Baby Dolls



10250 Shady Trail, Dallas, TX 75220


32.8634884, -96.8893773




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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Baby Dolls Saloon is legendary for the beautiful women who are here to show you how much fun a real Texas bar can be.

From the great country music and the sports bar atmosphere because over 100 TVs, coupled with top shelf liquor for bottle service, amazing wine and champagne selections plus VIP suites, ALL your needs are right here.

If our girls aren’t mouthwatering enough, we have a FREE 32 foot lunch buffet weekdays 11a-2pm to satisfy any appetite.

The VIP party once a month on the 3rd Wednesday gives our longtime friends and new friends an all day BBQ buffet 11a-midnight with after work drinks special that day from 4-8p $2 beers


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0 reviews for “Baby Dolls

  1. Vo V.

    I like this strip club. Only word to say that “awsome” i dont understand someone gave bad review. But with me that will be the best. You can try and hi-fi me later

  2. madincubus20

    this is what a strip club is supposed to be like.

  3. a very happy dancer

    By a longshot the best club I’ve ever, ever worked at! Finally, a club ran by true professionals who know a thing or two about how to run a business properly. These guys know that happy dancers = happy customers = everyone wins. No wonder Baby Dolls is the best strip club in Texas, and the most popular bar, period. A tough club to get hired at, but once you’re in, you won’t take it for granted. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

  4. Mike

    I love it there!

  5. Joe
  6. Tourist
  7. Raid E.

    Great place had a wonderful time,best place in Dallas fort worth ,love the setup a lot Tv’s to watch the cowboys (americas team)

  8. yanard12

    Best club I’ve been to in Dallas so far. Drinks a kind of pricy. But as with everything you get what you pay for. Babydolls is top notch. All the dancers are 9’s and 10’s with the waitstaff 7’s or better.

  9. out of towner

    had a wonerful time there. great people great place

  10. ol dancer
  11. tootall

    Has anyone seen Marina lately, she is tall, Blonde,

    russian. She left for a bit, just wondering if she has

    returned to the club? Would love to seen her.

    Good club, been there many times

  12. ryan123

    Had a GREAT time at this place! Some of the dancers don’t look all that great, but most of them I was happy to give a few dollars to. Every third Wednesday the drinks are half off so this place get’s really packed during that event.

  13. ed - Colorado
  14. regular

    thanks girls for showing me that there still is a great club out there

  15. Edge

    Very friendly, good mileage for the money. Wish they had a private room

  16. customer

    best club ive been to

  17. fritter17

    Zepellin is talented, gorgeous, and a shit load of fun! That alone makes baby dolls worth the trip. Other than that the place is fun with decent drink prices and all in all the other girls were solid on a Saturday night.Zeppellin, ill be back to see you sunshine!

  18. Ted

    A terrific club. The unusual stage and seating arrangement hurts the atmosphere, but the quality and variety of the dancers makes up for it.

  19. richard95

    I met two of my male friends here a few Saturday’s ago. It was during the afternoon so it was kind of weird not being drunk and walking in from a sunny day to the dark bar with naked girls. I felt a little awkward at first because I wasn’t sure where to look. Do I look at the girls dancing and if I do, do I look at their boobs or their face? After a few beers and a few shots I felt more relaxed. I tipped a dancer and she rubbed her boobs near my face. That was awkward.Final thoughts of the place from a girl’s perspective: EXPENSIVE! Miller Light was about $5 and three shots cost us $24. The music also sucked. They played a lot of country and cheesy rap that I didn’t even recognize. It was still fun taking a peak into a boys day of fun.

  20. james1412

    Bogus dress code restrictions and manager was a dick about it. Trying to make it ran and no love. Guess girls are throaty…

  21. rdr2350

    This clubs is the best, I’ve been to every club in DFW and many around the country and none are close to as fun as BDD.

  22. Rick

    Very good value. $1 cover during the day, $3 at night. There are 7 stages. Dancer first dances on main stage, then rotates through all others. At all stages, quick dances are available for $1.

