Kappa Men’s Club



906 E Dixon St, Kappa, IL 61738


40.6756675, -89.0079241




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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An oasis of fun is waitng for you! Just off I-39 in Kappa, IL, we are Central Illinois’ best-kept secret! We have a reputation for the hottest women between Chicago and St Louis and are known for throwing some FREAKY late night parties!

We are a short drive from Peoria, Bloomington, and LaSalle/Peru.


Credit Cards

All Inclusive


Public Wifi





0 reviews for “Kappa Men’s Club

  1. Rosa
  2. Dummy

    That is a negroid.

  3. Chaser

    There are a lot of pretty girls in this club!

  4. Leah
  5. Darin

    OMG where did all the girls go?

  6. Morgan
  7. Gina
  8. Monticello Boys

    We wish you were a little closer.

  9. Mr. Garrison
  10. sambo
  11. Kappa dancer

    I have always found this to be a friendlie place to work.

  12. Debbie
  13. KK

    Nice place!!!!!!

  14. Jerrery

    I heard Leon is going to run the club now.

  15. Jay Jay
  16. Tye

    This club was hurting before the prostitution bust.

  17. Neo

    FYI, this site is hacked regularly – anyone with half a brain won’t believe what these forums say about anyone or anything. This is probably the work of an overly ripe stripper that needs to hang up her stilettos, or the sugar daddy whose dick she sucks. They did some cleaning up at this club – I think they need to do a bit more.

  18. Bad Mamajama
  19. Jebb

    This club kicks ass.

  20. Red

    Club needs dancers.

  21. i heart kappa
  22. Bailey
  23. Linda

    I think the heat is just fine.

  24. Soon to be Xdancer

    There wasn’t enough busness in the summertime to worry about anyway.

  25. Urp

    Who own place.

  26. jj

    get GFE in VIP

  27. kappa rules
  28. Kappafan
  29. Enn

    This club is nicer than Elliotts.

  30. Oniny

    You need more dancers.

  31. en

    WOW! Where did all your dancers go?

  32. Fonnzy
  33. Jump Man

    Enjoyed the vip room. Though the waitress was a little slow. Don’t believe everything that is posted here. Generally a fairly run club.

  34. 6
  35. Horney

    Would you mind posting the names of the dancers on the prostitution list?

  36. x-cust

    great place if you want to get your dick sucked by a herpies carrier…..or worse

  37. Zee

    Great girls at this club!

  38. former customer

    what happened to this place? it was great a few years ago, but now it’s just another whore house. sorry the threat of an std is enough to keep me away. bring the calibur of the girls back up, and maybe i would consider coming back. until then, good luck with this place.

  39. Chuck Randall

    Had a good time. Did a few dances. Kylie

    is hot on stage and private dance was

    very nice too. Plan to stop back when in


  40. Jeb

    Not really opening on Saturdays.

  41. Orvil

    The club needs dancers, they need to run an ad or pay them more.

  42. Kent

    Please hire some dancers.

  43. kimbor


  44. Mack

    I don’t think they came from Elliotts.

  45. Pookie
  46. xax
  47. kailyn

    i rate a +

  48. Lydia
  49. Aaron

    Nice place

  50. Dr.

    Might be something in the oven!

  51. charles henderson
  52. Kalvin

    I think the music is outdated.

  53. Bet

    Why are so many girls gone?

  54. Cindy

    Why are there so many farmers in here?

  55. Willie

    Club needs to hire some more dancers.

  56. another dancer

    I rate Kaliya a whore to. She will be one of the next ones to be arrested for prostition.

  57. Kapparocks

    Kappa is a great club. Go in and check it out yourself insted of listening to all the bullshit on here.

  58. Jarad

    A real nice club

  59. Greg

    Seems like a nice club, but there is a lot of drama between the dancers. I don’t know if all clubs have the same problem or not.

  60. Erica
  61. Delany
  62. Sara

    Try our vip rooms.

  63. Morry

    We pretty much let the dances run the club.

  64. PJ

    Our dancer are hot!

  65. LL

    Club Rocks.

  66. Nick
  67. Donne
  68. Della
  69. Jim

    was wondering about the dancers bios and pics on your site where are the ones that dance there. i don’t see them on your website. what happened to it. they were up there before

  70. Chip

    club needs work.

  71. Drew
  72. Did

    Club really slow.

  73. Some

    I see your rude bartender is back.

  74. Luke
  75. Martn

    Had a good time.

  76. Jon

    This is the best club I have ever been to. A girl asked me if I would like a dance and I told her that I was interested in another girl. I was not trying to be mean. She didn’t mind!! She even went and got the other girl for me!! You don’t find that every where and I think that is a great quality for this type of business to have.

  77. jka
  78. Guy

    Great drink prices.

  79. D

    Very good atmosphere, and the girls are all the nicest I’ve ever seen! They are willing to come out and just sit and talk for a while. They will ask for dances, but most all of them will chat if you want to. And they’re open till 4am – great for those after-bar drink and babe runs 🙂

  80. Keg

    Slander is hot.

  81. tiny tim
  82. Ickabod
  83. Markq

    run an ad and hire dancers

  84. Bjo

    You food be good.

  85. Judy

    The dancers have bad attitudes.

  86. Sandy
  87. Donnetta
  88. Indian Boys

    This Place is Cool, we had good fun last weekend. Lap dancers are rocking !!!.

  89. Wellness
  90. Regular

    Why go anywhere else? Friendly, sexy, ladies. Cant get that in Peoria.

  91. Carly

    This is not a good place to work

  92. HH

    Uma is back in rehab for awhile.

  93. dog

    I love teis paled.

  94. Atheana

    Good luck tomorrow Kayila! We love you!

  95. Bety

    Place sucks.

  96. Jan

    If you pay $100 and .43 a mile, I know two girls that will come back.

  97. Bud

    No dancers are applying here anymore.

  98. kalilya

    i rate my club a+

  99. HEHE

    I would love to fuck allie the bartender. Hell i’d prolly even tossher salad if she let me fuck those huge titties and that tight ass.

  100. z
  101. Simmi

    Doors crooked.

  102. nice club
  103. Billlie

    Somebody needs to do something about the food. Even the dancers won’t eat there.

