15430 California 99, Chico, CA 95973


39.8521371, -121.9505318




8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Centerfolds

  1. Karl

    This place is the worst!!!! Dancers are not attractive and are really rude!

  2. Jack
  3. jonboy

    what a great time i had here see you soon kelly you have the best real titties ever

  4. Bubba

    this club rocks you go once you will addicted .the girls rock there friendly and nice i went it was a blast TRUST ME YOU WILL ENJOY YOUR SELF .

  5. Phil

    I had a blast. Girls were very welcoming. Go when you’re high, its twice the fun. ha

  6. Carl

    Can anyone tell me if their dances are nude during VIP, or topless?

  7. ace

    This place is great, especially Eve! If you want the best lap dance ever remember Eve! She is the hottie there.

  8. Derby


  9. Iagree

    Centerfolds all of the “veteran” dancers are awesome. Why do you keep hiring all these weird new dancers? And who the fuck let that fat bitch sky come back her pussy smells like dried blood. I reccomend you don’t get a dance from SKY she is nasty and smells like dried blood and BO. all the other girls are hot spend your money on them!

  10. Holla

    i luv u girlz u make evrynite worth comin out herr ill be back fa sho sho ya kno well any wai holla at ya boi rikki aight deuces

  11. lance

    sweet hot sexy women relly fun night thanks girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. centerfolds

    love it. could use some renovations but overall good time hot girls and free soda only way it could be better is if it was free

  13. samantha dee


  14. taj

    had fun

  15. Jim

    Rude dancers!!!!!!! It’s a whore house! If you pay more you will get lucky. If you don’t tip the whore upfront she will not take her clothe off and she will charge you for a nude dance. Stay away!!!!!

  16. Vick


  17. kickupsomemud

    cool place to hang out with the boys and look at hot chiks all night

  18. Jevon

    I was in here earlier this week and the place was cute i have a brother that owns one and his is so much better but this place did catch my eye Its small and lacks commodity but makes up for it in the toystore and dance club The dancer’s here are great they were very nice and very pretty The skills that the dancer’s have are mind blowing!!! I saw this dark haired vixen with a tattoo on her side blew my mind as well as my unsureness of the club but that being said I did have a good time i will tell my brother and we should stop up in a couple of days. One more tyhing All the dancers have their own unique personality and style. I like that.

  19. Kao

    this club is fucking awesome!and ANGEL! she took my glasses, blew on them, licked them, and then wiped it off with her tits, and she also shot her g-string at me (nice aim hehe) angel was my first lap dance, the ear thing got me melting, and the best lap dance was from lila, big ass nice tits, perfect blonde! and that booty thing is crazy that she does. Keara i think it was had the best body, most amazing lap dance, these girls were fucking hott!!! im goin back!

  20. Manny

    This is the best strip club I’ve ever been to! Atmosphere is very relaxed, but for the most part the dancers are the hottest group of women in town, I would definetly reccomend this club!

  21. Top Cat

    a good friendly club

  22. ac

    I went to centerfolds saturday night and my friend and i both had lapdances from lila. it was really fun. I would definately recommend getting a lapdance from her. it will be the best lapdance you will ever have!

  23. Vincent

    you ladies are hot hot hot and you made my night

  24. Jenna

    It sucks

  25. jerrett
  26. Trey


  27. Vince
  28. whodunit

    wow whee this club is not what i expected it was way more cool than what i thought it would be. so keep up the good work.

  29. Marty

    Kind of iffy on whether or not to visit the club with all the mixed reviews. But glad I did go. Its worth the money for sure. I have never seen so many perfect strippers ever. The place absolutely rocks and DJ keeps the place rocking. This is one of those clubs that you will have to see for yourself. Its rare to find beautiful and intellectual women to talk to at a titty bar. These hot ladies work hard to make sure that we have a good time. And boy did I ever. I hope to come back to Chico very soon. It would be worth it. So thanks Chico Centerfolds.

  30. love

    i love the ladies of centerfolds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Jery

    good times to be had with you girls only bad thing is theres no booze but still had a good ol time

  32. Dude

    Is tonight vip night? I love $10 dances.

  33. rk
  34. Eddie

    Strippers here are HIGH CLASS! We came in thinking it was a hole in a wall, considering the way this place looks inside and out, but OMG! The strippers here are high class, smart, beautiful, and awesome personalities. Place does need to be updated, and please take that advise owners. It totally fooled us. Love the strippers!

  35. jameson

    good club. cool atmosphere. great girls.

  36. Roy

    CF is a dump! Nasty!

  37. PapaDoc

    Eve will make your day i went for one lap dance and then got 3 more. kitty is also off the hook. The guy that gets to fuck her is a luck guy. I mess Jade she was the best girl.

  38. steve
  39. josh

    Wensdays Wensdays Wensdays $17 to get in but $10 lap dances thats a deal I spent $80 on this Hot Little Asian Girl were talkin 4’9″ and 85 lbs. She almost made my dick explode. and her ass her ass man. fuck, leggs, nice tits and a Beautiful facei love that Girl. Get a dance from her trust me. Eve is a close second for lap dances wow big ass tits and long leggs. I dont know if she still works there but I would put kitty in third Fuck she is Hot the Guy that gets to fuck her is the luckyst guy. If you like the freaky chicks Carmen (The girl with Glasses)is for you. She nibbled on my ear and bit my nipple I liked it alot it made my balls tingle. She takes 4th.

