The Candy Factory



2849 Us Highway 30, Compton, IL


41.759479, -89.0868395




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “The Candy Factory

  1. to big mike

    The songs are cut at the same time so all of the dancers get the same amount of time on stage. It’s not so u get shorted on a dance. It has been that way for years.

  2. Fernando

    I had a better time afterwards when my buddy fingered my asshole and gave me a bj…i’ve seen better faces on a head of lettuce…believe me the guy with long hair really is a FAG we shared bj’s. The only thing stomping about him is my 2 inch dick…overall i loved the bathroom and the gay gloryhole in the 3rd stall go there the 28th of october ill be there to suck all dicks i see. btw im a cute guy…Good time boyzzzzzz

  3. BadBoy

    Ive been to heartbreakers about 50 times. It seems like every time I go back it just gets worse. The security team is a bunch of wise asses that think they rule the world. Specially the long haired fag. If I ever catch him out side the club he’s getting stomped. The girls are wonderful but I dont understand how they would work in such a dump. The last time I was there I was sitting right next to the dj box and a damn roach crawled past me. They definetly need new management and a new location. Rockford would be a great location and the girls would be happy with business.

  4. Brian Cannon

    You need to get rid of the old and ugly dancers and try to gain more young hot dancers

  5. Sticky

    Songs cut short and private dances are too expensive. Only place I have ever been where they charge extra for contact dances. Girls are not very personable. They won’t chat you up, only ask you for a dance then go back to hanging out with their friends. Bouncers are rude and overbearing. Sometimes I think people who brag about this place on the boards are all employees.

  6. aj

    This club is okay, could use some new paint and furniture. It is a gentlemen’s club, so don’t expect to get anything but a show (NO sex of any kind there or after hours) and you’ll have fun.

  7. NIUregular

    Great club, lots of fun

  8. John Q

    What happened to Jasmine?

  9. Joe
  10. Jeff

    Came out this friday it was a pretty good time.The DJ talked way to much he needs to learn to shut his mouth more.Other then that had a great time with the ladies.They were very sweet.Wasnt that busy though, but i have been to some shit holes and this one is one of the better clubs i have been too.They could fix it up alittle but i still like it.

  11. John whitmire

    IT is the BEST the girls are HOTTTT

  12. Bianchi

    I have been here a few times over the past 5 years or so and every time it gets worse. It has become quite a trashy, unprofessional shit hole. The girls are young cute “girl next door” type or old/fat women. I have no complaints with the Dancers in general. Always attractive! The club in general though needs to be shut down. It’s gross, mismanaged and dirty like some of the newer dancers they are hiring. I’d recomend checking it out if you happen to be in the area but don’t take the drive, its not worth it. Repeat business isn’t worth it either unless you are in love with a couple of the girls, which it isn’t hard to be as there are some great ladies here.

  13. Mark C.

    It was hard to find this place but it was worth it when I got there. Wasn’t a lot of people in there but that was okay because I got all the attention from the girls. They put a lot of effort into the show even though I was the only one really tipping at the stage. I got VIP dances from Chloe, Paradice, and Peachez. For new girls, they really impressed me. Will visit again soon. Tip for newcomers, don’t use mapquest to find this place and when you go inside, sit close to the stage, you won’t get a full appreciation for the show if you sit back by yourself and try to enjoy the show.

  14. Mackenzie

    always have a great time

  15. Nice!

    BYOB! That’s AWESOME! Can I roll in a keg?! And Holy god of pussy, I love the VIP! I didn’t know about the SPA but next bonus check, I’m going to know it in DETAIL!

  16. bigmike

    greasy pit. Quit cutting songs short. ain’t worth the money til they quit cheating.

  17. Big G

    Went there last Saturday night. $ 20 cover!?!?! Are you kidding? Then an extra $ 5 for our stage seats each time Bridgette the Midget appears? After my buddy & I are tipping each & every dancer? And buying dances for the birthday girls that were there w/their boyfriends (OK, THAT was one of the highlights!) Come on, where’s the customer appreciation? And how about $35 for a contact dance w/VERY short songs? Some good looking women, but they could work anywhere. Not the worst club I’ve been to, but close. I won’t be back. By the way, guys. If you think you’d like to see a midget dance just for the experience, you won’t see much from Bridgette. Nice tits, but they’re obviously “store bought”. Save your money.

