408 E Baltimore Street, Baltimore, MD 21202


39.289987, -76.609781




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Lust

  1. mike

    Went 2 club tonite 2/25/12. it was on in popping. alot of fine ladies upstairs don’t no about downstairs.

  2. larry

    this club is worthless.

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  5. Lust Dancer

    i love all the girls but .. we dont need to hire anymore .. its making older girls have a harder time making money .. GOOOOOOD MONEY that is

  6. ike
  7. tony j


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  9. joe

    this place sucks.the way they treat there customers is wrong.

  10. Robert

    All the places on Baltimore St are pretty bad. They all have subpar dancers, try to rip you off and are shitty little clubs that are generally dirty and in need of maintenance.

  11. manga

    Many of the dancers are very friendly here. The upstairs bar is darker, and offers a little more privacy for lap dances. I went on a Monday afternoon, and there were close to a dozen dancers working there. All the dancers were black, although this is not the case in the downstairs bar.


    Vot prikolniy sayt

  13. buddy

    The girls are real friendly

  14. Kent, from Tampa

    I came in Thursday night, not expecting too much considering it was just that–a Thurs night. But I was pleasantly surprised, especially after stopping in two bars prior and being extremely dissatisfied. The girls are welcoming, friendly, and not a single fat one! One of the girls mentioned this site, so I took it upon myself to let everyone know to stop in here and skip the drug-ridden and overweight/pregnant clubs. Keep up the good work, and I will be stopping back in soon when I return to Baltimore.

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  19. Black Rob

    I have been a patron of the Block since Desert Storm and this is my favorite club (downstairs). I don’t get hassled or hustled. The ladies are fine as a MOFO, lol. I go every weekend unless I’m on the road. My particular favorites are Summer, Diamond, Tori, Moet, Autumn, CC, and ….. oh hell, I love them all. Michelle and Joe. Don’t sleep on this club. Peace Out

  20. Bill

    Best Club on the block

  21. mr.big

    best stripclub on the block by far

  22. rain

    the prices are to high

  23. ted

    i didn’t like thr service at all the guy behind the bar was a complete ass.will not go back.

  24. fantasies

    this place sucks come to fantasies

  25. richboy

    great club upstairs ………sexy girls especially “heaven” shes the best bitch there will be back to see her

  26. Marty Head of the Party

    if you like ghetto then stop by otherwise i suggest somewhere else.

  27. tommy

    this place is a joke.

  28. b

    this club is the best

  29. Eric

    This is one of my favorite clubs on the Block. Great people, good service, and a good variety of dancers. One of my favorites, though I met her once, is Shy. The red hair jumped out at me and I walked up to her and asked her if I could buy her a drink. I think she has an accent, but I’ve been wrong before. If she does, I like it. It sounds Israeli. Then again, it’s probably just me.

  30. j

    wackest ive ever been to

    never comin back

  31. Jason

    wow them girls are hott and they are sweet

  32. reggie

    awsome club good managers ,great bartenders , funs girls best club on the block and alicia is the hottest girl spend ur money on her shes a sweety

  33. Jim

    Does not seem to be nude any more — at least the girls all left their bottoms on when I was there. But lots of girls. All at least good looking — some much better. They want you to buy drinks, lap dances (or more) — but no one was pushy. Nice place.

  34. Debbie
  35. yo mama

    Too Pushy..bring a good amount of cash

  36. ROb

    I sat with a Young lady Named HOney She was sweet and I had a great time. I will be back to see her as i think she is the pretties dancer there

  37. BlockManiac

    Summer is my dream girl, keep spending all my money on her. Can’t wait to see her again.

  38. nnxirm


  39. gosht
  40. goodguy

    club lust is never a dissapointment, a little pricy but very worth it.

  41. Johnny Sacks

    This is the best club on the block by far.

  42. Turd

    Place is run by organized crime. It’s just a front for a prostitution ring. Stephanie Wantland is the head whore.

  43. .
  44. Shayne Sweitzer

    Had a blast with dis girl HOney.. WIll be back to spend more time with her. Yo she is Sexy

  45. TC from NC

    The nights I went all the girls were hot and had great attitudes.

    Gasselle was the hottest girl in the club! Tila was a close second.

    The atmosphere was relaxing and the dancers were extremely sexy. My trip to

    Baltimore would have sucked if I hadn’t stopped in this club. Joe was bar

    tending, and he kept control over the bar which made the carefree

    environment for everyone to enjoy. Oh yeah Gasselle was sexy on the stage

    and off the stage. She was the sexiest german/thai dancer that I have met.

  46. kevin

    When I go to the block, this is the first place I stop into. They have the most beautiful women on the block. I enjoy watching Tori, Summer, Nia and Hanna on stage. Beware of a young red head named Shy, she kept grabbing onto me and pushing for me to buy her a drink. Not very shy at all if you ask me.

  47. Muffman

    Muffman’s spot in Baltimore is Lust. Here’s a shout out to my man Vince. Road rash is for real men. Was in town Wednesday night. Place was kicking. Always beautiful women and always a great time.

  48. terry

    this is the best club on the block

  49. A-B

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