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8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Aj’s Restaurant & Bar

  1. Robert C.

    I’ve been coming to place since the early 90’s, and it’s still great. Yes, the place is old and run down ( there used to be a grill), but the girls are lovely and friendly. By the way, these girls can dance! Unlike other places, this place is relaxed. The girls are not agressive and they are constantly smiling throughout their performance. The waitresses and bartender are constantly busy but their not pushy. Overall, AJ’s is a great place!

  2. Mr. X

    Inexpensive, friendly place. A few hot girls and many average.

    Miranda from the Brass -Rail was there last month. No pitchers of beer though. No lap dances, just a back massage in public. It could use improvement.

  3. yanard12

    First off I’m new to the area. We wanted to stay in San Jose rather than make the trip to the city for a day of dancers. Start with the earliest. AJ s says they open at 7 am but they clearly don’t after several calls to verify. Ok no big deal. But to hear it’s all skinny girls with no tits who don’t actually do anything but ask for clothed lap dances is disappointing. Skip to the next. And I love strip clubs.so please don’t expect some negative review from a woman. Hell I’m retired dancer lol.

  4. igor34

    Is this place shutdown I wanted to check it out on Saturday night but it look like I wasn’t open any more

  5. Nacho C.

    awesome, just awesome. taco shop hooked on the front made it complete for me.

  6. Jim
  7. tonycluber

    I come to this place very often because it’s right up the street from my house, it’s a fun environment and get to see beautiful girls. They have a girl for every taste. Drinks are descent price. The girls are always nice. So if your looking for a fun and chill place to hang out and drink than this is for you…

  8. zeke
  9. sadaf s.

    def. a fun place to go they have a great bar staff and everyone is friendly. you just need to make sure you take care of the girls they will be nice to you people have to understand all the girls working in there are working for tips so if you are tipping them only a buck there not going to be to happy.

  10. Rick M.

    This is not a place you want to take your girlfriend (unless she wants to bring another girl home). This is place you come with your boys for a guys night out. Come see some girls dance around in their small bikini’s for $5 a solo dance in front of everyone in the middle of the stage. We usually sit at the bar or at the tables. Sitting around the stage could be annoying at times because the girls can be a little snobby if you don’t tip them. They need to get rid of that $5 cover charge.

  11. SIGN
  12. Shady

    Nothing like having a drink and looking at ass!

  13. richard95

    I went there the other day with a few guys I met. I recommended the place because I heard from a friend that it was alright. When we got there it was relatively empty. The bouncer was at the rail inside the club, and told us it was $5 each. One of my friends made a comment about it being empty, and the bouncer quickly told us to leave if we didn’t want to be there. That was followed by a few get the F outs if we didn’t like the place.Never got to see a girl or taste a drink because the doorman was so rude, and just a jackass. No worries, I just know where to never visit again.

  14. James S.

    I liked AJ’s. Being a ex city boy; I found the non-topless bar cool to hang out and drink. The bartender, Andrea was totally cool and a real sweetheart. To the haters, all I can say is; you do not go to this place to get lap dances; go for the scenery and to have a few drinks. As far as the drink prices; they are cheaper than at Boswells……Whatever works for you…..I have had fun @ AJ’s and never felt ripped off

  15. Lance K.

    Is this the place where you bring your old TV? It’s a strange setup and in need of some major upgrades. There are lots of old TVs on the dance floor which always cracks me up. If you sit on the tipping bar hold on to your drink because when the dancers back their junk up your drink may go flying. Don’t expect too much of this place and you will be a happy customer.

  16. Eegnam A.

    $5 cover for guys and girls. “Lap” dances are given on stage. Manly girls in bikini wear. eh….

  17. Samantha M.

    Your typical local dive bar with a bunch of TVs all around. Chicks in skimpy attire that don’t really dance just kinda wiggle around waiting for a guy to sit on a folding chair to dance in front of them for $5 a minute. Woo hoo. I’d save my money for a real club.