    Lap dances are $20, and there are no 2-for-1s. I had 5 dances, most of them extremely good. One dancer told me to grope her and offered to let me suck on her nipples during dance (great mileage for a $20 dance, but I don’t need some other dude’s diseases in my mouth so I declined the sucking). One dancer stroked me with her hand half the dance while I played with her tits and ass. The other three didn’t offer to let me touch them, and I didn’t, but I’m sure I could have with one or two of them. The 5th dance sucked; very little grinding, no touching, etc.

    My favorite dancer was a light skinned, black woman with huge fake tits. I think her name was Shandra, but I might be getting her name confused with someone else. Peyton was also extremely fun.

    For the most part, the dancers were all very attractive. There were a couple that looked like they belonged somewhere nastier, but not many.

    Only things I didn’t like were the $5.50 beers and that I never could seem to find the ladies I liked when they came off the stage. It’s like many of them just disappeared for a while.

  23. Officer (continued)

    there is one girl on each stage, and each girl dances two songs at a time, both topless, on each stage; the stage dancing was good but not great, some girls were enthusiastic and excited, and others were average (not really into it); there was only a little dirty dancing: one or two girls licked her nipples, and there was a little mild lesbian interaction between a couple of the girls; on the Monday day shift, there were about 15-20 girls, and on the Monday night shift, there were about 30-35 girls, some of the girls were gorgeous (8’s or 9’s), some were pretty (7’s), and some were average (5’s or 6’s), about 75% of the girls were white (non-Hispanic), 15% were Asian, and 10% were black, there were also 1 or 2 Hispanic girls, the white girls were a mix of blondes and brunettes, some of the girls had small (B cup) boobs, but most had large (C cup) boobs, a few girls had D cups and a few had A cups, the vast majority of girls had natural boobs; value for $1 tips: most girls did a 15 second mini-dance in exchange for $1 tips, some of the mini-dances had no contact and others had contact, some of the girls rubbed their bare boobs in my face for a little while; PRIVATE DANCES: dances cost $20/ song AT ALL TIMES day and night, private dances are performed TOPLESS ONLY in the upstairs area and in the room behind the main stage, dances are LAP dances with TWO WAY heavy contact and grinding, one dancer I spoke with said she would allow boob fondling and touching but that customers could not touch under her G-string, dances are performed out in the open where anyone can see, but the back and upstairs rooms are fairly large and there are some secluded spaces; (TO BE CONTINUED)

  24. Gary Z.

    First of all this is a Country music Strip club. Which I am glad. I love country music and can’t stand dub step, or any of that other BS music that most other places play. So if you don’t like country, I wouldn’t come here. So yes… this is a club mainly for white southern gentlemen. If that’s a problem, please go somewhere else.Lots of girls, of all types are here. One nice thing is this club will surely have at least a couple of girls that you might like. Some of the girls are snobbish though, but it obvious. No poles, so if you like pole dancing you won’t find it here, it would be nice if at least one or two of the stages would have a pole though.I would stick with having the beer here, as I think the mixed drinks are a little expensive, & the bartender the night was there couldn’t mix some very common drinks very well. Either that or the quality of the mixer they use is somewhat sub-standard. Then again I am a Chef and I tend to be a little picky about quality.

  25. felixnada

    Great girls and reasonable prices. However, the DJ was terrible. No flow, awkward statements, bad stage tone. Otherwise, it was great!

