Sam’s Hofbrau



1751 East Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90021


34.0286118, -118.2398595




8am – 8pm


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0 reviews for “Sam’s Hofbrau

  1. Skye R.

    I am a BAD ASS. I had no idea until I got home from Sam’s Hof Brau yesterday. Outside, they have a sign that says “head tattoos must be covered by a hat after 5” and I was curious and looked up some stuff. It turns out that The Brau is a hang-out for The Mongrels (one of the most notorious and dangerous biker gangs in Southern California). Word.

  2. Mike M.

    So much cake that it left me feeling like a diabetic… . The price for drinks is a little over priced, but the talent is great.

  3. Tess C.

    I will confess that I am a) a dyke, if that wasn’t blindingly obvious and b) I love Latinas. Love love love. Hot, friendly, Latina strippers? You will take all of my money and leave me with a smile (and an ache in my heart), because I love you. Key word “friendly” – this is not something you find at many strip clubs. I had *several* friendly girls dance for me that night. The place is pretty big, and it was pretty packed, but not offensively so. There’s a pool table (though it was surrounded by what appeared to be cholos, so I wouldn’t go for it), booze and food (I don’t remember the prices, but I don’t remember being outraged) and a pretty fair spread of hot / not-hot strippers. Like most strip clubs I go to, I found a particular gal or two I really liked and kept them to myself for awhile.Yes, it’s a little trashy and the area is kinda sketchy. Yes, you will probably have to pay $20 or whatever it was to valet. BUT, the lapdances / table dances prices were very reasonable. Come here with friends, shoot the shit, have some beers and get some dances. You won’t regret it!

  4. Raff

    Whack ass place charges you for everything parking, entrance, and even to fucken get a table really then the girls want you to be tipping them for everything.

  5. Bobby C.

    Where to begin….Any guy can relate to feeling crappy after leaving a strip joint. I’ve had so many bad experiences I don’t go anymore unless I’m forced to attend a bachelor party. Such was the case again last night.My friend is about to take the plunge into the depths of castration, so he decided to go out in a blazing inferno of boobies.Sam’s is awesome for some many reasons:1–NO COVER2–$5 parking3–$10 private dances4–Strippers with personality. They don’t just come up and give the typical ‘you wanna dance, you wanna dance, etc.’ You actually can have a convo, so when you dump your rent money on them you actually feel better because you know Tiffany is going to school to become a dental hygienist and she just does this part time to pay bills….5–The drinks are reasonable–$5 beers and many weekday happy hour specials. 6–They serve food there, and actually have an in depth menu ranging from chicken wings to steak.The girls are mainly Latina with a scattering of Asians and Nubian princesses. They’re very voluptuous — no anorexic models here– and you may recognize a rap video girl or three from a 50 Cent video. Lats of tats. Sam, the owner, who is a dead ringer for Mr. Myagi circa Karate Kid II, is sometimes there, making sure everyone is having a good time. Overall, a good place to come, have a good time and not break the bank. For $100 you can get a couple dances, buy a few rounds for the homies, and snack on some mozzarella sticks.

  6. dopeboy19

    Okay, I don’t write reviews or check in, but I had a awesome time thanks to the staff and management . I was greeted by Marcello and was found seating and asked what I needed. He had my whole party going and have fun the 1st five minuets. Next thing in know we spent the whole night here thanks to him. Marcello you are the man. Also shout out to lalani, she was so nice and on top of service along with her staff. I trulybjad a awesome time !! THANK YOU!

  7. Fanon P.

    Lol wow 10 dollar Lap dances being handed out like bigmacs!!! If classy Is what your looking for bypass…. If your looking for that porn dp kinda chick with a pimp, then by all means grab a stool and a heiney and let the games begin… Now there are some real pretty girls here but they all have that xxxsuperporn thing going on! Kudos!!!

  8. Lalo G.

    the dancer’s are hot and the crowd gets wild but they definitely need to new hosts. The one with the jacked up teeth spends more time pushing and bitching than she does handing out dollars. If they get rid of her nasty ass and bring in someone with some real entertainment skills things would run a lot smoother.

  9. billtheguy12

    wow what an amazing place!! had an amazing time with great people working this place!! the entertainment was mind blowing! they even to cool looking hookahs now!!

  10. H S.

    First of all, they have the best Pizza in LA. The girls are mostly latinas and very, very pretty. They have big boobs and ass, just like I like. There are a few black, white and Asian girls thrown into the mix too. The crowd tends to be of the chollo variety which doesn’t bother me but I can see how it would scare some people. Gang members are known to hang in there from time to time although they generally don’t cause problems. The problems tend to come near closing time when everyone is drunk and are usually quickly brought out to the parking lot or street, so be aware. Sams rocks and has hot girls but is straight up ghetto. So if you’re a small scared nerdy guy then just stay away and stick to your vanilla girlfriend or wife entertaining you in your white picket fence home.Anyway, the environment isn’t that of a typical strip club. It’s more like the inside of a saloon but they have a stage. They have a full menu of food and drinks, they just don’t have dessert. Dancers dance so-so compared to some other clubs as far as pole tricks and skill but who’s really there for that anyway? The girls know how to shake booty and if you want a dance they are $10 a song, a bargain. The DJ has a cocky attitude and seems to play a lot of dance/trance/club music which I don’t like. The owner is super cool, a nice old man. The manager (I forget his name, half black half asian looking dude), has a shitty attitude but there is room for improvement. He seems to be becoming friendlier. A friendly, welcoming, manager is important in a strip club, especially to customers that frequent the place ( I didn’t say I did!!!!)Anyway, Sams is cool as hell and being from LA I am glad to finally have discovered it!

  11. Rashon C.

    Interesting layout for a strip club. All the dancers are on stage at once. kind of weird but interesting. Some cute girls here then they also have a sister club which does nude dancing after-hours. drinks at bar are moderately priced.

  12. The Grumpster J.

    DO NOT HAVE A PARTY HERE.I fucking loved the hofbrau when I went there on a lazy weekday night. I knew they get crazy on the weekends, which is why I made a point to reserve a table to have my birthday party there on a Friday.First, I call on the phone and am told I need to bring $50 cash to reserve a table. Fine. Once I get there I’m told that actually it will be $100. Not as fine, but, still fine. I love the brau, after all, and part of why I love it is the sleaze. Besides, they assured me I’d have the table all night, which was well worth it.Lets fast forward to my party, 10pm. I keep getting text messages from my friends outside; the bouncer won’t let them in! I go outside to explain the situation, and the bouncer asks how much I paid for my table (umm… ok….) when I tell him $100, he done just turned away from me and wandered off.We ended up leaving before 11pm because, well, my friends were not allowed to come in and sit with me at the table that I had, you know, reserved for all of us.What really pisses me off about this is I have a lot of respect for strip clubs and how they make their money. We weren’t just buying drinks and food, we were buying table dances and lap dances too. I feel really ripped off and disrespected by them and doubt I’m ever coming back. There are way too many options in LA to deal with this kind of crap.

  13. J T.

    Dam $20.00 to get in on a Monday weak SAMs new owners are weak changed a good thing into a bad thing the new SAMs sucks

  14. Asia Z.

    If you don’t mind the rough crowd, this place is definitely the place to be if you love raunchy strip clubs. No matter what day of the week you go, it’s always a full house. Over 5 girls ALWAYS dancing on stage at the same time and the drinks are decently priced. Word of advice: the booths are $50/100 but TOTALLY worth getting unless you like having your toes being stepped on all night.

  15. Jesse G.

    I absolutely love this place!I went with my girl, she got most of the attention while sitting by the stage and seeing that is not a bad thing. Parking is reasonable, so are the prices. 10 bucks for a lap dance, cheap drinks with happy hour going on. Memorial Day Weekend was best time to go in my opinion. Best dancer I saw was Lola, great rack, ass, legs, total package! Go with 100 bucks and you can have a great time.

  16. Jill E.

    My old classmate took me here a few years ago. He told me it was the “EQUAL OPPORTUNITY” strip joint. From what I remembered this was located in a HELLA sketchy area.I didn’t valet my car, I chose to park down that one scary alley just adjacent to it. The beers were cheap, less than 5 bucks on a Thursday night. Regular mixed drinks were under 8 bucks. I know the boys complained it was weak, and me being the light weight, thought it was strong. Oh and 5-10 dollar lapdances for about 5-10 minutes.So I found out why it was called the “EQUAL OPPORTUNITY” joint. It’s not glamorous like Spearmint Rhino. They don’t all look the same, or the same style or dance the same style. No no, all sizes. Big titties, little titties, big booty, no booty. Cellulitis, no cellulitis. Some are hella ghetto too. Yes, the finest of LA. The melting pot of Los Angeles is summed up right here. And quickly, I learned the fetishes and turn ons of all my guy friends within a matter of 20 mins based on their taste in these girls =).And that’s what’s charming. Variety. Sorta like a buffet. Something for everyone.

  17. Y B.

    I hate this place definitely a hole in the wall I got a dance from some girl that was drunk and would not stop talking.this place is a dump the girls are ratchet and it’s ran like a brothel the lady manager/madam is a Bitch!

  18. Bong E.

    Sam’s Hofbrau. It’s kinda like a museum.You can look at shit, but don’t touch shit.That’s pretty much the first thing that came to my mind when I walked in. I mean if you come to a place that’s for adult entertainment and the first thing you think about is a museum, then something’s wrong … but hey, that’s just me.Don’t get me wrong, come check out Sam’s. It’s a cool spot if you’ve never been. Bask in the glory of a DTLA original and all that comes with it. Not many spots serve alcohol and show skin, but Sam’s does … although it’s at a distance.But I’m sure if you come with enough to make it rain, snow or flurry … the girls will be much more than an exhibit. Too bad I didn’t bring enough to even make it drizzle.Lucky for me, the guy in the front row shared some of his $1’s and I was able to experience some of the talent.Yes, what these girls do requires some talent.

  19. Josh S.

    I’ll be the first to admit, this place is either for you, or it isn’t. The clientele may at first appear a bit tough, but once you realize everyone is just there to have a good time, people open up. And trust me, Sam’s makes it incredibly easy to have just that. I’ll say this, if you are looking for tons of tits and bleached blonde Eastern block born women, you are probably in the wrong place. This skews more towards bikini bar than full nude, but the girls are every color of the rainbow in the best way possible, and there are tons of them — like a dozen on stage at the same time. What it lacks in nudity it more than makes up for in character and interaction. The girls are social. They also won’t bother you for dances (which are only $10) so you’re money will go further (in theory). I’ll admit, it can get rowdy and the servers come by rather sporadically (luckily there is a bar if you get impatient), but that is part of the energy of Sam’s. Again, not for everyone, but if this sounds good to you, you’ll love it.

