OZ Ladies and Gentlemen’s Nightclub



13577 U.S. Highway 19 North, Clearwater, FL 33764


27.896061, -82.7239905




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “OZ Ladies and Gentlemen’s Nightclub

  1. terry

    My favorite spot ithis Tuesday was so bad ass it was packed like a

    Friday I had so much fun that music was sick n $3 goose? There

    were like 20 girls so I had to go back Friday nite! Got a bottle w my

    boys in vip damn that hot box is on fire

  2. pete

    awesome club! hot dancers and the funnest staff you’ll ever meet!

  3. C.W

    there is no better

  4. Raymond

    I love this club its so much fun! What a great place to go and hang out!

  5. DALE


  6. thomas

    your friday buffet is great

  7. candy

    first class club.. AAAAA+++++ in my book.. love the day manager john… thanks for the shot..

  8. the DogFather

    OZ rocks… great girls great staff…..hands down the best in Pinellas.


    Don’t let them have your credit card # !!!!

  10. donald williamsom

    best club in florida

  11. Jovan

    Hellz yeah! Dis place has sum fine azz women and their drink specials are off the hook!

  12. Stimpson J. Cat

    OZ Need I say more……check the place out u wont be disappointed.

  13. Angel Eyes

    I had my birthday party here last weekend and I had suck a great time… Next year here I come….. Thanks Crazy you made the party πŸ™‚

  14. Ralph

    Well, right off the batt, I was greeted at the door by the prettiest young lady… I was then sat at the table of my choice by the waitress that was just inside waiting for me to enter. As she took my order, she gave me a little wink & said she’d be right back… The club was jumping !!! Beautiful women everywhere. The club itself was amazing. State of the art Lights & Sound. The colors were brilliant, the coloumns lit up, the walls lit up, it was like nothing I’d ever seen… I spent most of my evening with 2 very lovely ladies right there at my table. Had a bottle of Champagne and a few trips to the Private dance area… WOW !!! What else can I say. The service was excellent, The Ladies were great. Even the manager came over and introduced himself to me… All in all it was a wonderful experience. Can’t say I’ve ever felt more comfortable right from the start. I’ll be Stopping by OZ every time I have business in this area.

    Kudos to the Ownership, Management & Staff for putting together an establishment that is like no other I have ever experienced…

  15. maribethx

    This place was so much fun. Went there for my bachellorette party. So much fun, staff was super friendly and the girls were crazy hot!! Felt very at ease as did all my girfriends.

  16. hungover

    ahhhhhhhh to much fun…lol…

  17. weenieforlife

    hee haw binga dada boo papa, hee haw, binga dada boo papa.

    thats the magic chant that you need to whisper in carlos ear. if you do, a magical surprise will be yours.

  18. mathewater12

    The club itself is stunning. The bartenders are gorgeous, the entertainers are smokin hot and the staff is very friendly and helpful. Hands down the best club in the area. You wouldn’t think a club would be as hoppin in the day time but it sure is. Five stars for OZ in my book.

  19. Fireman

    The place is HOT

  20. rex

    bad ass vip.. check it out

  21. ROBBY

    wow what a night at oz… the place was packed… the dj was rocking the place.. and to many hot ass girls to count..

  22. dick
  23. AndyC

    No other gentlemans club comes close to oz! Check it out for yoursef and

    say hi to crazy the bartender she’s funny and entertaining!

  24. bigballer

    love the day time bartender…hot hot..you go check her out..

  25. Never The Same

    This club will never be the same as it was before 2008.

  26. Slapnuts

    O.M.G. Tuesday night was the best night 3 Grey Goose new D.J. spinning so of the hottest music the finest babes in town SLAMING I mean SLAMING party. I’ll be back next Tuesday

  27. Happy
  28. D'Ron

    Dis shitz iz tite!

  29. Holla at Ya BOT

    wont ever go any were else!

  30. mush

    my i love OZ alicia and sandy are the best

  31. mybagstinks

    Was at OZ over the weekend and all I can say is THIS PLOACE ROCKS. Over 30 girls by my count and the staff was all super friendly and hot. The door girl from Saturday night, JJ was her name had perfect boobs!!!!!

  32. shimmy bop

    Saturday night party was out of control!!!!!

    Carlos was a hot mess, but whats different about tha right?

    HOt girls all night long, love this place!!

  33. Sara TBmedia Group

    Just heard the news, CONGRATS on winning best strip club in Tampa Bay!

  34. Bigpoppa

    What can I say about this place other than that iot rocks!!!!

    Tuesday night techno was awesome. HOt girls, great staff.

    All except for that greazzzzy lookin guy who walks around like the boss. weenie deluxe i tell ya!

  35. joey

    clubs come and go but oz is here to stay..

  36. jane

    keep up the good work girls//

  37. ty

    there is nothing to say.. this place rocks..

  38. Sally from the Valley

    The dancers here are so HOT

  39. Tony

    Not a place to go by yourself, No one is friendly.

  40. Scotty

    Best in the bay! Two of the best dances I have EVER gotten were from Holly and Lola! Damn those girls are HOT!

  41. Paulo

    Last night was off the chain! People everywhere! Everyone was dancing and drinking and having a great time! This isn’t just a strip club! This is a party!

  42. chuck

    what a great place.. did not want to go home…lol….

  43. JIMMY Z


  44. Peaches69

    I can’t wait till the next bikini contest! Omg it’s the best!

  45. ImInMiami

    Pretty great club. Ive been to a bunch of titty bars in FLA, this one was big, very club like, lots of girls and staff was friendly. Didnt get any private dances, but the dance rooms seemed very active all night

  46. Timmy

    This Place is great! Nightclub,Stripclub,champagne rooms,bottleservice,nice! Lots of fun girls Great music and lighting that makes you wonder if you’re still on earth!

  47. Big Ballin Bill

    This club is hands down the best club in the Pinellas, Hillsborough,& Pasco tri county area. The bar staff and dancers are hot! The drinks aren’t watered down like a lot of the others in the area. I flat out have a lot of fun every time I’m there. Always a pleasure!!!!!

  48. Tom Cat

    love it , saw bubba sparx in there lastnight and bootie everywhere lol.

  49. jackmeoff

    went there for the first time with friends on 11-2-11 and ran up a $260 bar tab, i left a $60 tip next day i saw they charged my card $2660. now i have to dispute charges what a pain. BEWARE if using your credit card at this place, oh by the way the girls were not that hot and they charge you for everything and make weak drinks. WTF

  50. dragon

    I have a great time whenever I’m there. Always plenty of girls. It is a great looking place. Its my favorite place to go when I’m in the Clearwater area.

  51. Cash money

    I can afford the dollar and drinks range in proce for everybody’s budget. I am rating this club with reference to the clubs in the surrounding area and this one happens to be the best in Pinellas without question! I’d say top 3 topless clubs in the bay area with it’s only competition being DH and PH.

  52. CZY

    I had my Birthday party there last weekend and I had a blast! Sexy Hot Girls, Bartenders make killer drinks & The athmosphere was perfect… Its like a club but in a titty bar!

