Tea House of the Dancing Lady



2215 Tiffin Avenue, Sandusky, OH 44870


41.435763, -82.73959




8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Tea House of the Dancing Lady

  1. its me

    craig has one of the best dancers there in Armani she is so damn hot and a hell of a dancer

  2. john
  3. Ford Man

    Used to go here alot for many years. Only been there once this year, last week but i didn’t like what i saw. Dancer quality aint like it used to be. They’re pushy and either fat, too thin flat chested, ugly, worn out or strung out or drunk. They need some better dancers. There used to be some beautiful dancers there back around 2004-2006 not now. The bartenders are cooler than the dancers but i don’t go to a strip club for the bartenders.. lol. Beers are overpriced but thats normal. Too many trash customers too white and black but that reflects how sandusky is now.

    Craig is crazy weird his rules make you think you’re in school or something. His boy has always been stupid so i don’t see that ever changing.

  4. sam
  5. tommy
  6. BenFishin'

    This place has really gone down hill from last year. And some of the dancers were real freaky in a weird way. Some good dancers, but nothing compared entertainment wise to last year. And the best girl wasn’t even dancing.

  7. Kalani

    Well for what I saw in that place , theres a girl named Savannah she looks to be about 28 and still stripping wow , and the princess I need to be petted attitude is horrible fat nasty eww , on top of everything another girl named Nadia needs help she looks like an old lost dog poor girl needs a tit job ass job well lets just say the whole thing needs done only decent Dancer/Entertainers I saw were Bunny who is just cute also Katrina and Tami was cute high spirited and lovely if you go there go see them .

  8. theo

    the girls are beautiful,dances are only 10 dollars, the club has really improved

  9. Lee

    Good experience, well worth the visit. Girls were friendly without being annoying. Savannah especially was great.

  10. the traveler

    I was in this club last Saturday night and it pretty much sucked. They hit you with a $5 cover, beers are a very expensive $5, and the girls pretty much ignore you. The girls overall were so-so, with only one girl standing out as very attractive. Overall, I would not recommend this place.

  11. Charlie

    All names are stage names… Carly knows how to work on stage and private dances and is a compassionate dancer… Tami is sincere and a compassionate dancer. Savannah is one of the hottest ones there, but she is selective when it comes to her clients even those that make good eye contact with her… She won’t approach you unless she looks a bit well close to high or drunk. The bartenders are very good at what they do. Mostly it is a waste of money unless you like just watching topless women dance, with over priced drinks, and very few girls that try to work. If most of the girls cared then it would be awesome for a topless club.

  12. winter traveler

    I was there back in Febuary and had a real nice time. I met Danni, who showed me one of the best times I’ve ever had in a club. She is a great dancer and knows how to make the whole experience worthwhile

  13. jonathan

    worst club ever. minnies dirty ass is ruining this club with her whorin herself out. all the other girls are gonna start doin the same just to keep up with business and welp there goes the tea house. should be called the tea house of the whorish ladies…. craig you need to rethink things about ur club. before it gets shut down. prostitution is illegal. even if there just soliciting the men there and taking them elsewhere.its still prostitution.good luck craig . your clubs went to shit cause of whores. getem gone and bring in some fresh and clean ladies. or just make sure there not whores.ill be callin the sandusky police to visit u. ohio dont need no whorehouses…

  14. str8 up

    I have known Craig for a long time now and dont get a chance to go into the Tea House very often. I live out of town but have visited the place quite a bit when I am in town. Let me try and give a little insight on some of the things that I do know that happens at the Tea House. Yes, there is a $5 cover charge (not too bad), the drinks are a little pricey (they are cheaper most other places), almost all of the girls are strungout, coke is a very popular recreation drug for these girls and the pills are out of control. The only two girls I know that dont do drugs in the place is Tami and Katrina. As for the girls Tami is very sexy, nice body and great attitude. Very genuine and completely honest with all who talk to her. This girl is a complete trooper. She is epileptic (and yes the club scene may not be the best for her), but she is good at selling the dance. Katrina is also very cute, with a very sexy body and a good dancer, but she is completely about making money just like Tami. Savanah is very used up and worn down. She is completely strung out and it seems that she wont even acknowledge you unless you look like you are a drug dealer or you are high. Amamda and Armani are a bit bigger than normal strippers but can be very nice when approached the proper way. Typically a very good choice for the guys that are attracted to the bigger girls. Bunny can be very bubbly and some good entertainment but you have to catch her on a good night, when she is not trying to be the biggest bitch or miss ghetto. Tionna is a very nice girl who is usually very upfront and honest. She dont beat around the bush and will show you a good time. Jessi on the other hand is by far the most pathetic girl in the club. Very cute, nice body, piss poor attitude. 18 and dumb so to say. Very strung out and would blow, suck, eat or screw for a dollar or drugs. Plus I have heard numerous people say she is a bit ripe (if you know what I mean) between the legs. Then there is the bartenders Taco and Jeannie. Jeannie is a bit of a bitch and tries to act a little to big for her pants and not very good at bartending. Taco is by far the better bartender and is a bit bitchy too if you catch her on a bad day or piss her off. There are of course those every once in a while dancers. Most of them are okay and can usually do the job. Of course we cant forget about this so called bouncer “Chip” Craigs son. He is by far the most pathetic exuse for a bouncer you will ever run into. I wouldnt feel safe with him being in control of a night club for hampsters. Strung out and total social screw up. Lets just say that I highly doubt someone is at the steering wheel. Then there is Craig. I very good guy most of the time. He has his bad days, like the rest of us, and maybe a little odd. For the most part, he is very good to his girls, usually a little to good espescially when it comes down to some of the bad apples and he chooses to keep a blind eye to being ripped off or treated badly. For the most part, the Tea House is a decent club to attend with a few bright spots (like Katrina, Tionna, Tami and occasionally Bunny). The drama is a bit of the old high school drama with a lot of pathetic low life wannabe drug dealers or Im so tough it scares me attitude patrons. Then there a quite a bit of the good old boys that just want a beer, a dance and to see some titty and ass. The Tea House is good place to spend a few hours and a few bucks if you are in town. I will defintely go there again.

