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677 New Loudon Road, Latham, NY 12110


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8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Nite Moves

  1. bobby

    cloud 9 is sooo much better cant wait 4 them 2 reopen hopefully next week thats the rumor plus night moves girls are so tired and over rated

  2. Ronny

    Tiffany the bartender is the only one going there for. It’s just not the same quality it used to be.

  3. NMD

    I have noticed over the 10 years of checking reviews for this club that there are some VERY GREEDY men around this area … or worse SPOILED men from other states . NITE MOVES is a STRIP CLUB very simple GIRLS STRIP if you are looking for more then STRIPPERS you should see try a brothel or the hideaway or even Albany st in schen. You can for sure find what your horny DISGUSTING broke greedy self is in DESP search for . If you can’t afford to pay the strippers for stage dance table dance and private dance you should just stay out of the club hahaha not waste your time complainting on stripclublist . Bc MEN YOU ARE THE SAD JOKE NOT THE STRIPPERS LOOKING FOR THEIR PAY . And you should pay GENEROUSLY for them having to PUT UP with you ! PAY OR STAY AWAY ESPLY OF UR GREEDY

  4. Wesley

    Night Moves really needs a significant overhaul in both girls and the club.

  5. Sal
  6. JZ

    Not the same anymore

  7. Sean

    The clubs interior is nice but the dancers are all ugly. The couch dances are good but thats because they are all beat faced girls that try and make up for the fact that they are all ugly. The drink minimum is shit,and so is the cover.

  8. Greg G

    This club is okay and the thing that makes it wonderful is when I come to see Giselle. Is there anyway to get her to work more than one day a week?

  9. A guy

    This place is a SCAM. everything about it is a rip-off. The bitches who work here are all drug-addicted losers who dont even try to make it a pleasurable experience. I understand most strippers are unhappy with their jobs, but when you cant even fake it like your supposed to, you know its time to move on. I came here recently and tipped very generously, and was still treated like garbage. Even the private dances were half-assed and lame. Didnt turn me on one bit.The one bitch I talked to was strung out and complaining to me about how much she hates her job. Dude, its not mine or any other guy’s fault that you dropped out of school, got knocked up, are too stupid, etc. Shut the f’ck up, and do your job! Maybe if you actually worked for your tips instead of demanding them upfront, and acted nice to the customers, you’d make more money! These broads need to go out in the real world and work a real job, then they’ll see what tough work is like!

  10. Dick Hurtz

    If I had nowhere else to go, cable was down, and I had no heat, I would go to Nightmoves if they paid me.

  11. Jay Glover
  12. donnie


  13. winston12

    A group of us went here a few years ago on a whim as a surprise for the husbands lol. The girls were very pretty and a few actually knew how to work a pole. (Which I appreciate!) Seems the reviews and gone down. I’ll have to go back in and check it out again. Oh darn.

  14. j

    i would come back had a great time

  15. girl

    i love this place

  16. scotty
  17. Joe
  18. drew

    I love this place! Always clean and full of beautiful women! i went for the first time in august 2004. i returned 2 months later and the dancers remembered who i was! very surprising but awesome to know! Too many great girls I have been with here to mention(i’ll forget some). they were all courteous to me. And they gave great private dances. 2 of them even got me off! I always wanted more. This will always be my favorite club!

  19. mac

    large cover charge for the amount of girls was there a couple of years ago was much better then

  20. fh




  22. Not Hot

    Great for “boys” but not a club for “men”

  23. omg

    prices are stupid $10 bucks cover $10 bucks for 2 bottles of water 2 drink min. and now just raised the price of a 2/4/1 another $5 bucks their greed is out of control sugg. you go else where and hope that spyder wil re think the priceing captial hideaway is were my friends spend our money now the buck seems to go futher and the girls are nice

  24. Rick

    Best club for 100 miles around

  25. greasball

    nite moves is over rated whore house for drug and shake down hookers . that fuck you in tips and push to hard for that money funny where irs when these sluts are fucking the government and this country . question why hasnt the irs gone after the strip clubs and women they dont pay shit in taxes figure the girls pay 30 dolare to dance plus club get part of the tips and money for couch dances. yo they fucking the customer and uncle sam

  26. grease ball

    hello iam back i am the grease ball my first review was my own opions and well views of what i saw and heard. to be gin most clubs in this country are mad e up of many level s o f stripps good bad and ulgy. some stripp er do drugs some dont some drink and some wont. as for clubs them self hust ler club is tops ex pensive but classy. as for nite moves well they must of cleaned house cause it had a different feel .as for irs well what i wrotew first time was what i heard from talking with different strippers is it true or not who knows, i do know this adult business is making a killing and well irs is not always getting there fair share , so for those who love tits ass and pussy enjoy it cause one day it could be all gone or may be not nite move from 1 to 10 oo what the fuck i give it a 7 . thks for allowingmy views and opions. the grease ball next up?