  40. jough

    It is the time I had in a long time

  41. Greg

    These girls are the nastiest I have ever seen in a strip club!

  42. Ray J

    Sexy can I

    Yeah, Yeahhh

    All we wanna know is….

    (Sexy can I)


    Sexy can I, just pardon my manners.

    Girl how you shake it, got a player it like (ohhhh)

    It’s a kodak moment, let me go and get my camera

    All I wanna know is, sexy can I.

    Sexy can I, hit it from the front,

    then I hit it from the back.

    know you like it like that.

    then we take it to the bed, then we take it to the floor

    then we chill for a second, then we shake that ass some more

    Sexy can I, just pardon my manners.

    Girl how you shake it, got player it like (ohhhh)

    It’s a kodak moment, let me go and get my camera

    All I wanna know is, sexy can I.

    [Yung Berg:]

    What up lil mama, it’s ya boy Youngin

    G5 dipped in louis vuitton luggage (ay)

    Gotta love it, ya boy so fly

    All the ladies go (ohhh) when a lot go by.

    Gucci on her feet, Marc Jacob on her thigh

    She wanna ride or die with ya boy in the Chi.

    That’s right, so I let her kiss the prince

    her boyfriend, she ain’t missed him since.

    [Ray J:]

    Sexy can I, just pardon my manners.

    Girl how you shake it, got a player it like (ohhhh)

    It’s a kodak moment, let me go and get my camera

    All I wanna know is, sexy can I.

    Sexy can I, keep it on the low.

    Got a girl at the crib, we can take it to the mo-mo.

    You can bring a friend, or you can ride solo.

    Let me get my camera, so we can take a photo.

    (ohh, ohh, ohh) Now go shawty, go shawty.

    Baby when we make love it’s like, (Oh, ohh, ohh)

    [Yung Berg]

    (I don’t know what your man is like but shorty all I want to know is…sexy can I.

    Sexy can I, visit you at work

    While you sliding down the pole,

    no panties, no shirt.

    Then you climb back up the pole,

    then you drop and do the splits.

    How you make that pussy talk,

    Baby damn, u is da shit

    (Oh, ohh, ohh) Now go shawty, go shawty.

    I make it rain in the club like (Oh, ohh, ohh)

    [Yung Berg]

    (I don’t know what your man is like but baby all I want to know is…Sexy can I

    Sexy can I, just pardon my manners.

    Girl how you shake it, got a player it like (ohhhh)

    It’s a kodak moment, let me go and get my camera

    All I wanna no is, sexy can I.

    [Yung Berg:]

    I don’t care who’s ya boy hittin, or who Ray Nella

    So when I give it to her, i know that she ain’t tellin’

    See i’m a go getta and she a go get it

    You already know shit

    (Sexy can I)

    Sexy can I send for you red-eye

    Fresh out the pool no towel

    just let it air dry.

    And if you ain’t f**kin’ tonight

    Man you can watch that tour bus go by


    Sexy can I, just pardon my manners.

    Girl how you shake it, got a player like (oh baby)

    It’s a kodak moment, let me go and get my camera

    All I wanna no is, sexy can I.

    Sexy can I,hit it from the front,

    then I hit it from the back.

    know you like it like that.

    then we take it to the bed, then we take it to the floor

    then we chill for a second, then were back at it for more

    Sexy can I, just pardon my manners.

    Girl how you shake it, got a player it like (ohhhh)

    It’s a kodak moment, let me go and get my camera

    All I wanna no is, sexy can I.

  43. Agree...

    and bring in some deodorant for these women as well. They need it badly!

  44. er
  45. TIM


  46. curtis17

    I’ve been to many gentleman’s clubs in my day and drove by on the way back to Corning from Chico and decided to check it out just for the fun of it. I walked into the front door and it was an Adult shop and there was no one there at the register so I just walked right into the club.Once inside I sat down at the center stage and tipped the girl and they have this weird habit of getting up and dancing on the bar once you’ve tipped them which I found a bit crazy so I got up and sat away. I walked out into the shop again because you can’t use your phone inside the club area and the woman that was supposed to be at the register walked out and decided to charge me $15 to enter or $20 to get a vip wrist band that makes your dances half price. So I walked back in after having to pay. After walking in a girl named Aila came over and we talked a little bit and she offered me a dance and I decided to take her up on her offer just to see what it was like. I got back there and they have some of the craziest policies I’ve ever heard of. Your hand must be touching the seat at all times, if your hand barely touches the dancers’ ankle apparently the big Hispanic bouncer will “yell” at you. They don’t serve alcohol and so are a nude club, but the dances are just topless (which in my opinion makes the nude designation without the alcohol a bit pointless for a “strip club”). Once your dances are over, you cannot hand the dancer money, as according to the dancer this can be mistaken for solicitation of a prostitute and so I pretty much got up and left afterwards because it cemented in my mind that this is just a horrible club. I don’t know if my race played a factor in there just for the heads up based on the demographics of the area in case it might be applicable to you. The music selection in the beginning was kind of like 90s grunge rock and it switched up into more rnb after about 30 minutes. The girls seem to be into talking to each other over near the DJ instead of really engaging patrons and there wasn’t a way to get soda seeing as the bar area isn’t staffed and there aren’t any waitresses or waiters. All in all I would say that the girls range from a 7-9 and are all Caucasian that I saw from the hour I was there. I wouldn’t go there again based off how bad the service is for one, and how unattentive the dancers are and how crappy the dance is. Especially if you are used to any clubs within the LA/SFV area but to each his own.

