Scarlett’s Cabaret of Fort Myers



3650 Fowler Street, Fort Myers, FL 33901


26.60999, -81.862322




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Scarlett’s Cabaret of Fort Myers

  1. Jim
  2. X Man

    Best club in the city. However, the rating should be 4.5 !

  3. fred
  4. eric g money
  5. Jack

    Great place. Thanks for limo ride

  6. bob

    i came i saw and here to stay keep it up the plce is great

  7. Emperor eli

    wether its Jay, Trina, April, or Jersey, they all tried to suck every last dollar outta me. More desperate dancers at other clubs willing to do more for less. I gave jersey a $50 she went on stage and she went home for the day when I was in the john. Screwjobs all around.

  8. Mad Mango Manny

    Nothin here. Hightail it to see Violet at Babes itll be worth the time. She workds days, and gives the best dances ive ever had. Caramba she is muy bonita senorita*

  9. candy

    love it will not work anywhere else! best customers. i dont know why people are saying theres a lot of mexicans, theres not. lookers has all the mexican customers especially on fri and sat. mexicans cant afford the cover charge or meet the dress code at escapades!

  10. Morgan

    Hottest girls in town, nice place. We’ll be back

  11. Mr. Jones

    Loved it this place rocks. Great service, nice girls

  12. Hank

    Great lap dances

  13. OutaTowna

    Great club if you are visiting the area. Really nice looking girls and a fun atmosphere. One warning the club can get really busy on Fri/Sat night late and the girls are very busy so be ready to grab there attention if you want to spend some time with them.

  14. Angie and Pete

    Great place to bring a girl. We visited last Saturday and felt safe and had a great time with Summer. Finally a decent place in town. I hope you guys keep it clean, see you again this Saturday.

  15. Crackers?

    I agree with you John, this club is managed by crackers, full of cracker girls, busy with cracker customers. A strip club full of crackers with no thugs, tomato pickers and raciest dick heads like you, I WILL NEVER GO TO THIS PLACE AGAIN!!!

  16. Big MIKE

    this club stands alone the only strip club in town

  17. SapoFino

    Great place, hot ladies and friendly staff. We will be back soon.

  18. Matt72

    The club is all new inside with modern decor. Bartenders were slow and dumb. Took a while to even get acknowledged at the bar. Cocktail waitresses were also very slow. Dancers are all cute. The VIP setup is very nice. Dances are more private. DJ sounded good and was understandable, unlike most strip club DJ’s. Drinks are served using measured pours, which sucks. Nice for the area, much better than the other options in that town. They need more girls if they’re gonna charge what they do.

  19. It's me BITCH
  20. sal

    just ask jewel about the great time i had

  21. Gustavo

    worth every dime, everytime

  22. PAUL


  23. Johnny Jay

    You cant polish a turd.

  24. To Ben Dover

    You are such a stupid fuck, if you are going to post a comment for someone else, maybe you should first learn to spell the name. Keep bending over and taking it in the ass fagot.

  25. brian
  26. JACK T.

    Great place, nice crowd. I am glad Blue Pole finally opened. I stopped by Friday night and all they had for girls as well as customers looked like Escapades rejects. I can not believe this guys actually think their place will be so good that it will force the other two clubs to close down. What a joke.

  27. Willy

    Had a great time Saturday, thank for taking care of my girl.

  28. rating
  29. To Buse chris

    You are so clueless it is ridiculous. Obviously you are a sore competitor or a total looser not allowed in at Escapades. I would love to visit the club you do not own and see how successful you are not. It’s ok, we have been dealing with jealous assholes like you from day one, keep running your mouth, once a looser always a looser.

  30. jr

    always have a good time when i go there classest joint in town

  31. randie

    the best in fort myers

  32. RTS II

    The other clubs in this town are garbage dumps compared to this one. Strip clubs are all expensive, including this one. Drinks prices were pretty fair though. Cover is a little high for the number of girls, but at least they look alright. Waitresses and bartenders are either inexperienced or slow. BIG fix from the craphole Foxys was there at the end.

  33. Cal

    Always a good time at this club.

  34. Smokey Mcfish

    This is the best club in town!

  35. COOL CAT


  36. Frank D' Bank

    Ill be back in town soon. Ladies get ready for a super rain storm to fall on you…

  37. red
  38. Big Dog

    this place is smoking hot and not to mention the fine ass babes too

  39. jj
  40. M
  41. Quinton

    Wow! What a class act!the club is a little small, but has some very private areas for enjoying the dances. great selection of champagnes, for great prices and the girls were hot, hot, hot. the club also looks really cool inside. keep up the good works

  42. T-Rex

    a true gentlemen’s club in every sense of the word. they have great area’s for private dances, the girls are friendly and enjoying hanging out and I LOVED that after they dance on stage, the girls don’t go around asking for dollars, like at some clubs i’ve been to. Keep up the good work.