  20. Ivy P.

    So today was my first day here all I can say if you trying to watch a game don’t bother going there. The girls were all pretty and they seemed nice to the customers, considering I’m a girl. But I wouldn’t go there with an empty stomach I had a shrimp cocktail and it was just unflavored shrimp with lettuce fucking ridiculous plus it was pricey. Just go if you want to see tits ass and drink. I don’t know if I’ll go again considering the distance. I mostly giving good stars just because of the girls.! Sam’s thank them!

  21. GarryWas

    This place is a total trip. I have been coming here for some years and I have noticed a lot of bs. Some good things and some bad things. Let’s start off with the positives.Beautiful women everywhere. There are about 30 to 40 girls in there all the time. Most of them are pretty and there are 6 to 7 ugly ones. 90% of the girls have build a bodies, some look good and some look like they may need to take some mental evaluations. There’s this man looking chick with a man made six pack. Celebrities come and party which is cool because they make it rain. The stage is packed, there’s always 30 chicks on stage. It’s like a zoo in there. The drink prices are decent. Oh the pizza and wings are really good. I’m not to sure if food should be served at a strip club but sometimes I just want the barbecue chicken pizza.Negatives are its so small and it gets shoulder to shoulder in there, so once it gets packed it’s hard to move around. There are only two toilets in the bathroom and the strippers share the bathroom with the customers. A LOT OF DISCRIMINATION HAPPENS IN THIS CLUB. I have watched one of the managers and the mc kick the black girls off stage multiple times. I have walked in with my male friends and my boyfriend and one of the managers would not let us get a table unless we gave her a certain amount of money. I watched her sell a booth to some Mexicans for $100 but made my people spend more and I really think it was because of skin color. A lot of people mistake my bf for African American but he’s really Colombian, he just has dark skin. The managers name is Leilahni and that particular day was a Monday. She has a really really horrible attitude. As soon as my bf got $2000 in ones she started being nice and flirting with him. I picked out two black girls to dance at our table and the same manager told them their underwear was too inappropriate so they had to go, but she brought to Latinas over to dance. The Latinas were beautiful but their under wear were just as small as the black girls. So we just held on to the money and signaled the girls to come back and we talked about it. The girls said it was normal for their manager to treat them as such because she rather the non black girls to make money. Overall the club is decent. Just make sure if you have dark skin to bring a light complected male with you so your crew can be treated like everybody else or bring extra cash. Banging soundtrack all night. Big booties everywhere and some of the girls are really nice. But the “it” girls have really bad attitudes.

  22. joseph1k

    THIS PLACE BLOWS!! I went here for my birthday party last night. I rolled into this place with about 5 dressed up sexy women and like 8 dudes ready to spend a bunch of money and enjoy ourselves. We didn’t even make it into the club before we started getting treated like sh*t. The b*tch at the door was totally rude to us ladies. Then when we got into the club we tried to reserve a table but the b*tch of a manager wouldn’t even acknowledge that my friend was talking to her. THEN when we couldn’t buy a table we had to just stand around watching the stage from a far, but the security guard and the b*tch that was at the door were like following us around telling us we couldn’t stand in any of the places we were forced to move to. This was the worst experience at a strip club I have ever had! I will NEVER go back here again. This place is a dump, don’t waste your money or time on these ratchet a$$ b*tches. We ended up leaving and going to Dames and Games where they know how to treat customers.

  23. StripClub431

    Took my GF there for her birthday and her first strip club experience with some friends and found the skankiest, lamest ‘strip club’ I’ve ever been to. I put ‘strip club’ in parentheses because I saw very little actual stripping; maybe an occasional boob flash, which I was OK with actually because most of the women were not of the kind I cared too much to see naked. The Tanquerey and Tonic I ordered was replaced with some Dollar Store gin that tasted like turpentine and the club was stupidly overcrowded with a lowbrow gangsta crowd. Also, 15 women twerking their fat asses at once on a crowded stage does not a good performance make, especially when most seemed bored out of their skull and utterly disinterested in their job. Complete waste of money. I went down the street to Spearmint Rhino; paid more money but got quality in return. Best avoided unless you have very low standards for women, alcohol and everything in general.

  24. Captain M.

    Went here for my birthday last minute drunk as my brother and a bunch of friends picked me up, got a free dance got really smashed and don’t really remember leaving….Good times??? thats why it gets 3

  25. DexterRexter

    Came here with a few friends. They held the line until 12 just so they can charge people $20 to get in and it was not worth the cover charger. The girls did not have a body and it was not worth the $20 or the time in line. 1 star is to much.

  26. larry1

    Ive been taken their by friends and co workers for bdays and other special events and we have a blast every time the girls are pretty unlike other strip joints & asses for days omg now thats a place where no matter what day of the week it is you will have a great time im telling u Go Go !!!!!

  27. timmykilla

    Never, ever again. A friend of a friend from out of town was celebrating a birthday and wanted to go to a strip club. Why? I don’t know and didn’t ask. Shoulder to shoulder – you couldn’t move without bumping someone, pushing someone, intentionally or unintentionally groping or being groped.It reminded me of From Dusk till Dawn, without the hot talent.It used to be top less and still advertised as such, but all of the talent, though grinding away pretty explicitly, showed no more than one would see at the beach or poolside. I saw more at the poolside day party at Vestal Village during Coachella. (See pic attached as example)Even standing at the bar it was almost impossible to order a drink; two vodka and sodas were $16 and no change was offered for a $20. Parking was $20, and skipping the line was $40 per (vs $20 per standard cover, after waiting in a 30min+ line)It was jam packed, so obviously it was right for a lot of people. Just not for me.

  28. Brett R.

    How in the holy name of God does this place have 4 stars?!?! Let me just say that if you’re not packing heat don’t bother rollin in this joint. I’ve heard of gang infested strip joints but O….M…..G….. I was later told by a different bar owner not to even go there after dark. Wow. I didn’t stay long due to the extremely sketchy characters that were lurking around there. But do yourself a favor and STAY AWAY! So again, HOW does this place have four stars?!?!

  29. maxxy1

    Beware if your on your phone viewing your messages social media please don’t record it’s not allowed I don’t suggest it but if they see you on your phone none recording they will kick you out even if you tip the girls and get drinks They will loose more money kicking you out for no reason than to have you spending your money on tipping the girls and having drinks. Management and security is the worst ever this is the worst place you can come and spend your money unless you are desperate and have no choice head to another location I highly suggest it. DAMES AND GAMES OR ANY OTHER LOCATION!!! Near by

  30. Christopher U.

    It would get a 5 star rating if DJ Marcelo and whoever the MC is would stop talking about jerk’n off and cumming in they’re pants. It a complete distraction and creepy as fuck … Take the microphones away from the cheap MC and Shitty DJ

  31. C H.

    I felt like it was a gigantic bachelor party, lots of dudes, and pretty women with nicely done bodies. It was also very crowded! Overall, I guess it was cool. Be prepared to spend! Drinks are over priced.

  32. Jen S.

    My name is Jen and I’m an All-American girl. I was student council president, captain of my highschool sports teams, an intercollegiate athlete and graduated college w/ honors in May of 2006.In August I moved to sunny Los Angeles to better my life and to get the hell out of my small town in NY state and somehow managed to find myself, 8 monthes later, at Sam’s Hoff Brau on my 23rd birthday getting yelled at by security guards w/ bullet proof vests (we are in the ghetto after all) b/c apparently you are not allowed to be topless if you do not work there.well, mr security guard… I’m no tramp. I’m a smart, slightly naive and possibly tipsy 23 year old girl! WOOHOO! and you see this man right… here!? he’s my boyfriend! (lucky stranger of the moment).timing is everything of course, and at this point homework girl by day/pirate stripper by night throws me my shirt and I run back to my table of my slightly mortified / impressed co workers.awesome.the only thing more awesome is that some sketchy ass guy asked my dear friend david if he could have a “go” w/ me and the apologized profusely when he found out that I didn’t work there. awww… a twisted weird compliment, but a compliment none the less!if architecture and design doesn’t work out… I think I’ll costume up as the “jeans and tshirt” girl and spend my nights workin’ Sams Hoff Brau.(I love this place. the wait staff is incredibly nice and the girls are super friendly. the shady men sitting at the stage will give you stacks of cash to give to the ladies, the lap dances are hilarious and the table dances are better. for those of you who deep down freakin’ enjoy seedy strip clubs… this is your cup o’ tea.)

  33. Genevieve B.

    Yummy on 2 counts… the food from their menu that I ate while there, and the hot Asian girl I decided to have fetch My strategically placed tips that I wished I had eaten while there.I did have one thing I didn’t like… I absolutely hate it when a stripper flexes her feet when they aren’t firmly on the floor. But I didn’t give count that againt the club. You just can;t get that simple concept through the thick but empty head of some strippers (believe Me, when Iwas younger I stripped for quite a few years and I tried as hard as any one could possibly try to get some of them to point their friggin’ toes. I guess you just can’t make some people understand that its ugly they are when flexed.)

  34. Sandie S.

    Omg! I was surprised to say that the girls are actually pretty good looking here. Not only that, but most are really personable and nice to talk to.The food here is ok, but the pizza is really good.I only rate this place 4 stars based on the customer service

  35. AssnTits5

    I never thought the day would come when I got chased out of a strip club by a stripper. I am fairly new to the strip club scene. We have always hired private dancers for bachelor parties and what not, but I am new to going into the actual establishments. This place was recommended by a few buddies as a decent place to hang out and have a few drinks and see some dancers. So I decided to take a few buddies in for some pre/post wedding adventures considering I live down the street and I have a hall pass. The dinks were cheap/reasonable and the cover was free so I didn’t expect much. But I was surprised to see that they had a few good looking women. And they were nice and cordial so we hung out for a few hours. Until this woman got on stage right in front of us, and let’s just day she was not our type, and so we started looking away and drinking our drinks and talking. Well this woman decided that we are not paying her enough attention. So she yells at us “hey you know you love this big black ass!” and “I’m gonna dance here anyway”. Then she shows us what looks to be herpes, they could have just been razor bumps I guess…trying to be nice, on her crotch which turns away not just those of us sitting at the stage but several tables sitting behind us. Then she looks at me and says “what I’m not hot for you” and I tell her she is fine just not my type and I look at the TV praying she will move on. She then comes off the stage with her crotch and shoves it in my face. I immediately get up and leave for the restroom. At which point in time several guys explained to me that she is the reason they are in the pisser. And then after I came out my friends and I left. I called into Sam’s after I came home to inform them of the issue and the “manager” on duty would not even let me know what the dancers name was. Initially he said he only had only two black dancers Pairs or Sunday on duty but when I pressed to see who was on the stage only a few minutes prior he when silent. I then asked if there was an owner I could speak with possibly tomorrow and then the phone went dead. It’s sad because we had a great time prior to all of this. My buddies enjoyed the dances I bought them and we had some decent drinks.

