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74 reviews for “Gossip

  1. Jojo

    a month ago
    I was at this place this weekend and I had a really great time I met so many amazing people not just the beautiful girls that work there I will be going back many more times

  2. Peter

    Nicest club I’ve been to on long island thus far. There were plenty of girls and they were all pretty attractive. Went there on a saturday night, the place was fairly crowded. Smoking is allowed and abundant, if you do not like people smoking in your face do not go here. I thought this was illeagal in bars in NY but I guess not. DJ was terrible, same worn out lines telling people to give the girls money. He did much more harm than good. Announce the girls, play music, and shut up.

  3. henry

    i love this place, the best massage for $20! killer ld’s too

  4. bobby v.

    went with friends so it was fun, but this is nothing like the city clubs.

    EVERYTHING was overpriced and girls were barely tolerable.

    maybe it was a off-night but i wouldn’t go back.

  5. larry1

    These girls were all half asleep, no enthusiasm, bad music. Ugh. No thanks

  6. Steve

    Was here over the weekend and had some fun. It was busy and the girls were hot. I plan on comming back soon.

  7. Joe

    Overall this place is usually pretty good, except for the fact that they allow smoking and the high prices of drinks and lap dances.

  8. xyz

    better off staying home

  9. jay
  10. Eddie

    This is the most expensive club on LI: $15 cover, no free drink, $2 coat check,

    $40 lap dance (2 mintues), $15 drinks; valet parking. Watch out for the two

    money grubbing blondes. This place is for out of towners (Hilton is next door)

    who don’t know any better. Stay away!!!

  11. John

    Was here last night and had a great time. Girls were alot of fun.

  12. ko667

    2 much $$ 4 dances, girls hound u 4 dances

  13. L


  14. russ

    hot girls and overall classy, not too pushy for lap dances

  15. Franklyn

    Went last weekend with two girlfriends and we had a ball! I’m sure we weren’t treated like some guys might be. We didn’t pay a cover, had 4 drinks each and paid for 1, and half the girls in the place were trying to throw themselves at us for dances and fun. I got a lapdance, my first, and madeout with a beautiful russian girl who was doing her best to be my special friend! Girls aren’t my thing, but she got me in the mood for love…

  16. adamrod

    Wish I can give this place negative stars.This club sucks.The few dancers they bring in for the night don’t even dance, they’re so lazy and look miserable. Instead of undressing and working the pole, they remain fully clothed in these full length gowns and just hound u for a back massage.The cover is ridiculously high, and the place is gross and outdated.

  17. Barakkkkkk

    Itz off da sheezy my neezy! Fo shizzle!

  18. LiGuy

    Was VERY impressed with their Friday night party this past weekend! The DJ was on stage and played upscale house music all night and there 2 girls on stage ALL night.

  19. chris k.

    Why does the D.J. try to hype up these girls so hard they dont even try!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  20. dennis

    good club, smoking is allowed. take the girls into vip. if they like you enough they do dirty things.

  21. BIGTymer

    Hands down the BEST in long island!!!!! Go there!

  22. Jeb

    I was here thursday night, and It was Grrreat!, very nice variety of dancers, espcially the exotic looking girls. I love black and latina women with nice racks, I highly recommend this place.

  23. Len

    Nice club.Nice Girls

  24. paul W
  25. GoodLookinGuido

    The champagne rooms r a great value, had a great time at dis place…loved it!

  26. NipLuvR
  27. Stripper fan

    Really lame club. If you like girls that do not speak English and only know the words “do you want a dance?” then you might enjoy the experience.

  28. LI Boy

    Very classy.City girls cant touch these girls.

