The Boxxx Chicago



16700 South Halsted Street, Harvey, IL 60426


41.5864107, -87.6376135




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “The Boxxx Chicago

  1. keith

    good times

  2. Chris Ruback

    very hard to hear and under stand the D.J. Plus takes to long to get a drink ordered. Wide range of women. Has all types. Some are bit rough looking. The bouncers are freindly if you are respectable to the other employees. Always a great time for me and the wife.

  3. anounymous
  4. Dragon

    If you are looking for a excellent dance from some very beautiful ladies ask for jaylen(if you don’t mind tatoos)& foxy.Covers not bad compared to other clubs & beers $1.50 & free parking what more could you ask for.

  5. Re:Fw: Artman

    I’m sorry went back to Gina and realized that a hand and foot job is better then a boring lap dance she has really learned same tricks at age with service like that she will last another 25 years in the strip club scene

  6. k


  7. Mario

    It was nice to take my woman and have a great time. We will be returning really soon. She really enjoyed the full nude dances we stayed up all night when we left.

  8. Mr Loyal

    I remember this club when it was the place to go .Since many clubs have opened and its hard to compete .Two things you can do Change Music and Atmoshere

  9. matt

    management sucks. fat tarting girls. wont be back

  10. bill

    this club is great they have the best drink prices around

  11. l
  12. ted
  13. Sweety

    Don’t ask. Just come check it out.

  14. Andrew
  15. Trinity

    THe SkYbOx SuXx

  16. Drew


  18. Re; relax

    Only a hardened felon/drug runner/gangster would love such

    a violent and unsafe club like Club O!

  19. Jay

    Too much fun


    In ChiTown for the weekend and went to Skybox. Guy at the door was a complete ASS. “Hats and Jackets to the car or your not coming in” and I was like “Ahhhhhh” and he said “to the car or GO HOME”. Alright fine not hats or jackets (it was like 10 below that night). Try to get a Corona and have a good time. Bouncer guy standing near the bar (which I guess was private not open to the public) was like “I suggest you find a seat, this bar isnt open for you. Go get a seat and maybe someone will wait on you” So now im fuming pissed. Stayed about a 1/2 hour and was out like a fat kid in dodgeball after I finally got one corona…….

    MY Suggestion: FIND ANOTHER CLUB…..

  21. Titan

    Totally unsafe club, in an extremely bad neighborhood!


  22. bobby j


  23. to jd

    what JD wants is a fuck and suck.. yeahh in that case go to arnies. gross. “these girls have to work hard for my hard earned money…” fuck face, they do work hard. what the fuck do you want for a dollar? are you stupid?

  24. cute

    Celeste owns this club! She needs to be at HB’s more often!

  25. sahib

    It’s kind of hard to call someone if you can’t see the numbers. Thanks for the dumb advice anyway. You meant well.

  26. loverboy
  27. SSoxfan
  28. Kool moe Dee

    overall it was a descent spot cheap drinks pretty waitress girls were aiight a little to ghetto for me got a dance from sasha very cute black girl she knew how to move…will eventually come back lol i think they just need to promote this place just a lil better

  29. ken
  30. Jonathan
  31. RE: Artman

    Dude, I have seen Sasha, if you think she has class you are sadly mistaken. I feel bad for you, and the lack of classy women who have crossed your path. She is loud, she acts ditsy, and most of the time she spent with me, she talked about all the other dancers and how they all “hate” on her. This girl seemed to have some serious issues.

  32. G
  33. joel

    This club has defenitely seen better days, but there are a few girls that live up to its former glory. The prices are unbeatable and the wait staff are very friendly and easygoing. As for the girls, there are some that still manage to take my breath away. Valentina is HOT!! Naya is great, Saphire and CoCo and Isabella are always good choices. The best stage performances go to Jewel and friend that always goes on stage with her. As for best lap dances, valentina does it best.

  34. jackson
  35. gld98

    its a great place

  36. George

    The girls are very good. Some bad ones like Dominique are pesty, but most are good, especially Dallas and Natalie and Mahdalin.