  47. A LocalCconcerned Fan

    Jewel is hot shit. Buy ten lap dances from her and you wont be dissapointed. Centerfolds used to be one of my favorite places to be, but lately (really recently) I have noticed that they have been hiring some not so cute girls. Are they hoping the club falls apart. Keeps the old girls. Out with the new.

  48. Thomas


  49. al

    this club is awesome.

  50. Tony

    Does Electra or Paris still work here?

  51. Terry

    There is so much beauty and talent in this place I was impressed to say the least. Keep up the good work ladies I’m coming back to centerfolds for sure and I’m bringing more friends with me.

  52. payday

    all you beezys is fine!!!!!!!!! im gunna cum thru one more tyme!!

  53. Jonathan

    Thank you Angel, you were worth the drive to Chico from Folsom. I will be back for sure. You were the only girl that talked to me without being overly pushy for dances. Which is why I bought so many from you. This is a great club with lots of talent and beautiful women. But I would recomend Angel for the lap dances. See you girls next week.

  54. Gaven

    If you love beautiful, friendly, fun women … then .. you’ll have the best time of your life at Centerfolds. Kudos to you all ladies !!!!

  55. al borlan

    cool club

  56. chaz

    fun club. lots of new faces. but still a great club. keep bringing on thebeautiful women.

  57. Buddy

    This club really stinks. Management is rude!

  58. HotInHere

    This was our first visit. We didn’t know what to expect after reading some of the reviews. We were pleasantly surprised. We were impressed with most of the dancers. Such a variety. Something to please everyone’s taste, from size, color, to skills. Most of the ladies were quite friendly. Made us feel very comfortable. Being newbies we didn’t know the protocal or etiquette to request a lap dance. Didn’t know who to ask or how to approach. Would be nice to know. Music was loud and wish they had alcohol. But we had a good time. We definitely plan on returning.

  59. Agree with Kinda

    What happened to all the sexy shapely girls? I thought I was in the wrong place when I was there last week. Whoever is doing the hiring better shape up and get better shape dancers in there

  60. Megatron

    sexy can i just pardon my manners you ladies are fine as fuck let me get 20 more dances

  61. larrythecableguy

    all hot young college women with hot tight bodies!!!!!!!! i spent my whole damn check but it was fuckin worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Ammo
  63. Jay Jay The Jet Plane

    I love this club, I love the girls. All of you with those neg. comments are the ones who are WACK! I love hanging out here with all my buddies, we always have the best of times! As a matter of fact, see you girls tonight!

  64. Satisfied

    came in a few weeks ago adn it was pretty busy all the girls are beautiful angel was amazing on the pole but where was porsha? i loved her. and rebecca? two of my favorite firls were missing. also loved jada. she was wild with the lap dances. and jewels gave me a little more than i paid for if you know what i mean. definatly coming back

  65. rogerrab2

    Messy, men’s restroom smells like Clorox bleach and is dirty, club seats are extremely uncomfortable if your are a person over 5’10” tall, vending machine looks broken, ATM machine charges you money to withdraw, so many rules that it defeats the purpose of a strip club. This is my last time going here.

  66. fakey mcfaker

    oh, fake comments get on your nerves huh? coming from a girl who dances under a fake name and simulates fake sex to earn money that means a lot. go ride a boner

  67. darnell

    good club overall. diggin the music and all the hot women that work there.

  68. Leon

    I had a good time. The girl’s are are beautiful and friendly. They seem really close to eachother which is really cool. I will be back ladies! Keep up the good work and stay beautiful!

  69. Loyal Customer

    basically some of you people need to get a life. this is not a place to come and tlak shit. these girls work their asses off and are very very beautiful (with the exception of a few that really need to lose some weight)

    Angel, your amazing on the pole. I have never seen anyone work it like you and you’re funny as hell.

    Kelly, love you. your an awesome dancer and i could stare at your tits all night long.

    Andee, baby your just beautiful. keep on working your thing.

  70. Tori

    me and my girlies had blast here. the girls are so sweet and awesome thanks ladies. it was fun here.

  71. paul

    girls are amazning. angel andy diamond jada. amazing. jewel not so hot. needs to lose some weight and take some dance lessons. get a lap dance from parker. she gives you your moneys worth. angel is the best on the pole. andy is the best on stage.