  36. tonycluber

    Hmm I came here cause I was told they have an abundance of talent.. Let me just say yes they do. $5 dollar cover on a wednesday nite sure why not.The staff was very polite, very inviting, lets just say the area around the place is a little ghetto but besides that, majority of the entertainment was let just say well rounded. Co-worker stated if you want to feel like your in a rap video definitely hit up this spot, he was not lying (hahaha evil smirk!!!), I’ve been to my share of gentlemen’s clubs not gonna lie, and what these folks offer lets just say have not seen anywhere else, unless of course the places in SF, Chicago and NY that I went to were all are the wrong places?? I have heard he term making it rain, the nights we went there was no shortage or rain, where do these folks work I need to get a job there!!! If you can’t see the top of a table due to rain, or any of the floor due to rain let just say wow!!! First time attendee’s are giddy, all smiles, semi shy, I can say this cause I was on the first day hahaha bout after a hour you kinda settle get in but still even after an hour they surprise you with more stuff if not someone familiar/ famous walks in and changes the whole vibe… nope no change in vibe all smiles from entertainers and attendees. More rain, starting to rain heavy, can’t see across the bar hahha and it’s not because i’m drunk haha, definitely genuine experience, anytime you are in this location or in LA with your boys come out and enter the fabled rap video hahaha you won’t be disappointed, don’t know how can you be with all the shaking going on, minus the umbrella you won’t need it the rain here is pleasant hahhaafood did not sample but yes they serve food, fries, burgers, fish and chipsprice depends on how much you want to spendservice ***** even patrons not participating look as if they have spent their paycheck from the smilesambiance ***** it rains yes but not what you think, so much shaking hahhaha

  37. Angel F.

    First time n last time I come to this place $50 for a table or $200? Fuck that! They charge for everything n its super crowded I prefer to go to spearmint down the street?

  38. Robert M.

    da shit loved the women hope 2 b their soon.2 im that .slap that ass man thanx 4 not kicking me out see u soon.

  39. Jimmy Y.

    Pizza , drinks , performing arts majors , and a great place to just chill out and bullshit with some new people.

  40. justinlk

    If u wanna see fake asses come here lol. They have some decent girls here. All curvy.. Looks like chicks from video models. from where I am from we have terrible strip clubs only because the girls have no body and no face. Idc for tits much especially if your face is busted looking lol… Anyways I’ve never ate the food here or anything like that but It does tend to smell towards the end of the night. Probably from all that sweat lmao. Girls are cool here. This place is a bit hood/ghetto/ratchet lol heads up haha. But if you like thick girls like me this the spot for you

  41. Karen M.

    Friends brought me here for my 22nd birthday. I wanted to end my night by going to a strip club. Came here, the bartenders are nice, though the strippers where not that great looking, well, unless you where drunk, and from what i remember, there is a lot of ghetto people. a fight broke out right infront of us, i saw fists everywhere, bottles breaking, security running to get them out. It was the first and last time i’d go to this place, ive seen better places than this one.

  42. Adam S.

    This place is one of LA’s gems. The best, most talented and beautiful dancers in any strip club on the west coast. there is probably one girl to every guy too.

  43. Bud G.

    THE BEST. got an unforgettable lap dance from a nun on halloween…

  44. gibby

    there was alot of fine mama’s here and lots of them going around no push to buy them a drink and no cover charge the girls were h-o-t and fine as al hell

  45. Carolina S.

    My friend and I come here way too much. The strippers, bartenders, DJ, doormen, and bar back know us already. Is that a good thing? IDGAF. We’ve had some great times here whether it be dancing (which you are not allowed to but we do it anyway lol), or taking back shots with some random guy who is buying us drinks.There are some really great dancers here and some that should do something else…waitress maybe?A lot of men, and some women in the crowd. We have been there some nights where they take a guy from the crowd, pull down his pants on the stage, and 3 dancers take turns spanking him with a thick leather belt. LMAO. The crowd goes WILD! No matter what day it is in the week, Sam’s is always packed. There is always a line! It is a good idea to make friends with the security guards :)Make sure to bring dollar bills to tip the girls. You know who you guys are! The men who stand in the background watching all night and don’t tip you CHEAPSAKES!

  46. winston12

    Visited Sam’s on Good Friday & Easter Sunday following a three year hiatus. Parking has doubled from $5 to $10 since 2012, and a $10 cover charge was collected at 9:45PM on Good Friday. However, there was no cover at 4pm on Easter Sunday, perhaps in observation of the high holiday. Increased parking and cover charges aside, Friday evening was crowded, loud and entertaining at Sam’s. Easter Sunday was relatively quiet during the afternoon but surprisingly active after 7:30PM, when several dancers and dozens of customers materialized (seemingly out of thin air).Pros: Bolt-on racks and inflated booties were on display in abundance onstage, with no shortage of boisterous patrons–male and female–showering multiple dancers with love and paper currency. Cons: Navigating the stereotypically drunk dudes who blocked the aisle between the bar and stage like swaying robots. Watching the quick hands of a short changing waitress who shall remain nameless.Overall, visiting Sam’s was a good way to ease back into the L.A. strip club scene after 3 years of self-imposed exile. If wall-to-wall people watching and a party atmosphere are your thing, then Sam’s is a good place to sit back at a non-reserved table near the bar and/or stage. If high mileage lap dances or moving freely around a club are part of your agenda, look elsewhere.

  47. anthony1

    Stopped in with some coworkers visiting from overseas to welcome them to the US…after a beer and getting them set up, I turned the girls loose on them (or vice versa). Needless to say they were like lil kids the a candy store. I’m such a good tour guide.Hahaha…#ProudtoBeAnAmerican

  48. Jenni H.

    LOVVVVEEEEE ITTTT!!!but don’t like some of the douche bags that go there. and don’t go if you don’t have money… idiot!

  49. Jesse L.

    Ass tities and big booty bitches!!!!! Pizza is fucking great!!!!! But I might have been very drunk too!!!

  50. Wonder W.

    The most beautiful women in Los Angeles and quite a large variety . Best A$$’s you will ever lay your eyes on . They have a FUL bar and MENU and about 50 + goes working a night . The pizza , the wings , the cedar salads are all great . Just about anything on the menu bomb . Lap dances are 10 bucks and table dances are 20 . Monday nights are the best nights ( but its always busy day or night ) to come but beware it gets PACKED ! Not sure what the cover charge is . But they have beer specials everyday for 3 bucks ! Can’t beat that . Great place to spend your lunch break . Spend a Friday night or bachelor party .

  51. moneyman2

    This place is whack came here twice and the two times I been here sucks from customer service to there food (disgusting). We ended up going to another local topless bar and we received much better service and food was actually cooked.

  52. harryharry

    Just came back home from Sam’s. Like Jenn W. said this place is not ghetto. People who say that don’t know what ghetto is. I’ve worked in Bel Air, Hollywood Hills, Brentwood, the West side, had consistent gigs in Beverly Hills, etc. This place is downtown near Alameda Ave. IIRC. It’s no better than Hollywood. It’s not Compton, South LA or anything like that. Anyways, this place is LIVE. I met a couple women I knew from other clubs. Drinks are cheap. About $5 and up. Someone mentioned MS-13 looking people. Um…no. People here are nice. They aren’t even thinking about crazy ish just the fine women dancing on stage, people’s tables, walking around talking to you etc. There are a few booger bears running around here and there but the fine women outnumber them like 5 to 1. There were a bunch of ladies in the immediate crowd. At least check it out before judging.

  53. angelica g.

    titties and beer!

  54. Nick F.

    Before I get into it, I need to disclaim that I’ve really never been into strip clubs, but I’ve been to a few.This place is really not that cool. It’s pretty funny at first, and the server we had was really really entertaining. But unless you’re into fat Hispanic strippers with small tits, I would try somewhere else.At first I was excited that there were pool tables, so my buddy and I decided to play a game. Not recommended. We spent most of the time trying to maneuver around the cramped room, bumping into guys getting lap dances and such. So awkward.On the plus side, lap dances are only $10, which seems like a pretty good deal, but I might be more inclined to pay to keep most of these girls from touching me.

  55. Jose S.

    I went one time with my friend because this guy she wanted to nail was gonna be there. Of course, she ditched me to flirt with him so i ended up partying with the strippers which was fun because being gay, they automatically love me. Never spent $1. All the strippers were buying me drinks and shots. Good times.Neighborhood kinda sketch though.

  56. Anthony U.

    Went here for a homie’s birthday. Made it three steps onto the sidewalk to be searched and give my ID and the girl at the door just yelled out “He’s not coming in, he’s too drunk”. Of course my reaction was “Are you kidding me”? and then she took offense to my question. I told her I was NOT going to argue her decision, but that she was wrong……ok fine. So as everyone else in our party went in I had to just kind of stand around because I don’t know the neighborhood and was basically stuck. I passed time by talking to the security guards which were really cool guys. One of them even told me he was sorry for the girl not letting me in and that he knew I wasn’t all drunk like she said. After everyone was through, they came out we left and to our dismay some one tried to break into my homeboys car and busted the only locking mechanism on the driver door. Shhaaaaaaaaaaaddddeyyyyyyy area. Turns out the tow truck driver knows the street is hot with criminal activity of auto theft.

  57. Weedman420

    Ghetto!!! And rude security guards , why would they have security trying to be all tough with you, it’s gets packed in there and I had a big black guy security be all rude telling me to move, the atmosphere is bad in my opinion people pushing thier way through and giving you bad looks . Not coming back to this place

  58. Julianna J.

    Let me start off by saying we didn’t even make it in.Found this spot because my cousin wanted a spot that served drinks, well first this place is in a dirty raunchy spot in LA. So we parked, thought to myself let’s just make the best out of it. We got in line, 20 people in front of us, the crowd was Ghetto. Well in line some drunk guys started fighting with security, I thought to myself ” this is not worth the alcohol, told my cousin we are leaving” So went over to 4play, woo I could breath!