  104. Geanie

    I am so scared of you. Sue my fuckin ass.

  105. Carla
  106. k
  107. To: to dancer

    Once the girls have worked in Kappa, the other clubs won’t hire them. This is the last stop.

  108. Bryan

    This is a real nice club.

  109. Rex

    Was just there for the first time ever. The girls were all gorgeous and friendly, but Cheyanne was absolutely amazing! This is one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen!

  110. Miya
  111. Kyle
  112. Bobby Champion

    Them girls in thur is purty.

  113. Sammie

    The attitude in here really sucks.

  114. XX

    To the last question. Never!

  115. Beverly

    A great place to work.

  116. Wong

    Whats the deal with all the chinks there.

  117. Chico

    I thought all the dancers were hot. I just wish you had a few more.

  118. KN

    In Kappa rude is cool!

  119. Jery

    This club rocks.

  120. Sunny

    I would say the clubs is ok. I have been there a lot of times.

    Private dances are bit expensive, but VIP and Champagne are

    well priced though. Quality of girls needs to be improved.

    Very few good looking girls, some are worst.

  121. top notch club!
  122. Nathan
  123. Explain

    How can you hire a whore like Atheana and she works there, gets knocked up and now is having twins. This is sickning.

  124. to john

    Kaliya looks like bin ladens daughter. Shes one of the ugliest strippers I’ve ever seen. Shes by far the ugliest one at Kappa. She has one of the biggest mouths you’ll ever hear. She has long nappy curly hair that she has to grease down. big ugly eyes with dark circles,(probably from being a crack whore.)She has the ugliest tattoos ever, and she wears glasses sometimes. Shes got ugly fake tits, and she does go by several names. She has herpes too, so don’t get too close!

  125. 4
  126. Hevan

    Your dancers are smoking in the bathrooms.

  127. Bo Diddly

    Kappa is a great club

  128. Seven

    I love the kappa kabanna and no matter what haters say on here its a good club with lots of good girls

  129. Frank
  130. Russ Parrot

    Best club I have seen in years. Great food and well mixed drinks. The cigar collection was a big pluss if you ask me. Entertainment was never slow and the entertainers were very frindly and interacted well.

  131. Kate

    I like it better at Elliotts.

  132. Mckenzie
  133. George

    Wonderfull time Sat night! Kappa rocks!!!!

  134. schedules

    Who is on the schedule for saturday night? Thanks for the info

  135. Mich
  136. bsperihat

    By far the best dancers are Hallie and Jessica. They are friendly and approachable. And of course they have fantastic bodies

  137. me!
  138. Kerry
  139. Jb

    Where did all the dancers go?

  140. David

    Kappa is a great club. Great and very pretty girls. I love going there.

  141. Demertrs

    I am comfortable wit atl the blacks being their.

  142. Devin

    Club aint right

  143. Hank
  144. Calvin

    That remark from the whore at Kappa is the reason the place has so many problems. The attitude there is horrible and that is why no one goes there.

  145. Marv

    you had the heat on last night, thanks

  146. To: Jane

    Leo said we could smoke in the bathrooms and it is his club.

  147. Bianca
  148. Mach

    Who would the club rather have run the club? Leon – Leo – or Kaliya

  149. q
  150. ken
  151. Satisfied customer

    This place rocks, only make it there a couple of times a year but leave satisfied with the experience.

  152. Nadia

    Are you guys going to be open this summer?

  153. Giles
  154. pedro

    nice dancers

  155. Classy Dan

    See Bella for a fun time. What a great girl!

  156. Ogar
  157. Steve

    Great club. Most of the dancers are top-notch. I’ve had quite a few VIP dances, only one of which was a disappoint.

  158. Wylie
  159. Pinckie
  160. Norm

    I love this club!

  161. Youro

    Is Atheana going to run the club after she has her litter?

  162. Angela
  163. Jane

    Club rocks!!!!!!!!!!

  164. jusme
  165. Sammmy

    Too many drugs in the club.

  166. Tolly

    Seems like things are going pretty good in there.

  167. Nickie
  168. Why bother
  169. NIU
  170. Manna
  171. Dick

    I miss some of the former dancers, but Olivia makes up for most of them.

  172. Mie

    What’s the deal with the fags.

  173. Kirstein

    I will not be there this weekend.

  174. JFI

    Are they all going to Jail?

  175. Susie

    Great parking lot

  176. Does it matter?

    Never coming back to this place, well decorated to look like a gentelman’s club, but really just a whore house.I want entertainment, if I wanted to fuck, I would go home to my wife. This used to be a classy place a few years ago, went way down hill. Too bad.

  177. Lexis
  178. Tank

    I think Atheana would make the best owner, since she has been in rebab.

  179. Ben

    place rocks

  180. Bob
  181. Peoria customer

    Too bad this place is so far away. Why cant girls look this good in peoria

  182. KI

    She has been in rehab before, hasn’t she.

  183. Denise
  184. BMW
  185. Sue

    Why is this club still open?

  186. Know

    The owner is leo, I think Leon is his brother.

  187. Benji

    This club rocks!

  188. Natilie
  189. Don

    You can get your drugs here.

  190. hb
  191. Frankie
  192. JK

    Management is needed

  193. Do know

    Uma may be at Elliotts.

  194. Slander

    We should have never let Atheana come back.

  195. Pete
  196. X Heels Dancer

    I don’t understand why Somebody from High Heels Bar is trying to screw with Kappa. They aren’t even in Kappa’s class. It is just a trailer trash bar and I am ashamed that I ever worked there. I can see why Kappa would bash that crappy place.

  197. Moody
  198. Geest

    What happened to all your dancer? Fricken joke up there.

  199. Lisa

    Went here with my bf for amateur night. They were pushy about getting me to sign up and I didn’t do it but omg it was such a fun show and the DJ was hilarious!

  200. Wibby

    I think your dancers are pretty, but you could use more.

  201. Nora
  202. RH
  203. Scotty
  204. Tommie

    It looks like Kaliya might be able to sell her options to Atheana.

  205. Melody
  206. Terri

    Does Leon own part of the club?

  207. Friday

    Coming up Friday, what ladies usually work??

