Foxy Lady



265 North Pearl Street, Brockton, MA 2301


42.0985627, -71.0660874




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Foxy Lady

  1. G

    Lotta money for nuttin

  2. Maxi

    Great place.

  3. Superman

    truth, justice and the American way! this club is still empty.

  4. MM

    Atmosphere upscale unfortunately girls definitely low scale.

  5. no


  6. MLK

    Only had self to talk to here today,

  7. eddy

    The girls here define the word ugly.

  8. pat

    They should be paying me for coming here,

  9. Kent Allard

    only the Shadow knows

  10. f


  11. Barry Allen

    people leave in a flash

  12. Green Hornet

    lets go Kato, place is empty.

  13. ZZ

    So empty there is an echo!!

  14. John Jones

    slower than a frozen sloth.

  15. Cool G

    Not impressed

  16. Lone Ranger

    away Silver

  17. Batmann
  18. O J

    if the glove don’t fit —– stupid fuckin jury

  19. BJ

    Wow,naked girls who you actually wish would get dressed?

  20. Peter

    Nice place. Bouncers could learn some class.

  21. rattled

    should charge no cover.

    then there might be more than 3 customers

  22. Matt

    I love it here!!!!!

  23. The Man

    Not really worth the time or money

  24. that's

    what you get

  25. Flash

    tumbleweeds, cobwebs, and crickets. The end.

  26. Jim J.

    Was there on a recent Friday. Beautiful facility, pretty women, but service was horrible, dancers were (with one or two exceptions) snobbish and couldn’t be bothered except to take my money. I’m an outgoing guy and no stranger to clubs, and this club on this night was a bummer because no one but the doorman was personable. And cover charge was high because some unknown porn actress was going to be dancing a couple of six minute sets later in the evening. I should have gone up the street to the less upscale club in Stoughton.

  27. Oliver Queen

    good night speedy.

  28. richard95

    No strip pole?! Most of the girls were small breasted. Most of them were not into it at all. Bathroom was dirty. Drinks were not cheap. I expected a little bit more. Oh well. I guess I will lower my expectations next time I go there and have more fun I hope.

  29. gino
  30. Mandrake

    not even magic can fill this club

  31. tom

    Got a pair of incredibly hot dances from two smoking hot girls. A tall blonde named Destiny and a petite asian named Alex. Yummy. And this was at noon!

  32. dude

    Had never been to one the Foxy Lady’s strip clubs outside of RI, and I was impressed by what I saw here. The cover charge was $10, and the totally nude/one-way (dancer to you) contact LDs were $20/song. The drinks started out at around $5, and they had a special two song LDs/$30 + an extra-large Patriots T-shirt (with just the old logo on it) where every dancer that wasn’t occupied participated. This club appeared to be couples-friendly, but the drink service was very, very slow. They have massage girls available here, but I dunno for how much. The upstairs private rooms were going for $350/hour with cheese & crackers, strawberries, drinks, and supposedly a LOT more contact, but I didn’t partake. This place is no more than 45 mins. from the Providence area, and you can get here quickly by taking Exit 18B off of Route 24, then go North on Route 27 to North Pearl Street (you’ll see a large sign on the side of the road). Had a great set of LDs from a hot Asian girl in the piano-bar area, and another great set of LDs from an out-of-town blonde from FL…she may be back again in the wintertime I hear.

  33. AAA

    isn’t that the road thing? LOL

  34. foxy
  35. Mr D

    Waste of time and money

  36. Lady J.

    So I feel that when you go to a strip club, that the stripper should be beautiful and have no smaller then a C-cup breast size and some type of a figure. This being my first time at a strip club, it wasn’t what i expected it to be….. It was small but the mirrors gave me the illusion that it was bigger…. Anyway…. all the dancers where white except for 2. majority of them looked nasty except for the 2 non-white females…. The white females looked like the dirtiest, females that you would see on the street. No figure what so ever. Many of the females there has small boobs and flat asses… So the female that was the pretiest, had to be brazillian or hispanic. She has a mole on her left but cheek…lol and long hair… such a beautiful smile and an exotic look to her….. She makes you want to spend all your money on her… Seems to be so sweet…. The females get fully naked. Honestly the only reason I would go back is to have her dance for me… She was beautiful and could whine her body unlike any of the other females……..The dj was horrible… You should have more of a variety of music… How is a girl going to strip to rock and roll??? Really? What is a stip club if the females are ugly and have no ass or titties??? Aren’t you usually supposed to get one or the other????Diversify your selection of females…. Foxy Lady’s owners…….

