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0 reviews for “Little Darlings

  1. winston12

    WARNING!So I’m walking by this place looking for a nice strip club to enjoy a few drinks and dances in. A nice looking lady invites me in and I say, what the heck? Let’s give it a go!They walk me back to a $100 room. I’m thinking… SWEET gonna get an epic lap dance from two ladies. Boy was I wrong.Once I was back in the room the ladies asked for a tip and some money to get some shots. Cool. A bit fishy but I’m down. I decide to go up to the ATM to get some more cash because I was running low.So I head back to the room where one of the ladies had our drinks. She handed me one and told me to drink up. I was feeling suspicious and picked another of the three drinks instead. She protested saying that wasn’t my drink. I insisted.She then took the drink intended for me and split it between her and her coworker’s glasses. She said “oh honey your drink had more in it” as her excuse. My eyes work. The drinks were equivalent.Needless to say, I got very uncomfortable. From where I was sitting these ladies seemed like they were trying to drug me. They carried on for another few minutes trying to get me to tip them $400 on top of the $200 I already spent. I refused and left the place.Oh they also offered me sex, cocaine, and a “happy finish.” So that part was fantastic. If you’re looking to get laid then this is an easy place to do it. I wasn’t interested in that. So it was a no go for me,But, under no circumstances should you take any drinks from these ladies. They want to drug you and steal your money! All in all I left $200 poorer and with nothing to show for it except this awesome story of when two stripper whores tried to drug me and steal money.You’ve been warned!

  2. Jason T.

    OK, I give. This was the most fun we’ve ever had at one of these things. Pretty expensive ($20 clothed/$40 topless/$60 fully nude), but no buyer’s remorse after taking the middle option. Maybe it was just pure luck (what else would it be?), but the quality of girls was especially impressive on this night. Out of 10 or so girls, only 1 was clearly less than a 5, 2 or 3 were about a 5-6, and the rest were all 9-10’s. Seriously don’t expect it to be this way every night, but at least it’s nice to know that on certain nights, the spread can be that good . Worth the price of admission (if you get the discount, which we didn’t, for some reason) and worth it if you wait for the 2-for-1 deals (which we did, thankfully).

  3. Chia C.

    The place is kinda nasty, to be honest…well the venue. The girls are alright, not amazingly beautiful, but I guess that’s what makes them real? The back “bed room” was kinda neat, but the girls kept wanting to get girl patrons to join – Um…no…I’m here to be entertained! Dance monkey! I don’t know…I’d much rather go to Hustler, get a lap dance and have some drinks. I guess I’m more into the athleticism of the stripper than their vag.

  4. Glenda G.

    One of my good friends from Long Beach was in SF for two nights so we had to take her to Little Darlings. She was apprehensive about it at first but after about 30 shots of Patron between us at a bar one town over, we called up the strip club connoisseur to pick us up and we were on our way to LD’s.The really cool door girl was there and got all four of us in for $20 (thanks, Kelsey!). It was a random Tuesday night but it was pretty busy and there was a good selection of girls. Spent some dollar bills at the stage, spent some twenty’s for lap dances. My friend tried to be that drunk at the ATM but I came to her rescue.This place is as fun as you make it. We’re still talking about that night and my friend has decided that Little Darling’s will always be one of her stops whenever she’s up in SF.Note (again): Tip at the stage. Tip the door girl.

  5. Julie F.

    So last night while walking down Broadway, the door guy actually said to us, “hey, come inside and check out some sweat box” We said, “Oh, no thanks.” And he replied with, “It’s marinated in urine year round.” Gross! In what culture is that supposed to be a turn-on? We were going to dinner at E Tutto Qua but my appetite was ruined. Thanks creepy rude door guy.

  6. Samantha S.

    As a client, I think this is a great fully nude strip club. Other clubs are too ghetto and then there are gentlemen’s clubs which are a waste of time in my opinion. I mean, I’m not interested in mere topless dancing as a customer or dancer, and having to be 6 feet away on the stage and not being able to be sexually suggestive aren’t my kind of things either. As an employee, I think it is a dreadful place. I’ve only been working here for over a week and have already witnessed the nasty world between strippers. Slander, lies, betrayal, secrets, etc. I have only been able to find a few girls I can even trust talking to and I do think they’re really nice, however the other girls are seriously out to get one another. Frisbee is a fantastic deejay and he knows how to communicate with the audience and the dancers; we always know what’s going on and he is so smooth and easy as an announcer. Peanut is a really nice guy but he just isn’t that good. He plays the same music, mainly mainstream hip-hop, repeatedly and it seems as though he can never remember who any of us is. Ana, one of the bartenders, is an absolute sweetheart and she’s wonderful to talk to. She definitely makes it worthwhile.I know as dancers we are supposed to hustle you guys like crazy, but be weary of the girls who appear to hustle anything with a heartbeat. Just saying…There’s only so much of the adult entertainment world I can take. I’m not like any of the other dancers and I do not come from the same background as any of them and I do this job for different reasons. But really, most of these girls are incredibly immature, obnoxious/loud, too hyper, feisty, and malicious. But 4 stars for the entertainment! I just want to warn other girls about working here.

