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724 Duval Street, Key West, FL 33040


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Bourbon Street Pub

  1. james1412

    Older male crowd with go go boys in the bar counters. $5 cover charge to get in (on a Sunday at least). Drinks are served in cheap plastic cups. Not sure what they think we shall do with glassware. There is an outside area. Advertises a Saturday Pool party 12-5pm with hot boys & prizes. There is a guest house adjacent too if you are so inclined.

  2. C A.

    Love, love, love it! hot strippers, friendly staff and great drink prices! did i mention the hot strippers! Oy big ole dicks on them!

  3. Victor F.

    Fun place with fun atmosphere. The performers are great to watch.

  4. larry1

    Great location, friendly staff, and there is a guest hotel and pool out back that is awesome. Have a reasonable bar food menu which is very inexpensive. $2 for a hot dog; $3 for a hamburger, etc.Open early to late, you can chill out at the pool during the day or get crazy at night. Not to be missed for a night out in Key West.

  5. livinlikelarry

    Love this place!! Hot dancers, great music! I do get a little WILD here at times, after some drinks… who doesn’t? I will say I thank my lucky stars to one of the staff there. His name is Lance Harvey. I actually left my phone and wallet there on Friday and Lance was so kind to keep it and return it to me, even my chapstick!! I have to say that if it wasn’t for Lance, I’d have my week in key west completely ruined! Because of the nice people at bourbon street, I’ll always be a loyal patron of bourbon street pub. Thanks again Lance!!

  6. Franklyn

    ROTFLMMFAO!8 straight guys walk in to this place at 3 am. What could go wrong!?I didn’t make it past the front part, but I saw some things through the fog that I probably shouldn’t have seen on the stage to the right… I also got slapped on my ass by, well, I’m actually not sure what it was. It was like a damn mule kick!Anyway, the bar staff was friendly and there are free rubbers by the door.

  7. Christopher S.

    Wesley is the best bartender on Duval, hands down. He kept good stiff drinks coming at me all night long.

  8. Kuanyu C.

    I have been told by good friend who on occasions attending Fantasy Fest, that if I am to vacation in Key West one day be sure to check out the spectacle that is Bourbon St Pub, which is, among other things, one of regular sponsors of the festivity.I think I read it somewhere this place is less inviting, and I concur. I mean. I get it. I get this place. You called yourself Bourbon St Pub (even though my memories of Bourbon St. in NOLA is nowhere close to what I’ve experienced here.) Even without anyone telling me what this place is really about, I get it. It will be hard not to. They are not exactly subtle about it, and they will literally, and physically, dangling it in front of you.It’s not like this place is unfriendly. Au contraire. The people who are officially associated with the bar have been top notch friendly. I’m just not too fond of the type of crowd this place tends to attract. Persistent, and way overboard friendly advances, even to someone like myself.No, I’m not afraid of the advances, it’s actually quite interesting; but now I kind of know how pretty people feels like in the clubs that gets constantly hitting on by people you want nothing to do with.Safe to say, I enjoyed the experience, but perhaps this maybe as they said “once in a lifetime,” because I don’t think I need another visit.P.S. Oh yeah, if you enjoyed yourself past the front portion, you might as well go a little further and check out the Garden Bar. It’s very… revealing.

  9. dannyboy7

    Came here on a random afternoon in November…it was not quite as busy as it might usually be, but the drinks were still BOGO and they were delicious! Best rum runners I had in Key West!!

  10. Mistercap12

    This is the seedy gay strip club, with a great back patio with a pool and spa. Yes, it’s seedy, yes there are skanky strippers and some hot ones, yes it’s cruisy…. That’s the point…. It’s a vacation gay strip club. What I can say is that all the dancers as well as the other staff were really laid back and cool. If strippers aren’t your thing, come on live a little your on vacation, head to the back patio – bar, patio, dance area and pool. Many more locals hang out there mixed with the vacationers. Strike up a conversation with “The Balloon Man” he’s full of great conversation and can make anything you want out of balloons. We were there on a Monday night to watch Drag Race so he made me a crown. We stopped every night of our vacation if not for just a little while., lol….

