19011 South Arizona Avenue, Chandler, AZ 85286


33.2566479, -111.8411978




8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Sonny’s

  1. Sam Dersowhitz

    Change the name the Happy Hippo.Or Blondes with Sagging Bad Boob Jobs

  2. Kayman

    Get rid of the niggers and spics. No nigger dancers either.

  3. TIM

    Over rated and expensive

  4. BondJamesBond

    WOW I got a dance from this chick and she smelled, I mean she really smelled bad, err horrible. Her breath stank, her body had a horrible ripe odor, I didn’t even want her to finish.

    Not going to be a repeat customer

  5. WEC

    This place needs a bailout, or to be burned down

  6. Travers

    I agree with “Disappointed” and “Kevin.” Pushy dancers are a major turnoff. I go there to RELAX and ENJOY and take my time. If the girls don’t recognize this simple truth, someone in management should tell them. I don’t need to be rushed in to VIP area 3 minutes after I walk into the club. It’s the major reason I won’t be returning. Is anybody listening??????????????????

  7. Mets

    I just dont like this club, I always have an uneasy feeling when i m there, i dont reccomend trying it out

  8. Kevin

    Dancers push VIP room. $100 to $200. All before you’ve barely had a chance to sit down.

  9. Mayhem

    This club should be shut down …..Dont Waste your $$$$$$$ to see below average women.

  10. itsmebitches
  11. ghostfarmer
  12. Ron

    this place is great!!

  13. LOC

    Straight up dump !

  14. Average Joe


  15. Big Bob and crew

    My group of 4 friends showed up and after being greeted by the doorman were allowed in. Once inside, we enjoyed some good drinks due to happy hour and enjoyed the scene of hot friendly girls around us. The music was good and the scene lent itself to big time partying. Much respect to the bar and door staff!

  16. g


  18. Brian

    It’s just not a very good club

    it is ok but it doesn’t want to make me go back

  19. computernerd

    Is there a rating below poor?

  20. Mr. Money

    The club was full of hot females with great swager! Great new look inside. Place just get bigger and better every time I stop in. By far the freshest dances. I always stop by for the great drink specials!

  21. Loco
  22. b-day boy

    Ok, I’m not huge on going out to stip clubs, but it being the big 40 birthday the guys wanted forced me to go! Soon as we sat down a hot waitress was there to greet and take our drink orders. Great looking girls all around. Just disappointed I couldn’t get a lap dance from them all.

  23. Fred
  24. ss
  25. No fan

    If this club had any real competition it would be closed within two months!!

  26. Leroy

    I drive right by this club and go to clubs in Scottsdale.Drinks and entrance fee are a rip off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Sonnys boy
  28. kay
  29. Paul
  30. PeeTearGriffen


  31. tl
  32. bobby jo

    this place is shit. not THE shit. just shit.

  33. dr
  34. disappointed

    bandaids has dancers with more class than this shithole

  35. OfficerNasty

    Dirty… Filthy… Nasty… Rotten… Club

  36. Andres S.

    Girls only accepted $20 lap dances on a Tuesday! No good, it should be $10 lap dances for a Tuesday.

  37. eddyL

    I went to sonnys on a wed night with a few buddies from out of town… GREAT night!!i would say they had a little over a dozen girls that all had a different personality (well atleast the ones i talked too). i forgot their names but the two girls who dance together on one pole! that sure got my attention. I ended up taking one of them to a v.i.p room and one of my friends took the other one. id say my money was well spent for the both of us. I was actually impressed with the staff also. The waitresses were on the ball with our drinks as we did tell one that we were on a mission to have a good time. Even the door guy had to talk to us to settle down a few times and still managed to joke with us when we went outside for a cigarette, Back home they’d be more uptight at even the local bars.overall when my friends come back to town we will be def going back there on a weekend night to see the full lineup and experience, hopefully that girl is still there!!!

  38. Life is great, traval!

    I know everyone is entitled there own opinion, but I love the fact that girls approach and offer dance options. I’ve been around to a lot of clubs in the industry and have never felt like I was forced to do something I didn’t want to do. The girls at strip clubs are there to work. I respect that and tip accordingly.

