New Solid Gold



7175 Blanding Boulevard, Jacksonville, FL 32244


30.217463, -81.736374




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “New Solid Gold

  1. Zack

    The club has a lot of talent and i can definitely say the one with the most number of girls on any given night

  2. brad

    this club always have new talents. most of the girls are pretty hot. i only saw a few out of shape girls.but overall this club kicks ass.

  3. jack

    best looking dancers in town

  4. randy

    lots of hot ladies. had a lot of fun

  5. james1412

    Love this bar the atmosphere is nice. The staff is friendly and welcoming. The girls are beautiful, and the drinks are flawless. I went there on a what the dancers would call a “dead” night and still had a amazing time. I’d chose this bar over Blue angels and flash dancers.I will definitely be returning.-camy

  6. dan

    GREAT CLUB. They have a lot of hot dancers and the place is laid back.

  7. badboyz

    me and the fellaz were there last night.This is the best titty bar in town by far. beautiful girls . much better than the junkie club sinsations over on crack town

  8. mac

    By far the best nude bar in town. It is clean,professional,lots of good looking girls and fun environment. Now if you are looking to buy drugs or hookers call wes or tim at sinssations they will be happy to assist you with all your needs.

  9. derik

    not bad club at all.i will be back when i get my paycheck

  10. Good Times
  11. bree

    i used to work at this club,if you want to dance nude in jacksonville this is the only place worth working at

  12. pafam

    Don’t judge a book by it’s cover… or even the first few chapters… so basically, the place looks like a dump from the outside… I go in and the first 2 girls I see are too big to be stripping, and not even attractive… so not a good start (the $7 Iced tea didn’t help either)… but then the stage rotation started getting better, girls were getting hotter… and there were some drop dead gorgeous girls after all… then I met Marie, a tall gorgeous dancer, terrific body, talked a little then went for a dance… WOW… the dance cost $25, but was well worth it… quick run down, fully nude dance, allowed to touch, there was fingering, licking my neck and ears, biting my nipples, the dry hump equivilent of a BJ, pussy and ass right in my face… and all that incorporated into a 2nd dance… so what started out as a head scratcher ended greatly… overall, a nice spot, I’ll definitely goto again.

  13. Best

    dancers in the city

  14. cori

    its definitely a great club. They dont just have good looking girls they are also friendly. I like the atmosphere in this place, it is not too big nor too small and that creates a very cozy environment with bunch of hot girls. I recommend sasha, jenna and angel for private dances.

  15. Moonshadow

    Great Club. The Ladies ( Dancers AND Barmaids) are hot and very friendly. Highly recomended!.

  16. amy

    ths is the best club to dance in is very professional,has good clients and got good first year i made over 100k. come and see me i work night shift

  17. t

    love this club

  18. john

    great club. it came highly recommended and they are right. this place has lots of hot girls

  19. Scioneer

    If the city of Jacksonville closes this place because of a school that isn’t anywhere around the club, I’m going to cancel my plans to move back to Jacksonville and direct my job hunt elsewhere. I used to like Jacksonville but now due to some recent changes, I’m losing my patients with the town and the plan to stamp out these clubs will be the last straw.

  20. enrico

    great atmosphere. i will definitely come back

  21. AssnTits5

    Took my sister here for her birthday. About 5 of us went. It cost 8 dollars just to get in and then you must buy a drink. Okay. Maybe this is standard for a strip club. Well, there were only three dancers there and the dj was basically yelling at them to get on stage. No one was on either of the three stages. People were there drinking but there were literally no dancers. What’s sadder than going to a strip club? Going to a strip club that takes your money and literally doesn’t have dancers. We left before our drinks were finished. It was so bad.

  22. Travelin' Guy

    So I went here because of the high rating. When I get there, I’m going really? This place is kind of a dump from the outside and there weren’t many cars there, however it was Wednesday. The inside is nothing special, kinda of small, and they are full nude, so no alcohol. But there were definitely some very hot girls, I was quite surprised. There was a good variety and I got great dances from Olivia and Molly. Unfortunately I ran into Molly after I spent most of my money, because I would have been with her A LOT longer. Go check this place out!!

  23. ???
  24. ray

    only strip club in town that delivers great atmosphere and good looking girls. Night time on new solid gold is definitely a place to be.

  25. JBoy
  26. blake

    day and night shift are great,tho i prefer day because its fun but still laid back,nights has better music playing..most of the time dayshift sounds like my grandmas house….but the girls make up for it! my favorites are wendy and eve!!! check em out!

  27. steve

    fantastic place i was there last friday night.They had 32 night girls and every one of them were hot.i dropped $500 that nihgt .as soon as i get paid i will be back over there. trust me guys, if you wanna see the best in jacksonville ,new solid gold is the place to be.