  18. login

    the club needs alot of work done to make it look nicer.its too far out. and they defiently need better managment. not mexicans running the show.5-6 yrs ago it was a better club. now they need to shut the doors and save electricity.

  19. Mike
  20. dude

    fuckin hott!!

  21. Don't worry bout it

    The girls are hot and very sweet. The club looks shitty and sucks cuz it’s out in some corn fields, but the girls are amazing

  22. NIU
  23. Returner

    Better than it used to be for prices. They just need a crowd.

  24. Elyse

    I’m in LOVE with Brooklyn and Hayleigh. Check em out next time you go!!!! Being a girl I know some clubs are not female friendly, but not Heartbreakers. The girls there are so sweet, and DAMN FINE!!!!

  25. lap dance seekers

    You know they say. Don’t judge a book by its cover.Sure the club aint the greatest looking club the girls more than make up for it.We’ll be back for sure!

  26. john

    This place used to be great. Now the old girls have chips on their shoulders and the new ones are stuck at this dump. Management ruined this place with the liquor license.

  27. concerned customer
  28. pissed off customer


  29. hello from the midnight

    hope to see you all real soon

  30. Dan

    omg!!! this place is a hell hole. the club itself is a dump, the girls look trashy and have attitudes. they shouldnt be able to drink while they work. Never drive out there again!!

  31. Heart Breakers

    I don’t like the club much but I do love the girls there

    they are real, nice , friendly , and smokin Hot

  32. Blech!!
  33. John Taddeucci

    The girls are soo HOT julisa sabrina are great BROOKLYN OMG I am in love

  34. has been

    has been

  35. joey brown

    i had a greaat time at my bachelors party there. even though i do not remember much besides getting my ass beat. thanks a lot

  36. Ryan

    I’ve been to HB many times & Haley is always very nice. The only time i’ve heard her be bitchy to anyone is when they think they are going to get more than is allowed or they try to get a dance for cheaper than it is.

  37. hell yeah

    nice place

  38. Jimmy

    I agree with BadBoy. The girls are awesome but the place really is a dump and the security blows. I drive all the way from Machesney Park (about an hour), I spend about $10 on gas, $20 on beer, $15 for the cover charge and about $100 on the girls. Too me its not worth it anymore. If they were to move it to Rockford and get a new management team I’m sure the place would get hella business.

  39. John

    Haighly and Julisa and Brooklyn you are the hottest girls there but why are you there? Brooklyn will you marry me?

  40. west side
  41. joe pukepail

    Went there on a Thursday night around 8pm, was the only customer there, one other person showed up 15 minutes later, 5 girls standing around. The place is very dead, lap dances seem expensive, were asking $35 for nude, $25 for topless. Took a pass, left after an hour. Might try a Friday or Saturday, was very uncomfortable to be the only person there.

  42. thompson

    all the girls are super hot!

  43. heartbreaker lover

    I am a female and I went here for my birthday it was awsome!!! The girls were hot and the music was good. Dani and Biancia were great. My boyfriend and I really enjoyed their private dances! I will be bringing my sisters when they turn 18!!

  44. Big Spender

    I haven’t been there since March of this year but the last time I was there it was awesome. The girls are unbelievably hot and most of them are sweethearts, they will sit and talk to you for the longest time without even pressuring you to buy a dance. Sabrina is by far my favorite dancer and Jasmine comes in at a close second. Private dances are well worth the money. I can’t wait to go back and see Sabrina!

  45. dave

    lots of hot girls

  46. Justin
  47. Julio

    Very depressing and disappointing, little “skank factory” you guys are runnin’ here! A total waste of time and money!

  48. John

    Came in here early last week & met this incredible blonde named Jordan. GOD DAMN what a body & she gave Me a great dance in the back too. I had a few drinks w/Her & She made Me feel very relaxed while I was here. I also chatted w/Her friend Athena & what I like about these two is they are WOMEN! Not some young bubble-head who makes Me feel like I’m their perverted uncle. Great time and I’ll be back.