  39. MIKE


  40. edud
  41. Jon

    The moment arrived I was treat like a VIP. The doormen offered vip parking, a very nice feature. I just knew I was going to fancy this place. There were at least 40 girls if not more. I lose track when I started getting dances. Job well done Sonny! Cheers

  42. Dan
  43. thechadk
  44. BOBBY

    Wow. Much better than the last time I was here.

  45. AssnTits5

    -10 Dollar ATM FEE- The atm fee was an immediate 2 stars off that’s more than a Vegas strip club and this is no Vegas strip club.Beers are 5 bucks each which is kind of the norm in clubs but not in a club in the middle of BFE which is probably why there was only like 10 people in the club on a Monday night.There was about 10 chicks working the floor, 2 of which were reasonably attractive. Door fee is 10 bucks, not bad considering but they nail you with the ATM and drink costs.Overall I’d just say don’t waste the time… It’s seriously not worth it… And this is coming from a guy who loves strip clubs

  46. SEMI

    Dont go here ugly dancers.

  47. ed
  48. niglet gene
  49. Jack
  50. Michael B.

    I was there for a Sunday afternoon to watch some football and check this place out. First time there and I wasn’t expecting much but the girls there are really nice. I know that is what they are suppose to do but I didn’t really give much and they were still very friendly. There was one girl there by the name of Tatiana that was extremely nice. It was nice talking to her and learning about her little garden.

  51. jambaking

    this place lacks customer service and the drinks are pretty pricey even for a strip club…

  52. Ink it

    Great club! The cost of drinks make me wonder why I drive to Scottsdale to pay double the price. Great stage presences and good looking girls walking around everywhere! Didn’t get a chance to check out the celeb room as it was being used at the time. I wonder what celeb was in there?

  53. nicely done

    The crowd is always consistent, the drinks always strong and the staff adequate, if not always friendly. It is a perfect size and always ends up being a great time.

  54. pizzaman

    me and my friends actually laughed at how disorganzied the pos is

  55. jazzy

    Best hot spot

  56. Vicki N.

    $10 door cover, $7 for a small tequila sunrise, The decor is nice, it’s not a shitty hole in the wall. The chairs take some getting used to, cause they are so low to the floor but I like the set up in here. Lots of rap music played, I prefer hard rock, but it was fine.We got lap dances from 2 different girls. Our lap dances were great, but the dancers should look more enthused on the stage and work the pole more.There was one girl who looked like a 50’s pinup and climbed all the way up the pole and did tricks, we ran to the stage to give her money. She was great, she should hold classes for the other girls for a fee.Most of the girls had all natural small breast for the most part, I saw one big boobed chick with blonde hair (my preference) and she was texting on her phone so we didn’t want to interrupt her to ask for a lap dance.

  57. Happy Customer

    The staff is very friendly and the girls are HOT

  58. Alissandra L.

    It’s your average strip club. I went here for my cousin’s birthday party (a lady), and stayed for a couple hours before heading home. It wasn’t extravagant or hellacious or highly entertaining. It was pretty normal. I was surprised at how attractive a lot of these girls are. I was expecting mediocre looks, but they’re actually pretty. The DJ plays a range of music from different genres, the bartenders were pretty much on par, and the waitresses are talented in the way they weave through the crowd, careful not to get knocked in the head by a stripper’s 9 inch shoe while in the midst of giving a lap dance. I do dig the double poles, but wary of the fact that they hardly ever wiped them down in-between each stripper’s turn. Oh well, I’m not the one dancing up there.

  59. Holmes


  60. POOR

    Its a good thing this pit is in the middle of no place. I guess a crappy stipper club is better than none. It is pretty crappy though.

  61. kimhoodrat
  62. rob t.
  63. BB
  64. mac

    good times

  65. Phat kat

    Enjoyed myself last night

  66. giantssss

    why is it so hard to believe that this place sucks??? dont believe me, go in and see for yourself… You’llhave more fun at the dentist’s office


  67. jkl
  68. homer

    was there last weekend, I probably should have known it was going to be a bad time, when the parking lot was empty. Very few customers and even fewer girls. I was told I had to sit by the stage eventhough, we wanted to sit in the back.

  69. mckee
  70. chad
  71. mike

    its a very nice club great managers Hannah, and Jim.