  37. Diana Prince

    made of clay.

  38. jim
  39. DocSavage


  40. EE

    An exhibit of ugly

  41. mike a

    classy, beautiful club. wish i had a place like this near me. i was up visiting from south carolina

  42. D


  43. Trucker

    most beautiful girls in any club, ignore the negative

    reviews made by assholes.

  44. Alf

    less people here than the moon.

  45. Wonder Women

    if I stripped at this fucking place it still would be empty.

  46. QQQ

    was the only one in the building

  47. Sarah M.

    I love the Foxy Lady!My guy friend brought me here for a fun night out (yes I’m a chick that loves gentleman’s clubs) after I had tried the ones in the city. I had been seeking the performers whom seem to actually take it for what its worth and have fun whilst doing it. Yaaaay I found it! Most of the girls in here laugh, smile, make eye contact, and are not only cute but have personality. The lap dances are fun and prices all around are not that bad. I do wish there was a pole and that the women’s restroom was a bit more clean! That would have given it an extra star!Some of the clientele are schmucky and thankfully seem to sit near the bar. I will be back!!

  48. andrew c

    had a great time saturday night . much better than providence foxy lady.

  49. Britt Reid

    step on it Kato, no one here.

  50. hor


  51. Dr Solar

    not a stray atom

  52. X


  53. Happy man

    Dropped by there today and had two dances courtesy of Gabrielle.


    When she asked me if I wanted a dance she said she was “a lot of fun” and she was. The dance was incredibly sensuous especially when she put her pussy close to my face and said “it likes to be kissed.” Oh my.

  54. JD

    Makes a bikini club look good

  55. George R.

    The best club in New England. Top 10 in the US.

  56. Queen


  57. FFF


  58. Joe

    Great place.

  59. Daredevil

    i can hear the weeds growing.

  60. Bruce Wayne

    say what Alfred?

  61. Mack

    Hottest CR sluts in New England

  62. vvv

    they got an extra 2 people a day from cheaters closing.

    makes for a grand total of 8.

  63. Mr. T

    Girls, where are the girls?

  64. Johnny

    Great place

  65. Melissa W.

    You know when you go to a really crummy zoo or pet store, and all the animals look depressed and slothlike? Replace the zoo with the Foxy and the depressed animals with strippers and there you go. A bunch of us gals were out for a bachelorette party and at the end of the night we planned on meeting up with the guys in the bachelor party at the Foxy as it was close to home and the limo driver had given us all free passes. I normally wouldn’t frequent a gentlemen’s club, but I’ve been to a few in the past, so I have a basis for comparison. This was just pathetic. The girls were hardly moving, which wasn’t much of a suprise considering the music was impossible for them to move to and there were no poles for them to use. The drinks were pricey and the bathrooms were disgusting. You’d think that with all the women working there (who use the same bathroom as the guests), they’d have a better cleaning crew on hand?Only reason it got two stars is the rest of the club was clean, the prices for different dances etc were reasonable and the strippers themselves were friendly (chatted with a few in the bathroom).

  66. brian smith

    This club was

    much better 2

    or 3 years girls are

    lazy and fat and

    stuck up.they

    can’t dance that

    well. They are

    always talking

    about other

    girls to much

    drama in this


  67. Hans

    A ghost town

  68. Robin

    Holy tumbleweed Batman!!!

  69. Zorro

    tumbleweeds are big.

  70. S. Buscemi

    Amazing club, I’d like to hear more about the hidden treasure map in the cuboards of custie corner.

  71. down the


  72. Hawkgirl


  73. tim hewett

    It sucks. Girls are below average.and

    are stuck up.u need to hire new day

    help the ones there now have been to

    long. Cory Chanel ,Victoria.need to need hire new girls.o spend a

    lot of money.and these girls can

    barely do good lap dances and over

    charge all the time.

  74. GQ


  75. Foxy Boi

    Even during the day shift this place is packed with sexy girls in a very relaxing atmosphere.

  76. Batman

    Careful Robin, this place is too quiet.

  77. PU

    If two people make a crowd then its crowded,

  78. Stevo

    The ladies here will make your night, treat them right and they will do the same by you!

    Great massages, nice waitresses, good management, excellent club

  79. steve p

    high class club.had a great time.

