ask for Cienna! She is THE best.

  6. John

    Its one of the most amazing clubs I have seen so far in LA…But its needs a little more spice with the women…More interaction..

  7. Gordon
  8. Chuck

    I have to agree with Benbee. The girls could have been much, much better. Also, there were too many blonds and not enough variety.

  9. richard95

    WOW. I am now a huge fan of strip clubs without booze, or at least this one. This place markets and sells fantasy, and does an amazing job of it. I have not seen so many hot strippers in one place, ever. What a variety – girls of every ethnicity and height, even personality from sugar sweet to more well…forceful.The dancers are very, very talented. Lots of acrobatics and beautiful movement right on beat. The staff are nice and low pressure, and the place has a very fun atmosphere. The lack of alcohol must work to keep the idiotic male behavior down to a minimum, which makes everyone more relaxed.I second travis h’s observation of this being a good place for a bachelor’s party – as we were on our way out, I saw a guy get a 3-girl stage dance that had to make him think twice, or 3 times, about getting married the next day.

  10. Capt.Zzap


  11. fritter17

    Very disappointed, came thru last night, paid a $15 cover, $7 for a half a swallow of water. Not one chick knew how to work the pole…

  12. loved it

    This place is still the number one club in California.

  13. maxxy1

    I have been to this place last Friday and let me tell you these people are really MEAN, especially the waitressesThe entry fee is 15$ and upon immediately entering a waitress approaches you asks if you want a drink. I didnt want any but she told it is a 1 drink minimum. I asked for a coke and she charged me 7$ for that. In addition she started DEMANDING FOR TIP. She stood there and DEMANDED for tip till I gave it to her. In addition to that, they keep coming back to you every 10 mins FORCING you to buy a drink or food. They are real BLOOD SUCKERS believe me. You cannot just sit silently and enjoy the ambience. You have to keep paying money (tipping girls, ordering drinks, food, lap dances) if you have to sit there. Also there is no parking space and a VALET parking costs 10$ plus TIPS. I didnt enjoy my time there, and wouldnt recommend it to anyone too.

  14. mathewater12

    My bf, sister, and I have never been to a strip club. Since my bf just turned 18 two days ago, I thought it would be a good coming of age novelty to go to a strip club. There was a 20 entry fee on a thursday night, and you have to buy a drink ($7.50). The server, though nice, explicitly asked for a tip, which I thought was unprofessional and odd. The strippers were in surplus, and the men were in deficit. The women hung around the men who looked well off, reasonably so. The strippers who didn’t have a man to attend looked bored out of their minds at the booths. They were either do nothing or attending to their phone. The performances were “eh”. Only three girls really used the pole. The others were alright. The terrible thing was most of these girls didn’t look into it. That was really off-putting. One stripper was even chewing gum while performing- COME ON! I was unbelievably bored; I can’t underscore this enough. I mean I thought SOMETHING exciting would happen at a strip club. I was incredibly disappointed. The only semi-captivating thing I saw was one stripper motorboat some guy. The performances are nothing like you see in the movies such as Magic Mike. Just one girl on stage per song barely putting on any sort of a tease what so ever. I give it two stars because the girls were nicely toned. That being said, I was surprised by the lack of big boobs I saw. Assets in general were on the smaller side. Only ONE stripper had big boobs. The rest had like B cup breasts. They were toned but nothing incredibly hot- except one chick (whose name I forgot). I would also like to add that there was a serious lack of diversity. Most of the strippers were white and blonde. There was one Asian. There was only one African American lady. There were a couple of latinos (very hard to distinguish since most had a lot of makeup on and it is really dark). All in all, I have never been so bored in my life

  15. somms

    Great club, beautiful girls. Dance value is okay. No alcohol is a definite minus.

  16. adamrod

    I went here last Friday night with my bf, we got there around 1 and there was this tiny girl thy could work that pole 0.0 my god! But besides that, the rest were alright at the pole. The girls were pretty. The cover was only 15 and with a min of 1 drink. Way better than other places I’ve been too. And the atmosphere is great, laid back, and girls didn’t hustle. Wonderful. I would go back ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. David R.

