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816 Larkin Street, San Francisco, CA 94109


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8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “New Century Theater

  1. little t boy

    i had fun but hold your wallet in your hand

  2. Kim R.

    I don’t know if I just happened upon a good night or what but it was way better then when I went here in the past Im sure that the 2 long beaches+ a rum and coke did not hurt things eitherNo really I was throughly entertained and I met some very good looking dancers here last night they had all the colors and flavors of the rainbow….Black,Brazillian and Persian damn it was way to cute in there last night I hardly remember watching the dancers because I was to busy being drunk and chopping it up with the girld good place to go late night when your not quite ready to go home. If you bring your guy friend then you can get in for free. Otherwise it’s $10 and you get all the soda you can drink.. Good place for a group of friends or take ur date and buy them a lap dance 🙂

  3. XXXbeast

    Love this place always coming back open later. Next time you guys should give us some alcohol.

  4. ryan123

    I’ve only checked in (through my phone) because they offer “Free Admission on Sundays and Mondays” with the check-in, but I have yet to take up on that promo. Something tells me that upon entry I will need to open up my wallet or get my face busted (and not the good busted either).FYI– the latest shoot-out here was during the first week of January 2011. No biggie, supposedly, but 7 cop cars shut down the block on Larkin for nearly 2 hours. I hear a lot of shady things regarding this place. Although it’s a short walk away from my house (actually, I can SEE it from my house), I think… not.

  5. stripforme123

    I like this club a lot. I just started checking out strip clubs but I think this is a good one. They have a better variety of dancers than a lot of other clubs that stick to one body type & look. It’s a fun place to go kick back for a couple of hours and you don’t have to spend money if you really just want to chill after the bar before heading home.

  6. XhXeXy

    Worse place in the city … Trust me … I had this girl for a lap dance – she claimed that was from San Jose ….That was the worst 40 dollars i had spent in my entire life (luckily some one else paid for the dance)…If you dont want to get ripped off by women who don’t deserve that , dont go to this place… Swear to God they don’t deserve your money…P.S. I have been there couple times before I met this girl from San Jose who acted like a total piece of s…

  7. maxxy1

    went there with my girlfriend to have a good time. one of the strippers took my gf in the back for a private dance and started to make out with her. I was pissed off and confronted the manager who didn’t give shit about it. I don’t mind the stripper dancing for her but no swapping saliva with her. My gf was so intoxicated she didn’t realize it was happening. Then as i complained they wanted to kick me out and not refund my money. The girls there are all about the money. didn’t tip one of the dancers and she gave me the middle finger. I’ll stick with mitchell brothers instead. screw this place. the women were all ugly. on 2 were decent. never again.

  8. Meester

    First time going into this place and didn’t know what to expect. When I walked up, I was like “HOW MUCH is entrance?” I put that aside, since I was already tipsy. After going inside, the ladies treat you right but overall the lap dances were priced WAY high. The ladies know how to work it for the money, just couldn’t say no. Next time, bring alot more cash!!!

  9. Victoria R.

    If you can’t beat um, join um. I go with my husband a lot. I know its not for everyone but I have no problem with it.We went to the New Century Theater with a couple of friends of ours that have never been to one. This was also our first time to go to this one. I was not impressed at all. Maybe it was a bad night?It was overly crowded where people had to stand. I’ve been to better ones with better looking girls.

  10. J S.

    This place ROBS you. i think I went to the same place as other reviewrs..$40 cover, $50 for BS VIP which is a table farther away from the stage.$10 beer that the host neglected to mention was NON-alcoholic. This place is full nude, so no alcohol at all.I knew the girls were scandalous as soon as I gave her a $50 and didn’t get any change back.$40 lapdances with clothes on. Then when my girls asked for another $40 for a better time, she took it and didn’t do anything. And she was a cold one at that.I’ve been to many strip clubs and I get its going to cost you and everybody is trying to hustle dolars from you, but this place is by far the most aggressive.Go to Huster or Gold club.

  11. Johnnyboy123

    This place is a total rip off, girl gets you into a room, promises you will leave happy, 500.00 and 15 min later they ask for another 300.00 or kick you out.This place was cool in the old days, total scam now, stay away !!!!!!!!