  208. Allison
  209. Gale

    A lot of drugs in the club.

  210. Sarah

    I sure hope the club stays open, cause most of can’t go to the other clubs.

  211. Bella

    The customers just don’t come here no more.

  212. Howard

    Some new dancers are needed.

  213. Delila
  214. Urk

    This club rocks.

  215. Bubba

    This club has some of the nicest women of any club I have been in. Overall, the women are definitely above average looking with some rating close to the 9-10 rating. Some are money grabbers but most will sit and talk/laugh with you for long periods of time.

  216. Nesby
  217. Nurff

    Nurff says fuck the honkies.

  218. ureg
  219. p
  220. kaliyn

    i just love wroking here. everbody is nice to me. I make great money.

  221. Lynn

    Why should guys waste their gas on a place out in the middle of nowhere with bitchy ugly dancers. I can see this place closing up.

  222. JC

    This place sucks!

  223. Tara

    Really nice club!

  224. Susi

    we might close before.

  225. Tee

    Nobody has seen Kaliya for awhile.

  226. A good paying customer

    Awesome time. The girls are hot, and the atmosphere is nice. Don’t listen to most of the reviews on here as most are from people who have something against the club. (ex-employees, etc..)

  227. Tarzan
  228. Ar

    We had a hugely great time.

  229. Al

    I think this is a nice place to go.

  230. Shannie
  231. Nicole
  232. Tom the Bomb

    The best club I have been to in some time.

  233. KP

    This place has really changed.

  234. Rick

    Nice place. Lots of girls

  235. Erick

    I have a good time on Saturday, beautiful SantaClaus-girl with

    a lovely accent, i hope next time she is no busy.

  236. Bennie Davis

    Me and my boys had a great time there for my birthday. We are 35 year old white coller workers and for the midwest its a great club.

  237. Bill

    I always have a good time there.

  238. Georgia
  239. Mario

    Had great time in the VIP room.

  240. Mona
  241. Jojo the idiot circus boy

    I like your club

  242. Delyla
  243. Leftycross

    Friday night visit comments: Waitresses were quick, friendly, and there when needed. Bouncers wear out a path in the carpet with a constant three man weave that blocks view of the stage. Chairs are very uncomfortable. Playboy channel on big screen a good diversion. Shouldn’t all girls go fully nude on stage in a nude club? You can still have fun here, but I miss the Kappa of a year ago. Too bad this will be erased, because these comments are valid observations of a customer from 75 miles to the south.

  244. Scott

    u hould open the vip rooms.

  245. et
  246. Jenny

    This club is friendy and big on customer service.

  247. KU


  248. Giada
  249. m
  250. Maggie
  251. Narty

    It is too hot in there.

  252. Orin

    We will be back tomorrow.

  253. e
  254. unknown

    athena didnt get knocked up by her customer…who ever u heard that from is a liar

  255. customer

    Nice club

  256. Mo

    When is Leon going to take over?

  257. Sever

    Vip rooms smell like motorbikes.

  258. Al

    After not being in for a few years, on a Sunday evening pit stop… it was the best addition to my trip one could ask for… after checking in, getting a drink, I went to the stage and met beautiful Sammie, i enjoyed several hours of her entertainment and dances. I’ll be returning

  259. Jeff

    Nice club. Why is the rating so low?

  260. FR

    Club has a lot of potentiol for being in the middle of farmssville.

  261. Noamie

    We need more dancers.

  262. $$

    This club rocks.

  263. Timmy

    If you guys were closer, I would be there every day.

  264. What A Shit-Hole!!
  265. assholes

    Fuck all u bitches that want to talk shit about the whore prostitute if it wasn’t for whores working there and drug addicts that need to strike a deal with the cops all this would of never happened.Heaven ur the core of the problem u fucking SNITCH!

  266. dJohnny

    If you don’t hire some dancers soon, it will be bye, bye!

  267. kay
  268. Betty

    I am staying.

  269. matt
  270. Rob

    The club is working hard to correct their problems. It looks like they are making progress.

  271. Christy
  272. Barbie
  273. Dan
  274. Rom

    Had a real good time.

  275. Justme

    Fuck your Segway, you queer bastard.

  276. Quintin
  277. c u stomer
  278. Who IS

    the stupid fucker that writes this shit? Only about 90% is true.

  279. Ronald

    Place isn’t that bad. Needs some rules.

  280. Suri

    WTF the vip rooms are locked and closed!

  281. Ross

    Lots of new girls here, but also a steady roster of experienced dancers.

  282. MM

    Club is in bad shape.

  283. Sherry

    I have never seen a club go down so fast.

  284. May

    Somebody urinated in your limo!

  285. Daniella
  286. The Guys

    We had a great time.

  287. Junker

    You have go o do sometng about those dancers.

  288. kappa fan
  289. James bond


  290. i
  291. Raquel, U-R-2 OLD!!
  292. Karmella
  293. Jacob
  294. Glenna

    Dancers are lousy.

  295. Harry
  296. Mako

    I will be glad when Kaliya buys the club.

  297. Sojo

    We come there, but you no have many dancers.

  298. Phoenix

    I used to work here and I would never work here anymore. This club is the pits.

  299. Chigago guys

    We came for a good time, but you no have dancers.

  300. Tom Haynes

    This is one of the best clubs I have been to during my travels. Very friendly and a great value. Food was above average and the entertainment was never lacking.

    Great job Kappa!

  301. b
  302. Somi

    We had a good time.

  303. Desirea
  304. black man

    kinta kunta rocks.

  305. out of towner
  306. Marco

    The bilding is nice, but it is a tin shack.

  307. U,ker

    Nice club.

  308. Moffet
  309. fan

    this club is great

  310. Adam
  311. Deborah
  312. Dak

    Real nice.

  313. MOT

    I talked to Atheana in rehab last week, she should be out by now.

  314. Fuck you

    You are such a monun. Spell this ..I..

  315. Evan

    The dancers don’t think the club will stay open much longer.

  316. Jin

    Nice food.

  317. Micheal jordan
  318. y
  319. Fun Guys

    A good time was had by all!

  320. Baker

    Club may not open this fall.

