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0 reviews for “Sensations Bar & Grill

  1. zac / york

    this club sucks all the girl r nasty /just like in york/ itake my money and go 2 baltimore, get some real talant/ not deers humpin on the wall no class hillbillys

  2. gman

    the only good night to come in anymore is fridays that is when they have talent there.

  3. Billy


    I have been going to the club for a pretty long time. A few years ago, Sensations was only charging ten dollars for non-contact lap dances (air dances)when full contact lap dances were not allowed. When the rates were increased to 20 dollars, contact lap dances were allowed. I have received numerous lap dances since the cost was increased to 20 dollars. The ten dollar air dances were a waste of money in my opininion and I am sure that is how most of the customer feel about it. All of the dancers have given me full contact lap dances. If you are only giving air dances, then you are not giving the customer a 20 dollar dance. The non-contact lap dances should be a thing of the past unless you are only charging the customer ten dollars. I have never had any of the dancers fondling me during the lap dances and that is not an issue. However, I do expect contact lap dances if I am paying 20 dollars.

  4. Big Ben!

    I was in over the weekend, tons of strippers to choose from got a private dance from Lucinda. Loved it. Thanks again

  5. jt
  6. Jen
  7. Tonight!!

    Weds Dec 10th is Customer Appreciation Night at Sensations. Doors open at 6pm. Many of your favorite Entertainers will be there. Also there will be drink specials, games, prizes, food, Miller Lite girls, and much much more!!! Come out and enjoy the fun tonight. This night only comes but once a year so don’t be the one to miss it!!!!!

  8. Pro

    Around what?…littlestown

  9. yeah

    great club. love the new hours! keep up the good work.

  10. it works

    this club has always gone up and down in the type of women they have working there but, over all the girls get the job done. some better than others.

  11. fred
  12. bman


  13. someone

    awsome group of girls working here.

  14. WOW

    wow, thats all i can say, wow!

  15. mia

    For the record I would never demand a five dollar tip from anyone. I have only ever simply suggested that tips are very much appreciated. Customers are also informed that the dancers must tip five dollars to the house for every dance. As for giving an air dance, Im sorry if our club is not scandilous enough for you. It is a very classy club and we do not promote grinding or inappropriate fonduling. So any of you out there looking for that I suggest you go else where, because I will continue to dance the way I do. I welcome anyone to come in and judge my stage performance and let me know what you think. I love positive critism and honestly wish I could learn more pole tricks lol. Thanks for your comments and I hope to see you here soon!

  16. frank o

    the girls suck, place needs work , i would not return,

  17. bob
  18. sparky
  19. realman

    excellent girls, excellent hospitality, great environment, i mean where else can you go to find the awsome decor on the walls besides the hot women dancing on stage. this place has it all.

  20. jim
  21. Slim

    I have been going there 4 years, I know everyone, it is a no-touch club, so that makes it more classy, topless only, has a nude room if the girl chooses to do it, they have gotten some great dancers in, they are sexy as you can get, great people to be around, I enjoy them and their ethics.

  22. SUX

    Fuckin hole in the wall, small town girls who think they are something special!

  23. bill

    a variety of crach whores and sexually transmitted diseases maybe

  24. ,mike

    nice girls

  25. ME

    Car Show Was Coooooooooooooooolllllllllllllll

  26. brad

    Millionaire club. If your rich, you will love it. Plenty of women willing to take your money and not care if your happy with what you get in return. VIP dances are a JOKE! Dont sit at the stage, sit away from the stage and you can save money and see just as much.

  27. august 7th

    Don’t forget Saturday August 7th (11am-4pm) is our 6th Annual Car Show & Bike Ride. This event benefits our local Adams County Child Abuse Center. There will be door prizes, giveaways, Baltimore Street Tattoo will be inside the club, Vendors, Climbing Wall, Dunk Booth (with our Divas in) and so much more… Come out and show your support.

