Strip Clubs Las Vegas



5030 Paradise Road #107, Las Vegas, NV 89119


36.1219065, -115.1893681




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Strip Clubs Las Vegas

  1. you suck

    great club if you like thugs and hells angles running around the place. how this place is allowed to stay open i have know idea.

  2. Luke

    if you like black dancers and thug customers then this is the place. bad club all around

  3. coke head

    obey the snake” gee Paul that slogan must have packed the place. just say no Paul. put the bag of coke down for one day then think about how to get customers.

  4. slow slow slow

    The end is near. went to this club on a thursday and its only a matter of time before they close. only 8 people on the floor and i still waited 20 minutes to get a drink.

  5. darkstar mcnasty

    My God how much hip hop can one take?came in had a beer and was approached by a 60 year old dancer who spoke very little english she ask me for a drink ,all I could think was HELP!I excused myself to the rest room and bolted for the door.This was the first time i had been there since the club changed from strip to eden,a complete turn around I was a striptease regular and very sad the see that the club i loved had turned into a hole.The DJ was annoying,whatever happened to the big guy?He was a riot!

    I wont be coming back

  6. big john

    dont waste your time at this club. unless you like ugly women.

  7. LOL

    are you out of ideas yet?

  8. Anthony

    this club sucks…black dancers and black customers.

  9. John

    This is a great club with a very personable staff that really gets to know it’s customers. The customer Service is top notch and there recent manager named Joe is top notch. There was rumors that hte place was shutting down but they are just rumors, the place is Alive and kickin…

  10. what the fuck/

    The ugliest strippers I’ve seen in vegas all seem to work here.

  11. Kenny

    Waste of cover charge $30! You’re paying an entrance fee for the recent “upgrade” costs. Waste of time, selection of girls very poor. Pushy sales from girls who ambush you right out of the gate. Very very bad lighting; hard to see shit and inventory of girls DUH! because a majority of them are not good looking. Only positives, songs were long and waitresses weren’t pushy.

    Avoid Ivy Monroe at all costs! Shes a blonde with c cups; lots of attitude and hustle.

  12. Ken

    We went to 3 clubs before dropping by Striptease (now called Eden). This was definately the worst club. It started out bad even before we made it through the door. The doorman was nothing more than a common low-class thug in a cheap suit, and he was more rude than any doorman I’ve ever encountered. He had that oh-wow-someone-gave-me-authority chip on his shoulder. When we made it inside, there was hardly anyone in the place, and no wonder, after three consecutive gangster rap songs, we un-assed the dive. Thankfully, the service was horrible–we were never asked if we wanted anything to drink. Although we spent nothing in the club, the gas I spent on the way there was not worth it. Save your time and money. Insofar as the other clubs we visited last night, Sapphire’s was the busiest (and had the sexiest girls), Mile High was the friendliest (and had the best drink prices), and OG’s was so-so (but they charge a cover to locals).

  13. Nick

    This craphole is a joke…

  14. Oldude

    Nice looking medium size club but it needs more girls, there is the occassional diamond in the rough. Too many different prices for dances depending on where you sit and the dances were at best average for Las Vegas.

  15. Brad

    Way too many black dancers at this club.

  16. quit already

    get out of the game already. horrible club

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