  321. Pam
  322. Lizzy
  323. Monthly

    I come to this club once a month. I have to say that Kelly is the hottest girl in here. Great bod, personality, and smile. VIP is on the horizon next month!

  324. Jeriny

    Club has some really hot dancers.

  325. blononative
  326. x
  327. waste of time

    This place is dead!

  328. Jeremy
  329. Destiny
  330. scion
  331. Sick

    The food use to be good here. What has changed?

  332. Kevin

    Love this place

  333. Joey
  334. Tim x

    Where be Kappa.

  335. carissa
  336. ray

    i thought the club was very nice considering its location.

  337. Josie
  338. jlooken

    Remembering they are selling fantasy, not sex, not dates, might help with your perspective on the club. The cover is not exhorbidant, drink prices are modest, (you want to drink cheap, stay home), and the food is good. The dancers are of various ages, and physiques, with someone to appeal to a wide variety of tastes. The club is not big city, but since this is central Illinois farmland, it is a lot better than a drive to the big city.

  339. Trinity
  340. Terry
  341. Tommy

    will be back

  342. Rich
  343. Corey
  344. Page

    Place really needs dancers.

  345. Elane

    I would like to dance, but I am afraid of ruining my reputation there.

  346. Jayson

    Prettiest gals in Kappa.

  347. Place Blows! :o(
  348. jusme1223

    been comin here since it opened, its always gettin better. its nice to see the ladies who have been there for a long time,( Ivy, Michelle, Mercedes, and Adonna) sorry if i missed anyone. the only club that even comes close to kk is cc. see ya’ll soon.

  349. Lexie
  350. Marcy

    I am staying.

  351. Chuck

    I was in there last week and this place ain’t that bad.

  352. June

    We aren’t sure, we have to wait each night to see who is here.

  353. Berk

    Love this place.

  354. Tho

    The place is falling apart.

  355. Jenna

    This used to be a good place to work. Now it sucks.

  356. Moby

    The food is good.

  357. Ernie

    There use to be some cute dancers here. What happened?

  358. Todd

    Best club in cental Illinois. The girls will actusll hold long converssations with you without asking for money. They are polite, courteous, and well educated. Not to mention LOTS OF FUN!!!!!

  359. Ivan

    I love the food.

  360. Love Kappa

    Kappa is a great place to go and hang out. It’s very comfortable and has lots of beautiful girls.

  361. Rf

    I see the talk around here is to close for the summer.

  362. longtimekappafan

    excellent club

  363. xdancer

    There is no money up here anymore.

  364. Corby

    Super club.

  365. South Chicago

    We had a great time. Love those ladies.

  366. Michelle
  367. long time customer

    I have been coming to this club for years there are wonderful women that work here and are very professional.I must say there are always more than enough girls. Even on the weekends when the club is packed from wall to wall. Miss you ladies and I will see you all soon.

  368. Billy
  369. Micheal
  370. Juggs
  371. Troy

    club is too far away

  372. Martin

    I will be back!

  373. Tony

    If this club was build in a nicer city, it would do more business.

  374. Keith

    dirty place with dirty girls

  375. Abe Martin John

    We had a great time in the vip rooms

  376. Kineata


  377. Hungry

    The food was ok!

  378. T
  379. awsome time
  380. Darrell

    What seems to be the problem?

  381. Noelle
  382. buddy

    the club looked really nice and so did the girls

  383. Gem

    gotta get dancers

  384. Link

    The girls in here are really nasty smelling.

  385. Marla
  386. Lorne

    We had so much fun!

  387. Kesil

    Best club in Kappa.

  388. Johnny

    I had a great time.

  389. Jerry
  390. Justin

    My friends and I came in the other night and I was the DD for my friends. Must clubs make you buy soda there but Kappa let me have it for free because I was the DD of the night. That’s really cool that they are like that.

  391. Uri

    Needs dancers!

  392. Isabella
  393. Even

    Real nice club!

  394. Michael

    Love the super vip room.

  395. Ell

    Great time guaranteed!!!!!

  396. Phoebes
  397. Jared

    big scum hole, with big whores

  398. Quintano


  399. JN

    The vip room smells like bike oil.

  400. tootsie
  401. Nokie

    Is that dancer going to buy this place?

  402. Ronnie

    A fat girl with no teeth would get me in there.

  403. Cim

    We are way above the other bars.

  404. Alec

    The place is nice enough, lots of girls on Saturday. Fix the A/C!

  405. baba
  406. Art

    I am not sure who hires the dancers, but they need to see an eye dr.

  407. Stucky

    The vip rooms r nice.

  408. Rj

    Club no have good food.

  409. Al.

    Club is open all winter.

  410. Pixie

    There are “wanna dance” girls at EVERY club.

  411. Kalie

    Dancers are coming to work crying.

  412. Ed

    Real good club.

  413. Fred

    My budies and me were in there. We had fun, but there wern’t very many dancers.

  414. Comb

    Place sucks.

  415. Barm

    Needs dancers.

  416. Seth
  417. alan
  418. Jessie

    Kaliya needs to hire some more dancers.

  419. Dr know

    Atheana is home with two chocolate drops.

  420. Zac
  421. Meghan
  422. Lola

    This club is so much fun! driving up to the club, the building is a bit plain, well lit blacktop parking lot. free shuttle avalable. no cover before 10pm. after 10 is just $5. Me and my husband come here often. all different kinds of girls working her. some w/ great talent. bud light bottles for $3.75. 2 stages, about 10 seats at main stage, and 6 at the satellite stage. full bar is nice. the bathrooms are nice, a bit small for the womens room after midnight. the lighting is nice the DJ is great. the girls are all sweet!. we always have a blast, and always cant wait to go back!

  423. Manny
  424. Danny
  425. Marie
  426. outoftownguy
  427. Johny

    Love this club!

  428. Sal

    You need some new girls.

  429. Natalia
  430. 5s
  431. Dube
  432. Tyson

    This club has the best girls!!! You all rock!!!!

  433. Shelly

    Too many Kinta Kuntas.

  434. mom

    What it the deal with all the all the blacks.

  435. Ginger
  436. Vanessa
  437. Son

    The club could use some real management.

  438. Farmer

    Great time.