  43. Stud

    Great place, best in town.

  44. scotty boy

    came down from port charlotte–saw the club on tv, and was not disappointed with the outdcume. forget all d comments and just go see for yourself and make your own damn minbds up

  45. Yes Sir

    Yes Sir, this place rocks. Only strip club in town. Good job keeping the thugs out. We drove up from Naples and have no regrets. Nice ladies great fun.

  46. OG killa bobby johnson

    I cant get in but I still love the place.

  47. To David

    David you must be the dumbest mother fucker in town. You are going to tell your FBI friend the club needs to be investigated because you solicited prostitution from one of the girls which is a criminal act and the reason why you are filling a complaint is because the girl did not deliver on her offer. You must be retarded, they should give Jessica a bonus for not accepting your illegal proposition. To you, some advice, get a life dude, looking for blow jobs at strip clubs shows your character and the fact that you got taken shows what an idiot you are. Tell your FBI buddy he needs smarter friends, DUMB ASS.

  48. James

    Had great time ….Service was excelent

  49. reviewer


  50. Toby C
  51. Scotty

    This place is the best!

  52. greg

    hottt is the word

  53. Dancer

    I’ve worked at all 3 clubs and this is by far the best place around. I’m never leaving

  54. nat

    poker and strippers way to go guys all in one play house

  55. East Coast Dave

    Only decent club in town. East Coast style.

  56. Bob Bob

    I’m in love with Eva, she must be the nicest dancer in town and super hot which is a plus.

    See you soon sexy.

  57. Ron

    Nice limo, thx for the ride

  58. B.B

    Best place in South West Florida.





  60. MJ

    Best place in town.

  61. L
  62. Jail Bait

    I just bailed my buddy out of jail. He told me there are undercover cops

    posing as strippers offering out call services here. He was lured To the

    Ramada Inn by a dancer- skinny, blonde hair, tatoo on her lower back

    who offered sex for $350. He got busted. Better make sure the girl isn’t

    gonna turn you in before going to a hotel with a stranger. I’m sure he’s not

    the 1st & won’t be the last.

  63. moyo.

    Nice place. Fort Myers needs more places like this.

  64. Dirka

    Sundays at Escapades= The place to be for all the Football action, Cheap Beer, Free Food and The Hottest Girls!

  65. james1412

    After leaving Lookers down the street Sunday 8/23/15 ( see review of NO BARTENDER on duty) I met a ton of hot girls here. I think there were 12 working with 5 customers. As important, the bartender was on the job and had my drink in front of me in a few seconds. Needless to say it was time to party hardy with hot girls, a real BARTENDER that TENDS the bar and COLD beer with FOOTBALL too. I thought I was dead and went to Costco in Heaven. No, No really I did. What a change from the mismanaged Lookers down the street to this bar that was on their A-Game. See them next Sunday too as I become a regular.

  66. jonh
  67. Flyin Brian

    Nikki was my choice for my nub rub. When she wasn’t flashin her tight pussy in my face, she was grinding on my rod to perfection. I loved how she also blows on my rod albeit thru my pants. Dress code is a bit stricter her than the other clubs so expect to have a dance monitored more closly by the bouncers especially if your wearin shorts. Damage 2 songs $50 bucks. I shall come again

  68. ced
  69. Vivian West

    Best Club EVER!

  70. travis
  71. to tonto

    I was there last night for amateur night and there was probably 30 people outside in line waiting for people to leave so they could get in. I was there again earlier today and it looked like a Saturday night, Guy you do not know what you are talking about. This place is great, by far the nicest place in town.

  72. ralphie

    banging drunk pigs and shooting steroids in his ass?? and

    works at this club? sounds like an all american to me. give

    this man a silver star.

  73. Johnny

    Nicest club in town. Safe, clean, girls are friendly. Dancers have talent on the pole and in the lapdance room.

  74. To no life Tim

    Dude, get a life. Why would you give a shit. Get a girl friend or maybe jerk off again. Only a fucking idiot would try to figure out if the numbers are right and then request a recount on a strip club website.

  75. NEW TO FM

    The absolute BEST superbowl party i’ve EVER been to. Great food, free shots, t.v.s everywhere, and lots of gorgeous girls. I stayed untill about 1am and the party was still going strong. This place has some very hot and talented girls. Especially this asian girl with big boobs and a girl with short black hair and tatoos that did some crazy pole tricks on the same pole! Watching them perform on stage was the best i’ve seen since vegas. Anyone if you know their names please post it for me.

