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C2490 Wisconsin 153, Stratford, WI 54484


44.8008282, -89.9646968




8am – 8pm


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0 reviews for “Teasers Gentleman’s Club

  1. Farrah

    I LOVE this place! It is such a fun and laid-back club! I will definatley be back to dance here! Everyone was great and they don’t make you pay a cover charge or make you pay just to dance there. I didn’t even have to get a hotel when I danced there because Teaser’s even lets the dancers stay at the club all week for free!

  2. Jake A

    The girls are smoking hot a must see. It is worth the drive guys.

  3. BEN


  4. GraveDancer

    High class ladies good friendly people and good bartender.

    Would dance here again! Good pay bonus and fair treatment and most of all good tipping customers =)

  5. Taylor
  6. Teasers Staff

    For everyone that keeps posting negative comments on here & other club sites…Grow up do you know how to be an adult?! We know who & what you are, that is why you were fired and have all this time to slander Teasers on here because you don’t have jobs to keep you busy anymore! Teasers is not shut down nor is it close to being shut down. All the negative comments on here are not true. We’re not closed either. For the past 4 1/2 years we have been open Mon.-Sat. 4pm-close….NOTE: we are not open on SUNDAYS EVER! We also close down for special occasions, Holidays & repairs just like every other business! When we are or will be closed it is always clearly posted on the outside & inside doors for those of you that need to be told where it is when you do your so called drive bys. Stop and read it next time…you can’t see it at 55mph as you pass by the club or from your house! lol! Another issue I’d like to clear up is about the 15yr old. She was really 16ys old and she presented a fake ID so she could work. We did not get in trouble for this because she had a fake ID and only worked a few 1/2 days and we never had any strikes against us and also because she got a couple of the other clubs in trouble for lying about her age too. Despite what is posted on here we are known as one of the cleanest clubs. Also, Marshall Maguire the owner of Teasers is a great owner he always socializes with his customers and makes you feel right at home and always has a smile. I just want everyone to know he “NEVER” had any sexual contact with the 16yr old or any other dancers at the club. If a dancer sits on his lap, kisses or hugs him then how is it sexual harassment on his part or against their will? You are in control of your own bodies if you don’t like him or someone else having contact with you then MOVE! In this type of environment you are selling your bodies If you don’t want people to look at you naked or want to touch you then don’t work at a strip club (we can’t always stop people from trying to touch but we’ll try), if you can’t handle people talking perverted to you then your in the wrong environment for a job! We do not force you to drink alcohol either so if you can’t handle it or it interferes with you work performance then don’t drink! Every job has it’s ups & downs you just have to deal with it or change jobs. We are currently changing things up on the inside & outside of the club so I hope everyone is excited about the new changes bare with us on this-it’s gonna take some time but we are going to try to do it when we are closed so we can stay open during regular business hours, thanks for everyone’s patience & dedication to a great club! I’d like to also add that we have very beautiful pleasant dancers that work here that make you feel right at home on every visit and we all have a lot of fun. We would also like to give a special thanks to all of our dedicated dancers that have been part of our Teasers family for all your hard work. If anyone has questions or would like to work at Teasers just post on here or call the club. 715-687-2151 we are located at C2490 State Hwy.153, Stratford, WI, 54484 Thanks again for everyone’s dedication!

  7. John

    Looks like the dump went to hell in a handbag! Never any good here. Showtime beats the hell out of this club hands down.

  8. Jester09

    Tracy, I am very disapointed in you, why don’t you just hush up instead of rocking the boat with Marshall?.

    I have witnessed several times you taking customers cash on the bar and then putting it directly into your purse and serving them water out of the gun after you made their mix drinks stronger than normal. You also had a tab you made people think you had to pay off and you took money that way. There were also times I tried to come in around 7pm on a monday and the doors would be locked but all the lights were on and dancer cars were in the lot. What was going on then Tracy? I also have seen you walk out of the bar in plain daylight with bottles of alcohol into your green truck.

    I also overheard you and witnessed you with a Dancer named Cat who didn’t have enough money to buy your laptop computer for $1000 so you gave her the nessisary Lap Dance tickets to make the $1000.

    If thats not fraud or stealing then I don’t know what is. You should just shut up and go away Tracy before Marshall actually does show the proof to the police about you. Keep rocking the boat. I’m only saying this to you as a mutual friend between you and Marshall. I’m disapointed you couldn’t stop your habbit before it ruined you and the bar I love to frequent.