  7. richard95

    I used to go there once in a while when I was in my teens. The place was good at that time with good deals and gorgeous dancers.Today when I went there my experience was totally bad. The doorman was rude. I paid the twenty bucks to just get in after 11:00PM (single club entry). Was very much disappointed by the quality of girls. A white stripper wearing light blue bikini offered me the special four lap dances for the price of one. I was not very interested in private dance but the offer seemed too good. I went inside the booth taking the offer. She asked me for 60 bucks in advance for four songs. After providing a low quality lap dance for 2-3 minutes, to my surprise, she told me that my time is over as four songs are over and I could leave. I complained to her saying that even the first song is not over yet, how come all four songs could be over in 2-3 minutes. She said that she can’t do anything and she left the booth.I complained to the Bouncer/Manager (fat man inside whose eyes has problems) inside and his attitude was also not positive.In total, It was a very bad experience for me and a complete rip-off.Guys, I would recommend that if you purchase lap dances, always check the time and ask for more than 12 minutes as this is the time four normal songs take.I would never recommend any one to go there.

  8. Franklyn

    Best club in the city. The girls are sexy awesome dancers, the staff is attentive, fun, friendly. No alcohol, so get drunk before you go. I loved watching Amber, Mya, Harmony, Ruby, Cream, Jazleen, Janae, Starr, and Yahna! All of the dancers were awesome on stage and really friendly. Mya gave me the best lap dance! I’ll definitely be back.

  9. Mi M.

    I’ve been to Gold Club, Hustler Club, and some place in Tahoe and have had a grand total of three lap-dances in my life, so I am not an afficianado of all-things-stripper…and despite having read the reviews here about the girls (who I thought were all just quite lovely) and the restrooms (didn’t go), I have to say that I had the *most* fun 25 minutes in a LONG time!!!! I walked out of there with a big fat grin on my face. In fact, I smile every time I think about it! I’m going to have to write down every single little detail of it so that when I’m a shriveled up old hag at the end of my life, I can re-read it and remember the Good Ol’ Days and think, what the hell? I had a great life!

  10. rogerrab2

    I went here after a hard day at work trying to unwind. Although im not into hip hop music i still enjoyed my time here. A woman named Sunshine, a very skilled pole dancer, made my night. She was friendly, and made it real easy for me to feel comfortable. Not one incident of robbery attempts, or drugging. I dont know what the other reviews are talking about. I like this place. Had a great time. And awesome dances. Only thing i would change is add some rock to the playlist.

  11. joseph1k

    Wow… Best place ever! Lots of hot white chicks! I even got to meet Redman. They have such a cool place even famous people chill there!

  12. Jeremiah W.

    when the time comes around that i find myself in a strip club, i judge based on a few extremely important factors. these are (in order of importance):-the cleanliness of the club-the quality of the dancers-the quality of the clientele-the quality of the djslittle darlings is one of the dirtiest strip clubs i have ever been in (although only the second i’ve visited in SF). the dancers’ top ten concerns in life do not involve their personal hygiene or fitness levels. they also look completely devoid of life, emotion, and lack all capability to care if they’re putting on a good show. the clientele are the types you see mumbling to themselves on the muni. and the dj cuts songs off halfway through (all songs seem to be of the limp bizkit variety)now, after making those personal remarks on this club, some of you might be saying “little darlings is THE place for me!” well, more power to you, but when it comes to strip clubs, i prefer to leave without feeling like i need to be bathed in jergen’s hand sanitizer.

  13. maxxy1

    FREE T-SHIRTS and KEYCHAINS on your birthday? +1 haha$20 wristbands that get you into several clubs again… the girls looked cute and the venue was cozy. all in all the free shirt put it over the top! cracken time!

  14. Ali L.

    Its dingey, its grimey, but I can’t honestly say I remember much from being there in the end. Except for a stripper that thought I was Holden Caulfield…WTF?! NOT the hazy memory you want of your first lap dance.

  15. Saralyn H.

    What can I say about this place? Well for starters I like the name, i think its cute. I came here for my 18th birthday with my older cousins. It was a sat. we drove from petaluma to san francisco and hit up Broadway. After walking for a little bit we decided to try “Little Darlings”. At first sight it looked like a pretty decent place. The girls were prettier back then (about 3 years ago) and they knew how to dance. It is a small space, but a good atmosphere. Not too crowded and not dead. I was surprised to see a lot of couples, but from what I remember it was a good time.