  59. Amber M.

    I don’t want to even give this place one star. It is awful. They have no customer service. There is one hot dancer in the whole place. The management acts entitled to have you as a customer. We were charged to get in 5 minutes before they closed, when we had no idea they were shutting down, and then not even refunded. But told that we should have been charged 20 dollars each to get in. The service is awful, the girls are trashy and not good looking at all. Half of them shouldn’t even be naked in front of their own mirror. . I suggest going to seventh veil if you want a fun time at a strip club. They treat customers with respect. I’ve never been treated worse by a stupid door girl and her idiot entitled boss. The customer is always right if you want repeat business. If not, enjoy your ghetto, soon to go out of business bullshit. I will let all my friends know to never go there. It also smells bad. If you want to walk into an std, that’s the place to go

  60. Don P.

    So im at Sam’s on a thursday night and it’s packed… heck it’s packed everynight. So while they have atleast 4 girls on stage at a time and another 10 on the floor giving lap dances and what not. It doesnt matter cause their are so many mufukaz in their you probably be standing all nite. Mondays are the worst night the dancers are few and threw. Last time I went a black dancer knocked over my beer she was dark skin with a big ass and no brains. Anyway some of the beer spilled on me. She cleans the table first then me. Bi+ch are you for real? So she says “i’ll get u another one sir”. I reply “ok thanks”.! She then walks off and gets back to mingling with people. WOW!! Bi+ch what about my brew??? So I get up and find the manager for that nite, who buy the way was a hot latina. I let her know what happened and guess who comes running over all of a sudden. Miss Clumsy bi+ch. The manager gives me my money back for the beer with a side of attitude. It’s coo jus gimme my bread Ho! Now lets get back to the booties.

  61. Alan R.

    A legitimate adult entertainment if you are on a budget or not . The girls here are 80 % 7&up

  62. Robert W.

    Indicator number at the front door is armed. But I figured I was already here…so why not right? The truth is …this is nothing more than a place to go and have problems. If you are one of the many thugs hanging out, you probably are going to scrap with one of your rivals.. If you are not a hood, you probably will bump against someone that feels the need to flex on you. Either way..not the reason I’m there. Space is way too tight for the amount of people and dancers they let in. God help everyone if there was ever a fire. No cover right? But a two drink minimum? I wasn’t sure if that is what the guy actually said because he was such a jackass at the door. But I didn’t care, I usually have more than one anyway. A bar that has a drink minimum? I mean I know at nude juice bars they have them, but can they force you to drink alcohol legally? Seriously? As far as the girls go. Honestly… some were very attractive, and some were just past their prime. That’s how it goes these days in strip clubs. Just like anything else, it was kind of a bell curve. Something for everyone for sure. A few Asians, many Latinas, a few skinny white girls and black girls with some curves. I can’t say the girls were bad, but certainly not Vegas quality. However, the mood is just one where you can’t even have a conversation without getting bumped into or stepped on. I knew I wasn’t going to be here long when a dancer spilled a drink on me because someone else ran her over. No way in hell would i actually eat something from this place. If the rest of the club was any indication of the cleanliness of the kitchen… no way …ever. Overall, if you are at a Lakers game and nearby, it is probably worth a stop over…just to cross it off the list…for good.

  63. Freddy V.

    ..I’m not much of interest in adult entertainment, more than I would be in a relationship and investing in a girlfriend’s college education. With that being said, my buddies insisted. Average selection of beer, some females were plastic [for your average Joe’s] and some were naturally filled-in [buns], which I like. Alone: I would not go. With some rats, why not..

  64. Jordanp

    Bad service from a guy who has a job as a bartender, Javier or “javi” ! This dude has no place in a customer service position, leave your problems at home because at the end of the day, you have a job that if WE ( the customers) don’t come in, you don’t have a job. So relax Mr. Attitude!

  65. Al M.

    girls arent too hot but its a cool place to chill & drink, watch some football, and have women walk around topless.the more i drink the better they look anyway.

  66. Elyce I.

    I went to audition w my friend on a Wednesday night and the night lady manager hired us and we worked that night. I came back w my friend on Saturday night to work, handed her my ID and she said how can I help you as if she never seen me before. I told her I’m here to work! She looked at me then looked at my friend and told me “Well basically we didn’t hire you!” And im never the one to pull the race card but needless to say my friend is white and I’m black. I began to ask her why? And she just shrugged her shoulders and said basically because you’re not hired! w no real valid explanation. I then asked if I can just work that night since I drove all this way. In the rudest way possible she said how can you work if you’re not hired. I asked for another explanation why? She again shrugged her shoulders and said we have no room for you here! I’m not one to beg but my friend insisted that i ask to audition again.. I refused so we stood around tryna figure out our next move. I noticed as I looked around there weren’t any brown skinned black women that worked there. Only Latinas, light skinned black girls and one not so great white girl. When we seen her my friend asked “how can they let her work here and not you? I looked we laughed I totally agreed w her and thought it was sad that discrimination is very much alive and doing very well at SAMs. I insisted that my friend should stay and work then I left. I personally feel the night lady manager is a racist her disposition, tone and communication skills are not professional. I would not recommend this club to anyone. I’m born and raised in California, a very diverse state. I’m not surprised and acknowledge the fact that a huge portion of society hates blacks and try to be us so bad.. Like many of the women working at SAMs white, Latinas, ect, try to imitate us getting fake asses attempting to talk like us, dating out black men but yet and still in actuality despise us!

  67. williamr

    $20 cover. nice girls. decent drink prices.

  68. Rachel Z.

    My favorite gentleman’s club! Love the girls here. Love the scene. It’s more like a club than it is a strip club. Fake asses all over the place and I love it! It’s fun to watch people in “raining”‘competitions seeing who can make it rain more than the next person.The food…AMAZING. The pizza there is wow!! So are the wings!! Monday nights there is bottle service available which is cool. Other nights they serve drinks one at a time which I think is a great idea. The dancers are all very fun as well as the cocktail waitresses! There are a couple managers there though that are not very friendly at all. Especially when you’re a good looking female. They seem very angry and I’ve heard plenty of stories about two managers from the girls that work there! All in all I LOVE THIS PLACE.

  69. David G.

    daddydave s 2nd house. vip for life. i’ve been cumming to sams for over 14 years and there are good days and bad ones. but i always make myself at home.

  70. Michael P.

    Been to Sam’s a few times now, and I’ve always had a hell of a time. However, after seeing Too Short at Sam’s a few weeks back, I feel compelled to write a review. If a strip club is good enough for an OG Pimp like Too Short, it’s good enough for you and me. So not only was Too Short there grabbing ass and doing pimp type shit, but they were playing Too Short music all night long and there was plenty of rain making going on. Just a completely unexpected and surreal scene. Extra bonus for Alexis Breeze and her fat porno star booty for making a cameo that night and for the dudes making it rain with the bad aim… came up on about $15 and made it re-rain. Yeee! If that’s not enough for you, it’s FREE!. Anyhow, Sam’s is now the official Birthday Spot for the crew.

  71. Jessica C.

    5 stars go to Sierra and her ass shaking booty for ending what was a great 21st bash for my friend..( which I don’t think he remembers) and 1 star goes to the clientle….cochino’s!

  72. Lige C.

    This place is awsome! Hottest girls in LA! Staff was very courteous. Drinks were fairly priced.

  73. Nikki M.

    This place has good music but other than that it is a scary place everyone looks like a gang member or drugdealer or pimp and the people who work there are rude! Very scary place!!!!!

  74. Matt C.

    ass ass ass ass. Been a fan of sams

  75. The Skipper M.

    Just the perfect storm of entertainment. We bring all our of of town guests here (well, not ALL of them). A night downtown is just not complete with out stopping at Sam’s.

  76. rickywho2

    I’m from the south (Atlanta) to be exact, so I appreciated the atmosphere, the girls were curvy too. Customer service for women (me) was meh.

  77. Mandi T.

    Dear Lady with the attitude at the door at about 11 PM on 2/13,Telling my friends that their purses were too big and then when we returned with just our IDs and some moola – that cover was $20 for all of us. UM EXCUSE ME? Oh and as we turned away, was checking in some guys who had a backpack. Awesome!Yeah – four ladies and two guys who would have probably kept drinking until last call, and would have enjoyed a dance or two…… $20 bucks is nothing. What you missed is us coming here and classying up your joint. I would totally hesitate to come back. I rather take my money somewhere it’s appreciated. Oh did I mention, this visit was gonna be popping my Sam’s cherry?As said in Pretty Woman:Shop assistant: “Hello, can I help you?”Vivian: “I was in here yesterday, you wouldn’t wait on me.”Shop assistant: “Oh.”Vivian: “You people work on commission, right?”Shop assistant: “Yeah.”Vivian: “Big mistake. Big. Huge. I have to go shopping now.*deuces*

  78. Porch G.

    Believe it or not but you can actually have a decent meal here.They have a great selection of alcohol and boobs and phat assesAppreciating the female form relieves stress and is good for your health. I remember 15 years ago I was elected to find some fun for my friend’s bachelor party. I took them to every strip joint in town, and these guys pooty poo’d all of them. But I could not get them to leave Sam’s !!! (ok alright …they were pretty drunk by then, but still they loved it) I actually remember a dancer that night did this pretty cool trick, were she tiger crawled over to me at the edge of the stage. She then fliped her head forward and her thick long hair cascaded over me enveloping my head. It was weird to go from flashing lights and noise to being in this dark quieter “hair room”. She had some really nice perfume on too. Ok I was drunk and she bit my ear a little which made that bolt of hot fire shoot down my body the way it does when somebody bites your neck or ear. Then woooooosh ….she fliped her head back , and I was instantly back in the room. It was like an acid trip except that I was drunk. ….er……..uh……just check it out ….jeez

  79. Veronica R.

    Plainly put, Sam’s Hofbrau is the Knott’s Berry Farm of strip joints. If the old-timey brass railings and red globe lights don’t win you over, there’s always the cholos and the sad strippers with cesarean scars. Personally, I like knowing that my tips are putting food in the mouths of children; it’s like UNICEF, but with more tits. WAY more tits.