  11. eddyL

    Went in to see a show and thoroughly enjoyed it, and no doubt the general fun vibe of the place contributed! Cute and barely clad waitstaff were buzzing about (one of ours was drunk off his gourd, but he was still entertaining and managed to bring our drinks just fine, so what the hey!).

  12. joseph1k

    We were here almost every night for vacation. We loved hanging out at the garden bar. It is clothing optional, but it was rare that we saw any naked men. There is usually some form of entertainment there each night from male dancers, to drag shows, to watching Glee by the pool! Highly recommend to anyone coming the the island, gay or straight!

  13. AssnTits5

    If you want cheap drinks come here for a beer, cocktail or a drinks. You can’t go wrong here. I been coming here with a group of friends decided to get some beers while the other half of out group decided to venture out to the Hemmingway House and shop. We decided to have some cheap beers and cocktails while we wait for them for lunch.Ask for Milan. He was an amazing bartender and took care of us. Great service and he even made us popcorn to much on. He was amazing while we take his picture or pictures that is. If you want to have really cheap drinks the Bourbon Pub is the place to be with the nice decor and windows that overlook the street while you have a smoke or drink with friends. I highly recommend this to group of friends if you like cheap drinks and by night it’s a fun atmosphere with the dancers.

  14. Kay L.

    Seedy-looking bar featured a fun drag queen performing when we walked by on the first night of our vacation. Why the hell not? We stopped in & had a few drinks & watched the go-go boys dance on the bar. The drinks were strong, the crowd was diverse, and the vibe was pretty laid-back. A fun time was had by all.

  15. DexterRexter

    Good place for a few drinks and a great place to watch half naked men dance. (Not my thing) but it was an experience. Stay out of the back bar. The guy tried shorting my partner $80 change. We stood there waiting…the guy looked up and knew immediately why we were waiting! SHADY AS HELL!We went back a few days later…for NYE and it was mobbed. Still a great place!

  16. Flip C.

    The Bourbon Street Pub is a bar attached to The New Orleans House, a gay guesthouse. I got drunk here 3 times, and everyone was always super-friendly. I met most of my locals here when I was on vacation. On one night, they were having a benefit for some guy who had to wear a colostomy bag. How’s that for community togetherness? Out back was a pool where supposedly nasty things went on. I never saw anything though. Definitely worth checking out along with the 801 Bourbon across the street. Drag shows and go-go dancers on select nights. But beware, it’s not super-crowded during the day or off season. Get there around 11 PM.

  17. Weedman420

    Nasty place. You pay a five dollar cover for over priced drinks and the opportunity to put money down the fronts or backs of young inexperienced dancers. Not worth it. Go to Aqua for a better club.

  18. curtis17

    It’s a gay bar, one with swim suit clad go go boys (mostly overly tattooed and more the cute but picked out the street gutter than professional dancer types) prancing around on top of the bar. When Key West has event weeks or event weekends, it can really get hopping, attracts a good fun loving crowd, but on ordinary off season nights, sort of a divey bar with an overabundance of alcoholics and drunks. It’s one of those places that sort of all depends upon the time in which you hit it, hence it can easily range from a One Star “No way, get me out of here” type of joint to a Four Star “Hey! I like it” place. However, as this type of bar goes and though it may be one of the better of the very few remaining and very rapidly dwindling gay venues left in the now gentrified Key West, I’ve can only go Two Stars since I’ve certainly seen a lot better.

  19. Elizabeth C.

    Before it was in in fashion, I was advocating for gay rights, LBGT awareness, and social fairness. So, I was quite disappointed when I was discriminated against here at a “gay bar” based on my gender. I came to patron this bar with group of 20+ while we were on a bar crawl that I planned for my friend’s birthday. There were three women in the group — all allies to the gay community. We were told we could join members of our group in the back, however, were yelled at by other members of the staff and kicked out because of our gender. If you want less discrimination in the world, start with yourselves, Bourbon Street Pub.

  20. igor34

    As a child of the 80s, I love the music in the front bar. A couple of the dancers are a little long in the tooth so they must be children of the 80s too, but to each his own. Nice relaxed vibe and friendly bartenders.