  15. Brooke J.

    Craig is great! Bora bora fantasy! We loved this small and quaint establishment! We are from Phoenix and used to nice places and this was fun and the girls are very friendly and ready to party! If we are in the area again we will be returning!

  16. larry b

    str8 is right on some of his comments although some of the girls he mentioned arent there anymore.

    tianna is nice but she tends bar now, jeannie is ok but always looks unkept, dirty clothes and hair.

    sure the girls are there to make money but i like clubs where they are a little more sincere in the way they do it.

    nicole is a pushy phoney player, very fake!

    naughtia and renee are similar but not as bad as nicole (nobody is) and prolly a little too old to be dancing.

    bunny is just a loud ghetto diva, always me me me.

    haven’t seen layla in awhile she looks good but is stuck on herself.

    nikki is one big tattoo.

    tammy is a little too heavy in the waist but has a nice personality and is fun to talk to.

    savanna could lose some weight too but she’s always cheerfull and friendly.

    craig the owner is quirky but is a nice guy if you play by his rules.

    craig’s son is a little punk weasel that thinks he is a tough guy but he would prolly be on the street or in jail if his dad didn’t support him. he really doesn’t belong there and prolly hurts the business more than he helps it by being there.

    like most strip clubs there’s lots of drug dealing thugs that hang out there and most of the dancers seem to favor them.

    if it wasn’t for the girls attitude, the thugs, and craig’s dumb kid i would prolly rate it higher but overall the teahouse is an ok place to have a beer sometimes but if you want a cleaner place and hot girls go to toledo.

  17. andy

    this place is still open? wow that’s suprising

  18. Random Wanderer

    Just stopped into this club on a whim. It’s a tiny place but nice ad clean with decent girls

  19. BEN


  20. JOE


  21. chris

    it may not look the best but it sure makes a man feel welcome and the ladies there are friendly and very attentive to you and are never rude to you unless you are rude to them they infact do treat you with respect and the bartending staff is the best and most courtious to all patrons. i have never in the past 4.5 years since going there have had a bad experience and have always had a blast they make you feel welcome and good . thanks ladies of the teahouse

  22. XhXeXy

    A small town strip club owned by a old guy who can barely get around.Avoid unless you want to see pure ratchet behavior.

  23. whoever

    fuck the haters

  24. jason
  25. Brian B.

    Old Cyclopes at the door didn’t let a group of unfortunately sober, well dressed 30 year olds because he doesn’t like bachelor parties. “You all get too drunk.” Wow. We would have put them in the black for the month. Apparently this is an exclusive establishment for crack heads and meth addicts. Avoid at all costs. Just turn on youporn and save the effort.

  26. Tori......

    Just wanted to say thanks to Chris for the nice comments…See you soon hopefully…buh bye…..

  27. rb
  28. Observer

    Minnies’s mom. I agree that whoever posted her phone number and address is a total asshole.

    But what kind of support are you really offering her? She rubs her tits in strangers faces for a dollar and lays upside down in their laps with her pussy bouncing on their chin and mouth. Is that what she should be doing to support her kids? I don’t know if she does or doesn’t prostitute herself outside the bar but she goes farhher than the other girls in the bar. Do you condone that stuff mom? It doesn’t say anything good about you if just sit around and let that happen.

  29. Big D

    Savannah is what makes this club… without her it isn’t anything. That girl has it going on and does more then any of the dancers in there, you want a good time go to her and only her

  30. Amanda

    This club is a serious waste of money

  31. Girls mom

    I object to all the bad comments about minnie. there has been many things said that don’t apply to her. and they are nothing but slander. When does she have time to do the things people are saying she does? She works, and comes home to her children! Give her a break!!!! Her phone and address were posted on here, so she had to move to protect her children. What do you people want? You get pissed off at her for not putting out and you think you have the right to write this mean stuff about her!! Karma baby, and it will kick you all in the ASS before you know it!!!

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