  37. Tom

    Get some new girls

  38. thongeater

    LOVE THIS PLACE. Biggest, I mean very biggest bang for your buck in all Chicagoland. Great club, I drive out of my way to go there, passing up Diamonds, Polekatz, Allstars and Club O to get there. The girls could be a little hotter but they have some very hot girls, some not so hot too.

  39. ??????????????????
  40. worst club

    This is worse club in chicago area. almost all black grils

    with poor service. scary looking and clientele is also subpar.

    not a gentlemen club

  41. aaron

    the best strip club in chicagoland area. this is the motherload.

  42. Anonoymous

    I hated working at this club. They have RIDICULOUS rules and make you pay SOOO much to work there. They pretty much take half your pay. Fuck the Skybox.

  43. mex kid

    man i was drivin by n saw da club still open i stopped by man i seen da biggest ASS !! her name was lovely boy she sure was nice curves big ol booty i l be back 2 C her!!!

  44. Rocco

    I got drunk and had some vip’s with Sapphire and Secret. Thank God for these ladie’s honesty. I left my wallet back there and they found it and gave it me with all the cash in it. They even turned down a reward!

  45. Birthdayboy

    I went there for my b-day with my wife(her first time). She enjoyed the club and variety of girls. Mercedes was a great experience for her, and Isabella for me. Most definitely will return.

  46. guess ?

    this club is the greatest beautiful girls cheap drinks,who could ask for anything more?

  47. Someone

    Dancers are hot. One girl explained to me if they come off mean, its because the club will take more than half there money at the end of the night to pay house. They hustle the girls that hustle us. Wierd.

  48. reply

    she was there last night saw her myself her name is skylar

  49. ddm
  50. walter

    Well the hours are different but there are some really good looking girls, they should really look into updating the music, dance specials are great and 1.50 for miller lites are unbeatable. dance prices were the best ive seen in a while at any other place thats for sure.

  51. Tim

    dark& ghetto!!!

  52. Somebody

    Whats with this niave talk? Shouldn’t the manager be on top of deleting the racist comments? They have no right to say something as wrong as one person is better than the other for NO reason.

  53. regular
  54. ann

    u need to revise your web site. Drinks is not $1. they are much much more than that. there is a dress code.get it right stop midsleading customers

  55. Disappointed

    This used to be a great club. Attractive dancers. Reasonably priced drinks. Park you own car right next door. What happened? Was there Sat night. A couple of attractive dancers are left. Most were — well, who wants to see dancers in high heels and bikinis who weigh 50 pounds more than you? Signs posted with 500 dollar rewards for new dancer referrals. What happened here? The back bar is closed. Near impossible to get a drink. About a 45 minute wait to get a beer. I came with lots of cash and left early. Time to find another club.

  56. Tino
  57. just stop

    Talking about it just makes it harder on us. I was white dancer there. A lot of people would not dance with me because I was white. I even got bad comments. People always thought I made money. People just need to stop talking about, making it harder.

  58. Billy Bob
  59. hb fan
  60. ladies man

    Ok, no one ever posts about the staff, but DAMN!!! They have some fine chicks walking around that club WITH THEIR CLOTHES ON!! Front door girl on the weekends…hot. The blonde waitress…hot. The curly headed manager chick…hot. They’re all hot!!!!

  61. Dan

    Damaged goods. Ugly Ugly girls man. Nasty

  62. What?

    This place sucks. No respect for their customers. Save your money and go somewhere else.

  63. jack
  64. drew peterson

    you must be color blind–most of the girls are black tyrone!!

  65. DEAN


  66. season

    club sucks

  67. mike

    Went there 3 times looking for my one and only hot asian girl…haven’t seen her!!where did she go?! shes the only reason i go to this dump.

  68. just jack
  69. jack-off
  70. McLoving

    The bouncers and manager(s) are complete douchebags. There is an ignorance about them that stands out among other bouncers. Over paid my stripper $15, and when I asked the manager for my change he got in my face and along came a bouncer. I told that gum dingy to fuck off. For an establishment that prides itself on “No Hands” they sure did a lot of grabbing (fagots). Stay away from this place. Of course many people do anyway.