  53. bud

    love this place… great drinks hot girls.. nice staff

  54. Joel

    best in Pinellas

  55. Ryan

    Heard Oz got in a new day shift Bartender, had to go check her out…love how she is so attentive to the bar! I’ll be coming back on a regular basis now!

  56. Sasha

    I have to admit that I’m becoming an industry night regular. Tuesdays are so much fun I’ll be there again this week πŸ˜‰

  57. whazup

    what a place… the sure know how to have a barty,, thanks oz.. goodtimes..

  58. myass..

    yea i seen the tree out back..lol…

  59. Eli

    Plenty of girls, great drinks, music energetic and fun! THE place in tampa bay to party! Great time! Thanx OZ!

  60. hung over

    fri night was the bomb..

  61. John111

    The girls r beautiful. That crazy one behind the bar is just plain nutts but a

    cool ass chick that I love to go see!

  62. New 2 Clearwater

    I just moved to this area a month ago and all I can say about OZ is WOW. This place is great, HOT girls, good drink specials, and it’s so close to my house I can walk and avoid a DUI. IDK why the rating says 6 cuz this place is definitely a 10

  63. King of the nightlife

    wouldnt go anywere else! OZ is the best!

  64. Krys

    Can’t wait until the next bikini contest! The girls get wild and they have some great drink specials! Can’t miss these things!

  65. Maryanna
  66. Phil

    Great show, even better drinks. very nice time!

  67. jamie

    It is a nice club and the staff is on top of everything!!!!

    Cant wait to visit there again…..

  68. Sweet Holly Body

    Hey everyone! I’ll be celebrating my birthday on the 18th, stop by on day shift and have some FUN with me! πŸ˜‰ Let’s celebrate the right way!! XOXO

  69. bigen

    always a blast

  70. wild on wednesday

    Sitting here at OZ on Wednesday and this place is great they got 20

    of the hottest ladies around and evey hour the maneger spins this

    big ass wheel for drink specials and the bartenders are the bomb.

    This place is the best

  71. righteous

    Stopped by OZ wed night cool club . Not like any other club in this area that’s for sure. hot club ,hot girls. makin OZ my new center for evenings on the town! Great place they got there!

  72. body paint on strippers???

    i left Oz on tuesday night with body paint all over me….HOW THE FUCK DO I EXPLAIN THAT TO MY GIRL!!! and is there anything worse then listening to the help complaining……every dancer and waitress that talked to me bitched and complained about how the night sucked and they werent making any money and they looked miserable….was that a manager screaming at the wait staff. this guy needs to chill out, if i could tell he was an asshole i can only imagine how the people working there feel about him. the dj sucked too, i take that back he didnt suck unless you only want to listen to techno all night long. geez enough is enough.

  73. biff

    sweet bar guys keep up the good work.. every time i go there theres something new..

  74. customer

    All I can say is GHETTO….I won’t be back

  75. tin man

    best topless club i’ve ever been to, great energy! great girls!

  76. Budman

    I went there after 2 other places & I waited my time going anywhere else

    but oz! What was I thinking! Go to oz

  77. Johnny

    Heard your doing some remodeling…loved it before will love it more

  78. Crazy ;-)

    Ive been in this industry for many years and I have never come accross an Adult Entertainment Club that has it all! From the Entertainers, to the Bar Staff & Even The Management & Ownership…. OZ provides Top Notch service & makes every moment there a fun & memerable expierience!

  79. sam

    Dancers were avarage. The lap dances suck, they don’t take their tops off or anything else.

  80. Grant

    Very pleased with this place! The girls were hot, the catered buffet was good, the drink prices are decent and I was able to watch the games on the big screen! I’ll be back again soon!

  81. Frank 69

    OZ girls are so HOT

  82. vanity 6

    i luv to go clubbin being single famale / i alway make my way to oz there alway rm full off great lookin men ready to party,not to mention the they have got to have the most sexy woman in tampabay area me and my girl friends luv this bar.

  83. Billy Bob

    I love this place. Coolest Culb in town

  84. Club Hopping

    Nice looking club, Girls are not the nicest.

  85. jimi

    best topless club in the tri county area!

  86. assman

    love the dayshift,,, aloura, holly.lexi.and the girls thanks for a great friday… food was wow.. and $5.00 johnny vegas im still drunk..lol..

  87. lavida

    Went there this weekend and what a surprise. From the outside it looks like

    typical strip club, but the inside of this place is like some crazy light show from

    space!! This is the coolest looking club ive seen in a long time. Super friendly

    staff and I didnt feel hustled. Overall a great great place. Definitely a


  88. j j

    me and the boys had a blast, OZ is the place to be..

  89. Lee Lee

    There is no place liek home!

  90. jman

    cant wait till fri.. sink or swim baby….

  91. Tricia

    Last time I was at OZ, I had such a great time! The club is so huge, beautiful & amazing! Me and my friend even got to meet the owner! He was so welcoming, he even gave us a PERSONAL “VIP” tour of the club! I was surprised by the Ladies Restrooms – you wouldn’t believe how many women that man can can fit in one stall! Just be careful not to throw up on his sandals. My friend got kicked out and banned from VIP tours for that. Anyways, the bartender was very good about making our shots just how we like them… so good that my boyfriend was in la-la land all night (just where I want him!) This place is one in a million.

  92. MoNkEySeE

    TEN ALL THE WAY. Hot ass girls and the staff is hot as well. You gotta check out that piece of ass at the small bar by the door. Tits and ass to die for. You know she gets down!! Place was packed and vibe was off the chain. Check this place out

  93. lucky
  94. walt

    just got back in town had to hit the oz.. wow nice new vip..

  95. Rabid

    This is one stop I will be making on my next trip to Florida!!!

  96. hank

    wow great time fri.. was there for day shift and was there lastnight for sink or swim.. think i sank,,,lol

  97. Smitty

    OZ is a 10

  98. dude

    sweet girls.. and what a great staff

  99. silent bob

    I love OZ! The staff is the funnest and craziest ever! Them and the

    hot dancers definitely make the place!

  100. Boston Dancer

    came to check it out, could this be my new home??? maybe!

  101. Jeremy

    Best place to go chill & drink some beers with friends! They have some hot girls there too and the private dances I got were up there in the top 10 best ever!

  102. jen

    love the girls of oz

  103. Amber

    I had a blast! This is a great club for anyone. The girls are hot and the club is nice. What more could you ask for?

  104. p
  105. sue

    love this bar… me and my girls party spot

  106. Joe
  107. Billy

    Fantastic! I’ll definitely be back! I’ve never gotten a dance before, but Holly and Lola talked me into a double dance during a 2-4-1 and HOLY SH!T! That was awesome!

  108. bigtittyho

    This place is awesome!!! I luv me some big titties and those two ho’s at the bar last night had some big ole titties i tell ya!!! Alcia and Sandy. It was a tig ole bitty contest i tell ya!! I love em both and wanna make 4 cinnamon buns out of em!!!!