  72. ty
  73. bob
  74. lame
  75. Batman

    very negative experience

  76. 1st and last

    had an obviously drunk girl start doing a dance for me(without me askin for it) then demanded $20 or she was gonna have me thrown out. paid her & left anyway. walkin out i asked a fat black guy if he was the manager, “No, im not the manager, i own this place!” told him what hppnd “well, u get a dance, u gotta pay for it” said i’d never come back and he actually laughed and said “does it look like i need ur business?” WTF?!?!? That was my first and last trip to sonnys

  77. tedebeer
  78. hgt
  79. Rod

    The place kinda sucks, but they do always let my 19 yr old cousin in w/o checking his id, so thats good

  80. sug
  81. Borats

    Very Nice!!!!!!! Sexy Time, High 5

  82. zack
  83. Neveragain

    Touche! He is an ass and is running the Club more like a well you know ;).Trashy girls;all a little to willing to go that “extra mile”NO CLASS NO MANNERS!!!

  84. Nughs

    This place used to be really shit, a lot of mexicans and cowboys used to go there, like 10 years ago or so, thenit got pretty good for awhile, now its back to being shitty and now over priced

  85. Ronaldo

    Piss poor – i ve seen mcdonalds ran beter by 16 yr old acme face high school kids

  86. Not Happy

    Theme song here is “Where the Buffalo roam”Owner or manager must love fat chicks in thongs.This place is disgusting.

  87. S Lapi

    not worth the time

  88. tony
  89. thomas

    i love this club, it is my favorite. great girls!

  90. yo
  91. xoxo

    EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about!! Google Chandler stripper…GOOD SHIT!! Sonnys stripper(with prior assault charges) stabs boyfriend in back…..makes me wanna come in and get a dance!

  92. SSgt

    I wish I could say one positive thing about this club. but I can not

  93. mikeyc

    in spite of the bad service and WAY OVERPRICED COVER AND DRINKS, me and my friends had a great time. This is without a doubt one of my new favorite hangouts! the shit you can do in the VIP room and get away with is well worth it!! Overall quality of dancers is a 2.5(at best)but quality of dances is a 9.5!! Little tip, some of the girls will wait at the Circle K after hours looking for a little extra work(wink wink). Just dont pay them in advance!!!

  94. Bman

    Wow this club sux!

  95. heii
  96. dancer

    Thanks for nothing, by not protecting me when loser cards players ie birdman cums in and fucks up the place


  97. BernieMac

    Geez another stabbing at sonny’s, oh well at least it wasnt a shooting this time and at least it was a customer or bf and not a dancer this time either, but yes a class act lol

  98. xxxstanxxx

    is it me or does that club have a smell to it? there is always a funky smell and it gives me a headache. also did anyone else see the whore with the black eye, wtf is up with that, daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn wont be stoppin by for a long ass time

  99. PING

    Perfect sport to take the guys out after a few rounds of golf. The club is in a great location just of the highway. We got there around noon, took up all the seats around the stage and enjoy a great show by Paris & Naomi! those girls know how to work that pole! Great $2 drink specials.

  100. adamrod

    Great and friendly waitstaff, always very attentive, and fun and beautiful dancers!! Lots of different looks and personalities. All the girls put on a great show, my crew was very entertained and we had a fun night. I’ll see you guys again soon for the next theme night!!

  101. steveo
  102. R U Kidding

    So after the 12 dollar cover, by some dude at the front door who gave me incorrect change, I got worried. How many clubs have a guy working the cash register? THIS IS A FIRST FOR ME! I was not escorted to a seat, nor was anyone really nice once I got in there. The nicest guy there looked like a cop. He was polite and answered a question I had. Now, the vip here is a joke. It is next to the dj booth. RIGHT NEXT TO THE DJ BOOTH. I’m getting a dance and watching some fat oily slob shuffle around. The fucker smelled like Polo. NO SHIT! I counted 5 girls there. Four of these girls were dog ass ugly! I swear to god, they had to suck someones cock to get the job. The best looking girl was pretty decent from the neck up. It was just kinda sad.

  103. UFC

    I highly recommend Sonnys

  104. Santa

    Been there b4 several months ago, it was ok then, but had a really suck ass time this time, service was very bad and the dancers were unattractive to say the least, plus most seemed pissed off and or drugged up, wtf……

  105. fred f.
  106. Mr.