  71. RD

    It is not what it used to be. It has turned completely into cowboys. I will never go back. If you like ghetto dancers this is your place. This place has no class.

  72. jessi
  73. regcon


  75. Mac
  76. MR JOEY



  77. Brotha man

    Step yo service up…

  78. Hot

    Great talent on the pole.

  79. Len
  80. yes man
  81. brian
  82. He who knows

    Very dangerous place, right in the ghetto! Skybox is nothing

    but shootings, armed robberies, car jackings, nightly

    violence, don’t go here!

  83. david
  84. 23
  85. billybob

    love it my favorite place always have fun there and great bartender my favorite of all the real little blonde so sweet and very funny

  86. Fred
  87. to ann

    let me see…you said…revise your web site drinks are not $1.00 they are MUCH MORE then that…. who’s the stupid “B”.

  88. joe blow

    this place sux

  89. Violette

    I loved it and i really enjoyed myself

  90. cops

    bad ass bitches

  91. bachelor_boy

    Just went the other night…Good music, great prices. The girls were fun and flirty, never pushy or rude, the atmosphere was good and the girls were smokin’!!! I’m already planning my next trip!!!

  92. Waste of time

    This club blows! Has seriously gone way down hill. The beers are cheap, but u get what u pay for.

  93. Me

    Went to the Skybox for a bachelor party. They dumped us in back where we could not see anything. We moved in front there were hardly any girls. Some jag off bouncer was screaming at people for putting drinks on the stage. (The stage is set up like a table so it made sense.) Horrible waste of time and money. Went down the street to Club O and had a good time.

    I love a good strip club. No better way to pass the time but this place sucked bad.

  94. Cluber...

    This place is not the best in the area. I’ve been to better clubs.

  95. DaGuy
  96. YES!YES!YES!....YES!

    oH, oHHH, OOOHHH, yEA!

  97. Darren

    This club has the sexiest girls around! I was there on Saturday and fell in love with a chick named Paxton. Her pole tricks are the best I’ve seen. Everyone was real nice. My friends and I had an awesome time!! I’ll be back every weekend if Paxton is there!

  98. Girl next door

    I worked at skybox a while back, just wondering if the money is still great? When i worked back then i could make 1000-1200 on a weekend nite does that still hold true these days?

  99. what an idea...

    ya I went in yesterday just to find out my favorite beer corona was selling for 50 cents. i was in shock. i also found out that they have 50 cent heineken wensdays. at 50 cents thats were ill be on tuesday and wensday..

  100. The Thinker

    I think that Frankie is actually Autumn begging for her job back! That’s what I think! Trust me, guys could care less about those stupid little shows the girls do on stage for bachelors. The only ones that care to watch that crap are the guys paying to get their friend up there, the rest could care less. So I personally think it’s Autumn posting under false names. Get a life!

  101. 4
  102. Andy Money

    Quite possibly the worst stip club I’ve ever been to in my life! Cheap drinks, but horrible dancers! Futhermore, the entire club smelled like a sewer! DO NOT PATRONIZE THE SKYBOX IT IS A WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY!

  103. nick
  104. tommy

    had a great time…..very relaxed atmosphere….bouncers not breathing down your throat…..girls are for the most part very good looking coming back for more……..

  105. kkk love

    fuck nigger, it would be a lot easier if we would go back to slavery, when your mad beat up nigger

  106. a cust
  107. arnie
  108. 336
  109. GS

    cant say anything and club owner sucks,He needs to change his clothes every once in a while .his a… kisser needs to change her clothes she looks just like him.

  110. SKILLZ


  111. Fuck This CLub!

    I went to the club with My man and we were so uncomfortable and the club is set up like a Bar & Grill the Stripper are not Pretty they are all Fat or Either Ugly as hell and they dont have a real stage for them to dance on they are on tables ..its more staff and security than actual Dancers…I went in a tried to come right back out and ask for my money back but they said no so I think thats bad business overall this club is for Ghetto people no class at all …..I will not recommend this club for nobody dont even waste your money !!!!!!!!

