60-07 Metropolitan Avenue, Ridgewood, Queens NY, NY 11385


40.714088, -73.917411




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “VIXEN

  1. Andrew

    Awesome club where all the girls like to have fun !

  2. luis

    nicest girls dance here!

  3. Wow


  4. Just Passing Through

    What a Change! Big Screens, new rooms, new girls, what a night with that crazy dj. I just wanted one drink! 3 hours later…..

  5. eddyL

    The devil on my shoulder beat up the angel on my side when it came time for a late night caper, or not–, forget not, its so much more fun to say “Yes.”After a quick shoulder to ankle pat down check by a genuinely pleasant security officer, inside I went for a few drinks.The music wasn’t blaring to my eardrums and the lights were not beating on my retinas which is a shift from what one might come to expect from a gentleman’s club.Bartenders were definitely attentive and attractive yet one treated me like I kicker her cat. She just sneered at me from start to finish.Performers totaled about twelve for the evenings entertainment and didn’t balk if the tips were not coming their way, which is nice as your not left feeling compelled to spend on every single one that crosses your path. Not every gal suited my eye, but for the most part, the ladies are quite attractive.Once ready to hit the high road home, security called me a cab, opened the door for me and informed the driver to “drive carefully!” Don’t forget to tip security, they are there to ensure a safe and fun evening for all.

  6. George & Joel

    Great Rock-n-Roll Palace!

  7. Harrison69

    Good spot, nice girls, always treated great, good prices

  8. pete
  9. sportman

    lets go jets, giants, mets, yanks!

  10. mike

    who remembers in 2002 was a girl samantha who worked there , super busty fit girl, who knows where she is now

  11. VIP

    your hawaiian luau was great fun 4 us

  12. strip club veteran

    I must agree that this place is a hidden gem. It was hard to find and seemed small but it was full of FUN!

  13. Jimmy
  14. Ronnie

    Hot and Sexy girls!

  15. tony
  16. Pat
  17. dixie chick


  18. Cummish

    The girls are down to earth and not pushy and the dances are


  19. RT

    Great place

  20. Alphonso

    took my friend there friday and had a great time, real friendly stacked women who sit and talk with you about you!

  21. Bubba

    Cool place.

  22. Frank

    the women here are so beautiful

  23. fabio

    club looks great and new girls are smokin!!

  24. kilobyte

    Its just a little small is all. There is a second side i’ve never seen used which could probably be used for “private” dances which aren’t really “private” at all. The girls are great 85%-90%. If you are looking to go out with a couple of friends or alone and have a couple of beers and chill out watching sexy ladies without being constantly hassled … then this is a great choice.

  25. Mark

    beautiful fun and sexiest girls ever

  26. D.J.

    Playboy Party was Poppin!!!

  27. yanard12

    The worst strip club I ever been to I have to go back and give show palace another star because this place was so bad. I have a beautiful wife and I’m very critical of strip clubs my fiends and coworkers take me to normally but this was the absolute worst. The women in here look like quick lays that I wouldn’t dare pay for let alone spend the money to take them out on a date. The worst was this 100% fake Spanish lady. Her ass looked extremely hard & her breast didn’t even move

  28. lenny

    I was surprised.Its a nice place.Nice girls

  29. customer
  30. Fun guy

    They are always having a Party!

  31. Gabby

    club is girl friendly, I like that

  32. ed-diesel

    i fucking love this place

  33. Derrick

    this is the best club out there

  34. info

    Trixies back and better than ever!

  35. Ray

    Sexy, Sexy Women

  36. Larry

    Sunday had the breast time…

  37. mike d

    can u say fine?

  39. :)
  40. Joe & Mike

    had the only bachelor party here, the girls are soooo hot at club Vixens man

  41. RB

    It’s OK

  42. Handsome stallion

    The girls are amazing!

  43. Joe

    sexy females here

  44. Brian

    friday was poppin packed!!!!

  45. Robert

    best club in Queens a throw back to a simpler fun time in the industry.

  46. Gabe

    Girls are extremely friendly at this spot

  47. silk


  48. mjfedz
  49. Ernie

    Like when topless clubs were fun!

  50. saberX2

    gawd damn…hot place

  51. Neville

    Broads are smokin in there

  52. JC

    Nice place

  53. mike
  54. Great


  55. George

    Get Psyched!!!

  56. David

    Smart sexy women

  57. Peter

    FANTASTIC CONCEPT! small club, yet extremely friendly!

  58. Fiona

    went back the other night, it has a nice appeal about it.

  59. carl


  60. Name
  61. Ned

    hot! hot! hot!

  62. Jack
  63. KAOS

    Love this place…The girls are sexy and they all are fun to talk to. They dont stress you for dances and drinks. They just chill and hang with you. Dont be cheap and hook them up!! Tip the bartenders good as well. They work hard!!

  64. Santos

    the hottest place in town

  65. Shh


  66. E


  67. ;)

    very nice

  68. dog

    had a great time

  69. Marcello
  70. Jimbo
  71. .
  72. BJ

    Hot times

  73. James

    The nicest group of women in the industry are all here!

  74. Joel

    Rock on brothers!

  75. Keane

    Beautiful sexy girls, down to earth, real

  76. Raquel

    best ever…mmm

  77. Raymond

    Da Girlz *R* Sweet

  78. John

    great club,great atmosphere

  79. Jet

    GO FAVRE!!!

  80. Triple threat

    I’m looking for a place to dance at. does this place have a floor stage, or just a bar stage?

  81. Jerry

    they totally renovated this spot and is beautiful, they are easily the best club in Queens now.

  82. Roland

    “the” HOT SPOT

  83. Richard

    this place has a nice friendly relaxed feeling to it.

  84. Fritz

    always jumpin here man

  85. Unfaithful


  86. Pablo
  87. Eddie

    Rosie the bartender has been there for 10 years and is one of the nicest, realest people of all time.

  88. Richie

    This club is so much fun to go to.

  89. Joel Frixx

    Get Pshyched!!! Vixen people!!!!!

  90. JESUS

    The best thing about this club is Rosie the bartender.”what a sweetheart”

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