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2306 Business Loop 70 East, Columbia, MO 65201


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8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Rumors Cabaret

  1. Cashmere

    The clubs house fees are very affordable compared to some clubs I’ve been to but girls must sell 5 drinks per night or they are charged 5 dollars a drink that they don’t sell. Girls are downright ugly and they’ll team up with the dj to suck you dry for all you’re money…some will perform ‘extras’ for added money while the awful management, yes, larry that means you, looks the other way. I have even seen girls be fired for not sleeping with the management. Law Enforcement is watching the club so be careful when you head in there. They were just busted, fined, and should be shut down soon this development is long over due. Good ridens. There are constantly under cover cops in there recently. If you want to have a good time and not get arrested find another place. R.I.P. to my good deceased friend Rick, you are very much missed sweets!

  2. loyal
  3. Trinity

    I have worked for Stephanies for years, have seen the good and the bad. The new manager is the first person in a long time that doesn’t do drugs or get drunk every night. All the bullshit comments about drugdealers and whores working there is all the stupid ex-employees that I have fired for many reasons. All of you need to get over it and find a new job cause you will never come back here. For everyone else reading these untrue comments come down to the club and check it out for yourself. Don’t believe everything you read!

  4. dont!

    dont waste your time

  5. Hal

    Close this shit hole

  6. You Wish You Knew

    To Greg.. Umm apparently you were pretty fucked up Ive work there for a year and I have never know anyone to work there while they were pregnant. Get over yourself you obviously werent worth our time or you wouldnt be upset.

  7. Lc

    Jessie’s awsome, what’s so bad about her

  8. booty

    It sucks!!!!!!!!!

  9. Staci

    Best place to spend money on Bridgette.

  10. Are you kidding

    Hole in the wall. Drive out of town before you stop here.

  11. Clark

    I stoped here for a fun and relaxing time and left the club feeling like I needed to look over my sholder the whole time I was there.

  12. Leaving

    Fight Club or Strip Club? Its getting hard to tell.

  13. Big Bad Joe

    This place has changed a lot. I have not seen it since it was Stephanies. The new folks are doing things well. The whole place is different. I don’t know any of the girls now but I like the new ones. Had a good time.

  14. e

    its a lot better than vouge and i had alot more fun here than any other strip club i have been in while i have been in missouri

  15. Disgusted

    Why is this place still open? Hello law enforcment!

  16. Erik

    This club is a joke

  17. Jill


  18. whatever

    Skip this one.

  19. Teddy

    After all the bad things I’ve read and heard about this club, I had to check it out for myself. From the outside, it doesn’t look like much and $3.50 for a drink is a little much but the cover is only $5 so it could be worse. But when I got inside I found several very beautiful women. And thats what we go for right? Natasha, Carly, and all the rest of the girls are so affectionate and personal. They actually make it seem like they care. It’s not very personal at Vogue with the exception of a couple girls. I could have spent the entire night here, and did almost! like 4 hours on a monday night! The dances I got were amazing! If you have never tried a two girl lapdance before this is the place to do it. One girl sat down and just cuddled with me for awhile! And the girls all had great bodies too! They weren’t sticks like at Vogue. I loved it here and will definitely be coming back!

  20. PoGo

    Way down on my list of places to stop. The waitress at Waffle House was more friendly.

  21. sammy
  22. new customer

    I use to go to the club down the street, always heard bad things about this club n I finally went to check it out over the weekend. I had a great time, Austin and Faith are HOT!!!!! the DJ was ok but from now on I will be at Stephanies. I hope all of you that read these don’t believe everything, Im glad I didn’t. Thanks for a wonderful time girls, Ill be back in 2 weeks

  23. jo91

    All these comments that are on here are from when htis so called rik was manager i know for sure that the club is under new managment and is being ran in a way that has turned the place around so seriously get off your ass and head down there and look at some tits

  24. Steve


  25. stay away

    really, don’t stop at this crap hole.

  26. re: late

    Comments crack me up. The whores that write things calling their co-workers whores is the funniest thing on earth.

    Customers don’t care (or prefer whores).

    Customers just like a good time with honest sluts, not dumbasses with self delusions that sit in glass houses judging other girls.

    And if a dude is stupid enough to be married to one, that’s his problem and he just pught to be laughed at.

  27. Slade
  28. Townee

    First time to visit. The place had a bad name for a long time. I was surprised to find many things had changed. New owners I guess. Door was $5 drinks are expensive but they dont force them on you with a minimum. Not many girls but they were all nice looking. Lapdances were 25 or 2 for 40, so 20 each. Not bad. I was there on a Tuesday night and it was kind of dead. I was one of 6 customers in the club. I did get lots of attention though

  29. Ryan

    Good club. Hot girls. HOT. Everyone was nice as hell. Even the big scary looking bouncer. I danced with Paige and loved every minute of it.

