Showgirls Gentlemens Club



68444 Perez Road, Cathedral City, CA 92234


33.7852546, -116.4649836




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Showgirls Gentlemens Club

  1. Johnson12

    Worst Gentlemens club I have ever been too! Girls are pushy and don’t let you enjoy the shows without bombarding you for a lapdance, and get angry with you when you reject them. Horrible experience!

  2. maxxy1

    Went today only one dancer but she was amazing tatiana was her name great body will return asap for her

  3. DefinitelyComingBack

    I had a blast here! The place is PRICEY but WORTH THE TIME. Definitely recommend!

  4. nickstrip

    Showed up like rock stars, I went here with two beautiful ladies. We started with drinks and as the night progressed we moved to the VIP section. Two bottles of champagne went down fast, and the lap dances were top notch. The bill came at the end of our visit, I thought it was a bit steep without knowing that I was looking at 50% of the bill. So in conclusion, this is the best strip club in the valley, but be sure to watch your bill.

  5. james1412

    The girls don’t use the pole at all. A big Waste of time. But in Palm Springs there’s nothing else to do.

  6. Sammy S.

    Sad sad place!!! There’s a one drink minimum so we ordered tequila gold shots to start and what we got were so watered down that the shots looked clear!! Girls are amateur with little to know dance moves and all look starved…please feed them!!! Get someone in there with something to shake instead of girls the same size as the pole 1 star and two thumbs down

  7. Christina S.

    Comfortable atmosphere, good music, full bar, friendly staff and a variety of beautiful women! Dance specials all day Mondays and Tuesdays and frequent 2 for 1 specials throughout the rest of the week. Great place to come for drinks and entertainment.

  8. billtheguy12

    Amazing women! Layah, Cali and the other girls made my night. The bartender Tasha has a generous pour and the dances are incredible!

  9. Wife & Me

    The girls were average looking (at best). They have a strict no-touch policy so we didn’t even bother with lap dances. A couple of the girls really knew how to work that pole though. I didn’t catch her name, but this one black chick was amazing on the pole. She climbed up 8 feet and literally fell into a split.

  10. eddyL

    It was a first for me — my first strip club. The place is kinda seedy, with lighting reminiscent of a dive bar, and the stale beer smell adds to the effect. There were a lot of ladies, none of them looked BAD, but some looked better than others, obviously… and a few were in the HOT category. My bf bought me a lap dance — she was one of the hotties. I made a comment about the “no touching” rule and she smiled and said “oh, You can Touch” (I guess it’s different being grabbed by a girl). I still maintained my manners to a degree, not wanting to take advantage of her generosity….but it was fun to say the least. There were some very good dancers and some not so great, with one or two verging on both extremes, Costumes were nice — the girls all looked clean, and of course, friendly. Prices were reasonable, I think it was $8 for my bf and free for me, with a 2 drink minimum. Drinks were expensive and watered down….blah, blah, blah…the usual stuff about strip bars and their drinks. After a couple hours we had a $70 bar tab, but we definitely had fun doing it.

  11. Joseph D.

    Beware of their bait and switch tactics. This place preys on every customer that goes in. The girls are trained to trick the customers to end up paying more than what they first agree on. The primary reason is that there are no nearby competition to speak of. This makes this place a third rate gentelmen’s club wanna be.

  12. ryan123

    This was my first time going here and I was pleasantly surprised. We got there early so it was very quite and girls were not going on stage very much but as it got later the girls just kept rolling in. They had different shapes, sizes and colors of girls…so probably something for everyone’s taste. I personally found the waitress to be my fav and she did casually let us know she does lap dances if someone requests it. Some girls danced better than others of course. But all were nice to watch. We went on a Sat and it was $5 for my hubby and free for me 🙂 we had 4 drinks and our tab was $36 which I thought was not bad. They have different days that offer different specials. Like Sunday has no cover charge and Tuesdays all dances are $10. I would go back again just making sure to go later next time.