    How the hell could anyone give this place a bad review? Have you actually BEEN to other L.A. clubs? If the girls aren’t great looking, whats the point? Unfortunately, that criteria narrows this down to the ONLY strip club in L.A. Its weird that Dallas, amidst the bible belt, has much classier clubs than L.A. (girls from other cities fly into Dallas for the weekend because the money is so good). Most L.A. clubs are seedy with nothing worth seeing. The finest looking females work at 4Play because its under good management (also own Plan B), aimed a bit more upscale, attracting more money (have seen a few celebs). Like every strip joint, the hotties mainly work the peaks of friday or saturday nights. Dont expect much on a sunday or tuesday. Nice faux-swank interior. Surreal, fake applause track played after each dance. Saturday (maybe friday) night there are impressive feature dancers each hour, like a contortionist or the dazzling fire dancer (worth the admission price alone). Make no mistake, the people that work there are there to make money. $20 cover, $10 weekday, free before 9pm, and way overpriced, 1 non-alcoholic drink min (a tiny bottled water was $6+tip). By law, no alcohol can be served where the gals are nude. Everyone expects to get tipped from the valet to the waitress, the bathroom attendant, the dancers and the DJ (if you inquire about a song). Booths cost extra, which is worth if there with two or more. If you sit at the stage you are expected to tip each dancer. There is a bit of an oppressive, all-business atmosphere with suited gorilla bouncers with ear mics lurking around. I’ve seen a patron talking to one of them who apparently said the wrong thing, was promptly grabbed by the throat and dragged into a back room (is that legal?… was he ever seen or heard from again?). But its all worth for some of the most gorgeous women, and they generally let some of the more tip-eager girls get away with more personal contact (varies). Theres a $20 lap dance dungeon in the back that is too dark to see anything. A more comfy room with better lighting has a 3-dance minimum. Then the $200 “bed dance” rooms (5 songs) upstairs are where the real fun begins, depending on the girl (its a little too dark, but I assume thats so the girls dont have to look at YOU). The girls are always nice (I am weird in that I also appreciate a real conversation), never strung out. They allow friendly touching but not GROPING. Be cool. Encountered a few pros offering numbers if you are looking for more. Surprisingly decent food if you get the better chef. Girls have told me they tend to avoid couples, and guys in suits ‘cuz they are usually a-holes’. Street parking is scarce at peak times, and you may have to park a block or two away in a dark industrial area.

  18. XhXeXy

    Mc Lovin says:I met some of my friends her to hash out some ideas for a project we were planning.Needless to say we did not accomplish much, we all had boobies on our minds…litterally thrust upon us.Resistance was futile.I felt cheap and dirty when I left even though it was a very lovely establishment that enticed my inner neanderthal instincts.I shall return post haste.

  19. VIP

    Went to 4play on Saturday night and was blown away! There were so many hot girls I had a hard time controlling myself!!! It was my first time there, but def won’t be my last! Actually going to plan to have my buddies bachelor party there, the mgr said they can put him on stage with some dancers!!! Can’t wait! And, to top it all off, I had an unbelievable salmon there, no joke! Food was great even at 3am!!!! All in all, by far the best strip club I’ve been to….my only regret is that I didn’t find it sooner!!!!

  20. Iliana C.

    I’ve been to a few strip clubs and this one was amazing compared to all the other ones. The girls were actually really pretty and knew how to work that pole, yo. If I were a person to frequent these types establishments, this would be at the top of my places to check out on a regular basis.Just make sure to pregame b/c there’s no alcohol.

  21. Johnson12

    This place has 1 thing going for it:- Better looking womenBut at a COST! Let me explain how the pricing works.To get in (my issue is not with this):- $7 parking (on the street in a shady area)- $15 entryDances (my issue is also not with this)- $25/dance – $90 for 3 dances (note it’s better to get 3 $25 dances)- $200 for 15 minutes upstairs!- $800 for 1 hour upstairs!All are topless but with some girls you have to remind them that it topless. Only the pole dances are fully nude.Here is my problem: Some of the girls will NOT dance unless you pay $200-800 to go upstairs and essentially get ripped off. And if you pay for a $25 dance some will refuse to let you touch them and won’t take their top off. SOME of these girls think they are fresh, Grade-A prime meat that have never been touched! Lol! They wish. They only see us men as cash registers. Don’t be a sucker and forget that gentlemen. I was offered dances by 6 girls and 4 of them had this attitude. One said, “If you want to touch then that’s going to be $200 upstairs.” Another said, “Who do think you are asking me to take this off.” And another one only danced for half the song and only took her top off at the last 3 seconds. The 2 good ones were really good though. I liked them a lot. Strip clubs really depend on the kind of girls they have. The last thing I would like to advise you on is this:*** Make sure you tell them what you want BEFORE you pay for a dance. That way you know what you are getting. You wouldn’t pay for something without know what you are getting right? Ask them:- Is it going to be topless?- Can I touch?- I would like it if you did this, this and this?