  112. dancing

    Why do the customers have to give us so much crap. So judgemental. Its ok to be if you like a certian type. But you don’t know a thing about me personally. I’ve been dancing for over a year and I can count the times a guy told me no with 2 hands. Thats why come back laters, don’t work for the people who really want you to come back. All the other idiots who mean no use ‘come back later’. If you actually mean come back, the best way to be sure to get the girl is to tip on stage WHEN YOUR READY, and tell her your ready. This also could turn into the new language of no. See how ridicilous this has become. I can’t believe men can’t say no. Waste my time. Try hard, no money at the end. Still tring to please. If men could at least say no. Our time would be spent on some one who would like company, and not have to pay for all of it. I actually talk to customers. I’m not old, fat, or ugly either. But just to make as little as 150-300 it takes the whole day, a lot of jerks, always only a few great customers, acrobatic wear and tear on the body. I don’t gossip with co-workers. I spend all my time with customers. Come on, what is it?!

  113. omar

    new a rip off. not worth going to. 390 is way better.

  114. Quagmire

    I didn’t care for this place. I thought the girls were mostly mediocre at best. A few were beyond bad. And I don’t mean “bad” as in “good” in that really hip sense — I mean they were fat, ugly and annoying.

    The biggest problem was what happened to my buddy there. To this day, whenever we remember it and talk about it, he either has to have a drink or he chokes up.

    Yes, it involves a fat woman. And not just fat as in a little “pleasantly plump” — I’m talking about a girl who needed her own zip code. We were sitting up near one of the small stages (which ARE a lot like a table!) looking around, and everything is fine. Then we notice that all of the sudden we were in a big shadow — everything got a little darker, but this was no eclipse. It was her; she was at least 250 pounds — at a minimum. I tell you guys, I was paralyzed in horror. I couldn’t look away, it was like that scene in “Alien” when the woman just freezes in front of the alien, unable to move she is so petrified. that’s what seeing this fat woman did to me. My buddy was the same. Just as he was about to get up to get out of there, she leaned down and started dancing on him. What she specifically did we promised never to mention to another human being, to save future generations the horror. Just like the two survivors at the end of “Deliverance”. It was awful. We both have nightmares from seeing that sight.

  115. MMB

    Getting Drinks is a bit slow but, thats what happens when there is a full club.

  116. Brooke

    I went to skybox with my husband over the weekend (2/9), total waste of money. There were absolutely no attractive girls working. The was also a lack of variety amoung the girls. It was probably 90% black, and then white girls that were working were busy as hell. We will never go back!

  117. Sammy

    This club really needs new management none of the employees I talk 2 on a regular basis likes the way the club is being ran!

  118. yup
  119. Jessie

    to quigmire 12/31. i dont know what club u were at.was not the skybox.we have no FAT girls here! u must have been drunk and forgot where you were. try again

  121. 1Dancer

    I used to work at Skybox, left and came back. The girls have improved so much! When I left they were a bit…trashy. Now all of the girls are clean, friendly, great looking and tactful. Plus we can hold a great conversation. We make enough money that we don’t have to ask you every 5 seconds for a dance.

    They also fired a majority of the staff, and all of the new hires are very friendly and professional.

    Needless to say, I’m very happy to be back! If you haven’t been there in a while, I highly advise you to check it out again. It has improved by leaps and bounds!! All of the girls are great looking, and the prices are still the same.

    Note: If you are looking for a nasty club where “other things” are allowed, please don’t bother to stop by. Yuck.

  122. lo
  123. The Artman

    Went last night to get a dance from Sasha but she wasn’t there i was disappointed! does she still work there? that is the only girl there with some class!

  124. u and me
  125. hot & horny
  126. TYRONE


  127. babydoll
  128. dancer

    as a dancer i enjoy working here i make a lot of money.if girls dont make money that because they are too busy gossiping about every body elses business,and not working the floor

  129. 56
  130. Jason

    this place is back – it had been disappointing about a year ago, but wow – more dancers and better looking dancers. They are slightly more strict than their neighbors on where you put your hands (waist only please), but the grinding dance I received from China (yet another Asian dancer) was one of the best I’ve had – this place is now better than Club O in my opinion. drinks are still $1 on weekends, so it is also a good value. I would not go here for a bachelor party, as previous reviewer commented – there was a bachelor party last night and they stuck them in the back – the back is really the only big area to take a lot of people, but effectively this action puts the biggest crowd out of the way.

