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0 reviews for “Hanky Panky

  1. winston12

    What a horrible place omg. Trying to be delicate here…. the girls are just huge. Or 90% of them. And the ones that arent are just not attractive. Same goes for the crowd. Its a groody, ghetto place. I dont understand why they cant get some pretty girls and class it up in there. Too bad.

  2. harryharry

    $30 lap dances for a bunch of tatted fatties and worn out, middle-aged broads who promise you that they’ll let you sniff their ass-crack for…………$30?You know, as most of these women danced on stage they seemed to be shocked that most were not interested, and a little offended at seeing me yawn. Oh, well, at least they have their regulars here who pay good money for cheap booze and some butt sniffin’.

  3. Harrison69

    This is a clean, well-lit neighborhood bar/lounge, with plenty of TVs, pool table and a variety of attractive women with approachable-sociable attitudes, and sadly, not enough men there to talk to/dance for.If you go there, bring a positive attitude, do not expect a “Club Cheetah- LV” experience, and bring tip money.

  4. eddyL

    It is what it is. The light blue paint-job coupled with the Su Hong-esk bold lettering doesn’t exactly set ones expectations soaring through the roof. Upon entering at 5 pm for a stellar happy hour, involving $6 beers and busted Daytona strippers, one is endowed with the feeling of superiority. Now, Im not saying I enjoy paying $8 cover to stare at rancid meat, nor that I’m better than the people to whom this is just another tuesday afternoon. But after a hard day of work, grab a handful of your close friends, maybe a few girlfriends, and get classless.The only reason I am deducting a star is because their ATM charges a $5 convenience fee. Bring your own cash, bring zero class, hold your beer proudly, and get lost in those sandbags.

  5. joseph1k

    How did I end up here…bad influence of crazy friends and 2 words Happy Hour lols.Girls are pretty some look like they need to start Jenny Craig but that’s none of my business :)) and some look like they don’t care. We came on hh night 2-7 drinks were actually pretty good and strong… was in the mood for a lap dance but all the pretty girls were busy…Overall a good place to just chill on a weekday. Would I come again YES!!!…enjoy you freaks!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. guest
  7. ryan123

    I still stand by my 4 stars. Woo Hoo! they have sports on all the time now!!!I went here the other night and there was at least 8 woman customers. Now that’s what I’m talkin’ bout! I think an Special hour during the weekend where they announce half prince shots for the hour or something that would boost up the party! Or how about sit at the tip rail and get half off a shot! That way people are still buying drinks. This place has plenty room for potential.

  8. fritter17

    I love this place. It’s a cultural shift from silicon valley to this spot in little Tijuana in Redwood City. The people are poor here. The women too. But some of them are really sweet and most are available to see you outside of working hours if you are nice to them. Some have drug and alcohol problems.I went last night for the first time in a few years. Immediately greeted by a pretty Latina woman –name withheld– who I thought was in her twenties. Later on I found out she is almost 40. One thing led to another and I spent money on her for some lap dances. It was wonderful. I found out she is a single mother supporting her own mother and working as a waitress. She said she would call me this weekend. I believe her.The other woman were diverse in appearance. A wild punk looking chick with a hot body. A morbidly obese black woman with her boobs spilling out of her halter top. I didn’t really check them out because I only had eyes for –name withheld–.I’m an older guy. I’m not poor and I’m not limited to women like these. But I still go back.Update: she did not call.

  9. XhXeXy

    Cover charge is moderate. Tip for lap dances are above average. Some people like the place others do not. Competition for this type of entertainment is high. Therefore this place is not top rated. Those who seek femdom will not find it there. It is not the right place for that activity

  10. Anonymous

    If this club was in Las Vegas, the place wouldn’t stand a chance of having customers who would repeat their visits.

  11. layla

    Layla is a flat chested,flat ass,who is a robbbb!!!! Her boyfriend is a short fat fuck-the dj who pimps her out. She is the biggest shit talker when it comes to the customers and dancers. Two FACE BIOTCHHHH!!!!!!!!!

  12. Katharine A.

    OK–so don’t even ask me how I’ve been here. I just have. I made the mission with a bunch of friends one time when we were wasted.Pretty much the scene here is a bunch of women writhing on the floor in Target bathing suits. Want to go there yet?

  13. igor34

    I went there last night with a friend of mine and had excellent time. The girls are friendly kissing you if they want, not stand offish. Sure, some of the girls aren’t all that hot, but different strokes (no pun intended) for different folk. I know how to behave in these places and one of the girls must have became intrigued with me because she asked for my phone #. I was going to ask her for hers, but couldn’t find a way to bring it up. After she gave my lap dance, she came over and massages me. After the massage, she sat in a chair next to me, kept rubbing her body into mine and took my hand and swung it around her head so my arm was wrapped around her. NOT BAD!!!! Towards the end of the evening, the owner, a leggy blonde whose name I believe is Debbie, came over and gave my friend and I free passes to come back and asked us if we would like a shirt. The aforementioned dancer above said that the owner doesn’t usually offer free stuff that she must have been in a good mood.. The staff was pretty nice. The floor around the pole needs to be painted, but otherwise the place looks pretty clean. The only downsides is this particular Saturday night, it seemed like the place was at most half full and the website looks like it hasn’t been updated in a while. If you’re reading this, you are interested in going to this place. Take my word, don’t let that measly 2 1/2 star rating scare you off. You’ll have fun, provided you treat the ladies with respect