    Love it!

  107. Lady
  108. weeeeeeeeeed
  109. azcouple
  110. student
  111. jefffired
  112. AZ

    Not a good club .Fat chicks everywhere.

  113. josh
  114. jake
  115. hoes

    got some busted up hos there

  116. LMAO

    That’s awesome!!! Nothing says class like strippers stabing guys in the back!!

  117. Tapout

    I stopped by to watch the UFC fights. After talking to the doormen and bartenders (wow those two girls were hot) I was told they did have the fights. Ended up having a few drinks and taking one of the dancers to the “champagne” room. Missed the fights but it was well worth it! thank you Vanity.

  118. xpatron
  119. Chris

    I tried to say something on here before, but for whatever reason it didn’t get posted…wonder why.

    I like this club, I especially like the thinner, natural girls, that don’t push themselves on you, and then act all pissy when you tell them they are not your style. This only happened with one girl, the others were polite about it…and walked away with tips from me for massages and talking to me.

    Club could be a lot better if it were nude, and cheaper. Considering the location, I can’t believe you are charging 20$ a lapdance, and more than 100$ for a trip to a lackluster VIP room.

    I recommend Tessa, new, beautiful, polite, accommadating, and a veteran of the armed forces.

    To the owner, eliminate the cover charge. Raise the price of your drinks, lower the prices of your dances. Forget the food, I have been there for the lunch hour several times…and have never seen anyone eating that greasy food. So save your money. Get more people involved by lowering the amount of your cut on the dances as well as VIP room. Know how I chose which girl I will be taking to the VIP room or selecting for lap dances? By watching them give lapdances to other patrons. Start a feeding frenzy…let your girls do the dances for 10$, The tips will make up the difference…and will leave more for the VIP room. Lower the VIP room to 50$ to 60$. Volume, Volume, Volume.

  120. william
  121. Mr. Goodtimes

    Never a disappointing night sonny’s is big than most stip clubs in AZ. Great place to relax/have a good time with friends and get a few lap dances as well. Excellent music, great scene.

  122. TINA


  123. Dawn E.

    I’ve been coming here since 2002 never had a problem with a dancer or manager till now! I was told dances were $20 on the floor by a dancer named “Tony” never in all my 14 years have I paid that! It’s been $10 always! The stripper ripped me off! And to top it off I felt like I had to beg for my money back from the manager. He did send over complimentary beer which to me didn’t replace the money the stripper stole from me! It’s not the money it’s the principle! I eventually got my money back, and gave it all to another stripper on my way out, and left. Lesson learned no dances from strippers I feel bad for, only strippers I really want dances from. It was a great 14 year run with the club but, I will not be going back ever!

  124. Regular
  125. petesell
  126. steave
  127. Bud

    Been there twice at noon fantastic lunch time talent

  128. EVO

    Dancers WAY BELOW average HERE.

  129. stripmagnet

    only thing that keeps this club going is location and no competition. only reason i come back is proximity to my house. i think i’ll move.

  130. JnJ

    This place on a scale of 1-10, is a 3

  131. bob

    better than it was

  132. to
  133. Tao

    Worst club in the valley.

  134. cote
  135. jelp
  136. bignose

    this clubs stinks, i mean it, there is a strong odor in there, and not from dirty pussy or ass or any other kind of funk, its just has a sewer-like smell in there.

  137. hung

    unbelievably bad is all one can say about this place.

  138. Stealth

    Not worth the price of admission.

  139. H8
  140. dick
  141. WoW!????!

    First time in was asked to try another night

  142. wander

    a metal dectector upon walking in??? seriously??? that says it all…

  143. rr
  144. HOEMI
  145. No Ho's

    All vip dances or nothing – doesn’t seem worth it

  146. Helter

    the person that does the hiring must be blind No one in their right mind would want these ugly girls taking off their clothes!

  147. G$

    Not a very good club imo

  148. HH
  149. Rich R.

    Had my bachelor party there and my friend’s bachelor party there and it was a blast (truth be told I don’t remember my bachelor party.) There are a lot of natural ladies to choose from (along with a fair share of bolt-on ladies too) and all of them were very pretty. Haven’t tried the food but I hear it’s pretty good. Reasonably priced everything for a gentleman’s club, I’ll be going back for whatever occasion presents itself.