  131. re:mclovin

    i agree……the only thing good about this place is the beer

  132. frankie

    welll this place has turned into cowboys!! What a dissapointment!! I am serious! They used to have a bunch of good looking white and mexican girls that had class now they have hood black rats that do not know anything about manners. the management is a complete joke!! they have turned this in to a niggers paradise!! i quit going there for a while and went back to be very dissapointed!! no more Autumn!! WHAT THE HELL IS A MATTER WITH U PEOPLE?????? She did all of our special events and was one sexy sexy women. this club will be losing alot of business and money. hopefully they will shut down this gansters paradise SOON!! Out of all the years that i went i dont think it will ever be the same!! and that is a very sad thing!! I f you wanted to malke money you would bring back the good looking white girls Autumn/ one of the best!! come on bring it back!!!! It is very sad to see that it is a nigger club


  133. topless
  134. bb1900
  135. chicagoguy

    I was at the club thursday night . A gal comes over and

    offers me for dances . I asked rules and then while dancing

    guy who watches dances comes and yells at me during dance .

    I politely leave and then ask the guy back explaining the

    sitiation . guy pushes me 3 times and says get out of vip .

    get out of vip . i was just talking and not sure whats going

    on . guys be careful with the management.they dont tellrules

    to gals ppl can push u off ..

  136. loser
  137. tocute
  138. Jimmy
  139. Ron

    LOVE IT!!!

  140. bertman

    hotttttttttt bitches here

  141. connoisseur

    its a decent “factory” type place worth going to on an occasional weekend not the place to hang at all the time but nice for a night out

  142. Former Customer

    Went here last night and it was a scene! It was only 4 girls there and

    one of them was a 65 year old named Tina that is way over the hill!

    Got a dance from Trinity and all she wanted to do was hook up for

    sex after she got off. This club gets worse every time I go there! This

    club needs to get a new management team, owner, close…or all the

    above!!! I will never spend another dollar on this waste of time club!

  143. clarence

    went to skybos on sat 10-21-06. had a fun time.girls are beautiful,friendly,and nice. had about 6 lap dances with diffrent girls.they were fantastic. this is a clean club.

    NO SEX IN THE VIP.THATS GREAT.must be ran by females personal.LOL

  144. Hommee
  145. Kp1flush

    had a great time at a bacholor party. IF there is a place you can have as good a time, drink this much, for this little money. I havnt seen it

  146. EA

    BEWARE: THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF. Near the end of the night I was approached by a dancer asking if I wanted a dance. She brings me in back, decent dance about 3mins long, then asks me if I want her to stop. I said yes, because I just wanted one dance. She then went on to charge me for 2 dances saying it was 2 songs. I wouldn’t pay because it was obviously only one song. The stripper and I went back and forth arguing about how many dances it was but the bouncers MADE ME PAY FOR SERVICES I NEVER RECEIVED. At the same time this was happening to me, a friend who I was there with was getting ripped off in the same way. He had enough money for one dance and was charged for two so he had to borrow from another friend. When the people I was there with heard about us getting ripped off they knew it wasn’t a mistake, SKYBOX WILL RIP YOU OFF. P.S. the girls aren’t that hot either. Never going back.

  147. Dave

    What a dump! Get some new girls that actually have a personality and that aren’t robots, “U want a dance?” is the only thing they know how to say. Drinks are cheap, but the gurls are nasty and this was trashy. Not coming back.

  148. johnny38
  149. XXXD.O.G.G.

    $10 cover! $1 Drinks! Hot naked girls !!! Nuff said

  150. JD

    Went on a friday nite…the best thing going for this club is the wide range of girls, black white, latina, even asians…They get naked, but its just something that irks me about a club with no touching allowed…the girls just dance in front of you on the stages (about 4)and then do a lil titty in your face and ass shakin routine, and then lift there strap up for you to place your dollar bills, and on to the next guy. I don’t know about you, but a dancer has to work harder than that for my hard earned money…the girls are nice looking enough with decent bodies, so i guess it was worth the $10 cover, but the whole no touching thing ruined it for me…its not like i’m a perv or something trying to finger a dancer or anything, but you cant even put your dollar where you want…spoiled girls in there, if you want a more lax club in the s. suburbs, go to arnies

  151. Adam

    This club sucks. They treat you like dirt. STAY AWAY from here. Its not worth your time or money!!!!!!!