  109. Playboy

    Oz all the way.

  110. Lynn

    What a great club! It was my first time going to OZ last

    saturday with my boyfriend and I had a blast! It was

    couples night so we got in free (which was a plus), the

    girls were hot and very nice, and the staff was very

    hospitable. Everyone who worked there seemed to really

    enjoy themselves. I will definitely be back!

  111. Fitnessqueen27

    I am a stripclub whore lol! & I thought Tampa had all the best titty

    bars……NOT!!! OZ was so much fun ;-$ hot chicks, entertaining

    bartenders and attentitive management! Great prices and awesome

    drinks! Uve gotta check it out! U woulnt be dissapointed!

  112. Roger

    Hey, they keep me around and God knows wy… so i lve em! Oz nunmber 1 baby!

  113. Gary & Celeste

    We stopped by OZ around 5PM and hung out with the super nice and super sexxy day shift girls! Gary and I got a few dances with Holly, who by the way is stunning, and then Gary got a few with Lola! Gary was enchanted by Lola’s gorgeous eyes and seductive stage moves! These girls are A++ in our book! Soon after shift change, we left to go home and finish what the girls started for us! We WILL be stopping in again…SOON!

  114. sweetass

    nice place hot girls great food

  115. nunya

    The club itself actually is nice, although it will never be up to the par it was before Kyle passed. I was an employee there for several years and towards the end they were requiring other employees to post fake reviews promoting this place. Not saying the good things aren’t true, but they might not be from real people πŸ˜›

  116. Whos Kidding Who

    Just saw the ad for Oz in Nightmoves this month and almost pissed myself laughing so hard! You’re gonna try and put Carlos and Hugh Hefner in the same category?! C’mon you guys!!!

  117. rich

    best hot spot in the bay

  118. RogerTrex

    I love this place. My arms are so incrdibly short, like the burger king guy with tiny hands that most times I cant reach across the bar for my drink, let alone grab some booby in the VIP rooms. At this place, they actually slide the drink all the way over the bar for me. So courteous. I was at Diamond Dolls up the road and they made me climb up on the bar to get my drink while they laughed at me and threw napkins and dirty tampons on me. As you can guess, that wasnt a whole lotta fun. ROCK ON OZ!!

  119. Giggidy

    Its Thur night and me and the boys are getting ready to go to OZ We love OZ We know Dino is djing tonight and my girl ZANA is at the door and I love it when the bartenders get toppless thats the best

  120. Apple

    Looking forward to super bowl Sunday with crazy

  121. Sammie

    Love it. Great place to hang out and work, great clientele, great management and ownership!!!!

  122. Neil

    WOW! Nice atmosphere, super friendly girls and free lunch buffet! The bartender Christa was sweet and totally hot too! Best girl tho was Holly! Super sexy blonde bombshell! Definitely going to be stopping by again!

  123. Caravan of stars

    What a performance. I love this club. Gina Lynn. Oh My God. I want to see more!

  124. funguy

    when is the next big party at oz. anyone know????

  125. Big Fan of the O.Z.

    Was in the other day and saw Shaun King the Espn sport announcer and former bucaneer. It was awesome he was with 2 thug rappers, 2 pistols who sings that t-pain song and acafool but who cares when you get to drink with Shaun King! I still can’t believe all the celebs this place gets on a regular basis, who would of thunkit that you’d walk into OZ in Clearwater and see Ray Ramono, Brad Garett or Sean Paul. This place is a stud. Keep up the good work, this is the perfect example of excellence!

  126. peepeedapoopy

    I love OZ, girls are hot and drinks are awesome!!!!

  127. SEXY ITCH



  128. CrazyPimp

    WOW, this place is awesome. The door girl has the best boobs in the building!!!!

  129. Phantom

    I came here for my Birthday, They bought me Drinks, Sat me in VIP and made me and my party feel at home! Great Bartenders & Beautiful Women… You should come here if you want to have a memorible time…

  130. Pesky404

    I’m from NY and been to clubs all over the country. This is one of the best

    clubs I have been to in a very long time. The energy was awesome, it has a

    “club” vibe with the music, lightning, music videos, etc! Not just some place

    that throws girls on stage. Decorations, furniture and private rooms were very

    nice also! Management was super friendly, dancers were hot and friendly and

    service was all around fantastic!

  131. Fred

    Nice club.

  132. Rob

    What can I say the best adult club in town. a constant party hot girls,great music,never know who ya might run into at OZ! like it lots!

  133. Hater blockers

    whoever posted this club sucks is a tool. this club is the best thing Pinellas has to offer in adult entertainment and a regular night club venue! It’s the best strip club and night club … you bet the best of both worlds!

  134. will

    hot ass day girls..

  135. kimnbilly

    this is a great club. ive been to many pinellas county clubs and this the best!!! evryone that works there is very friendly and the entertainers are beautiful. my husband and i go on saturdays for couples night, couples are free all night….next time we go we’re gonna have the OZ limo pick us up.

  136. froggy

    this club is real nice. very miami or vegas style vibe. good music, lot of energy, a lot of pretty girls ( a nice change from other club’s hood rats ). only thing is one thing i cant stand when i go to the strip clubs is when the bartenders are lifetime strip bar chicks. the ones that probably worked at a strip club when i was in grade school. they tend to be rude almost like they jealous they dont get the attention no more. its all good cuz theres always a lot going on but waiting 20 minutes for a corona ? id rather goto the little bar by the front door. much quicker than waiting for someone to make eye contact forever

  137. lover

    how can you not love this club. it’s perfect!

  138. phoenixxx

    I,ve been working here for a year and i love this club.Every club should be like this..beautiful,great cool laid back staff,great boss(paul) who runs a tight ship and all the girls are treated more then fair.If you cant make money at OZ its because you,re not trying.I do VERY well here and i love the people i work with…thanks to all of them and all the cool people that come to OZ to party with people like me.

  139. Lee


  140. party man

    oz rocks…..

  141. JP

    LOve working here

  142. Beware

    Diamond Dolls is posting fake ratings to make them number one in florida and they trash mouth any other club getting close to there ratings

  143. Big Poppa XXL

    perfect 10….

    Everything is going well.

  144. g-money

    wow you guys know how to have a party.. pj party was off the hook

  145. General

    Best club in the bay. had an amazing time and is ALWAYS Busy! I will be back tonight

  146. Late2the party

    WOW!!! Was in town this weekend and I always refer to Strip Club List when I am in a new town. There were three clubs we went to. I wont name the other two nor will I review them. This place was amazing. So much fun, huge, tons of hot girls and staff. Everyone super friendly and it didnt feel like a huge hustle was taking place. This place is just plain tons of fun. I will be coming back. A must see if your in the area.

  147. cityguy

    Man this place is awesome, even on dayshift! Had a great time with all the hot girls despite the bartender being absent minded, could have tipped the dancers more on stage if she had been on her game.

  148. cold as ice

    Real simple, this place is a 10.