  28. smoke
  29. Jeff

    I went friday n there is nothin good 2 say, its a hole in the wall ,with some crusty dancers

  30. slimjim

    this place was sad n depressing i will never go back it was horrable evreything abot it sucked n it was dirty would not recamend too anyone

  31. Heather

    My man and I checked out this club last night. We drove all the way from Harrisburg. The drive was worth it. I liked the fact that the was no cover to get in. The drinks were a tad expensive, but I’m used to that, drinks were between 4-7 bucks. Their site said they served food, but I didn’t see any menus or anyone else eating food, so I was unsure of that. The atmosphere was laid back. We both really liked the display with the buck and doe. =) Untill about 12, there were enough seats, but it slowly got more crowded and it became impossible to get a seat by the stage. I guess this is to be expected on a saturday night at a club with no cover.

    The girls were great. We’ve been all over the place (within a 50 mile radius of Harrisburg) trying to find a good club and we finally found one. All the dancers were hot and skilled. Everyone had skills on the pole, which I think is important. Its also important to point out that everyone who worked here was super friendly and we joked around and had nice conversation. Crystal gives awesome lap dances.

    Anyway, we’ll be back here sometime in the near future.

  32. Insider

    To Billy, Every girl has a different way to do her dances so if your not happy with what you call “Air Dances” (for the record they are called table dances) then pick a girl who will give you a full contact dance…..don’t discriminate against a girl because of how she condusts her income when you don’t know anything

  33. frank

    fuckin dump only like 1 or 2 hotties

  34. bozman

    this is by far my favorite club, but anybody that knows me, knows that already.

  35. onyx

    just so you fucking know, im onyx and i have notrack marks and have no hep c and if you wanna come see for yourself, bring it on….im beautiful, probably one of the most decent girls there so whoever this joe kid is, he can kick rocks because hes obviously talking about the wrong girl.

  36. dump


  37. bluesman
  38. eddy

    fuckin dump

  39. StillUp

    Went a few weeks ago with some buddy’s. had a few dances from different ladies, but by far had the best time with Lucinda. The nude VIP was great, just don’t try to get too frisky with her, let her do her job and you will leave a very happy man.

  40. Sexy bunny

    hot women, great lap dances.

  41. Mike

    Went while on vacation. Great variety of girls. Not pushy but always ready to dance. One of the top 3 clubs I have visited

  42. first-timer

    love the atmosphere, very laid back.

  43. STP

    there is talent here, you just gotta look in the right direction.

  44. Randy Lowery

    The only real beef I have is that alot of the dancers are picky about who they will dance for. My money is just as green as the next guy. Vixxen..Samantha…and Lucinda are the best ones there

  45. durk magurk

    ambre sure does have some super duper boobies

  46. Rebel

    Great club overall could use a few more girls on busy nights but other than that I say check it out ladies and felas

  47. ray

    Lots of great dancers, Highly recommend Lucinda!!!!

  48. DDP

    They need more dancers and women who can dance

  49. Ha


  50. ONE WORD


  51. corruption

    My favs are Dallas, Aleah, Lucinda, Jersey, and Vixon. Theses girls know how to dance

  52. Scott

    My experince with this club has been very positive. Some of the girls are hot, while others are aveage. I enjoy the champagne deal.

  53. sean
  54. ted

    Take a LOT of money!! you will need it, especially for VIP dances that are not worth the $20.00 charge

  55. bj

    the fuck coooooooollllllllllllll

  56. not impressed

    not at all impressed. where did the other manager go? who is the new person on the mic?

  57. CA BOYZ

    I had a great time there. It was alot of fun. There are two types of strippers at this club. You have the classy, where are worth the money and you have the trashy that need to get over themselves.

  58. newcommer

    variety of women, someone for everyone. i love this place!

  59. ZACH

    girls are awesome especially vixon she knows how to dance

  60. walt, york p.a.

    this place was really weird, i dont think i’d go back. there really was not much too look at.i don’t know how they stay open wiht the girls i saw.