    You were a good friend Tracy but you need to get some help before it destroys you.

  9. big $pender

    This club is so much fun! The owner is great and he cares about his dancers and treats them really well. Most of the dancers are high quality and are fun to talk too!!

  10. Jason P

    Saw too that it was closed. There sure are alot of angry people on here!

  11. Lane

    you FINALLY had a lady worth looking at with the most incredable tatas and now shes gone. bring her back!! give her what ever she wants just bring her back!!




  13. adam

    this place sucks

  14. jamie chayka

    The owner has HIV!

  15. Dive Hater

    what a dive bar with a bad reputation for prostitution, drugs and all around unclean nastiness! this club is sick in all the wrong ways. Glad it finally closed the doors. Do everyone a favor and don’t reopen.

  16. Chuck

    Best club around

  17. Z

    does anyone know why they closed?

  18. Current Costomer

    The guy who brought up the black girl thank you very much!

    She is Gone and is never comming back, Teasers staff especially Jamie the bartender have cracked down on the trash that graces the property. Girls are screened and actually held to acountability now and standards have been better as of late because of it. Teasers has gotten rid of the pot/crack/drug whores as of the last few weeks and the overall expirence has changed. If you haven’t tried Teasers in a while I suggest you give it a try and you’ll see things are actually looking up there now.

    They re-did the bathrooms and lap dance room and say that more improvments are on the way. I urge all potential patrons to come join me for a beer at Teasers. Its no longer a drabby place to go, new stage lighting has made it easier to see the girls on stage instead of it being so dark and the Lap dance room is a very groovy teal/green with mirrors.

    Teasers was closed only 2 days while these improvments were going on and that lead some to believe it was “shut down” when it was just nice changes being made.

    Theres a wonderfull cast of girls there this week, an italian girl named Aleyna who is very socialable and beautiful and Luscious who is very fun and happy go lucky, I sat next to them all night and had a ball. Theres also a revolving set of girls who are coming toward the weekend so please come down and check them out!

  19. mr.man

    This is still a great club! Friendly girls and fun bartenders! Always a smiling face here!

  20. ***

    Wow, the dancers are fab. All three recent times that I have been there. Owner really makes you feel welcome there. Very friendly and great service and wonderful drinks. Just wish the mirror was fixed and not broke…. the junk box is ot the best either.. but hey so much other wonderful things to go by there and that makes up for that.

  21. jenny
  22. D.M.

    Bar was completely dead.

  23. fly by

    stopped in for 1 not half bad friendly bartender

  24. Dan

    where did all the girls go?

  25. Kate

    I really don’t like to visit strip clubs but my friends pressured me into going. I thought, I would not have fun like at other strip clubs but I was wrong. They had awesome girls and staff. I will be back 🙂

  26. JP

    Worth stopping in if you are in the neighborhood, but not worth a special trip

  27. Wen Arrofraud

    I would just like to say how they have redone the place. In my opinion its the best place in 200 miles. Nothing in Wausau can compare, its worth the drive every time. I visit Teasers almost everyday and they always have great looking girls. None of them are like my head, they are curvey if you know what I mean.

    Marshal is the best club owner I have ever met. I don’t understand why reading all of the past reviews Teasers scored very well until March 09 ? The club has not been shut down and I go three plus times a week. There has been at least 5+ girls working every night for people who want the truth and have a fun time.

    I never come here to post but after reading the slander I feel I have to do something about the false accusations. It appears to be the same person who must have a problem with Marshal. I encourage all readers to read previous reviews and see through these fakes. I only hope that this website logged their IP numbers and takes necessary actions against their accounts, as nothing they have said holds ANY truth.



  28. Misty kissez

    neat little place to hang out.. would consider working there.

  29. Jack Mehoffer

    I must say that I stopped in there about 2 weeks ago and the place beats all other strip clubs in Central Wisconsin for value and girls.

    At most clubs you feel as if the girls are actually interested in you, they don’t just grab your money and leave they sit and talk and make you feel like you are the only one that matters.

    If thats not enough the Bartender who I wanna say is named Jamie, (she is very nice n’ beautiful) makes one of a drink and serves everybody efficiently and fast and deserves your tips. Very hard worker and easy on the eyes.

