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75 Clarkson Street, New York, NY 10014


40.7299761, -74.0100463



8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “The Westway

  1. AssnTits5

    A bit smoky type of dive/bar that was playing some really great 90s music. 90s all the way! Simple drinks and a tiny elevated floor to dance on if you’d like. There’s also a photobooth for about $10 but I’d rather take them on my phone. People didn’t really come in until 1amish.

  2. igor34

    Wow worst sound everPaid to get in and sat through several shit acts to get to the headliner only to have their amazing music unrecognizable because of a terrible sound guy, will never come back again

  3. zzzzz
  4. l.w.
  5. m dene

    has any body seen the young hott black girls at the club especially that girl behind the bar!!

  6. nick

    I love this brazilian chick dani, great lap dances and she’s sexy as hell.

  7. Christopher C.

    The people in the little crowd that showed up were terrible. The fog machine was terrible. The layout was terrible. It was pretty terrible.

  8. Sasha W.

    So confused! Went there on a Thursday night at 11pm and lingered in an empty club until 12:30am. Where is everyone??

  9. joe
  10. maxxy1

    The usual lines, men’s line, table line, the “you know the bouncer” line. We came here after a birthday dinner and luckily the bday girl knew the bouncer. We all got in pretty quickly while the slightly drunk girls in line start squawking about how they’re prettier/waited longer/have a friend inside. Pretty good scene for a night out of dancing and the DJ wasn’t awful (even played some trap later in the night). I didn’t get a horribly creepy feeling from the guys here, which was a nice change. We even had a nice conversation in line for the restroom (there are 2 bathrooms for the whole place and they’re both unisex). Beware of the wet surface on the lighted floors…if you have stilettos on you will almost certainly fall and break your ass. The fog doesn’t really help the situation.

  11. Meredith X.

    My best friend lives right around the corner. Been searching for that “go to spot” and we always seem to end up here so I think we’ve found a winner!AWESOME MUSIC. All their DJs, whichever night we’re there, play an eclectic mix which spans all different genres. Dubstep, reggae ton, hip hop, house, pop, they all transition from song to song seamlessly. In college, my friends and I danced to some hood ass music; Westway definitely satisfies our craving for ratchet music, throwing some Waka into the mix.Great crowd, 20s, good looking, well dressed and polished, all dancing away in a former gentleman’s club. The only drawback to the place is they openly let people smoke inside the venue. By the end of the night, there’s a hovering smoke cloud and you walk out stinking of cigarettes (that ish gets in your hair man). Great music, great crowd, recommended if you love to dance and get down.

  12. Laura H.

    I’ve heard stories of this infamous club and finally made my way there as stop four on a ridiculous spring night. If you go LATE like 2am then you can usually get in without a problem. I think we had more guys than girls but then again my friend came who goes there all the time so maybe they recognized him? This place is trashy cool. There were two female rappers performing on the catwalk stage that runs down the middle of the club. The scent of marijuana hung in the air and a man with a tray offered up little plastic spheres of pills. It was like walking into another world. Truly an experience. Hit this one up.

  13. ralph


  14. Vicky V.

    Awkward layout, very smoky, grungy looking place and not in a cool way. Its just off. Went here after Le Baron ( which was kind of empty) while this place was packed. No issues at the doors, everyone is super niceNot my scene

  15. Elizabeth B.

    Always amazing music, great place to dance and get weird in an old strip club. Good crowd.

  16. micheall

    very nice club lovely girls i am in love with foxy did youall see her body

  17. bob
  18. Jimbo

    Don’t think you can get in unless you are dressed up. These people only let in guys who have a lot of money to blow…

  19. Mike R.

    This place gets some serious points for its shady style. We came here last Thursday night because a friend of a friend was DJing. As we walked up to it a little before midnight, we were overcome with a feeling that we were about to enter a strip club. You have to respect a place that takes over a strip club and leaves everything except the strippers.No cover… so far, so good.Inside: Dark, filled with the emanations of smoke machines, strobe lights and loud music. When we arrived, there were probably a dozen people inside, but it filled up pretty quickly. This place is probably great for someone who wants to party all night while snorting molly, but it’s not quite my scene. I did find it tolerable compared to other ‘dance clubs.’ The music was loud and jumbled, but the different DJs each got into their grooves in time. The customers were about as obnoxious as expected.So this doesn’t seem like such a bad review. Why am I giving it two stars? 12 oz cans of PBR were $7 each. In my book, that’s enough to make me never return and never recommend this place. If you’re going to be a dirty and ironic dance club, you should reconsider your pricing. People can find DJs playing dance music all over Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn at places that serve $5 PBR and shot specials, so why travel to the rural West Village to get ripped off?Plus, every time I sat down, I couldn’t help but think, ‘Am I sitting in stripper juice right now?’

