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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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67 reviews for “Aj’s

  1. Anonymous

    I FUCKIN LOVE THIS PLACE !!!!! Nine people were busted in a massive drug and prostitution ring at a New Jersey go-go bar, police said.

    A six-month investigation at AJ’s Go-Go Bar in Secaucus ended Tuesday with the arrest of nine men and women on charges ranging from promoting prostitution to distribution of cocaine, cops said.

    Undercover detectives inside the jiggle joint bought various quantities of cocaine from employees and were also offered sex for cash, Secaucus police said.

    A host of drugs — including more than two ounces of cocaine and in excess of 400 Oxycontin pills — were seized along with $40,000 in cash during a search of the go-go bar Tuesday. The money is believed to have come from “nefarious activity,” Secaucus Police Chief Dennis Miller said.

    “Increasingly in the past two years, crime have routinely been committed within AJ’s at an alarming rate,” Miller said in a statement.

    Several aggravated assaults, firearms-related incidents and an overdose in the bathroom of the bar have been reported in that span, police said.

    Investigators were also tipped off to allegations that employees at AJ’s were selling drugs directly to customers, Miller said.

    All nine individuals, above, were arrested on various drug and prostitution charges.
    All nine individuals, above, were arrested on various drug and prostitution charges.
    Secaucus Police Department
    Those arrested in the probe included Caroleen Garcia-Garcia, 41, of the Bronx, for allegedly engaging in prostitution, along with Maylin Hechavarria, 30, of Newark, Rosanni Reyes, 45, of Belleville, and Leidy Munoz-Gomez, 40, of North Bergen, on the same charge.

    Jason Koch, 52, of Hawthorne, was charged with promoting prostitution and several drug counts, including possession with intent to distribute cocaine and Oxycontin, police said.

    Carlos Busatmante, whose age and hometown were not provided, was also charged with four counts of cocaine distribution and other drug charges. Three other suspects who were arrested for drug or weapon possession were identified as Elizabeth Nauer, 33, of Bayonne, Frank Lovato, 54, of Wyckoff, and Jeana Branda, 32, of Secaucus, who allegedly had a knife.

    It’s unclear if any of the suspects had attorneys who could comment on their behalf. Munoz-Gomez, Koch and Bustamante were being held Wednesday at the Hudson County Jail, Secaucus police said.

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    Hello Boys I am available this weekend OTC. I am an upscale model and escort in NJ so hit me up. Victoria.zdrok21@gmail.com

  3. Nothing

    special about this place. For the most part, ok ( but not great) looking girls. Parking sucks.

  4. Johnny

    This club is awesome. NJ’s hottest dancers are found at this club by far and the DJ plays sick house music.

  5. omar sausage
  6. Jose

    Dis club is da shit, lots a shorties wit da goods lik pow in da bacl

  7. joe
  8. james

    this place got as ugly as justine lol

  9. Roy

    good extras here, need better looking girls tho

  10. brandy lover
  11. Ricky

    This place is the worst. It’s all about a non stop hustle and poor attitudes from all (bartenders especially) who work there. For the entertainment to dollar spent value, it’s the worst of any club I’ve ever been to.

  12. name

    too many russians!!BRING JADE BACKK!!!!!!! come back JADE!!

  13. matt
  14. Diago El Deo

    Love the club, girls are getting better and spanish ass is just getting bigger. Love the new office girls, I would like to see them rub there watermelons together nice and gently

  15. Abe

    This Club is a pretty simple… girls are pertty looking good but when you want Private Dances is to short and you should spend a lots of money…

  16. louie

    this place it a total ripoff

  17. Rockstar

    Pure Sexyness!!!

  18. HG

    The best in the area these days!

  19. VJ

    Irene the barmaid is so hot.

  21. BDB

    This bar has not yet decided whether it wants to be a sports bar or a strip club. In trying to balance both, the strip club end tends to suffer. The girls do not live up to expectations though they are far from being below average. The girls are very pretty, but rarely will you find a dancer that is stunning. Also, the private dances are barely private.

  22. Not going back

    Get ready for the train of one second stop girls. They barely slow down to 10mph while grabbing you singles. Don’t bother asking for a name, by the time the question gets out, they are 2 customers away. Bartenders are unbelievably slow. Gave away at least a dozen singles before the barmaid even asked what i wanted to drink. Place sucks.

  23. rob

    hot girls! good food!

  24. Marc

    Good Club, spacious with good music and friendly service as well as atmosphere. Dancers are good to average, with German speaking Sol hitting close to the 10 mark. Kind of expensive though due to the non-stop rotation of the dancers around the stage. I spent $40 just in tips in less than 30 minutes. However, if you get over that fact it’s a really cool place. I would go back anytime.

  25. J-E-T-S

    Club sucks. Have been there twice in the last two months. Both times it took 10-15 minutes before a bartender would come over to ask if I needed a drink. It would take another 5-10 minutes to get each drink after that. Terrible. The girls don’t even smile or say hello. They stay for a couple seconds – just long enough to get a couple bucks, but not enough time to even look at you. Don’t waste your time or $$$.

