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2023 Sable Lane, San Antonio, TX 78217


29.5205315, -98.4624123




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “XTC Cabaret

  1. Reginald W.

    If I could give this place less then one star I would. This place has some of the worst females around. But I will tell u how our night will start off. 25 dollars at the door. Door staff is very rude. Once you finally make it in to the club. Good luck finding seats on the weekend. Place will be full of just drunks because this is a BYOB establishment which means it’s 4 bucks for a cup of ice and 14 bucks for a pitcher of juice. Now here is where all will get screwed. Dances are 20 outside and VIP is also 20 so u have access to back room. What they neglect to tell you is the females raise the price on their own once you get back there but won’t tell you till after they have finished dancing. Had a friend go their recently and got charged 60 bucks a dance. If your military I say you should never visit this run down hole in the wall. I’m gonna try my hardest to get it put on the fort Sam Houston ban list. If you want a decent time try ricks. All staff is friendly. This place blows.

  2. ffrf
  3. rickywho2

    Should be less than one star. $420 for 6 songs for me and $480 for my friends for 6 songs. No mention of the price at all unless it was for the cover to go to the back room. Do NOT go military.

  4. hector

    hot babes

  5. dannyboy7

    This place is TERRIBLE. Everything here sucks, even the the subpar women working here. Watchout for the blonde with the fake boobs. She is a straight professional con artist and has quite the reputation for getting over on some of the customers. Avoid this place if you can. They overcharge and rip you off for everything. You’re better off spending your money elsewhere.

  6. Harrison69

    As soon as we parked the parking attendant asked us for a tip, he said it was mandatory no matter where we parked or who parked the vehicle lol. The struggle is real so we gave him $3. As soon as we walked in it was filled with smoke. They charged us $25 to get in. It’s the only after hours strip in in the city and again it’s B.Y.O.B , I guess this is a popular thing in Texas lol. The girls were OOOO K, nothing special. Def not worth the money paid. San Antonio I’m not impressed .

  7. corey

    it was kickass.

  8. Time To Roll


  9. MeganLW718

    Ive been there twice with my fiance and the first time I went was on a weeknight and the girls were ok.. The second time I went was on a Saturday night and there were alot of very beautiful girls there.. I had a lot of fun.. It just sucks that you have to smoke outside now.. They are going to lose business with that.. Overall weekends are really good.. Keep up the good work ladies!!!!!! MUAH!

  10. Mark

    Went here 2 years ago and had a great time. Was in town on vacation with some friends and all of us loved it here. If ever back in town, definitely will stop by again. Also love the whole byob. Don’t have it where we come from. Leaves extra money in pocket for more dances.

  11. Daddydick
  12. jk

    Go here its fukin worth it

  13. Balls OUT

    This club seems cleaner than before does anyone know if there is a new owner? Hot Chicks, alot of them went in on a Thursday 2for1 dances Saw Aja and Dynasty DAMN!!!! Why did they take out smoking? Also checked with management about the chair of pain that shit looked crazy a little to much $$$$ for me on a thursday but if there was more in my group i would spring…. Coming back on a Friday i hear they are open till 5am.. I gotta see this place on a weekend i bet its hoppin!!!!

  14. igor34

    There really isn’t much to do in San Antonio after hours; for those of us that work til midnight or later, you only have a few places to choose from. XTC is one of those places. So, reading the reviews for this place before we went; we were really expecting a horror show. It wasn’t as bad as reviews say. You’re going to a strip club, keep that in mind. They are going to charge you as much as they can… So, you get charged cover, parking (if you park in a lot), AND, if you want to sit down at a table, they charge you for that too! I’m not sure how much the table was, my friend took care of all of that and I’m not sure if it was for all tables or just the ones directly in front of the poles. The thing I liked about this place, was, it’s BYOB, so that’s why cover is so high. They do have their own mixers, and DO NOT allow you to bring your own in; only alcohol! They had several gatorade options, and I think had regular OJ in pitchers. The strippers weren’t bad. They were all super nice and were all pretty good looking on the stripper scale, nothing lower than a 7 that I saw IMO. The only thing I didn’t really like was there was really no pole tricks that I saw. I love, love, watching pole tricks, but these girls were so busy all night they barely got any time to dance at all! So yeah, in terms of strip clubs, not that bad. If you have money to spend, go ahead.