  150. ugly
  151. Disappointment

    Wow! What a disappointment. I used to go here all the time, and now it just seems to be going down the shitter. That new dark hair bartender, yeah she is cute, but she is way to full of her self. And that blonde has attitude from hell. What happened to that cute bartender with the tattoos???? The girls seem alright, I just went to hang out and relax, cant seem to do that anymore, they are up your ass for money! Overall, not that great anymore. Think I’ll go spend my money somewhere else, I suggest that to anyone!

  152. joseph1k

    I went to Sonnys with a female friend during the week we went on a tuesday and it was kinda slow At first i felt out of place because my friend and I were getting no attention from the ladies. Then we were approached by a lovely young lady named Gemma she was awesome the nite turned out great and we had a great time THANK YOU GEMMA

  153. boo


  154. JOSH2


  155. dahc
  156. Nick and Lacey

    Love the new VIP bottle service area

  157. eneg
  158. rickr
  160. leoni

    they should call this place “the good, the bad, & the ugly”. the service is bad, the girls are ugly, and the good is when you leave!

  161. Jayme

    worst strip club I have ever been to, no class what so ever

    can i get my money back???????

  162. xhooker
  163. Been to Plenty

    This club is looking better. The girls are getting better looking everytime I go. They definitly had there share of fat chicks, but they seem to be letting them go and getting hotter ones every day. Reminds me of Babe’s back in the good old days. Hope to see it continue!!!!!

  164. yuck
  165. Santelli

    Absolute dump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  166. ALEXH

    No reason to go here below average girls Yuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!They will put anything in a thong here and try to sell you.Hiliter way better.

  167. fritter17

    Went here for first time in awhile. Staff has gone down hill and so have girls. Save yourself the money. Don’t go!!

  168. jimmy k.

    quite simply, this place sucks.

  169. Bear

    I think I just throw up a little


  170. Lee
  171. WW

    bad experience overall

  172. t
  173. WHATEVA

    that dude, the white bald dj was good. Tha day dj fuckin sucks, but whcha want? There was a hot lil shawty blond bartender who flirted wit me a lot. Id go back to see dat ass! the strippers suck and just cuz a brotha owns tha place, doesnt mean it it cant suck. Dis place sucks. I will pay fo gas to go to the 602 instead of dat jacked up joint.

    oh yeah, it smells, FO REALZ, like SHIT half da time!

  174. jerod

    pat is great, what happened to the old employees they had from scottsdale? that was a good time! otherwise the only thing keeping the club together is pat

  175. Cooper

    LAME CLUB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  176. kennys
  177. utopia
  178. armyranger

    wish i would have stayed home

  179. mantra

    It’s a dump.

  180. LJ

    Will never go here again.A waste of time .Dancers reek

  181. jacky
  182. 48hoe

    girls are very aggressive and the drink prices are pretty high and although I had dropped about 400+ on dances alone, at the end of the night as I was getting ready to leave b/c I had spent all I was going to spend one of the black dancers accused me of being racist b/c I didnt want a dance from her, that really leaves a sour taste in my mouth

  183. Xcel

    Words cant describe how bad this club is!

  184. jt
  185. tad
  186. str
  187. kk
  188. Oscar Yeager

    I must agree 100% with the comments written here. My only complaint before was how loud they play the music.

    My conclusion is that ordinary girls acting like Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders isn’t very encouraging as far as me coming back. (I won’t)

    Plus the aggressive behavior of these bitches is unreal. I had one who continued dancing even though I told her to stop. She made a face because I’d run out of $$$$$$

  189. goaway

    my card got charged $10 over, no big deal right? they fought and fught and fought me over it, fuck it, keep it, if $10 is gonna make or break you. I wont be back

  190. Z Rod

    Just stopped in after the 4th to check it out and the place was great. I didn’t think they would have as many girls they did on a day after the holiday.

  191. Mr.Bean

    out of shape, flabby ass- no manner hoes

    very aggressive and rude

    what the hell, who hired these bitches

  192. TOMMYAZ


  193. cb

    duuurrrty duurrrty

  194. balls
  195. rick

    great improvement!

  196. Sam

    Gene is an asshole, doesn’t know how to run a club. My friends and I were in there last week, and he was arrogant and rude to all of us. Stay away from this place.

