Sandy’s Showbar



1104 Penn Drive, Tamaqua, PA 18252


40.7668535, -75.8712928




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Sandy’s Showbar

  1. SSB

    this is a nice club to go and relax girls are all nice only one seems a little money hungry other then that this is a nice place to get away from all the hassels of life

  2. sad place

    Ruined my fantasy about strip clubs. The girl who was dancing was too old for this

  3. Scarlett

    This was a great place to work. Candyce is just awesome in general! Viper is perfection in miniature! Eliza I just love you!Renee, sweet soul sister!! Boss Lady and Man, I pray for your health and happiness every day. If you like a relaxed cool atmosphere, a place to have a drink and ogle sexy ladies, If you want to take your wife to see dancers and not have her offended, this is where you go.

  4. Boss Lady

    Club is open and has immaculate health record. Just inspected last month. See PA health Department for confirmation.Only dirt is mind of the previous poster. Don’t know why he has such a problem with us, but I really do wish he would just disappear.

  5. whazup

    probably the worst club i have ever been to.

  6. Sandra Sherman

    We sold the club and will close on OCt 31, and re-open in December as “TATTLE TALES NORTH WEST”

  7. hi

    very nice place to be

  8. long john

    this place is awsome and I will deffinitly be back again and again girls are hot and so was i after only 15 minutes hit this place up if you get a chance THANX SANDY

  9. :)-


  10. McLuvin69

    The girls here are great! So much variety and talent. There’s this blond who does awesome pole tricks, and this crazy chick who does cartwheels! You should come check it out. Definitely gonna bring my buddies!

  11. Bobby
  12. Wanderer

    Will be my relaxing and entertainment spot from on..might een bring my “other”

  13. A-town guy

    This is a great club. Very hot girls.

  14. TGO

    Nice friednly place, no hype. Beautiful women.!!

  15. JT Biker

    Excellent atmosphere and very friendly dancers. Only bad side is that it gets too crowded, plus drinks are way overpriced. Other than that, a pretty enjoyable place on some nights.

  16. New York

    Great Club, don’t forget your Sacagawea’s.

  17. A Friend

    This is an excellent place with very beautiful and friendly dancers/bartenders.

  18. Bruce Keiper

    This place sucks and has too many run ins with the cops, the cops are always harrassing the customers when they leave

  19. Mark

    I come there once, maybe three times a year when I am in the area hunting. It’s a ritual now!

  20. noname

    i like this club because the girls are all goodlooking and it is a nice place to relax in

  21. customer

    wanted to say this is a top rate club. girls are not only beautiful but very easy to sit and talk to and just be happy in there presence

  22. sum1

    I see someone is jelious of Sandy!! I know Sandy for years and she is not at all like that! So to the A**HOLE that wrote the last review you really have to get yourself a life!! I also wanted to say I personally think this club is a perfect 10 all the girls ar extremly beautiful and very friendly. Not to mention they don’t hassle the hell out of u for money like some of the other clubs i went to do! I will continue to go to this club.


    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HOSTESS’S WITH THE MOSTEST’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. audrina

    i love sandys showbar!!!!!

  25. daisy

    love this place! miss u guys


    I had a great time at this club the girls were all so nice. I will defintly come to this club again

  27. Brock M.

    This club is the best bar in Schuylkill county. Prices are comparible to other local bars, plus this bar has scantilly clad beautiful woman.

  28. GIGI


  29. phil

    Great and laid back atmosphere. I was able to just sit, relax, smoke and watch beautiful girls, what else could I ask for? No hassles or hustlers only great conversations with the ladies. Definitely liked when Cherry and Athena teamed up for some Darlin’ Nikki… HOT!!!! These women are fun, exciting and sexy. They gave a great show. I can’t wait for the next time I can get down there to see those lovely ladies again!

  30. Jessica Cocks sucker

    i do not like it they are SLUTS!!all girls should get tested for std’s sum have genital warts and some nedd to get bigger titty’s..

  31. In the know

    Club not sold. Below post not Ms Sherman’s, but someone using her name. Tattletales can only dream about owning Sandy’s…. ain’t gonna happen….

  32. Joey
  33. Old Friend of Sandy's

    Never been harrassed by cops..wasup Bruce?:..what did you do wrong the cops bothered YOU?….Or did Sandy’s throw you out and you’re just trying to get even….

  34. Bob
  35. Joey Grecko
  36. atown guy

    nice place to get away

  37. kid27

    if you wanna have a good time check out this club girls are very nice and most of them are beautiful and well figured thanks for the good time

  38. jisabell

    love these girls

  39. Staff at Sandy's

    We wish everyone a Happy and Safe Holidays Season

  40. Dawn

    I am into watching the ladies dance and at Sandys they have a variety of ladies and talent. The bar tenders are fun and sexy too! If you have not been to Sandy’s you need to come and meet the sexy staff…

  41. Sam
  42. womanlover

    This place is a lot better than the last time I visited. The bar maid – Candice was very friendly and she danced too. Nice body and sexy. Brenda was smoking hot – great tits (small implants) with the hardest nipples I’ve ever seen and hot little ass and super friendly – we talked for a long time. Viper was a young, thin girl with a small chest and great ass too. I would have loved to stay there longer, but had other things to do – my loss. I will be back again real soon to see these great women.

  43. BRIAN

    Nice to be able to sit and have a beer or two without someone begging you to have a private dance every minute. The girls are friendly and the club is laid back. Gonna’ be my watering hole from now on….

  44. tommy d

    greatly improved

  45. wave hater

    Beatle juice and wave dancer,stay here!Did you guys ever get those 2 danglers fixed? LOL!!!

  46. Jim

    Worst club that I have ever been to. In fact, it is so bad that it is comical. End of story.

  47. Frankie

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