  22. ryan123

    Girls are waaaaaay too skinny. I hate clubs that discriminate on body type, I understand that girls have to look good and be pretty and not overweight. But these girls are just way too small I think the biggest girl I seen weighed 115 at most! Gross!!! I felt like a child molester in a strip club full of 12year old girls

  23. DJS N.

    I went this club last Saturday night. I was shocked as it was not real busy, however, the talent was everywhere. The atmosphere is low pressure….comfortable. The volume of the music is loud but not so loud you can’t hold a conversation……reasonable. I believe, next to Spearmint Rhino Las Vegas, this club is as good as any I have ever been to. The only negetive……they do not sell mixed drinks due to California laws concerning nude clubs and drinking.

  24. Andrew S.

    I’m here right now, staring @ beautiful women, and listenin to great music. Good vibe. Get yourself down here, relax, enjoy yourself. These women are really hot, friendly, and most actually DO something when on stage. The performer of the night was in Cirque du Soleil. HOLY COW! She performed like the burlesque dancers of this fine profession did back when a show was a real show! SHE WAS WORTH THE MONEY!

  25. Michael R.

    Came here as part of my /going-away-to-Japan/ night with my friends and I was floored! [EVEN though I ended up paying for my friends dances’]Granted this was my first voyeur into a pleasure-sanctuary, but I had a great time!The girls were all really hot and extremely talented, they worked the pole like acrobats and not just dancers.It was very clean and well taken care of so that was great. Girls usually wont approach you unless you’re on your own, so that’s a bit of a pitfall.There were a couple of girls in particular who were amazing.Tabitha was really and truly an acrobatic spectacle, the way she used the pole was something I’d never imagined!Bella is their resident Brazilian who swayed like a Cobra to a piper’s flute, i was enthralled with her entire performance. [I received a private dance from her later and I came out in a daze; I was equal parts ecstatic, happy and satisfied. I seriously felt like I was walking on Sunshine, floating on air and I wasn’t coming down anytime soon. There was another girl, a blonde, whose name I can not remember. Her track list felt very 1920’s and her dance complimented it very well, it was a very well performed routine; it almost felt like a dance that would be given by Jessica[who framed roger rabbit]Lastly there was this dark haired fantasy whose name presently escapes me. She was beautiful and talented and I regret not getting a dance from her too.She was probably the most enthusiastic performer that night. Her movements were sensual and rhythmic.There are 3 options available for private dancesOne is 25 dollars with a 1song minimum, not very private and not really worth it. It will only leave you wanting more, though I guess that’s true of everything at a Strip-Club.The Second option is 30-dollars each with a 3 song minimum and offers you a lot more privacy and a little more hands on experience.(I paid for one of these for each of my friends and they all came out in a blissful stupor that still has not faded]The Last option is 200, it’s on the second floor in your own themed room, can last either 5 or 10 songs 5 for 200, 10 for 400 and offers you the most privacy and the most…ahhhh erotic display.I opted for this one with Bella as my dancer, we spoke Spanish and Portuguese to each other the entire time, totally sexy. It was definitely worth it for my first time ever, it was memorable and I’ll never forget it.This is NOT A HOBBY for gentleman or ladies with a WEAK-WALLET because it will drain you. Definitely a once every couple-of-months adventure.I had fun, you will too

  26. Allana G.

    For a female, I’m always enjoy myself when my boyfriend and our friends decide to go to a strip club. This place particularly has some of the best looking girls I’ve seen in most California gentlemens clubs. My only complaints is the no alcohol because it’s fully nude, which normally weirds me out a little but the girls were surprisingly tasteful for nude dancers, and the music was very low for some reason? The staff was friendly and the crowd diverse. The rooms upstairs are a bit pricey for dances but worth it if you find a girl you want to spend more than 5 minutes with. All in all really liked the place.

  27. Michie W.

    We went there for My husband’s 41st birthday along with My brother-in-law and couple more of our good friends. Girls looked pretty good but I didn’t like how they run their business. In order for us to sit in front of stage, it was mandatory tipping for every girl that came out on the stage. The cocktail waitress was greedy too. She just stood there and wait for me to give her a tip after I paid for the drinks. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind tipping but I don’t want to be forced into tipping. I enjoyed the fire lady though. (I think she might have been a feature act). Very entertaining.