  80. rogerrab2

    The services sucks it was dirty and smelled horrible as much money as there making they should make some changes i felt i was walking in the 70’s from the decor.i had to wait 45 minutes for water since they didnt have beer…

  81. fisherdex1

    the shittiest strip clip in LA, girls not interested, semi-hot and all packed on one stage… I should mention that they don’t get naked, no pussy and barely a tit revealed … lots of ghetto rich kids trying to flex their wad by throwing it from a distance… it’s like a rap concert with no headliner and expensive drinks.. I have never seen such a terrible representation of a “strip club”…. lap dance with clothes on and the dudes acting like he is not interested while spending $40 on it to impress his friend… I love strip clubs and this place makes me lose respect for humanity

  82. Gypsy L.

    I’m a dancer, and these beautiful goddesses were so talented, sexy, and luscious! Especially the one in the white lace leggings… Girl… Omg girl… I couldn’t stop looking at you.Every single girl has a great ass, great attitude.. The vibe is cool, I like the decor, valet parking, great food.. Poppin on a Wednesday night.. Like 10 girls twerking constantly.. Orgy of strippahs.. Yum yum yum… Oh and servers were not rude! Every single person was prompt, efficient and friendly..oh oh and the DJ was dope!!!! I kept shazaming like every 5 minutes

  83. Tyler W.

    This is one of those places that you really have to take into account the person reviewing. There is nothing wrong with the place. It isn’t bad, it just isn’t the type of place my girlfriend and I look for. There is fun seedy (Stinkers in Silver Lake) and there is actually seedy. Sam’s, for better or for worse, is the latter. This place would be a great fit for a Tarantino movie. It looks like someone took a small warehouse and put a cheap pizza and beer joint and then said “I think we have room for a pole”! Let’s just say a white guy and a hot Asian girl got a lot of stares when we walked in. Not “are you crazy, homie? I’m gonna cut you” looks, but more “did you mean to end up here?” looks. The girls were a little “well insulated” for me, but again that is a personal preference thing – some would be completely happy with them. Sam’s is the White castle of strip clubs. Some people LOVE White Castle, I’m not a big fan though. The bartender was attentive and friendly as was everyone on the staff that we spoke to. All in all, don’t be afraid to go just don’t expect it to be 4Play when you get there.

  84. Tim C.

    I remember coming here last year October for my friends birthday. It was my first visit at a strip club and we all had a great time.The people were all very professional, good looking and friendly. Well obviously, because money talks haha. No rain no dance.It’s still kinda messy and the floor is just an entire carpet of bills you’re stepping on. The ATM machine is right at the door and somehow it was hard to find due to that huge mess inside, the darkness and just the entire arrangement of everything.

  85. eddyL

    what a unique place…not a full blown strip club, but the girls are eager to get down, crazy combo of pub/restaurant/and $10 dances…yeah..$10..and it was the best lap dance i ever had ( i paid for several w/ the same girl)anyways…i realized later it was cuz it was the only SOBER lap dance i’d ever had…i was DD that

  86. kenston12

    Last night was my first and last time being in there. I enjoyed the atmosphere until I encountered the most rudest bartender you guys decided to hire. The group I was with last night sat close to the bar, she did not introduce herself and she acted like we weren’t even there. Myself and others in my group kept trying to get her attention and she would look in our direction and ignore us. She was super disrespectful when it came down to me paying for my food and I don’t like her or her attitude. I don’t know her name because of course like I stated above she didn’t give her name and I couldn’t see her name tag but I do remember she had her hair in a ponytail and was wearing black glasses with a gray sweater. My group consisted of 15 people who paid to get in and paid for drinks and food and now because of the rude bartender we are NEVER coming back. Thank her for that.

  87. Xxx R.

    Honest review of the the club from a strip club pro………DJ sucks, Security sucks, Dancers suck……and didn’t have a good time like all reviewers stated…….not sure why this place is so popular……(Nicolas-Commerce is better)……(Satin Industry is better..)

  88. Tim S.

    As others have said, a nice twist to this place is that there’s no cover charge to enter. You’ll probably want to pay the fee to park in their lot since it’s in a sketchy area on the far east industrial side of downtown LA. You can’t bring a camera in. I brought a couple of friends older than me who were strip club virgins. This was only my 2nd one, so I’m hardly a regular. Plus, this club is only bikini dancing I think. Anyways, it was some weeknight after a Laker playoff victory, so the place was packed with guys in a celebratory mood. If you’re not into thick Latinas, then 95 percent of the dancers won’t appeal to you. They also had a black girl and a Japanese girl named Momo. Lapdances are affordable but drinks are predictably not cheap for their small size. I guess some nights they have sh*tty beer specials like for Bud Light. You can get a girl to dance at your table too, and they have a stage where the dancers rotate and dance 2 songs each. I noticed some extended conversations at the couch area between dancers and clients, so I guess there must be some definite regulars here. Why you would pay that kind of money just to have a conversation, I’ll never understand. Lonely people I guess? I didn’t see anyone who struck me as a baller type. I bought my friend a dance, and he bought me one with Momo. It was pretty mechanical and unenthusiastic, but I wasn’t surprised. She pretty much just alternated between grinding on my lap and turning around and shoving her cleavage two inches from my eyes. Maybe that does it for some guys, but I found it kind of boring. I hardly have enough experience to know what a good lap dance should be like, but I’m pretty sure it shouldn’t be predictable and robotic. It was, much like this place, just aiiiiiight. *sings BEP and JT* WHERE IS THE LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE…If you’re not going to drink much, then I guess this place is kind of a good option for strip club afficianados on a budget, but I don’t feel the need to come back again either, at least for myself. It could be fun for someone else, like a bachelor/bday party perhaps. I think it’d be cool if they had more diversity but then again they’re catering to a certain crowd that probably likes it just the way it is and wouldn’t be attracted to some meth addict skinny girl.

  89. Remy B.

    Whenever the man convention that I roll with decides to throw me into their strip club/gentlemen’s club agenda and school me on the art of throwing money into the sky like a grown man with a midlife crisis, we usually go to the Brau to make it rain. It’s unpretentious, doesn’t have a cover and the modus operandi isn’t overwhelming for a girl with a general introduction to establishments of this nature. The dancers are sociable and most of them got a lot of that jelly. The crowd is, as many will note, a precarious working-class bunch. Though it’s generally an LA crowd like any other and we’ve chatted with some cool cats there, I’m going to say that it’s best to keep at least a vague sense of self-awareness (and – just a hunch – avoid talking any shit about the Dodgers?) since the atmosphere is brimming with potential for a few scuffles and is sometimes actualized. I’ve never had a problem there because most dudes think I’m someone’s lost little sister, but a couple of my male associates can parlay a few anecdotes about the Brau’s clients on the contrary. Let’s just say chairs have been thrown across the stage at one another in full-blown brawls. Exxxcellent (insert Mr. Burns fingers here). The only real downside to this place was the new Indian waitress with the British accent (which most would find hot) but unfortunately had a stinky attitude problem (voted off the island). This crazy bird gets a slap on the wrist only because she was butt-hurt that we, and other patrons, were unassumingly ordering drinks from the bar and not from her, so she took to unlocking her serious crazy side at some of the customers as well as yelling at the bartender for serving us. She purposely stepped on my foot at the bar and gave me stinkeye, for crying out loud! Good for a laugh or two, but not when she indulges in more tantrum fits than actual bar tending. The bar/waiting service is great otherwise and the Brau is always a choice venue to watch broads do the rain-and-thunder dance.

  90. Chotchke C.

    We stopped here first on our strip club night. It was kinda gross. I saw a dead cockroach on the floor in the bathroom and that kinda ruined it for me.The girls were OK, some pretty, some not. Mostly the club itself is just sorta nasty.We liked other places better.

  91. XhXeXy

    Lol. I love this dirty place. Been here a handful of times. Sometimes you have to hustle to get a table and other times there’s plenty of room. Plenty of tvs and they always seem to have some kind of beer special and the food is decent. And the girls are fun! Just don’t expect classy upscale. No time for that!

  92. Alfonzo G.

    it really dosent get much better than this place. They do need to update there web site. since the girls that they have there are much better. they have TV’s for sporting events and have happy hour everyday of the week. how can you go wrong with that! and no entry fee.

  93. Jeff R.

    Why are these peeps acting all hurt that they had to get off their ass to get ones at the bar. I’ve never waiting an hour then gone to the bar. And some other guy saying the girls didn’t dance half bad, then saying they learned at chucky cheese. Which is it, do they dance fine or not?! This place always rocks when I’ve been there even on a Monday night. There is like 20 girls at any given time so chill if someone isn’t on stage for 60 seconds. Best food and girls at any place so far. PEACE!

  94. masterP

    Lots of contact, sexy latinas. What more do you want.

  95. Moshe R.

    Lame girls are sad, they charge a cover, which goes to pay for the other joint “sams after dark” you use to be able to sit at a table and get the girls to dance, now you have to pay for a table 200 bucks! How lame! The waitress treat you like shit. Constantly haveing c-D list girls

  96. Nicole S.

    Been here twice now, and both times have had a great time. From the security gaurds to the bartenders, every is nice. The girls are great, and deserve every tip they get. I haven’t ordered anything here but drinks there, but I hear the food is actually pretty good. It’s always crowded, and I’m sure that the lack of a cover charge correlates to the long ass line outside. The crowd is lightly mixed, mostly men of course, and everyone seems to be having a good time. The last time I went I brought a friend from out of town and he couldn’t have thought of a better way to spend his time :)Love this place.

  97. Darling N.

    Where else are you going to find hood girls dancing on a pole wearing knee-high blue socks and white chanklas (flip flops)? 🙂 I mean really, EVERYONE knows that Sam’s is the spot for shits and giggles NOT for thrills and spills. Get is right people. I LOVE SAMS!

  98. felixnada

    Ok so I went here for my sisters bachelorette second stop. As soon as we walked in we saw 20 women onstage all shaking their booths! It was a sight to see! Lol the vibes was great! Money was everywhere (and I mean everywhere, floors, chairs, stage) and I didn’t see one single person try to take anything. Every here is here for a great time and sight. The girls here are beautiful! They have so many different types of bodies and backgrounds. They would have 10-15 girls onstage at once and then 15 minutes later or so they would yell over the mic to switch girls from the floor to the stage. I thought that was pretty cool. I asked the DJ if I could get my sister onstage for a lap dance. They said it was $60 and to find 3 girls I liked and they would all dance on here at once. I gathered the money from our party and sought out to find the girls she liked. They made a big announcement, had all the girls leave the stage and called up the 3 girls we chose. My sister sat on a chair onstage and got the lap dance of a lifetime! LolThis place is really great! There are tons of places to sit. It can get pretty crowded but never enough to where you can’t walk around. Security is everywhere too, so don’t fret! Gather your best peeps and head on over for someFun!

  99. Sam A.

    This place was poppin! We went for a birthday celebration and they brought my friend on stage where she got a lap dance by three girls at once! Definitely a fun place and the MC knows how to get the party started

  100. Ben D.

    This place is off the hook. They got some fine ass girls.