  80. Iron Man

    not even my money can help this place.

  81. ZZZ

    i saw the boy playing with shit, he talks about it all the time.

  82. dstr
  83. Custy

    Stop touching my ass guys, I know your dirty tricks

  84. Billy Batson


  85. Felix the Cat

    DEAD, dead, dead

  86. fuck

    this place

  87. R


  88. club


  89. PT Guy

    Really, their girls are hot?

  90. rrr

    axed for a free water, said no, go figure.

    just wanted to hydrate the weeds.

  91. fritter17

    Homeboy Jake thinks that the girls here are 10’s? Are you kidding bro? Look a little closer. The bar absolutely sucks. For the money that you pay for a drink, you literally get 1/3 of a shot of liquor and i’m not exaggerating.The strippers themselves….hmmm…let’s see. A lap dance is supposed to be $20, right? I paid $40, was nagged for a tip AND this girl tried to get me to buy her drinks too. Are you for real? With all that money she could get a much better boob job too. The people that come here are straight creepy. I’m a straight female, came here with my boys for shits and giggles one night and was grossed out when i left. Lots of couples come here….I don’t really understand this, what are these girls thinking bringing their boyfriends/husbands to stare at fake tits and loose vaginas?The guys that were sitting around had pony tails and beer bellys and were drooooooling. Ughhhh so gross!Overall, spent about $150, didn’t even get drunk. And i’m pretty sure I had bruises on my cheeks from the stripper hitting me in the face with her bowling ball boobs.

  92. Atom

    they could hold the afternoon crowd in a phonebooth.

  93. Max

    If ugly your thing guess its ok

  94. badboy


  95. Hal

    A good value

  96. ZeroCool

    If you love strip clubs and haven’t been here, you’ve really been missing out

  97. EASTON

    Best club in venis

  98. ryan123

    The foxy has Keno now, not lying! I went when there was a featured dancer, definitely a great call because it was Taya Parker ( google search now! ). The cover was 15, though i think because there was a feature, and I got there after 10pm. Drinks are pretty good, but recommend sticking with beer if you are in fact going to drink. The staff bouncers are respectful and hospitable. The stage on the 1st floor is the best. It’s as good as it’s going to get. There is no stripper pole, like at centerfold’s, but that won’t matter. The strippers like to interact with patrons near the stage, and if you are there on a feature night, it’s money well spent. You can even get pulled onstage, even though it’s embarassing.

  99. Har E

    this place is not very personal stage is to far away, snobbish

  100. ZZZtop

    big night 9 people

  101. Hawkman

    to much deadbeat spam

  102. Jo Jo

    Big crowd, me, myself and I.

  103. The Phantom

    the Ghost Who Walks couldn’t find anyone

  104. Estr


  105. ZZZZZZZZZzzzz


  106. lll

    the dust kicked up by the tumbleweeds is very dry. had to ax for another water.

  107. chaz

    Good time , girls are nice .Nice main stage ,really good show.

  108. Reed Richards

    i’d have to stretch the truth to say there’s anyone here!

  109. yyy

    walked in and woke up two strippers, axed if they would do me for free? Told me to fuck off, go figure.

  110. AssnTits5

    Traveled to Boston area for some business and came across the Foxy Lady from a recommendation by the bell by at our hotel. We went for some dinner and some entertainment on a Thursday night. Got there around 8pm and the place was not crowded but not empty either. There were a good amount of girls working since the night shift just got on apparently.We ordered some drinks and some food and sat at a round table in middle of the club. I was amazed to see all the “American” girls that were working since Im so used to seeing Russian, Spanish, Brazilian, Asian, etc all working at almost every club. This brought me back to the good old days so it was refreshing. Before long we had a table full of “American” girls who were friendly and not trying to sell dances every minute. That was cool since we ordered drinks for everyone and actually all haed a great time talking and laughing at shit. Of course we all zoned in on a girl who we were attracted to and winded up getting some dances. The girls were all great fun and we winded up going back two days later!!Julie (Leslie) was a nice tall blond who was a lot of fun. Not a big rack but if your into amazon women like me than she is banging! Can’t wait to go back “for business”!!

  111. Geno

    After seeing some of these crack head dirty hoes on stage, it almost scared me

    into going gay!