  29. harryharry

    I’ve been to strip clubs all over the island and in Manhattan there is not one that compares to this place after there new renovations… we love it here we literally go every weekend if not three times a month for the hell of it. I’m a little bit obsessed with the strip club thing in general for a female but I literally drag my fiancé here every chance I get and we both don’t stop raving about this place to people. Nothing quite like it- something you have to experience to explain. It’s a strip club yes, but I’m a women and the girls are alllllll good looking, there all sweethearts, their outfits are put togeather perfectly, the music is awesome and the service couldn’t be better… the atmosphere is what makes this place not only a strip club but an awesome night out – gotta love Toniann IM OBSSESSED the girl is beyond talented with how she moves, there are not many that can dance like her love this place hands down

  30. Naomi L.

    Very clean place, we got there a bit early – around 10. When we got there is was a bit slow but as the night progressed it stated getting packed. Tony was our favorite out of all the girls we saw. Extremely talented, she knows what she’s doing on a pole and believe it or not, on the roof too. Girls were very nice and not pushy. They were mostly good looking, some more than others. The food was very overpriced, we did not try it but it did look good. Good place to sit back and lounge or sit closer the the strange and have some fun, drinking and tipping the girls.

  31. Lou

    Good time

  32. Moni

    Doin it again

  33. manny

    The best club in Queens and LI.Beautiful girls.

  34. Mark

    Best Mens club around. The reviews do this place no justice. Go their and check it out yourself.

  35. Stan

    Great club. The best on Long Island. Very few Russian Girsls and just overall a fun place. I will be back.

  36. KLN

    sucked – spent a ton for nothing but attitde

  37. Art

    Nice place very couple friendly

  38. Matt

    Great club. The girls were good looking and not to greedy. Got a dance from a small spanish girl named Sophia. Very nice.

  39. johnathan

    a little expensive!!!

  40. XhXeXy

    Located downstairs of the club, the restaurant surprisingly serves a excellent menu of steaks, burgers and salads. The girls are attractive (depends on the night), but the service downstairs has always been great.

  41. SteveEIslip89

    Elegant facility with classy chicks that are actually cute. Next time I’m going back during the weekend. Wed night was a bit dead but to be expected. Still had a GREAT time!

  42. Tony

    HAd a great time. Lots of fun. I would come back again.

  43. luke

    This club is above and beyond any I have ever been to. The girls are beautiful, the service is excellent and the atmosphere is upscale. I highly recommend checking out gossip.

  44. Clubhopper

    Best club in Long Island and Queens.Beautiful girls.

  45. strip club fan

    Love this club!

  46. harry

    this place rocks.

  47. XXXavier

    Da Bomb!

  48. LI Strip Dude

    Great club! Upscale atmosphere with LOTS of hot girls. There are beautiful Russian chicks but if you’re not into them there are PLENTY more girls 2 choose from. I personally had a great untied nations-esque sampling of girls during the lap dances I got thru out the night -lol!

  49. LadiezMan

    GREAT! Loved every naughty bit o it!

  50. TimR

    The girls were not that hot. I was there on a Friday night and a girl would dance for 2 songs, then we wouldn’t see another one for 20 minutes. The only good part were the lap dances. Those are worth it if you can find a decent looking girl.

  51. joseph1k

    Haven’t been to this place in years… But heard they remodeled and even added a steakhouse so I decided to check it out. Place is top notch and the food was excellent! And the girls…. Woah! Gorgeous and super friendly. Definitely will be going back very soon and often. Plus they even have a members only cigar lounge downstairs. Sign me up!

  52. tom g.

    nothing special – just ok

    alot of attitude but thats alot of places

    a little towards the pricey side

  53. MrVIP

    Best club in LI! Upscale atmosphere within a very laid back environment. I love that I can smoke in here and the drinks are GOOD! I popped a bottle and had a great time the other night. Highly recommended!!!!!!!

  54. tia

    it sucks

  55. GrayBarron

    I liked this spot alot!

  56. blueballs101

    what a great freakin time i had there tonight 1-9-07 even though it was a monday it was nice n quiet a few girls there 2 not that great lookin but the other 3 were pretty hot..i only saw 5 girls there but it was a monday so i expected nothin great..the place was upscaleish so i like that also i didnt know what it was gonna be like so i was thinkin the girls were gonna be eh but i was wrong.. there was this one spanish chick was hot..heh the things ive did just with a 30$lapdance..lol..sure i had 5 of em with her n tipped nice but w/e..lol..she was all over me the rest of the night..lol like i was her pimp…lol..her name started with a D im bad with names so that kinda sucks cuz id like to try the vip booth with her..not sure what that looks like but the price was 250$ n i dont know what ur able to do in it..i could only imagine after tonight..lol..i got to suck this girl’s nipple :D..oh man

  57. TedB00

    This place felt a little like I was stepping into the 1980’s with their bright neon carpet and mannequin legs sticking out of the wall, WTF? The girls were nice enough and cute but, didn’t anyone at all that caught my eye with certain je ne sais quoi. What happened to all the hot chicks?

