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907 East Arques Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94085


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8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Cheetahs Gentleman’s Club

  1. StripClub431

    Needless to say cheetah still one of the best strip club I ever been. Even tho I have been to the clubs in Vegas and SF, still Cheetah is the number 1 club I know.The girls was beautiful, especially Jordon. She captivated my heart right when she walk on stage. They got some strict rules because well it is an 18 over club. They don’t serve alcohol which a plus for me. I don’t want to see any drunk pervert acting out while I’m enjoying my visit. DEFINITLY going back.

  2. harryharry

    Gotta love this place, girls are really pretty, nice to talk to, and freakin sexy! I personally don’t mind the rule about no alcohol, specially since I rather keep my memories and vision intact for this place. Yea the girls walk around and try to get you to do a private dance, price wise it is a bit up there, but I would definitely have to say the place is clean, good music, and staff are awesome. I went in one late night after a few people told me about this place, crowd was barely there, chatted it up with a few girls while watching the show, liked what I saw, decided to come back again the next day. My favorites are Tegan who is one of the sweetest girls with a damn sexy ass, Heidi

  3. Cal G.

    New paint job, a few changes inside.. but it’s still the Kit Kat club.. The girls are attractive, but you better be into tatoo’s. Of the 6 girls dancing only one did not have any ink on her (thanks Natasha). Girls are friendly, all offer a table dance (usually while whispering in your ear) but back off right away when you decline. No pressure sales here .. thats a good thing. Table dances run 40 or 60 (plus 10 for the management), 1 or 2 song length. Problem is that the table dance is not any different than sitting next to the stage.Not a bad experince to kill an hour or so at, but save your money and just tip from the stageAll in all is not a bad place to enjoy the moves of a sexy lady

  4. Desmonique J.

    The club has a beautiful interior complete with gorgeous (bored) babes, creepy guys, annoying DJ, and rude staff.Entry into the strip club is like entering a prison room. You state your business at the window, fork over your $20 and wait to be buzzed in. Once you’re “door approved” , you walk into a small room with high ceilings with a very tall pole. Sit down and enjoy the show. There was no room to sit at the stage if you didn’t want to sit next to a creep with a hard on and drool coming from his mouth as he puts up $5 bills only to be ignored. The lighting is god-awful and you can’t see any of that p&$$y that you payed to see. The girls are extremely bored and could care less who’s tipping what. The music was good, but the DJ talked a lot and yelled at a man in the middle of some poor girls set for touching glancing at his cellphone. Poor guy! Not to mention him saying “Let’s put on some gangstah sh!t” when he played Krayshan “Gucci Gucci”. Hilarious if you ask me. I only saw one girl work the pole and she was super talented! That was the best pole dancing at a strip club I’ve ever seen. Other than that, the girls did the usually flop around like a dying fish act. Not once were me and my older male friend approached and we were ready to spend some cash on these strippers. So, unfortunately, we didn’t get to experience the not so private lap dances they weren’t offering. Needless to say, we left after the talented Asian was done dancing and we won’t be returning anytime soon. Over priced and over hyped. Too serious and not very fun at all. I had a better time at the poodle! Now those girls know how to dance!Thanks

  5. Crystal H.

    This was my first all nude club. Definitely not as popping on a sunday night. I actually prefer just topless clubs instead of totally nude. They didn’t let me put bills in their bra or thongs. I wanna do that! The girls here are all pretty tall and there was only like 1 Asian girl. The girls will ask each person near the stage if you want private lapdance. When they see you put bills on stage, they will dance in front of you a bit and take or move the bills with their body or hands. I hate the rule that they never serve alcohol when its all nude. I don’t get why they don’t serve alcohol! I need boozee! Way too soberr to be at a strip club even though I did drink a head of time. They do however, serve non-alcoholic beer. WTH?! What is that?

  6. James S.
  7. Nandan S.

    Good atmosphere.not good looking girls in the morning shifts,mostly aged,expensive drinks which are non alcoholic.good staffs

  8. SC-Jay

    This club is excellent and if you happen to stop by do yourself a favor and

    check out Riley (she works the day shift during the week). Riley has the most

    amazing ass I have EVER seen, totally out of this world! If you want to be blown

    away by a sexy little vixen, make sure to take her for a private. All the talent in

    this club is top notch and the new management seems to be doing a great job.