  27. Rich

    This club is better than most clubs in the area except for the fact that the owner fires most of the good dancers. I know the management has stated that the girls can not solicit you for money that they did not deserve. they need to drop their couch dance prices. Tell the girls to stop giving attitude if we do not want a lap dance.

  29. Dev

    Oh NO!!!you mean you will go to capital hideaway because you cannot afford Night Moves……so sad. I guess this means i can have my favorite dancer sooner in the back. no waiting for the cheap dudes taking up her time

  30. RT

    I agree they don’t do their job

  31. dusty

    this club sucks its all a scam go elsewhere

  32. mike
  33. dumb

    ron dude your right i went last sat.night way over priced let dev have it its should have listened to your warning

  34. Big Frank

    Had a great time, Nikki is unbeliveably beautiful !!!

  35. George

    It is by far the best club in the area. Almost always more dancers then customers. They are the best looking in the area. Admittedly, the area isn’t known for the girls a big city has but there are still some great girls here. It is a juice bar but blame NY not the club. The prices are not much more then the other clubs in the area and for location, quality, and overall experience it is worth the few extra bucks.

  36. mechac69

    I think its hard to rate this club since it is quite different than all the rest of the clubs in the area.

  37. peter the pussy

    why go to a club that you get empty pockets before you even get started having fun? $20.00 gets you in the door plus drinks.Every whore cums around for a dollar after her dance.Even if you don’t like her or didn’t her she cry’s for a dollar.Then she cums around for a lap dance.Then she wants a couch dance with you and cry’s she needs money for a taxi because it’s slow and was not making money.Screw this place because I found another club were the girls are hotter and the dances are better…

  38. Henry B

    Good time, nice gals

  39. Justin

    These girls are very young, Hot, and Sexy!!!

  40. larry1

    Girls are nasty, greedy b*tches. They expect a lot, and dont give much in return. Save your money and dont come here, you wont get your money’s worth.

  41. Upstate NY'er

    Visited here Saturday night. I was really disapointed. The positives…girls get in free, the place is well kept on the inside, the stage is really nice, the girls did some very entertaining pole/stage tricks, and the “bartender” was a very nice girl (polite, pleasant, pretty). The mirrors behind the stage were a good idea, except you can see the game screen at the bar reflecting in it. The negatives, however, far outweighed the positives. First off, drink minimums are understandable, but really hard to swallow when it’s in a non-alcohol club (nude club). The girls were on the low end of a 1-10 scale. I would have rated most of the girls a 4, with only 1 or two of them being closer to a 6/7. Only 2 girls were upbeat & fun, while 1 looked completely annoyed with having to work, and the rest of the girls were just boring off-stage. I cannot stand girls soliciting money for a stage show whether you were watching or not. If I thought you were entertaining, then I would tip you while you were on stage. If you didn’t get a tip from me, then don’t come soliciting because I obviously either didn’t find you entertaining, or you weren’t the girl I wanted to spend my money on. The DJ was terrible, the sound system is either cheap or poorly done, but the song choices were decent. The lighting was very poor, as in they had it too dim. I expect club lighting to be dim, but this lighting was so dim that you couldn’t hardly see the dancers from 10ft away, which means you can’t look over your choices before choosing unless you want to call the girls over one-by-one and dissapoint the ones you don’t find appealing once they get close enough to actually see. The atmosphere is very low-key, which would explain the abundance of older gentlemen.

  42. caseyjonzin'

    OK, well this could get winded…

    $10 cover, $15 for features…not at all a bad fucking deal, I don’t give a crap what half you nitwits say.

    The girls will give you table dances on the spot, which is for tips. Privates are $25/3-minutes (1-song?; which is a little higher than most places); or $60 for 12 minutes (4 songs?), IIRC. They have occasional “red light 2-for-1’s”, where you get 6 minutes (2-songs?) for the $25 tag. I was more there for the feature, but I did partake in one private dance which was pretty good. A slim little honey whose stage name I won’t disclose, more for the sake that she quoted the ol’ “bigger the tip, better the show” line (which by club standards is apparently frowned upon & urged to be reported by patrons). I’d rather not publicize her than get her chastized/fired. Overall, some cute hunnies here, many who know how to shake their ass, run the pole, and get their groove onstage. Many of the girls, even if hustling, aren’t too pushy when it comes to getting a table dance. They move onto the next guy. As for PD’s, I saw different girls heading back with the same guy(s) quite often, so they probably make pretty good money overall.