  72. David

    Highly reccomended! I had fun. First time but not the last. I will be back!

  73. George

    Jewel is hot. The end.

  74. Paulie

    Poorly managed!!!!

  75. Danny

    Holy cow I fuckin love this place!

  76. Don

    I come into this club quite often. I enjoy myself everytime. So thanks girls.

  77. Carmine

    Centerfolds SUCKS; nasry smelling dancers abound!!!!

  78. thomas jones
  79. Jade

    To the dancer’s response to Jim–Well said, girl, well said-Alot of these guys think we just show up & the $$ just falls into our laps with no effort and we both know that is definately NOT the case.

  80. Latin Lover

    Viva La Bonita

  81. Smart-mouth Dancer

    Managers – please fire me!!!!!!! I dare you!!!! Hahahahaha

  82. Arrianna and Jonny

    My boyfriend and I went for the first time on VIP night and we had a great time! All the dancers were nice!

    But Kelly was SUPER HOT AND NICE! She is a perfect 10!

  83. shelly

    This is a horrible club!

  84. Fatboy

    Centerfolds is wack!

  85. HA


  86. Jackzin

    What are the ground rules here? No touchie? Hands on the bench in the VIP room?

  87. Angel

    Yes I still work at this club.

  88. Information

    Come see us on Sundays and Wednesdays for $10.00 VIP Nights! All the lap daces you want for half the price! Just purchase a $5.00 red wristband and get all lap dances for just $10.00. That is quite a savings! So come on in and enjoy your favorite Centerfold’s dancer. Join us also every Monday night for Amatuer Night! Girls come win money prizes, Guys bring the girls for the contest! Don’t forget the weekends! Come see almost every dancer during the weekend! All the beautiful women you can handle! And last but not least don’t forget Tuesdays and Thursdays, some of our most beautiful girls work those nights! Come join us for fun and good, clean entertainment! One more thing. House Promotions go on all night! Two lap dances for $35.00 and you also receive a XXX dvd! So come out and see the beautiful women!

  89. iwannagohere

    what time is best for coming to the club how many dancers generally on the weekends/weekdays i have a bachelor party to arrange should i come here or go to the one in marysville how does this compare to that one someone let me know

  90. Robert

    this place stinks!

  91. It doesn't matter.

    Whichever OBVIOUS DANCER that is actually taking time out of their day to come here and bash your co-worker its complete bullshit! And then on top of it try to pretend like you are that dancer is even worse. It’s obviously someone that has no life BUT this life and you need to stop the childish remarks because when we find out who it is and we will find out eventually, your going to look like such a fool. Not to menchion lose your own job on top of it all. So before you do it again just stop and think about it. Is this trash talk really worth your only income, because we know its your only income because if not you would have something better to do during the day then sit your ass on the computer to make things up. Two words of wisdom for you, GROW UP! And stop being two faced. People are over it all ready. And its really starting to piss a lot of people off.

  92. Gerald

    Centerfolds needs serious improvement!!!

  93. donnie

    CF is horrible!

  94. Infogiver

    The club is fully nude but the lapdances are topless. You can get a fully nude table dance.

  95. huy
  96. fred

    hot broads all night long. best night ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. To Dancer

    What nights are you running your special??? You better be careful. You might get fired for being on this site!

  98. Mike

    Good dancer but cost to much for a lap dance by Chico Standards

  99. a

    pretty good club.

  100. JuJu

    club is dirty!!!

  101. scott

    i had fun here. thank you andy and angel. you were fun. i will be back.

  102. Marcus


  103. Arnold


  104. trooper

    good job ladies.

  105. Bob Dobbs

    I had a fantastic time tonight at this hidden jewel og chico. Best lap dance I’ve ever had. Great atmosphere, great girls. Definitely coming back.

  106. The Real Jewel

    Someone need’s to seriously grow up. Go ahead and talk all the shit you want. It show’s what kind of person you are when you have to talk about someone else to make yourself feel better.

  107. Good luck......

    ….figuring out who I am. Sadly, you will spend more time with that than you will running a decent club and establishing positive relationships with dancers and customers. Maybe YOU need to grow up.

  108. Drunk

    Wish they had alcohol that is the only downfall to the club

  109. JJ

    Centerfolds SUCKS, big time!!!

  110. Manager

    All of you are out of control. Please stay off this board or I will FIRE you all!!!! Hahahahahaha

  111. Reply to Jim

    Of course the girls wont get naked if no one is sitting at the stage. Why should we? The entrance fee you pay doesn’t go to the dancers! We don’t get paid by the hour. We get paid from tips. So Jim how about you work 8 hours and not get paid. How would you feel? You have to pay for porn so expect that you have to pay for live adult entertainment. Oh and of course you have to pay for lap dances. I don’t know of any club you can go to and get a free dance. People that come in on their birthdays don’t even get a free dance. So here’s a tip for your cheap ass. Don’t bring your broke ass to the strip club expecting the girls to shower you with affection when you can’t even give the girls the $2.00 stage minimum tip. You are so sad! Get a life! As for the girls being whores, we’re not! You’re just upset because no one would go home with you, even if you would pay us.