  9. Lexi L.

    I went with my boyfriend and three other guys to celebrate one of their much needed divorces. We all figured this was the best bet to get him back in the game-and have him remember why being single can be fun!As a woman, it was a smaller and more intimate than I imagined, but not bad at all. Most of my girlfriends didn’t want to go or felt like they would be super self-conscious but while I was there there were always at least two or three other women along with groups of men as well. If you’re not insecure about yourself, you’ll be fine, and it will be fun to watch the girls dance. It should be noted that the men I went with were always very careful of making sure I wasn’t left alone- and they all have security training, so if you have horrible male friends who will abandon you then maybe re-think. The only thing to worry about is the other patrons. Serenity by far was the nicest girl. She came up and approached me and started up a conversation and had all the subtle body language and verb-age. My boyfriend likes to say that stripping is a ‘customer service’ and ‘sales’ profession and from that angle she by far was the best. Really nice. She certainly put me at ease, knew who to focus on, introduced us to how things work. If I ever go back I’ll certainly be searching her out to give introductions to any newcomers. All the other reviews talk ceaselessly about Ivy to no end- and I don’t get it. She’s tall and blonde and reminiscent of Holly from The Girls Next Door but nothing that blew me away. I did see her helping someone who looked lost at the bar but that’s about it.The one who really impressed me and made it fun (and made all the men in my group, including my boyfriend, go wild and fall in love) was Avery. Most of the girls didn’t dance- they writhed on the floor. But Avery got on the poll and climbed and moved and dropped and had a whole epic, well thought out and choreographed routine. Like- I couldn’t take my eyes off her because it was actually hot AND entertaining. Later I got to talk to her because one of my guys got a dance from her and she was really nice- upfront, not at all fake. Serenity had the misfortune of following Avery (who was kind of unfollowable- if that’s even a word) but she also worked the poll and was very, very good. Those two girls get five stars in my book- but the smallness of it- and the general standoffish-ness of the other girls makes it a four.

  10. Glenda G.

    I guess I expected something a little more amazing when I came here. I totally thought that we were lost when we were trying to find this place since there wasn’t much else around in the area. We came here on a Thursday night though (after spending Wednesday night at a strip club on Broadway in SF), and the place was still pretty crowded.*There wasn’t a door man outside to haggle with about the cover price so it was $20/person.*The layout… there was just something I didn’t like about it. The stage w/ the high rail and uncomfortable seating, the additional tables on the side that were too far from the stage… Eh, it was like a bigger version of The Roaring 20’s.*I really liked the variety of music they played. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love rap and hip-hop (that’s the kind of music I like to hear at strip clubs) but, it’s great to see a girl dance to Rammstein and Rob Zombie.*The girls were definitely of higher quality than most other strip clubs I’ve been to. Toned, no weird placed scars, and some can do really awesome pole tricks. *Lap dances were a little more expensive than I’m used to and my biggest gripe was with the open lap dance area. I like privacy. I like private booths. I do not need to see other people get their lap dance.It wasn’t worth the 40-minute drive and $20 cover. I might still come back for their lunch buffet though.

  11. Ms J.

    This place is the second time I’ve ever been to a strip club. Honestly, maybe it’s because of the day i went, but I have to say this place is just okay…Parking: (4) Easy to find parking. Price: (4) Decent entry price. The entry price was 20. I did not get any private dances because none of the girls seemed to have caught my eye, so sorry, but I do not know the price of private dances. I think I spent a total of $30. The Girls: (3) – Appearance: Honestly, the girls were okay. Some were pretty and some were pretty in the dark, and should remain in the dark. There were a few really cute girls though- Dancing: Compared to this other strip club I went to, the girls actually danced, and did a pole dance. The pole dance was my favorite I have to admit. They even gave attention to all the people around the stage! I felt bad though, because the girl who had the best floor dance, ended up being the girl with the annoying personality. So it was difficult for her to find a client who wanted a private dance from her.- Attitude: Some of the girls had a very good attitude. The other strippers would even cheer for the stripper that’s doing her show. Layout of Club: (4) There was a stage in the middle of the room with a really tall pole. Seats circulated around the stage. They were also booths in other sections of the club. Coming inside of the club, to the right would be a bar and straight ahead to the left would be where the DJ is and where the strippers would enter.