  149. slappy

    Man OZ is gotta be the best club in Tampa bay

  150. Jerry

    FANTASTIC! I like going in on dayshift, they play more rock music during the day and they have some fine azz girls!

  151. kert

    went to oz for the first time.. what a great bar.. nice girls.. staff was good.. i well for sure go back.

  152. Oz Fan

    It’s the best in Pinellas and probably the bay area!

  153. VINCE

    new day bartender rocks

  154. Maximus

    Don’t understand all the buzz about this place. Been there twice, disappointed twice. Girls here like to stick with their “buddies”. I won’t make this mistake a third time…

  155. no body

    happy hour here i come..

  156. joseph
  157. Jaiden

    Fantastic club! No better place to party on a Friday and Saturday nite! Love it there!

  158. the legend

    simply the best in pinellas county

  159. Ray

    Had a damn good time! Great place for me to hang out, eat a free lunch, have a few drinks and spend some time with some hot ladies!

  160. desnuts

    party party party…… party love this place

  161. DR
  162. Barry

    Oz is by far the best club in the tampa bay area. Drinks are strong, girls are beautiful and the atmosphere is so much fun! This place is more like a dance club! I love it!

  163. skillz
  164. Intowner

    This is the nicest place in the county hands down. Ive checked them all out on this last visit, and while there are some ok ones, this place has it all. Size, girls, rooms, friendly staff, and a great energy.

  165. redneck

    The staff is the best I had so much fun

  166. nate

    sweet place

  167. Gift Of Life :-)

    I Love This Bar! Its My Kind Of Titty Bar!& Should Be The Next One U Go To!

  168. Jeff
  169. sbny

    Beautiful club, amazing service, tons of beautiful women, a club that offers it all. Don’t miss out on this one!

  170. cobb
  171. jared

    i love oz.. i always have.. i make it out at least once a month. its definitely the nicest club in tampa bay & has the sexiest ladies… only complaint i have is that everytime i go in there since tammy left…. there are all new bartenders & waitresses… and when i finally start to like one and pick a new favorite.. their gone… its like walking into a new place ever ytime where no1 knows me when ive been going there for almost a decade! but their not bad… everyone’s always having a good time at oz and while i miss some of my girls im always glad i came

  172. valerie

    Best Club to hang out at and to be employed by! Top pay for dancer in our area! Best Staff in the bay!

  173. Jaydog

    Best ever, hands down…enough said.

  174. chickennuggett

    this place is the best in the bay. saturday night door girl, CJ, has the best boobs in the bar!!!!!

  175. ^
  176. big mike

    sweet place had a blast..

  177. Dcupdookie

    What can you say about a strip club that does everything right?


    Oh, and ask Carlos for a handjob, twice a night he goes into the mens bathroom, left stall and for $1.50 you get a happy ending. Bring your own lotion, cause all he has is the grease from his hair.

  178. Lenny

    I fuckin LOVE this club! I need to go see my girls again! I’m SO addicted to Holly & Lola!

  179. ERIC


  180. jo jo

    had a great time in the vip..

  181. To Partier

    I’ve been in the club several times and have seen the exact opposite, I would challenge you to find a better staff in Pinellas County and the Management is amazingly curteous!

  182. larry

    keep up the good work..

  183. Vanillabunny

    I went to saturday nights bunny party, and as usual, it was packed and a crazy night. I’m pretty sure carlos is still passed out in the toilet.

  184. jodie

    im still drunk….lol….

  185. RJ

    SIN night was a blast! The place was jammin and the $3 goose special was insane! I will be there every tuesday night now!

  186. spy

    bad ass

  187. party marty

    had a plast there sweet girls. great drinks..

  188. BigDaddy4u

    Fellas loose control when them ladies work them poles got money anything goes,

    Up in the strip club

  189. Kevin

    Nice brass and glass club.

  190. liljimmyz

    anyone who reads this can come in and ask carlos for a free drink. just call him and let him know.


  191. TommyJohnson

    Great club! pop by here few times a week energy’s up things are hoppin. love the house groove they got started. Girls are hotter by the day even the dayshift girls ! Friday this week was slammin!great times with great people!

  192. Isabella
  193. Stellar

    was here last night stellar performance boys. I will be back!

  194. bigdaddylongfellow

    everytime i go to this place i see different hot girls. do they grow them out back?? best club in the area!!!

  195. R.I.P. Kyle

    Has never been the same without that Man………….

  196. OUT OF TOWN
  197. Andre

    Great place to hang! I’ll be back again real soon!

  198. mike k.

    Came in last thursday night, the club was so-so busy but damn to have wait over 20 minuites to get a drink! And it wasnt from the bartender being busy but more of a lack of acknowledgement..pretty much ignored me as I watch her text away on her cell phone. Drink up before going to this club the bartenders totally ignore you!

  199. Keith

    Love the ladies here not a bunch of hoes like some clubs

  200. wayne

    just got back in town went to oz wow the place looks great..

  201. Tourist

    Had some business in Clearwater and someone reccomended OZ. I had a great time and will definitely go back next time I’m in town.

  202. Gia Fan

    if you get a dance from Gia you’ll rate this place a ten! easily! I did!

  203. tanner
  204. WHAT A DAY


  205. Berry

    Stop by the other day and had alot of fun

  206. Eunice

    Went on Tuesday night, was industry night and they had $3 grey goose plus house music. Was definitely the best time I’ve had in awhile….and the private dances by Sabrina were off the chain! So hot!

  207. Nick & Tessa

    Best joint we’ve ever been to! Day shift is the best! Kinda feel bad for the guy John below…he went in on a Sunday night. Had he come in on a weekday he wouldn’t have been so disappointed.

  208. Sundae

    This is the real number one club in florida and always will be the rating system on this site is wrong…………

  209. Kim Coulouras

    Love this place and the GM is hot too! muah

  210. bo

    i need a drink,,,, lol..

  211. tourist1

    still great club. anyone know if Annabell or Jen dancing at another club in area.

  212. Ken

    I went up there for just a couple of drinks a few nights ago and wound up staying all night! What a place! Everyone seems like they have so much fun working there and they are all so friendly….it doesn’t hurt that all the girls that work there are gorgeous. I look forward to my next all-niter with them!

  213. Celeb fan

    The everybody loves raymond cast and Bubba sparxxx in the same week. I give you guys a 10.

  214. nick

    damn their miami sin tuesdays are just like when i lived in miami!!! almost as many girls partying as guys! my friends got swag bags and we all drank $3 goose all nite! the music and energy is insane……. u can find me at oz on tuesday!

  215. jimmy whit

    over all the best in the county hads down

  216. buck

    sweet club,lots of girls cheep drinks.

  217. DEAN

    what a great place to party

  218. Paulette

    I had such a blast on Saturday with my boyfriend on couple’s nite!

    The girls are so hot n the bar staff rocks! Plus its free admission for

    couples….how can u beat that?

  219. That Girl

    One of the most upscale clubs Ive been too but very relaxing. The staff are all so friendly and the girls were stunning. Will definetly go back!