  101. George S.

    Lots of very attractive talented dancers here. The problem is that most of the time the girls are basically paying attention to the dumbbells who are “making it rain” by throwing stacks of 20 $1 bills into the air. Too each his own but I can’t see why some guys will throw $100 bucks into the air have it land in the dancing area and on the floor. It’s still a nice place to kick back…have a couple beers. They have a decent $5 lunch special. Unless you’re throwing wads of cash in the air…don’t expect to get much attention from the ladies though. It’s a pay for play world and obviously the Sams girls are pretty hip to that. The place can be a little ghetto at time…a few cholos or brothers from South Central kicking it…but on the flip side you also see businessmen and civil service workers kicking back so it’s an interesting mix.

  102. Lada S.

    Place went down from years ago when was busy with attractive girls. It is ghetto, all around. Inside and outside. South of border gangs everywhere. 2 stars is probably too much

  103. dopeboy19

    This is not a strip club. Girls dance with bathing suits on. Two stars for the hotties.

  104. Sunny Z.

    Watch out! Rip off and thief from the dancer call Jaclyn , she is mixed with Hispanic and Philippine,dark hair and skin, long face, medium height and little chubby with big bellyI come here more than 10 times, most of the dancers are ok until I met Jaclyn, as I remember her name. It was 3/10/14, 5:30pm, jaclyn asked me for dance, I was try to nice to her even her looking it’s only 6 or 7 with A cups boobs. I put my wallet on the sofa next to me, after 5 songs, I found she tried to pulled up the bills from my wallet, I stop the dance and paid her $60, but she said it’s at least 14 songs, WTF, I paid her $60 and walked away, then she called the security guy took me to front door and force me to pay her another $60, I was so mad but I didn’t want trouble and paid her and left. I returned to the club next day coz I think I must report this dirty rip off to the manager and I did, in the mean time I saw Jaclyn was working in the club too, I don’t know who will be the next victim of herI sent a email to the club to complain. They reply ther don’t have a dancer in this name, she must gave me a fake name…

  105. tony g.

    ok. this place is not for everyone and its for everyone . you know that scene in “from dusk till dawn” and george clooney with quentin tarantino and harvey keitel go to the strip club ? yeah trust me this is a copy of that except that theres no nudity . this is a bikini bar with a little topless show . . last night i went because my drunk friends wanted to see “tits” their words.not mine i promise. i wasnt drinking so i figured id see some naked girls and i would still have a good time so we go. it sucks you cant take in your cell phone or anything the security guards say you cant , they took away my sharpie pen im still sore about that. a pen!! but once inside you are glad for the security guards at the doors . im a big guy and hispanic but this place islatino gangbanger central . i had no problems but there is certainly plenty of machismo tension in the room that can easily blow up . go and have a good time but always be aware of your sorroundings and exit strategys. Once inside i didnt drink but i was the loudest screamer in that place i led the room in “woo wooo woos ” all night long . i spent like 10 dollars in tips “hey times are hard”. the girls in my opinion are hot ,i like big butts big breast and plenty of jelly on the sides. there were hispanics about 80% of the dancers. 20% of a mix of white and black and asian. i fell in love more then once and wanna go back for a girl i didnt get to see dance .hhmm umm good. this place is the kinda place stories aremade from . i love seedy dirty strip clubs only downside is that this place is too small for the number of people that show up. its so crowded you can hardly move and seats and tables go fast. go an experience the experience of sams ( a hofbrau is a german style cafeteria ) this place has food that smells good but its no cafeteria. so its just sams dont go for hofbrau its just “sams !!”

  106. Lacie M.

    Ewwwwww this place was frkn gross I.would never ever ever go again .. Parking is shit . the girls are shit. Management is shit. The crowd is ghetto … Ugh bye

  107. Mike L.

    Always heard about this place and finally checked it out a couple of weeks ago. I went for lunch just to check the vibe. Parking in the lot next to it is Valet and was $7! You can park in the street, but looking at the street, that’s a big NOPE. Going thru the door and a black curtain you see a place that probably used to be a German beer haus and has stripper poles and a stage in the middle of it. They had a couple of girls during the day and they were OK. I did not get any dances since the booths were very small with mirrors behind them and anyone could just watch you have your fun. Kinda creepy and weird. They had a lot of food specials for lunch and for $5 I got a decent plate of decent tasting hot wings and $3 for a coke. Ultimately I ate my food and took off and headed over to another spot that I usually frequent. I heard SAMs gets pretty fun in the evenings and people have compared it to like being in a rap video with girls booty clapping and guys making it rain everywhere. Not my kind of fun, but to each their own.

  108. nickstrip

    This place is awesome. Everyone is so friendly. The food is delicious. They have the best pizza In town & you can’t beat their $3 drink specials . This place is perfect for lunch

  109. Rahul D.

    For my bachelor party, my friends had planned to take me at Sam’s Hofbrau, after a long day at the beach. We got there, but the girl manager at the door, promptly said that I would not be allowed in. On asking, she confidently said because I was drunk. Fact is, we were completely sober but since my eyes were red- I wear contacts and the day at the beach and swimming in the sea irritated it- she assumed that I was drunk. She was too cocky to even hear me out. Anyway, your loss- we spent our money at the other strip bar and had a good time. Won’t be checking out this place at all- thanks to you, bitchy manager!

  110. Samuel C.

    This place is hit or miss… Some people like it some don’t. I personally love this place. I mean, there’s never a cover, drinks are cheap and the girls are pretty cute. There’s a flavor for everyone here. If you like your girls thick, they got you. if you like em thin, they got you… if you like em ghetto… they got you… if you like em white… THEY GOT YOU!! I’ve read some of the reviews and well everyone has a right to their opinion. Yes, there are bald head cholo dudes here. But its not completely filled with em.I’m latino but I went to USC and I’m kinda white washed. And there was lots of dude here just like me. There were black dudes, white dudes, even asians. The patrons of sam’s are from all walks of life. And are pretty diverse. Just like their selection of dancers.Not all of em have cellulite I think that was a gross exaggeration. And there was a chubby dancer there but she was raking in the dough because some men love a larger girl. she had large boobs and butt and some dudes like that…There was also a very fit colombian female with a bangin body that only spoke spanish.I was here on a monday night: $3 tecates!! I mean, not even yardhouse has drinks that cheap. So of course they were busy…So overall, I gave them a 4 because although I always have a good time here, the neighborhood isn’t so great and yes I wish the crowd was more upscale. But who cares.Oh on a side note: my cousin brought home some delicious left over pizza slices which I stole from him because it was insane good… He tells me later on that day “Oh that was stripper pizza!” He brought it from Sams. He said they have some really good pizza. And I agree!!

  111. Andi B.

    The women that dance here are beautiful! The club was packed to the point it was uncomfortable. I purposely kept my jacket on so nobody would bother me. That didn’t work. I stayed 10 minutes and left. The bar tenders were rude and not friendly. The clientele here was a bit rough around the edges and looked as if a fight would happen any minute.Parking was a disaster but that didn’t bother me since I took Uber here.Great music 5 starsDancers 5 starsService 1 star2 stars for the cleanliness. This place can use some upgrading and cleaning.

  112. Maribel C.

    $20 Dollar Parking on a Friday$10 Dollar Lap Dances$500 Getting our car broken into NEVER AGAIN!My friend decided to take our guy friend to this place since it was his birthday, so hey lets get him a lap dance on his special day and then go celebrate. Aren’t we such great gals??? We pull into park at their lot and its twenty dollars, I don’t know how some of you paid $5 cause they were charging $20. We figure it isn’t worth it, since we were gonna be in and out. We park two blocks away from this place. I kid you not we were only there for 20 maybe 25 mins. I was pretty disgusted by some of the men in here poor girls that work here with these cheap guys paying them single dollars and rubbing on them geesh give them a little more cheap ass guys. Anyways our friend gets his dance and its time to leave cause we wanted to go drink and go dance, get his birthday celebration started. As we start walking towards our car we see five cars in a row are broken into including ours. Windows broken, glass all over the floor, and no one in sight. We filed a police report the cop told us this happens on a daily basis that cars are always getting broken into in this area. Wish someone would have warned me. So Ill warn you all, maybe you should avoid this place unless this is the type of place you’re into. You’re taking a big risk if the lot is full and decide to park on the street your car might get broken into. All four purses, make up, wallets, etc were stolen. These broke asses even took my damn clothes and went through the papers and stole my friends registration. If you’re a girl you know how much we probably lost. Oh and for the guys the security is gonna pat you down and if you have a phone it isn’t allowed so leave it in your car.

  113. David A.

    Ah. If I could I would save all of them. Every. Single. One. The best way to describe Sam’s , is the a hangout spot for men where all the girls are naked. I’ve never had a bad time here (unless I ran out of money ). I love coming here because you don’t get that creepy vibe you do at the usual strip clubs. Just naked women walking around dancing and hanging out. I’d you’re not a creep the ladies here are very nice and will talk to you. So don’t start smacking booty as soon you get in the place! Official policy is no touching, but if you’re not being a drunk asshole they won’t mind.My advice is come with a budget and leave the cards at home. If you see a girl that’s the “one” just spend money on her and ask for a dance. Its worth it !!! 😉

  114. Jennie M.

    Went for my bday! Omg it was one for the books for sure! The place is so much fun. Level of music is perfect, drinks are good and prices are not bad. The girls are beautiful and they move amazingly!

  115. Rick P.

    This place rocks i havnt been here over 2 years but give it a shot and you will love it. Those w 3stars or less came in expecting sonething else….um its a strip joint. Well deserved for a jojnt in LA nothing like all the other ordinary exotic places. Drinks are inexpensive lap dance are inexpensive and heck u can bring your date while gloating at the fact that both of you ended having a good time geeting a well deserved lap dance. Dont miss it during game nights.

  116. Josh M.

    This place has the best pizza in L.A., hands down(my pants).