  12. Nick D.

    best adult club lots of hot strippers, good music place to be especially weekends! I tried all the clubs always come back to the best one neighborhood not that good

  13. adamrod

    There is a reason why New Century is not on Broadway- it is a well ran gentlemen’s club with actual hot girls. They come in all shapes and sizes to suit your taste- blonde, tall, petite, brunette, and/or exotic instead of Broadway variety which consists of “she’s kinda hot if you don’t look too close”, “if I was really drunk and she was the last female alive” to “i wouldn’t let my worst enemy touch her with a 10 ft pole”.I love coming to New Century with a group of friends after a night drinking on Polk Street. We aren’t ready to go home yet, but we also don’t want to end up at the End Up. New Century is the perfect after hours spot- great music, attractive naked women all around, fully nude dances for a reasonable price( this still is the Bay Area after all ), as well as a top notch staff. The staff, management and dancers are always willing to go above and beyond to show us a good time. So if you are deciding between Broadway and New Century, remember that NCT stands alone for all the right reasons. Broadway is for tourists from Ohio, New Century is for actual San Francisco residents with a more discriminating taste in women and customer service.

  14. felixnada

    I had a great time at New Century, the only reason why I went was because of Dani Daniels, she did an amazing job and really knows how to work the crowd! Hopefully they’ll book her again. The place was smaller in person, but the main stage was pretty big and spacious for the dancers. The customer service was great, and there was always someone answering the phone if I needed certain information. The dancers weren’t pushy. The DJ was pretty cool as well trying to get the crowd involved. My friend and I had a great time!

  15. AssnTits5

    Dirty, dirty, dirty. The first, only and quite possibly the last strip club I’ve ever been to. I’ve never been a fan of pointlessly throwing money away but after not having been to a strip club for 24 years of my life I finally let a buddy convince me to check it out.Big mistake. The sleaze factor is super high. I bought a lap dance and the chick proceeded to try to go upstairs with her for a private dance promising me I’m way better looking than the guys that normally go there and that she really wants to hang out……and it’ll only cost me 40 bucks. Pshaw. No thanks. Shortly after that I hit the bricks and went to the dive bar feeling unclean. Usually that feeling is reserved for when I leave a dive. What gives?

  16. Johnson12

    I had the best time ever here. All of the strippers are very talented and I had a great time with my friends

  17. larry1

    Worst Strip club ever visited. Total rip off your money by strippers and management is part of the rip off. So even if you complain its of no use.The machines which read timings are BIG scam. Worst club in SF. Dont every think of visiting.

  18. harryharry

    One word grimey. Maybe I wasn’t feeling the vibe, but the girls here didn’t smile, and looked like they were either extremely bored, or just didn’t want to be there. They were beautiful of course, but the vibe just was not doing it for me. Was hoping more of the girls actually knew how to work the pole but most of them just grinded on the floor which I guess is fine for guys if they’re all nude anyways. I was a little disturbed when one girl who was with her bf was pulled onstage to dance and the strippers started to forcefully pull her clothes off. I know it’s a little risqué being a girl at a strip club but I don’t even know if that should be okay… Never coming here again sorry

  19. Jason
  20. Derek F.

    DON’T GO HERE! I went last Saturday for my buddies birthday and thought that it would be a nice treat to take him out to have a good time. I paid for a private session that was expensive and not worth the amount of money I paid. I then found out the next day that three of my friends and myself were over charged on their credit cards ranging around 70 to 200 dollars. We also found out that there were fraudulent charges on both of my credit cards. We all received calls from our bank and had to replace our cards and try and get the money back. I would not recommend going here, and going to either Gold Club or Crazy Horse. If you want to save yourself a headache and protect your credit and identity, you should use the advice that I have provided.

  21. Scott M.

    Update: Popped in here a couple times recently, and it’s not so hot any more. No hot girls, lots of pushy not so hot ones… stars down to 3… —————————– Recommend arriving around 10-11 on a Thursday. Plenty of hot entertainers and just a few customers. Century is a good place to bring your wife and female friends as well as a good place to go with the guys. Smuggle in a flask to mix with the free soda.

  22. bobby

    This was the first club I went to and after going to others it is my Fav. It is on the expensive end but well worth it.