  28. KYLE


  29. dalton smith

    soo guys i went to solid gold a few night ago for the first time.i meet this girl ”rose”shes from russia shes fuckin hot she’s this petite green eyed beauty..i usualy dont get dances but she asked me n for some reason i agrres i stayed back in vip for 13 songs that woman is fuckin hot smells great n gave me the best dance i ever had…i’ll me in jax again in a few weeks n i will definetly go see guys have to go check her out she’s fuckin amazing

  30. scott

    good club with pretty girls

  31. terry

    i love the way they decorated this place for halloween. it s pretty cool

  32. Me!!

    I went there last weekend and spent alot of money on several ladies my favorites were Crista, Brooke, Marie, Rosie and Megan just to name a few. Everyone of them made me feel welcome… will be back to see them next weekend thanks for showing me a good time!!!!!

  33. MikeO

    Went 8/22/09. Not crowded at all. There were at least 15 girls with most very good looking and in shape.

  34. Andrew

    Great club with lots of sexy dancers.

  35. jeff

    Me and my buddies were there last thursday.They had 21 hot girls.This place rocks.The only thing i did not like was when they get busy they crank up the music little too loud but overall pretty good club.

  36. m

    Decent favorite dancers are nicole,jennifer and marie.they really do have tons of hot chicks.

  37. eric

    i like going this place because they always have plenty of good looking dancers. most of these girls are friendly.some times especially on weekends it gets to be little crowded but it is still fun.i personally think this club is the best in jax.

  38. jada

    me and my husband go to solid gold at least twice a month.they have a lot of gourgeous girls. i like marie,tracie,mariah and eve. definitely the best nude bar in jacksonville.

  39. Booth
  40. didi

    i love this place

  41. gene

    good looking girls,friendly staff, i am definitely going back again

  42. chris

    FANTASTIC PLACE. The best damn tity bar in town.

  43. JG

    This is my third trip to SG in a year and this one was memorable. The best girl of the night was Megan, a very voluptuous, well-build 20 year old. She is definitely a top quality entertainer who had the best stage show of all the girls. While the other girls basically danced around the pole, Megan did some tricks I hadn’t seen in a long time. Every time she came up, I gladly gave my 5 bucks to see her nude. I received 8 LDs from her by the end of the night. She was smashing atoms on my lap while providing a beautiful smile the whole time. She’s very intellectual and provided some good conversation between dances. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a gorgeous young lady with a great personality. I did get a few great dances from a short Hispanic girl who was drag’in wag’in but she was all business and not much personality. A Belorussian blond tried extremely hard to give me a LD but I just wasn’t into her.

    As many of the reviews have stated, the club isn’t much. There are some good looking gals ranging from 7s to 10s with bodies for different tastes. DJ really didn’t know what he was doing and had a long string of crappy songs at several points. When I go through JAX in Feb I’ll definitely visit again.

  44. ,mgi69876y


  45. ee
  46. david

    definitely a top nocth place for jax tity bar scene. i wish the old man curtis would spend money to make the place looking better. overall this is my favorite club they really have alot of good looking girls.

  47. curtis17

    Girls are sexy. Cover isn’t too bad. Topless on stage. Topless lap dances are $20. Full nude lap dances are $40. Hungarian dancer Lisa is gorgeous!

  48. guest

    awsome, a must see for you travelers wanting extras on day

  49. slug
  50. will

    love this place , i wish i had more money so i could go in there more often.

  51. Victoria

    my name is Victoria I worked here at the solid gold for about 6years. I stopped dancing about 2 years ago. I stopped because I have two children and being a mom is more important. But I loved this club, the staff, and the POLE. That was my thing. Man I could blow your mind, thats what I miss the most. Well life goess on but the Solid gold is a GREAT club go check it out

  52. george

    This place is absolutely the best in Jacksonville! Tons of hot girls that are simply irresistible! I will be a regular now that I have found this place, kinda small, but the quality more than makes up for it.

  53. patrick

    Decent club with bunch of hot dancers.

  54. craig

    this club has always been good to me. they do have a lot of good looking girls and they are friendly.i never had any problems at nsg.

  55. sal

    decent club with good looking chicks

  56. marc

    i dont know who rose is but my three favorite dancers are Marie,Tracie & Stephanie. they are smoking hot.

  57. Mike G.

    Best Club In Town !!!!!! best regard’s to the Crew and ROCK, the!! Maneger….

  58. Big Bob

    Went last night with my buddies and we had a blast ! Girls are terrific !

  59. guess who

    I love working at this club. My favorite thing other than the girls is Rock. He’s so nice and always fair. Now if only he would give me a certain day off. Just Kidding. But seriously, if you want to come in and have fun in a relaxing environment this is definitely the one and only place to go. You really won’t be disappointed. Afterall our club is number one for a reason!!!!!!

  60. jake

    i was there last night for new years eve thank god i finally find a tity bar that has goodlooking girls.

  61. ken

    i really like this club because they have alot of nice looking ladies.i been living in jax about 5 years and i frequently go to strip clubs but this club is consistently have alot of good looking girls regardless of what day it is. most of the other clubs may have 4 to 8 girls on week days while this club has 15 to 20 .and that makes a big difference for me because i dont like to go out on weekends. also this club doesnt look much from the outside but the atmosphere is pretty decent for jax standards .this club is also the biggest nude bar in town i definitely recommend this club to anybody who wants to try out the strip club scene in jax.