  20. XXXbeast

    This place was a lot of fun – chill and eccentric at the same time. There were two rooms, the main bar when you walk in, which isn’t nearly as loud and vibrant as the room that the DJ is located in. The old strip-club has a unique lay-out – cat-walks, stage, etc… and overall was a great place to dance. The doormen were much nicer than a lot of places I’ve been to before as well!

  21. Anonymous 1.

    Hey Mr. DJ—–It would be nice if you could start taking song requests. Wouldn’t even consider playing “Runaround Sue” or “OPP.” Coat room was also $3. It definitely should have only been $2, but she did have good service. Only giving you a 3 because I don’t like being mean.

  22. czar

    Official review as of June 19th, 2009. This is one of the worst clubs ever. Decided to check it out since its full nude. Cover was $15 since it was before midnight. One drink minimum was $5 fyi there is no alcohol. Bartender was rude as hell for no reason. Dancers ranged from 1’s to 8’s. A lot of older strippers here and some who were not in the best physical shape. There were 15 dancers but only 3 were dancing. 6 were sitting in a group talking to each other or to the manager. Some were at the bar drinking. The others were with customers giving them attention. The music was horrendous there were times when the music just stopped and you could hear other peoples convos or people could hear yours. Met this one 40 thats right 40 year old stripper who seemed cool to talk to but she just went crazy on us at the end. Overall this club was a dump cause it was a Friday night and there were only 5 guys in the club with 15 dancers!! One plus side was maybe this puerto rican dancer that I thought was cute, but that was it. VIP room is ridiculously over-priced $375 for a half hour with a girl and you have to tip her “$200”???!!! Yea right. I could def turn this place around with a few simple solutions.

  23. clubman

    Nice place!!!

  24. Paul W.

    This place was terrible. Absolute garbage. To make a very, very long story short: They keep your ID when you open a tab. God forbid you leave the bar w/o closing your tab (and retrieving your ID). I went here for NYE 2014. Left to …take care of some new years business… and forgot to close my tab/ get my ID. No biggie — I’ll get it tomorrow night, right? Wrong. These guys were closed from Wednesday to SATURDAY. Nobody picks up the phones. Answering machine full. Nightmare: I don’t live in NYC — was just visiting. Hard to travel on an airline without your GOVERNMENT-ISSUED ID. I literally had to push my flight back multiple days in hopes of this trashy bar being open. Even had my passport expressed mailed to me while I waited. When they FINALLY opened, lo and behold, they couldn’t find my ID. I was laughing at this point. Literally had to bow up to this silly bartendress (the one who had served me NYE night!) and get her to look around for it. Finally found it — after 45 minutes….The service was terrible. The prices were insane (fixed fee for all drinks from 10pm – 1am for NYE — but they didn’t let ANYONE in until 11:30pm, and STILL cut off the drink special at 1am.). Stay away from Westway — you have literally thousands of options on what to do with your night, in West Village alone! This place is terrible.

  25. winston12

    The Jane Hotel is MUCH better: Crowd, Music, Drinks, Style.Strip Club turned into a Night Club…I’m intrigued before going.All the reviews below seem to be pretty spot-on. We got there around 11pm, it was dead empty – which was great as we could sit anywhere etc. Once people started rolling in, the music got obnoxious and the smoke machines/cigarettes started going and the place was like a sweat shop with drunken skanky women & guys on Molly.It’s interesting. Very dirty, I felt gross afterwards. Honestly – if you’re on drugs, want to dance for a couple hours, and most likely take home an NYU student or some random girl from Jersey – – then head to Westway.Cheers.