  76. David M.

    Cool place, I see why they have the best girls in town. Good environment and nice customers. Came from Naples and will come back soon. Monica is smoking hot.

  77. Sam

    What an improvement! Talk about the best and hottest girls in town. What a class act. I’ll be back many times over! Thanks for giving us what this town REALLY needed a “Gentlemen’s Club”

  78. steve
  79. mike t
  80. big d
  81. carl
  82. jon d.

    Awsome club, must visit. The only club in town free of drug dealers and trouble makers. Only club in town with bottle service, limo pick up, free valet, dress code, VIP membership, etc. By far the best place in town unless you are to much of a loser to get in.

  83. dude

    The girl you are looking for is Persia, she is not dancig at this time, doing porn in California, she will be back at Escapades in August.

  84. happy customer

    Definitely the best in town. Love they day shift girls. Gorgeous.

  85. To bday boy

    Please contact the manager at 239 936 2375. We would like to know more about this incident and make it up to you.

  86. D8
  87. no hats no tank tops

    the only decent place in town. i was there last night and the place is great, bottle service, table or lap dances, champagne room and the best thing, no assholes looking for trouble. i hope this guys never drop their standars.


    Not bad for a club just starting up… Had a great time the other night and will be back again.. I look forward seeing how great this place will be in the future. How can I get a Black VIP card?

  89. Scott


  90. Horny Heather

    Hi boys horny heather here. Im ready for you to cum inside me out of the club. im ready for inn or outcall starting at reasonable rates. Call me at 239-878-2658 for the finest in adult entertainment. TTFN

  91. Bill

    Very nice club…….

  92. DJ
  93. B.J

    Best place in town, strip club or not.

  94. to dancer nikke

    Soooooooooooooooo. You owe me something…………B.J.!

  95. Papichulo
  96. I agree

    Best place in town, amazing party on Sunday, cant believe they had Ron Jeremy as special guest. The Asian girl is Jay the black hair girl is Ivy, they are by far two of my favorites.

  97. Danny

    Very nice Club Love it!

  98. Cali Love

    I travel alot so I use strip club list as a guide. I visited all 3 clubs in your

    area. Didn’t care 4 babes or lookers. Scarletts has nice atmosphere but

    like I’ve read on here it’s very risque. I went on a dayshift and much to me

    & the dancers horror durring my dance i my put my hand on a sticky used

    condom. It disgusted me so much I didn’t Finnish dance. Washed my

    hands n pd dancer n bolted.

  99. Sweet

    Sweet looking black girl!!

    Can remember her name but by far the hottest black dancer in Fort Myers.

    I’ll be back for more.

  100. Re big Ben

    Maybe she wanted tipped bc u were a perv to dance for. Your quite the

    shit talker because you get drunk and spend what measly $ u can

    scrounge together on dances. She surely wasn’t all those fucked up things

    u said or you wouldn’t get dances from her. If your such a loser u have

    nothing better to do but talk shit here then u should get a life or another

    job so u quit complaining about the $ u spend.

  101. jasd
  102. Scott D.

    Enjoyed this place. Best strip club in South West FL. Only 3 but this one is the best. Love Jay and Brie. I’ll be back soon.

  103. Paul Peter

    Only decent strip club in town.

    Hot ladies and great music.

  104. Zilla

    The best in Florida! LOVE THIS PLACE!

  105. jack in the box

    The best place in town. Lots of girls and great staff.

    does not even compares to any other place in town.

    was about time, a decent adult club in town.

  106. Charlie H

    Heather & Jersey from babes are available for takeout escorts. $200 hr. Sweetness also from babes will for $100 will put her hand down your pants for a handjob. Heather is workin days, & sweetness nights.

  107. David

    Great club.. always a pleasure to be there

  108. Ivy

    Yes, Ivy works at Escapades and she looks hotter than ever.

    I think she works daytime. If you call the club the manager can call her and find out when she is working again and let you know.

  109. matt
  110. Tim

    music and djs suck… drug house.. hookers.. waste of time

  111. Naples Joe

    Great place, Naples crowd, hot girls. I was there last night, my wife and I had a great time. We will be back to see Ivy.

  112. ATT
  113. Duke

    Amazing line up last night. By far the hottest girls in town and plenty of them. I love Paris…

  114. DD
  115. guy

    thinks the bar tenders and waitresses would dance occasionally. theyre hotter then the strippers.