  152. MS YUMMY
  153. The person you ain't

    Pat the reason why they probably ignore most people is that most people don’t tip, at least that’s what one of the fine waitresses told me. In fact, she was the only one capable of carrying on a conversation with words contained in the English language. When you dilute the value of your business to a point where even your whores can’t make the money they used to because the bar has invited mostly poor people to visit it weekly, that will happen. When you couple the lifelessness of some low life looking tramp walking back and forth on a stage for about 5 minutes and then have to deal with sitting next to the low grade clientele of this place ranging from Niggers, spics, gang banging trash and hillbilly’s, it’s enough to make you not want to go. Watching some guy blow into a girl’s ass is grotesque. Here’s a thought, what if she blows back! I say save your money, pick up chicks at bars not strip clubs. This place is just filthy and it’s obvious why the service is lax, the clientele mostly looks like they couldn’t afford a 99 cent burger across the street.

  154. noting

    I love the new stages. I hope he gets a new vip soon also.

  155. cinnamon

    no comments at this time will catch u later

  156. Pat

    I wish they could serve beers faster Some of the waitresses walk by you and serve other people (their friends?) and ignore you. Could use some more mature servers.




  158. cvvvccv
  159. kevon

    needs overhaul

  160. ryan
  161. JB
  162. More fools

    There is only a few white dancers. Most customers don’t prefer white, so most white dancers don’t stay there. And the white guys that come in are cheap.

  163. MUAH


  164. steve
  165. Hello

    How hard is it to put in an ear piece? Don’t be a sour apple.

  166. prop joe

    nice talent

  167. stogie
  168. alPilsen312

    its been fun times there all the times we have been there and we”d never had any drama. And I’m going again tomorrow.

  169. ex customer

    Mike the owner is an a..hole,and so is his sidekick from hb c.t. they got rid of all the regular employees,and hired all of cowboys dumb people. he is not a good employer to work for. All quality girls are gone because this club has changed for the worst. I heard he fired all of the people who were hired by the managers that worked for him for years. fisrt,julie quit,rochells quit. thats when he went besirke and fired all of the people they had hired. These were great employees, came to work everyday,and did a fantastic job.Then comes Crystal Tiffany, from heavenly bodies, with all of her rules. She is a spy,backstabber,liar

    grin in your face and pretend everything is O.K. She kept Mary Covington on because mary is just like her, a snitch.

    after mike fired all of these employees,he does not want to pay unemployment,so what does the old bastard do? He claims they all stole from him.Which is a blatent LIE. This club is ran by SATAN (MIKE CRYSTAL MARY). THIS CLUB WILL BE CLOSED SOON,because it is now being ran like a whore house. I will never come back to this club and I will tell ALL my friends and they will tell their friend not to pataronize this place.

  170. quess

    hate this club. Managers stink. Owner, Mike sucks. Manny sucks.

  171. Sexy


  172. dear ann

    ok your right…. the drinks arent $1.00, they are $1.50. but if thats what u think is alot more..maybe you shouldnt be there.

  173. james
  174. connie
  175. satisfied

    All the girls want to hook up outside the club. The manager lady even brokered a deal for me to meet a girl at the hotel down the street!

  176. J

    Drink prices are hard to beat. Only been there on a Monday and Tuesday night, but there is a variety of girls, most pretty attractive, and a few real hot ones. All of them were nice, not at all pushy or rude. Harvey is a little sketchy, but it’s a great time.

  177. jackie

    nice club

  178. jambalya

    It’s too white, need more ladies of color.

  179. bi_mami83
  180. Foxxy

    This is a nice spot the women were interesting. I wish they had more thick black girls. More or better table dancing. For the most part I liked it from a female perspective..