    Drinks were priced absolutely horrible. Sure, you can’t serve liquor, and I’d rather look at pussy anyway. But still, $5 for a f’ing Red Bull? I paid less at the porn conventions in Vegas for Christ’s sake!!

    DJ was pretty damn good, but seemed a bit pushy at times. Urging alot of the losers to get stageside.

    Regardless that many attendees weren’t stageside for other than the feature (Tory Lane), the girls still take a walk around the intimate setting to collect dollars from the guys. I don’t blame them, girls gotta make a living, right? And god knows there are a huge share of scumbag losers who pay their $15 and that’s the ONLY contribution to the club they make (much to my chagrin, I spent $120 in 6 hours).

    My review: I will return!

  43. bill

    The girls are money grubbing whores. All they care about is TIPS. No interest in being friendly…forget anything else.

  44. StripClub431

    This was a strange night club, the lady who I paid asked for a tip up front and was rude. The dance lasted barely any time at all and she had hid a massive c section scar which I didn’t see until later. Some of the dancers are nice Jersey xo, but some need to be shoved out. Trying to take advantage of a drunk man is deplorable to say the least .

  45. Bruce

    It was alright but not as good as it could be.

  46. Out of Towner

    Rate The Dancers = Poor

    WAY TO MUCH DRAMA get new Dancers dump the DRAMA WHORES! Wait need a real MANAGER to do that!

    Over All Quality Of The Girls = Poor

    They stay in back when they come out there on Cell Phone! When they come out they follow around the 2 or 3 Dancers in an attempt to interfere with the only ones who are working! Manager once again Get rid of the DEAD BEATS so the real Talent can EARN you Money!

    Over All Value of Privae Dances = Poor

    Had three for $60.00 and had to listen to the girl complain about the new girls the entire time then after we went out front all she did was follow another girl smirking and laughing! Once again Manager get a grip! This club has no future if continues!

    Over All Female Hospitality Rating = Poor

    The Dancers are Very rude 2 or 3 will give you the time of day and converse but the other even after droping a $20.00 for a tip on a table dance the Dancer didnt even sit for a moment and talk she just went straight to the back. Manager fix it! Club will crash if it continues!

    Over All Guest To Dancer Ratio = Fair

    If all the Dancers would actually be on the floor it would get an excellent but 3-4 dancers working and 6-8 in back no where to be seen Sorry could not give it beter. Manager get your head out your ASS and get the Dancers on the floor!

    OverAll Variety of Female Talent = Fair

    There is alot of mix talent here FAT, SKINNY, Black, White, RedHead, BlackHead, Brunnette! But what good is it if there no where to be seen! Manager once again need girls that work not sit in back!

    Overall Value for Money Cover = Great Excellent if there was something on the floor to look at. The 3-4 out looked great and worth the cover but if there where more then hey it would be an Excellent but hard to say when there all in the back! Manager I know same thing as above!

    Overall Value for Money Drinks = N/A

    paying any thing more then $2.00 for a coffee or cola bar way to much!

    Overall Value for Money Food = N/A

    None here

    Over Atmosphere = Poor

    With all the above comments is it a wonder?

    Overall Quality of Service = Poor

    Bottom line I asked for the Managers name I will give you a hint starts with a D and ends with an E Get rid of him and clean up the Drama Queens so the ones who can earn you money will!

    Overall Sound System = Good

    Sounds Great Equipment fine but like the other guy below says Music is a major issue! To me it sounds like Cheesy Comercial 80’s Music did they rob a museum!

    Who ever owns this club Hire a real manager and save your club, It is on a one way road to Failure!

    I will never return and will gladly stir every one in the Fortune 500 company I work for well away from here.

    Best Of Luck

  47. tim

    girls suck

  48. Robby

    The only time this place has class is when Willow pays a rare and brief visit.

  49. Yeh

    2 more words IT SUCKS!!!