  18. fuckery12

    I am from the Eastbay and came to San Jose for a friend of a friends birthday party.Some wasted dude in our group was like…”lets go AJ’s” This place is something like a 80’s movie a la “Porky’s”Not so much as in smut but more like the spirit of a good time.This place is more class than trash. Staff was hella chill and everyone in our party had a great time.And Mercedes ***if that her real name**** is amazing.Not to mention they have a full kitchen/dinner deal going on!Cant not go wrong

  19. XhXeXy

    Strip bars in the Bay Area are non-existant, outside of Cheetah’s in Sunnyvale and Hanky Panky’s in Palo Alto. If you want to get your beer n’ cocktails on in an environment where women clad in bikini tops n’ bottoms gyrate some 3′ away from you, there are a good number of those joints around. Ever since the untimely demise of the elegantly decadent T’s Cabaret in the early ‘oughts, I’ve found myself drawn more to AJ’s Restaurant & Bar when it came to hunkering down in a dive bar that also happens to have a couple of lovely, friendly ladies dance about within a confined single-center stage. The owner Andy and his delightful Mrs. Susan can often be seen hanging out to the right of the center stage on any given night, gabbing away with anyone game, to discuss just about anything interesting under the sun. The dancers are friendly and not about some sort of hardsell [esp. since lapdances or any sort of private entertainment are a no-no here]. The bartenders are swift, efficient and just as pleasant to deal with. The food is actually very good. If I had to give it a single knock, it’d be the fact that it’s a cash-only establishment and has been for many years. Despite that, it’s still a lot of fun to drop by random,ly and hang out in-between venues.

  20. Quynh L.

    This is a dive bar. My friend and I wanted to get drinks and this happened to be closest to the house. The parking lot was filled, we parked on the street…it wasn’t that scary..geesh it’s WILLOW GLENN! We heard bumpn music and thought it was bar/club…lo and behold, walked in and saw the girls dancing..ah I’m game it’s always fun to go to dive bars anyways. It was pretty packed for a school night (Tuesday) $5 cover charge SUCKS and I’m a girl..no luck there. My guy friend was pissed about that too..all night!! πŸ™‚ All we wanted were drinks..overpriced for a dive bar. But we entertained ourselves by watching the other patrons. As we all know..dive bars are good for character building πŸ™‚ There was one guy that stood out..we’ll call him Rennaissance man..had a feather in his cap and kilt! Fair enough, we can wear what we want to a bar like this. I asked the bartender if he was part of the bar entertainment, no he was just a friend of the bar. He wasn’t so rennaissance like as he paid for 3-4 lap dances and was wootn and hollern..but entertained us!!Girls were all natural (no boob jobs) except for one. None of them were hot or anything and for the tips they were getting…I don’t know why they were dancing for those cheap bastards! Fun to go once just to have a story to tell. Oh yeah, they have the “kitchen” back there…but hells no I ain’t gonna try it. So if you make it there, say hello to the rennaissance man, he just might pay for you to get a lap dance πŸ™‚ he did for me! hahaha And he’s Scottish no Irish πŸ™‚

  21. ryan123

    Went to A.J.s with friends that were in town Three guys and three girls. One of the girls happened to dance at Brass Rail. I took seperate car after we came from dinner. Upon walking in by myself, without rest of crew… Fat Boy Bouncer tells me Ive had too much to drink and cant get in! Really…?!?! Me being a nice looking female had nothing to do with it huh? Lame! Especially since I was just there in sweats two weeks before on a Monday with two friends and we all had been drinking way more. Place had no one in it that day and the chicks dancing looked like meth heads that could use a meal. So thankfully i got to save my money last night. And DROVE my “according to Fatboy bouncer” drunk ass to the next place that gladly served me a nice cold beer.

  22. timmykilla

    One of my favorite hangouts. I’ve been coming here for about a year and it’s always a good time. Dancers and bartenders are friendly.

  23. eddyL

    I’ve come here on many occasions with my beau and this time around I was downright dissappointed. A girlfriend and I came here the other night after we had already been bar hopping. Girls are below average. Not worth the cover they charge.

  24. AssnTits5

    I see a lot of potential in this place. Could use a facelift.