  112. Kenny

    Well let me tell you I didnt know what to expect when I was going to this club. The outside doesnt look very promising and its a hell of a drive getting there from Chico. The marquise outside makes you think this place is rundown and hasnt been open for a couple of years. Then you go inside and you enter the porn shop for all your toys and movies and adult fun. Then you pay your $15.00 fee which is reasonable considering they had about 14 dancers when I went in. The inside of the club is a lot better than what I thought I would see. The stage is big and the inside is roomy. Even though the chairs are uncomfortable at times. There are couches for you to sit on and those are comfortable. The girls here are beautiful and they have a great variety that work here. Some have big breasts and some have small there were a couple with obvious breast augmentation. The girls are friendly and approachable. Andy is pretty and gives a good stage show. Jasmine is a good stage show too but at times seems like she is trying too hard. Kelly is very chipper and has a great stage presence. Jordin is hot but doesnt seem happy and you can tell by her body language. Kendra said she was new and you can see that in the way she bounces around stage but she seems like she is having fun. Scarlet and Lila have the biggest “assets” in the club if you know what I mean. Deja gives a great lap dance is fun to talk to and knows how to give a damn good show on stage. Now the most fun I had was with Angel she knows how to really work the pole tricks and the stage and her lap dances are great her personality sure is fun too we sure have some interesting conversations but she kept my attention and that’s hard to do I enjoyed the laughs we shared you don’t find many dancers with a great sense of humor. I am sad that I missed Parker. She has a nice hourglass figure and some interesting tattoos. And where was Nadia and the other little on Jada they are fun to be around. Also the door guys are cool and dont seem rude at all. You will have a lot of fun here. These ladies work hard so make sure you spend money. I know I did.

  113. greatscott

    fun fun fun fun all i have to say about this club is i had fun fun fun fun. thanks.

  114. Hercules Hercules!!

    I went to this club saturday night with five dollars. I paid the cover, got 10 lapdances and a blowjob and left with $3.50. Im not saying these girls are crack-ho’s but if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, and sucks your dick for a nickel like a duck…….quack quack bitches

  115. DreamCatcher

    Thanks for another great week-end of dances, company and conversation.

  116. Kinda

    There needs to be some shedding of pounds in this place. I agree that there are different strokes for different folks but this place needs a Jenny Kraig seminar. Dont waste your time unless you like the big, sloppy ones.

  117. afc

    i have been to this club with my friend five times in the past 3 months. i have had lap dances from, lila, angel, desi, andi, kelly, emmie, and jada. they were all great i would definately recommend this club.

  118. Pimp

    Hey, I am Jewel’s pimp. She may be a nasty skank whore. I will not deny that. But she is also a dumb ass, so please leave her alone.

  119. Sandy

    Mostly hot dancers.

  120. Terrance

    much overrated

  121. Tommy

    Gorgeous women all night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be back for some more dances!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  122. Darryl

    SO many FUCKING HOT women i didnt know where 2 go first the stage or 2 the lap dances BOTH are worth ALL OF YOUR MONEY$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  123. Jason


  124. Hate

    So i find it amusing that you guys actually refer to yourselves as “dancers”. honestly humping the stage isn’t a form of dancing in my opinion. You all think you are hot shit when in reality your not. Guys dont look at you and think “oh shes a stripper, thats hot”. They look at you and think “oh shes a stripper, she will probably suck my dick for a dollar”. Now im not saying that all strippers are dirty whores im just saying thats how most guys look at you. i just dont see how you think it makes you cooler then the rest of us. it doesnt. get over yourself.

  125. gary

    cool chiks work here

  126. Jimmy

    Thanks for a good time as usual. Great club and hot women. Not bad for you being out in the middle of nowhere. I will be back again. I think I’m becoming a regular. Thanks again girls.

  127. Old Italian Gent

    First time been in this place, not very impressive facility. Girls were friendly and nice, a little pushy though. Naomi was wonderful with her “girl next door” good looks and friendly attitude, and great grinding lapdance. Thanks, maybe we’ll see you in Laguna! Misty was “cute as a button”, thank you! Rest of the girls were pretty average. Tiny Asian girls who look thirteen need to find some other employment, unless there are guys who like looking at type of thing. Entertaining to say the least, I would probably go back.

  128. sam

    pretty desent club,i will definatly go back.

  129. Tom

    Does anyone know if Angel still works at Centerfolds? I haven’t been to the club fo about six months now. I loved her stages and her amazing lap dances! She is my only reason for wanting to go back. Someone let me know. Tell her Tom from Maui is back in town! I would appreciate it.

  130. TahoeMan

    I got a lapdance from all of the ladies. They were all wonderful dancers and extremely pleasant to look at. My favorite of the night was Angel she took almost all of my money. I will be back in town sometime next year. I hope you ladies will still be here. You all made it worth being in Chico.

  131. Hey

    Great club!

  132. Dancer

    We are located at 15430 Hwy 99 Chico, CA 95973



    Call us for bachelor parties, birthdays, and events!!!

    You must be 18 years of age or older with proof of age!!!

    Fully nude club!!!