  12. Steve A.

    Went to Cheetah’s last night for my buddy’s Bachelor Party. In fact, my shirt still has that seductive stripper smell as I write this 😉 Okay, I know, I need to hit the shower. This was my first time at any Gentleman’s Club in the South Bay area. I thought it was a bit pricey, but you are definitely getting your money’s worth, so I can’t complain. The place was clean, the girls were hot and what impressed me the most, is that all the girls were very nice. I’ve been to other clubs where everything looked nice, but if you didn’t shell out money right off, attitudes turned sour real quick. Most memorable from my visit were Veronica, Ivy, Sin, Raine and Bella. Sin and Raine truly made it Rain Sin during a two girl special dance for our party! It was a memorable time for sure, and most importantly, my buddy really enjoyed his Bachelor Party!

  13. John G.

    the girls on the stage here at least work for their tips compared to the other clubs i’ve been to. They’re getting three stars for the main stage dancing at least. They really work the poles here. (that’s what she said). The poles here are at least 20 ft high, and there was one girl that got all the way up there, very cirque de so lei stuff haha. also the stage is way too big for one dancer. if you’re at one end of the stage, you might not even see anything from a girl. So the best seat to grab is in the middle of the stage for sure.for the private dances, they kinda suck, they is no physical contact whatsoever. we were only here for a few minutes, but the girls i saw here were pretty hot. I might come back, if i’m in the area, but it’s rare. and i might just go to sporty’s instead, that place always seems fun everytime i go.

  14. DD M.

    The girls here are smoking hot seriously – its a little sexy oasis among the joke of a strip club scene that exists outside of SF. Dances are no contact which keeps it classy and not sleazy. Nice place with good decor & atmosphere. Full nude & no alcohol.

  15. X H.

    Lots of great changes to this place. The exterior and interior seems classier and more up scale. I went on a whim for the new lunch special and not only was the place improved but the food was great too… go figure?! I would go back in a heart beat. I also went to their new website which was just as slick. Thumbs up Cheetahs!

  16. Alexandra R.

    I love this place the girls are cute and very nice! Just wish the bouncers would chill out…

  17. Ale R.

    It was an amazing experience! Beautiful women and very talented indeed. 5 star service and awesome. Security! Will be coming back very soon. I love walking in and seeing beautiful, friendly and charming women. absolutely loved my private dance from my gorgeous and lovely dancer. The best $70 ive ever spent. Must go! Highly recommended.

  18. Darren K.

    It’s a lot better than expected. Only bad part is going during the day time. Not a lot of girls working, but most of them are pretty hot. This blonde girl I like she has a cute face decent body named sapphire, should check her out.

  19. williamr

    HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED….Worst ever experience today, Alle took me for a private dance for $45 and did nothing other than talking, such a waste cheating place even the bouncer was supporting her, such a cheating mentality, and she stopped dancing in half of the song and rushed out to get ready for the next dance… I made a complaint and told them just to make sure not to repeat in future and didn’t asked for the money back or redance but just to make sure its not repeated in future but those guys are not ready even to listen the feedback…. SUCH A FALLBACK PLACE, please dont select this please and get cheated, in fact she took $10 Extra for this talking shit… TOTALLY WASTE… I have given my mobile number lets see what they will come back… I have recorded the contact which I had with the bouncer, and how he blamed me with the false news…. Lets see guys I can prove to anyone anytime

  20. Professional

    I went by here a few weeks ago. Seemed very small compared to other clubs I have been to. Girls seemed a lot less money hungry in their “hustle”, but you could still see some who looked as if they felt they were at the end of one’s rope. In such cases, I had no problem buying a dance or two from them. I must warn you “dances” are not the same as normal dances. They are table dances; not lap dances. There were a couple who shocked me with their stage performances, but most were pretty plain. I was taken back by the sound system though. For once, I didn’t feel as if I were about to go deaf. They have a “MySpace” that I added myself to, and I can also keep in touch with my favorite girl from there; Jaclyn. (“Like Jacqueline Kennedy,” as she put it. 😀 ) Fun, laid back place that I look forward to visiting again.