  197. Peter

    This is a good and non-conventional club with several assets in the organization, and staff. Food service might be improved as well as cover.

  198. Rick Ross
  199. b
  200. kenshamrock
  201. pilgrim

    there best dancers are 4’s to most clubs ugliest dancers

    i think i saw bullet wounds, it was like a Bosnian strip club

    and prego chicks wtf

  202. yungjock
  203. Benny

    This place is ok, prob not the worst in town, def not the best, BUT there drink prices are insane, $50 for 2 topself drinks, wtf… Cant afford this place

  204. sardaukar
  205. SilverFox

    Getting better all the time!!!

  206. big cheese
  207. Dave

    Great looking girls day and night!

  208. Sexy dancer

    Patrick is ok, but neither he nor Gene are “good” managers… Girls are stuck up and rude. Lots of big girls. House fees and Door fees are rip off, they take money for EVERYTHING… stage sucks… Go to a different club if you want to be respected…money’s ok if you don’t mind being treated like trash to get it.

  209. ghettofabuUlose
  210. dumpy

    my name says it all!

  211. Wealth

    From out of town and checked this place out WOW is this the quality of dancers in Az I was laughing at the dogs on parade.

    Theme song here is who let the dogs out.

  212. booo
  213. dude

    they should make a shirt saying “i went to sonny’s and all i got was aids and this shirt”

  214. Let down

    A stabbing I guess the owners are looking to get shut down.Sheriff Joe needs to get on this.

  215. jam
  216. bobo
  217. 21/2men

    Wish we were warned about how messed up of a club this was, so here’s your warning

  218. Albert

    This club gets worse and worse and more and more expensive. A lot of regular dancers have left and then replaced by much lower quality dancers, and a lot of the staff is gone too. Somehow, the prices keep going up from the door cover to the drinks. There are better venues in Chandler to spend your hard earned money on than this place

  219. zzzz
  220. TC

    Trash club, tons of white trash, niggers, and wet backs. lots of poor mother fuckers go in there and dont spend s dime and want to be treated like celebs, i just dont get it. I mean people keep there feet on the stage like its an old country bar or there house, such trash… be there a dozen times and it gets worse and worse. tonight was my last visit

  221. DrJay

    One of the most expensive clubs in the city with some of the poorest quality of dancers, staff, and domain.

  222. tonycluber

    Sonny’s does not offer a drop-off incentive to Lyft / Uber drivers like they do to taxicab drivers. That is unfortunate and cheap. With the divey appearance of the outside of the property, word of mouth can be very valuable and reassuring. Oh, well.

  223. Beats

    poor poor poor poor poor

  224. jed calmpit
  225. $$$

    still the best place in the city

  226. Brad

    not worht it, way to expensive, thick girls who are very pushy. I felt very uncomfrotable there 🙁

  227. tyrone

    this place is really turning around and coming together!

  228. fckdshthle

    I can’t believe guys actually pay to go to this club, and the girls look like skank. they are not worth throwing your money away.

  229. ryan123

    Not ashamed to admit that I’ve stopped in for a drink and a little eye candy. I spotted this place while filling up at QT on the corner. Thought it might be a dive bar but never a gentleman’s club. Well, upon walking in I was pleasantly surprised. It was anything BUT a dive bar. The girls were amazing and the DJ played some good songs over a pretty decent sound system. They even have large screen televisions so you can keep up with your favorite teams. Drinks were reasonable at $7 for a JD and coke. The interior was clean and comfortable. Bring your paycheck boys, the girls here deserve it.



  231. Justin

    Was there tonight, it was completely dead even for a Tuesday night. The girls were gorgeous and the lack of business made it have a personal atmosphere. I had a great time with Bailey. I had a dance with a dancer named Dani as well, she has braces and gave me a great dance that made me wish I could afford the VIP dance.

  232. Grasshopper

    worst club I have ever been to, wish I wold have read the reviews first. Stay away, expensive and tons of ugly dancers… Hard to get a drink, poor service!!!!

  233. richard

    great time

  234. Pokerface

    Great vibe from this club. This Club is huge inside! Some of the best looking females I’ve seen. I hung by the bar just to check things out for the first time. Very friendly girls that gave me a tour of the place. I will be back to check out there new Celeb room!