  61. to preston

    Awesome group of women work there with smoking hot bodies.i was in this weekend also, the place is anything but a dive. the women are beautiful. they all have beautiful bodies and smiles. this place is in business still due to the fact of the talent they have working there.

  62. ken

    place is a shithole ant no good lookin girls its a bunch of fat n old nasty bitchs

  63. Harrison69

    Decently priced beer for a strip club. Way better looking girls than I was expecting. This place gets a bad reputation around town but I was actually surprised. It’s just like going out to any regular bar but there’s boobs.

  64. Trevor
  65. Nick

    The atmosphere is unlike anything else… it’s very laid back, and the girls are actually interested in conversation with their customers. Most of the girls are incredibly friendly; even the ones who might not turn you on are good for conversation. There’s something for everyone, and this is a great place to have a few drinks and meet some interesting girls who just happen to want to get naked for you (and a couple dollars).

  66. Stacey

    Had great time- went in with husband and friends…

  67. buddy

    If u plan on goin here go some were else, place is small n girls r nasty one of the worst clubs ive been 2 in a while

  68. kim
  69. JRDUCK

    Love it there, great place to relax, great girls, love them. Better now that they lost the pasties. That was the bummer, those pasties should be illegal, hope they get to lose those G-strings too.


    Good place for a little town. Wednesday night, sloppy dancer rolling around on the stage, spilling beers, yelling at customers to tip, she could leave and no one would miss her. Lucinda, nice dancer on stage and for lap! Guess that is what you get for a wednesday. Thursday, Mia is hot but gives and airdance and then demands a $5 tip on top of the $20 air dance. What a waste of time and money she was!! Her stage dances had no personality either. The others were entertaining and fun to tip.

  71. Nok
  72. jasmine

    laid back

  73. tboyu
  74. chambersburg couple

    We visited on a wed night. Got a couples dance and had a great time!! We’ll be back. Vixon rocks!

  75. df

    A very nice fun club that is like a strip club should be.

    Friendly, clean, and safe.

    Girls are fun and they run a good tight ship.

  76. Todd

    girls arnt good lookin / except lilly n one other ,n the place has no class .

  77. Jimbo

    Had a great time Girls were hot! Especially the two absolutely gorgeous and talented pole climbers.

  78. hey

    great club,good atmosphere. girls here don’t walk up and ask if you want a lap dance and then leave. i like the environment.

  79. scrapmetal
  80. Happy Customer

    The club has no charge for admission. This in itself makes it worth a look. On many night, this club has more girls then other clubs in the area. They ofter have over 10 girls per weekend night. It has a full bar. It is one of the free clubs in the area that offer booze and boobs, and the only one that has no cover charge. They have a variety of girls who are very friendly to the customers. Some nights the quality of the girls is better than other. Bottom line: it is free to enter and if one does not like what one sees, it costs nothing.

  81. i think this

    i have to disagree with the last comment. amber has a wonderful voice. also if you sit and talk to her she is not the person that everyone makes her out to be.

  82. tony

    i have been here several times each time keeps getting better and better,keep up the good work girls

  83. Just say no to Air Dances

    Mia, in two nights and about 10 dances you are the ONLY one that did this. You said “I get twenty for my dances and the house gets five”. That would have been OK if even one other girl asked that…or if you gave anything better then an boring airdance. In fact, you were my last dance and I have not gone back since. I would not have paid the extra five, but I figured if your mexican ass don’t play fair, you probably don’t fight fair either. So like many others, I won’t ever ask you for a dance again….if I even think about returning someday. I guess you could not get a job at 7-11 (due to a lack of personality) so you work here.

  84. jerry

    i think the girls here are very nice and beautiful.

  85. canton fan

    im from b-more, this club is great. sexy women. The beer prices aren’t bad. I can’t wait tocome back.

  86. Ron

    Club is ok but Angel is hotter than hell. You may experience spontaneous combustion during a lap dance with her. She reminds me of that potato chip commercial, “Nobody can just try one.” Anyhow, sweet, sexy, personable are just a few words to describe her. Really fun girl.

