Playpen Gentlemens Club



1109 South Santa Fe Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90021


34.0303415, -118.2304009




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Playpen Gentlemens Club

  1. lalo

    da best club ive been 2

  2. XhXeXy

    One of the worst strip clubs I have ever visited. If your into fat chicks then this is your spot! Ghetto and the inside of the club smelled like dirty feet mix with Paris Hilton perfume. SAVE YOUR TIME AND MONEY AND VISIT ANOTHER STRIP CLUB

  3. fritter17

    When I was 21 (almost 7 years ago), I came here. I don’t care what anyone else says.. this place was amazing! I had the best time here (get your minds out of the gutter.. i didn’t do anything illegal).. but the girls there were great. I was visiting Long Beach to see family but stayed in a hotel located in Los Angeles. My travel partner got bored one night and we decided to find some fun. Came across this gem and I have yet to find a place that showed me the same amount of fun that I had here. (again.. nothing illegal).For a place that was located in the middle of nowhere, the girls were FIOOONE!

  4. StripClub431

    Great place to use chill and have a good time, I got 2 dances and they were great! There was one girl who stood out and she was just great! Definitely going for her

  5. S.C. Hoppin'

    Saw a few hot latinas, but this place is too small for the large crowd it draws. This is another one of those places I would like to re-visit but will not do so, due to the inadequate seating situation.

  6. Diana V.

    Best DJ ever!Moderation720 on YouTube.

  7. ryan123

    Well this is by far the worst club i’ve ever been to!! NEVER GO HERE! it’s a real beat down club really ghetto really nasty. Not your desired destination. TRUST. For starters once you pull into this parking lot your forced to hand over your car to their very rude vallet. Which will more than likely go through your stuff possibly even jack up your car if they feel like it. Once entering the club you’ll feel so crammed in their that you might feel grossed out. Which is not what you should feel when at a club. The dancers we’re not the most impressive at least that’s in my opinion. If you do happen to get a dance. Lookout sure enough they will try to hustle you outta of your paid time. Take it from my experiene you don’t want to support or feed this so called “business”. From other sources i’ve heard they’re running a very shady business and are very much mistreating their employees. That’s a tip too for any girl considering this place for employment. It’s not worth being disrespected in any way even if its goin to get you from point A to point B. MY ADVICE TO ALL: DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME AT PLAY PEN!It’s beat down, it’s shady, and just simply a disgrace as to what a gentlemen’s club should be.

  8. J

    cool club I went with a few friends and all the girls were nice, karina is a great girl to get a dance from, such a cool girl.

  9. Harrison69

    I was introduced to The Play Pen, by my employer at the time (Mike Chamali), I had some good times there. Yes, It needs to be updated a bit. I was introduced to one of the owners by Mike, apparently they are from the same country. They do not sell liquor; just water, coffee and other non-alcoholic drinks.

  10. Francisoc G.

    This place is the place you need to be for entertainment the beautiful women the clean environment I recommend this club to everyone . The only club worth going too.

  11. John

    see miami or chantell. if you like curvy natural latin ladies this is a good spot. good variety and good times. be prepared to spend at LEAST $100 with a $20 cover and $40 dances. let’s not forget the $7 water.

  12. dopeboy19

    This club is on fire! I love it!! Even The dudes get NAKY!!! Lots of fun! Great times! Sometimes, if you are really cool, they even give you a free pass for next time. 🙂

  13. alexander m.

    I will never go in there again..the fat women that work there are cracy and they want to charge you 40$ for a sweaty lapdance.

  14. Weedman420

    I visited this strip club because it was boys night out and we wanted to see some girls. We get there and the sign says 5 dollar entry only so they can charge you 20 when you get inside. When I was there on a freaking Saturday it was slow there was about 3 good looking girls there rest were lets say subpar. Not to mention they wouldn’t take no for an answer when I didn’t want a lap dance from them. Never coming back don’t recommend it I heard Deja Vu is waaaay better and is also full nude

  15. Danny S.

    Well its a good place to go by yourself and relax. I f you just want to relax and have no alcohol for the night and have a girl give you a lap dance is cool. Ive gone alone or with friends, they respond well with a lesbian friend… atmosphere chilled and relax. I love the 5 for 1 lap dances now those are good, make sure to watch for the good strippers, they make it worth paying your $40 dollars for the lap dance

  16. samuel

    I went in this place after going to the score. It was a little slow getting started but before I was done it was total satisfaction. The latina girls are hotter than hot. They even had some interesting action on stage. Makes you not want to drink water, but…… Even though they’re under remodeling, the girls made up for it. I’d go back tonight if I were in LA

  17. John N.

    This place is so creepy that it’s almost worth a visit. You’ll be greeted by a sleazy middle eastern provider requesting a $15 entrance fee while promising a room filled with dancers. Of course there is only 1 dancer at the time – 9:00 pm to 10:00 pm and anyone with decent eyesight would have paid her to stop. Horrible lighting, miserable attitude, very unclean with a surreal sausage guy out front. Its the worst club i can recall – even compared to the lamest in Boston’s combat zone mid 80s. The sort of place that you would only drink the beer from the bottle, negotiate the bathroom with careful diligence and hope the dancers don’t mistake you for a crack dealer.The lot is easy to enter and a bit trickier to exit; likely by design. If you have a husband that wants to visit a strip club – offer this up and he’ll be much more restrained in the future. If you have a daughter that wants to be a dancer – bring her here and never worry again.

  18. Anthony

    the club is 1 of the best ive been der a couple of times and aint no club like it gotta love da ladies

  19. Johnnyboy123

    Ive been here twice and ive had a great time. The girls are beautiful and very talented, the place is calm and relaxing. I will be coming back soon to have another great time.

  20. Mario

    To many Latinas if I knew that I just would’ve stayed home and ate toca’s with the family or went to a kick back or something……

  21. igor34

    First time visiting a strip club and I gotta say this one exceeded my expectations. The girls are so sexy and kind, sweet and make you feel like a king. The atmosphere is so relaxing, mentally accessible and not too loud. I would even say it feels comfortable being there. Safe, secured and not sleazy at all. I got dances from two girls and they are extremely talented, beautiful and there to please.The parking is free, easy to pull into and the entrance of the club is humble. You will get searched before going inside if you look suspicious. I had a wonderful time and lovely first-time experience.

  22. richard95

    Came here on a Sunday…it was pretty slow. Talked to a couple of girls…a black girl named Milan and a Colombian girl named Destiny. Both of the girls were attractive super nice, intelligent and conversed well. I wanted to get a lap dance but this place charges 40 bucks…which is pricey considering that Sams Hofbrau a mile or two away only charges $10. I tipped the girls dancing on the stage about $30 bucks. When I came here it was early so the charge to get in was only $5…but they give you a non alcoholic drink. The Playpen is totally nude…so no alcohol. is served. I thought I would be in and out of this place in about an hour…but ended up staying here about 5 hours. I enjoyed the music the DJ played and the videos that they show of various artists. I’ll be back here again sometime in the near future. If they lowered the lamp dances to $20 that would be nice…$40 is kind of steep. I really can’t complain about this visit….spent only $35…kicked it for 5 hours and had a decent time.

  23. Tony

    Nothing but hot bitches. Damn.

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