  220. alex

    OZ……. This is all I can Say

  221. sammy

    party party this place knows how to do it

  222. bigbangerinurface

    Auroras boobs are enormous, Carissa is crazy hot, Zana has a great ass, and carlos has a small peepee.

    love this place

  223. Claire

    Went last night for ladies night and it was awesome! They had $2 shots for the girls and also all their rum was only $4 too! What a great night there to go out and party for little money!

  224. Frank

    DJ is way funnier then any where else

  225. BEN


  226. The captain General

    Best in the bay! BY FAR!

  227. Tammy

    i love me and the way i make drinks. employee of the month HOLLA. Come see me i’ll make your drinks real good!


    Luv this place, the door girl zana has some crazy boobies, oh, and carlos is gay.

  229. brian

    eddies food on fri buffet was the bomb..

  230. Iluvjizz

    tons of hot girls, and great drinks. I took that one guys advice about the handjob from carlos. the price is right, but the problem is that he fell asleep in the middle of it. i was so pissed. so i robbed him, jerked off in his hair and shoved his phone into his bunghole. i put it on vibrate, so call 727-678-0679 and give him a thrill.

  231. crock

    all i can say is the girls are smoking, the club is fun but there is NO SEX in the champagne room. gota go to bare assets for that, lol

  232. MightyC

    Why go anywhere else?

  233. Martin

    A nice place, too bad the girls aren’t as attractive as the club

  234. keegan


  235. Jonny C

    This place is the best.

  236. Mike

    I had an awful time.

  237. Sean

    Fucking Awesome!

  238. Oscar

    I’m at OZ almost every day, it’s like my second home! I know that no matter who’s working behind that bar, I will get great service! The staff is the best anywhere and the dancers are just so hot and so friendly! I won’t go anywhere else!

  239. bobby

    on my way to oz to look at some hot ass trim… and $5 shots all day

  240. jack o

    its the place to be..

  241. Jethroe

    That there OZ club was more fun than catfishing on sunday afternoon and them girls are really pretty 2 and after my chores this week I’m gonna go again


  242. big balls

    on my way to oz for free food and hot girls..

  243. JIM


  244. Jack ass Rob

    I love this club. I usualy make a jackass out of myself because i start and end every proposition for sex with this wont involve sex but! lol. yeah ima jackass pervert and i never get sex because this club is to classy but i want it!

  245. Zana LuvDack

    This is without question the best club in the area. Huge club with lots of dancers. If you are in the area, its a must stop kind of place. The door girls are crazy hot. One is a foreign chick named Zana who has a butt like a movie star and the other Halle looks like a Maxim model. WOW!!!

  246. MilkMan

    All I have to say is if you are excited and turned on by lactating young women, THIS is the place to go! I found TWO on dayshift!

  247. Unfriendly Staff

    Place being run by a winghouse manager or something, got ripped off twice by the waitress, nice building though.

  248. vick

    did not know you could have that much fun…lol…

  249. STEVE

    sweet vip… has its own stage. very cool.

  250. GLOSS
  251. jess

    day time dj rocks..we got a bottle of goose and had a great time in the vip tue,,

  252. pat

    fri party at the oz… wow i think thats were i was lol

  253. Ozhole

    Really wasn’t impressed.

  254. Jackson

    The friday night Party is Off the Hook !can’t wait for the SIN ngt tuesday!the sexiest night in town!House music and Hott girls Love It!

  255. p,k.
  256. Toni Patroni

    Best girls, Best bartenders, awesome music!!

  257. jay

    me and the boys stoped by oz sat and had the best time ever.. thanks girls…

  258. Jack Diesel

    Great Club! Hottest Adult Club around here that’s for sure. 30+ girls this Friday/Saturday great service i’ll definitely be back thanx for a great time !

  259. Chasity fan

    since chasity has been gone the number of customer complaints for crabs have decreaced by 78 percent

  260. first time

    In town for business, went to 4 different clubs. Got all club info off this site. This place OZ is by far the best of the 4 we went to. Dont want to bash the other clubs, but I will just say this was an excellent place to visit.

  261. sheena


  262. lauren


  263. o'neal

    was there friday night great party , girls were fine ,music was pumpin barstaff was on top of things hell of a club definitely be cumin again! couple ladies that I MUST Spend more time with!

  264. uptonogood

    going to happy hour at the big oz friday friday friday

  265. PooPoo


  266. Jason B

    Went to check out this club called OZ last night, I was shocked to see so many girls there on a Sunday night. Went to 2 other clubs before going there and they sucked. No girls, exspensive, and just generally bad overall. But I wiil say this… OZ was great, lots of girls, the bartender was off the chain, they call her Crazy !!! I can see why, she was awsome !!! The girls there were really hot, hell I think I spent $300.00 just getting dances. They do these 2 for 1 dances every hour, and you not only get the dances, you get to choose from all this OZ parafinailia. I got some really cool pajama pants, an OZ hat & this great T-shirt. it’s not often you get to leave a bar like that with something to take home… I thought that was pretty cool !!! I’m going back this week with some of my boys, on Tuesday Night Miami S.I.N. Night. Everyone there said it was Great last week… I’m sure we’re gonna have a blast. Great Club, Great service, and the Girls… What can I say, the “HOTTEST” I’ve seen in this area. Here I come Guys be ready, I’m bringing the whole crew !!!

  267. GUY

    the 10 10 10 party was the shit 31 girls on a sunday…. what !!!!!

  268. bill

    great place.. hot girls..

  269. Glen

    Looking forward to making my appearance at the PJ Party tonight…had a blast with my day girls on Thursday!

  270. bababooey

    bikini contest was awesome!!!!!!

    carlos in a t back was hysterical


  271. big frank

    lots of hot girls for this big guy to play with! fun fun!

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    where to purchase viagra cialis levitra

  273. Andrew

    nice to be around hot girls on dayshift! dj was rockin it, bartender was on top of things and there was a super hot dancer named holly! i’ll be back again soon!

  274. JustCurious?

    How would you know Carlos has a small pee pee?

  275. Tina & Mark

    We LOVE this club! Very classy, very laid back atmosphere and great girls on day shift! In fact, we are headed in later today to see our birthday girl Holly! She always has the cutest themed stage sets to go with that hott ass of hers. I hope she wears the school girl outfit when we do our champagne room, she’s due for her spankings!

  276. money
  277. Cammie

    We wanted to thank Oz for having such a great year and being so supportive of the motorcycle sub culture. Oz weds nights have been the jump off and we love you!

  278. zack

    day girls rock.. dj jimmy b had i rocken.. thanks for all the fun

  279. jack

    Had a rocking time at Oz Friday day shift 14 hot ass girls on a day

    shift…… what…….. great buffet hell they had 2 of them Friday can’t

    wait tll this Friday to go back

  280. t

    back in town on my wat to oz. cant wait.

  281. B

    this place is clean……damn clean……

  282. The Bunny

    I happen to be visiting my family in clearwater for the holidays and asked around about the best gentlemens club. I’m from NYC and used to scores. Most people told me to try OZ. Let me tell you, I did and I couldn’t believe how great the place is. The sound and light show inside reminds me of my visits to Las Vegas. The night I went there were over 20 girls and each was hotter than the next. I will definitely come back. If you live locally and haven’t been there, you don’t know what you’re missing.