  112. JZ

    Be sure to bring you paper bags

  113. Toby
  114. ggg

    i saw more tumbleweeds blowing across the floor than customers

  115. Hulk

    hulk smash, but no one here!!!

  116. Mickey C

    Nicest club in New England area, CR can get hot, lapdances are however subject to typical Mass. laws

  117. ooo

    more employees than custs again this afternoon

  118. Harrison69

    Where were the girls? Of the two we did see, one looked like a 40 year old Jean Bennet Ramsey and the other had the most mediocre dance moves, Weymouth face, and tacky money hustling skills. My boyfriend said his back rub was good and that girl was nice to talk to, but negative marks since she was wearing sweatpants. BOO. I’m all set.

  119. jjj

    once again the staff out number the paying custs.

  120. sss

    had a nice free ice water, then left.

  121. John

    Clean club withgreat girls a little pricey

  122. Jordanp

    Tonight I walked in at 1:01. Not 1:02 it was legit 1:01. The worker or owner sent the cop out. He said we’re closed. Come back later when we’re open. I was annoyed and drove away. 4 minutes later all my friends got in. I’m so upset I tried to get there and was denied.

  123. Chester

    Poorest lineup of girls on the east coast/

  124. dave
  125. Phillip

    Amazing club full of the sexiest girls, always a great time.

  126. Dhinga

    I’d rate the club as 7 or 8.This is gonna be slightly long –

    Foxy Lady (Brockton) looks like a upscale restaurant from the outside. Inside it’s kinda less imposing. One major stage set at an angle. Cover is 5 during daytime (before 6pm) and 10 afterwards. I went today (Sunday 12/2) based on some of the positive reviews on this website. While I enjoyed the experience, I had more expectations. There’s a Champagne room but that’s like 300-odd bucks for an hour! The upstairs was closed for some reason (it’s probably open Fridays and Saturdays) when it’s crowded. The club wasn’t too crowded. Bouncers are a little too evident. Attired in a tux too!!

    There seemed to be about 9-10 girls who were cycling thru the dancing (nude). For some reason, one (Jewel) didn’t take her undie off – I thought it might be her preference but I saw her giving a private dance later and she did get nude. On her second round on the stage, she did get nude too. Lap dances are 20 bucks. There’s a 2-for-1 every hour or so – that’s lap dances continuing for 2 songs – There’s a little private area (underneath one portion of the stage) where you can go. However, especially for the 2-for-1, the bouncers stand on the step staring down at you. Kinda distracting if you look around during your 2-for-1.

    I got a decent one from Litka (a Polish blonde girl), who has perky tits, around 5′-8″ tall and has a solid body with a hot ass. Cute little piercing on her clit too. However, she was a little on the proper side – Very much on no touching. She said that she has been here for a few years now. So, maybe she gets freer with regulars.

    Another girl was Lexi (Ukrainian) who was a slim blonde, tall, slim, with small tits with great nipples, a nice slim ass and legs that went forever. She gave a particularly hot private dance (well ‘a’ is wrong – I just let her go on song after song – she was hot and knew how to keep you interested). She was friendly and allowed me to touch a little more than others. And she really works hard on giving a great lap dance. I would unhesitatingly recommend her. Great positive attitude. Flirtatious, fun and really gave it her all.

    Finally, there was Isabelle (somebody new over there. Just started in September and working off some college loans). Very hot, very nice tits (she said they were natural, and my face seemed to agree). Not chunky but very nice! However she is a little too popular – I don’t think I saw her on the stage at all – only once did she come on the stage but I was busy…

    There was Tamiyah – who’s vaguely oriental (possibly native american?) in her looks. Small tits but a nice oversize ass. She’ll shake it too!!

    Anyways, it wasn’t a bad experience. Lexi was the pick of the entire lot. Very hot and made the trip worthwhile!

  127. ttt

    9 girls, 2 custs,no Rox jersey though.

  128. ppp

    went in ordered my water and fell asleep for 2.5 hours, no one saw me, thank goodness. tripped on a tumbleweed on the way out though.

  129. EEE

    went in an axed fo my free water. Obama says so.

  130. Mark Catino

    Great potential after some years was offline…!

    One of the best in Massachusetts…!

  131. eddyL

    Compared to other strip clubs its ok, its like 12 bucks to get in da bouncers look pretty upset lol n most of the girls weight bout 80lbs soak n wet only two strippers are stacked da rest are pretty flatchested you dnt get harrassed for not drinkn n u can b on ya cell soo u can still stay in contact wit da mrs n lie bout where u at

  132. Jr

    They should be paying people to come here not having a cover charge.