  26. H. E.

    Danielle the bar maid is the hottest woman in the entire bar!! She was the best all night! My drink was never empty and she was so attentive to me! She was sweet and treated me like she wanted to be around me, not like she HAD to! I rate this club a ten simply for her!

  27. Dave

    The bartenders sat around talking to friends. I was wondering what to throw at one of them to get her attention when a dancer noticed I didn’t have a drink and went to tell one of the bartenders.

    The girls were so so. The lap dance I had was also so-so. I was happy when the girl said she had to go because she had to get on the stage.

  28. mj

    i love working here… everyone is nice from the girls, to the management and the customers to the bouncers… i couldn’t ask for a better working atmosphere…

  29. Homer

    Might be the best club in north jersey. Beautiful girls, not at all ghetto. Girls tend to make their money in the lap dance room, so you can sit at the bar and not get blitzed for singles. If your looking for a dive with extras (like me) this is not the place. If you don’t do this often and want a sure bet to enjoy some true beauties. This is the spot.

  30. Franklyn

    Aj’s is ok it is hit, or miss lol it is not that bad if you want a better expereince I suggest going to the ones in the city lol

  32. sammy

    God bless this place

  33. La Mar

    I ama frequent customer, I like that atmoshpere, the girls are great and food is very good. Lunchtime is a great time to go, the brazilian woman are sexy in AJ’s I get my $ worth every time….

  34. DAN


  35. big j
  36. name.

    JADE aint dead.shes fully alive..TRUST (=.

  37. steven
  38. father of the internet

    red head what a great dancer

  39. The Man

    This place is BORING and in trailerpark heaven.

  40. AM

    Good club most of the time. Many of the dancers are friendly and give you good dances.

  41. Chuck

    Blows, no pun intended. Yea right

  42. eric

    iwanna get up in that girl frannky she is a good fuk

  43. Buzz

    Girls are hot and there is a good variety. But a few can be snobby at times. They hound you to buy them a drink (usually a $12 martinee) then take the drink and run without sitting and talking for a minute. If you say no to a drink or ask if they will sit if you buy them one – a couple get all pissy. The bartenders are horrible. Order 2 drinks at a time because it takes them FOREVER to come buy for your order. If you are patient, you can find some really nice good looking girls that give good dances.

  44. andy

    hot spot!!

  45. happy
  46. Marlow S

    The Girls r Hot but most suck at dancing. A few Girls perform really good; doin poll tricks & other stuff; but some just walk back & forth on stage. I guess thats at evry club thou. Having said that; the spanish girls r unbelievably hot. the russians can take a hike; & the white girls r always smokin. DJ plays realy good music on fri & sat. I like this place but stay away from the ruskies!!

  47. Zipless A1's

    Most of the girls here are attractive to very good looking. But a lot of them have total B*TCH attitudes. Buy one a drink, they walk away without even staying to talk for a couple seconds and without saying thanks. The bartenders are VERY slow and lazy. Not unusual to wait literally 10-15 minutes to get a drink.

  48. Nonya

    I was there last night and it sucked just like it always did.

  49. Harry

    This place blows and not in a good way! lol

  50. Geoff

    Place has gotten to be way too hood.

  51. Lou

    Give me a break, get rid of the old bags already

  52. tommy

    love you frankie.there on mondays.holy shit shes smokin!!!!!!!!!!!! bartenders can be rude though

  53. mickyvik

    This club is a total rip-off when it comes to the girls.They expect a dollar tip every 10 seconds and its quite exasperating. It really spoils your mood if you were thinking of a good time.I was there last night and spend around a 100 $ is 2 hours only on tips!!! And they are quite shameless…they wont go away even if you say no.

    That apart, the club does have a good ambience and the food quality is pretty good.The girls are mostly average…on a scale of 10, around 5 or less. But there is the occasional 7 or 8 one. Go there only if you want to rid yourself of excess one dollar bills.

  54. AJWarden

    Nice girls, great club!

  55. Bob


  56. Alex
  57. anthony

    love it here…some beautiful girls here if you get the good nights

  58. Brian
  59. ADOLPH


  60. checkpoint

    Bring back Laura!!! The Bayonne beauty.

  61. Shut up

    this is a horribly bad club. girls here don’t even pretend to give a shit, and it’s not like I am brad pitt, but I am better than average and i have money. But it seems that these girls just want to take the dollar and stick it up their asses. I am never going back here.

  62. Yogi

    Not a comfortable atmosphere to get a lap dance.

  63. rodneyerm

    Ladies will enjoy AJ’s for the atmosphere. It’s lively and fun, and the ladies room is full of strippers doing their hair and makeup. Great specials, good location.

  64. Carlos

    anyone ever get lucky with the russian blonde girls, i think they are sisters. they talk a good game.

  65. Ruddy

    has gone way downhill

  66. CALVIN


  67. sneaky d

    You have to hit it when they first open up. Find a brazilian or thick russian and its all moaning, lol. They have relaxed the bouncers spying on you in the lapdance area, so its much better now.

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