  116. Brilliant....

    Sweeeeet place

  117. wow

    place went down hill.. whore house with gross skanks

  118. TY


  119. Billy

    Scarlett’s has the hottest girls and the best service

  120. *xxx*

    Ghetto?? This place is anything but ghetto!! Scarlett’s has the best looking girls in town and is more upscale. There is an enforced dress code and the clientele is excellent. Never any issues in this club. If ppl are calling this place ghetto what do you call Lookers? At least ppl don’t get shot and killed at this club!!

  121. big spender

    The club rocks

  122. Big Daddy

    Scarlett’s Is the hottest club ever…..girls are smoking, waitresses are all dime pieces…Security is good but not in your face all the time like a lot of clubs. did see one fool get pepper sprayed in the lot…..great entertainment

  123. J.R.

    It’s a great club day or nite.

  124. Killer

    Had a great time at your club.

  125. Happy ending

    Wow busting out the mom jokes!!! Hows was ur first day of junior high???

    Fag!!! Lmao. Ill tell u what big boy you and the rest of the crew of washed

    up losers over there can have that dump. Cant wait for fmpd adult

    entertainment division to finish there investigation of this whore house shit

    hole. Go back to miami

  126. jerk shack

    holy shit!!!!! how isnt this place shut down yet??? it violates so many florida statues. its now a whore house. if you want a bj or a hand job or service to go then scarletts is the place to go. std factory for sure.

  127. nick
  128. Jay J.

    Thanks for the limo ride, you guys rock.

  129. bobi
  130. jeffery b.

    totally hot and off the hook

  131. yanny

    superpole was one of the best parties in fort myers in years thanks guys you did a great job

  132. jose
  133. donald pittman

    I can to the club saturday. I had a good time.

  134. Lex

    Nicest club nicest girls, this is the spot. Now that the Blue Pole is open hopefully their ghetto chicks will leave and leave us with the cream of the crop.

  135. A
  136. Mike Mccarthy

    love this place!! only good club in town hands down!!

  137. Chuck Liddell

    Best Club I ever been to in Florida

  138. Clayton
  139. Ricky

    Fuck scarletts

  140. Dale
  141. Maniac

    stopped by on thanksgiving–glad to go somewhere where i felt welcome, will be back-good luck

  142. tony

    the hot girls are here

  143. Sweet Thing

    Best club in town!! Love Persia XXX

  144. Aimy
  145. T

    Best New Year’s party I’ve ever had!!! keep up the good work

  146. jeff

    great place

  147. Smithy

    Great place, we’ll be back for amateur night.

    Keep our seats warm ladies!!!!!!!!

  148. missG

    This place is the SHIT! I worked at Foxy and here and can say whoever put the b/s about how the old people and place was better is a moron! This club is 150 times better then Foxy was and we make way more money. No crime or assholes! Everyones nice and friendly here, unlike how Foxys staff was. So long as everything here stays good, i’m staying.

  149. chris
  150. kevin

    Great place, no Mexicans. The girls look a lot better than last time I visited. Lots of hot white girls, best line up in town, actually only great line up in town.

  151. HENRY

    Its by the far the best strip club on the west coast keep up the good work an keep keeping that rift raft out

  152. brad

    ok girls ok atmosphere high prices

  153. jay

    great all the way around

  154. P.ellis

    Great club! classy and upscale, love the interiors. Girls are gorgeous. Food and drinks are always on specials. DJ is good and always playing top 40’s. Definitely recommend it if you are one night in town.

  155. ABE

    By Far the nicest/cleanest in SWF! AWESOME TIME!

  156. T Bone

    I love this club and would go ever night if I had the money $ $

  157. t.erner
  158. john
  159. Shithole

    This place went to hell.. shithole brothel…. wonder why it was raided

  160. LAMEO

    Carolina, along with trina,april,jay jersey and the rest of the whore train are overrated and arrogant. Carolina for example insisted on a $60 minimum private dance committment. Whore-iffic! to top it off my ride got hit in the parking lot. BAd move coming here!

  161. Sally
  162. Stevo

    What uuuuuuup?


    another stuffed animal but he is still my little guy:) )..and Michael has a neat bongo drum..really neat wooden sides..

    We to had a fun time last night!…Was thinking about you today and hope you are having a wonderful time..Talk with you soon..Kimberly

  164. Juan

    hot, steamy and full of rubby dub, dubbsss

  165. grand prick

    The best place in town. I hope it stays nice, we need a nice strip club in fort Myers.

  166. Oscar

    This club is the best in town. I am coming back for the Superbowl next week

  167. alejandro
  168. DAVE

    Nothing like in fortmyers go there and check it out

  169. 10.5
  170. Earl...

    I love this place..I don’t care what all these HATERS are saying….Girls look great…Cocktail servers are on the ball and the bartenders are not only HOT but fast!!!.

    So shut up and try this place out for yourself….