  21. maxxy1

    Great place to visit. Most gorgeous ladies I’ve seen since the last time I went to spearmint rhino in LV.

  22. Kev M.

    .I’ll make it rain on Veronica star any day of the week. Dancers are legit, and staff is professional…again,Veronica star is amazing.We waited awhile to see all the girls that were there. I told him that there was one particular girl that I wanted him to see, two girls : Veronica star and her friend Suzann i believe that was her name . Man is she damn hot. And you know what, my friend thought the same thing. So much so, that I wanted a private dance from her. He got us a private dance from her and her friend It was the best

  23. james1412

    Loved this place until I bought a $70 private dance and got a lame conversation instead. Huge disappointment. Won’t be going back for awhile and will never buy a dance from that stripper again. I got more attention while she was on stage than in the private dance. Felt like she took advantage of my personality and robbed me of my $70. Both my friend and girlfriend got amazing dances… so I left pissed, butthurt, and disappointed. That ruined my night completely and ruined my friends night a little because we all didn’t have a great time.

  24. dopeboy19

    I have been here on a few occasions with my friends for girls night. Unlike other clubs us girls have gone to this is by far our favorite. The girls here are so personable a lot of other clubs we have been to the girls weren’t super friendly to us. These girls were so awesome they treated us like royalty haha. There talent dancing and on the pole is insane. I have tried it and it’s not easy so I can really appreciate these girls skills. We had the best time are first time here with Tish, Allie, and Summer so we knew we had to come back and the next a different group of girls Teegan, Jordan, and Caitlyn. These girls are so much fun. They definitely know quality at this club because the girls are beautiful amazing bodies. Makes me want to hit up a pole workout class. I recommend this club to men and woman. It doesn’t matter who you are when you come in you will have a great time.

  25. paul j.

    All I have to say is Veronica and Bella are two of the hottest strippers at this place. I got a dance from Veronica tonight and even though the strippers can’t touch you and vice versa it was still worth the $45 for a song. Next time I might have to try the 2 girl show for $140 and bring a homie with me to split the cost lol.

  26. josh

    ive been here many times and while it is expensive 60 bucks for 2 dances it still has some nice girls and fun music is played and some really hot girls as well sa so so ones but ive done worse things to kill some time on a good night it is cool on abad forget it.

  27. XhXeXy

    The pinnacle of EXOTIC stripTEASE.

  28. Nick A.

    This was my first full-nude strip club. No alcohol, which SUCKS (I would have stayed a lot longer if we could have ordered pitchers) but other than that, it was a good enough time. What I like is the girls actually act like people. They would come and sit down and have a conversation, not the bullshit they pull at City Lights in Fresno: “WANNA LAPDANZ?! NO?! CMON BUY A DAMN LAPDANCE PLEEZ! OH FUCK YOU THEN, ON TO THE NEXT SUCKA!!!” I told them up front I wasn’t interested, and they continued to sit and flirt until it was their turn on stage, pressure-free.So minus 1 star due to no alcohol (which I realize is state law, but it does bring down the strip-club experience quite a bit by being sober) and the other star? No diversity. 5 or 6 white girls, 2 asian, nothing else. They need to trade in (and/or retire) some of their white girls for some latinas, mixed girls or something. My friend got a lapdance for $35, and didn’t get a hand (or anything else) laid on him. No touching at all. Hell, even at City Lights in Fresno the girls will at least wrap their arms around you AT THE STAGE. Not that I care, but what’s the $35 for? To see the girl about a foot closer than you can at the stage?IDK how this compares to other full-nude bars (or even other San Jose area strip clubs) but I feel that there’s better out there.