  30. wanker

    Dont bother

  31. Big Spender

    Not too bad of a club. Lousy managerial staff, but the girls were great. Most of them would apologize for the management’s behavior which was obnoxious and very ridiculous. Can somebody say “REHAB”? apparently the management can’t. Overall, can’t blame the club for the managers sorry behavior. Keep the girls, lose the manager. Bottom line. Then the club will prosper and the club will see life again.

  32. elmer fudd

    Been to this club quite a bit, Everyone is friendly and I always have a blast here. The girls are amazing. This club has made a complete 360 from what it used to be. I am highly impressed. It is much better than the club down the street.

  33. Sassy Fat Guy

    i’ve been coming to Stephanie’s Cabaret for over 5 months and i highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good way to spend some time and money. friendly staff, beautiful dancers, and Rick is a damn good DJ

  34. Click

    Much better than before.

  35. odb

    matt is the mangers drunk and drug useing old man dont beleave what he says he is a fucking drunk and is a worthless piece of shit kind of like his wife trinity

  36. ted

    stopped in on new year’s was a good time

  37. Carl

    A drug house with a floor show

  38. joey

    great great great and byob!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Around

    This place has changed a lot. New name and new people to go with it. Not many dancers but they were very friendly. Chek em out.

  40. No better

    No better than when Rick was there. Pretty much the same.

  41. Slim Dickens

    Not the highest of quality in everything, but good enough in all respects to be well worth the money. If you want to waste your money for the ultimate pristine club, this is NOT your place. If you want to go somewhere for a good time with a good price, Stephanie’s Cabaret is the place to be.

  42. late

    jessie is a drug whore and cheats on her husband!

  43. jeremy

    it’s about time this place went out of business

  44. n/a
  45. tim

    good time good people even the managers are cool

  46. Greg

    This is the worst club I have ever been to! One of the girls was obviously pregnant.

  47. jeff
  48. this place sucks

    i wouldnt waste my time in this club the manger is a cunt and its a waste of money i would just go down the street and go to a good club where there girls are hot and nice not ugly and stuck up

  49. Alvin Martin

    Since they fired the bald headed manager, the club has turned itself around. There are a lot of young, pretty girls and they are very friendly.

  50. keith

    good time good place

  51. dave

    very cool fun atmosphere

  52. FRANK

    I travel throughout the county and visit clubs frequently. To begin with the so called spineless manager is a PILE OF SHIT. He has the personality of a stinking Dog Terd.

    The Dancers are so skinny they look like a family of crack whores. In the past I must have been in too many classy establishments to compare this place. Oh there was a place in Jacksonville Fla. I was once in called the Pink Lady and the girls smelled like rotten shrimp well that strip club was good compared to this dump called Stephanies. I know the strip club business is cash driven but this dump will fail soon due to their greed. $5.00 cover, $3.50 for a coke in a dirty reuseable plastic picnic cup. Piss all over the bathroom floors, shit overflowing in the toilets in the womans bathroom. The only place in the country worse than this shithole is Earth Angles where on two separate occassions there were NO GIRLS in the club (therefore it must have been a FAG Club). So there you have it at least they had skanky crack whores for strippers. ONCE AGAIN THE FUCKING SPINELESS PILE OF DOGSHIT MANAGER MUST BE A COCKSUKER TO RUN OFF CUSTOMERS AND MAKE THE CRACK WHORES DO THE JOB OF TELLING THE CUSTOMER THAT HE CANT SIT WITH HIS WIFE WHILE SHE GETS A LAP DANCE. Save your money on gas and go to LIDO’s in Cocoa Beach, FL if you want to go to a REAL Titty Bar. Stephanies SUCKS BIG HAIRY DICK and is a SHIT HOLE. DONT GO THERE>

  53. Please

    Now the dancers are rating their own club.

    Nice work Larry.

  54. robert johnson

    i was haveing a good night tell this bald prick that said he was the manger came up and ask me to leave for no reason he tryed to say i had drugs on me but i think what it was about 10 mins before i had seen him and the dj in the bathroom snorting what looked like coke and i think he was racist to since i am a black man and there is no one black that works there that i seen and a buddy of mine that is white said he has seen them harass alot of black men i am thinking about calling the naacp on them for being racist

  55. cat blue
  56. just a local

    This club is great. The girls were really cool. Hope is the best! She has a great attitude and dances great too.. I will defintly be back to get a few more dances from her!