  26. XXXbeast

    So I have been to Babydoll’s twice.The first time with a mixed group of guys and girls, and it was cool (for a first-timer) & not sketch. Cool enough to want to return.The second time I brought a group of girlfriends on a Saturday evening for my bachelorette weekend. The ‘roid-rage doormen quickly claimed that we weren’t allowed in. This was then clarified by the manager who calmly explained himself by saying that ‘we could be prostitutes’ (you know that age-old hooker strategy where one dresses up in a ridiculous bride-to-be tiara as a disguise, and then they all seduce the men from the strippers?…soooooooo dumb).Anyways, despite our group having two male escorts (per Babydolls requirements) that was the way they chose to treat potentially lucrative clientele. The other guys in line weren’t too pleased either–they came to see girls (they didn’t seem to mind that we had our clothing actually on), and the club just refused to let in 7 of them. Anyways we went to the Lodge instead, and it all worked out for the best. In retrospect, Babydoll’s is like outback steakhouse and treats their customers as such. The Lodge is like Del Frisco’s and goes above and beyond (welcomed us in, gave us a tour, and treated us like royalty). Go to the Lodge.

  27. larry1

    3 dollars cover. Great people watching. Good hour spent.

  28. MM

    Good Milage

  29. Danny


    This is an awasome club. The best I have been to in the US. Dancer are pluntyful and there is something for every taste. Great attatude from every and this place is massive. Lots of fun.

  30. Dave

    My favorite

  31. Roberto

    club was a lot of fun, lot’s of sexy girls of many varities, and it was only a 3 dollar cover

  32. RPM

    I’m from out of state and this is must for you guys out there looking for a great club. There’s well over 100 dancers there on some nights, the cover is $3.00, they don’t hassle you to buy drinks, and best of all the dances are better than most places i’ve been which is quite a few. If there’s any out there in any state you like better, please post it here.

  33. So C.

    I’m a regular customer of this place. Baby dolls is wonderful – gorgeous girls, cute girls, nice girls – you name it & you have it! The place is classy, security in parking lot is a peace of mind. The cover is only $3 on weekdays before 7 pm.

  34. John Q

    The best in Dallas. Laura is great.

  35. Elizabeth H.

    I have many things to say about this club. First of all, it is a country style strip club (which means 80% of the music they play is country). They do this to keep a certain type of crowd away from the strip club, if you catch my drift. This club is always pretty busy. Usually Caucasian businessmen, although I’ve noticed a lot of Indians go there too. Last time I checked the cover charge was $5 which is pretty darn cheap. They run atleast 100 girls a night, some are pretty hot and some are just OK. so if you can deal with the lame country music and annoying DJ, it’s a pretty ok club. Deff one of the larger strip clubs in Dallas.. 1 large main stage and 6 smaller ones that circle the club. No poles. Two stories. Well lit. Laid back environment (think, opposite of the lodge). It’s basically like the onyx for white people lol.*I think this club could improve if they changed the music style 🙂 maybe 50% country and 50% dub step. I’m POSITIVE the club could still keep a certain crowd away 😉 besides, most people I’ve talked to that go there can’t stand the country music. They only go there because this club has the most girls.

  36. Rich

    Not only the best club in Dallas, the best club in the USA! There should be one of these clubs in every major city!

  37. Mistercap12

    The absolute finest place I’ve ever been to. When I die I want to be right here surrounded by all these beautiful Women! Prices reasonable. Big selection of dancers. Great looking waitresses. Super fun atmosphere! Best place to visit if your in Dallas! Nothing like this in Baltimore.

  38. fisherdex1

    Really???????? This place sucks !!!!! Went in to have a good time. And all I was given was “if you tip me I can get that for you or if you tip me find out for you” also they took my credit card and signed out in 2 mins only to wait 30 mins for them to return Orginal card….. Writing this to say save your dollar bills

  39. igor34

    This is probably the best topless bar in Dallas as far as I’m concerned, however I’m giving it three stars because of some waitresses and some dancers were very very annoying. Go there in person and you will know what I’m talking about. Other than that it’s a good place to chill and hang out with your buddies.

  40. tonycluber

    This place has a really good free lunch buffet and desert during the week. Drinks are not free though. The girls here are ok and the buffet food does change daily during the week. I enjoy going here every few weeks just for a change of scenery. The drink prices are about $5 a beer or water.

  41. anthony

    average area club. Not like the old days.