  29. Nick F.

    I had to take time out to review this place! I came here a few weeks ago and met the most amazing girl ever! Miah is the most beautiful down to earth woman there! She has the most radiant smile and her skin glows she is naturally gorgeous!!! Even after talking to her she is smarter than I ever imagined. I wasn’t into strip club environments and viewed the girls as trashy until I met her. She’s the only black girl at the club and man o man she stands out! My friends crack jokes that i caught jungle fever that night and if so I don’t want to be cured lol! What I thought would be bad night turned out special! I will definitely go back to see my mama MIAH

  30. billtheguy12

    I’m giving it 3 stars cuz of a few girls and security. Most girls were nice and good dancers, only one worked the pole like its meant to and she wasn’t all that physically …but had an awesome personality. Bella and Nayla are by far the better ones there if we are talking bodies…. They are nice but they are doing their job. One thing i did notice was that girls totally avoid couples… Only 2 girls approached us and the others walked by us. Not cool. But i can see where they may think they may get into some drama … But if u are there its cuz u are OK with it right? … Security was off yesterday. A lot of Asian and Latino “gangsters” there… But i guess a lot of the money comes from them cuz … A lot of the dancers made their way towards them. But the best entertainer there I’ve seen is MEDUSA… That girl can work her stuff.

  31. Noh T.

    Despite the implication that the name change brings, this place is still owned by the same guys.The mgmt. is the same, girls the same, prices the same. Pretty much everything is the same save some new lights, a couple of new dancers, and a new name. There are some really hot girls here, some average girls too. It is a different experience than going into San Francisco, but not necessarily worse. If you have been to the Kit Kat, it is mostly unchanged. If you have never been and you live in the South Bay then check it out on a Friday/Sat evening. If you are not local then you have never heard of it and you are not reading this review.Overall it has my recommendations. It isn’t perfect, but no SC is.

  32. rickywho2

    Would not take a measly $3 in coins in addition to $120 for cash for five people, completely unreasonable!!!! Going elsewhere.

  33. Mistercap12

    This place is a scam! Do not give any entry fee to these people! It took $25 yo walk in and see it was s joke! On me, but warning you! Skip this place!

  34. navid

    Yes, I went here. I came here with a couple of friends from Texas who was here in the bay for a couple weeks and they wanted to go for an adventure. After a day out, they said “let’s go to a strip club!” I pretty much said f***k it let’s go. We decided on this place and was not disappointed at all. Cover charge was $25 which I guess wasn’t bad since it was an all nude club. The ladies here were beautiful and they seem to enjoy their jobs comparing to one that looks like they’re dead inside. A lot of security around the stage so its pretty secured if anything goes bad here. The music here was actually really good. It matched well with the performers and the songs were not corny at all (such as Cherry Pie).A lady came by to our table and began to do some flirting with us, which I already knew what she was aiming for. After 5 minutes, she finally asked if we would like to do a private dance. I told her that my friends would like one and so one by one they went out to the booth at the back and she did her thing. From her, the prices were $45 for one song, $70 for 2 songs, and $120 for 5 songs. A little pricey but honestly, her performance was good. Very sensual. Don’t get any ideas though of touching,as it is a no contact place and because these security guys will come get ya. Overall, a really nice place, good music, nice ladies, and all the guys had a good time. I would come back here again with a group of guys for another night out.

  35. Edgar G.

    I have been here three times and all three times i have enjoyed myself greatly. not only are the women hot but the atmosphere was great they have a good Dj playing some sick music. and the women there are sexy and kind. always offering a private dance when u want one. they also have a bar with soda, juice and many other non alcholic beverages. everytime i have gone my experiance has been great.

  36. Slim

    Great Club! Hot Girls!!!

  37. Jeff

    is there anywhere worse for strip clubs than the South Bay? $20 cover, no alcohol, outrageously priced no touch coach dances ($45 for one song nude, $70 for 2, $25 for topless). Tons of Korean guys with no prayer of meeting a girl in real life keep it in business, that and nerds with tons of tech money. Zero competition I guess, but if you are a visitor from the real world you will hate this place.

  38. Ryan H.

    Last night this is what I hear, “I want to go to the strip club!”, my wife says.So naturally I took her. I wasn’t too embarrassed at bringing my wife to a place like this, she appreciates a hot woman just as much as I do. We waited awhile to see all the girls that were there. I told her that there was one particular girl that I wanted her to see, ENVY. Man is she damn hot. And you know what, my wife thought the same thing. So much so, that she wanted a private dance from her. I got us a both a dance, I couldn’t be left out and let her have all the fun. Granted, Envy didn’t pay much attention to me as she did my wife, but that was fine with me. Seeing how much my wife was enjoying the dance, made it even more HOT. And another private dance from Envy and few conversations later, my wife was hooked on her. How hot is that? Pretty damn hot I think. Envy got my wife hooked, got me hooked, and made a good night for my wife and I. Thank you to Envy for that! This was the best experience I’ve had at gentlemen’s club.