  283. lovethisbar

    what a great time to be had by all.. yes carlos has a little wewe his x told me..lol….. but atleast he is not a big dick like john the day guy.. πŸ˜‰ just playen.. all the staff at oz is GREAT..

  284. CAL


  285. cherokee

    recently here from ohio, this is diffently a change for the better

  286. opp
  287. king of djs..

    jimmy b sucks big dick… just ask him.. buy him a shot first though..lol..

  288. Wam Bam Thank you Mam

    greatest club on EARTH!!!!!!!!!!!

  289. Chris

    Good Club- Secrets is more upscale

  290. rayn

    happy hour here i come..

  291. angel141

    I went to other gentlemen establishments and I swear by this one! OZ has a awesome athmosphere and great staff to boot.. They remodled and have a bottle service area now, which is perfect for ppl who like clubs with eye candy but a not so crowded area to have fun at since this place gets packed!

  292. CrazyC

    Who said you couldnt blog yourself… So my name’s Crazy and Im the bartender at OZ! Ive worked at almost every titty bar in pinellas and pasco & by far the only one I truely love & respect because of the way the opperate is this one! (OZ) respect’s not only their staff, but their clientel! I promise bring yourself, your parties, your friends and family to OZ and you woult ever go anywhere else! MUAH see you there

  293. John

    I heard the day time bar tender has a nice ass!

  294. Gary

    If you like being surrounded by young thug type customers, and don’t care if the waitstaff is honest, then check it out, if you got 20$ just for a drink and admission.

  295. big jack

    had a great time at oz, that place rocks.. clean cool and fun, lots of girls, if you have never been you have to go oz is the only club to go to..

    big jack out…

  296. Jarod

    Sick place man! Loved every minute of it! Spent all afternoon with a HOT woman and shots of Patron Platinum!

  297. new customer

    this is one of the best clubs in the tampa bay..cheers to you guys!!!

  298. lovemilk

    holy and lola hot hot hot …. day girls… thanks for the dance girls,,,

  299. Leigh

    I had the best time here! The dancers are hot and the staff was amazing! I will be going back very soon!

  300. Kristopher S. Richardson

    Been in the biz for a long time, this is the best club I’ve ever worked at!

  301. thinkpink

    hot ass girls what more can i say

  302. Precious

    Sin night tonight! It’s gonna be off the chain!

  303. Aaron

    I’m headed back to Clearwater this weekend and I know the first place I’ll be stopping at is Oz to see my favorite girl, buy her a few shots then spend some quality time in the back…. πŸ™‚

  304. luv this place

    Me and my boys went to OZ on tuse for the Maimi Sin night and had

    the best time. Grey Goose for 3 bucks and some of the hottest

    babes anywhere and they are really FRIENDLY. I LUV THIS PLACE

  305. Bret

    Love the $ they spend on the place but thats about all. Cut throat Emplyees that care about only 1 thing, $, Tip a girl, see if she even thanks you. πŸ™

  306. Ilovethepoo

    This place has the hottest girls in the state. And the door girl zana looks like her ass could break a bowling ball in half, the bartender alicia has boobs that belong in a frame, and carlos appears like a guy who loves a good steamy string across his forehead.

  307. jason

    love this place if you never been you need to make a point to go,,,,

  308. jxl

    $4 for a drink, the lady took $1 for tip automatically, not even topless, tits are covered. what wrong with you guys? you rate this good? you must have too much cash.

  309. Luvstheladies

    What an awesome club!!! Big, fun, high energy and classy lookin. All the staff and girls were friendly and hot. Ask for Carlo, when you go there. Youll get the best dance of your life!!

  310. adam

    lots of hot girls..

  311. barb

    my man and i love this place its our sat hot spot.

  312. 6 years going strong

    had a blast lastnight guys, i will see you again tonight. keep the party going strong!

  313. Danny W.

    I showed up on a Friday afternoon to find the club with a nice variety of hot girls, one really stuck out tho. She wore a couple different themed outfits and KILLED it on stage! I was very impressed! I can’t decide which I liked more, the Naughty Nurse, the Sexxy Country Hottie, the School Girl or the Library Babe!

  314. papabooey

    this place is great!!! hot girls great drinks!

  315. TMA

    I love this place! Go see crazy the bartender.

  316. Paul
  317. ray man

    keep up the good work guys.. great club

  318. George23

    I’ll be there tonight w my coworkers for industry night, can’t wait.

  319. deric

    poor quality

  320. Juswannaseeboobs

    So i went to this place last night and what a party it was. HOT girls and staff also. The bathroom valet Carlos told me its packed every night. He was a cool guy. For an extra dollar he wipes your butt. It was nice. Just gotta remind him its front to back though. He wasnt so bright. But big ups to OZ for hiring the mentally challenged. Check him out, hes there every night. He’s the guy sleeping in the corner of the bathroom.

  321. Chicken Nugget

    This place is amazing. More hot girls than you can shake a stick at. And Carlos is the gay manager and he will buy you a drink if you pinch his buttocks.

  322. ashley shulz

    My husband and I go about once a week. Obviously we love it!

    Very friendly staff and dancers. Excellent sound and lights.

    We talk about what we are going to do for the night on his

    night off and we always end up at OZ!

  323. swinging dick

    great bar

  324. Carlosluvsthepepe

    Is this ever not packed with hot girls?????

  325. fread

    the most fun i have had in a long time..

  326. Pam

    I’m going there tonight with my husband. We always have fun on couples night.

  327. Matt

    Last week a couple of my co-workers and I stopped in Oz to check out the day shift girls..WOW!! Hottest girl in the Bay area! THey really know how to have fun!

  328. lovethetrim

    had a great time at oz dj jimmy b rocked the houes..

  329. Partier

    Management and wait staff lacked professional skills… Girls were attractive for the most part but very young. Had a few dances that were good but had better elsewhere in Pinellas County

  330. boe

    man your girls are so hot …. thanks big john for the shots.. coming back next time im in town,,

  331. Jennifer

    What an awesome club! They cater to the ladies as much as the men and made sure me and my girls had a great time! The staff was second to none also!

  332. Paulie V

    Great place – always a good time

  333. aj

    i love this place. i can’t believe i drove past it so many times and didn’t know what was UP. OZ is the only place I know i can drop in to find the best music, hottest girls, good drink prices and they know my name too. damn i got my black card too which was definitely worth the money cuz I’m in there 4-5 nights a week…. free cover + $5 drinks , r u kidding me? love it

  334. Richard

    Durig hard economic times it’s nice to come to such an easy going and fun atmosphere with such beautiful girls. I love OZ. You guys realy keep it going when there isn’t much to smile about!

  335. MyOhMy

    What can I say, first time visitor to this place and for an weekday night it was awesome!!!