  42. Ray

    All the positive reviews above are true. The place is simply amazing. Plenty of beautiful girls. The best private dances I’ve experienced. Great atmosphere. Too bad it’s just topless.

  43. Alex S.

    so, apparently if you are a female and without a male escort you are labeled as a prostitute and won’t be allowed in. i was here for a bachelorette party, we are definitely not trying to take home all of the ‘eligible bachelors’ that frequent this locale.

  44. Johnson12

    i spent my first time to strip club last week. This place was nice and elegant, Girls were so attractive . $ 20 for a lap dance ..and that ‘s it, fun but you ll need more.

  45. Harrison69

    This is one of the nicest gentlemen’s club we have visited. There is nothing seedy or scary about this place and the other ladies in our group felt quite comfortable there. They don’t have poles which is fine,I think it lends a little class to the place. They have an impressive full bar, with a frozen river around it to keep your drinks icy cold-genius! Sometimes it’s easier and faster to just get a beer from the beer tub girl near the entrance. I strongly recommend you use cash to pay for drinks, closing an open tab is a very lengthy process. The music was just so-so, heavy on the country music but the dancers made it work. They have over a 100 dancers on multiple strategically situated stages. No matter where you look there is visual entertainment. The waitresses were great, we were helped by a lady named Joy who had us laughing the whole afternoon. It was a Sunday afternoon and they had a buffet but we didn’t partake. Drinks were surprisingly inexpensive. Our entire group had a great time drinking and socializing with the dancers and waitresses.

  46. Big D

    This club sets the standard. One of the early clubs to start the trend of providing a safe place with smoking hot girls, security guards in the parking lot, honest drinks, high quality audio and video, and professional management. The relative tolerance for touching will vary with the political climate, so sometimes what is allowed one month will not be allowed the next. Don’t let that deter you. They have private rooms, but they are pricey. Hundreds of hot, sexy college age girls. They come here from all around the country just to dance at the best club. Third Wednesdays is cheap beer, free buffet, but totally overcrowded.

  47. dixierose
  48. Billy the Kid

    I am from out of state and let me say that this is by far the best strip club I have ever been to. First of all the place is huge and has 6 different stages which the club has no difficulty keeping full due to the vast number of girls here. The stages give you a great opportunity to view the girls, but if you were waiting on a dance, it’s gonna be a while. For those of you who are also from out of state, take heed that at this club and others (from what I understand) in the Dallas area, you can touch the ladies during the dances– and not get booted from the club. And the girls are all types (all beautiful– none that don’t belong that I noticed), though I did notice a disappointing shortage of black women. None of the stages have poles, and maybe therefore, some of the girls do not dance well, but that takes nothing away from their beauty. The drinks can be rather pricy, but the service is top notch, and the cover– well, you can’t beat it. It’s easy to find a place where you will not be bothered, and equally simple to find a location (upstairs), where girls will no doubt ask you if you would like a dance. There are TV screens all over the place as well if you would like to keep up on the world of sports at the same time. No doubt, a great find…

  49. harryharry

    I totally agree that this place is awesome on 3rd Wednesdays. 1$ cover and 1$ beers from 4 to 7 pm. Then from 7 pm to 8 pm it’s 3$ cover and 2$ beers. It was so packed, like you can’t move your chair packed. When it’s that crowded the dancers really can’t walk around. There’s a main stage and 6 smaller stages, BUT NO POLES! What kind of strip club doesn’t have poles? Is it some kind of insurance liability? I was totally bummed about this. There’s a great variety of ladies working here, natural and enhanced 🙂 There was a buffet along the back wall, but seriously, who eats that stuff? Gross. I’m also pretty sure that other than myself and the other girl in our group, we were the only ladies there not “working”. Be sure to let the guys you’re with know to wear a collared shirt! They will let you in without one, but you have to buy a 20$ baby dolls staff tee shirt. You don’t have to wear it, just buy it. I’m sure I’ll be back, because the guys love 3rd Wednesday, but seriously? The Lodge is so close. Shout out to Zeppelin- who was by far the cutest dancer I’ve seen in a long time.

