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2810 Old Montoursville Road, Montoursville, PA 17754


41.2462377, -76.9429662




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Club Fred

  1. That Guy

    no place I’d rather be

  2. wilbor
  3. Pete

    I have to agree with backwater boy. Was in a few days ago and was really disturbed by aubrey.wouldn’t even flash anything, let alone take off her thong.i’m convinced its just as crusty under the thong as it is on her face. Her girlfriend is weird,too. Jenna, I think was her name. Really tall girl with brown hair. She wouldn’t take her panties off, either and completely ignored me and my frined. Seems stuck up, plus her face is messed up. The rest of the girls there are awesome. Got a private with Marie–crazy good time. Like BWBoy said,avoid aubrey at all costs–her and jenna seem out to get your money and leave you at the curb.Really violent girls,too. Watched them beat the crap out of some poor guy at the pole. It’s just wrong. Overall, freds is great when you take those two out of the equation.

  4. Justvisiting

    Very disapointing! I was just in town, it was my first time there and last.

  5. Stac
  6. M

    Mia went to another club where there are working security cameras and real bouncers. Too many people trying to get her to do extras and she isn’t into it.

  7. savlok

    was there on 5/31/19. There 6 dancers. Diamond was the best. A cuye black girl. Xixan, Saint, MaryJane and Foxy were all entertaining when dancing. the club has new tables since I was in there last. The sit 3 people and are level. allows dancers to sit or lay on table when dancing for you.. Still BYOB

  8. Big daddy
  9. ottis

    Aint no club out there better than Fred’s! Nuff said

  10. deer slayer

    This is the best place to relax after a hard week in the woods. Club Fred = A+ in my book. Great job everyone.

  11. billy joe
  12. ff85

    makes for a great night in the small towns around here

  13. kidd

    Fun place the girls are all great

  14. Jackson

    Needs to be knocked down, and start all over again.

  15. J

    Does anyone know what happened to Mia? That chick was like sex on legs!!

  16. backwater boy

    So i was in, there was a girl ,long blonde hair fat ass , i think her name was aubry, maybe. Didn’t take off her clothes, didn’t dance. she climbed on the tables and put what are supposed to be boobs in my face. They were horrible! i thought i would give her the benefit of the doubt, she told me to get a dance so i did. Oh my god! i feel cheated! biggest waste of money ever! They should really think about getting rid of her. Not only was she rude! but she took me for all my money. AVOID at ALL costs! i will walk away when she is out. All the rest of the dancers for the most part , were pleasant.

  17. watcher

    Wild J’s is hiring dancers for both day and night shifts. No House Fees – Call for details! We are open 7 days a week and have the best dancer benefits around. Stop in and check us out!

  18. steve

    it sucked no hope for this place

  19. Glenn
  20. Nick F.

    It’s a joke, the girls suck and you’d be better off driving to Reading, Harrisburg, Down Route 15, anywhere else….

  21. bob

    nice club…cheap…fun…great girls…must see

  22. frogger

    great club will be back

  23. .
  24. NA
  25. POPEYE


  26. white tail hunter

    This is the best club in central Pennsylvania. I always have a great time here.

  27. customer

    Fred is cleaning the place up. Looking good

  28. Savlok

    U can’t understand the DJ. One of the girls had a little attitude at first, but mellowed later on. The barmaid even did some private dances. She was a fox.

  29. Tom

    Club Fred is a must see for anyone going to the Williamsport area. The dancers and staff are all very friendly. Great private dances and in general just a fun place

  30. josebabooshka

    Was in there tonight and had a real good LOOKING lineup but the sharpest girl never went totally nude. I never saw one of the girls talk to any of the patrons while not dancing. This is kind of weird but was welcome no hustling. I can’t remember the names of the girls as the DJ had a deep voice and you couldn’t understand anything he said. My friend did a private dance and said it wasn’t up to par. Some of the regulars got dances which lasted a long time, my friends was barely one song. The VIP room leaves a lot to be desired. Tall redhead was cool, oriental looking girl was hot but all show, tall blond with ANDREA tat was cool dancer but short on the private side. Brunette with pierced nipples was fun to watch but never removed bottoms. One guy next to us specifically requested it and she never came thru, could have made a pile Im sure. Older woman with saggy tits was obnoxious, we went to the john and to the bar when shr danced, real downer.

  31. billy

    been there several times,alone and with g/f’s.spent lots of money and gots lots of smiles too! always had a great time! being from ny,the byob and smoking is a nice touch.cant wait to get back there with my new bird! you listening hailey? LMAO!!

  32. big pappa smurf
  33. cson

    horrible club made me pike in my mouth a little i think i saw a grandmother dancing there

  34. Lenny
  35. David
  36. bobby
  37. DB1

    Amazing place for such a small club.

  38. Daniel Y.

    I’m my twenties I recall going to Club Fred’s quite a few times. It was BYOB and it still is I believe. It’s a hick strip club and it looks like it. Nothing too ostentatious on the outside and inside it’s a dingy post apocalyptic looking dive. There were some very hot looking ladies gracing the place for some reason. It doesn’t have a stage at least then and the DJ was Joe Dirt literally. I don’t know if they remodeled the inside in the last decade they certainly didn’t give the exterior a face lift. The reason for going to a strip club is to see attractive women dance undress and pretend to be attracted to you as long as you keep slipping bills into their garter as you should. Your getting exactly what your paying for. Being a stripper is a lot more honest then some occupations out there when it comes down to it. That’s why I’m giving it 4 stars.

  39. Mitch

    Nice club but need a good remodeling. Most of the girls are great. I wanted to get a dance the dj told me to see the bartender. it was hard to find her because she was always out roaming around. When I did find her she acted rude. I paid 2 dollars for a drink and she put the money right in her tip bucket. My dance was good accept for people kept looking in on us.

  40. joey
  41. B-Man

    Great Club!!

  42. Mike & Tammy

    Club Fred is the place to be. Hot women good prices and just a lot of fun. Gotta love a good pole dance. Thanks Tori, that dance was amazing.


  43. al
  44. regular
  45. guest
  46. bill
  47. Jack
  48. paul

    always have a good time when i go here

  49. Yellowboy
  50. tommy
  51. marc
  52. Brian

    I was at Club Fred last week and I have a feww things I woild like to say and hopefully geeeet discussed. The owner needss to use some of his profit to make the club nicer. broken red dining tabless arranged in a rectangle around an approximate 8 ft pool is embarrassing and doesn’t make an appealing atmosphere. I’m not saying you need to remodel the entiree building even though thats not a bad ideraa but juust fix the main attration area up with is the dancefloor.

    Thank You

  53. No Name
  54. Mike

    VERY VERY VERY BORING!!! Never Again….Road Trip!!

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