  439. Richard

    You have to go to the Kappa. It’s the best club I’ve ever been to.

  440. Dnny

    Vip rooms suck.

  441. Cutomer


  442. Dagmire
  443. Marko

    You have to do something about getting better dancers.

  444. Jhon

    Leon said the building is worth that much.

  445. Daren
  446. Lorpy

    Why is Atheana running this club? She is an idiot.

  447. Glen
  448. wu
  449. Chastity
  450. Guenevear
  451. Penny
  452. Mira

    It is nice working here!

  453. Brendan

    Club is getting a lot better the strippers are better than they used to be a whole lot more. Had fun last time I was there will be back soon.

  454. Melissa
  455. Jenifer

    Not fun working here.

  456. JimBob

    Club much improved over 6 months earlier. Lots of good looking dancers, especially Beauty. Unfortunately very few customers on a Tuesday evening, but that meant less competition for me!

  457. perv
  458. Sam Shane

    Look for Bella for a classy and fun filled time. I heard she’s back now.

  459. Brian
  460. kaliya

    I am a dancer at kappas and i love it at kappa the owner management staff and ladys are beautiful so i rate this place 100% the best are club is clean whene u come in the staff and ladys are clean i love whene gentalman say we like the lay out wow you wouldnt expect a beautiful place out here in a small town a hidden treasure a gold mind.

  461. Casey
  462. Chuck Diesel

    Come on fellas, why do you guys have to dog the girls out!!! You guys have said some pretty nasty stuff about Alyssa,Taylor,Angel,Alexis,Carmen,etc. So my question is why do you guys still come to the club if it’s so bad! These young ladies are just legally trying to make a living just like you or I because we all know if women would come to pay to see us dance we would do it to! Also I notice a lot of racial shit on here, so what if some of the girls are into black men, don’t hate, not to say that they don’t like white men but the black men may have approached them 1st! So just go to the club have a couple of dances,drinks, enjoy yourself and shut the fuck up already!! There is nothing wrong with this club,it’s a great place! Check it out and spend money! Peace!!

  463. Brett
  464. Tabatha
  465. Lennie

    Cool place.

  466. Dizzle

    Had a great time, hot chicks at this club!

  467. Canker

    I sore do like this place.

  468. Snoopy

    What happened to the dancer photos that you used to have???? Would be nice to see what kind of girls your club offers before coming there.

  469. HHH

    What happened to the dancer?

  470. Billy Jean
  471. 7
  472. Jazzy
  473. Lonie

    Club lost most of their dancers.

  474. Han

    Why is everbody so pissed off?

  475. Ja

    I understand the owner won’t even come the club right now.

  476. hag

    club needs dancers badily

  477. Lionel
  478. Hulio
  479. dsJK

    Club needs dancers.

  480. Jason
  481. Becker

    I am not sure they will be open this summer.

  482. Average Joe

    My wife and I visited Kappa Kabanna this past weekend and had a great time. I had read some of the reviews on here before going and wasn’t real sure what to expect. Some reviews posted, said the club wasn’t full nude. Rest assured, the club is indeed a full nude bar. I saw plenty as long as I was tipping, which to me is no big deal. Later on that night, yy wife and I got a real nice lap dance from one of the dancers named Mercedes ( i think that was her name). For you couples looking to spice up your sex life or just looking for plain naughty fun, I highly recommend checking out Kappa Kabanna.

  483. Ione

    We are coming back tomorrow.

  484. Raven
  485. sam

    fun place

  486. Gail
  487. Shaunna
  488. Leo

    Kaliya,why don’t you just go to hell.

  489. Mel

    Place needs management.

  490. the boyz

    We come back!

  491. Heather
  492. Dexter

    Vip rooms are great.

  493. Stan
  494. Cusstomer

    How does he figure prices?

  495. Jenic

    We had a great time there. Will be back.

  496. kitty lover
  497. Ivy
  498. Davwe

    Gas prices, you moron.

  499. Dolly
  500. Edward

    Looks like Kerry the pimp must be very proud of his number one whore Kaliya. She must make him lots of money.

  501. Patsy
  502. Ike

    Real nice club.

  503. Kirk

    The attitude is horrible in here.

  504. Laverta
  505. Jonny

    We had a great time in the vip.

  506. Julie

    Kaliya, you are nothing but a two timing loser whore. Why don’t you crawl back under your rock and die. Hopefully one day soon Kerry will see you for what you really are and dump your smelly ass.

  507. Mort
  508. To: Bill

    That makes you an idiot. It was advertised on a full page in the Kappa Klapper. We advertised it for a full month.

  509. keep
  510. Devitra
  511. u ben there

    to alert guy suck my dic.

  512. Haddac

    What happened to the dude that erased everything everyday. He was such a dork.

  513. Heidi
  514. Marvin

    The waitress we had was great. I don’t know who the one was that everybody was writing about.

  515. Abner

    Real nice place.

  516. Delaney
  517. Not good

    Dancers are smoking in the bathrooms.

  518. Mill

    Leon lives in Chicago and Leo lives in Peoria. We don’t see much of them.

  519. Cory

    I like the food.

  520. 4be

    Nobody will apply here.

  521. JL

    U need to hire dancers.

  522. Kathy

    We love this place.

  523. Georgeanna
  524. Carrie
  525. Dancer

    It is really slow during the week.

  526. Sally

    I think we are going to be open this summer.

  527. gg
  528. Lorn

    Parking rate 5.

  529. Farnny
  530. a
  531. Jackie
  532. Dimetria
  533. BON
  534. Mule

    Real kick ass place!

  535. Mok

    The club doesn’t seem that bad.

  536. Bonita
  537. Who cares

    Prostitution wasn’t legal, but the dancer did it anyway.

  538. Angelina
  539. tyier
  540. Charlie

    We came in from Peoria and had a great time. This club is not the quality of some of the Peoria clubs, but the rules are not so strict either.

  541. 3-Legged Man

    It’s a shame that SCL management is so vigilant regarding insults to other establishments but allows / endorses negativity towards Kappa Kabanna.

    My only complaint regarding Kappa is in the diversity department. I enjoy getting dances from all kinds of girls, sometimes Asian, Latino, or black. I think that in four visits to the Kabanna, I’ve seen one Asian and no other non-whites. I suppose their workforce reflects the surrounding neighborhood.