  50. hj

    its just ok

  51. Adam

    I got a dance from a girl named Yen. She looked like an asian. Oh man! Her legs were so rough that it really turned me off. I don’t know why girls come here without even shaving their legs properly.

  52. A Regular

    Very nice club. Probably the best in the DFW area. If you go you MUST get a

    dance from Kat!! Amazing!! Smart, beautiful, funny. The whole package!!

    Usually works nights.

  53. Officer

    location: easy to find (just off Northwest Highway); ample free parking, valet parking available; mostly safe club in a safe location; cover: $1 during day and $3 at night, FREE COVER w/ sporting event ticket stub, also FREE COVER with coupon on page 56 in Ticket to the City coupon booklet, which can be found at the tourist information booth at the rental car area at DFW airport, Ticket to the City’s phone number is (800) 497-6206; Texas has a new $5 tax for patrons of strip clubs, to its credit, this club is absorbing the $5 cost and is not passing it on to customers; on weekdays, club serves a free all you can eat lunch buffet from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., food included chicken, mashed potatoes, and rice, club also serves a lunch and dinner menu at night that is a little more expensive than competing restaurants; there is one large main room and one side room with pool tables and TV’s showing sports, there is also an upstairs area and a moderate size room behind the main stage; music and DJ were good; all dancers and staff members were friendly, club has a pretty good atmosphere; service is a little overbearing, multiple waitresses stopped by to take my drink orders, waitresses look like retired strippers; drinks cost $5.25 or $5.50 for domestic beers, $4 or $4.25 for soft drinks, and $6 for imported beers; facility is OK, chairs are OK but not very comfortable; the lighting is fairly decent but not great; there are seven stages in the main room: one large main stage, four side stages, and two side stages behind the bar; (TO BE CONTINUED)

  54. timmykilla

    This is my go to strip club. I always have a blast when I go and usually find a sweet girl to talk to. The only thing I dont recommend is using your debit/credit card here. Other than that its a great strip club.

  55. Johnny Y

    This club is great. The girls are mostly tall and thin.

  56. XhXeXy

    We were here on a Saturday night, and they were packed. The cover was low, only $3 for each of us. Drinks were average in price, and the waitresses were very attentive but not annoying. I was surprised at how many stages there were, the girls were very pretty and the music wasn’t overwhelmingly loud. One thing that’s nearly always wrong about these places- the bathrooms. However, they were clean and bright here which was a nice change. The reasons I didn’t give this place 5 stars: -They were *very* busy and other customers were rather obnoxious. -The chairs and tables were uneven, wobbly and ripped up.-All the girls were busy because of the volume of customers (great for the “saloon girls” but hard for a customer to do anything but tip $1’s. Overall- I had a great time and would definitely recommend Baby Dolls for a fun night out! The up-sides to this bar definitely outweigh the downs, especially compared to other gentlemens clubs in Dallas.

  57. Lil' Steps aka Tommy

    This is by far the best club in Dallas. Ask for Lisa, your about town waitress. See Edie at the upstairs bar for all the news. Get the best private dance from Barbie or Europe. They will show you a great time. Can’t wait to get back to Dallas.

  58. ill be back

    had a good time dances are great and the girls are friendly

  59. Franklyn

    Yo yo yo yoooo!!! $20 dollars lap dance and touch everything you want!! I am THEREE!!! chairs are old and crappy but for $1 to $5 entrance fee what can you expect besides you are not there to take a rest!! Go, grab a beer, walk around, find a good gal and go for as many dance as your pocket can afford!!

  60. Ed Colorado

    Just got back tonight. Lisa and Joy know how to make the most of the private dance.

    I travel all over for my job as an IT project manager the first thing I do is to check this list. It has never been wrong.

    Baby Dolls is the best club in the states

  61. Dallas fan

    This is the best SC by far. Will revisit and highly recommended !!

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