Wiggles Gentlemens Club



2136 Summer Street, Hammond, IN 46320


41.5982372, -87.4770089




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Wiggles Gentlemens Club

  1. Tiny

    The club was str8 they got some new girls which makes it better that before. The cute girls are finally there cause the use to have busted chicks… Now these few new girls are sexy as hell. The dance i got man i swear i had to keep paying her for more.

  2. Dean

    This club is a dive the only nice girl they have is Namoi and she’s not there any more, this club really need to change.

  3. mediocre times
  4. Z
  5. K

    Mostly black now.

  6. dude

    this place has gone down hill so much there are gunna end up getting shut down yeh some of the dancers are pretty but most are whores the management sucks the only decent person really is the guys at the door when your commin in its crazy i dont think i will be comming back here.

  7. Calumet Ave.

    Visit on a week night when club is not crowded.

  8. Pathetic Joker/Shill/1.5

    Club closed, but I’m rating this club up! This website, rating system and my tiny penis are a big joke.

  9. customer


  10. PJ
  11. Ken

    It smells like piss in this place.

  12. Pathertic Joker/Shill/1.5

    This club is closed. The building has been destroyed but I will continue to rate it up.

  13. JP
  14. J- dog

    Bad. Very Bad.

  15. #17 SCL TOP 100

    Congratulations to our friends at the Hip Hugger in Kokomo on being rated #17 SCL (suck club list) TOP 100. Their strippers really know how to suck cock. Hip Hugger is famous for no cover charge and $10 blow job. We are all proud of you being #17 SCL TOP 100 !

  16. x
  17. 000000000YEA


  18. Closed
  19. Awesome


  20. good


  21. .
  22. When

    Hip Hugger in Kokomo closed a few weeks ago we hire two of their former dancers. Nice girls that needed a job.

  23. Wiggles
  24. DIVER



  25. snot girls
  26. vacant lot
  27. Rocco

    The Club was clean. The Dancers were in it only for the money. The girls really looked wore out. I got turned off by the wiggles and wobbles of this one chick’s stomach. It was all flabby like she just last week had a kid. The only hi point was the waitress. She only looked 19 or so. But she had a desire to dance. She did a fantastic job. I would have gotten a dance from her but she was the waitress. The rest I had to take a pass.

  28. Ron

    waste of time and money

  29. JJ

    New Management, More Seating. Nice Friendly bartender,

    New dancers.

  30. Little Pee Pee
  31. JJ is a Moron

    its great JJ rated the club months after it closed. He is a piece of shit. The club will reopen soon

  32. Closed

    This club is closed

  33. Club


  34. Lannie


  35. zig zag

    The management does not know how to run a club. The Mensroom is deploreable. The dancers are terrible. This place used to rock! They lost dancers to Industrial Strip

    but now that place sucks too. As a matter of fact all of the clubs in northwest Indiana are depleted of good looking girls. Because dick head Police having nothing else to do but fuck with strip clubs.

  36. Carl
  37. BoJo

    The remodeling job is terribile. But who cares? I want some hot freaky girls not fancy wallpaper. But girls like to dance at a club where they can make $$. If this place were fixed up nice it would make more $$ for the girls and they would have higher quality dancers.

  38. J dog

    This place sucks worse than before they sold it. It went down the toilet and this is where it landed. Bad very Bad.

  39. jrcok53

    This club is not wiggles anymore. The new name is Silk….

  40. JK

    Place is getting better.

  41. Piggles I
  42. kk
  43. Bill

    Sorry to say this. But I used to go here somewhat often a few years ago. Now this place is terrible. Do be confused. They have taken the time to re-model the inside and it looks nice. But the quality of the dancers and the number is terrible.

  44. Never going again

    This place is a dump 20 bucks to buy a girl a drink!!! WTF

    will never go in there again but it’s such a whore house im sure some of you will like it. i guess they pay off the police enough that they dont get raided like Doll’s did. dolls was a better cleaner club and i never saw half the shit i saw in 20 min at wiggles

  45. Fagin

    Absolutely unsafe, in a very bad neighborhood.

  46. joe

    really bad

  47. Club Rating Goes Up !
  48. Closed

    This club closed over one year ago.

  49. Fred


  50. G-money

    Dances are not private here unless you overpay for a vip room. Quality of talent sucks. I will not be back. Club is remodeled so enjoy the wallpaper because the girls aren’t good and dances are not private.

  51. Hip Hugger

    is #17 SCL TOP 100 !

  52. J

    Its alright. I really liked Tiffany! Shes so pretty and gives a real good dance!!

  53. chewy


  54. Dave
  55. iluvhooters

    I agree used to be a nice small club and I would go there all the time back in the day, they had a couple of favorite girls that were gorgeous. I moved and when I came back a “dancer” ripped me off $30 bucks when she went to pay for a private dance with my fifty and the management said tough luck. What pissed me off the most is that I don’t drink and she pulled this ghetto bullshit. Hate to see what they do to to guys that are halfbuzzed.

  56. Very

    closed for a long time

  57. Closed

    like forever.

  58. Not worth it
  59. hot girls
  60. comment

    Whoever said this place is getting better must be the owner.

    last time I was there it was like stepping straight into the getto.I mean bad.

  61. unhappy customer

    everytime i went here there would be nothin but gang banging girls what is up with that girls with tatoos of guns all over there body then they treat you like shit hi want a dance if you say no they treat you horrible

  62. prop jo

    New owner and some decent lookoing women. Got a private dance, 3 songs for $30 special, not a bad time. Definitely an improvement from the past.

  63. WEE


  64. ???????????????

    could be better

  65. :
  66. Huey

    This place used to be “decent” a couple of years ago. Now, with the steady influx of “talent” rejects from Miller clubs, this place hovers around the drain rim and threatens to become a Miller-style whorehouse.

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