  26. fuckery12

    I am wondering if my taste for pubs/discos/bars has gone below par or that I am really desperate to try every new place NYC has to offer. By far one of the worst places I have been too. All I needed was some space boots to not step on the floor and float in air. One word for this place, disgusting. I had read the reviews, but unfortunately it was a B-school event and I had already bought the tickets, so was forced to go. Man!!, lets talk about the good stuff, it was close to other bars, that we could easily move to. The bad – music, drinks, dance floor, just everything about the place. When have I last heard a DJ shut off music to move to the next song!!! And who the hell plays Kelly Clarkson and Katie Perry after playing deadMau5 🙁 … Absolute disaster of a place. Would not recommend if you really like classy and good hangout places, pubs/bars. And this place is not cheap…14$ for a Jack&Coke. Not worth it for a place like this.

  27. adam

    hot hot hot

  28. eddyL

    Racial profiling at its best as you wait to get in. The wait at the bar is inversely proportional to the wait at the door.

  29. Mark

    The brazillian girl is hot, 5’11 great body, looks like a model. Best lapdance I’ve had in years, I thing her names Dani, works during the day.

  30. Clint H.

    Why this place is under “adult entertainment” blows my mind, but hey I haven’t been here on every night so I can’t talk about how it is on those nights. I’ve been here twice though, once for the Limelight screening afterparty and another this past Saturday.This place is meh, for sure. I thought so when I came the first time and that was for an event with an open bar, so that should tell you something. It’s a bit hipsterish, but whatever I don’t mind that. What I do mind is how smokey it is in there….I guess if you smoke you won’t really mind hanging out there. The Saturday I came by the DJ was playing some good stuff, but nothing to write home about, all stuff you’ve heard at other places. It’s also a bit out of the way….a fair bit. I guess it’s more a destination spot that anything, you’d have to go here with only this place in mind, or maybe for a light night after hours kind of spot. The layout is much like it used to be, a stripclub, so expect to dance on the stages the strippers of yesteryear used to work it on….I guess that’s alright…

  31. nickstrip

    No problem getting in like others mentioned. It’s a shame this place will be gone in 3 weeks- a true New York institution.

  32. Weedman420

    If you are going here to listen to live music. Don’t ….. Horrible sound and over priced drinks. Not worth the walk. It’s truly a dissappointment!

  33. m.k.
  34. Heather F.

    The line is absurd compared to the amount of space inside once the bouncer deems you “hot” enough to enter (it’s time for bouncers get over themselves and their absurd power trips). The music was decent – average night club. Come here when you’re drunk and don’t care about long waits and scantily clad teenagers stepping on your toes.

  35. lol

    is this place for real?!?

  36. mike
  37. eddie
  38. Dina H.

    The first time I went, the music was hot. Main dance floor was POPPING. But the next time the bouncers were being weird about the door. It’s not really worth it if there’s any wait. I didn’t think it was the smoke was that noticeable but if you’re sensitive to it it would probably be annoying.

  39. mathewater12

    This bar used to be a strip club. You can tell.$10 for the cheapest liquor you’ll never recognize. I’d give them one star but you have to offend me personally to earn that honor and I guess that didn’t happen.

  40. adamrod

    Great Place To Dance! But The Door Girl/Guy Is A BITCH! Marques So Rude. Never Will I Go Back!!

  41. Harrison69

    Took a $15 cab out here and the bouncer was literally the rudest person I have ever met. He did not give a reason to me and my girlfriend or the three people behind us in line to why we couldn’t go in. I asked if it was at capacity, and he said no. Completely ridiculous. Then the guy opening the cab doors for us told me we could “pay $150” and get in. Ha, what a joke. Good thing there are plenty of places in NYC and in the West Village. Definitely avoid this piece of junk.

  42. Vanessa O.

    I ended up going here for a Halloween party on the Friday. When you first walk in, it is actually a really nice venue. The crowd seemed to be full of twenty somethings with really great and creative Halloween costumes. I wanted to like this place, but the music was absolutely horrid top 40 music…was this just because this was a Halloween party?

  43. LD lover
  44. jj
  45. Steve

    I really used to like this place but stopped going because $40 per dance is too steep for my tastes! I have moved on to other places but my hope is that one day I will be able to go back. I used to spend about $300 a visit, but since it is $40 I would rather go somewhere else and get more for my money. Good luck to them though, I really did like some of the girls that worked there.