    You wont be diddappointed…

  171. Blah
  172. larry
  173. Sosa

    I love this and I love Ivy more.

  174. RUSS


  175. yanard12

    Little regular strip club in fort Myers. First off I will say my cocktail waitress Joleen was perfect beautiful woman, not a girl. Knows how to handle business and makes you feel like you should. I got bottle service two nights then came in for a few beers later in the week. Exceptional service from her the entire time. Dancers were mixed a lot of beauties ranging a lot more white girls than anything. Probably the higher class club in the area. Bottle service is good price $200 min dances are $25 but worth it full song. I would come back as much as I can. Don’t be shy…. Lost a star for crazy Dutchess blonde chick who asks for shots then makes u pay her to take it avoid or fire. Bouncer with red heard bald head is a really chill dude he takes care of whatever you want. Don’t be a cheap ass and take care of the people who take care of you. I didn’t spend 1000s but I didn’t sit there with my thumb in my ass and right pockets. Enjoy your time and make sure you ask for Jolene as your waitress she alone makes this place worth coming !! Piper and Ariel are also amazing people and dancers !!!

  176. Fun time guys

    The midget was fucking great. I have never seen so many people in any club in town before. I was there Thursday and Saturday and almost could not get in. Can’t wait for your next promotion. Good job Pete, the party was great.


    Close the club down? why, because you are to much of a dirt

    bag to get in. Get a life dude, find another place. Maybe TBL is better for you.

  178. Bart

    Only good strip club in town. See Sofia, sexy little thing

  179. charle

    was in from naples have to say a very nice place

  180. Cheaters

    So now if someone rates this club bad, or writes a bad review you guys

    block their I.P. address so they can’t leave anymore reviews? Watch. I’ll

    try and leave a review tomorrow and my I.P. Address is going to b blocked

    now too. I’m sure in some way this is in an infringement on strip club list

    rules as well as an impeadment on the 5th Ammendment, my freedom of


  181. greg h
  182. Eddie

    don’t change a thing boys. this place is a freaking goldmine

  183. Bad
  184. edward

    was in firday from out of town heard this place was clean and safe i was impressed with th club abd staff great job

  185. Alex


  186. diego
  187. Jenna Haze????

    I can not believe you guys are bringing Jenna to town. I will be there both nights.

  188. Chris Mays

    Just because I hit on all the girls and fuck many of them doesn’t make me a bad manager.. all stripclub managers fuck the girls.. no real girls date us

  189. Dave M.


  190. RICHY
  191. tony g

    monday night foot ball and poker had a blast thanks guys

  192. Charles

    the club is hot as well as the staff that works there very friendly keep it up

  193. Radman
  194. MikeL

    Nice club been there a few times. I came in last Saturday looking for this one girl but she wasnt there. She was petite, tan and long black hair. Does anyone know her and what days she works?

  195. ray l

    don’t say the word coke or weed at this club. it’s like saying bong in a headshop: you’ll be permanently banned.

  196. mikey s.

    love this place. only good club in town 100%. prices are on

    the high end but you get what you pay for.You can get a

    cheeseburger at mcdonalds or you can get a cheeseburger at 5 is up to you.

  197. Cody

    My girl and I had a great time, first time for her and she loved it.

  198. Patt
  199. Waste

    No Contact club starting this week cause the hoes were getting fingured n fucking. Totally went down since Jose sold this place… Turned into a Drug and Hooker House. After the raid last week most of the girls left… TIME TO CLOSE TOM MOLESTER HILL

  200. Berman

    OUTSTANDING!!! tatiana, i’m in love…

  201. Natalie

    Best place to work or visit in town.

  202. S


  203. STD

    Jay gave me herpes… Trina smells like fish. Pete needs a shower… DRUG HOUSE

  204. Ron DD

    Tried to visit on Friday and could not get in, to crowded. Went back Saturday and had great time, awesome place.

    You guys have the best line up I have ever seen at any club, and believe me, i have seen a lot.

  205. double your pleasure
  206. Cindy
  207. Sunny

    Nice lineup, awesome environment. Finally a strip club nice enough to bring a girl. My girlfriend and I had a great time this past weekend.

  208. ray
  209. K.C

    Awesome place. Great value, nice girls.



  211. Spankey

    I heard you can get your dick suxed in the private rooms,wont be long

    before cops shut this shithole down

  212. Dan

    without a doubt the best place in town the sweeeeet

  213. jason

    ivy was an is

  214. DJ Friday
  215. rockman
  216. Ken

    a must stop if your going to check out strip clubs the best on the sw west coast

  217. terry

    thjinks dave is a blind bastard best looing girls in this town

  218. Don D

    Best place around. Love Monica, sweet, cute and smoking hot.