  57. GoodSon

    Fun lap dances. Only one stage so many seats are pretty far from the stage.

  58. michael

    this place sucks i would not waste my time if u want a good time go else where the manger is a bitch and the staff are retards and my son can dj better than that girl that got she sucks so bad it aint even funny

  59. Rob

    I like it, I like it, but it is my place after all….

  60. Dancer

    New manager is worse then the past manager

  61. no

    Bad times

  62. Jessica Vandeluect

    I felt very welcome and at home by all of the girls even though my husband was the one buying all of the dances. These girls are beautiful and sweet as he%$. Stephanie’s Cabaret has stepped up it’s game and is quite an enjoyment for myself and everyone that has joined me. It is a totally different club then what it was when i first visited the establishment roughly a year ago. It is clean, respectable, and a fun place to visit on those boring nights when you and your honey have nothing to do any night of the year! Check it out for yourself, I had a grrrreat time and I promise you will too!!!

  63. thumbillina

    very nice place very highly reccomended who is the gravel voiced dj? best i’ve ever heard!!!!!!

  64. Lily

    I’ve been coming back for over four years now! Totally recommend stopping in to relax lounge and get a dance!

  65. James

    High turnover, which means high variety. Heard taht the owner will fire a girl

    who don’t sleep with him. Life could be worse, but be nice to the girsl, their


  66. Not

    HORRIBLE Ugly women, shitty place. Keep driving.

  67. Yuk

    Yuk first timer and all I can say is yuk.

  68. Osacar

    this place is a dump

  69. tommy

    fire jessie!

  70. Mike
  71. me


  72. Steph

    Rent some porn. It will be more fun.

  73. Horny

    Are the pregnant chics still there?

  74. Dan
  75. john g

    not many dancers, and some of the people there were very very load and made it hard to talk with the dancers. drinks were 3.50 and you must have 2

  76. Bill

    Sure is dark in here, even with the lights on.

  77. terry
  78. larry thorton

    yall talk all this shit about this club but i taught trinity well she knows how to steal and not get caught and set people up i mean the funny thing is she was in on the robbery a few months back with me and jeff and we set someone up on that now she is stealing money and setting the assistant manger up to take the fall and got a few of the staff dealing drugs out of there like hope which i was letting hope deal as long as i got my cut and some bouncer name chief is dealing to and she is running whores if you want any of the girls to fuck just go and talk to her and she will have them meet u after work but i had that for the high rollers when i was there she is carrying on in my foot steps very well but now that i found out i got aids i have to come clean with all my sins


    Let’s change things up a bit and get a dancers point…..

    We have recently redone the inside of the club and I personally think that it looks Great!! We have a great group of girls and they are all very nice and very very beautiful ladies. We have 2 for 1 lap dances, 25 with the G-string and 50 for TOTALLY NUDE!! :)It doesnt get much better that that guys.. come on really thats an AWESOME deal. On Thursdays guys can bring there lady friends in for FREE!!! You also get couple lap dances for the same price as just one person. For anyone that wants to say that we have ugly girls then please visit and please have the balls to tell me that I’m ugly! I will be checkin up on our reviews! Let me know what you really think. HOLLA 😉

  80. manny

    good time

  81. mathewater12

    GO HERE BEFORE YOU GO TO CLUB VOGUE!!!Don’t let the location or interesting reputation scare you away. This is by far my favorite club to go to in the area! It’s wayyy better than Club Vogue for a lot of reasons. Of course the girls are gonna be the first thing that stands out. There’s maybe one or two of the typical blonde and white dancers, but their diversity is what makes Rumors special! They have girls with lots of tattoos, people of color and different ethnic backgrounds, students and degree holders, essentially they seem to hire the cool people rather than just those who may fit some Barbie stereotype that is actually not that attractive. I guess what I’m saying is, if you’re into both Beyoncé AND Kat Von D, you’ll like it here. the girls have a wide variety of talent in their respective wheel houses too. I’ve seen some crazy stuff done on the pole, and have had some acrobatics while getting a dance too. Definitely impressive!The music is AWESOME too! Seeing a girl get lost in her dance that she’s doing to a Sleigh Bells or Flight Facilities song can be literally mesmerizing (and a great way for the girls to make those dollars magically disappear from your wallet!). I’m finding myself constantly disappointed in the music at other clubs after going to this place. If I hear “Pour Some Sugar on Me” one more time, I’ll give the DJ the number to Rumors so they can get some tips on better musicThe staff is cool too. I’ve never felt a sense of sexism or racism there. Also, they have a Student Night!



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