  87. Joe

    This is a great club, if you want to come to hang out, relax, have a few drinks with your friends, and see some beautiful women.

  88. wayne

    not impressed!

  89. Lance/Linda

    If you can’t find a good time here you probally couldn’t find your ass with both hands either. We’ll always be back!!! Sendin Love out to Vixon, Jenna,Lucinda, and Angela

  90. jay

    fuck cool

  91. Lucinda sucks
  92. tom
  93. #$%#$%

    Good place to go

  94. mango
  95. sam
  96. ben
  97. Bart

    Full contact dance w/ no top….only $20, you ain’t going to get that anywhere else. Good entertainment. Lots of fun.

  98. jersey

    i have been working at this club for well over 3 years and i must say that it is at it’s best now. many girls have come and gone, and many of them are missed. but the group of girls that we have right now are phenominal. they have class, style, and a great presence. i am now proud to say that i work here. and for the record, i do not meet people in the parking lot. lol. except for lilly 🙂 but in all seriousness, check it out. it has come a long way and it’s only gonna get better.

  99. Jason

    Good time, good looking females, Superb lapdances, in your face t&a and laid back chairs.

  100. disgusted

    Inexperienced and unattractive girls, poor management (owner is a pig, prices for drinks are ridiculous- this isn’t LA!

  101. FYI

    In response to the last comment, I know Jade, Kendra,

    Lucinda, Rachel, Ruby, Valerie, & Vixon are there majority

    of the time. Bella & Paradise are there sometimes. There are

    many new ladies that have not had their pictures posted on

    the site. I have never had an issue with the ladies that

    work there and visit often!

  102. rob

    Average club, Expect to spend LOTS of money.

  103. Rain

    Love this place. Have been a patron of this place for 5 yrs now. Great atmosphere. Hot girls. Great Dj Ambers got it all. Dancers are great and alot of fun to hang around. Overall great place in this area!!

  104. john doe

    Love this place it’s freakin great. Especially the two deer!

  105. Andy

    Definitely a place to take your friends and have a good time.

  106. b-man

    Check this strip club out. I had a great time.

  107. Jim

    wish i hadnt…woulda had a better timr drinkin a bottle then pickin up a$$ in the grocery isle

  108. Sucks!
  109. mushu

    Decent place. I found myself with an hour to kill and no other place a round. After a while a pretty curvy brunette approached me. I think her name was Lusinda. She was a lot of fun. Maud my time killing much better

  110. joey


  111. Joe
  112. rick

    there is no talent in this club. im shocked the girls even have teeth

  113. m

    sucks! nasty ugly girls!

  114. friend

    great club, i love all the girls here

  115. vman

    this club was on fire. LOL the women are on fire. LOL

  116. To Billy

    Sensations would like to say sorry about your disappointment, Billy, but beg to differ with your opininion. Mia is a top notch ENTERTAINER, following instruction from the club to offer a tease and nothing more. While we offer contact dances now, we will never be a “get you off” kinda club. To clarify, Table Dances follow a 6inch rule, no contact whatsoever, whereas our Chair Dances allow the Entertainers to touch the guest and have a more intimate time, sans grinding. What do you expect for $20? Miss Mia has several times been used as an example for new Entertainers as to how Sensations prefers its Chair Dances to be performed, and trust me, her dances are not “air dances”. They are artfully seductive and intimate, not trashy. As already suggested, Billy, if you aren’t satisfied with Mia’s dances, there are plenty of other beautiful Entertainers to choose from. Thank you for your patronage.

  117. jj
  118. Brian

    love it! anyone remember a dancer named brooke? she worked here a while ago.

  119. Sweet

    $7.00 Bacardi & Coke….I dont think I will be back.

  120. Tech69

    Was in last weekend, had a lot of fun. Most of the girls were HOT! Lucinda does a great couch dance. Its worth every penny. I can’t wait to come back.