    Theres also a very beautiful Dancer named Lucsious who is a very fun profesional girl who would be right at home on the Vegas strip dancing but is instead Stratfords best kept secret! Theres other girls like Angel and Riley who make cumming here a very fun and enjoyable. Most of the time theres a mix of new girls every week with some regulars like Luscious,Angel and Riley and a few others who make the drive from Wausau to bumfuck stratford well worth the drive!

    The owner is very nice as well makes you feel welcome and will shake dice with you and even though he loses almost everytime he still has a great attitude and treats everyone well including his girls.

    5 stars! great place service and friends!

  30. FYI


  31. Tracey_Chyka

    Excellent Club! Very respectable establishment and decent talent. Owner is nice as well (especially since he didn’t turn me in for stealing out of his till). 5 stars! Its too bad i almost ran it into the ground stealing from the till with my boy friend wen arrofraud, but at least they axed me so i wont steal again.

    The Owner of Teasers doesn’t have HIV, my hair lip miget boy friend with short arms and small balls wen arrofraud does, how do you think he makes extra cash on the bread route?. Yep thats right… suckin alot of cock.

  32. Dave

    Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Bad place closed again?

  33. 5/04/2008

    No matter what this “Tracy” and “Glen” say about this club it is the best around. I am just suprised to see him set his neck brace down to type all this bullshit. Keep up the good work short armed potato sack boy.

  34. dancer

    In reply to the last comment… hmmm… well you obviously havent been there lately have you. Cuz when I was working there last week, there were a few good looking girls (including myself). As for the tire issue, I’m pretty sure I’ve got an idea who posted that. Cuz she only told a few people about it. If he did slash your tires, then press charges. Dont make everyone else who works at this bar out to be bad. We do work hard for our money and it’s not our fault the mirror’s are cracked. Or that the cds skip. Maybe girls shouldn’t bring in cds with stratches all over them!

  35. Moon

    cause the owner is a L L L Loser!

  36. FunSock

    I must say after reading all the frivolous claims here that teasers truthfully is a great club. The dancers are always very nice and the owner Marshall is not the scum he is being slandered to be by some on here.

    To Honest Abe (posted in comment section) you are a dumb shit, if you are such a Strip Club Expert then you should realise that Teasers or any Stripclub does not own the girls. The Girls/Dancers go from Club to Club dancing and booking so it doesn’t mean shit if one club has an ugly girl one week, because most likely next week there will be better looking girls!.

    Why you should come to Teasers? Because the drinks are made good and they are resonably priced and the girls that come in usually are too. Its a fun enviroment not centered around snobs but rather down home entertainment that makes you feel like you are special. Travis Weinke is just jealious that he can’t afford a lap dance in between Trailer Payments so its understandable his angst.

    Don’t believe the negatives look at past reviews and look at all the 9.0s and 10.0s and average of 6-7 before you believe the crap commin out of a sour ex employee who was fired.

    Oh, Grand Daddys beats the shit out of any Strip club in Central Wisconsin for glamour and beauty inside but the staff SUCKS and the Bartenders wouldn’t know what a Jack & Coke is if you poured it on them and showed them the label. Teasers is a Bar oriented place where as Grand Daddys is all about the VIP. And like I said before the girls are irrelevant cuz they all hop from club to club so both Grand Daddys and Teasers book similar talent with a few exceptions.

    You get more attention from the Dancers at Teasers and the girls actually sit and talk to you unlike Grand Daddys, plus you get strong drinks made by a pretty brunette bartender who doesn’t steal out of the till or your boobie bucks sitting on the bar.

    PS: Jay Bird pay off yer tab you fuckin hobo, I hate when you and your stinky smelling brother and his retarded son sit by me and my wife and my biker buds, you stillmans are nothing but useless child molesting fucks!. Also take your stolen cars you idiots sell and shove them up your arse!

  37. Marcus

    I was there last week there where only a couple of dancers.

  38. GFORCE

    It is so easy to know who it is posting as a dancer. Have you danced there before? or just gone in the back door? I would suggest not posting anymore FRAUD on this website.

    “FYI” There was a full parking lot with loads of cute girls this whole week.

  39. *T*
  40. Road Dog

    Some of the Dancers are awesome!

  41. mrmojo

    Happened across this club by accident, looking for a bar. Only 3 girls all high quality, excellent demeanor. A bit tentative in a new club gauging the rules, this place was more fun and free wheeling than any in this half of the state. The brunette was exceptional. Drink prices great, I shall return.

  42. Joey

    better watch your back slushy.

  43. j


  44. Matt

    LOL! That’s called karma coming back to getcha!