    On the positive side, the dancers are generous with what they show, especially compared to the Chicago-area clubs I’m more familiar with. Private ($30) dances are fun. I expect to try a $150 VIP next time around.

  542. Chiip

    Place is perfect for me.

  543. Kurt

    BULLSHIT! The girls are rude whores, and the club is a scumhole!!! That slutty stripper Kaliya is one nasty bitch , her pussy smells like theres been way too many cocks inside it…Im gonna go throw up now!

  544. Pumpkin
  545. Custome

    How is that working out?

  546. tanya
  547. Perle
  548. 9
  549. Arnie

    Good vip rooms.

  550. hoosierdaddy

    Is it true Atheana named her twins Amos and Andy?

  551. XXX-Man
  552. KC

    This club is full of good looking, friendly girls. Come see for yourself.

  553. Chick

    The place could use some more dancers.

  554. Perky
  555. Leslie

    I think our dancers are cool.

  556. Horacwe

    Nobody eats here anyway.

  557. Get

    Why r all your dancers going to Al’s?

  558. Big Guy

    I really like this place.

  559. Nit

    When are u going to get a bar tnder that isn’t an asshole.

  560. f
  561. BLill

    Place sucks.

  562. Jerri

    Nice place to work.

  563. LoneRanger

    there were not a lot of customers, and a little chilly… but i didnt care. I came for the T&A and had a good time.

  564. Paulette
  565. Obsob

    Looks like the last coment left on this site was on Jan 17. You would think somebody could write some thing nice in three days.

  566. Mindy
  567. Lin

    All your dancers have left.

  568. Never

    Jut shut it down

  569. 2
  570. Paula
  571. Digger

    I love this place!!!!!!!

  572. Karly
  573. Willis

    The four of us had fun.

  574. dreama
  575. Nero

    Atheanas baby is a little dark! Hmmmmm!

  576. Michella
  577. Nice

    Too many undercover cops in there.

  578. Billie

    Why are the dancers smoking in the bathrooms?

  579. Tyler

    A group of us came up this weekend and had a blast. Thanks Ladies! It was an awesome time!

  580. Fantasy
  581. Dan E

    Consistently a fun club.

  582. Toad

    This club has some disgusting dancers.

  583. Lucy
  584. John

    Shelby is back? Then there IS a god.

  585. Diane
  586. Roxy
  587. Durff

    Durff says fuck the farmers.

  588. Pervert
  589. Hmmmm

    Three cars in the parking lot at 8pm?

  590. chaz
  591. Customer X

    just wanted to say I was in there last nite for the first time. And I got to hand it to you it was a vaery nice place. I came from out of town and I was very pleased. Nice looking girls and sound and everything very nice. there was a beautiful girl working named Starra she was smoken hott. iwill deffenitly be back my only complaint is that you guys need to update your website more often it says you can get a 4.oo absolut drink on fridays and I couldnt but other then that i think its going to be my new home on sundays cuz ive been to quite a few clubs and you have the most beautiful girls working for you

  592. JY


  593. h
  594. Joe
  595. Karlina

    Place stinks and the dancers need to be replaced

  596. Maria
  597. Jennie

    You are going to have to pay the dancers more to work. Money talks!

  598. o
  599. Paulinda
  600. erin

    Love the vip room.

  601. Sierra
  602. Mary

    We will show you a great time.

  603. heeh

    Leos a dickhead

  604. Famous Dave

    VIP is an excellent value if you pick the right dancer. 30 minutes for $150.00. Really good value for the food, and the place has a good vibe like a regular party bar.

  605. Kalyia

    We need nicer dancers.

  606. Louie
  607. Geri
  608. Kip

    Really fun place.

  609. kl

    Nice club

  610. n
  611. Joan

    When does Atheana get out of rehab? I heard she got knocked up in there.

  612. Cop

    Number 1 in drugs.

  613. Darwin

    The club really needs some dancers or they won’t survive.

  614. Fran

    Club really needs some better looking dancers.

  615. LK

    I think the food is great!

  616. KEEN

    Great place.

  617. Wilson

    This seems like a nice club!

  618. Noise man

    Your music is the best.

  619. Mallory
  620. Beamer

    This use to be a nice club.

  621. Marky
  622. Martina
  623. Jed

    Club is in a bad location.

  624. sls

    kkinso lsume

  625. Ann

    Real nice place

  626. to: jusme

    You can do that in Peoria, but in Kappa, you need to pay them a couple hundred to come to work. That is why you have no dancers.

  627. Hit Man

    I like this place, butis a little far for me.

  628. v
  629. ClubConnoisseur
  630. Shorty
  631. Lance
  632. Mya

    This is a nice club.

  633. Bear

    You need a stripper quest.

  634. Vic

    You have a real nice building.

  635. Robert

    I love this club. The girls are gorgeous, friendly, and very kind, as long as you treat them with respect!

  636. Ohara
  637. Ret

    Girls are smoking in the bathrooms.

  638. Nell
  639. Molly
  640. Vince
  641. concerned

    My wife works there and I think she is doing extras. Any help?

  642. Gene

    The place has some nice features.

  643. c
  644. Drwin

    too many skanky dancers

  645. Alfonso
  646. Cyndi

    Benn in better ones.

  647. Jules
  648. GT

    We had a nice Time.

  649. Michel

    Great vip rooms.

  650. Precious
  651. Dale

    When I was in there Sat. there were five dancers, which was enough because of the lack of business.

  652. Zeek

    Me and my buddy Zeb will be there Saturday.

  653. just a friend

    great time with lovely girls.

  654. Tonya


  655. awesome
  656. best club ever
  657. Darla
  658. Sister
  659. Nan
  660. jim bob
  661. YB

    Uma made my night.

  662. Missa

    We are not allowed to say why they quit.

  663. Brit

    Why don’t you fix the potholes in the parking lot. I fucked up my wheel.

  664. Lic

    It looks like all the girls that got you in trouble came from Elliott’s.

  665. Marty

    We came up here for lunch, but I gurss the bar doesn’t open until later at night. We will come back again, but had to go to Peoria to eat and had a good time.