    Wed. and Sun. $10.00 VIP Dances

    (with purchase of $5.00 wristband)



    SUN 11AM TO 2AM



    To the stupid poster below, you need to grow up and quit posting CRAP on this clubs and the other clubs REVIEWS! GROW UP!

  134. Ty

    I love you Jewel. Don’t pay any attention to the negative posts!

  135. BigPapa

    I came in Tuesday and Wednesday. Awesome club and beautiful girls! Thanks for a fun night girls. I’ll be back.

  136. I had fun

    I had fun. Wish they had alcohol though. But I did see a lot of beautiful naked women. Dances are worth the twenty dollars. And if you go to Centerfolds get the house promotion. I got a free dvd. I like it. The cover charge is pretty steep. But in the end it is worth it. And there should be more variety of music. I dont know if dancers choose or if the dj does. All in all I had a great time. Thanks girls you all made it worth my time.

  137. Centerfold’s Staff

    Come in and see all of the beautiful women dancing from 7:30 pm until 2:00 am. We have a good variety of dancers. Everyone will leave happy. Don’t forget Sunday nights are VIP nights! On VIP Nights you get $10.00 dances all night if you purchase the VIP wristband for an additional $7.00. Monday night is Amateur night, which is out audition night. We still have the regular dancers here dancing that night. We are always hiring! Lap Dances are 2 for $30 on Thursdays. Ask about our stage shows for Bachelor/Bachelorette/Birthday/Divorce Parties. We’re open every night, except for Tuesday’s. Call us for more information about our Adult Store and Club.

  138. redrum

    we love this place and the hot girls that work here keep on working hard you girls are hella cool

  139. hi

    smoking hot girls. thanks for the dances. i am gunna come back fo sho.

  140. TEAM JEWEL!

    Someone is still living in high school…. considering you graduated 3 years ago you might want to consider a reality check. Its obvious who you are, and you should be concerned with loosing your job because we all know this is as far as you are going to come in life. You will not amount to anything but a stripping shit talker. Atleast most of the girls out there have ambition and talent. They have a future. So before you go and loose the only place that will hire you, you might want to think twice about what your doing.

    Obviously the only reason why you are insulting Jewel is because she has more talent then you. Your afraid she is going to outshine you. And of course she already does, so you have to resort to high school drama in order to make her look bad. We all know the truth though. So you can talk all the shit you want, we know how amazing Jewel is so no matter what you say she is STILL going to do better then you.

    Sleep on that. Go ahead insult her more. See if it even effects how well she does, because you know it wont. The only thing it does is make you look pathetic.

  141. the writer

    the best danm line i ever saw in one club all were just sexy and the way they move you will love it

  142. peter

    HEY SEXY LADIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for a great night with so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im gonna swing back by in a few weeks when work isnt hectic. thanks again for making my week!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  143. nunya

    Hey this is a place to review the club not to hate on the girls working here. Grow up you little girls!!!!! There is no reason to make this place seem full of immature dancers. Hey guys this is a fun place to be full of beautiful women and great lapdances. And to the little girl that can’t grow up and stop running her mouth obcviously still hasnt graduated high school. The dancers will show you a good time and make sure that you’re having fun. So come in and see for yourself the club. Don’t pay attention to the negative comments posted by that girl who keeps posting as a guy. Maybe she didnt get a job as a dancer here so she posts negative comments as revenge. Well we hope to see you out there.

  144. Money


  145. gerry

    i always have fun here. thank you tyler, stacy and angel.

  146. Haley

    thanks girls me and my fiance had a blast. thank you angel you are awesome. tyler love the tats and great boobs. can someone remind of the asian girls name? i think it was jada? she was really petite but she was hot she really knows how to move. i have to get a lap dance from her next time.

  147. Brent

    I went to CF last night and must say that it was not very fun. A few cute girls but not a good atmosphere. After going in, I agree with the comments about the bad management.

  148. Response to Paul

    Thank’s Paul. I will remember to lose the weight and get some dance lesson’s. I appreciate the critique.

  149. Wesley

    Centerfolds needs to install showers for the ladies and require then to be used B4 the ladies start work. Some of them smell like rotten eggs!

  150. James

    This club SUCKS ASS!

  151. Tiffaney

    Angel u are sooooooo awesome!!!!! ii love watchiing u on stage!!!! ii have sooooo much fun when iim here iill b back 4 sure!!!!!! u are soooooooo hott!!!!!

  152. joe

    I Went to chico centerfolds the other night and had a great time.. Jasmine, andy, jewel and eve were phenomenal!!! Loved it when they went on stage and the lap dances were even better!!!!those girls sure know how to show a guy a great time!

  153. teritup

    sweet ladies and hot women damn i could not ask for more im comin back 4 sure hit me up when i come back in girls

  154. jared

    alot of fun times at this place. i havent been here for about 8 months. things sure have changed. lots and lots of new faces. which is cool. i have fun when im back in town. thanks to the ladies that actually sat and talked with me. ill be back in a couple months. hope some of you stick around. thanks again beautiful women of chico centerfolds. you guys fucking rock!!!!!!!!!!!