  51. TJ

    I’ve been here twice. Both times, the dancers did their set and then went to the dressing room. They’d come out and chat with the DJ or a regular and that’s it. This time, one dancer went on stage with her cell saying that she was waiting for a phone call. The private dances are a rip-off. $25 for an air dance not much better than the stage. If you tip enough ($20 more) you get a better dance. Not going back. There’s better clubs

  52. Fin Moxa

    This place is a TOTAL rip-off.

  53. iloveunikki

    Wow Nikki was amazing i can’t wait to see her again.

  54. Twisty
  55. ron

    crazy drinks prices dude its soda or a bottle of water is like 10 bucks dances are way over priced go to captial hideaway

  56. JOEY


  57. liz

    u dumb asshole… they dont work to get paid… they get paid to work. Its a strip club. Get in, get off, and get out…and leave your wallet behind… they arent there to make friends…they are there to pay bills

  58. Ricky Bob


  59. ha ha

    well this place is like any other small town club.there are girls that are good looking and others that should not be working there.the quality of girls has gone down a lot recently. overall the quality of girls is so-so with a few exeptions.the 2–4–1 token went up by $5 dollars and there is still a $10 cover charge and a 2 drink minimum. you can spend between $70-$700 depending on the night and how much fun you want to have. would i reccomend going here? no. Am I still going? yes

  60. Wander

    Girls are nice, atmosphere is a club, not pushy. Dancers for all types

  61. Tim K.

    Some cute girls there. Table dances are $2 for about 30 seconds. Had the same experience as the others with the private dancers. Paid upfront and then when I got to the room was told that they needed the tip up front. And it should be at least as much as the dance “to get a good performance”. Girl left to “freshen up” and told me to leave the tip on the little table for when she got back. Got 2 dances by different girls. Each said the same things with the same wording so it seems to me to be the company line.

  62. Bmc

    Nice and clean but thats it.

  63. Thom - Ace

    This club has the ugliest girls with the shittiest attitudes! The couch dances are great as long as the girls don’t talk and just grind! I’d come here more often if they replaced their staff.

  64. New guy

    Visited this club from out of town. I would come back if in the area again. Steer Clear of Jaguar.

  65. Billy Z

    Not another club nearly as good within 2 hour drive in any direction.

  66. jb9876

    I was there on 2/19 afternoon there was a dancer ,Monica who might be the hottest dancer I’ve ever seen Hope she’s there the next time I go

  67. cuz

    Not where I would go to spend money and see girls very bad.

  68. Andy

    this is an awesome place. been 3 times and have seen a different variety of dancers each time. however inside the building is a little chilly. i try not to shiver but still do. back to the dancers. they are excellent and two of them even remembered me when i went back the second and even the third time. i love Kaitlin, Maui, Asia, Nikki, Colby, and Jamie (some of these girls may not be there anymore). but anyways i would go back a fourth time. music is good, free drink coupons are good as well, so use your drinks sparingly.

  69. Earl

    Compared to other clubs in the area, this is one of the best. Since moving out of state, though, I have never encountered a dancer that suggests you tip them for a regular VIP dance. All the places I’ve been to charge $20 for the dance and that’s it, no fee for the room and no tip. I always thought it was crazy to spend $50 on a 3 minute lap dance.

  70. flatlander

    This is very small, beige building (strip club) located along NY-9 North just North of the intersection with NY-155. There is a small parking area in back of the club. The front signage is so small on the club that you may end up driving right by. The stage & lap dancing is all-nude here, and the cover charge is $10. There is a two-drink minimum, which they make you pay upfront with your first drink (with a token to get a second drink “free”). The LDs are $25/song, $20/2 songs, and (I think) $60/3 songs, and they are full two-way contact as well. Expect to be hit up for a $1 tip after each dancer gets done with her stage show, even if you are not sitting stage side! Also, the dancers will occasionally circulate the club to ask for mini-LDs in the main room for $2-3. The bathroom here was very primitive, and it was located on the far Right-hand side of the club as you enter past the doorman. The doorman also is the guy that you have to pay first in order to get your LD in the few private LD areas on the Right-side of the club (as you enter). Expect the dancers to hit you up for a tip before your LD, but you need NOT pay it upfront (or even agree to a specific tip price). Also, expect the dancers to put some kind of sheet or cover across your lap before they do their LD. They have a cool LD counting system here with a set of industrial looking light switches that correspond to how many LDs you are getting (one, two, or three in a row)…when the light goes out, your LD is over. There is apparently no cover charge here before 5 PM.

