Ugly Duck Extrmem Spor-B-Grille



3331 Lincoln Way East, Wooster, OH 44691


40.7954338, -81.9002033




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Ugly Duck Extrmem Spor-B-Grille

  1. jose peppers
  2. luxxie

    i love this place i have a alot of people tell me it’s a dive but honestly i’d have to say it’s mso not. the girls are nice they dont push themselves too much and they have a good time. i freaking love electra and they were a few other girls that knew how to work it but they have left. i think this place has great potential and i believe i may work there one day soon. we’ll bring in the boys; girls haha

  3. bobby
  4. bob
  5. Hefe

    Best girls I’ve met hands down.

  6. joe blow
  7. Bob M.

    Not very a very big space, but the pizza special was a great deal on Thursday. Good flavor and crust also. Beer is priced average. Small dance floor and one pool table. A couple of TV’s abound around the space. Best sports bar in Wooster, but it is nothing that special.

  8. To comment below

    You say that you came in and had free sex and got an std you are seriously mistaking Ive been there for over 7 years and I honestly can say that you are lying. Try your crap with another club!!!

  9. Pete

    this place sucks

  10. Anthony

    cost too much to get in

  11. bob johnson

    Last time I went here I got molluscum contagiosum and Hepatitis C. Be careful boys. The BBFS was not worth it!!!!

  12. Jason

    Great Club

  13. i had free sex

    and got STDs

  14. Mr. Jones

    This club is great, worth the trip for anybody. beautiful women, and friendly to boot. just outstanding.

  15. Kenneth M. Craddock II

    I visted the club for the first time on 7/11/07 and was quite impressed. The VIP Dances were excellent and received the last one; I enjoyed it very much. I can’t wait til I make the next visit to Club Bacchus.

  16. Club Bacchus

    Nearly 12 years after it opened, Wayne County’s first gentlemen’s club is closing for good! Never fear though its reopening as The Ugly Duck Extreme Spor-B-Grille.. Come SEE US!

  17. TED


  18. the boys

    We love it. Never have we complained about anything.

  19. sammy
  20. Don

    I visited the club for the first time early last night. I was the first and only customer there at the time. Three of the four dancers showered me with attention, sharing a booth with me. The girls there were Daphne, Aurora, Electra and Paige. All were local Wooster area girls and were very attractive.

    Paige was the friendliest, spending all her non-dancing time with me at my booth. She invited me to go to a VIP room for a private dance but was not obnoxious or pushy at all. It appears that Paige may have recently had a baby as she has a flabby tummy. She will no doubt lose the tummy with a bit of time. Otherwise, she was quite pretty. When she danced, I tipped her, $1.00, and for that she buried my face between her firm boobs with giant brown nipples and rubbed those smooth little girls generously over my forehead, in my eyes, over my nose while breathing warmly into my ears. I got the same treatment from Aurora and Daphne when they danced with their own little variations.

    Daphne is a sweet, cute little blonde with short hair. She is tiny, and that includes her breasts. But they are firm and perky and are topped off with delicate, pink, silver-dollar size nipples. She has the best ass of any of the girls, just a perfectly smooth, round little bubble-butt.

    Aurora is a little goddess. She has a perfect, olive-skinned body, everything proportioned just right. Her skin is tight and absolutely flawless. Her perfect tits have perky little brown nipples which she loves to kneed and squeeze when she is dancing. They really stand up and salute. Her brown hair with blonde highlights cascades down to her shoulders in gorgeous ringlets. She is, hands down, the prettiest among a group of pretty dancers. There were no dogs.

    I didn’t get to meet Electra, who doubled as the DJ while I was there, but she also had a terrific little body.

    The $10.00 cover was reasonable. Soft drinks were free. If you want alcohol you may bring your own. There was no hassling from the girls to buy them overpriced drinks as there is in so many clubs, since nobody pays for drinks. What a deal. There is no food service, which is fine since I don’t think many guys go to a strip club for the food.

    Private dances were offered for $8.00 and $25.00 took you to one of the private VIP rooms. If you purchase four consecutive VIP dances from the same girl you get a fifth one free. Customers are strictly forbidden from touching the dancers, but man, the girls make up for it by generously rubbing those twins all over your face. I love this place and plan to return often.

    These girls are literally, the girls next door. Aurora and Daphne are only nineteen and Paige is probably just a year or two older. One of the girls was working on stuff for her church in her spare time. How real can you get?

  21. Big Daddy D

    A great club with beautiful ladies. Karma is the show stopper. The hottest amoung many hot young ladies. She’s great.

  22. outlawfan
  23. Rheia

    I loved Club Bacchus it was my first club to ever work at.Everyone was like my family and i still try to keep intouch as much as possible. I honestly don’t believe i will ever find another club like Bacchus.

  24. Da Man
  25. COUPLE

    overall, this is a good clean club….. the girls have the potential to be great dancers… They do the best they can with the place they have to work with… there is no originality, they all do the same things when they dance… The seating in the club needs some work… It could be so much nicer. However, it is not a bad place…. Dont get us wrong, we had a good time, the club is nice, but it could be so much more… However, we will definately go back.

  26. Carl

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