  155. Richard
  156. jhon
  157. Johnny


  158. tom roberts

    rebecca and electra are awesome!

  159. Will

    Had a great time for my bachelor party

  160. John

    Some of the ladies are beautiful. Then you have a couple that you wonder how they got a job. But the atmosphere was great. The dj, his name was chris or something needs to be more energetic. They say a lot of the same anouncements for a majority of the girls. “The gorgeous, the incredible, the unbelievable, etc.” Don’t build the girl up if she looks like a hyena. You get us excited and then we get let down. So if they’re hot say so and if not, don’t build them up as much. Other than that good club.

  161. Russell

    Girls were nice for the most part. Desi was a straight up money grubbin bitch! I didn’t want a dance, so she became rude. Even after I had tipped her over $20.00 on stage. All the other ones were ok. If you get a lap dance from the girl in the glasses. She will do more than what you pay for. 🙂

  162. Tod

    I had a wonderful time here. I will be back for sure.

  163. Kidd

    Centerfolds is overrated. I went tonight and was not impressed at all.

  164. ogre

    money well spent

  165. Centerfold's Dancer

    Hey boys. Come in and see all of the beautiful women dancing from 8:00 pm until 2:00 am. We have a good variety of dancers. So everyone will leave happy. Don’t forget Sunday and Wednesday nights are VIP nights, meaning you get $10.00 dances all night if you purchase the red wristband for an additional $5.00. Monday night is Amatuer night, meaning if there are three ladies that are going to do the contest and a good amount of people in the audience we will have the amatuer contest, if not you still have the regular dancers here to entertain you. PS Ladies come in for amatuer night, it is so much fun, and there is always money here for you, you get tipped on stage and even if there is even only 1 or 2 of you you still get paid!!!!! So come in and see us!!!!

  166. Hal


  167. Dan

    Centerfolds in Chico You Fucking Rock!!!!!!! Love all of the dancers!!!!!!!!!!! Some of the best damn looking women ever in a strip club!!!!! I am coming back again and again and again!!!!! Thanks for the awesome time!!!!!!!!

  168. PAT
  169. Daniel

    I had a great time. The girls are friendly and really hot. I will be back for sure.

  170. Jerome

    wow, this place is managed really poorly!!!

  171. dirtygirl1

    this place is awesome…

  172. huge hefner

    i was getting a lapdance from Jewel the other day and i noticed halfway through the first song that her boner was rubbing against mine. she should really tuck that thing back when shes giving lapdances.

  173. Mrs George
  174. mike jones

    would have been a better night if andy was’nt there, selling her mouth. nasty bitch..

  175. carlo

    management sucks!!!

  176. Michael

    This club is awesome, I fell in the love the first time I went in and have been back with friends many times. I brought I friend in for his Bachelor party and in two months he’s returning the favor.

  177. Koren

    This club sucks!!!

  178. Jewel
  179. bill

    Just went to Centerfolds for the first time last night. 12 dancers working and although there were many chubby ones, there were some definite standouts. Eve, Angel and Jasmine are HOT HOT HOT! The lapdances with Eve and Angel were so great I had three from each. No contact at the stage, unlike other clubs i’ve been too, so I was in the VIP room as much as i could afford.

  180. $$$3EE

    Parker, Kelly, miss you much! cum get me when i visit you ladies again so we could have some fun lapdances!!! <3 ,]

  181. Jon

    Where did all of the double trouble girls go?

  182. iluvdemgirls

    hot hot hot girls. smokin bodies hot girls. love this place. you all know how to dance. keep up the good work boos.

  183. Reply

    Ok, sounds great. Iwill check it out this weekend.

  184. Comet

    I had to write and say I enjoyed my experience yesterday. It’s a fun place that doesn’t take itself too seriously. The quality of the girls was amazing and there’s one for every kind of taste. My only issue is that some of the girls weren’t as pushy enough to come ask if we wanted a dance. Given the discount price on sunday nights, no girl that asked was refused at least one dance. Value for the dollar is very high here. Good place to chill with friends and meet some lovely ladies.

  185. Justn

    This club really, really sucks!!!!

  186. Jay

    My wife got a lap dance from a beautiful blond, but the blond wasn’t into it. 2nd dance with tall brunette was incredible, after dance they held hands, and acted like high School sweethearts, the dance that followed was much more than a lap dance.

  187. diddy

    great time as usual. see ya soon ladies.

  188. Impressed

    Me and some friends visited Chico this past week. Centerfolds ROCKS! From the time you walk in beautiful barely dressed ladies, with awesome attitudes greet and take care of you. gotta love all of those HOT brunettes nice place & even nicer girls. When me and my friends go out to party, we like to spend money and have fun. this place was worth the money and then some. i’ll be back with more friends ladies.

  189. Ned

    I could deal with the lack of education there girls have if they were attractive but — no such luck.

  190. Seth

    you ladies are nasty, nasty, nasty; you ruined my evening!

  191. Geremy(PussyGamesChamp)

    Excellent Environment! Excellent Everything Really! Hospitality was another EXCELLENT!!! Shout outs to Misty and Angel. Yall doin’ your thing girls and thank you for being so kind and hospitable. You girls are excellent and my whole crew thanks you!