  121. gmoney

    would come in more but the dj’s voice is horrible just like her stuck up attitude. Amber, you are not all that so what’s with the attitude

  122. OMG

    Dallas, Vixon, & Lucinda are the best as for Jersey she WILL meet you in the Parking Lot

  123. Jamie

    Was there Thursday and Friday night. Had a great time. Great lap dances from Lucinda, Jenna, and Parker. I’ll be going back.

  124. Cyclonic

    FUN! FUN! FUN! Need I say more.

  125. Re: Jason

    Are you blind Jason? none of the new girls are nice looking

  126. customer

    excellent club. wonderful atmospher. pretty girls.

  127. ROY


  128. NY

    bangin’ ass dancers.

  129. be man

    fuck cool

  130. icthy

    hot babes. rocken lapdances. the 2 deer fucking were great.

  131. d

    horrible horrible horrible is all i can say

  132. john421

    Have visited this club a few times and have found a lot to like about it so here is my 10 reasons to visit the club.

    1) Lots of beautiful girls.

    2) Club is a lot more classy then you might think for being an out of the way place.

    3) All the girls I have met seem to have great attitudes.

    4) No cover charge.

    5) Jasmine’s pole dancing is amazing.

    6) Beer is reasonably priced.

    7) People are friendly.

    8) A lot of parking space.

    9) Girls aren’t pushy.

    10)Open almost every night.

    Only two negatives: Too far for me to get to regularly, and the ventilation could be a little better.

    More food would be good but who really cares with all the good looking women.

  133. scotty b

    not in the area very often but always make sure to stop in when i am. the girls are hot, music is good and beer is not over priced. britney especially ecaught my eye and i try to stop in for a few of her sedctive and sexy lap dances when in the area however i haven’t seen her the past two times ive been in. her body is amazing. lots of other beautiful girls however mostly hustlers that dont even entertain a conversation but i will keep going back.

  134. Hot Rod

    The car show was great this past weekend. Can’t wait till next year. Every year there are more and more cars/trucks. The club did an incredible job having the event. Thank you for that.

  135. Satisfied

    The closest clubs to compare are in Harrisburg and Baltimore. Sensations isn’t large like Gold Club, Scores, or Hustler, but its ladies are of the same quality and the prices are much lower. At $3.75 a beer and $150.00 for a 30 min. champagne dance, the party can go on until they throw you out! If you care about a name, granite stages, or notoriety of a club then go to Baltimore, but if you’re looking for really beautiful ladies who are friendly and classy and are affordable to spend time with, go to Sensations!

  136. To Lance/Linda

    Lance/Linda you both are great. I Love when you make the trip to see us. We always have a blast! Can’t wait till next time. Thanks for the Love too right back at you both! 🙂



  137. Sensations

    Sensations will be open on New Years Eve Dec 31st. Also New Years Day Jan 1st. Come out and ring in the new year with your favorite diva.

  138. april

    the best club i ever worked at. that is why I always go back.

  139. Lexus

    This is a great place to have a good time. With the relaxed atmosphere and the all around fun for men and women.

  140. one word 2 fyi

    there still nasty girl ur a loser if u pay 2 c them girls on a 1 two 10 scale over all they rate like a 2 . there r 1 or 2 girls that r even hot at that joke of a strip club .

  141. The Dude

    Before you stopin by givethis place a call. Ask if Lucindas working.

    Shes the one you wanna see. Sheet can not only tantalize your

    “senses” with an awesome lap dance or champagne room. Shes also

    a delight to talk to. Make sure you take care of this girl and she’ll

    take care of you. Minus a few others the rest they scrapped the

    bottom of the stupid and can’t dance barrel.

  142. alexg

    hahahaha, a direction away from the bar maybe

  143. Preston

    Dancers that work there must post comments trying to promote this shit hole

  144. GoodGuy

    Great place! Girls are actually terrific, some real hotties among a better than average overall group. No cover charge (even Sat night!), beers were like bar prices instead of club prices. Dollar stage-dance is much better than most any club. Lap dance from Candy was amazing – very erotic and she knows how to treat a guy. Atmosphere is fine, it’s a simple place with two rooms – bar, and stage. And no waitresses hustling you for drinks! You go over to the bar and buy your beer or cocktail, and back over to the stage area. Only minor ding to the place is the girls do favor the regulars, I did wait for a while to get attention and be asked for a lap dance. But that was OK, gave me time to watch each dancer – very good performances all around!