  71. john

    This is the first time for rating a club.I started going to nite moves after ch was the pink lady.The club had been sold a couple of times and different people tried to make a go of running the club.Most of the time it would be lucky to find two girls dancing.They tried and gave it there best shot.There were always jokes about the club and how there was never any business.Which I didn’t think was a fair thing to say about another club.Still sometimes there are not lots of people at ch but in time as word gets out about the lower prices and not having to tip unless your at the stage I am sure more guys will drive the extra mile to find the club.On the weekend you will always find 8-10 girls.Some of the girls have danced at nm and c9,some have come all the way from dv.There are a couple that come from different states.They must be doing something right.So the end of the story i guess ch is no longer a joke.

  72. Shaun

    Good, but not as good as Ulster county clubs that allow touching at private dances.

  73. jj
  74. Local Guy

    Update tetanus shot before going here…

  75. tom

    girls suck

  76. mr x

    your % 100 right johh

  77. chuck laraway

    outstanding the ladies are amazing

  78. Dre

    This place sucks

  79. what?!

    GALS??!! I think u mean ghetto trash

  80. Ray

    It’s funny reading some of the other “Customer Reviews”. Its so obvious that they are from other clubs. Everyone in the area knows this is the only club worth going to anymore. They are the only club that puts their money back into the club to keep making it better. Always plenty of girls and a lot of variety. I may not like every girl every night but I always like some girls.

  81. Angry customer

    Dancers are rude and ugly, soda products are watered down and way over

    priced. All the girls are on drugs and smell bad

  82. greg

    This place sucks but fortunately so do the girls! And Amber sucks the best…oh yeah.. and she is worth it!

  83. Hex

    Get real managers and DJ’s Get rid of Fat skanks and Skinny Whores! Keep the girls off there Knees in DJ Booth and Club would improve! Get rid of all the above and get a higher class CUSTOMER with better money! Guys come here for the entire Fantasy not for the bad attitude slut Guys could go to a regular bar and get treated nicer by girls for just buying them a drink.

    Doormen are great! Speacials are Great! Parking lot well LIT and covered in cameras! Bartenders Hot but same general attitude as most dancers here! Music is outdated and to GHETTO! Only Extra’s Here from the girls the D/J gets! CLEAN THE DANCE FLOOR! NICE ASS NICE TITS SKINNY GIRL NAME STARTS WITH J dripped on DANCE FLOOR from VAG YUK! LATER WALKED BY DRESSING ROOM CUSTOMERS IN THERE WTF! WHERE ARE THE GIRLS! KEEP girls out on floor, fine the ones hanging in back!

    Some of these dancers are also on a local escort web site HINT HINT!

    Just Being Honest!

  84. Badger

    I think the club is a nice place to go, overall a pleasent experience. some days are better then others, like in most businessess.

  85. nope

    waiste of money

  86. Clubman

    Just left Nite Moves on a Monday night. It was a slow night with five dancers and only about five customers. There was no cover when I arrived around 9pm. The girls were very pretty and very friendly. Private dances were $25 for 1 or $60 for 3 dances. The girls will do table lap dances for singles. I chose Crystal for a 3 for $60 private dance and it was an excellent choice. Plenty of grinding and touching. Crystal was awesome, so awesome that I didn’t make it through all three songs. It’s a small club, but I got great value and service.

  87. LonerGuy
  88. Tony

    Two words… THE BEST!!!

  89. j.c

    yes its true the prices have gone up and the quality of girls down.i have been there only 2 times this year and the first time i thought its monday so the quality of girls wont be there.the second time on saturday about a month later and still the same.some of the girls are not hot enough to be dancers or the good looking ones have attitude.and the whole experience of going to nite moves is not good right now. $11 to get in plus 10 for the 2 drink minimum plus 2 dollars tip for the waitress. so $25 bucks in your first min there. then after every girl gets of the stage they go around and ask for tips for the stage dance.if i wanted to see the stage dance i would have sat by the stage and tipped.if you give them a dollar they turn around and want more.i was gonna stop one night around 9 but then i thought better of it from what i saw the last few times. sorry to say i wont return for awhile anyways till maybe the club improves.

  90. sucker

    way over priced between cover charge and 2 drink min. its not worth it at all its like $10 for 2 bottles of cheap water of near about flat soda dance prices are set high and the 2/4/1 tokken says $25 but they charge you $30 ?????? some of the dancers are rude and most ask for their tip up front witch is the face value of the dance tokken their web site has not dance schedule and they dont seem to care about the patrons just show them the cash!!!!

  91. Jonathan

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