  28. fuckery12

    Without a doubt one of the classiest and nicest strip clubs in os aAngeles. The place is clean and the girls are nice, you can’t beat it for the price. Great place for friends and clients, this place is not sleazy at all. RELAX & HAVE STRIPPER FUN ๐Ÿ˜€

  29. Ronald C.

    The strange thing about this club is that after each dancer finishes a song on stage the clientele doesn’t applaud at all, instead they play recorded applause over the sound system! I was really surprised to see this happen here. I thought it was funny. The club is in a very good neighborhood so I guess the guys don’t applaud because they don’t feel it’s in good taste, or not necessary. The girls are just supposed to do what they are supposed to do, right? Some reviewers have said the girls are cold and indifferent. I think that’s because they are actually being polite, don’t hustle you and just let you enjoy the show while they stay back by the bar most of the time. Most of the girls were good looking, thin and white. They’re not big enough for me. I like girls with an hourglass figure. It’s been about 5 years since I’ve been here so I would like to ask someone to please post a comment about the recorded applause, if they still do that. Thanks, Ron.

  30. stripforme123

    Place is terrible. My buddies and i sat at a table for hours and no one paid us attention. Too expensive, by the time i found a bitch to give me a dance she charged me 40 for literally half a song. Big disappointment.

  31. Michael J.

    Everyones reviews are pretty much on the dot! This was my first ‘gentleman’s club’. Came on a Thursday night for my 20th birthday. Expected cover charge to be 15 but it was 10. Bouncers were chill and nice guys but my friends ID which is real wasn’t scanning for some reason so it kind of brought complications but he showed other forms of identification to clear things up. There is a 1 drink minimum and all drinks are 7 dollars. All drinks are non-alcoholic, I got a Red Bull. Was only there for a couple hours because we had a limo and got out late because dinner dragged on. There was a bathroom attendant who was a funny guy but I knew he was trying to make you want to tip him because he said he drove 7 hours away to get there and had a flat tire on the way.But anyways, very cute girls here and there are definitely variety. Only 1 with small boobs. Side rooms are 25/song for a lap dance. Then upstairs for half an hour you can get a bed dance for 200. I will definitely have to try that one day. The dancers I decided to get dances from made everything very comfortable and weren’t pushing for my money. Got to know them and very cool girls. I suggest bringing friends that are girls because the dancers are more ‘playful’ with your group. I even had a lap dance for 2 (me and my friend that’s a girl) and it seemed that the dancer really enjoyed it. In terms of touching, the first girl, Jade, let me see more (got her vajay in my face), but the second girl, Nadia, let me feel more.. maybe because it was with my friend who was shy at first and she wanted her to have a good time. Overall, I had a awesome time! Great girls, great place. Can’t wait for the next time! Come here if you are looking for probably one of the nicest strip clubs to go to.

  32. Timothy W.

    At the risk of lookin’ like a dirty old manI’ll give my review on this place just first handBeauty of the dancers here are comparable to VegasLike from an issue of Maxim or the Playboy pages15 for cover, no breaks, even for girlsThe dancers look good, no high-heel wearing burrosOf every variety, from the fakest to toned downIn the ethnicity you are seeking from white yellow or brownPrice breakdown for dances goes 20 for the oneThen 50 for 2 backroom tunes, 2 hundred for upstairs funThe bouncers are chill, and the stage ain’t too farIt’s 18+ here, so no full service barThe drinks here are pricey, but that’s to be expectedFirst drink is required, not just recommendedEvery hour they have the two for 30 lapdance hustleWhere all girls get on stage, then go out and bustleThe dancers do their thing, but don’t seem to press itA no thank you to a lapdance won’t get you arrestedBut don’t think it’s prim proper don’t go get depressed kidDecent dances, not just air, if you feel like getting molested, lulz

  33. SteFUNe e.

    This was my first ever strip club that I entered, so for nastalgia reasons I give it a 4. Girls are beautiful but a lil stuck up, not 1 approached me and my hunny. I guess we should try it one more time since this was wow like 4 years ago maybe 5?Don’t like that they charge me the same amount as my man but whatever. Like the place and it feels clean.

  34. james1412

    Keep here last night LAST MINCAME at 1 aclock It was nice, max people inside at this point was maybe 45 People around the pole Good dancers went up very exotic Treated my self to the 400 dollar room From best to well JadeOliviaMonique is a stunning talented girl I recommend ! I got multiple women on my lap It was a good Saturday Well spent with my buddies Definitely coming back on Friday Friday seems to be the day every beautiful day is thereSaturday starting to get packed around 2am All the wives are asleep.. LolThe ratio women to men to this point is most likely 1-3 And there about 80 guys I counted atleast 40 – 50 girls walking around 3-90 is the best 400 room is cool

  35. Gunny R.

    They had a fire wand/BDSM/trapeze artist as the Featured Dancer of the week – I don’t think he was very good, probably still thinking of his accident on PCH last week. Trying to connect with Brian Williams to verify.Other than that, this place kicks ass – much biscuit action and most of the ladies are very friendly.Me & my GF love it and have been a few times a plan on returning – very soon!