  145. wally

    very nice club, i like the girls very pretty.

  146. Z28

    i like the club it was my first time but i like the club

  147. 2 sweet
  148. fan

    went to the car show. it was great i loved lilly in the dunk tank. she is so hot!

  149. adam
  150. joseph

    below average club. more flat chested girls than anything.

  151. Ritter

    Sensations the only club. Shaye the only reason I go to the club!!

  152. cary

    not the best for sure.

  153. You have been caught!!

    …with many SELF-REVIEWS club owner! Very sad to see this. This is a decent club and if you have been there you would agree that a lot of what was stated may be true, but come on! This is unreal! Has business really picked up for you since you started your sad self reviewing?

  154. New customer

    Great club. Excellent dancers!!!!!!!!!

  155. Jack
  156. Tim

    Dude you need to cute back on the DRUGS!

  157. Jeremy

    There are a few ladies here who peak my interest….beautiful, able to dance (sexy), and able to hold a conversation. I am impressed. My favorite is Juliette. All the girls are nice, but I had the best experience ever in a club (my wallet was empty, but it was worth it) with her.

  158. gary

    This club has the best talent around. I will be back again.

  159. Holy Shit

    The DJ needs to be a phone sex operater, where noone else can hear her Amber

  160. mach5

    Good fun at car show. HIghly recommend Lusinda for a private dance!

  161. this is me

    sound like more of the girls should be like Jersey!!!

  162. Businessman Bobert

    For a place in the boonies this place has a horrible drug and gang (biker) problem. Dancers are strung out, catfight and ignore customers. They even locked the doors because of a gun threat, trapping all the customers and employees unknowingly. Undercover police frequent the cesspool and often wait nearby to pull over people for DUIs and possession charges. The owner sexually assaults the dancers and is rumored to be racist, bitching if the dancers play rap on the jukebox. Yea, they didn’t even have a DJ…the girls play music off a jukebox. This place is a JOKE…do yourself a favor and don’t support such a screwed up place, unless you like being stared down by dead, stuffed animals when you’re trying to get your lapdance, which would be in a bench in an open office cubicle, btw. That’s right, no private couch dances here. Even champagne rooms are in a cubicle with a swinging half door on it, viewable from the entire club. I hear Savannah’s in Harrisburg and Scores in Baltimore are much nicer, cleaner, safer and more fun!

  163. mikeyy73

    Nothing good here. Got pickpocketed somewhere in this place too

  164. hi
  165. kingpimp

    this club is the greatest place i have ever been to. the girls are awesome and the bartenders are the best in the world. lexus is the shit.

  166. steve

    Waste of time

  167. freddy

    this place sucks , i tried it , n ile just drive 2 baltimore after seein those girls, lilly was the only one that was any good lookin

  168. No Air Baby

    Just had to say, Thanks Billy for avoiding the airdance queen with me. Glad someone else thinks she is robbing people of an extra $5 for a lousy dance. Guys can’t argue with a girl in a club for fear of getting booted out..she plays on that and that is just wrong. I also tipped at the stage all night, sometimes $2 sometimes $5 sometimes $1. By the end of the night, after my airdance and being robbed for an extra $5 when she got on stage I just laughed at her. Dumb Bitch. I will spend my cash elsewhere.

  169. b
  170. Mark
  171. mr

    when are you gonna get real strippers instead of these trashy cows

  172. chris

    this place sucks all the girls but 1 0r 2 rgood lookin n its a shithole would never go back

  173. SKM

    Hot women! Had a blast, would highly recommand to new-comers. Cant wait to go again

  174. Regular

    Great times here…..

  175. CT Traveller
  176. tommy

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