  45. Steve

    I wanted to see why there were no cars in the parking lot so I guess I know why now!

  46. Me

    Hey now I worked there for along time and enjoyed it. . .

  47. G-man

    This is one of my fave clubs.

  48. Tracy Cheyka

    To certain family members who wish to use the world wide web to slander their own sister- and the ones who knowingly let them get away with it, Grow up!) I don’t care what anyone thinks I will date whoever I want. Glen makes me VERY happy & if you cannot accept that and choose to deal with it by trying to tear me down in the process of making up lies & slandering him everywhere. So what. Then it is clear that you are only concerned whether or not who I am dating makes YOU happy! You have been in the same routine my whole life so I know nothing will change, and since you do not care to talk to me like a normal person would, you do not have to be a part of mine or my daughter’s lives. But that is your choice. To Marshall, if you actually thought I “robbed” you then go call a cop and prove it! If anyone robbed anyone it was you cheating me out of hours that I worked and find it amusing how after I mentioned it to you along with how you were claiming me on my taxes(so you could get out of paying social security taxes, unemployment w.c. etc.) that within 1 week I no longer had a job. This IS the real reason I was CANNED and YOU ARE the biggest fraud of them all! Keep posting & telling your lies because “it all comes out in the wash.” I can prove what I say is true- you can’t. I know enough shit about you to not only put your ass out of business but to make sure you end up in prison as well! It seems that you need someone to blame because your shithole dive is going under & you whine that you haven’t turned a profit in a year! This is not because anyone “robbed” you but because you don’t know how to f-ing run a business! Legally or otherwise! You have been using the same excuses for a long time now! First Taylor Rose, Then Dilly & now me. LOL! Have some accountability! Everyone who visits this site for what it was actually made for is smart enough to weed out the bullshit of previous posts, and make their own conclusions as to what is really going on here. I think it is SO obvious. The people who know me and are good customers & friends when I worked here will know the truth and you are only making yourself out to be an ass! I do not need to come on these posts to trash Teasers- you do a good enough job on your own and the dancers who you book under false pretenses & promises know EXACTLY what I am talking about. Speaking of dancers *Luscious I am sorry that it seems that you were somehow dragged into this mess because of certain people knowing what good friends we were. (ie: knowing that I call u “slushy” and trashing you, as if they were me.) In my “family” or around Marshall anything you say can and WILL be used against you, so please do not believe what others had to say on here & judge for yourself. In closing, to the haters & “the gypsy”: post your nasty lies and rumors until you are blue in the face! GLEN & I DON’T CARE and are smiling that you have nothing better to do with your lives than to bash people on some stupid forum. PS- Don’t bother posting for me to see anymore of your lies & harrassment- I will not be back to read it! I ACTUALLY HAVE A LIFE TO LIVE!

  49. Greg

    I beg to differ on the last couple of these comment made. “dancer” management doesn’t give a shit what goes on here. He is too busy drinking all the profits and sleeping with underage minors that he hires to work here. And to “Charlie” that tiffany is nasty! I bet she gives a good lap dance. Thats how gross ugly prostitute chicks get acceptance. They have to do “something” because they are sooooo….. ugly! Have more class, that chick is bottom of the barrel and everyone knows it that is a regular. I sat near her when she tried to scam several customers for 12 dollar drinks that are nothing but blanks! What a ho!

  50. Rick


  51. This Club Rocks

    I have to tell all of you guys that this club is where its at. Fast friendly staff and very cute dancers. Worth every dollar. The owner was very friendly also. Great place if you want to see a full set of hot girls.

  52. Brian

    Excellent place to have a good time

  53. Happy Dancer!

    Just started at this club recently and I love it! If you are friendly and a good worker you will not have any problems making money at this club. They offer you a place to stay for free, how awesome when you really need money or don’t want to get a drunk driving. I was afraid to work here because of all the negative posts but I’m glad I didn’t believe them I went with my gut & tried it out anyway,I love it a lot everyone is great, they are very relaxed, friendly and fun here. I will keep booking at this club. I made lots of money for a somewhat slower week, but the weekend made up for it. Everyone should try this club out you can meet some really nice people there the employee’s and customers are very nice(of course there are some bad ones too, but that can happen anywhere) I’m glad I found a nice place to work. ps: bring your own blanket though so you know you have something to sleep with if there is a lot of girls.

  54. Dancer_09

    Girls please come in and dance here!