  117. Mike E.

    Greatest place on earth. I’ve been here so many times.Imagine a really fun divey sort of sports bar. A bit worn around the edges, not the cleanest place, a bathroom that never smells clean. And then imagine they enlarge the place in order to plop a big stage with two brass poles in the middle.The pressure here to buy lap dances is really low, none of the standard strip-club hustle. But the dancers are very easy to talk to so that you wind up wanting to anyway. Funny how that works. Anyway, every friend I’ve ever taken here has always remarked on how easy it is to just chill out and drink here.The crowd is mostly working-class Hispanic, and there is a greater ratio of nonwhite dancers here than anywhere else I’ve seen. A lot of them tend to be better-endowed in the bottom than in the top, so if that’s your thing, you’ll love it here. But on busy nights they really do have a lot of variety and there’s also a few skinny blonde sweethearts in the mix. It can get really crowded on busy nights, as in nightclub-density (hard to move around), and sometimes the crowd can seem a bit rough – you get the feeling anything could happen, like the way Douglas Adams writes “it was the part of town where people’s plans changed unexpectedly”. So you have to be able to tolerate that element. As long as you’re cool you have nothing to worry about, but I would definitely park my car in the valet lot, never on the street. The other thing about when it gets crowded is that when you see a girl you like, and you are in the market for lap dances, you should strike while the iron is hot, because she might get snatched up by some table of dudes that are all way bigger than you are, and they’ll keep her dancing there forever.The lap dances are not “high mileage” compared to some other clubs, but considering it’s a topless bar and you’re on a chair at one end of the room in full view of everyone – no seclusion at all – they’re really good. And these ladies know how to move.As I’m sure other people have reported here, this bar was featured in the Tarantino movie “Jackie Brown”.

  118. Stephanie P.

    I’ve been here a couple of times with some buddies. It’s not that bad. I’ve had a great time every single time. My only negative comment is that the girls are alright, nothing special (exept for Bridgette) LOL

  119. Tony D.

    Our friends told us to meet them at a pub on Olympic downtown and this is what had in mind. I guess they knew we would not have shown up otherwise.Anyway, the place is pretty fun, but you have to know what you are getting yourself into. The place is in the wholesale district, so you are going to meet something interesting characters inside and out. The place was packed on a Friday night with a wide assortment of guests and dancers. Most of the girls had a few pounds on them, but the customers don’t seem to care. The drinks were pretty cheap, so our group was happy. Everyone there was in a good mood and there was no trouble considering the rough looking characters all around the place.

  120. T

    The worst strip club i have ever been to. This is the 1st time i have been to a club and never got a lap dance.

  121. danielson

    So much Ass in this place!! Definitely wouldn’t call it a strip club, but all that ass makes up for the nudity. Came on a Thursday night and it was packed! Didn’t appreciate the $10 cover each for 6 girls, considering girls spend more money at strip clubs then men do, or maybe I just have a special group of friends!! This is standing room only, no space, and be prepared to be shoved, sandwiched, feet stepped on… But the view is amazing! The talent in this place surpassed PDX and SF bikini bars! I will say they had pretty faces and bodies. Drink prices weren’t bad, and we didn’t have to wait to order which is always a plus. The only reason I didn’t give this place 5 stars, is due to the bar stool seating arrangements. Dudes kept putting reservation signs on the chairs and not letting us sit down. We told security, but they didn’t seem to care much. Doesn’t make since why a group of guys would want to sit next to each other at a bar and not be paying these girls for the entertainment they were providing them. Cheap ass dudes!!! Definitely coming back, Next time I come I’m going to try the food, and hookah….. P.S. Popping bottles at the After hours is a must!!!!

  122. XXXbeast

    What a scene this place is. It’s a party in every corner. Friendly girls and fast service . $50 bucks to reserve a table $10 to get in . It’s a scene . Must go if you want to see something out of the ordinary . No featured dancers with downer songs it just on and popping …

  123. Michelle Y.

    If somebody ever threw “Sam’s” into the YT word association thread, my response would be “GHETTO!!” It’s in a suspect part of town and inside isn’t any better.I rolled up this past Thursday around 11:15 with five others eager to have a fun continuation to our night. We came in three separate cars and when the first car was turned away from the parking lot, we all followed and found some street parking nearby. As we got to the front, that’s where we hit our first roadblock. Apparently to the lady sitting on the stool, my friend’s purse about 10″ x 5″ x 7″ was too big to bring inside. Ok fine, so we left her purse in the car. As we made our way to the entrance again, someone in our group was told that it’s going to be a $20 cover. Um wtf?! Even when you guys decide to charge a cover, your website clearly states that it should’ve been $10. We decided to bounce and go elsewhere. As we were leaving, some bum-looking guy with a backpack was allowed to go in. The C-U-Next-Tuesday clearly did not want our business which is a shame because I had a couple hundred in my clutch to burn.My first time here was a little different than my most recent visit. I showed up trashed with two friends, parked in the lot and got in with no hassle. Now that I think about it, I had a purse way bigger than what was turned away this past Thursday. We entered and it was creepers and janky women galore. The only one positive thing about this place was the bar since the bartender was cool and the drinks were cheap.It was like a barnyard/pet shop up in there where the women were all over the place shaking their booties and doing all they can like “pick me, pick me, pick me!” There were only a few gorgeous ladies and the rest were just plain Jane (or worse). One chick on stage was on all fours twerkin with nobody giving her any attention, I felt bad and gave her a dollar. It doesn’t matter how hott or not the chicks were, we just want to have a good time.Sam’s always came to mind whenever we wanted to have a fun, drunken night of debauchery. It is now at the very bottom of our list. Actually, it’s probably not even on our list anymore. I rather go home and sleep.

  124. richard95

    HALF these ho….. uuum.. CHICKS that THey show ain’t Neeeever worked there buuuut They do have good looking friendly girls who do (T)work (T)work (T) work for that lil man in your pocket… take it however you want. HA! Always a good time here doormen are coo’ Drink prices are coo’ Girlz are On pointAnd have never felt like I’m being sweated to go up and drop $ every damn 2minutes Always would rather go here than any of those dress code enforced clubs… muthafkr I’m going to the STRIP CLUB not A fkn JOB INTERVIEW! SAM’S where every dancer knows your face but can’t remember your name .. all good with me!

  125. The Q.

    First things First. This is a strip club. Not a bikini bar, Not a full nude revue, Not a Dive bar, Not a Club. There are rules to strip clubs. The first rule- don’t stare at the patrons, you shouldn’t even notice there’s a biker gang, an axe murderer, a serial killer, and a computer engineer sitting near you. Second Rule-Don’t bring a camera, cell phone camera, or web cam. Better yet, bring one and see what happens. Third Rule- Cash Only(NO 100’S EITHER)! Are you trying to get your wallet stolen? try getting your credit card back from the waitress. Are you really about to get money out of that ATM in the strip club? If so, you need help. Fourth rule- Relax, Drink, and have fun. Its just titties, dont lose your mind.Now on to Sam’s. I’ve ventured this place before. Great for groups. Great for busted nights at the wack dance club when you wish you had a plan b. Great for Plan B’s and C’s. Great for just chillin in a dive bar-ish type of place with women dancing on tables. Good for Couples(but follow the rules). Misconception- this place being in the ghetto. Sam’s is not in the ghetto, its on the edge of Downtown Los Angeles, if that makes you feel better. If your’e a punk azz and you probably are, be sure to valet park because even though this place is not in the ghetto, the ghetto is right down the street.Facts- lots of girls. girls are so so, more ugly than fine. drinks are reasonable for a strip club, pizza isnt too bad for a drunk person, this place has a Cheers where everybody knows your name feel to it, just don’t let anybody know your name.All the ingredients for a good time, and better story to tell

  126. Tom R.

    This place is too ritzy for me now, I used to come here and didn’t really have to spend too much money that’s all it’s about. expensive cover charge, girls won’t talk to you unless you got a table and look like a dope dealer or something. I think the women here got to spoiled with all the idiots who spend all Kinds of money on them and expect everyone who walks through the door to drop all kinds of cash too. I’ll spend cash at these places but not like a fool. I’m sorry but I’m better off at the more low pro strip clubs were the girls don’t except too much out of you and it’s not a competition there on who can drop the most money. I don’t know about this place anymore, it’s played out..good luck if you come here

  127. Anthony Q.

    disneyland for dudesorchid is a goddess

  128. joe


  129. Patrick C.

    Gracias a Gustavo!!!!!!!without him I may have never been to this wonderful place!!!!!! :)a real wonderful place…the girls are great :-)people love it…some people come there straight after work, even wearing their uniforms haha 🙂 i always wanted to come here…i dunno why, but i thought Sam’s was located off of sunset…my friend Gustavo told me that we were going to go to a great titty-bar where it was free to get in and if we chose to park in the lot, it would only cost us $5.After getting inside, and going down through the place, there were these curtains and next to them was a bouncer. I asked him what was in there… He said “oh this is the exit. I told him “oh i thought it was a special place.” Oh you thought this was some kind of Boom-Boom room?” he laughed. that was a fun moment :-)the staff is very friendly and helpful… I told one of the managers that we love his place and he was very appreciative and pleased to hear it 🙂 the bartenders are very hard working and nice… as well as the waitresses. some of the waitresses are cute too and they work hard all night… had a great time with friends there… a sweet moment was when I told a cute waitress that she has a nice smile and her face lit up and she thanked me… she said she’s been working so hard all night… it was sweet 🙂 Yup this place is a well oiled machine… i wonder how much money they bring it on good night… :-)it was a lot of fun to come her during a Laker playoffs gamewhere we beat Oklahoma city! :)a dancer told me that this is a good place to go when watching the fights. when the main event goes down, all the dancing stops and the big projection screen steals the show…there are plenty of girls to choose from…& a phrase that opened many doors,”can I touch?”advice from an ol’ Starbucks employee,man, these magic words went a long way 🙂 what can be funny is that the place is sorta small, so peoplewill be close to you or look at your dancer while u are getting your dance… so the nice thing about that is you can be sitting down next to a dude getting a dance and for free, see some nice big titties in your face :-)yeah the bathroom can be bad… there was some shit on the floor for a lil bit… but there wasn’t that much shit and it got cleaned up pretty fast.. plus it’s adds to the charm of the bathroomliving up to it’s reputation…other girls were great too… and one was friendly with me cuz when she came by me, she rubbed her t-shirt boobs in my face and smiled… she was wearing a laker outfit and looked so cute..the first girl who i talked to said, “it would be nice if i gave u a big boner.” it was nice and she did 🙂 A girl who says “boner”,now u are speakin’ my language girl :-)one girl was like “what is your name?” “Patrick.” “what is your name? i asked?” In an adorable spanish accent, she said, “My name is a Sponge Bob.” it was so cute!! 😀 & she showed me her nice big boobs :-)i don’t want to become one of those guys who goes tostrip clubs… but Sam makes it easy to become one of those guys… and at Sam’s it would feel great :-)there must be a mathematical equation for strippingor a formula or something….. i’m sure it changes depending on the mathematician…like sweet looks + nice bodies + rubbin’ on my down there =erection + lots of fun + less cash in wallet + high fivesone my dancers was a dream… and man she rocked my world…thank you 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 she made it feel like we were lovers… it was like a dream come true… one of those really special moments… i wish there was opera music playing, or beautiful classical music… longer songs would be nice ;-)anything to keep it going 🙂 Yeah she was so wonderful…definitely a sweet love hangover :-)a dance so passionate and lovely, it would be hard to expectanything like it again… hope to see her again 🙂

  130. Aryf H.

    Quaint place downtown.I was asked to meet some friends here and after being searched by the friendly doorman, couldn’t figure out how to get in. There’s a heavy curtain you have to negotiate around.About 10:30 pm, I was hungry and glad the kitchen was open. After a few recommendations, I just settled on the Buffalo Wings and also a burger. The wings were decent, very saucy and nice and spicy. Meat quality wasn’t top-notch, though. The burger was okay, with a mountain of very salty fries.Service at the bar was good and beer (Sierra Nevada) was only $5.I did notice some girls in skimpy bikinis which I thought odd, but it was Hallowe’en so it’s probably not usually like that.Kinda loud inside for a conversation, plus the so-called ‘music’ was some rap/trance beat (chord change, anyone?).Parking on the street was easy. Their valet parking lot seemed to be only about 70% full.

