Taboo Gentlemen’s Club



3025 East La Mesa Street, Anaheim, CA 92806


33.9178659, -117.934682




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Taboo Gentlemen’s Club

  1. Randall T.

    A couple months ago, I went here with my boss to celebrate one of our employee’s 18th birthday. He was pretty excited. I think his parents even gave him some money specifically for a strip club.As far as I could tell, the place was fairly clean. The girls working there were pretty ok. Nothing special. During our visit there, we had no problem with the waitresses. The “one drink minimum” and “buying drinks for the ladies” are SOP for all strip clubs. The private dance area is anything but private, so I declined any of that action.Like others have said, if you’ve never been to a strip club before and have always been curious, it’s a pretty good “beginner’s” club. Since the “private” dance area is open and the bouncers regularly walk through there, there’s a slightly different atmosphere.Oh, and the place is a bit difficult to find. You can see it from the 91, but finding it on the street is a different story. I recommend that you Google Maps the place first.

  2. XXXbeast

    Went there on a Saturday afternoon…. you probably shouldn’t make that mistake. There were only 4 girls working. One of them was doubling as a waitress but here’s the kicker…she was preggo!!! Not my cup of tea. One of the other dancers sat down to talk to me and she had breath that could peel off wall paper. I’m not talking regular bad breath but periodontal disease bad breath. I guess the other two girls were just average. One of them did the splits onstage while she was naked, I think that’s why I gave them two stars. The dj played about 20 minutes worth of “break songs”every hour. I thought my admission fee was to see girls get naked on stage not to listen to bad techno music. As a veteran of gentleman’s clubs I realized that “A” team wouldn’t be on stage in the afternoon but if you’re going to be open at least have enough girls to keep the action going. I may return but this time at night.

  3. Jennifer D.

    This strip club is disgusting.

  4. Johnson12

    Don’t waste your time. Their private dances are nothing special at all and the girls there weren’t anything special.

  5. larry1

    This is a beginners strip club and is nice for someone who is trying to get their feet wet. Cover is 10 bucks and they force you to be at least one drink for 6.50 (non-alcholic to boot). The club advertises full nude…however that’s only when the girl is on stage. Private dances are not so private. They consist of a boot and thin transparent curtain in which everyone can see. Private dances cost 20 bucks and they girls dont go nude or topless which is a major rip off! Specials consists of 3 dances for 40 bucks and a 125 dollar showing that consists of 8 non-nude/topless dances. Overall girls were decent to attractive and somewhat friendly, DJ was pretty good, and my sprite had the right amount of fizz. Personally, I will rarely go here because I frequent strip clubs often and have seen much better girls and service. It’s a good starter strip club or a casual place for people to hang out every once in a while.

  6. The Dragon

    This place sucked. Not because it is in Orange County in La Habra but the one in Arcadia sucked too. Most of the dancers do lap dances like a foot away or barely touch you. Don’t get tricked into the VIP dances if the regular dances suck. Just a waste of time.

  7. AssnTits5

    Don’t waste your time and money The girls are very rude and materialistic who only takes money and tips for doing less

  8. winston12

    I’ve been to a few strip clubs in the OC and LA.. the only reason I keep coming back to this one, is because it’s laid back, chill environment, and the girls are actually not that bad. They could change the old leopard print carpet though, looks like an old 80s porn set, waiting for Will Ferrell with his Ron Burgundy mustache to come through the curtains lmao. Dj is cool, cracks some corny jokes. My favorite girl, Porsche.. white girl with a big booty and she can work the pole and not just twerk on stage.. a few other girls too but cant remember their stage names..Change the carpet and ill give you the 5 stars haha Cant complain about anything else though

  9. rogerrab2

    Hot girls, good VIP lounges! Best dancers and they’ll give free entrance if you mention the website.

  10. harryharry

    We stopped in after a hard day at work we just had to get away from (4 pm). The “A-Team” arrives at 6 pm but the daytime girls are fun too.

  11. Jay T.

    Every fifteen minutes terrified customers are subjected to another fearsome minotaur. These bull-headed horrors rustle their knotted manes and stamp their cloven hooves to som erratic unheard music. I don’t know if I’m alive or dead or both. Or neither.

  12. joseph1k

    hell yea i agree .. a great starter strip club. We used to go to this joint in high school and one of our teachers used to strip here. So crazy… but ya there was some beautiful babys that used to work here. i dont know any one though

  13. Mistercap12

    Worst place ever. They don’t even let you touch. Not even a feel or anything. And yes, I was showered, cologned, and well-dressed. Girls don’t even work at all for their money. I got scammed off of 20 bucks just for someone to barely rub up against me and try to take me to the ‘more private room’ the whole time. On top of laziness, it shouldn’t surprise you to know that most of the girls have never heard of working out. Flattest butts and fake boobs all around. Do yourself a favor and check out literally ANY other joint, this place is the worst I’ve ever been to.

  14. Normz R.

    Just to warn you this place is full nude… This place was my first nude strip club. I can’t compare it to other nude clubs but I kinda liked it. I didn’t think the place was too shabby, the girls were cute with 2 of them being rotten apples. This place was extremely hard to find. Google it, memorize it and drive slow cuz if you miss the street you gotta bust a u-turn and you gotta go all the way around again.I bought me and my boyfriend a lap dance from one of the prettiest girls there and the only thing that I didn’t like is when i stepped out so she can give him a more private dance n my boyfriend returned and told me she took his private part out and licked it. He let her touch cuz he didnt think she would really do anything but it gave him asco (spanish for heebie jeebies) that it made him dry heave cuz he thought of how many others she’s probably done that to.. lolSo if you wanna score that night I’m sure you can but I don’t know how much that’ll cost. A lick costs $20 lmao.

  15. livinlikelarry

    Horrible, do not waste your time or money. Yes the dances on stage are full nude, but who cares. The lap dances are fully clothed, the girl that gave me a dance had her own 100 rules, that’s on top of the 100 rules the place has. The “Bartender” basically put me in a situation where I had no choice but to buy the dancer a drink, it was a warm tea. It costed 7 dollars with tip 10 dollars. I got the 2 dance get 1 free deal. It was a waste of money becuase of all the rules . Save your money, go anywhere else.

  16. igor34

    This place used to be great. Had some of the hottest girls i’ve seen at a strip club. Now when you go it’s the same 4 old hags sitting around. Don’t waste your time and money here.

  17. :P:

    Taboo in LaHabra was very inviting. Not too many people, but it wasn’t a drag. The private sessions we’re well worth the 20$ u just need to pick the right girl.

  18. Amber B.

    I just recently went to Taboo within a few weeks and it’s been totally renovated , it looks and feels great it has that homey feeling still that makes me feel safe and comfortable to spend money . My favorite is Kara she sweet Spanish and natural boobies and beautiful lips come on down and check out the renovations they also have some new specials

  19. matthew

    Where do I begin. I will preface by saying that I have visited many strip clubs while traveling the states and the Taboo Gentlemen’s Club in Arcadia, CA is by far the worst club I have ever visited. Upon ariving and paying the rediculous cover charge my friend and I realized we were the only customers there. We decided to stay to see if anyone else might show up and only three more people came in. The club does not serve alcohol so they charge 6.50 for a glass of soda or hot cocoa. What a joke. In addition we were informed that, though the dancers can be nude on stage, the private dances were bikini dances only, not even topless. My friend purchased a dance for 20 dollars, because he felt bad that there was no one there, and his dance lasted less that one minute. This club sucks and I will let everyone know how bad it is.

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