  36. joseph1k

    I got bored within the hour. A real shame for a $15 cover and a 2 drink minimum.Alright, so I’ll try to be nice. Tall, thin, tan women with perky B and C cups, long straight hair, a hypnotic swish about on stage. If you like this sort of stripper so, so much that you don’t need any variation at all to stay entertained then sure, this place might be for you. I’ve been to almost every strip club in LA at this point and can honestly say, no one does the stepford stripper act better than 4 play.So that’s the best part of it. The worst I think is a tie between the awful applause track they play at the end of every ‘dance’, and the fact that they served me an overpriced, completely curdled drink.The atmosphere is very dark and chic and ‘loungy’. It has tiny little tables and solo chairs. Awful for me who comes with my boyfriend and want to be able to get cuddly. Yes, I do feel a strip club should be accomodating to date nights. What?We saw one girl who seemed to be a run off from Cirque De Solei or something similar, she did a pretty crazy set of gymnastic stuff with the pole. That’s why they get 2 stars intead of 1. Other than her, the girls didn’t “dance”. They all just kind of swished around, in such a uniform manner that I blame the management, not the girls.

  37. larry1

    We were celebrating my birthday/bachelor party, after visiting two spots in Downtown LA we headed West to 4play. Staff is friendly, girls are friendly and the entertainment is top notch. The place is set up nice, clean and the girls are all really attractive. If you want to have a great time and not afraid to spend some money, this place is perfect. I will definitely come back here again. Sasha is amazing by the way.

  38. dopeboy19

    This club is great for solo or groups. This is a full nude, 18 year old, no alcohol, lap dance with rules place. Very clean and professionalThe girls do great on stage. $100 in singles will last you maybe an hour. Entrance is $15. Minimum one drink @ $10. Well worth it.Also, not ghetto.

  39. Cristiano G.

    $15 cover. Only 2 dancers inside the entire place at 7:30 and they’re sitting in a booth texting on their phones. Will not return.

  40. Johnnyboy123

    My girlfriend and I started the night with a dinner and decided to end it with a show. How we ended up at 4play I wasn’t too sure but I’m glad we did. The place is really spacious and definitely fits into the whole West LA vibe. Meaning it didn’t have a creepy vibe and men lurking in dark corners that possessed some kind of sexual addiction. There are two levels. First level had the main dancers, stage, and pole. Second level was the private area which wasn’t so private because I was still able to see some action. Personally, I like these places because of the pole dancers. Some of these girls are considered athletes to me because what they can do on that pole is freaking amazing! There were definite talents and there were definite duds. Talents meaning that she engages with the customers and works the stage. Then there were some that crawled from one customer to the next while taking off a piece of clothing. Boring! You might as well stay home with an adult video because you don’t have to tip your DVD player. Anyways, like all strip clubs some girls were hot and some were not. I had a fun time and can’t wait for my next strip destination.

  41. igor34

    From the East Coast and came to the West Coast for vacation and just trying some new spots out. Entered with $15 cover and sat down. First blonde gal came by and greeted me and went straight to ask me if I wanted a dance and I said I just got in and give me a few moments. Gave me the look and got up and left, fudge you too! She’s blonde and has injected lips. Next gal came and spoke to me, Spanish gal, tall and looks really cute and has a great personality. I like gals like that. Spoke to her and then told her to come back and she did and went for a few dances. I say she is one of the best looking one too as I saw the rotations on stage. Next another blonde gal, but French Canadian and she was nice, spoke to me and explained a few things here which is way different in The Home of the Red Sox Nation! Declined politely and that was my night! YES YES YES!!! (Daniel Bryan from WWE)

  42. Harrison69

    This is the classiest club I have ever had the pleasure of going to. I am very picky with strip clubs, as I am an exotic dancer in Portland, OR. I must say that the strip clubs in California are extremely different from the ones here in Portland, but of the ones I went to 4Play was by far my favorite. The girls were all very attractive, and the atmosphere was wonderful. Dimly lit, upscale club seating, balcony, and large stage. It is expensive, but many of the best things are.

  43. lappro

    By far the best that LA has to offer! It will light your crotch on fire!

  44. Ilia W.

    This place sucks!!!!! Seriously it’s dirty in here has a rank smell in the girls are ugly

  45. Mike F.

    So I ventured out here with my friends a few times and this place is a definte hit or miss club. There are days where the girls look modelesque and days where you wonder why you walked in. Been here with girls and the attention factor does help~ Small bar, no alki, and 2 small “vip” rooms with about 6 “stalls”. Lap dances are ok here, but if you’ve got money to blow or unless you’re just trying to pretend you’re in some music video then realize you just blew a few hundo, I recommend a max of 2 dances ’cause the girls do work their tail off (cause its a job). On another note, 1 center stage and a few scantly clad girls running around trying to be your next ex, vip in the back with a very small vip on the right. But nonetheless, its a great place to go to watch on occasion, beautiful girls w/o any headaches but your wallet.