  23. Sydney W.

    Great time!!! Great girls Everytime I come here with my boys, full nude which is dope too and as always

  24. StripClub431

    This place is under rated for no reason. I feel like all the girls come her for the attention and they gets it! Nice bartenders and waitresses. The guys a respectful, and the ladies are very friendly. Just try it and you’ll like it… I brought all my gal pals and they had a blast!

  25. Dque

    This club has changed alote with in the last 3 moths. They changed mangement

    at you can realy see and feel the diference in the place

  26. Ned

    $20 cover charge for 3 dancers. High pressure and lame private dances. Will not return

  27. dopeboy19

    First, the name is very confusing. Very ironic for live show inside.Also, not that great for 10pm to 12am. We went there to buy my bro the first lap dance ever, and felt like i was having a conversation in starbucks with the cashier.He also asked “what do you do in day time” while getting a lapdance (which was surprisingly short but not too pricey) – my friend is kind of a …. i would rather not say that out loudAlso, even thought it’s “full nude”, you honestly don’t get to see anything more compared to other non full nude strip club. The lighting is just too dim to watch anything.Also I didn’t really liked their choice of lingerie. It was very complicating and non appetizing to watch as it comes off, which makes less time for the “full nude” part. Also some ladies there looked sad, which also made me sad. Beautiful ladies deserve to be happy. Duh.

  28. joseph1k

    Left unsupervised by the GF for two weekends consecutive, I cannot be held accountable for (some of) my actions. Besides, it’s right there in the Bible: “Thou shalt motorboat.”A second-tier strip club; the skeezemeter is consistently in the red. There is an enchanting mixture of body glitter and cold, dead eyes. It is terrifying to see what some girls will do for $2 worth of future drug money. Oh, sorry Sweetheart, I meant “college textbook money”. New Century: redefining “Tenderloin”.Ah, titty bar within walking distance of the apartment, you’ve been the bane of man’s existence since the dawn of time.

  29. richard95

    Not sure if Bbmomz S. is just a floozy and got confused about what club she was in, but there is no alcohol at this club….just beautiful FULL BEAVER!!!Gorgeous girls, great music, friendly and hospitable staff.Check NCT out you won’t be disappointed!

  30. Mark

    I love this club best one in town !!!

  31. rogerrab2

    $30 cover!!!!! Super predatory pricing. The girls are 7/10 which is fair but they immediately up the price of whatever Room you’re in. They don’t even dance on you for the money you just spent. Succubus is a word I would use. We left with plenty of money in our pockets.

  32. chris

    Girls are pretty good looking and skilled.

    30$ cover, dance prices are way too high.

  33. Liz S.

    I’m wavering between 2.5 and 3.Here’s why I rounded up…really nice bouncer/door man, and the since the girls weren’t all that good-looking or great dancers I didn’t really feel that compelled to look at them the whole time. In other words, as a woman I didn’t feel that they guys in our party had totally forgotten that we were there, you know? Some were better than others (one in particular could really work the pole – in an acrobatic way, too), but overall I found myself watching the video screen (hot), talking to my husband & friends, and then watching the girls from time to time. It was kind of like background-music stripping.They don’t serve alcohol, so you get the full-beaver view, right in your face if you want it (see Peter M’s review). I think that’s nice since we have gotten so used to looking at breasts and g-strings in our society, I feel that you kind of need something more to get your money’s worth. ($30 for the guys, women get in free)There are a LOT of girls in there. I’m sure they make their money from lap dances, which are done in private. You can probably get a lot more than advertised here, just for asking.The place is kind of seedy, but harmless. Like the dive-bar equivalent of a strip club. It’s right across the street from the nastiest park in the city, and I was not surprised to see an ambulance carting off some poor soul on the street corner at the end of the night. My suggestion? Go hang out at Olive bar before or after wards – that’s what we did and it was a lot of fun, and helps shake the Tenderloin off of you a little.I’d go back to see a featured star. Sunset Thomas is making an appearance early next month.

  34. Franklyn

    I came here one night for a friend’s going away, and I believe it was a saturday night a few years back, and to my memory it was also amateur night. The girls were gorgeous and there was little to no pushy sales of lapdances. I’m not sure how it is now, but keep in mind I’m very late to reviewing this place as I forgot the name and recently found out. Might come back to see if it’s the same, better, or worse than a few years ago

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