Fantasy Gold Club



1612 Pacific Coast Highway, Harbor City, CA 90710


33.7891879, -118.304847




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Fantasy Gold Club

  1. allen

    this club is weak, girls are no centerfolds, but they are ok

  2. Michael R.

    I still wish it was called the Front View Cabaret, but alas, it is now the “Fantasy Gold Club’ or just the “Gold Club. There is limited parking in the dodgy neighborhood. If you’re lucky you can get a spot right on PCH in front. The rear lot is taken up by employees most nights.This is definitely one of the smaller clubs you will go to. A little bigger than most folks living rooms and kitchens. The girls are very diverse and as long as you aren’t looking for LA/Vegas type Barbie Dolls I think you’ll be pleased. They all seem to have great attitudes. Bar staff and waitress were great the night I went and the service was prompt and friendly. This is not the place to take your bachelor party, but it is a great place to chill a few hours, have a few drinks (look for $2 beer specials, etc) and enjoy the intimate environment with ladies of all colors and sizes.

  3. mathewater12

    It’s local place super close to me so I usually go there for 1doller beer night with friends and my bf.It’s a very cozy small place so easy for me to kick it there even I’m the only gal in a group of my friends .Never got Lap dances there yet but my friend who goes there likes their lap dance he says.Girls are friendly but they won’t bother you if u just want to be there to chill.Good music banging Some girls are very good dancer entertainer .Evetytime I went I had good time .

  4. avatar
  5. Renee R.

    I love this place! They play great music and have great specials! Dollar beer on Mondays! $2 on Tuesday and Wednesday! Sexy ass dancers! Alexis is my favorite! But the rest are fine too! India knows how to work the pole and is super fine! Janet, Demir, Panda, Melody and Breanna! They have a taco man in the back to serve tacos and all the best drunk food! The security and manager jade are cool too! I always have a good time!

  6. HoneyQofdathrone

    well well well… i actually underestimateed this club when i walked in but was amazed when i saw the way the girls pivoted their bodies on stage, i fell for the most beautiful, athletic and flexible diva called CLASS, she takes advantage of the whole stage as an entertainer and she gave me a sensual lapdance. unforgettable!!! go check her out but go easy on her because she is mine! lol

  7. joseph1k

    OH ME Oh MY,This place is awesome. After driving around going from bar to bar, found this place, went in, had a ball, friendly folks:fine women, drinks and music, what more can a man want. Im easy to please. Look out, you dont exit the same way you go in, I got a nice ball pop from the turnstyle gate, cause it only turns one way, and I was going the opposite, but it was well worth it, Im going again tonight. GO BOOBIES!!!!!

  8. maxxy1

    Let me start off by saying that the 1 star is only because the management sucks.The girls are real real cool. They will sit, chill, have a convo, and dance like no other.The problem is that the management doesn’t care about their customers. Brought an issue up to this young white manager i think his name was Josh and he simply said i dont have time to deal with your problems. Ok so accidently over charging my credit card wasn’t his problem. Got ya buddy… have fun working here the rest of your life.

  9. DJ Zero of DDR

    went to this place a few weeks ago man this club rocks. Girls are beautiful, manager is cool and even the security is cool. Hell I would come back

  10. richard95

    I only gave this club 3 stars because it is not as up-scale as the usual strip bars I have visited… With that said, it is still way better than most of the strip bars I have been to!The girls may not be the Hollywood vixens you see on TV or on a billboard, but they are like the girls in the rap videos that ACTUALLY KNOW HOW TO DANCE!These ladies are super friendly to everyone, they really make everyone feel welcomed, unlike other places where you can smell the fake from the door. They all dance extremely well and know how to sell the dream! They have a really good DJ, and they have specials on lap dances like two songs for the price of one which is like $20. All and all this place is not high end, but it has the most quality in service and you actually get your $ worth. I would go here for the talent over and over again!



  12. TM

    this club is formerly known as frontview caberet, but now goes by the gold club. very intimate place everybody is very friendly and the girls are much hotter than they used to be. highly recommend this club

  13. DJustice

    I think the Bartender is HOT !!!!!!I love that tattoo on her back!

  14. igor34

    I went here twice this past weekend & really enjoyed myself. It’s super low-key & the girls are entertaining plus very friendly. I’ll definitely be going back in the future.

  15. Z of INitial D

    This strip club is very good it has about 15 dancers. 20 dollars worth of dance. Great hospitality and DJ. If your looking for girls, action and attention come over to Front View Cabaret (Fantasy Gold Club). Price to get in is $5 and the dances are $20 (Fair).

  16. brian s.

    Gold ClubThis strip club (re-named Gold Club) has been under new management for the last several years and may very well have one of the best $2 Tuesday in all of LA. I dig it.You know that one chick in that one rap video? The one where she’s bouncing her ass up and down like a bobble head doll next to the blinged out car? Yeah, that one. Well, she works here along w/ 15 of her closest and juiciest friends. The mostly Black and Latin girls who dance here are all top notch and VERY gifted in the posterior region. Gold Club got some big ‘ole booties, and they are proud of it! I’ll have to admit, I love a big ‘ole butt. And what better way to appreciate the female form than to douse myself in $2 beers and stare at deliciously plump booties. All. Night. Long. If I remember correctly, Tuesday’s have a $5 cover and every beer (Heineken, Newcastle, Corona, Light beer) is $2. Sweet!For a tiny little strip club (TINY!), Cold Club has an inviting atmosphere where the friendly dancers aren’t the slightest bit pushy and the security and bartenders are cool and sociable. This may very well be the South Bay’s best kept secret. You’re welcome.

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