  666. 4r
  667. l
  668. Croy

    Club is real nice.

  669. Raquel Is An Old Hag!!
  670. WTF

    Used to think this was a great club. Not anymore. Most of the staff are two faced as hell and only care about themselves. They dont care about the little people. What a joke. The owner is an asshole too.

  671. Kely

    Club need air.

  672. Christina
  673. Ned

    We had a great time!

  674. Hal

    The food here is great

  675. Jade

    If you are going to close on a weekday, it should be Thursday, that is when nothing is going on.

  676. Mark
  677. Sid

    What is going on?

  678. Carver

    I think Leon sold the place to one of the dancers.

  679. Raif
  680. tiny

    club needs more dancers

  681. Never been

    Is there a cover charge.

  682. Chicago guys

    We had a great time, thanks!

  683. Benny

    Kaliya should be allowed to run the club.

  684. Rn

    Kaliya is dating Leon, one of the owners.

  685. Joy
  686. Pacman

    Been to this club twice now and each time I feel let down. Almost no girls. The food prices are fair and drinks are a tad high. Free soda for the driver which is nice. But when I go to a club I want to see girls and a lot of them. They are really anal about cell phones so please leave it in the car. Outside of building looks basic but the inside is very nice. Would have rated club a lot higher if they had girls and nice looking ones at that.

  687. vh

    Leon and Leo are partners as well as brothers.

  688. Harley

    Could use some better looking dancers.

  689. Wes
  690. Dancer at Kapa (Dak)


  691. larry

    gorgeous friendly girls……who will chat with you……and not constantly push for a vip job…..great food….excellent bar staff…….cant get much better…

  692. Me

    Me and bill were in there last night. not very many people, but we had a great time anyway.

  693. Roger

    Love the vip room.

  694. charles
  695. JPete

    Real nice club.

  696. Abot

    Most of the good dancers have gone to other clubs.

  697. Del

    Club rocks!

  698. Markie
  699. yah

    great club

  700. Clem

    I like Kapa.

  701. Vixen
  702. Jose

    Nasty place full of bitches.

  703. fyi

    You need to learn to read. That was tomato damage, not tornado damage. Someone threw a tomato at the front door. We have that cleaned up now.

  704. Url

    Club sucks!

  705. Marvelous
  706. Kaliayaan

    I rate a-.

  707. kTerry


  708. Annonymous

    The girls are nice, but the dances are way over priced.

    I’ve been in clubs that were $20 per dance which isn’t bad,

    but the best prices were $10 per dance, the girls were good

    looking and friendly, and the club was always busy, even

    Wednesday at 4pm was packed. Rethink your prices and watch

    your business grow!

  709. Jake
  710. Northern Guy

    I am glad you survived the tomato damage.

  711. Elvis

    We had a great time.

  712. Jen

    Tell the dancers to shut up with the drama.

  713. Mike from St. Louis

    I had never been to Kappa before and I really liked it. The cost of cover and drinks was on par with other clubs. However, I REALLY feel the quality of girls is better than other clubs. I had a dance with a hottttt brunette (Bella was her name I think) and a nice looking Blonde. The dance with Bella was wonderful!!! We are coming back soon.

  714. Donna

    This club will never last. Especially with a whore running it. Leo must have been looking for somebody to unload it on.

  715. ace

    love the club hate the lies and gossip

  716. Scl

    We will tabulate the votes and post the winner in the Kappa Kabanna Krier.

  717. Mork

    Get dancers!

  718. wawa

    Have to say that Jade and Jessica are prolly the hottest girls there. Halie is definitely the best dancer tho. She can work the pole like no other. Serious skills 🙂

  719. Bobby
  720. PT

    Club need management.

  721. Raquel, U-R-2 Ooollldd!!
  722. Druff

    Druff says bathrooms are full of dancers smokning!

  723. Kennedy
  724. Bruce
  725. Bo

    Great food.

  726. z,stl

    Everybody here seems so happy.

  727. Henry

    Can you still get a good whore there?

  728. Chad

    Best food in town.

  729. GO

    Could use more dancers!

  730. Gayle
  731. Jerimia

    I really like this place.

  732. Duff

    The dancers need to lose weidht.

  733. Mika

    The vip room is the highlight of this place.

  734. MK

    Leon is Leo’s broher.

  735. Tike

    I was in there, hadn’t been in a while and was surprised how many girls have went somewhere else.

  736. KV

    Club needs management.

  737. tt
  738. Passer by

    Great Club!

  739. Sophia
  740. Misty
  741. Dell

    Doesn’t seem like much business left here anymore.

  742. Jessica
  743. Pinky
  744. Phoebe
  745. Armin

    I like the vip rooms.

  746. Mike

    One of the nicest clubs that I have been in and I travel for a living. The women were charming and overall, had great sex appeal. I ordered lunch and it was very good, although the waitress was a bit slow. I am definitely stopping back my next time through.

  747. Malia
  748. Penelope
  749. Berry

    Why won’t that dancer buy the club?

  750. Sis
  751. dk

    Walmart won’t hire x dancers from Kappa.

  752. Miranda
  753. Norton

    I am surprised that they are selling this club to a dancer.

  754. Mick

    Yu need dancers.

  755. sak


  756. Oldtimer

    Went in on Thursday night about 10pm. Place busy but not crowded. Never did get a count on the number of ladies working. There were quite a few. A little less than half AA the rest white. Immediately hit up for a dance and the lady was quite handsy at my table. Was the same at the stage. Never experienced that before in a club. One song dance 30, VIP 150 for half hour, Champagne room 250 for half hour, 400 for an hour. I ended up biting on the Champagne for half hour. My expectations were exceeded beyond imagination. It was a great experience. Probably my one and only time for the Kabana as I was just passing through. Would love to go back.

  757. Cody

    Please hire better looking dancers.

  758. chica

    This club is awesome with lots of different women to choose from. I live in chicago but will be coming back to have a good time again. Keep up the good work ladies.

  759. Teresa
  760. Robin

    I think the new ownership will be great.

  761. Sufo

    We will be back tomorrow.

