Gold Club



650 Howard St, San Francisco, CA 94105


37.7859395, -122.3996877




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Gold Club

  1. Marc

    The outside looks better than the inside, if you know what I mean. I bet ya the staff here makes less than the beggars on the street corner.

  2. texas
  3. Selective

    My opinion is going up after second visit. Upscale appearance. Nice variety of lap dance areas. Definately some hot women without the skanks you find elsewhere. Didn’t like the clothes but for what it is you get great milage with the right girl. Hustler has alot of skanky or too big girls, Centerfolds has girls that truly frighten me. So this is my new favorite in SF.

  4. Sarah

    Great Club

  5. j

    the girls are super hot and sweet. one of the nicest clubs in sf. tip nicely and be treated like royalty.

  6. Richard

    Was there last Tuesday, 9/4. The place is nice and clean. The young dancers are talented, but the Cougars kinda drag their feet to work, could invest a little more on their looks, and treat clients better. Stay away from ASIA, she will bore you with sad stories for a tip, and her $60 dance gets you little bang for your buck. Try other Deja Vu clubs in SF.

  7. G dawg

    Quality quality quality. This isn’t a sticky, dirty Broadway club. This is the real deal.

  8. sal

    Awesome, took my buddies out, we all had a fun time, the girls are hot!!!

  9. BD

    Was here last weekend & had a great time. Nice, good looking girls. Solid vibe, doesn’t feel sleazy. It’s in a different league than the other clubs in SF. I stopped coming here a while ago because it seemed like it was becoming the same as north beach clubs… I was wrong. Gold Club is the best in SF …the only Gentleman’s club.

  10. GonnaGetSome
  11. ae
  12. billy

    Been there several times when I stay at the W. Everytime i regret it, its a clean and nice club but the talent is mediocre and the ratio is AWFUL. Its way overpriced to get in and girls have to pay the same bs cover

  13. ght

    The girls here are still the hottest of all clubs in the city but the space is getting grimey. The furniture is busted, broken, cracked. The floor hosts are kind of shady. The dancers, though, make everything else worthwhile. Hot, sweet ladies.

  14. Mike
  15. ChiTownTransplant

    I really like The Gold Club (not called Centerfolds). For one thing, you don’t have to venture into the crappy neighborhoods to go there. Once inside, it’s clean, comfortable, and friendly.
    The quality of girls can vary, but of course that’s true of any club. There’s always a variety, so you’re sure to find some girls that are to your liking.
    Lap dances are $30 each in a semi-private area off to the side, or 3 for $100 upstairs in the VIP rooms. A bit pricey, yes, but unlike other clubs in the City, they don’t keep trying to squeeze more cash out of you once you buy a dance. And I have NEVER been disappointed with VIP dances. The girls will take good care of you!
    You’ll save a bit on the cover if you go early. (I think 5:00 is when it goes up.) Decent free lunch buffet and the day-shift ladies are not bad at all.
    Overall, my go-to club in SF.

  16. dickinbox

    I like this club because it isn’t as sleazy as most in sf. Also the hustle isn’t as hard, but neither is the mileage. Some good laps in the private areas, contact not full nudity. Girls are generally good, a few hot, none of the superskanks you find at lots of the other sf clubs.

  17. rlm

    i visit this club whenever i’m in san francisco. the best in the city. the girls are

    Beautiful. does julia works here anymore or someplace else? shes’s my all time


  18. xxx

    Gold Club has started to feel a lot less like a gentleman’s club and more like all the rest of clubs in SF. The girls used to take care of us, give hot dances & good company & and we’d take care of them in return. Now it seems like there are less rules, more mileage, and the nicer girls are leaving. I don’t want to bring my clients to a skanky dungeon.

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