  133. Michael

    Excellent club – well worth checking out!

  134. The Spectre

    not a ghost of a chance!!!

  135. truth Ha ha

    an old west ghost town has more people in it

  136. actionalltime

    I hadnt been in awhile and stopped by on a Friday afternoon while i was in the area. got there before 4 so there was no cover, place was busy but not packed. But as always the foxy has some of the best looking girls you will find. Ran into a ATF and got a few dances, and was as good as i rememeber. Always fun and will have to make time to get back

  137. Buck Rogers

    even in the 21st Century this place is empty.

  138. Antman

    not even my ants go here.

  139. DC

    Hmm, I think I saw another person here?

  140. Bill
  141. The Flash

    hard to even tell how bad the service was the other day. No bartender, no waitresses. how the fuck do they stay in business?

  142. Tonto

    kimosabi no one here!

  143. rich

    Yawn, nuff said

  144. steve

    best club in the Boston area

  145. sssssssssss


  146. Alfred

    say something Master Bruce.

  147. Yvette S.

    It was ok I def had a lot more fun at alex’s the girls were into it more there

  148. Ray Palmer

    Very very small crowd.

  149. joseph1k

    Very nice place, “upscale”, great for lunch, all you can eat buffet (Italian one day Chinese the next) great place to stop for a bite to eat. Call ahead for the buffet times. The girls here were always 10s that is what made this place the best. Girls as always super friendly and they have one of the best interiors of any strip club I’ve ever been to. Very mahogany, professional, Hugh Hefner appeal. I stayed once in the Hugh Hefner sweet at the Palm’s and I think Hugh would agree. I am only giving it 4 stars because I noticed the girls not looking 10 like they used to: back 2000 – 2005. They used to be Playboy college edition girls now they just look… well a lot to be desired. Nice place probably the best in New England….ProfessorLogic says

  150. Ted

    Worst club in the NE

  151. Black Canary

    crimefighting is easy, no one here

  152. Hodge

    Love it

  153. Dave Tarbox

    Best club ive ever been to….so much fun, especially if you have me money to rent a champagne room, its incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  154. Magnus

    say something A1.

  155. xxx

    went in yesterday, had to wake up the staff to give me my free water.

  156. Joey

    Always a fun time this place is packed with sexy women..Has anyone else heard of the hidden treasure map inside the cuboards in custie corner?

  157. LG

    If I wanted ugly I’d have gone to the pound

  158. SHAZAM

    dropped a dime inside, heard it rattle for 4 mins.

  159. Starman

    nothing around for light years.

  160. jk
  161. CCC

    crickets were the loudest noise in there.

  162. Vader

    not even the force can save this planet.

  163. DD

    Thought strippers were supposed to be attractive? Please, put your clothes back on,

  164. this

    place sucks

  165. Fun Times

    Well I went to the club this afternoon. It was ok. There were a few hot girls. A lot of them had special customers they knew so not many came over. I am sure had I stayed longer maybe I would have seen more. I think it was changing shift time cause a ton were coming in and leaving. I will go again. The one lady who approached me for a dance went way to much into her own life and then told me how much she made in a year doing this. Oh and then she said some guys want action and she was so turned off by that. I was like ok well I am all set thanks. She said it was 200.00 for the champeign room so I think maybe each girl charges a different amount. I wish I knew how to go about getting extras.

  166. Jo

    this is my favorite club in the state/area. The girls are always beautiful. ALWAYS. Great value for everything. Always nude. The girls actually remember you there and have souls/personalities. Cindy is my favorite. Classiest of all clubs. Gorgeous girls, gorgeous atmosphere.

  167. BBJ

    The true definition of ugly.

  168. mikey
  169. YO

    Great place. annoying bouncer running thru the private dance room yelling out “NO CONTACT!!!”….fuckin’ annoying….real downer.

  170. Billy
  171. CJ

    See more skin at the beach.

  172. Bo

    I thought strip clubs had hot naked girls?

  173. uuu

    Hollywood is thinking of using it as an ol west ghost town.

    can use as is.

  174. Dick Grayson

    Holy Poledancer Batman!

  175. Pete

    Wow, a real ghost town right here in Brockton.

  176. www

    saw a great tumbleweed blowing by me.