  762. Barry

    I was wondering what happened to Autumn? Also wanted to say that Ivy is such a great person. SHe makes you feel very comfortable about who you are. Shes so sweet and definitly my favorite. Val is pretty hot too. She has a look in her eyes that just gets me. I will see you girls soon..Miss all of you.

  763. Brenda
  764. Gate

    Why can’t somebody do something about the drugs.

  765. Elliott

    The dancers are smoking in the bathrooms. Sucks.

  766. Leopord

    Gotta get dancers!

  767. Kelly
  768. Cal

    You gotta dump kelly.

  769. Karl

    Place sucks. Especially Kaliya or Kaliyn, however she spells it now. She’s still the same stupid dirty smelly user bitch.

  770. Lou
  771. caleb
  772. Rino
  773. Tiffany
  774. Merle
  775. Neva
  776. Genny

    We all love working here!

  777. Ted

    I like this place

  778. City guy

    What’s the deal with all the farmers.

  779. JDD

    I had a blast, I can’t believe that there was hardly anyone

    there, the girls were gorgeous and friendly, dances were

    very affordable, the manager gave me a free pass and

    invited me to come back on a Friday or Saturday to really

    see the show, I’ll be back soon.

  780. Happy Customer

    GREAT CLUB !!!!!!

  781. fusion
  782. Lena
  783. Hally
  784. Ked

    Place has always had drugs.

  785. Mercedes
  786. Kipin

    What is going on this place.

  787. Carli

    When is this place closing?

  788. Kerrry

    I love kaliya

  789. Earl
  790. Ralph

    Love the vps

  791. Norman

    Why doesn’t the owner put a drug dog in the club. If he gave a shit he would have done this a long time ago. This place is plagged with massive drug traffic.

  792. Hey

    I think that moron (notice spelling) gave me the finger.

  793. Edgar

    I enjoyed my dances with Athena, but I think I knocked her up.

  794. Que

    Nice club.

  795. Jennifer
  796. Ralpy

    Great place to have fun.

  797. Barney

    Need better managers.

  798. Teri
  799. Food

    I like the filets.

  800. kal

    lacer is sklalk

  801. Darren

    Love this club, great girls!

  802. Clint

    Atheana ain’t got no money since she got those black babies and no daddy.

  803. Shawn

    This place stinks, just like Kaliya. I could of taken her home one night easily, but once i got a smell of her pussy, i about puked on it. Shes one nasty slut…I say Kappa should get rid of that stinky bitch.

  804. Ruby

    I used to work there. Don’t let FYI fool you, the place is poorly managed and the dancers are bitches.

  805. Tenacious D

    Two friends and I visited the club Wednesday night, and had a real good time. Just goes to show you can’t put too much stock in these boards. The club was clean. the cover was only 5 bucks, and the girls were pretty friendly. I had the steak dinner for 12 bucks, and it was better than I had few days earlier at an Applebee’s for a little less money. The drinks were low priced with plenty of booze in them. I saw the vag on every girl on stage. Some were really hot and some weren’t to my taste, but that’s what makes the world go round. I had fun private dances with a few girls, and although a little pricey, they were good. I also did the v.i.p. for 150.00 bucks with Seven and had fun. It was half the price of Club Caberat.

  806. Yep

    ..I must have been living under a rock for the past few months. I met Bella tonight for the first time and she is stunning. I gotta get out more often.

    On another note, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the KK dancers and staff!!! Thanks for providing a place to forget our problems and relax for a while.

  807. Elisha
  808. tom

    seems like a nice club. i thought it was warm.

  809. Mackie

    We had a good time.

  810. Dana
  811. Otis
  812. Marci
  813. ug
  814. Tim

    Club needs dancers.

  815. Wally

    You do need more dancers!

  816. Nooby
  817. tj hooker


  818. Viking5103
  819. To:to

    Because we can.

  820. Atheanas kid

    MOMMY please get out of rehabment.

  821. Amy

    What is going on with the customers?

  822. Harvey

    The club will do a lot better if corn goes over $8.00.

  823. Champaign Studs

    We would come up more often if you were closer.

  824. Barb

    I may be up there to dance.

  825. malefox
  826. Finney
  827. Margie
  828. Oon

    Could be a nice club!

  829. Jimmy
  830. Rod

    Why did Uma quit?

  831. Uma
  832. Jack

    Had a great time.

  833. Beau
  834. Star
  835. Kipper

    Try the Umazing Uma in the vip.

  836. Kim

    We stopped in for the first time. Place was clean, but could have use more dancers. When we got there, there were only two and another one showed up later. Maybe we came at the wrong time.

  837. Jack Daring

    I was afraid to come in here because of the bad posts and the remarks about the phoney ratings. I was wrong. This is a great club and I had a super time. Love the great service.

  838. TP

    Most dancers are afraid to apply here.

  839. Firstimer

    Best club in Illinois

  840. kBob

    I wish you had more dancers.

  841. Holly

    Place will end up closing because of bad management.

  842. Tag

    Where did Uma go?

  843. Sydney
  844. Isabelle
  845. To dancer

    Why do you smoke in the bathrooms?

  846. gh
  847. Kawnee guys

    Had a great time, we will be back.

  848. So you know

    Tops of all time (not just present girls)

    1. Bayli

    2. Holly

    3. Olivia

    4. Harley

    5. Ashers

    6. Jordan

    7. Angel

    8. Uma

    9. Yvette

    10. Vicki

    Top present girls

    1. Holly

    2. Olivia

    3. Lacey

    4. Angel

    5. Uma

    6. Jamie

    7. Summer

    8. Corrine

    9. Shelby

    10. fill in the blank

  849. Marilyn
  850. Kappa, Illinois

    Ah, The Kappa Kabanna! Still, as always, the worst fucking club in Illinois!

  851. Kline

    I got herpies in the vip room. You need to spray it between dances.

  852. Edie

    We stopped in and not much going on.

  853. CD

    This club is very nice. They have LOTS of pretty girls.. I don’t think I’ve seen that many pretty girls all in one club before. The atmosphere is very enjoyable. Drinks are kind of expensive but that is to be expected in any strip club. Admission price is well worth it. The club itself is very clean and nice looking on the inside. Dances are also well worth it.. I would suggest an Ultra VIP for sure. Will definitely return!