  336. red

    love tue night dj spins some hot ass jams all night long,,

  337. tim

    day time rocks there. thanks big john and the girls had a great time

  338. Oz has lost it's

    Mojo! With Carlos running the show it’s really no surprise. The place was doomed for disaster at some point. Just look at his track record.

  339. Golfer

    Went back in this week on day shift. A lot of good looking girls, and not many customers. A couple of the girls were just plain beautiful. But I cannot understand why good looking girls paint themselves with tattoos. Sad. But each to their own. Buffet food was free but mediocre. Girls that I saw before were not there – about half of the girls were new, I think – not sure. They have a lot of girls at this club. The atmosphere is well above average, and the dances vary from OK to things I can’t write about (see rule #1). Girls friendly but not pushy. A comfortable place to hang out on a rainy day.

  340. Tom

    This club sux

  341. moe

    going to hang with the the big man at the oz today..

  342. butthole

    ps carlos has no hair…

  343. Philip

    AWESOME! Gonna go back soon and see Holly again!

  344. Petey

    Was there Saturday night. Could not find anything bad to say about this place. The girls were not only hot but also polite. So many girls to choose from. The club atmoshere was incredible. DJ was playing a great variety of music. The drinks were perfect and not expensive at all like the other clubs. Will be back.

  345. poopoodapeepee


  346. Wilson

    I Love this Place!!!!!!!!!!!!

  347. Kitty Kat


  348. igor34

    Men, don’t go! It’s a complete waste of money, with a few attractive “beeches” who will treat you like crap unless you’re a young, good looking guy. Yes, that’s you Juliana. That’s you Marisa Tomei look alike. And the bartender today wouldn’t accept dimes and a nickle for 25 cents of my beer. WTF? I think that’s illegal not to accept good U.S. currency. Pissed off, she took my 3 dollars and never returned my 50 cents. She’d have gotten a buck for a tip if she had, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to reward beechiness and rudeness. The manager John struts around like he’s a big cheese, but does nothing to keep these money mongrel girls in line. STAY AWAY for your own self respect. The folks who work here and run the place sure have zero respect for you. And this after 5 years of my business and thousands of dollars spent there. Hey Oz, spell the first 2 letter of “fun”–that’s what I say to you!!!

  349. Todd

    This is the best place for me to go hang out and watch the games comfortably!! I get a nice tall glass of my favorite beer, newly redone chairs, big screen TVs, hot women and a kickin day shift DJ that plays all the right music! I’ll be there at least twice this week!

  350. UniqueIndividual

    Sin Night Was A Frigin Blast! Cant Wait Till Next Tuesday

  351. TED


  352. harry

    nice place, i well for sure be going back..

  353. Kyle

    Fo sho dis iz da place 2 b! Dey got sum hotties up in there! Even dayshift was kickin!

  354. Lexi99

    This club rocks

  355. michelle

    well i gotta say, i keep hearing about this place and i fell upon a flyer for like the 3rd or 4th time, so finally checked it out this past wednesday for their bikini contest — wow! it was soo much fun. it is nothing like any other strip clubs” ive been to i had no idea that the place is seriously a beautiful night club! i hung out at the bar for a while then we got a bottle in vip area! didn’t get hustled by anyone — we saw a bunch of people we knew (girls & guys) & it was one of the funnest nights out in a long time! got my PINK VIP card now so ill be back!

  356. g-man

    ally is so hotttttttt….. bad,,,, ass,,, dayshift

  357. Dave M

    I love this place

  358. Mia10

    If I could live here I would

  359. QT

    this place is the bomb..

  360. Steve & Lacy

    Steve and I LOVE going to OZ! We have some awesome sexxy fun together with our favorite girls in the bay area (Holly & Alora), then we go home and finish what those hot girls did to us!! πŸ˜‰ Its one of the best ways Steve and I have found to spice up the bedroom these days!

  361. Absocrazo

    Super bowl at oz is gonna be off the chain!

  362. Jacy

    I’ll be there with my girls tonight for the 3 for 1 drinks.

  363. dnaCNENIK

    Came in from Ontario on a golf trip. had a great time, Kle bought us 2 rounds of drinks and we danced with Isabella and Vanessa. WOW HOT

  364. Dllian

    Awesome time! i can’t believe how much fun I had! The reviews below are bogus!

  365. Baby Girl

    I just wanted to say “I finally got my Pink OZ VIP Card yesterday” and i cant wait to go back and use it!!!!!!

  366. boo

    holly, ally.. clouda.. yuuuummmmy day shift girls

  367. Christina

    Best Bartenders Ever! Hot Girls & Nice Place!

  368. blow me

    st pattys day at oz what a great time

  369. Raichel

    Come on now, have a sense of humor. I watched that episode of manswers last night and thought it was hysterical πŸ˜›

    In fact, I can think of a handful of guys who do that exact thing at our dear club, and they happen to be friends of mine πŸ˜› lol

  370. brad

    I love the dancers there they are good looking and friendly as well…

  371. hairyballs

    good times.. what a fri we had..

  372. papicuelo

    What do you say about this place that everyone doesnt already know?? ITS FREAKIN AWESOME!!!

  373. Rick

    Is anyone Sober in this joint?

  374. T Dat

    What a place! They have 30+ beautiful girls every night! The drinks are great and always have good specials! Their staff is friendly and attractive! The place has a great bar/club feel, even if you’re not there for the girls. There’s no other place I’d rather go!

  375. mr johnson

    had a blast at the pj party…

  376. big B

    friday night i had the time of my life. i thought i went to a stripclup. but it had a miami style night club atmosphere. OZ had probably 40 women i think i stopped count’n , never seen the same girl twice . i will definitely be going back

  377. chocolate bunny eyes

    I luvs dis placa. its da nicest cluba ina da counti. da broads are a supa hotta and the onea behinda da bar, alcia hasa da perfecto boobs!!!!!!!

  378. DOUG

    rockin place..

  379. Chastity

    I wish this club would take me off thier website, I work at Diamond-Dolls.com now and have for atleast a year and Love it, no Eminem Wannabe’s.

  380. Larry Barrows

    I just moved back to FL after being away for 3yrs and decided to swing by OZ. I had a great time and I’m really impressed with the variety of beautiful dancers. FL women are the best.

  381. Abe Lincoln

    Tuesday night at OZ is the shizzit I luv it I got slamed last night drank so much Gray Goose and played with the hottes babes in town and the serivce is the best the wait staff are right on time with the drinks and the managers are super helpful Thanks OZ

  382. Dan the Man

    This is my favorite club to be at in the bay area! They ALWAYS have great variety of hot blonds, brunettes & red-heads! Plus, they just got an awesome new day shift bartender who is on the ball, genuinely NICE, and super hot too!

  383. steckle
  384. Prince of Egypt

    I had the best Batchlor party last weekend. Can’t wait till my divorse party

  385. rockstar

    big party tonight starts at 6 can wait..

  386. Dave

    Had yet another great time with my two favorite day girls…Holly & Alora! I love the way they move together!!