  25. Jeff B.

    Place was OK… Here is a break down:OK First parking sucks… And its in a somewhat ghetto area. There is a lot of street parking, but man-o-man, it’s a dark scary walk to the bar from the section of street parking we parked at. Lots of dark alleys and hiding spots…Right when I walked in… Five dollar cover charge. I came with two girls. You think they would have hooked up the girls? No it was 15 for us to get in… Not a huge deal, but still…The dance format was different than I was use to. I’m use to the couple stage shop with girls all over the place, some dancing on stage, some serving drinks, and some doing privet lap dances. At AJ’s there is a dance floor in the middle of one big room, with chairs, and to get a lap dance, you go on stage in front of everyone, and get your dance. Other then that, the girls won’t get any where near you. Even if you leave money on the rail, they come over shake it a little bit, and take your money. Then they bug you to come get a lap dance. I’m too much of a privet guy myself to want to go on stage and get the lap dance. Oh well…The girls were OK…. Most of them had nice body’s with not so hot faces… In fact, some had terrible looking faces… A few of the girls there, were just bad looking all around, head to toe. And there were two girls there that were 100% awesome in my book. Problem was if they weren’t on stage doing lap dances, you never saw them. What a bummer…Drinks were way over priced. I think the drink girl flunked math because every time we ordered and paid the total was different. We didn’t make a fuss about it because she was hotter then the dancers, and we could sit and talk with her off stage. Another real let down was the fact that they use girls that come into the club as dancers. While it is hot and funny to see, I personally don’t think it’s right. You paid five dollars to come in, tips, plus crazy priced drinks to go up on stage for a lap dance, then you are dancing for the stripper? Not in my book… Glad I’m not a sexy girl. Not to mention the two girls I went with were for me, not all the guys in the club. Witch brings me to my next point…I went with two girls. Two nice looking girls. Everyone in the club was staring at them all night. Because of the odd shape of the place, and how confined it was, guys kept bumping into them all night long. Made things uncomfortable for them, and me…One last thing that rubbed me the wrong way, and this one I take personally… While we were in the club, we met up with some friends, three other hot girls, plus one other guy. So there were 5 hot girls, 2 guys… Towards the end of the night, we got board of this place, and went to leave. As we were walking out, the security guard was sitting with the door guy, and they made rude comments at us (as a group) while walking out. I was the last one out, so I heard a lot of what they said. They were making fun of us (two guys) to the girls we went with. And said why are you leaving with them. Damn should be us… WTF? I’m not going back any time soon. So that was my night at this club. I think next time around I’m going to the hip hugger, brass rail, kit kat, or something other then this place.

  26. RaiderX
  27. joseph1k

    If you want to waste some money, AJ’s will definitely help you out. $5 dollars cover, even if you are a female. And $7 dollar beers on tap. And there were only 2 choices on tap, Sierra Nevada or Hef. The set up is extremely strange. There were no poles anywhere. Just a stage with about 5 chairs. If you want a dance from the girls, you have to do it up on stage in full sight of everyone. Kind of creepy and less enjoyable. Also, it is not even a real lap dance. They make the guys straddle the chairs the reverse way, so all you really get is a girl dancing near you. And, one of the girls ended all her dances with a weird shoulder massage. Also, I am not sure how they determine the length of the dances since you don’t even get a full song. But either way, out of all the girls, there were like 2-3 that were pretty good looking. The rest were butter faces but I think the uglier girls gave the best dances.Anyways, this place is pretty dumpy but it was a good time. I probably wouldn’t come here again since Brass Rail is a way better deal since there is no cover for females and they serve beer by the pitcher that isn’t ridiciously overpriced.

  28. Thirty-Cen T.

    Absolute garbage. $5 cover for all, including females. Drinks are $7 minimum, even for beer. There is no dancing going on, just lazy wandering around and asking for tips. If you want to have a great time, make the trip to the Brass Rail. Never again will I go here, and neither should you. This place is a scam.

  29. maxxy1

    Blundered in here with JZ the other month.I was a bit tipsy after a heavy night on the brew.Knowing this, we should have just got a cab home, but we didn’t…I had no idea this place even existed!Needless to say we had a fun night.I was a bit surprised to find out the owner and JZ knew each other.He even persuaded her to get up on the dancefloor for a ‘freebie’.Everyone loved that, I can tell you…All that aside, it’s a really cool dive bar.Very quick service from the staff – especially Andrea who was awesome.Everybody’s drinks were nice and cheap too.Now read first letters downwards…:)Woohoo!

  30. GarryWas

    Yes, they stopped serving food.It’s kind of Dive-eyBut the bartenders are super friendly.The crowd is pleasant. Not too roudy or ghetto.Girls are cute.I have actually made some friends here. I like the chill atmosphere.Cheap cover charge.CASH ONLY

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