Pussycats Adult Nightclub



3525 Procyon Street, Las Vegas, NV 89103


36.1259038, -115.1882713



8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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  2. AssnTits5

    Dude… this place is awful. Pussycat’s is expensive to get in, looks like a flophouse, and the lap dances are all a complete scam. You pay the bartender/manager for your dance, then your girl escorts you to the back and informs you that she’s getting paid $0 by the house for the dance but you can feel free to tip her. At that awkward point you can either over-pay for what only costs $20 anywhere else or feel like a jerk when you stiff her and subsequently receive a really crappy, halfhearted dance. Once you hear that nonsense about “tipping” you know you’re never coming back! If there’s anything good to be said about this place it’s that the “stage” (actually just a spot on the floor of a small room where someone installed a pole and a mirrored wall) is such a cheap, cheesy piece of work that you will literally be seated with your face two or three feet from some strange woman’s bare vagina. Which is cool! So if that’s your bag and you can resist the dancers’ pleas that you buy a private dance so the whole place can gang-rape your wallet… um… no, don’t go here even then.

  3. StripClub431

    So much fun with everyone here especially Natasha!!! Girls were friendly and not pushy. Great full nude gentlemen’s club off the beaten path.

  4. felixnada

    This place is clean, and everyone is friendly! Glad to see the changes and hope to go more often, more there is management

  5. james1412

    Don’t waste your money here!! Save yourself!! This club’s currency consist of fake $5 chips. So you awkwardly go into the small stage room and watch amateurs perform on the tiny stage. The ceiling isn’t high at at. Very old and outdated furniture. There is no DJ. The girls play music off their phones. Alcohol is NOT sold here but manager will offer it under the table if she feels that you’ll tip her. VIP rooms start at $250 for 30minutes. Its only worth it for a dime piece. Every time I’ve came here there is only 3 or less girls. All are 5s

  6. Myke R.

    This is an all nude club, so no liquor… 🙁 Came out here and there was only one car in the parking lot…MINE. Two girls, and it had character. Cool place…but I’d like to see it with more people…or more girls. Really it was more of a look-see…But uhm. Yea soooo….where are the strippers and blow? It really looked like I was gonna get a disease if I sat down. Hahaha kinda reminded me of a Fear and Loathing moment….anyone up to go with me and try it out?

  7. Jack

    the best club of its kind in town!

  8. curtis17

    This club is horrible. They’re trying to remodel and have new management but their reputation remains the same. Only escorts. Most of the girls are black anf extremly ghetto. Staff never shows up on time. This place has no form of security, only one guy that just stands. Too high priced. They advertise theme rooms but theres nothing special about them. The club is small and smells like fish. Theres trash thru out the club. The restroom is also dirty. Hair everywhere, packets of used femine wipes, and smells like sewer. Ladies in the front are on meth. Rude and arrogant. Most of the dancers are either high or drunk. No respect for guys or girls… $300+ for any attention plus fee to get in. Save your money and go elsewhere they don’t offer refunds.

  9. adamrod

    This place like the other reviews at the bottom said is terrible when I came here, for my first and only time there were hardly any customers here it was me and maybe 2 other people here and that was it. There were 3 or 4 girls that I can remember the time that I came here and that was it and as for the looks 3 of them looked like a man and the only decent one was about a 7 at best still can’t believe I got a lap dance from that one. And on top of that this place is a total ripoff and they will hustle you if you don’t pay attention to your money overall terrible place I recommend you stay away from this place if you don’t want to encounter the things I did here there are way better strip clubs to have fun at and enjoy then the type of experience you will get here.

  10. Paul

    Last time I was there I got most of my fist up a dancer’s cunt.

  11. shasta

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