  46. Sascha M.

    I am a little biased because I didn’t have the best nigh here due to someone near and dear acting a fool. The concept is definitely cool though and reminds me of Don Hill when it was around. It’s more sparse and still can be mistaken for a strip club from the outside. Westway keeps the focus on the music, dancing and drinking at strips away the pure over the top aesthetics. Plus if you’re lucky you might see a couple amateur girls dancing on the mirrored raised platform that used to host a pole.

  47. Lindsey T.

    The doorman was a bit gruff for a Tuesday night, but I had a great time despite it being dead! The early shift DJ wasn’t anything special, but around 12PM, the tunes get bumpin, and you can’t help but try to get your groove on. The mini light up dance floor and mirrors all around lend to an ultra-cool vibe.

  48. Mariko M.

    I love this place, my favorite place to go out dancing!!I always have fun when i’m there… If i wanna chill i go to the back room and sit in a booth. If i wanna dance i go to the main room. As it is, Fridays is a big night for top 40 which i personally love, if you don’t like that than Friday might not be your night. Each night has a different vibe, like Saturdays you can get some great hip hop… They often invite guest DJs: ghe20g0th1k, Thom York, Stretch Armstrong, Atrak, Chromeo, Holly Ghost have all played there… The decor in each room is great. Don’t miss the bust disco ball in the main room and the wall painting by Nate Lowman in the back room

  49. Andrew S.

    This was just a strange but good experience. For one, I live on the Westside and know much of the areas along the Westside Highway can be, well, ‘interesting’. Amidst the crap was a random old strip club with a good looking crowd. The bouncer knew that I had a party to get in for, and was actually pretty easy about it. I walked in with two girls and noticed immediately how misty this place is. It was, after all, a strip club. But the mist was smoky too, as many were smoking indoors in this venue, which is kind of cool.Plenty of room to dance and have fun, with a very large dance area and nice DJ booth. We had a table right beneath the DJ which was awesome. The crowd was pretty decent looking, a mix of europeans and americans. A bit grungy but good looking crowd. Drink and bottle prices are much more reasonable than other places.Ultimately, I like places like this because it makes for a memorable night… its nothing over the top like Boom Boom room… Westway’s got loads of character.

  50. BJ

    Improving for sure.

  51. xxxxxxxx


  52. Ginger

    it looks like its starting to come up. I went for an audition. they let me work the first night and i got a VIP within the first 4 hours being there. You could really make money if you tried.

  53. petron
  54. first-timer

    the place was good. We got good attention since there were not many guests around. I got a lap dance.. and it was the best I ever had!

  55. Johnnyboy123

    I’m never out this far on the west side, but I really wanted to go to the Fool’s Gold holiday party so I made the trek out last night. I thought it was going to be insanely packed with the longest line ever to get in, and was pleasantly surprised that there wasn’t. All of the door guys were sooo sweet and though the drinks were a tad expensive ($10 for a weak jack and coke), that’s the standard in this hood. The strip club vibe is definitely interesting and I’m sort of into it. I’ll be back for Westgay!

  56. Marisa L.

    This is a cool place to see a show, but it feels like it is at the end of the world, all the way but the West Side Highway and drinks are pricey, even seltzer was $2. Coat check was $3 and there are two spaces, one with a catwalk of sorts, which can make visibility to see the band a bit challenging. After the artist showcase they played dance music that was more on the hip hop dance side. The weird thing were the smoke machines, but the sound was really good.

  57. richard95

    The music was great for dancing but everything else.. not so much. I walked to this bar from Washington Square Park and as soon as I approached it, knew I would be taking a cab home. It’s in an industrial area and there didn’t seem to be any other businesses on the block. The place is diiirty in both the “every surface I touch is sticky” and “hmmm there’s a g-string in my face” kind of ways. Drinks are about $10 and come in little white plastic cups. There’s a small stage area in the back where the DJ spins and people get high. While I was there a group of men in suits came in, took a look around, and walked back out. I’d only recommend this place if you can hold your own in a room of hipsters, druggies, and drag queens and are down to dance all night.

  58. StripClub431

    Requires $150 minimum bar tab per male patron for entry. Bouncers do not leverage females in your group for waiving this fee.