  219. kelly

    clean and great girls

  220. KC

    I like it

  221. carol
  222. Deegan
  223. Scarletts

    If people Don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all.

    Didn’t your mama teach you that?

  224. Emrah

    ATTN Customers: We can not longer allow sex in the club. slip the girl you like your number and she will call and meet you when she gets off. Include price. if the price is right she can leave within the hour and meet you for the suck/fuck of your dreams.

  225. Frank

    Hot girls, nice drink specials–will be hitting it up again

  226. Don

    Best place around

  227. Pat

    First time in Friday night, place was packed. Hot girls all over the place, we will be back soon.

  228. Tyler
  229. Ken N.

    Great time this past weekend. Cant wait for your next porn star. Any ideas yet?

    You guys kick ass, is that why the competitors call you guys asscapades?

  230. Encarnacion

    Looking at nikki the dancer picture made me puke my taco. She’s a mid-level streetwaker at best. Aye dios.

  231. Rocky

    Hottest ass in town, great group of girls, finally something good in town. Look up Sofia, sexy little thing

  232. JoJo

    Great place, girls friendly and not pressured for dances. Hot young thangs!

  233. Roc

    I love Eva, thank you for hiring her.

    Great place.

  234. TJ

    I thought this club was too expensive and too many girls with fake racks. Whatever happened to nice natural girl next door types at strip clubs? This place was more of a shark pit.

  235. Dan D Man
  236. Chuck

    Can someone tell me if ivy still works here. She has short black hair, tatoo around her waist,and the nicest ass i’ve ever seen. If she doesn’t work here anymore, where can I find her? I’m down from Chicago for a few weeks and can’t wait to see her again.

  237. Morey

    Great place, hot ladies.

  238. Lee

    saw the green truck that drives around town with an ad on it and it made me want to drop by.the daytime was not very packed but i like it like that. got 4 beers for $8 with happy hour special and the views were spectecular-can’t wait to go back

  239. rick
  240. ME


  241. drew
  242. Rex Feral

    Great club!!! Hot dancers!!!!

  243. Paul the DJ

    Place went to hell. I miss the old owner.. we now let the girls suck n fuck n meet people out of work. I now work for a whorehouse

  244. G-Money

    Was in Scarlett’s today for day shift. Impressive lineup of girls. Beers were only $3, hot female manager, waitress had an ass to die for.

  245. Dan from the cape

    its hot its hot hot hot great palce to rock at

  246. ( =

    I always have such a great time here.

    Will be back soon.

  247. Alyssa
  248. GQ
  249. Brittney

    best place i’ve worked at since being in SWFL

  250. Randy

    Had a great time, enjoyed the music and the hot ladies.

  251. Sherrie Negrich Mays is Ivy

    The chick with the elephant tatto on her back is Ivy real name Sherrie Negrich-Mays. She’s a bratty Edison student who is a whore in denial. Your lap dance and escort dollars go to pay for her breast implants, Jaguar, i phone and other luxuries. Her friend jay is workin the club tonight and sure enough she was fishing for dicks. $250 an hour is too much for these worn out pussies. Not now not ever.

  252. L.Johnson
  253. ss
  254. ann
  255. Brother Jon

    God bless America. Finally a decent strip club in Fort Myers.

    I like the name Asscapades because this place is full of hot ass.

  256. tom

    one of the best

  257. Tom Over The Hill

    We are now a no contact club. I am sorry I was touching too many girls. I was allowing them to prositute. I allowed my partners to buy and do drugs in the club. But you can still get a $25.00 NO CONTACT AIR DANCE! Oh and Chris the Steriod Bouncer, with no contact, please stop grabbing the girls asses and pussys. I know you married an ugly gutter slut, but hey.. we all make mistakes

  258. old timer

    Improved…need more friendly dancers…

  259. Tom H.

    Very nice place. I’ll be back this weekend for Stormy Daniels.

    Great looking girls, loved Kylie.

  260. Eve
  261. el puto


  262. Robert

    Highly recommend and will be back often.

  263. Kiwi
  264. Happy Face




  265. vin

    every time there nothing but a good time with the hotest girls in town

  266. Spike

    Nice place, had a great time at amateur night once I finally got in. Never saw a line to go inside a strip club before. I will be back soon.

  267. Kevin G.

    Who cares about a fucking number. I stopped going to strip clubs in Ft Misery because the thugs, Mexicans and drug dealers took all of them over. Finally now there is a club with cojones to control their own operation. This place is the only club worth going to in SW Florida. 4.1, 5.3 or 8.1 this is the only decent place in town.

  268. eric
  269. Pat K.