  46. Calvin C.

    i’m from SF and usually the strip clubs there allow guys to touch and get touched. i recently visited LA and looked up many strip clubs, and this place has a coupon for free entrance before 9pm/50% off after 9pm. having stayed at a hotel, i had to try to use the hotel’s computer and printer. that failed, as i couldn’t print it. so we just went there, tried to tell them, and they were like “that’s a sad story but it’s not that sad”. if you a-holes from 4play are reading this, screw you. we had to pay $10 each because we didn’t have a piece of paper, such bs. i been to many SF strip clubs and they are down to accommodate any troubles. anyways, the first girl we saw was an asian chick named carly or something. very cute, then my friend got a dance and told me that carly was fake and stuff. so i tried myself, i had the most terrible lapdance in my life. i had the feeling she did not care about my friend or me, she just wanted the money. my other friends, who got both got white chicks, were definitely satisfied, but my friend who got the asian girl and i were not.on a happier note, the girls are mostly very pretty. their friendliness, i would say is about 8 out of 10. practically like a gulp of soda is $7, ok more like 10 ounces. definitely not coming here if i had a free helicopter ride here. but if you do not pull a me and do not get the asian chick, and print out the coupon or something, and find a way to quench your thirst without buying a drink, you will have a great time.s

  47. timmykilla

    Three stars because it is clean and civilized. 15 usd for entry fee and minimun 7.50 for a drink to enter the club. Tips extra. I went for a friend and was least interested in dealing with the ladies. But one after another they kept coming to me offering various services. So weird lol. He was somewhere away and it felt like the most awkward moment of my life. Anyway, in Los Angeles, it is a safe club. No alcohol served.

  48. joe
  49. VDevil

    So far the best club I’ve been in Los Angeles. Most of the girls are 7 and 8 (1-10 scale), couple of them 9 and 10. Got a WOW lapdance from Dark Angel. Will go back for sure. Definately no alcohol is a huge minus.

  50. J L.

    this place was the best club i been to . the girls are really good at talking to you and they all look like movie stars ! kinda pricey but hella fun ๐Ÿ˜€

  51. Stephanie K.

    I celebrated my 23rd birthday here and it was everything I had pictured in my dirty mind! I did a bunch of research prior to settling on 4play, but this place had great reviews and was conveniently located in my West LA hood. (Don’t let the sketchy Cotner location fool ya… this place is money). It was my first Cali strip club and I was definitely impressed. Please note: I’m straight, but I can appreciate a sexy lady gettin’ low… rack city b****! Not to mention all of my guy friends were in heaven.Anyway, I made reservation a few weeks in advance. The manager was super helpful and accommodating. We had a group of 20 people and we all arrived at the same time. We got in right away. They had us set up in booths right on the floor level. Obviously we did some major pre-gaming before the club so we all had a nice buzz going. I recommend getting some Red Bulls and keeping the party going. The ladies were gorgeous!! Since I was tipsy and riding the “it’s my birthday!” wave, I bought my friend and I a lap-dance from a sexy Asian. That was like $60 or something…I can’t remember. Who cares, it was worth it.Best of all, I got to go onstage for a birthday lap-dance!! Which turned into me on the floor with 4 ladies all up on me. These ladies went all out. Slightly embarrassing… but obviously I loved it… If you’re into strip clubs, I can’t see how you could have a bad time here.

  52. J P.

    Worst club I’ve ever been to. The girls were rude and sickly thin, no curves at all!!! I didn’t know if I was dancing with a woman or a 12year old boy. Not a turn on

  53. Arely R.

    I went on a Saturday night. Cover :$20 + a minimum $15 drink purchase required + $5 to get your car parked. Girls are stunning and put on a show ! Place is clean & legitAnd there’s no video taping or pictures to be taken inside! I didn’t know … So I pulled my phone out to take a pic lol FYI security will be all up on you & ask to see your phone to make sure no pictures were taken. Which I understand . Waitress ignored our table , so it took 1/2 hr or more to get our order taken ! I ordered the breakfast … Not the best … But then again it was a strip club not Denny’s lol So pancakes were dry, my eggs and bacon were cold ;( . My friend ordered the spinach dip… Not the best but ok Overall my experience was alright . I’d come again but this time bring male friends since they weren’t very female attentive

  54. Franklyn

    Hello JANE, KAYLEE & MIA FOXX,First off, I came here with my ex boyfriend, well $5 valet service and $15 on a Saturday for cover isnt bad at all. Well worth it considering that the girls inside are noting but PERFECT! I would just like to express that the BED dance is $1000 plus. The 15 minute dance is $200 and you can calculate the rest.The girls were gorgeous and the price was a little on the high side though. $90 for 3 songs. There is NO pressure applied and WELL THE BEST in LA 100% and that is coming from another womans point of view. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND MIA FOXX and KAYLEE. They are THE ISH!