  192. Dave


  193. to Jewel

    Sorry to hear about your ass herpes. Hope you feel better soon!!! Luv ya!

  194. i_8_ur_wife33

    WE was there this past wen. night.The music was great.Some of the dancers was beyond great this blonde was beautiful and also gave good couch dances.And for the guys talking about odors this lady was clean and had a very nice scent to her.there was a dark haird dancer with a harley kinda tat on her back that was drop dead beautiful she was a great dancer.but there was about 3 dancers there that looked like they hated being on stage never smileing what so of them had one thing that I guess she thought was sexy that wasnt.She would lay on her back and shake her legs but wasnt giveing anyone any looks or views of her pretty much she was aweful.but the ones that liked there jobs and was showing it well made up for the bad for the club most things was nice the bathroom could have been kept in better shape but nothing major.

  195. sean

    friendly atmosphere great girls fun club thanks

  196. Monica

    I had fun her on fri. the girls hanging out with me kept me laughing. But they told me about some of the guys that were mean to them. You guys ever stop to think, that these ladies are just laughing at you when they go in back because the guys are the ones paying the girls to get naked? They are the ones with the power in this situation. If you dislike women so much that you get off degrading them, you may want to deal with some of your own personal issues.

  197. Kevin


  198. Rain

    Great Club, had alot of fun. Jasmine is fucking awsome, thanks to her for my first lap dance ever, and for being so nice. All of the girls were hot. I want to go back.

  199. Billy

    A few of the dancers were rude but lots of talent here. Luckily more of the dancers seemed to be down to earth people. Tipped one lady quite a bit to have here pay attention to an older man that wasn’t tipping didn’t really understand that. Young guys have money too. All the ladies were beautiful but some needed to smile more. Sorry but when you walk up to me and say you want a dance like your pissed I am going to say no everytime. Kelly is amazing smiles all the time great dancer she made the night for me thats for sure.

  200. Ben

    I had alot of fun I just wish that we could hold the girls But it was worth it in the end I spent all my $$$$ on this hotttttt brunette Cant remember her name she was petite and tan and had a nice midsection Go to Centerfolds it is worth the money Dont be a cheap ass

  201. Darren

    This place really, really sucks!

  202. nick hagan

    club has very cute girls and their nice.


    This is one of the few clubs where you can get a dance from a tall girl, short girl, thick girl, thin girl, blonde, brunette, red head, a chick with short hair and small tits , a chick with long hair and big tits, a girl with a big ass, a girl with a six pack, a white girl, a hot latin mami, a petite asian, ALL in ONE NIGHT!

  204. walter


  205. ladd
  206. DexterRexter

    Been to a LOT of clubs over the years, ranging from high end to crappy, but this was by far the worst. The entrance is through the adult shop, but the “club” looks like an old dive bar that was converted to a strip club, but the conversion was never actually finished. There’s zero bottle service, or any kind of service. You can’t even get a soda, except from the vending machine, IF it’s not broken. Supposed to be a nude club since it’s non alcoholic, but the dances are only topless, unless u get a “table dance”, of which there’s only one table, so if another patron is using it you have to wait. The tables & chairs are tiny & uncomfortable, like they came from an elementary school. They literally let ANYONE dance there. I’ve seen an 8 month pregnant girl before. HUGE turnoff. Another girl had dreads & smelled like a dump truck & was always scratching herself…not exactly what you’d want all over you. The rest of the girls looked frumpy or like crackheads, like they let themselves go, minus 2 or 3 that actually looked clean & decently hot. I would never recommend this place. I would drive to Sacramento, stockton, SF, LA, Reno…anywhere else for service & dances. The owner must not give a f about this place. Seems more interested in taking ppls money than investing any on renovations & improvements. At the very LEAST screen the girls! It’s worth the time & money to go somewhere else. For being the only strip joint in college town Chico, it could be SO much better!

  207. Randy

    Thanks for the great time. Nothing but hotties working. I had fun with my tittie cups. The girls were nice. A special thanks to Deja. Thanks for the “hand.” I will be back, you have my number call me.

  208. Matt

    Yeah boy. I’m back. Rebecca, Angel, Eve, Kitty, Riley, and Lila, these are the girls worth seeing. All of them are fine. Yes. Worth every dollar. Holla!

  209. CenterfoldsDancer

    Not all the girls here are cows as the last reviews posted. We have a variety of women. Sexy hot and beautiful women. All the women here bring something sexy to the club. Some of the girls have very round butts and they have hips. I wouldnt call them fat. Obviously you havent really been to the club and you are idiots for posting about a club you’ve probably never stepped foot in. All of the women here are awesome and are worth the trip out to Chico Centerfolds. You will definetly enjoy yourselves. So come out and see the beautiful dancers.

  210. Todd

    Shut the fuck up Jewel, you FAT bitch!!!

  211. Charles

    If you go to this club, bring a barf bag with you!!!

  212. ThursdayNightInChico

    Thanks for the good time.

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