  15. ralph

    best in daytime,with the best waitress named Roxygirl

  16. Beat this

    Cool atmosphere fun time great girls TOTAL Package

  17. JAKE

    Fantastic place … keep ur things in ur pockets dnt frget…

    But theres an amzing women there

    bb if ur reading this u know who i am

    “the indian /namesake/karma/cell phone”

    thanx a BILLION… only if i could be with some one remotley like u i would be the happiest guy ….

    your amzing … karma stays with me for EVEr

    good luk bb and god bless


  18. jimmy jenga

    best strip i have ever been to. i was in san antonio from dallas and i was amazed of the beauty of the girls. i will defenatly be going back if ever in san antonio.

  19. TOY


  20. djsacto

    $3 valet, $25 cover, $10 VIP wristband, so $38 in the door is outrageous. Recent bust makes it just topless now and BYOB. Dancers rate 6 or lower out of 10 in attractiveness. No silicon here, just natural and a bit droopy. Houston must attract the real talent. You do get attention for $1 at the tip rail, some playful bumping and varied contact, but not enough attractive girls to make it worth coming here just to watch.

    Had VIP dances with a latina , 4 for $100. Good hard grinding, your hands can roam, and a good peek at the kitty (no touching that). My girl was rather unenthusiastic though. Later, tried a blond with a cute face, but pierced nipples. She gave all nude dances, but not the tight fresh kitty I like to see up close and personal (MILF).

  21. Sex Kitten

    Meow this place is the sweetest milk in town…..

  22. Lone Ranger

    I went in on a friday night was greeted at the door by the GM of the club, he was saying hello to everyone that walked through the door, we had a party of 8 but forgot to reserve a table there was absolutley no room so he offered us VIP and a chance to move asap, all on him! When i asked how many girls they had he said 30+ i didn’t believe it until they did a t-shirt special then the girls came out of nowhere. All the ladies i saw were a 7 and up, no one was rude, there were no fights and the GM kept checking on us. This is a party spot not some uptight club where you can’t kick back! Thanks for a great time- we will be back!

  23. deuces

    first off, while it says nude here, the club is only topless. Still, it’s BYOB and they have no food whatsoever. I’ve been to several clubs in San Antonio and this was the worst value. It had the highest priced dances ($20 on the floor and $30-40 in “VIP”). Most of the girls were pretty, even the one who was at least 7 months pregnant but still trying to make her booty clap. Overall I’d probably rate it a 6 out of 10.

  24. Johnson12

    Some blonde bitch robbed my friend for 300 dollars for going in the back room with her

  25. General

    It’s a great club, some girls are and others are doable. If you bring liquor be prepared to share because most of the girls will drink that before beer. Dance are good and some get even better in the VIP.

  26. StripClub431

    Last night I was scammed and had to pay $575 for 9 songs. I was told that they were gonna charge me $20 per song and the blonde stripper named ROXY changed it to $60. Also the owner didn’t give me time to talk it with my friends, she threatened us by saying that she called the cops for no reason. Military beware of this place!

  27. XhXeXy

    Worst strip club I’ve ever been to! All of the negative reviews are very accurate. Vip is just a way for the girls to scam and extort you for money. You practically have to draft a written contract before each dance to avoid getting price gouged by surprise in the end.

  28. MB
  29. Gladius

    All-nude in San Antonio is unusual, so already this club gets props. Week night was slow, but girls were hot. Jeana, a new arrival from El Paso, is smokin’!

    Did I mention all-nude? Seriously, you could do a lot worse.

  30. Bob Oso

    I like girls

  31. nickstrip

    at first I was iffy about going to this place because of the reviews.. but then I stayed there for I say good 5 hours and met & saw some pretty good ladies. I also met bitchy one. if I remember she was wearing a red lace underwear. but yeah I had fun. some of the girls I met were pretty funny and chill.

  32. chris

    Loved this place. Hot girls really good dances,great atmosphere.

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