Night Trips



3902 South Sheridan Road, Tulsa, OK 74145


36.1067017, -95.9050026




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Night Trips

  1. Tone-Loke

    When I was there the police showed up and the fun stopped. I got a privite dance but the girl hardly made any contact with me and it was a waste of money. The girls are all hot but they don’t care about you unless you have a wad of cash. Not a bad place but you better have some money to have a good time.

  2. rock star

    this place is a public meth lab. i was offered drugs more often then i was offered a beer. nothing wrong with parting, but damn that was crazy.

  3. rob

    The best club in Tulsa.

  4. eddyL

    Everything seems like a front in this place. When you walk in, you notice the decent looking GIRLS (very young), a big, clean place, and the nice looking bar with a DJ behind the stage. Once sitting there, you notice the beer is sub par the lap dances are garbage and the awkwardness of the place. It’s too bright and the girls look run down. I didn’t eat anything but I left with a fat wallet because no girl there had my attention. It seemed like none of them had any curves or curves in the right area for that matter. Everyone gets excited for the dollar dances but they are barely worth that. If you’re broke and a pedophile, this is the place for you. (Btw I’m 25 so don’t expect me to be like 42 writing this review.)

  5. Justin B.

    I was going to refrain from reviewing places of exotic dancing (aka strip joints) because everyone else seems to have it covered. I would like to review ‘Trips tho, as there are some really cute girls here and the chicken strippers (with extra ranch) are worth mentioning.I haven’t see Duchess lately, but there are some fine lookin’ lil’ goth girls that I can’t resist feeding money to. The music selection is typical of strip joints (that is to say, pretty kick ass).I docked it a star due to the excessive smoke. I like smokey little bars, but man, my eyes water in this place when its packed. I have to burn my clothes when I get home (also to get that glittery stripper dust off).

  6. larry1

    the girls will rip you off. the prices are expensive and the food has gotton worse as the years go on. you don’t get your moneys worth . the décor is very nice. and the management is professional.

  7. Leah

    A great club with super nice staff members

  8. TNT

    A explosively good time, just like the O City club.

  9. aratty

    great club especialy frankie

  10. Natalie D.

    Okay if you like woman that look like they are too strung out or broke to eat. Also, very few of them were dancing. They just walking around while smoking.

  11. guest

    I feel very comfortable here especially in the daytime,it’s big and doesn’t stink bad for a bar with smoking, I really like dutchess of darkness and ariel both redheads! but it’s not perfect you can sit there for a long time without a dancer ever coming over to talk even if it’s slow,just a wave from a dancer would be nice.

    still it’s the best i’ve seen so far for a strip club.

  12. Hubby


  13. holla

    It was ok, but i can’t stand clubs where the bottoms don’t come off. If I want to see boobs, i’ll look at my own (lol). But really I’m a bum and vagina kind of guy, so this place was a letdown. I did fall in love with on the waitresses (Ashley Tisdale look alike), but would have preferred her to be naked.

  14. Buster

    The best club in Tulsa no doubt!

  15. Jamie

    The best

  16. MG

    I travel alot and go into alot of these places. This club is where all the rich people go and they have a strick dress code.. I looked like a poor fucker in Jeans and a polo shirt seriously.. Pretty much just old guys in suites.. There were not very many girls though… but it was the nicest club in Tulsa I have been to great location, limited parking though.. catching a cab might be in your intrest..

  17. dude

    Pretty cool place to hang out in Tulsa

  18. wasted

    save your money.

  19. Navada Observer

    I was in the club sat night and watched almost all of the entertainers, each one was very pleasant to watch. My favorite out of all of the entertainers had to be China and Jt. They really know how to get the crowd going and are both Vegas style performers. Bravo ladies

  20. Will

    Always too crowded, but because it’s the best in town. 4 letters for ya, J-A-D-E. She is the hottest dancer there. Food/beer is overpriced so come full and drunk. Then fight the sobor away with what money you don’t drop on the hotties. The red head with the tattoos is a bitch. If you like being trated like shit, give her your money/attention.

  21. igor34

    Best Club to go in Tulsa , great environment ,beautiful ladies , recommend it anyone !!!

  22. lambofpantera

    the girls know how to work with what they got and they do “IT” well

  23. Mike

    I am a regular at this club….Have been to a couple of others in Tulsa and they are not as great as Night Trips….Highly recommend.

  24. Customer

    OK club. I’ve seen better.

  25. wak atack

    this club is typical of the clubs in tulsa. poor quality girls and not customer friendly.

  26. tulsa
  27. drew

    very happening place to be in tulsa on a fri or sat night. the girls are very talented and each has their own style. was wondering if briana (the one that looks like kate hudson) was still there on the weekends? she’s gorgeous inside and out, great conversations and gives the best exotic dances. i’m planning to come in very soon.

  28. Passing thru

    This club was hopping, ladies kind of hard to get to with the overwhelming amounto of sausage, and sausage wannabees in the place. The ladies look good, but everiything in this place is going to cost accordingly, limited contact with the dances, which is something I’m not used to so if you are like me, and have to have direct two way contact, then you may want to go somewhere else.

  29. dannyboy7

    I’m being generous with 2 stars. This place is ok on a normal night. Do not go on one of their “promo” nights. You will pay more to see less. They will also charge your girls to get in even after their so called “show” has ended. On a regular night male cover is too much but beer is reasonably priced. Girls are… Well let’s just go back to the point that, you pay too much to get in. Don’t eat the food and forget trying to talk to management. They couldn’t care less about customer satisfaction.

  30. Jason

    I am from N.Y.C. I came in the club last week to relax from a long hard business meeting. I received a dance from J.T. She does not approach you on the floor most of the time, but its worth the money if you have her dance for you. I will definately be back to see her.

  31. Great time

    Good quality club

  32. IQ

    i don’t like this club.

  33. A ok

    NIce clean club

  34. Pretty Happy Couple

    I find that there is a wide enough variety of girls, that you’ll find something that you want to tap.

  35. AJ

    Trinity, I love you!!! I’ll be back often!!

  36. Fun

    A fun place to be. Have no complaints

  37. Jered

    this places rocks, love it,,,,and always enjoy it

  38. jeff

    thes is the best one i been to yet

  39. Jack

    A couple of friends and I tried this club out last Wednesday. We had a great server named Alissa who kept the beer flowing and steered the girls over to us. The two most impressive dancers we met were Lynn and Anastasia. Lynn is a gorgeous blonde who rocked her cowboy hat and boots. Anastasia was just breath-taking. The place is worth going to just for her. We plan on going back.

  40. kyle
  41. Oh yeah

    A great place to be

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