    Nicest in area but needs room for improvement. # waitresses working & I had trouble getting a drink when I needed one. Girls aren’t bad but it seems like all the girls in all these 3 clubs only know one question – do you want a dance? One was exceptionall good looking and I went to the ATM to get more $. Same question only you can tell she was medicated. Big turn-off. I left. Of the 3 clubs it’s definitely the nicest but all are considerably smaller & less quality than what I’m used to.

  270. Blondie

    I love this club! I would never work anywhere else!

  271. optimus prime

    to johnny boy, MY SISTERS ASS!

  272. In love with a stripper

    I can’t remember this dancers name but she has a georgeous body, perky

    round bottom, hour glass figure, dark hair and has a Spanish accent

    accent. Her smile and personality is her greatest attribute though. I. Didn’t

    get her schedule, can mgmt give it to me or can someone tell me her

    name so I can call ahead so I don’t waste a trip over just to find she’s not

    working. I’ve got plenty to $ to spend please someone let me know


  273. Happy

    Happy hour was great, lots of nice girls, great prices.

    New club had only 7 girls this one had almost 20.

  274. china

    great club to hang an enjoy

  275. to tom and other

    FYI Escapades is the only club in town that treats their employees like people. By the way I am the only employee in the entire club other than two dj’s that ever worked at babes or lookers. Other than the asshole owner “pervert” tom this place is great. You are probably one of many assholes not allowed in.

  276. Kenny

    Best club in town.

  277. Tom Tom

    I was impressed, best place in town. Nice girls and cool atmosphere. we will return.

  278. Idiot

    Hey JAIME Kennedy- I guess you forgot how to spell your name? JAMIE Kennedy had a great time with our girls. You’re a dumbass.

  279. Dan Da Bank

    I’ll be back in Fort Myers next week, ladies get ready for me. Best place in town, see you soon.

  280. CLASS ACT


  281. long schlong jon

    Maybe it is a whore house but atleast I can get my rocks off. I have to pay more then I do at other clubs, but at other clubs I dont get to do whatever I want. Here I can finger a girl and she doesn’t even flinch. I have girls offering to meet me at hotel rooms before i even have to feel akward by asking hem. To me, it’s worth the extra bucks.

  282. jen
  283. GG

    great dancers great staff clean and safe im coming back

  284. Mark

    DJ was very insulting friday night. Thinks he is a comedian.

    Two different dancers I sat with said he is a pervert and

    always touching them and trying to take them home. Overall

    drinks are way overpriced for FT Myers. Small Club. Can

    tell a lot of the girls were drugged out. Couple will meet

    you after hours for some $$.. Not all though

  285. Trey

    Club way over priced poorly run and ghetto as hell

  286. buyer

    Would anyone know if this club for sale? If so, could you leave an email address or other contact info? If not, my apoligies for the interuption..Many thanks…

  287. Jorge

    Jordan is a very sexual dancer. Aiee mommy. Does anyone know her schedule?

  288. Scriggs
  289. eric c
  290. Ben Dover

    Was about time, this place is the only place to go to in town.

    Best girls, best crowd.

  291. Eazy E

    This Club is great, Service is excelent

  292. DUMP

    whore house. dj tried to rape me (paul)

  293. booty
  294. andy

    its the best in town

  295. REAL chris mays

    well well well it seems i have an impostor and a hater or

    two. i avoid this site 99% of the time cause its nothing but

    fired dancers or other clubs employees/managers. thanks for

    letting me know i am on your mind and my life is that

    important to you. thank you haters and thank you impostor. i

    feel blessed and flattered. love,peace and chicken grease


  296. d
  297. I <3 jay

    Jay is my favorite dancer, she’s down to earth, and not only beautiful but

    smart too. She’s worth every penny. Anyone complaining about spending

    $ at a strip club OBVIOUSLY needs to take a break from the club and get

    their bank act back in the positive, or better yet doesn’t belong in a strip

    club at all.

  298. Kaylie


  299. Jimmy D

    This club is buy far the best in town. Hot girls, Good service!

  300. It's me bitchs
  301. ceger
  302. R

    I know where I’ll be every happy hour from now on. They don’t charge a cover, sell $2 draft beers and have 2-4-1 table dances during happy hour everyday. I also heard they show the games on Sunday and Monday. Cheep drinks, BIG BOOBS, can’t beat it.

  303. STAFF
  304. DICK


  305. Bobby

    Love it

  306. fort myers guy

    this place has everything i wanted in a classy club with beautiful girls. will come back soon.

  307. adam
  308. BJ King

    No brown sugar? WTF I hate this joint, all white girls and no big back action. Hire some brown sugar and I’ll be back.