    Ok it may not have the lights and glamor of Milwaukee or most well to do clubs but the atmosphere is great here! People aren’t looked down at and the customers are great and they tip well. I made a bunch of money here a month ago and I am booking again for sure!.

    The Bartender Jamie is fun to work with and the owner Marshall is a really nice guy who cares about his dancers. unlike most clubs that run you through the mill this club treats you like a person and everyone who comes in is very nice and polite. The Demographics and Managment of the place make it a top on my list!

    Hope to see you here with me! A++++ PLACE!

  55. Jerry Hump

    Great place, Girls are very nice.

  56. Jacking Jimmy

    This club has it all. but dont take my word for it, come down like I have and check it out. You wont be sorry. The drinks are as hard as the strippers nipples.

  57. Rose

    They sell ass in Teasers and for that reason along with certain dancers inability to sell themselves they have asked them to leave.

  58. Jay

    This club is the best kept little secret in Wisconsin….

  59. Charlie

    I was in Teasers a little while back. There was a cute blonde girl working I did not know her name at the time, did not get a chance to talk to her. And just recently I was at another club that she happened to be working to be working at. And this time I had a chance to talk to her, I found her name is Tiffany and got to buy a dance with her, and I would just like to say she is a very nice girl, gives an excellent dance. Will go back to see her. Whoever posted the bad comment about her is completely wrong.

  60. Lee

    OMG the girls are so hot.

  61. ew

    this place is disgusting, i wouldn’t bring a drunken bachelor in this place. I brought my girlfriend in here with me the one time we were in here and she made more money than the girls up on stage and didn’t even have to take off her clothes… what does that say about the whores up on stage???

  62. Shaun

    the fun factor of this club is 0! this club is dead! no girls, or customers! reminded me of an “old foggie” bar in the middle of nowhere. i came into this club last week and there was 1 girl! I think her name was tiffany and she was not very nice or nice to look at. she had wrinkles, a white overly powdered faced like a mime and had a couple of strands of long blond fake hair coming out in patches all over her head! weird! not anything like what i expected from a place called teasers. i was suprised she didn’t even come over to say hi or anything but it was ok cause I didn’t want her to! she was scary! i had 1 drink here and left, won’t be coming back!

  63. Jerry

    I tried this place out a couple of weeks ago and it was really bad! No customers and 2 girls at 11:30pm! One girl was such a stuck up bitch I wouldn’t think twice about going back here. The girls name was Jazmin and she was nothing to look at for the type of attitude she had on display that night! Demanded $5 dollar tips from everyone on stage and said that she was too good for dollar bills! How’s one to take that coming from someone who’s face looks like she is sniffing shit? she was barely worth .10 cents and it wasn’t appriciated but the owner didn’t seem to mind this nasty bitch, he was all over her & that left 1 girl who was not that hot either! not much left for anyone else, highly disappointed. If anyone who reads this is thinking about coming here, don’t! go to Showtime in Wausau it is so much more fun there.

  64. Double Take

    Great place, great gals, great owner.

  65. Sara

    Nice place will come again.

  66. Gary

    Boring. This club used to be fun but now there’s hardly any girls here. 1-2 classy women show up about once every 2 months but most of the dancers here try to prostitute to make ends meet. I come to relax and watch the show, not to look for a disease to take home. Considering that I may have to travel to schofield and see what grand daddy’s has to offer.

  67. BigE

    I don’t know what all this talk is about Teasers being so bad.

    I’ve known Marshall for awhile now and he is always nice to me. And Marshall slashing tires ya right like he has the time after CANNING that thieving bartender. The only slashing going on is from her retarded Boyfriend that slashed there own tires for the insurance money. (Go brag some more DUMB ASS)And now that I think about it all the bad posting on here and the on the other club lists is the same shit she use to bitch about while she was working. And even then her complaints weren’t all that bad… LOL I wish every one can live in here perfect world where nothing ever brakes.

    I love teasers and its not closing down! And for the “You drove past and there were no cars” WOW your eyes are bad. You mite want to stop driving because I would hate to be on the same road as you….

  68. Jimbo

    Its out in the middle of no where. I think they just up dated there out house.

  69. ladiesmanstrauss

    This club is disgusting! poor jukebox, burnnt cds that skip or that have security blur in them! Broken stage mirrors, Urnal doesn’t flush, NO pretty dancers at all! and the owner needs to beg girls to come work here. Owner takes the cake, always very wasted and pawing on the girls over half his age, very jealous of other guys and as of lately caught him slashing customers tires! beware of this club!