  181. John

    This place is great!!!! I will be back, hotest girls in chicagoland area!!

  182. AARP Supporter

    I got a pity dance from Gina just because I felt sorry for her! She is the oldest stripper I’ve seen at any strip bar I’ve visited. She spent the whole dance talking about the how the young girls will steal my money and how I should leave early before they come to work and she tried to walk me to the door and got mad when I got a dance from a younger more attractive girl. Gina is over the hill and needs to make room for the young girls like trinity and tyler!

  183. later

    Hey keep saying maybe later. Keep going up to stage and say later. Then say I’ll take you to champagne room after I take a whiz. Then duck out of the place when she’s waiting for you. I do this every time I go there.

  184. mo
  185. ?


  187. xman

    Club sucks.Where r all of the orginal employees. Went there Fri night, thought I was in the wromg club. All new faces,unprofessional,and ghetto. What happened? Is this the new COWBOYS?

  188. geeze

    nice club,great girls,cheap drinks

  189. NEs
  190. New Guy

    This place is uncomfortable. They have no new music and if you ask the DJ he says the owner won’t approve new music. The dancers walk around complaining about the customers and fellow dancers. The place is just dirty looking and most of the girls are ugly. The only good thing is the drinks are cheap but it takes forever for the waitress to bring them. The place needs renovation and a new staff from the girls to whoever is running the joint. Better off going somewhere else.

  191. John P.

    Where are the black women…this has to be the only club that I’ve visited that didn’t have any good looking black women! last night i only seen one and she was not cute at all and had a fake accent. I drove all the way from Elgin to see black girls only to find that the Skybox only has 1 and she is ugly! Went over to Club O and they had 5! The Skybox has lost a loyal customer and Seduction at Club O has gained a new one!

  192. what

    get a bartender, you kind of need one at a bar.

  193. Big Rod

    Nice place – the staff’s friendly and they have great drink prices. There’s a good variety of dancers (most of them 7+) – at least on the weekdays (haven’t been there on a weekend).

  194. coonair

    A few nice girls, that gave great lap dances. Got ripped off by Saphire and Secret. Watch out for them if you had a few drinks.

  195. sober
  196. Muscle Lova

    I visited this club on a Monday for their gay night. There was this one chocolate, muscular, mandigo of a man outside. I was mesmerized.I had to know him.I found out his name is Isaiah.And his is lickable!!So fine and I want him to be ALL MINE!!I will spend all my money on him! Will visit every Monday until he speaks to me and loves me forever! <3 him sooooo much! Smooches boo! Until next Monday!

  197. Thug Life

    Overall one of the best strip clubs i been to for a minute they know how to make a customer feel welcome… will come back for more…

  198. chris
  199. Greg

    I liked it

  200. never again
  201. .....


  202. peep
  203. pretty girls none

    Ugly….scary. What happened here?

  204. j mann
  205. Horny Boar

    Possibly the crappiest looking club in the Chicago area. Almost all black women, which are just not my taste.

  206. La Bamba

    Went for a bachelor party last night, club has changed

    dramatically. There did not seem to be a lot of dancers

    working for a Friday night. Music was not that great,

    drinks are still cheap, there is no bottled water which I

    find odd. Overall not a bad night but not as great as it

    used to be. There did not seem to be a lot of waitresses

    there either, Blue Haired waitress had a great personality,

    and made the night more enjoyable.

  207. 'E'

    The time that I was there was amazing. Beautiful women and a great atmosphere. Haven’t been to another club that has even come close to this one. Can’t wait to get back!!

  208. pipe daddy

    Man that Desire is something else. She bust me and my man down at the Best Western!! I got my moneys worth thats for sure!

  209. terry
  210. Marisol

    Hubby’s tongue ring felt great on my clit tonight while u was at work!!! I love your Xmas decorations also bitch!!! Make that money bitch so he can take a bitch to dinner later!!!

  211. Fyl

    I love the variety of girls that work there. I’m definitely into the big booty black girls. I love all types of women, they really have every type of girl there. If you are a strictly barbie-blonde person, this is not the club for you.