  49. Baggins

    this place is awesome and the chicks are hot we need to support them alot more so get your friends all together and tip it dont matter what lifestyle you are!!! The girls are there to make your time great

  50. Don

    Lilly is injcredible! She has a sexy body & a great attitude. I had a great time talking & dancing with her. the club needs to continue on the decor but it’s better than it was before. The new Dj is a blast. He plays good music, gets the crowd involved AND has a great voice; you can actually understand what He’s saying. He even got the female customers to take their tops off when they tipped the girls onstage. OUTSTANDING! Good job Heartbreakers! Keep up the good work.

  51. Chris

    I Love this club.

  52. Joe

    Girls are cool and like to talk and are really hot. The location is soo far away from civilation its surrounded by farms nobody will ever find it

  53. phil

    great private dancers

  54. sebi

    that place sucks!!! the girls were not that great. the club itself is a shithole. come on….

  55. midnight
  56. little joe
  57. horrible

    won’t this club just close already???

  58. Jerry

    Place is a joke.

  59. Me

    It’s a good club. Relaxed, laid back. Dances are a little expensive, but they came down on the price from $50 a dance, so i guess it’s not bad. It was fun

  60. Caiti

    Very hospitable towards women. BYOB. All around fun.

    If you get a chance to go, find Carissa. She’s amazing. Personality, looks, dancing ability, the total package.

  61. NIUregular
  62. sometime-svisitor

    the remodeling is about done, just the new private booth to finish off. still $5 to get in, but dance structure is now $20/song topless, $35/song nude, plus (I was told) a $125/15 minute “slot” of time getting as much dancing as possible. you can still touch the dancers, with the same rules the place has had for years (anywhere but titties and kitty). Haliegh is still there, still smoke’en hot and nice to people who treat her well. go if you can.

  63. cal

    worst club in the area

  64. dave

    loved the club had a great time

  65. customer
  66. ryan
  67. FuckYeah!

    This was my first time here and it was all my boys said it would B. BYOB, Bitches, Bodies, Boobs, and Boxes! Its not all fancy snotty and theres real PRIVATE dances. Fat girl on stage – go play pool. Loved it!

  68. ron

    it is ok . could visit once . The best thing is the room for the private dances VERY DISCRETE. the women r kinda cold . They do not talk to u much nor do they pay much attention.

  69. Not Impressed
  70. BIg PIMPIN
  71. tom

    had a great time lot of hot chicks and reasonable prices

  72. re: jordan

    you’re right! out of all the girls, halyie is the bitchiest and thins she’s better than all the rest. I don’t know about you but that’s not hot!

  73. dan
  74. wayne

    i didnt feel like the club was really that good. its too far out in the middle of nowhere. a few of the girls were ok but most…uh not really. and the club itself, oh my god its a dump. the girls have to be embarrassed to say they work there.prob wont be back.

  75. The Hawk

    If you have not guessed yes I am LOADED and I choose to spend alot of it at heartbreakers. the girls are hot I ahve no trouble getting attention from them. So if you want to have a kick azz time go and bring some $$ it is worth it

  76. anonymous

    the girls look drunk or on drugs n place seems dirty

  77. Unimpressive
  78. has been

    this club used to be good, it sucks now! i will nevergo back

  79. really??

    this place is pathetic! and the owner…EVEN MORE PATHETIC!!!

  80. jordan

    i was there this past friday and had a lot of fun with the girls- but watch out for haylie shes a real bitch

  81. HECTOR
  82. Don't worry about it

    Good time

  83. Big J
  84. Tim
  85. carissa
  86. This Place Sucks
  87. RE jasmin

    Jasmin still works at Heartbreakers she usually works Tues Thurs Fri and Sat sometimes only one day during the weekend though!

    She still looks better then ever.

  88. too bad

    wish i could come here and not be the only customer. this place is sad. i wouldnt waste my time here when there are other great/ busy clubs a couple towns over.

  89. B...

    This club is a lot of fun, great features!

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