  59. XhXeXy

    honestly, this place was just ok for me. it was smoky, not as in smelled like smoke, more like misty..there’s a little runway dance floor. not very many people on a fri night. it was originally a strip club, so i was hopin’ to see a little show, but no, just a club (yes, i was little disappointed). stayed only for a little bit, don’t think i’ll be coming back since it’s sort of out of the way, aka no subway stop near. the bouncer was fine. although he more than thorough when checking IDs. he likes to quiz you on your address and birthday

  60. xxxx
  61. Joseph H.

    I went here for the Fool’s Gold After Party a few weeks ago. I was on stage with A-trak. It was legit. HBO was filming too! It was a great night.This place looks like it has a lot of potential. I didn’t see any strippers, however. Next time.

  62. larry1

    such a totally different atmosphere this time around. much better. much more diverse crowd

  63. Jinny B.

    Taking it back to old school days…! This place spins the best of all time Biggie and hip hop beats. The music keeps you on the dance floor all night long. Overall, the crowd is cool and it’s a good place to go if your in the mood for good music and fun with friends. Don’t expect anything fancy….just bring your dancing shoes!

  64. Tiffany W.

    Former strip joint turned “new” club for the diarrhea of NYC, which are spoiled clubster trash living off mommy & daddy’s cash. WORST NYC EXPERIENCE I’VE EVER HAD TO PUT UP WITH. There goes 2 hours of my life I’ll never get back. Hipster hell. The fact that there weren’t even any remotely good looking people at this club makes it even more of a sad experience that unjustifies the obnoxiousness of this place even further. Why did all the girls look like Snooki and the guys all midgets? They came up to my shoulders at best, and I’m 5’8″. Bouncers are spineless eunuchs who don’t know to crowd control, I was crushed in front of the coat check mosh pit manned by the stupidest human specimens that ever existed, these coat girls were brain-dead. Proof = 1.5 hours to get my coat even though I was the 6th person in line. Yeah, that’s right you sorry excuse for a club, I motherf*ckin’ called the NYC Fire Code Dept out on you & your violations! Have fun with the fines!

  65. Pete S.

    HaHA!! —- (This is the gritty, triumphant feeling I feel everytime I go into Westway)Do you like fog machines pumping fog mixed with cigarette smoke? Do you like the perfume of gasified sweat, tears and liquor?Do you like strip clubs but have too much dignity to casually attend?Do you like DFMOs? (That’s a “Dance Floor Make Out” mind you, an acronym I learned from my ex….who I coincidentally met at Westway….through a DFMO….) Then you’ll like Westway!

  66. tonycluber

    Westway is my not-so-secret, dirty, guilty pleasure. Poles? Platforms? Pink lights? What’s not to love? Then there are the illuminated Twister-esque floors that I tend to get really fascinated right around 3 am. And let’s not forget the random but equally engrossing fog machine…Maybe I should’ve prefaced this by saying this is not a place for any and everyone. I’m the type of girl who, when intoxicated, is partial to dancing. Sitting around at one of those fratty bars and fruitlessly yelling small talk at my neighbor is not worth precious weekend time. If you seek an unpretentious night with unexpected music–I’m talking JT circa 2008 reeeemiiiixed club style–I’d suggest you embrace the grunginess that is Westway.

  67. ryan123

    Funky lil’ spot (well, actually, it’s bigger than I expected (that’s what she said LOL)). I like what they did with it.Went for a fashion show after-party and it was quite an broad range of people. Anyway, I’d love to try this place on another night.

  68. ontario
  69. herb greenberger

    i have been to many clubs, this place is by far the worst, don’t want to go to the details but enough said

  70. curtis17

    I’ve never written a review for a bar or club because I don’t care enough to waste my time. But – this place was THAT bad. I waited in line with one other male friend for an hour. The bouncer kept saying he’d let us in soon. Finally, the white bouncer with the long hair asks, “what are you going to do for me if I let you in?” Once he went away, the tall African American gentleman lets us know that for $500 he’ll let us in. WHAT?! $500 just to enter a mediocre former strip club?! Insane. I understand giving girls preference, but to make us wait for an hour before letting us know that you want a $500 bribe is rude and inconsiderate. The kicker is we had two female friends in the bar waiting for us. Avoid this place. There are too many good bars/clubs out there. I should also note that I’ve been to this place one other time (and was allowed in because it was an off night). Drinks are $10-$15 each, they clearly use bottom shelf alcohol, and the service was terrible.

  71. fab

    they literally stink

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