  21. winston12

    Fun bar and $5 Long Islands. Drag Queen Jukebox, which is entertaining. BUT…really grossed out watching the bartender smoke behind the bar, not wash his hands and then make drinks & handle garnishes. I just switched to bottled beer. Also, just watched an entire trash can’s worth of bar napkins get thrown in the air for fun and then swept up & thrown away. They also use a TON of plastic cups. Where do the owners/managers think all of this waste goes?? You live on an island. It’s 2015- most people are very conscious of their wasteful habits and recycling. Apparently not here. Disappointed to see this. We will take our business elsewhere.

  22. harryharry

    Lord have mercy on the Saturday night of Fourth of July weekend I had at Bourbon St with my friends. $5 cover and we walked right in carrying red solo cups with straws in them. No problem. Inside were some hot strippers from out of town and a few not so cute locals. I would imagine it was one of their busier weekends. There was a foam party outside at the Garden bar and naked HUNG strippers. Imagine this, a 40ft projector screen with hardcore porn on it right behind the naked pool with naked strippers on either side. We all got pretty wasted and it got progressively dirty to a point I don’t even want to describe on here. Lets just say its about as dirty as Ive ever seen. Our “straight” friend even got some action. Oh, there was a “clothing check” not a coat check.

  23. XhXeXy

    My friends and I loved it here! Clean, spacious, great air conditioning, cute boys dancing on the bar and really nice bartenders. They don’t go as naked as the Bourbon Street in NOLA but still worth it. 😉

  24. billtheguy12

    Bourbon Street Pub place is kind of a mess. But at the same time, it’s so Key West. I think in most cities, a gay bar with smoke lights and (mediocre-at-best) go-go dancers would be kind of tucked away and a little secret – but never in Key West. This bar is smack dab in the middle of Duval Street and you can’t miss it. That’s probably how they attract guests and customers, since the windows and doors are wide-open during all the gogo performances. They’re not hiding anything!To me, the bar is rather seedy, but not in a negative, dangerous way, just in a way that the fits a smoke machine filled bar. There aren’t that many of those bars operating as normal sports pubs or whatever.This place does turns more “club” at night, and you can hear it down the block. It’s the exact same scene is during the daylight, just even less lights. Take from that what you will.Honestly, my biggest problem with this place was that it didn’t smell good. It’s smelled like a bathroom everywhere, so I can’t say I stayed very long at Bourbon Street Pub.

  25. maxxy1

    Bourbon Street pub is a regular stopping off spot for us most days in Key West for a quick mid day drink or five halfway down Duval. There’s nothing fancy about it, but the staff is great and the drinks are strong.They have several bars inside, but they’re really only busy in the evenings. Most people during the day prefer the garden bar out back. Until 8 PM is considered Happy Hour and all drinks are 2-for-1. They hand out a chip with each drink entitling you to another of similar quality. We tend to collect the chips as we go and drink free for the last couple days we’re down there.The garden bar has ample seating and usually a fun diverse crowd. They have a pool, hot tub, sun deck and lots of table seating. There is a small food shack that serves a limited, but solid menu.On Saturdays, they have a big pool party with games, shots, contests and prizes. It’s always packed and a very good time.In the evenings, the inside bar areas are busy as well with dancers and both bars open.

  26. tonycluber

    Always a great place in the Keys to sit and people watch. Bartenders are friendly, and the entertainment as the night goes on can’t be beat!

  27. XXXbeast

    Terrible bartender! Disinterested! More interested in gossiping with dancers than serving drinks!

  28. Jacob T.

    Worth a stop on any gay Key West trip. There is a clothing optional pool and bar in the back (I think only during the day) and the people here are generally friendly. Otherwise, it’s your typical gay bar.

  29. Anja G

    I am a girl, and most of the guys that dance there are straight. Great place to pick up hot guys!

  30. rogerrab2

    Super fun night! Drinks were strong and cheap. Services was great but the Gogo dancers might need to take some dancing classes.

  31. richard95

    Loved this place, great stop for drinks while in port on a cruise. Plus a buy one get one free drink special on a monday afternoon was the best.

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