  55. Ellie S.

    I came here with my college roommate and her bf one random night. She was going through a strip club phase and so was I. She insisted we go to a “good” strip club in Los Angeles. I was a bit hesitant but the gf agreed so we went to west LA to 4Play.. We arrived, payed the 20 dollar cover charge + mandatory drink and got seated at a small table. The strippers were definitely better looking then most. They were fucking gorgeous. Seen strippers in LA, SD, SB, Vegas and these girls were beautiful. I’m not sure about the prices of the dances but it seemed to be pretty $$. But you get what you pay for honey. Am I right?That day I watched a stripper climb 20 feet into the air in a few seconds and drop down the hole way straight into a split. It was some circ-du-soleid shit. I saw her leave 20 minutes later all dressed in normal clothes. I guess when you’re talented you only need to do one show? Hah. She was amazing. I have a new founded respect for strippers. Not that I always didn’t have respect for them, what they do is really hard. Harder then we know so we should appreciate it. Anyway, this would be the first of many strip clubs my straight roommate would drag me to. I enjoyed it. Even sober. If you have the cash to blow then go! Better then Spearmint or Deja Vu for sure.

  56. Stacey M.

    here kitty kittyshake shake shake shake your bootythere went my money

  57. Johantheswede

    This was excellent, the quality of the dancers is amazing and the VIP-section is worth every penny, you are treated as a god! its $200 for 20 min bed dance (heaven) and $75 for minimum 3 lapdances. I recommend the VIP!

  58. Betty W.

    Very gourgeous, talented, friendly women (: dancers aren’t pushy. Great music. The staff dudes are a bit rude though.

  59. curtis17

    After leaving a work event on a Friday night in Culver City with a coworker, discovered the 405 construction was going to make the commute back to the burbs hell so we passed the Pico onramp and pulled over to 4Play.I’ve been to maybe five strip clubs in the past 20 years and to be honest, find these establishments more comical and pathetic than a boost to my libido. With that being said, came away having a good time.I still have no idea what the valet was saying but with no street parking, had no option but to hand over my keys, $5.50 and hope that my vehicle would still be around in a few hours. Then it was a quick briefing of the rules, pay the $15 entry and we were in.Within 30 seconds of sitting down at a table, and before we could order our $7.50 Red Bull’s (that price is each) we were each approached by girls who proceeded to not sit in the empty chairs but our laps. Um, that is my phone in my pocket and no, I’m not that happy to see you. Very friendly, talked about her sister in Florida, her boyfriend, asked if I was going to ever bring my wife in then promised to come back after we had a chance to get settled.From there is was another, then another, and two more before we decided to sit on the rail where the harassment would be limited to between dances. Some did a great job on the stage that had my attention while others had me noticing I saw those same shoes at Santee Alley last weekend.The girls were certainly more on the attractive side than unappealing and those “personal dances” they bothered me about all night? I’d rather give the Mrs $100 to go shopping than have ass rubbed on me for a few minutes so the money stayed in my pocket.Lots of couples and groups of friends with maybe a handful of guys attending solo.If you’re on the Westside, and strip clubs are your thing, you could certainly do worse!

  60. Lapper

    The girls here aren’t as hot anymore. It’s still a good club, but not the same vibe.

  61. Josh
  62. Max

    Excellent decor. Overall vibe is top notch. Woman are exceptional in their

    dancing, conversation and friendliness. Very intelligent and culturally diverse.

    High class without high cost. Highly recommend.

  63. Judgement Day L.

    Overall it was a good experience but with some things I didn’t like. I’m gonna review the parking, costs and girls.Parking- There was no parking around for about 2 blocks. There was signs saying “no parking from 9pm-6am”. Seems like maybe it’s designed so you can pay the valet. Fuck that! I found parking next to the Ralph’s about 3 blocks away, haha.Cost- I went on a Thursday. I called first to check how much it was and the chick said $10.00 but she forgot to mention the $7.00 drink you have to buy! That’s sneaky. The dances are $25 bucks each which seems kinda pricy.Girls- This is the best part. The chicks are really hot!(with the exception of a couple of them). There’s mostly white girls with some Latinas and a couple black and Asian ones. I got approached by two blonde chicks and they where both really nice which is always good.

