The Gentlemen’s Club



5175 West San Fernando Road, Los Angeles, CA 90039


34.1464073, -118.2723556




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “The Gentlemen’s Club

  1. Isaac

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  2. Jo K.

    This place is great me and my boys made a stop to see whats up because they were closed for a while. As I went inside I was shocked on the remodeling on the new place I use to go to this place before and use the online coupon witch still works for free admission they have all varieties of girls and the 3 songs for $40 is a great deal i would go back any day girls are supper nice.

  3. Wayne

    Great Club with some real bangin Hotties .Loved it there will be back soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Anverto


  5. Guadalupe

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  6. Daniel Azizi

    This club was amazing because it was very relax and didn’t make me nervous. Very nice lighting and friedly staff. Keep it up.

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  8. Beau

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  9. Siuzan


  10. The Big Guy

    Overall nice club, went on a wedensday nite and the girls were nice and willing to talk, not pushy or rude. Is Worth checking out.

  11. Earnest

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  12. Sonic Shadow

    Mr. Owner:

    I went Thursday (The first of Feb)I thought the Dancers were talented. They approched each of us and offered a lap dance, they were very hospitable. Tables were bussed on time, Drinks were offered, Requests were accepted (As long as it was resonable)… it was a slow night but one of your dancers did catch my eye. I dont quite remember her name but she told me it was “Spice”. Beautiful, Sweet, and very good at her job. lol I would more than likely continue to return for another visit in due time. Kudos to you and your gorgeous harem of goddesses. Hmmmm Shadow and spice… and everythings nice. -Sonic Shadow.

  13. ben

    great place

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  16. anon

    It pains me to write this as this used to be my favorite club. Used to be the girls were hot and lots of them, the private dances were great (i.e. friendly) and the songs were full songs. I would only visit approx. every 9 – 12 months, so turnover was high, I never saw the same girls again and many things about the club would change between visits – none of them were for the better, sadly.

    The last two times I went were both on Saturday nights around Midnight – 1:00 AM, so it was “prime-time” for a club, yet there were only a few girls, five to seven at most. Out of those girls only one or two were even remotely good looking, the rest were overweight girls I would not even look at twice in the real world, not attractive – and since it is fully nude they do not serve alcohol, so beer goggles will not help.

    My last time there was the worst, I got played hard by the girl I chose. Since I go so rarely, I never know what the prices for a dance will be so I asked, she said $20, I asked if she was serious, she said yes, so I was like, kick-ass!

    The songs were short, approx. 2 minutes, never a full song, so I figured that was why the low price. I got ten dances with a few 3-for-1 dances in there too. When we were finished and I went to pay I was then told the price was actually $40 a dance, and she inflated the number of dances to 15 – five more than I actually got! I did not mishear the price and I know I had only 10 dances, but what could I do, you never win that fight. So I paid and vowed never to return.

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  20. Markello


  21. S.C. Hoppin'

    9pm on Sat night was just ok. There was like 1 hot girl out of 8 – the rest weren’t all that. Floor layout sucks featuring very limited number of tall bar-stools. Not willing to try this place again due to the inadequate seating situation.

  22. Leon

    One of the finest strip clubs in Los angeles ,Ladies are willing to spend time with you and the staff and Dj were extra special going out of there way for me .Ill be back soon!!

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  26. navid

    We were there for about an hour (on a Friday night) before anyone went up to dance. The girls seem to keep to themselves in the corner on their phones or talking to the bartender all night. Not sure what this is all about, but in other clubs they are chatting and walking around. A couple of dancers have been very outgoing, but after their dances on the pole, they disappear and are impossible to find again. I don’t understand how this club makes money with girls chilling in the corners all night, and max 4 dancers per hour. Long story short… we have left disappointed, twice. Not coming here again.

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