  387. bigballin

    you guys on day shift know how to have fun,,,,hot girls and a fine ass bartender.. john the manager is cool to thanks for the shots bro…

  388. Jason6998

    Had a great time there w my boys last Tuesday. It’s a strip club with a regular club feel. Girls are HOT! We will be back soon.

  389. jojo

    porn star was great

  390. lola holly

    come see us on day shift for some fun in the vip

  391. j birdie

    Can anyone say hello oz. I love crazy she’s the best bartender.

  392. dirtysanchez

    WHat can I say, hot girls, great staff, always packed, and that gay guy carlos really keeps the place clean.

  393. Batman

    This club is getting bigger and bigger every day! love it!

  394. KrazC

    Oz is the only place I’ve been to, that has entertaining staff, awesome

    light shows, sexy hot girls days & nights & amazing dj’s! Good drink prices

    & so much more! U should check it out

  395. Mitzi

    Went to OZ this saturday and lemme tell you, the place is boomin’! My party and I started our night off there then had the bad idea to hop around to other clubs…what a waste! We went straight back to OZ and had the best night, everyone there is so nice and they gave us these awesome pink cards for drink discounts! OZ rocks!

  396. AMAZING



    Tuesday nights DJ Spiro’s house music spinning was awesome, great energy , HOT GIRLS!!!

  398. al

    fri at oz going up for that happy hour buffet… its great… the girls are ok to…lol…just playen the day girls rock… big john is a dick. but he will buy you a shot lol….

  399. Jessie
  400. party guy

    had a great time there. cant wait to go back..

  401. Lisa

    I will be at OZ tonight…For the Miami Sin Party!!!!

  402. ozzfest
  403. Twist

    I was in town this past weekend (origionally from outside Chicago) and I have to say this is one of the best clubs I have ever been to. The best atmosphere by far and the girls in this club are fun. If you are ever in Tampa, this is the club to visit.

  404. michele

    i love it! and the management staff are amazing. always catering to our parties!

  405. dan

    none stop fun and girls…wow

  406. i'm not sober

    and I’m glad nobody else is, this place ha the best energy and with all that liquor being poured I am sure the bar and the girls are making a butt l oad of money

  407. Josh

    had a great time! found some really hot girls there too!

  408. maurice

    ya know, i’m a ladies man and i go where the ladies are at. i never seen so many fine hunnyz under one roof. and these lovely girls flock to me when i got my bottles of patron in the vip. for a baller like myself, theres no better place to make it rain than the O.Z.

  409. slapahoe

    well went OZ on tuse had the time of my life damn sure gonna go back!!!!!!

  410. To Many Revues

    I use to hang at this club everyday, then they changed managment and run way to many revues, drink prices are high, club looks like a nite club not a strip club, pretty though, wish it could go back to PRE Katrina style.

  411. David

    I go before 5pm so I can get me some of that free buffet and no admission! Plus there is this totally hot blonde there, Holly. Smokin’ hot body!

  412. Craig

    Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Best Day Girls I have ever seen! I really enjoyed my visit and will be coming here more often!

  413. ed

    what a party at oz wed day 20 hot ass girls. $4 bombs all day.. im hung over,,, lol,,,

  414. carlosweenie

    i am the carlos. i command you to come to my anus.

  415. anthony

    first time to the Oz loved it. one particular dancer blew my mind away extrememly gorgeous and breathtaking, i just had to get a private dance from her……….. worth every penny i love u my private dancer i had a blast. see u soon

  416. RayRay

    I love OZ and tonight is couples night; which means my girlfriend and I get in free and can party all night long! Great place to go on a boring saturday night!

  417. big red

    came in on sat night and got a bottle had a great time love the place girls were really, really friendly if u know what i mean

  418. luvpoonani

    Friday night, went to OZ, Diamond DOlls and Bliss. Diamond Dolls is like a trailer park with topless girls there. What a dump, heavy mind numbing music the whole time we were there by an obnoxious DJ. Cant put review up cause it sday managers block bad reviews. NO WONDER, they have to there must be so many. Bliss was a snoozefest. Nice lookin club, but as boring as watchin old people screw. OZ was more like a night club than a strip club and had ten times the people in it. If you didnt know it was a strip club you would be surprised when all three stages had girls on them. Great time, door girl Zana is one smokin fine hotty with an ass that goes for miles!!!

  419. King James

    OZ is the best around

  420. Iluvcock

    Love this place, especially the greezy spic manager named carlo. noone, and I mean noone cuddles the bag like he does. LUV IT LUV IT LUV IT

  421. Bob
  422. clyde
  423. Denny

    Friday nights there are awesome! Hot girls, fun bar and wait staff, phenomenal music! I had a blast partying with the bartenders! Can’t wait to see what tonight is like!

  424. wendy

    I love peter’s pan



  426. Steve-O

    WOW!!! Great place… The girls are SMOKING HOT!!! Had a great time. Whith out a doubt, the nicest club in Clearwater by far… Going back this week!!!

  427. Unique35

    My birthday party was ablast! Thank u guys!

  428. Patrick

    I’ve gotta say, one of the classier places in the bay area! I had an awesome time, and plan to return. Thinking about bringing my wife next time too and having Nurse Holly check her heart rate! πŸ˜‰

  429. mickey

    i rate this club the best!! its has evrything you could want, beautiful women great staff and an awesome sound system! couples night tonightand every saturday night.

  430. jill

    my man and i love going to oz its the best bar in the bay..

  431. james

    wow 17 girls on day shift tue, what a time we had…

  432. Ashley

    Thats club is the best by far.rateing 20

  433. AmyAlexius

    Great atmosphere and drink specials daily! will definately go

    back again.

  434. Burger Butt


  435. Major Wood

    kikin Place . hot girls. great time

  436. Ian

    I went this past Friday after getting off work early, the girls were sexy and the club was pretty busy too. I got a great dance from a really sweet hottie, Holly I think was her name. I’ll be going back that’s for sure!

  437. turner

    going up to see some sat football, and some fine ass…lol…

  438. ME

    i’ll never have anything bad to say about OZ. they talk about it on every radio station and not just come cheesy comercial. i regularly run into Spice boy from the bubba show and all the guys from wild 98.7… hottest club in tampa BY FAR!

  439. Bayou Baby

    This place looks like a club that belongs in a huge city, Miami, NY, LA. It is huge and awesome. The place looks like a glitzy club. Like 4 stages and a huge bar. Good girl quality and quantity. Lots of private rooms and good dances. Drink prices not bad at all for a strip club. Check it out if your in the area.

  440. duke
  441. Cappyshort

    Im a lil short guy and I feel like a giant in this place!!! I love these girls and all the staff. Im new to the area and Ill be back tonight!!

  442. Marisa

    I come to this club all the time with my boyfriend sometimes & with my girls as well! We all work at winghouse love partying at OZ! The girls are gorgeous, the parties are so much fun, they take such great care of us… they’ve even picked us up in the limo & put us in VIP a few times!! Always a blast…. our favorite spot πŸ™‚

  443. vic

    number one club in the bay in my book

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