  64. Raff

    Every guy’s dream- my girlfriend announced “For my birthday I want to go to a strip club” so we did some research and found this establishment. Loads of fun, expect to spend some $ but it was all good clean fun. We got couples dances and literally were there for over three hours watching the shows and having a blast. All of the women here are BEAUTIFUL and really really nice – no hard selling for dances or anything. For a really interesting date, or celebration, this is a great venue and felt a lot classier then any other joint we could have been to.

  65. Vincent

    The dancers were very hot. This club does not offer nude lap dances. Most of the strippers are not very social.

  66. AssnTits5

    Number 200 !! Why not talk about some nice #*@Took my best friend here for his pre-married to tied down bachelorsparty after getting dumb drunk in Long Beach. Then after leaving the club at 2am we had a fishing trip to the Islands at 5am.Yeah, that boat rocking on a tummy of wiskey was hot!As for the club it is realy one of the cleaner ones, better than the Vegasinfested greasy poles and old business men.My goal was to embarres him, so after getting there I went to the back to find the girls and found one that does BD&SM on the side for a living. She was an atractive 40yr + that had heels to crack more than peanuts.She did a big announcement then came off stage and grabbed himto his strugle n surprise. Half way stripped him then made him lick her feet then bend over and whip him.FCKK..no camera!Some clubs have the hot, then the B girls.I just about say they were all A’s for that night.So looking to send ur buddy off smelling like vanilla”you guys know what I mean”….just make sure he showers before heading home to the woman.and I make sure he showed for the wedding and couldn’t get away..haha

  67. Weedman420

    If you got the dough, you got to go! Like Tiajuana, but waaaaaay cleaner. Hottest girls I’ve seen in a strip club all week. Granted it was dark. And I was on mescaline. But the security footage in the deposition suggested they were really good at taking my money and giving sincere OTPHJs. Now that you’ve laughed- Understand there aren’t many high end gentleman’s clubs in LA that can compare to the quality and ambience of 4Play. We came to play hard and walked away feeling like we had contributed to the best charity ever – the one where girls are smoking hot and they take your money. And the best news is you’re not left for dead at the end. Though your wallet will be empty. Guaranteed.

  68. maxxy1

    In LA, the all-nude clubs don’t serve booze. So you get the same high-priced tabs but no alcohol.Other than that, this club is aces in my book. It’s a spacious venue with nice seating and plenty of eye candy. Plus, the dancers that speak aren’t hustling you like you’re nothing more than a wallet with a penis. They’ll gladly converse you about whatever. If you’re just in the mood for 1-on-1 time, there are three different places from $20 per dance and up. Just don’t be a dumbass and think she’ll date you. Hire a dating coach for that. Oh yeah, and if you can understand half of the words the DJ is slurring, I’ll give you a trophy. LOL

  69. M C.

    Thanks for all the people who had reviewed this place before me, if it was not for them I would had never gone to this place. The place had a only a $10 cover, 90% of the women were smoking hot including the waitresses. And yeah there is a nice mix of ethnicity, just not big and black, what I promised I would get my friend. I completely fell in love with the Bulgarian. A combination of her eyes, accent and body. She wasn’t very good during the lap dance, but I was just happy she was in lap for a minute in my life. She said she was going to boot camp in a couple and I forgot to ask her to write to me. I would love to just keep in contact with such a lady.My friends fell in love with a Asian number. She was your typical thin petite Asian woman with long hair, just with a hot attitude. The only thing is some of the women have attitudes. One of the blonds would completely avoid you. And others would let you touch their breast while others would not. And don’t waste your money on water or soda, it’s $9.00. You are better off buying a virgin cocktail or juice for that amount of money. We got 3 sodas and it already came out to $18.00

  70. Jericha S.

    4play…i miss your scent.there was a time i would come here once a week.girls need not worry about a cover charge.nor the dancers giving you nasty looks because you are prettier than they are(ehem, CHEETAH’S).these bitches will cartwheel over to you, take your glasses off with their butt-cheeks, and drop them in your drink. rad. the last time i went here was over 5 years ago and i left like this:i hear a knock.i open my eyes. it’s blurry.i realize i’m in a bathroom stall.i hear nothing but silence. then “Hello?””mmmemmmoooo?” i say.”club is closed.” i hear.try to stand and slump forward into the stall door.panties were around my ankles.somehow i made it home that night.i still stand-by that it’s a good idea to bring a flask to those all nudie places…just bring a safety buddy.

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