  16. Joshua F.

    So i went to another club and i like this one as one of my tops. The fee was $10 before 8. The club is very small but has more seating then other places. The chairs are extremely comfortable and the restroom was well kept. The lighting is soft and the sound is great, really gets you grooving to the beat. The girls here will be varied. There will be a good varitey of young and older ladies but they keep themselves clean and tidy in all the places. The ladies will come around ask for private dances but will politely leave if you say no (enough times), However they were two tall hot blondes that platently rolled their eyes and left you for dead. On stage the ladies have moves and will give good attention if tipped well. A few ladies will get up in your face (literaly) when tipped very well. If you have a pocket of ones then expect boobies rubbed in your face once in a while. One girl got her boobies in my face but through out the dance looked really mean, don’t know, well i dont care i got boobies! The lap dances are great, pay the 20 to get them back there and possibly 20 more for extras like topless of full nude, once thats out of the way you will get a good rub down for three dances and you might also get to grab some if the lady likes you. Solid dances, solid lap dances, good ladies makes for a great experience. Also spend an extra $20 for the red bracelet at the door, this will get you all night in and out privilages for this club as well as Hungry I, Garden of Eden, roaring 20’s, and the condor Club. Get into all those clubs for no extra costs, Good buy!

  17. Claudia B.

    hipsters don’t usually enjoy nudity. ours or that of others. it makes us uncomfortable. we prefer to lust after the multi-layered, buddy holly glasses wearing, odd haircut masses. so, when my friends’ band was in town and we decided that going to the stripclub would be a ‘good idea’ (and yes, to answer your question, we were DRUNK)- we should have taken our burritos and drank the old crow back at our flat. but, we didn’t. instead, we walked in and were given a price break (ladies free and band dudes at a discounted price). Little Darlings is out to corner the market on the ‘strippers who prefer to molest the female patrons’, apparently. while i will leave out most of the evening’s shenanigans: some crazy stripper dragged my best friend onstage and tore off her shirt and played with her boobs (my friend was screaming and trying to get away, while the rest of us laughed at her expense)…all for the bargain basement price of $5. i wonder what the stripper would have done if i had given her a $10?also, some older/very scary/peroxide stripper propositioned my friend for sex. it was star for the crazy stripper who molested my friend for $5, thereby scarring her emotionally for life. and another star for the dot com bust button down office cubicle dude that was angry at our party, because the stripper named simone was in love with our friend and was ignoring his $5 tips.

  18. Johnnyboy123

    Probably the worst experience I’ve ever had. Heard some good things about this place and decided to check it out. Regret coming here. Went there on a Friday night (club was dead anyway). Got my I.D. checked, payed and got some change from the bouncer. As I was getting change the girls were already looking through the curtain to see who’s coming in and whatnot. Once I stepped foot inside I was already pulled away by a dancer within seconds of just stepping in. Didn’t even get a chance to look or grab a drink. She took me to the back and kept on suggesting to pay her $100 for a full 20 session. I wasn’t going to be rude and say no so I said I’ll let you know in a little bit. But she wouldn’t take a no. She kept insisting that I pay her and it’ll all be worth it. She kept saying “just pay me $100 and I’ll take care of you”. I didn’t even get a chance to even see what the club look likes yet alone the other dancers and I was already pulled all the way in the back by a greedy dancer. Never going back.

  19. bella h.

    actually negative one.. UHH this place is raunchy

  20. Bobby L.

    I use to have a lot of fun here. You can’t drink here but you can drink next door then just walk back and forth cause they give you a handstamp. This places is small very small. On the weekends it’s full of wannabe hustlers (packs of them) and most of the customers are broke with less than $10 in their pockets. You’re a pimp on food stamps get back in your 89′ Corolla! Reason y I’d come here a lot? They let me in for free? Back to the girls: they’re not great I’d say most are a 5 with a lot of makeup and no clothes (it’s full nude) so you can see everything cause they do spread them. They’ll try to steal your money if you’re drunk. Try looking like your wasted and not talk during a lap dance and you’ll owe $140 for 2 songs and that’s just a bikini dance. They’re ghetto dint blame them. Yes I’ve been to many strip clubs all over this world and these are GHETTO. It’s not worth stepping into. No talent no alcohol. Save your money.

  21. Ju S.

    Okay, this is Broadway not Vegas so I’m not expecting anything spectacular. Staff does their job well. The dancers aren’t all that amazingly good looking, but I prefer these dancers than those from the Hungry Club and Roaring 20s. The bouncer, “Man,” was very friendly and let us all in free of charge (suprising b/c I was going in with a group of maybe 10 guys and myself being the only female). Overall, a not-so-bad night for not-so-bad entertainment.