  235. mickey
  236. pomang
  237. obamo
  238. rmf

    wrong on so many levels

  239. King diamond

    This club is horrid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  240. bruno

    Horrible smell and exxxpensive drinks and shitty service

    also fatties galore

  242. wags
  243. never going back

    I was a dancer for about a week 4. Lots of rules I don’t mind rules and the law but they are a little extreme! They treat the girls like shit sorry I now work over at Bombshells and the atmosphere is much more laidback. You can make your choices, but I am much happier at bombschells.

  244. pnp

    baaaaaaaaaaaad, and the smell from the sewer is rotten

  245. Customer
  246. Vegas

    Its about time AZ got a topless club that can be compared to ours in Vegas!!

  247. Pac

    Great crowed and dancers Thur!!!

  248. J


  249. TOM


  250. cap'n kirk

    inside bouncers are full of themselves, the club is more about the managers

    and bouncers than the patrons or girls. Must be they are gay

  251. Lameclub

    This club is horrible.

  252. myles

    The bartender or manager girl Hannah is a bitch. Otherwise not too bad of a club just not that great.

  253. boobs
  254. DEAD
  255. kindafan

    overall this place isnt too bad, but way over-priced! And everytime I come here it seems all the staff seem pissed off(esp. the female bartenders)

  256. GarryWas

    I have been here three times now and will not be back. The bouncers are very rude and they hover over you when you are trying to spend your $. Drink specials are good if that’s all you are doing, but I was resting my hands on the girls leg and hips and was told if I continued I would have to leave. Bouncers are way too strict as if its all about has been such a different experience than any other club in entire Phx valley. Several local friends if mine share the same view, Sonny’s is out of touch!

  257. niggagene
  258. strippersands

    So, a shooting, a stabbing, drugs deals, and ugly girls… sweet this place rocks huh

  259. hollabacknow
  260. john

    this club is ther worst club ever it used to be good and have hott girls. Gene is a horrible manager he’s running the club and the girls in the ground, step aside let someone who knows how to run a club turn it into a gold mine get rid of all the nasty fat chicks. No matter were your from you don’t cum to pay for or see fat chicks they don’t belong on stage naked!!!!!

  261. DaviD
  262. K S.

    Another wonderful night here. Wow I can’t say how much fun I have here thank you to everyone always giving me a good time . I will be back for my favorite girls.

  263. First time

    Very discrete yet high class place. I got there a little after 12pm, it was busy with good looking girls. A doorman told informed me that even more girls come in at night.

  264. Neil

    I have a good sense of humor, but this place is a joke

  265. db
  266. Markie

    Great drink prices!!

  267. Hugo

    Ugly rude bartenders, fat maybe pregnant girls, ghetto customers, expensive cover, weak pricey drinks, wtf worst club in AZ

  268. tampon

    Report Card: F- in all aspects

  269. tinman
  270. Bo

    Bad service, over weight girls, high cover $10, expensive watered down drinks

  271. NYC

    This club should be more exclusive. Making it harder for people to get in. Because, if you have the chance visit this spot, its more than a decent spot. Decorated with good taste, I love the ceiling fan, the wall mirrors and the paintings/pictures in the rest room…and the DJ was doing a great job! Drinks are above average. Coming from Florida and NYC this club is more than what I expected for Arizona. I will be back for sure.

  272. sra
  273. Jeff

    Went for the 1st time and it was nice. Exactly what you would expect from a normal strip club. Nice variety of girls and plenty of them on hand. I think I got there right before a shift change so I got to see a few more then a normal visit. Waitress was friendly and helpful. Dances suck because you can’t touch unless you pay an outrageous fee and then you still can’t touch breast or snapper anyway. I miss the east coast clubs where your hands are free to roam.

  274. veets
  275. bobby T

    What happened to this place?? Last time in was a year 1/2 ago, it was ok then, but sucks now! I heard this was a sister club of Bourbon st.??? Ugly sister at best!!!

  276. jak
  277. ran out

    Pushy dancers averaging only a four, hos wanting big vip money. No fun in the main lounge. This club needs to be completely reworked.

  278. zzz
  279. GENE
  280. chica
  281. google

    I am displeased with the changes that have been made, the new owners should noy have messed with a good thing

  282. BECK

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