  14. Truckin'

    Layla is knockout, gave me and my girl a couples dance, $40 but totally worth, got my lady all hot and bothered. cant wait to go back, when u work layla? lol

  15. John F.

    This past weekend I learned that at the Hanky Panky….Exotic = Chubby white chickWalked in to the Panky on Saturday… granted it was early… 5:03PM… my friend and I were back in our car at 5:09PM… we were only there so long because we parked 5 min away. We walked in the door… it was dead quiet and a few guys starred at us like we were about to go on stage… from the one girl I did see… I think we had the same body type… so I understand the confusion.I would say that if they offered a buffet I would go back… but I think it would be hard to beat out the dancers for the food.

  16. maxxy1

    So it was either come here, or go see Twilight. Either way, I still got to see ladies of the night (and then some), if you know what I mean.We walked in, and the place was nearly empty…like the feeling you get inside yourself when you come here.Gotta say, it was not the A-Squad, but a star for effort and a star for comedic bragging rights.My friends did pay a stripper to violate me here…you can wash, but you’ll never be clean.In the future, if you’re looking for tacos that satisfy, you’d be better off next door at Taco Bell.

  17. mathewater12

    Soo I was under the impression that I was going to have soo much fun mm NOT. Ladies night great I don’t have to pay, I think my husband paid 8$ to get in and I think he should have got his cover charge back. It may have adult entertainment but I wasn’t entertained at all. All the women were in some kind of bad shape excluding one and she only had great titts to offer. Ok roll call…: one big fat lady who likes to twerk at the bar and this woman takes her shoes off when she gives a private dance fail, this one girl seemed to almost be sloppy drunk came and offered me a good time but as she was denied soo many times from me and others she just ending up sitting n drinking amongst others, a cute chick with big curly hair had a ill looking swimsuit and turned her attention to her regular when he came and forgot about everything else. Ok I can go on and on overall only one lady here has pole skills, ladies really can’t dance gracefully like a stripper should, barely any titty action (yass I was looking and waiting for it lol) , private dances aren’t near private!! I seen everyone of them when I played pool next to the HALF of a wall that’s 6foot tall. They are very pricey as well like have u seen yourself I will not pay for such nonsense behind this half wall. Drinks are strong which is good and cheap. If ur taking advice do not come here unless u want to have a drink after work with some company. Looking for fun hit sf with your group, cover charge Alil more but worth it and private dances you can talk down or they are cheaper than this hole in the wall.

  18. harryharry

    The hanky is the spot, cheap beer and nice girls. security gaurds are laid back and the owner is a sweetheart. 4 stars because of the new lap dance area, made from office cubicles?? No credit cards either.

  19. adamrod

    A rare gem in San Mateo county. Not an easy place to find but definitely worth looking into. A local twist on San Francisco’s critically acclaimed nightlife.

  20. Matthel M.

    Went there last night with some friends…. $10 cover and we wanted to leave but figured since we drove out here and never been so lets go check it out. oh man what a mistake. Left 20 min later.Lots of Latinos, watered down drinks, smelly atmosphere.The girls…..negatory. some of them were semi decent…if your drunk, but they are a bit on the plump side. I have nothing against well rounded women but I dont think they should be dancing at an “Exotic dancer” club. 1 girl we though was 5 months pregnant and we were all commenting about how she shouldnt be in this enviornment in her condition. Later realized that she was just fat. Oh well….good experience.

  21. richard95

    The reviews say it all. It is a place where dancers go to die. A group of 5 of us went in at 7:30 on a Friday to get the night rolling. The view was ummm interesting to say the least. Felt like a time warp into Tijuana and all that was missing were the donkeys.

  22. fuckery12

    My friends and I had a blast here! It was 6 of us girls celebrating a friend’s “bachelorette’s”. All of us except the bachelorette had to pay $10 cover charge, which I was not a fan of but oh well…we were there pretty early around 8:30 on a fri night so it was pretty empty…most of the girls were just kinda hanging out…a good number of the girls are actually pretty cute (though there were some when we saw em we were like DAY-AM how did she get a job here?)we first sat at a table right by the stage but ended up migrating to the stage-side when the better dancers came out. Not that many of em worked the pole except one girl (who came and talked to us later on amongst others)…this one regular even gave us girls some dollars to give to the dancers hahathe dancers loved us and they even broke some rules for us ๐Ÿ˜‰ they then got our bachelorette on the stage for a special dance ๐Ÿ˜‰ all in all we had tons of fun here…i spent so much $$ :\

  23. james1412

    I came back with my bf and I got to see Isis dance on the main stage. I was definitely impressed with her pole dancing skills. I also got 2 lap dance from Isis while my bf watched (and was definitely tempted to join in). We watched a few girls on the main stage but Isis is definitely my favorite.To Iolani,I’m sorry that you aren’t into girls with curves and you consider these girls “fat”. Like you said to each their own.

  24. Travis

    This place has gotten a lot better than it used to be. Just needs some fresh ideas and maybe some new paint schemes. Add why is there no security?

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