  177. Willy

    See more hot bodies at the beach than here.

  178. Conan

    by Crom, they have fled.

  179. sucks

    so does u know who. hi rob

  180. Eastin


  181. homy

    Only reason for coming here is the free BJ from Ddd out back.

  182. Big B

    Brushing away the cobwebs on the table,

  183. GG

    Really, you gotta pay to get in?

  184. JJ

    Worst excuse ever for a strip club.

  185. BBB

    dancer fell over a tumbleweed blowing across the stage, lucky there were no witnesses’.

  186. anon

    Nice place

  187. Pasnthru

    So if youd like disease’s and junkie dancers this is deff the place to go ill stick to the double sided road of route one saugus peabody or downtown Boston ugh it was such a sad lookin lifetime movie in there depressing

  188. mike t

    beautiful club, love the new stage upstairs .

  189. iii

    wow, look at that fuckin ratings drop!!! I wonder who could b responds for that??? LMFAO

  190. Mike Palmer

    Always a good time

  191. out of towner

    simply the best

  192. Bill

    Great dayshift girls. Great value. A fun place.

  193. hhh

    some guy waved a $50 around and 7 girls were hurt in the stampede to get to him.

  194. wow

    this place sucks now.

  195. ZZZZZZZZzzzzzz


  196. place


  197. Mike

    Great place.

  198. TC

    I think I heard the chains rattling,

  199. steve a

    ausome club. had a great time

  200. Johnny Obvious

    Where to start…

    There is alot you should know about the Foxy lady of brockton.

    1)For the low price of $375 an hour you can rent a Champain Room(CR) and get your choice of a blow job or hard core sex. Why fly to nevada and pay $1000 for the flight and $500 for a hooker and have to explain to your wife where you went for the weekend when you can just leave work, pop into you car and in minutes roll into the Foxy Lady of Brockton for the low price of $375. Or even better yet come the club on a weekend night at 1:30 and get the same deal for a discount of only $190.00 and still be able to be home by 2:30 and slip into bed with the misses Smelling of Roucnhy Foxy Lady Snatch.

    2)But if you think that the CR is Private then there is something else you may want to know….Franky(OWNER), Pauly(OWNER’S SON) and Don’t Forget Johnny BOY( THE GENERAL MANAGER) are sitting in a circle jerk watching all of the action on Recorded Hidden Camera’s.

    3)Now please do not blame any of these seemingly strange and ILLEGAL activities on the girls. Management actually rewards and pushes the girls to do these ILLEGAL acts to make money for the “HOUSE” After all it is a business and if you are a Regualar at the Foxy lady of of brockton, you would know that the establishment is going slowly but surely out of business. So really if the girls have to pull a few extra tricks to help the “business” survive then oh well!!

    Please always remember to wash your hands and never forget the Foxy lady of Brockton Motto, what happens at the foxy lady stays at the foxy lady!

  201. andy

    great club always lovely ladies

  202. Mike

    Always a good time

  203. CC

    The drinks here are almost as bad as the girls and that’s bad.

  204. JC

    Ghost town south!!

  205. Al


  206. nnn

    went in ordered a water and watered the tumbleweeds blowing across the floor.

  207. PP

    The one troll there today was Ddd

  208. Mike

    i could not believe how many girls were on today. Great time and a great place. I’ll be back.

  209. Flash Gordon

    Ming the Merciless wouldn’t hang here

  210. mmm

    huge crowd today, 7 John’s, 1 troll

  211. AA

    Why bother?

  212. Sue Storm

    can’t see.

  213. Tommy
  214. what the


  215. harryharry

    Giggidy, giggidy, giggidy, goo

  216. Green Lantern

    not even my power ring can save this place

  217. Green Arrow

    fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go throught life son.

  218. Jay Jay

    Big crowd as usual, all two of us.

  219. kkk

    turned into a gay bar, but no one noticed.

  220. The Arrow

    empty, except for the weeds.

  221. winston12

    My very first time at a strip club. Came here unexpected with my girls last night and sat all the way in the front of the stage. $10 cover charge at the door. Friendly staff. This place was heaven!!!! I give this place 4 stars cus the drinks are too pricey, c’mon $4.50 for a bottle of water?

  222. Aquaman


  223. S


  224. regular

    look for reannen and “jenna”, they are the two hottest bartenders gone strippers i have ever seen…who would have known they looked like that?!

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