  22. C.B.

    Great place considering it’s location! I only paid $5 to get in and the $25 was worth the private show I got in the VIP room. These girls were pretty hot and friendly…there’s something for everyone here and I’m definitely coming back soon!

  23. Colbys

    Good clean place nice everything.halloween week was great nice background nicely lit no to dark like some places friends liked all the girl’s.

  24. Rada I.

    Are.. are those C-Section scars?? Lemme tell ya, the darlins aint little…or darling for that matter!

  25. AssnTits5

    Home of the ten dollar lap dance indeed. I walk in with 40 dollars cash looking for a quick lap dance and I am immediately pulled into the 100 dollar private room by two ugly cracked out slags. We argue for two minutes because I refuse to take out 200 dollars from the ATM. The bouncers all had the typical hired goons look but if you are bigger than they are they keep their mouths shut. One star rating is fifty stars too high for this place.

  26. billtheguy12

    Horrible club, went for a friend’s bachelor party. We were dropped off out front and right away approached, great since we had not decided where to go. Finally after talking the owner or manager on duty comes and says if we come in he will get us in for free at another club. Which didn’t happen because they are owned by different owners, so they lied! After entering there is a capacity of 49, immediately shown to the back room where she wanted $200 for 30 minutes. When I said no she started bargaining with me saying fine $100 for 15 minutes. Ummm That’s the same price…. NOT attractive or personable females. Not a good experience for the night. Saturday night should have the A team, not the watergirls……

  27. harryharry

    Just got home from an excellent night at Little darlings, we bought the wristbands from the club to see all the all 6 of the clubs on the block,also I learned that they are the only club that sells these wrist bands that get you into all 6 clubs and not just four, the door guys were super polite and even personally walked us down to each club,but honestly we spent 90% of our night at Lil darlings,the girls were the hottest ones we saw out of all 6 clubs and the staff was all extra nice and really went the extra mile to make sure my friends and I had a good time. I used to hear bad things about this place but now I am told they are under new management and it really shows,two thumbs up from me and hey I’m really picky when it comes to giving my hard earned money to a dancer,overall I highly recommend!

  28. Alexander E.

    Before I begin, I should note that I have an unconditional love for Little Darlings, San Francisco. I may be a little bias, especially as this was my first gentlemen’s club experience at the tender age of eighteen. Nevertheless, Little Darlings is one of many clubs on the Broadway Strip in the North Beach neighborhood. The club is located on Broadway and Columbus and is within close proximity to The Condor Club, a neighboring gentlemen’s club. A cover charge can be expected unless you’re there at 6p.m. when the club opens. The advantage: no cover. The disadvantage: the club is dead. You can usually haggle at the door to get in for $10 before 8p.m. and it’ll usually run you $20 after that. Once you agree on a price with the doorman, your ID will be checked and you’ll pay the cashier before stepping through the red velvet curtains.The club itself is incredibly small, yet the space is perfect for an intimate strip club experience. The stage is immediately to your left and is surrounded with plush seating and drink tables. A row of chairs surround the stage and is reserved for tippers. Don’t expect to sit center stage, get front row action and not tip generously. The back of the club houses a row of VIP tables, which can be reserved by the hour or for the night.A second stage is located towards the back of the club and is opened on busy nights, typically Friday and Saturday. The backstage is much more intimate as there is no seating and it’s usually a two girl show with or without toys, depending on the night. The club is fully nude and serves non-alcohol beverages as per state law. The club offers a range of drinks including: Red Bull, St. Pauli, Italian Sodas, Slushies, Vitamin Water, Bottled Water, and soft drinks.As for the main attraction, the women are plenty and generous. The selection of girls varies with big booty white girls to curvy black girls with plenty for the choosing. The girls tend to be more relaxed and less aggressive in comparison to other Broadway clubs, which I find comforting. The music varies as each girl selects her music, but expect hip-hop with some rock here and there. Lap dances vary by girl, but I’ve always had a good experience both on the main floor and in private and VIP. Little Darlings is the perfect club for someone who prefers to skip the huge and loud experience of The Condor or Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club.Little Darlings Pricing Structure:Cover: Varies (Free to $20)Drinks: $3-5Lap Dances:Bikini Dance: $10Topless Dance: $40Fully Nude: $60VIP Dances:Quarter Hour: $200Half Hour: $400Hour: $600Special:3 for $100 (Topless)

  29. Maren C.

    My friend gave a stripper here a $5 bill and told her to “suprise me”.The stripper took this as “take her on stage and take her shirt and bra off in front of all her male Denver friends who were visiting.”Yeah, not so awesome. Getting naked on stage and not getting tips totally sucks.

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