  62. LI Boy

    Great club, I will be back. Like walkin into a hot soriety party.

  63. THANKS

    just came home from iraq.i wanted some excitement in my life after 20 months of deployment.i heard alot of good things about this club. most of the good things i heard is true. one of the few down falls was they dont serve alcohol so me and my crew had to step outside plenty of times.oh they also close at 2 am . where i come from bars are open till at least 5 am. but overall it was a very pleasant experience. i ll definitely go back .

  64. eliminator

    this place looks old from the outside but holly crap they got some hot ass girls working there. most of the clubs have one or two but this place has more than least thats what i counted.

    most of the girls are really nice to talk to also.

    overall i was suprised with the high caliber girls in there.

    definitely worth going back

  65. KALLIE

    I used to dance at NSG. I love this club.Everybody is so nice and friendly.I had to ouit because my husband got relocated to maine.If i ever move back to jacksonville this is the only place i will work is the only professional club in town. Oh i saw their new commercial on TV it looked pretty cool check it out guys. love11111

  66. dave

    beauiful girls

  67. D

    i used to work at this club untill i got pregnant.Let me tell you girls this is the best club to work in jacksonville. They got great guys like Rock and Mike D makes this place a fun and professional environment.In the past year i have made so much money that i am taking 5 months off for the pregnancy with no financial problems. I should be back at the new solid gold by this may or june. Girls if you want to make $$$$$$ and want a drug free fun environment this is the place to be. I ll see you all this summer love D.

  68. j

    i love the variety of girls but they need couple asian girls .good club overall

  69. ana

    I love this club. me and my husband go there at least twice a month and let me tell you this club is the bomb for couples who is looking for a great time.almost all the girls are hot and they are is laid back and it feels safe in wont see any drunk or messed up people because this place caters to clean cut really is a fun place.

  70. mark

    by far the best strip club in jax. beautiful women,great atmosphere and excellent vips. definitely worth checking it out.

  71. TJ

    definitely a better club then alot of places in jacksonville and the girls are pretty hot.I felt like a kid in a candy store. I have never seen alot of hot girls under one roof.Whoever is doing the hiring got a good taste.A must see place.

  72. craig t.

    i love this club. i been going there since 2002 and let me tell you solid gold is the best in jax by far. they always got bunch of pretty girls.of course their prices are little high but what can i say: you get what you pay for.

  73. mike

    great club. they got a new hot blonde name april .just bought $100 worth of dances she is definitely hot for a new comer.

  74. James

    Some of by buddies and I came in and had a blast the night before they left Basic Training, we had a blast and were talking about it all night and the next day, I’ll definetly be coming back as soon as I can!

  75. Gil

    Was in Sat night. Thought the club was over rated.


    I was at this club 2 days ago and i sincerely like this club.They have the best line up in jacksonville.Girls are not just pretty also they are very friendly. I also met the guy who is running the place and told him about my positive experience and he gave me a FREE SOLID GOLD HAT.I will definitely go back.

  77. matt d.

    it s a fun place. i had a good time last week.definitely a lot of good looking girls. this place is little expensive but it s worth it for the most part.worth checking it out.

  78. Capt. C

    The Girls are hot. Fun place to go.

  79. jay

    i just turn 18 and celebrated my birthday on stage at the solid gold.i have never seen so many good looking girls.i felt like a kid in the candy store. i definitely recommend cindy for private dances. see you all next week at the NSG.

  80. jayz

    greeeat place to be much better than doll house or jrs

  81. GIGI


  82. tony

    this place rocks

  83. john madden
  84. Diggs

    very professional

  85. cat d

    decent club with lots of hot girls.

  86. Kristen

    Me and my husband went in there and had an absolute blast. The ladies were not only hot, but very friendly. They also had a a pretty diverse group of dancers i.e. slave, babydoll, corsets, schoolgirl, etc. We’ll definitely be going back!

  87. Rayan

    I worked at this club for a year and a half as a bartender and dancer untill I had to move out of state in November of 07. I miss this place so much! The management is wonderful and I miss Rock so much! They treat you how you want to be treated. The girls are awesome, just like most places you have your hoes and cunts, but this club only has very few. Most the girls are beautiful and extreamly friendly. Like I have said before they are wonderful. The money was fantastic and well worth your time if you are looking for a job!!!! When I move back to Fl you can bet I will be coming back!!!! Most deffinately the best club in Jacksonville!!!!! Love and miss you guys! Rayan!!!

  88. jason

    i love this club

  89. Rob

    This is, by far, the best club I have been in. The ladies are all great, beautiful and respectful. This club doesn’t have a pushy atmosphere and is very laid back.

  90. Sabrina

    I’m a girl, and i went with my boyfriend. it was the best thing he could of done! Kathrine is my fav!!! <3

  91. Grant

    This is terrific club !

  92. Johnni

    i thought this club was great needed a few more girls but overall pretty good

  93. ROY

    GREAT CLUB. probably the only clean and professional place in jacksonville. i recommend this club to anybody.

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