    For now Babes is my place, lots of junk in the trunk and brown sugar love for big daddy and a pocket full of dead presidents.

  309. will
  310. S.C.G
  311. Wild Bill

    Nice girls on day shift, I love Roxi.

  312. Johnson

    The girls were overhustling lke crazy. I wasnt a gentleman in a gentleman’s club i was an atm machine that had women crawling all over to get as much money as they could. No return trip 4 me.

  313. herman

    Dammit no trina today.Has anyone seen ivy, hottie witha tatto of an elephant on her back? What a babe.

  314. the Turk

    NFL sundays are the best!

  315. new in town

    Nice place. Surprised to see a place like this in Fort Myers, I guess finally there is a decent strip club in town. Good prices, nice girls.

  316. KK


  317. Tyrone

    Too many skanky white girls who thinks their shit don’t stink. If a girl is hot

    enough to act like she’s all that (like Bree), then that’s all good. But nasty

    ass bitches got it twisted when they walk around like they so fine all

    expecting you to be throwing your dollars just so they can grace you with

    their presence. This club needs to give their ugly ass strippers a wake up


  318. stripwatch it’s like myspace for strippers and their clientel.

  319. No life Ted

    You are wrong dude, the rating on this club should be 1.0 because regardless of all your stupid comments, this is the #1 club in town. Unless you are are a thug, drug dealer or too cheap to dress nice and spend money, it is not the right place for you. Get a life dude, if you don’t like this place then don’t go to it. Go where you feel at home with the rest of the idiots like you.

  320. Dirk
  321. Money

    Yes sir…

  322. louis

    best club in town check this place out for your own good

  323. frankie

    its the only place in town so go an check it out

  324. Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell

    Best club EVER

  325. josh

    great all around

  326. THE MAN


  327. Vladimir

    used to get dances from Bella who was short in size but oozed with sensual dances. Because of the jealosy from other girls like Ivy (real name Sherrie Mays), her big tit asian gal pal Jay & Eva(real name Grisella M Pratts)Bella was victimized by the vicious tit wars. Ivy, Jay & Eva were forced to get boob jobs to try & compete with Bella. The gang intimidation was too much for her. Poor dancers at this club ever since.

  328. Natasha's #1 Fan

    Best club in South West Florida. Keep up the good work! I will be there atleast once a week!

  329. Ed


  330. Paul K
  331. BEN


  332. Exotic Dancer

    Love working here, nice, clean and well run establishment.

  333. Scrigg
  334. To pac 2

    Nice place, good fun and hot girls. was about time……

  335. sam

    Holly a blond with fuccillio kia huge tits is a dayshift milf. She quoted me $230 for a half hr vip room. says I can take my dick out

  336. Dr............
  337. Brian S.

    Had a great time during Jenna Haze, cant wait for next porn star. Nice place.

  338. joe
  339. foxy

    this is the classiest club in the area

  340. m.o.
  341. Mandy
  342. AL


  343. Grey Worm

    This is the best Strip club I have ever been to in Fort Myers. Service was better than expected and I felt safe letting my guard down unlike at Lookers or Babes. If you want hot girls this is the club to go to.

  344. allen
  345. hsnk

    best in this town

  346. Mike

    girls wer amazing and nice room for dances,

  347. QIK

    Best Place On God’s Chunk!!!

  348. Dj Markle

    Place is now no contact. waste of time. go to babes or lookers… Scarletts got busted for prostitution and the girls cant come within 3 feet of u

  349. Jason D.

    Yes sir, love this place. Keep it up guys, it is great to see you guys sticking to your plan and making it work. Can’t wait for super bowl party. Ron Jeremy ?????????????? No F… way

  350. Keith

    Nice club. Nice girls. I travel to Fort Myers on business every 3 months and Escapades is the only club I go to. Stay sweet Eva. See you soon….

  351. rich
  352. barry

    the best looking line up in florida i say great time there

  353. To E

    You must be the biggest looser in town. You would actually take the time to add all the reviews on a club and try to find a mistake? Dude, get a fucking life, find something to do.

    I am surprised an idiot like you can use a calculator.

  354. Big Ben

    Jay is a whore. Her tits look like toilet bowl plungers. Her mouth is the same. A filthy lying cunt she quoted me q 3 for $50 dance special and after we were thru she demanded a tip for a very average dances. Like most aisans she was available for takeout. Looks like her pussy went to bangcock and came back to the united states of hobags. $200 an hr is $199 more than this cumdumpster deserves.

  355. DOUBEL D


  356. The real chris mays

    Man i am popular on here. I love it. Keep me in your thoughts!!! I appreciate

    it. Thanks haters!!!!

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