  58. Secret Romances

    Just got back from this club; it’s a Saturday night. This review is from a girl’s point so let’s get things rolling … Valet parking at the club is NOT necessary, it’s not some big ass parking lot that I can’t find my way around. $10 to get in for me? I’m a girl, I should be free! Looking around the place I was the only female there along with another girl; no problem. Some girls were hot, others not so much. The DJ needs to learn when to stop talking! I sat right in front of the stage and the 2 girls that danced (Raquel and Aimee) didn’t even bother to make their way over to my boyfriend and me. We had money in our hands and all! Throughout Raquel’s dancing we were trying to figure out if she was fat or pregnant. I’m not trying to sound mean there, but I’d like my girl to be in good shape. She didn’t even make eye contact with us. Aimee came on and we were really excited for her; she’s got a great body on her, nice hair, alluring eyes. After a good 7 minutes, she crawls over to me to tell me it’s nice to see a girl in the club and leaves. No dance, no kiss, no hello, NOTHING! I felt like taking the $1 my boyfriend put on stage away. She did nothing to deserve it. Both girls did NO pole tricks, they didn’t dance to the rhythm of the music, and made no point to come over and dance for the both of us. I think the tuxes the employees wear is all for show. This club is not high class at all! Maybe the Florida strip clubs spoiled us, but we think that NY is PRUDE! We tried the Scene, Blush, and Forbidden Fruit – the girls just don’t know how to work for their money. I’d never throw money on stage for the girls like I see all the guys doing; if they want $ I want them to come to me and do something for me. Plus, in all those clubs the girls didn’t do pole tricks. I guess I’ll have to wait for Florida!

  59. FreakyDeaky

    I Loved this place and the girls there. They were lookin hot, all dressed up 4 Halloween, VERY sexy. Took a few into VIP and had lots of fun!

  60. Stu Gotz
  61. timba
  62. rick687

    if you like Russians with there hands in your pocke before you get a drink, then this would be your type ofplace. NOT MINE! what happened to all the english speaking girls that worked there?

  63. Oreo Luva

    I had the BEST lap dance of my life from a hot, exotic chick (Yes, she spoke fluent English) and get this…her personality kept me on my toes 2! Luv her and will def go back again soon!!!!

  64. carlos

    Very classy place, hot chicks, lap dances are over the top.

  65. JoyRide_a
  66. ManODaHr

    Love this place! This is the most elegant strip club in long island w/ the best looking girls 2 match!

  67. Kori A.

    The girls looked like they were half asleep, they were putting me to sleep, and the music was horrible. Gentlemen is a strong word, some of these guys were acting like drunk frat boys. This one man picked a bunch of singles and threw them at a girl who was moving around like a mummy on stage. This one girl whose name I forgot was a really good dancer, she did flips and spun and was actually awake. Free to get in if you’re a chick, I didn’t drink though, but seeing half dead strippers wasn’t my thing so I won’t be back.

  68. Keith & Jess

    Love this place…

  69. Paul-e-O

    WOW! The owners of the old club Shayna worked at must REALLY miss her since she’s fucking amazingly beautiful and, they’re stalking her on this page now. Either that or they have nothing better 2 do when they get high. Get a life! Shayna moved on and never looked back; get over it and just leave her alone!

  70. ReggaRas

    Great Place for a little T&A!

  71. TomG

    Nice place w/ LOTS of hot ladies!!!

  72. WOW!!!!

    Went with my girlfriend and she picked out this hot chick, Shana. We took her into VIP for a few dances, WOW! My girlfriend got SO horny I had 2 go back home and dick her down real good, thanx Shana!

  73. Sam

    Was here with my girl over the weekend. My girl loved it. We will be back.

  74. To female reviewer

    To the last reviewer. This is a gentlemans club take your mulleted husband and your “dollar” off the stage and go back to florida. If you where ignored in a stipclub it sounds like a your problem. The woman here are very friendly except when cusomers a rude or scary.

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