  212. jay barnes
  213. slom
  214. bear
  215. Pink Slip

    This club is actually very intelligent. The way the shot

    girls all have to learn an approach is very interesting. It

    shows organization in this establishment. I have never seen

    that in this industry before. I see that the shot girls

    improvise sometimes and it makes me want to correct them.

    Obviously the owner is where he is for the rules he sets

    down.So heck, why not teach them how to talk to people

    right? and the Dancers, A+. Good job Skybox.

  216. jim

    total ghetto dump!! the girls are dog ugly:(

    you lost it 3 years ago.

  217. stacey

    had a lot of fun on monday night! I’ll be back!

  218. Rider

    Finally a club with Variety! The drinks could come faster though.

  219. sam
  220. hb367

    update music

  221. jeff

    had a great time this weekend at the Skybox! Beautiful girls, great service, great prices. I put my friend on stage for his birthday and he got his ass beat…and he loved it! I would definitely go back!



  223. tj
  224. Johnny

    Probably the only club in the chi area that I actually enjoyed myself in. The girls aren’t stuck up, place is chill, smokey though. Dances are good…and especially if you like black women and latinas, this is the spot. If you are into pancake booties, go somewhere that charges 20 at the door and makes you buy two five dollar soft drinks.

  225. al

    monica and coco are beautiful. But Monica is my favorite eye candy

  226. Shontikah

    The club was bitchin… the bitches were clubbin. Homegirls keep their shit in tact… thanks for the blumpkin, Stacy. It was OUT OF THIS WORLD. Hoes up, g’s down. Peace in yo crease.

  227. Relax

    I love this club ! You can show up, shoot some dude, walk away, and no one cares.

  228. Re: Dancing

    It’s other dancers who hard sell us that spoil it for nice dancers like yourself. Plus there are better places then this one in the area were you can make more money and you treated better.

  229. customer
  230. natalie

    Hey guys. its Natalie! i left because of bad management. I am at 390 down the street come see me here girls are alot hotter here..

  231. 26
  232. Rio Big

    I want to respond to the last posting…frankly frankie your a joke and you sound like a piece of shit!! The game of getting up with dancers and the like is so cool nowadays and it is one of the few places in our fucked up society where race is not so much a factor and then a jokester like yourself comes along and fucks it up for everybody! Being born of 70’s parents, back in the day this was called tricken and you would be what was called a trick. But today the finest women are in the strip clubs so why bother with the other spots? So I’m cool with it but then some lame as flake like yourself comes along and writes some shit that just makes me want to vomit. Do us all a favor and keep your lame ass at home punk!

  233. ??

    Great sport bar. But not a great gentlemen’s club.

  234. regular at skybox

    the box is hot

  235. brnsugar
  236. Luc

    It’s seem to me the club is bias toward black guys no matter how much money they spend.

  237. Yea

    OK guys, so you go to a strip club and DON’T expect the girls to try to make money? what the hell is wrong with you. Of course the girls are here to make money and are money hungery huslters…DUH! No offence, a lot of guys are great to hang out with while working but we aren’t there to “hang out” or to get you off. We work to pay our bills just like everyone else so if you can’t afford to come in and pay a lil bit of money… then don’t come in. It is seriously that simple. I’m not saying you have to spend a ton of money, but every little bit helps. Do you go to work just to hang out? No, and even if you did… you are still getting paid by the hour. Dancers don’t so get with the program.

  238. P

    best ive ever been to

  239. Eddie

    I think skybox is a lovely club, I love coming home from the school i attend, then go straight to SKYBOX

  240. MARK


  241. ms.yummy

    i enjoy coming to this club the girls are young and trying to make a decent living if you guys stop dogging them out

  242. inguy

    Went to the club November 21. I felt like I got pick pocketed. Probably not going to go back again.

  243. zebra
  244. tap

    Totally unsafe club/venue, in an extremely bad


  245. ERIC


  246. Tara

    Awesome club

  247. cz

    skybx is the place to go if u want to see beautiful girls.

    all nationalities.its a melting pot.girls are nice,smell good,and friendly.simone,katarina,natalie,skyla,caress,

    saphire,are just some of the beauties.there r a lot more.come in too see for yourself.u wont be sorry

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