  13. igor34

    Showgirls is truly a Gentleman’s club. There are women of all shapes and sizes there to please every man’s taste. The dancers are fun, energetic, social, and entertaining. The staff is all about making your experience the best they can. I highly recommend the club for a fun night of entertainment. Whether you are single, bachelor party, bachelorette party, or with a friend.

  14. R K.

    This place really is “sad” and very. Girls can sit with you for so long whether you buy or not. They are under pressure- obvious. The waitress, a peitite blond Leisha, was egregiously unhappy: snooty and actually slamming down drinks! And not just with our table. If you hate your job that much why are you there? There on a Thursday late evening. One big blonde never got tipped on stage and stomped off it with middle finger aloft. The dancer (Paulla) we were formatively sitting with had one of the managers barking “You owe me money, that overdue 40$!” She explained, embarrassed, gotten an attitute over unpaid stage fees. Paulla then volunteered the last DJ had gotten fired after punching this guy, who had been tending bar. “I don’t blame him!” both me and my home boy laughed. No smoking but you guessed it: LOUD. After 11pm it may get packed in there but we were long gone. Place is dark- but you can escape that and other open sores on the pool table side.

  15. Andrew T.

    I liked this place. I went there only once for my friend’s bachelor party and I liked it. You can go to a similar place in Vegas and get ripped off big time almost instantly. And this place, on the other hand, was very decent. Drinks were reasonably priced, crowd was okay, it was a Saturday night and it wasn’t super busy. Finally, the girls were pretty and nice. I definitely did not feel hustled, and that’s a big plus when it comes to a place like this!

  16. papa

    to many girls in V.I.P and not enough on the floor

  17. lili


  18. AssnTits5

    This place is amazing.. If you’re into strip clubs, I highly recommend checking this place out.. The drinks are strong, the girls are HOT and the atmosphere is perfect! I always make sure to stop by when I’m in town!!

  19. mathewater12

    Showgirls can be an excellent spot to hangout with some beautiful dancers and let them entertain you all night long!! ;)The club is very comfortable and somewhat private, the staff is professional as well.If you wanna be treated like a king, U must be a gentleman & bring plenty of cash $$$ when you roll thru, lol!!!!! Tip those beautiful Showgirls, especially…#CALIHave a good time gentlemen!!

  20. felixnada

    My review is basically biased. I when on a Sunday with my wife. We have gone to other strip club before together and in most of them are greeted and adored by the dancers because we are a couple in there instead of just a bunch of creepy guys. These dancers were lazy and cold and unfriendly to us.Again slow night a lot of times the dancers will work extra hard to try to make a few extra dollars. The best part of this club was a cocktail waitress name lily. She was friendly and talkative. We had a good chat with her and felt sorry because she wasn’t able to sell her shot. So we bought some of the adios she had. Wtf it was water. Idk what to say after that it was a $6 water shot what kind of bullshit country ass dump are you running. So disappointed would never come back. And lily you need to go someplace else.

  21. mrsc

    Had a great time here. Ladies in free, guys only $5. Lots of “2 for 1” dance

    specials. It’s supposed to be hands off but most dancers are OK with some

    exploring hands. Security was really lax and cool too. Great comfort and clean

    club, and most dancers were very cute, and a few were smoking hot on a

    Saturday night. Not busy busy but not too quiet.

  22. tonycluber

    I will give this place 3 stars because a few of the young ladies wrote me and I am sorry if I caused any disturbance in your ladies jobs. I do not prefer this place, but it is still 100% better than Pope’s. I don’t like how very few girls come up to the women, and I do not like how very few of them actually try to put on a show. However, the decor is nice and it is the best club for like 50 miles. I did not have a pleasant experience as a women but if you are a male you will probably get treated much better here. I also did not like the so called ‘manager’ she was rude, however like most rude staff they can be avoided.

  23. Franky D
  24. fuckery12

    i love strip klubs…. and i have been to a few of them.. besides de ja vu this is one has some of the best looking girls around, and for the kicker, they serve alcohol. i don’t drink but the bar stayed packed and the drinkers seemed to love them..

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