  131. Caeser S.

    I went there with my gf and the security was rude and snatched her purse to search and dropped her phone and broke it and when I complained about the incident he says it’s our own fault it fell and kicked us out. Very unprofessional. Very rude just for the fact of them breaking her phone we will never go here again to this ghetto bar.

  132. Eric R.

    So SAMs has become a place that nickels and dimes . It’s not a bar at heart but a strip club . Entrance fee for football Sunday’s instead of nights . This place deserves this star since service hasn’t change but become more costly . Beware of waitress that charge u more for the drinks . I’m over this place im taking business elsewhere

  133. Mark T.

    So you’re finished with a Laker game and are bombarded with the usual “passes” for Spearmint Rhino and other downtown strip clubs. One of the flyers, however, is all done up with the old Raiders logo. Nothing says “my LA childhood” more than when we actually had a football team and that football team had bad-ass fans. That, plus the “NO COVER” line, persuade us to give Sam’s a shot.The first thing we notice is that we were not the only ones to have this same idea- the parking lot is completely full by the time we find the place and we have to park on a sketchy side street. Which sucks even more when I get to the door and the bouncer says you have to leave your cell phones in the car if it has a camera (what phone doesn’t have a camera these days?) and I have to walk back. Sigh. Once inside, this place is like a raucous, after-hours party, with shirt and tie dudes fresh from their company’s box at Staples, mixing with beefy, tatted up gang members. They do have a full bar (good) and there is no cover (excellent) BUT this is a little bit like the place where strippers go to die…or at least retire. So the atmosphere is divey and cool but the girls are not really that attractive. Also, because they have a full bar, nobody gets naked or topless, not such a bad thing at all but just something to know before you go.Overall, this is the 2nd sketchiest strip club / lap dance emporium I have ever visited, right after a place in Brooklyn that operates out of a converted cargo container and who’s logo features three girls dancing on the back of a flatbed truck (stay classy, Brooklyn!). Those with a healthy sense of adventure will enjoy, those who want to “make it rain” on some glamor models…err, probably not as much.

  134. rogerrab2

    Whaat?? It’s now $20 to get in? Fuck dat. Used to be free, and I’ve been inside and never would think it’s worth $20 to get in.

  135. Mc Lovin L.

    Mc Lovin says:I always have a great time here. The drinks are affordable and when I’m with a lady friend this place usually gets her in the mood for some extra curricular after bar fun.The staff are cool, down to earth and understand what people are looking for.

  136. ryan123

    I went to this place with my friend. We went there on monday night and we did not have a good time. It was free before 8 pm. So we got there around 7:45. All We saw was fake ass and breasts! simply fake girls! none of them were hot except one named Susana. She was just beautiful. But overall we did not enjoy it. they did not have any special place for lap dances and the spot for lap dances was about 10 feet away from the main stage! I will not go there again.

  137. Marquis S.

    Sam’s is DOPE…pretty girls everywhere…drink prices were not bad at all…its gets too packed on the weekends…standing room only, but the females and music makes up for it…LOVE THIS PLACE…

  138. Kalbiguy B.

    We were here the other night. Still the same cool vibe. But it’s soooo crowded. And the prices have gone up. $20 for private dances and $10ish for booze. When I first started coming here, beer was only $4. If they ever charge an entry fee or make the dancers cover their boob buttons, I’m out. Otherwise, I highly recommend : )

  139. Mr. P Mosh V.

    Since when did u guys start charging a cover to go in?!?!? On a Sunday? Daytime party the guy told us at the door. What does that even mean? Come on Sams you should know better. Cover to go in? No thank you! I rather go to Jumbos Clown Room. Peace!

  140. Diana V.

    Yes, I’m going to review the shit out of Sam’s. Lol. Jessica F. and myself have been here just a few times but we love it here. The chicks are NOT cute, at all. Maybe like 3 out of 20 are decent. The rest either are too skinny with no ass, or too fat with cellulites. Really ? Or how about one that’s very pretty with a nice body (probably the hottest one here) and as soon as she turns around to do her thing she has a huge ass portrait of her toddler on her back. NOOOO! I don’t wanna look into your kids eyes while your shaking your ass girl. Lol. All bad. I know there’s food here but personally, I don’t think it’s appropriate to eat a taco in front of some vag. Lol. That’s just me though. We never have a problem coming here. The music is crackinnn. I’ve only been here on a Sunday. It’s pretty chill.Oh, how about I share the time I came with Jessica and some chick tried to make her money dancing at our table….with her ass cheeks full of acne. Yes people, acne! Gahhhh’rossss.’Lavate las nalgas’. Spanish for ‘wash your ass’. Instead of throwing dolla bills, I’m gunna throw some Proactive on those bitches. LolKbye.

  141. Cat T.

    Great place to go when you want to see titties AND alcohol…or if some people want to see titties, while others want to play pool… or to drink some alcohol… or even to eat something… (i meant FOOD you pervert!!)Very chill bar… they’ve got television sets as well so you can watch the telly if you’re so inclined… now, in my opinion the girls here aren’t very good looking… well there was this really really cute barbie doll blondie there that I thought was the cutest thing ever… but she didn’t seem to get as much attention as the not so pretty ones… maybe she was too much of a barbie doll for the crowd… anyhoo… cute waitresses tho…

  142. N G.

    This is a bikini bar. You only see boobs for 30 seconds. Not worth it go somewhere else. Also, how are you going to say a coors light is $5 and then, you are charged $6.45.

  143. Craig S.

    I have a love hate relationship with sams been going there for 10 years and my have things changed. Place is over crowded usually no where to sit. They charge $100 to let you sit in a booth Wtf? The only reason for the three stars girls are hot drinks are strong that makes up for some of there short comings. Park on the street save the $7.

  144. Carlos C.

    SAMs is one of the best places to have a couple of drinks watch sports . They have the best waitresses in town very polite .. The best part about SAMs is the entertainment … SAMs …..

  145. Mistercap12

    An ethnically diverse lineup of beautiful women. however, their nachos are horrifically sub-par. The nachos at your local 7-11 would comparatively be considered top shelf….stay for the booty in your face. go somewhere else for your nacho fix.

  146. Steven C.

    The worst strip joint , fat girls and fat girls!! Even some Catlin Jenners working there. Never seen so many Big Nose girls in my Life!!! But on the plus side they look good bent over until you see there face and hear theem talk one in particular , wrost can’t understand one word!! And its red knotted hair came off while it s over barring arm pit smell came out frm u know where. This place is over hyped ,just don’t waste your time BIG Disappoint unless your into trannys then this is the place

  147. int
  148. S.C. Hoppin'

    Been here once, and only saw 1 attractive girl but not trimmed down to my preference. Most of the girls were thicker vs. thin, and the thin one wasn’t a great looker. Didn’t expect much because they serve alcohol.

  149. james1412

    I chose to go to eat and have fun with all my friends especially I miss Kira the who was call sunami

  150. igor34

    No customer service here … we where there for 30 mins not one waitress come over to ask us if we wanted a drink. We had to ho up to the bar and ask fir ine out selves and even at the bar they ignored us a good 15 mins ….

  151. Truth B.

    Everytime i come here i am so tore up already from pregaming at friends houses. I ALWAYS have a good time even though this place is in a ghetto random area. Most of the dancers are cute but alot of them are all having Mexico looking butt implants. Drinks are good and strong. Lapdances are cool depending on who you get it from. overall cool lil joint

  152. marlonmoney12

    My first time there was dope as fuck…best girl there was brazil…dope chick! Need to go back and turn up!

  153. Linda R.

    Sam’s HofBrau. Its a great place once you get over the initial disappointment. You see, from the name and the cosy sign out front I was expecting brats and beer steins as big as my head along with the strippin’. No such luck, just plenty of overpriced Tecate for hard working warehouse men.The strippers now, are another question. Most of them are reasonably goodlooking and get this; I have NEVER seen fake boobs there. If you’re in the mood for natural stripper boobs, this is the place.We stopped by on a whim one Saturday about 10am, having just had breakfast at the TV Diner nextdoor. Boy, you get a lot for your money when you’re the only patrons, let me tell you. Mini lapdances stageside, I kid you not. After awhile this gets a little…wierd..but for a few sets its great fun. I know I’ll be back next time my hubby’s in the mood for a little adventure.

  154. Kim H.

    ONLY REVIEWING 1 STAR to IDIOT BARTENDER on July 10, 2012. I am giving a 1 star but would give a 0 to the bartender. We went in with a work group of 6 guys starting at 4pm. We were drinking but mind you not to the point where he felt he needed to cut us off. I have never been cut off and we were very respectful, not loud, spending money on food and drinks. His reply of a recent vice person was retarded. Until he is gone or apologizes and makes up we will not be going back to this otherwise AWESOME club. He cut us off around 7:30 saying we drank too much in a short period of time. 6 guys and 4 or 5 girls. Like really we didn’t drink all that for 6 guys. Stupid retarded business practice. Never in my years of drinking and it is many have I experienced this. He lost a lot of business that night.

  155. Brian S.

    Great place to relax and enjoy looking at beautiful women. Place is kind of small but the women make up for it. They are beautiful and sexy!!!!

  156. Kevin C.

    An Asian, an Indian, a black guy and a Jew walk into a (Hof)brau. A plump Latina walks by our table and does a double-take. She’s got a back-end so large that Sir Mix-a-Lot un-retired to retract his earlier sentiment. “Hey! You guys took a wrong turn somewhere… The math club meeting is down the street.” FML

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