  70. Gregman

    I agree that the owner Marshal McGuire is a putz! I would not even go to this club but I come here to visit when a very nice dancer named Lucious is working, she is one of the only few good looking women who dances here. I gave Teasers a low score because there are many things about this club that are quite bothersome to me & others when I try to relax and have a good time here. One of the biggest problems is I have noticed that when the owner Marshal has a bartender named Dinally working you can not get a drink from that girl! Instead you get to hear lots of complaining the whole time you are there. She is either holding her stomach, or other body part (depends on what day you catch her) or talking on her cell phone ignoring customers. One thing that amazes me is that the owner will sit behind the bar and give the twit massages to top it off. Come on now! There are many times that I have wanted to tell them both where to go & walk behind the bar and get my own damn beer! Marshal also needs to stop drinking and fondling all the dancers at the club- save some for the customers! I also just can’t stand how much this putz lies & brags up all his junk. No one cares about his old rundown piece of crap vette, or how much he lies he paid for the place! tired of hearing it! The truth is $137,000 not $400,000. Marshal is a joke and everybody knows the real truth and laughs behind his back- sounds like he has penis envy! Instead of bragging & lying he should put his energy into cleaning up the men’s can & fixing those broken stage mirrors, it makes the place look like a slum!

  71. Bread Boy G.

    This place makes more dough then I do. This is the place to be on a Friday and Saturday night. The week days arent bad either.

  72. Sammy J

    Hot girls good service

  73. Jay B.

    Showtime is absolutely where it’s at! only good strip bar left as a matter of fact. When you go there you don’t have to worry about trashy people like Marshal being nice to your face and then stabbing you in the back! Glad it’s closed too!

  74. Former Customer

    Teasers used to be a good place to go when Bob and Becky ran it. These reviews have become like a circus. Everyone here is a bullshitter. The place is not as bad or near as good as some claim. I used to frequent Teasers quite a bit, but stay away now. The last half a dozen times I was there, the girls were not socialble and really weren’t all that good looking. I had money taken off the bar when I wasn’t looking, but I guess that can happen anywhere. A black dancer offered her “services” to me in the lap dance room…This place has gone downhill, but I’m not gonna say it needs to close….yet….

  75. Craig

    Awesome! This place is soooo…. much fun! I will be coming back very soon. Nice pretty girls, fun atmosphere, great drink varieties.

  76. Glen J

    Me and some guys were at showtime and the girls there were rude and really stanky. so we left and spent the rest of the night at Teasers. What an nice club. A++

  77. A Few Hidden Cameras

    I have seen lots of scamming going on at Teasers while Tracy worked there. As I recorded on tapes, Her breaking into the basement office, doing FAKE machine payouts, taking money from the jukebox, Taking money from cutomers to her pocket, Taking directly out of the till. Stealing from the the dancers and much more, too much to list.

    Tracy and FlatHead you started posting false claims on this site now you can’t handle the real truth. Lawyer up scammers.

    Class G felony couple

  78. Terry

    This slum sucked and needs to be tore down.

  79. Forrest

    This club is run by a big putz!!! I know, cause I met him! This club could be so much better if it had proper management, better looking girls, a smoke eater that worked & CLEAN restrooms. The girls are not that pretty, actually some are down right ugly! Why would you hire someone who does not have nice features? I will elaborate why I think they got hired: because this is the type of girl THE OWNER is attracted to! easy process of elimination when he seems to have his old paws all over them! In short the only great thing about this club is that it has excellent service! and there actually ARE a couple of very nice, very attentive, and go figure very attractive bartenders here. It’s too bad they don’t give lap dances! Hey I have to give credit where credit is due!

  80. E N O M , INC

    This is a place to list and review strip clubs its NOT chat room. Keep on topic or your IP numbers will be banned as they are already logged.

    READ THE POSTING RULES Do not wright negitive reviews against specific people.

  81. Alex

    Great club, great girls, the brunette was smoking on 7-14.

  82. Captain_Stabbin

    Great club,great girls,great owner and staff makes you feel at home!

    The comments below are bs, the ex bartender and her theif boyfriend just have an axe to grind. And by the way the drinks are made strong here and if you don’t think so then stop drinking you stupid fuck!

  83. Russell

    THIS CLUB ROCKS! I had such a fun time here and the girls are so nice. No complaints here! I will be going back for more!

  84. Jkis

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