  39. Hogan W.

    Awesome Twosome: Boobs and Food!I’ve always seen the Kit Kat Club every time I drove by on the way to Fry’s Electronics when I was younger *Ahem* So today was the day. I read about the lunch buffet with BBQ chicken and ribs for $15 included in the cover charge. When I went in, there were two groups of 4 guys each on opposite sides of the dancing stage. Everyone was dressed up in long sleeved shirts so I supposed they were just on lunch while getting a good view. It was about 1:30pm and the place was getting slow. By about 2pm, it was just me. Because they gave me some change with my admission I decided to sit in the front next to the stage to get a better view. *WOW* Two girls I distinctly remember were Mindee and Envy. Both were slender and curves in all the right places. Let me tell you a funny story! Envy was climbing the ceiling high pole all the way to the top and did her trick to slide down. When she came down, I mentioned to her she could be a part time fire-woman since she’s good with the pole. She was stunned and had an amazed look on her face. She asked if her other friend told me she worked with the firefighters as a paramedic. I must be a good judge of character, Yes! When she was done, she told me she’s a roadside paramedic and told me to drive safe. Hmm…if I new paramedic were that beautiful, I’d fake an accident all the time.But anyways, Mindee was next and gave me a good show, so I tipped her well. It was only me in the club so she did her best to put a smile on my face. And boy, did she! She has an amazing tattoo covering her back. Tall, curvy and slender she can turn all the heads in any room. Most of these girls that dance are going through college. With the way the economy is going, why not help out these ladies once in a while?

  40. GarryWas

    Worst strip club you would ever see, all of the workers talk in a rude way… Don’t recommend it at all!

  41. Ron S.

    I have been to a good number of clubs and by far the girls here were quite impressive. For the most part all great dancers that know a thing or two about seduction! 90% of them were very friendly and just overall great personalities.Price wise, considering where it is located I would say it is fair priced. By far though Sarah was my favorite dancer that I saw.If you like good entertainment, grabs some ones and head over!

  42. Lew A.

    Oh, my, are the ladies beautiful here! That Asian beauty Veronica will be in my heart (and dreams) for a while. But……no touching!*long sigh*

  43. dznuts

    Been going to this club for a while, and I love it. It’s a very comfortable atmosphere, and the girls are gorgeous, especially Serenity. Most of the girls come to you, and want to chat with you, and want to get to know you, and be a friend. Yes, this is San Jose, so no touch involved, but they still get as close as they can to you. Makes it kinda provocative and sexy. Nice thing is, even after a dance, they do chit chat with you after wards. All of them are gracious enough to have you first come to the club, and then if you get a dance, they are very appreciative of that.

  44. Earl S.

    I’ve travelled the globe and been to may gentleman’s clubs. The experience I had at Cheetah’s this evening eclipsed any other I’ve had. Every dancer was beautiful and by every I must point out there was 15 in the line up. All of them personable and skilled in creating the role of fantasy. Three of them, Serenity, Medusa and, Rain utilized the pole as skillfully as any Cirque performer. Medusa was super hot and, Serenity was truly one of the sexiest women I’ve ever met. Her stage presence was amazing and her private dances were a religious experience. I can’t advocate for Cheetah’s enough!.

  45. Alfred D.

    Went here recently and was pretty impressed with it overall. Girls range from okay to really hot, depending on your preference. I want to say that there’s something for everyone but I was only there about an hour since we got there close to closing time. Very pretty girls that are not pushy about demanding a lap dance from you, and are friendly to talk to as well. The cover charge is relatively cheap for a Saturday night, something I put on it being in Sunnyvale, but was nice nonetheless. The club was poppin on a Saturday night, so full there weren’t really any open seats when we walked in, and we came pretty close to closing time. People complain about no alcohol but most fully nude clubs don’t serve any for obvious reasons…they should go to topless clubs for the alchy. As for the lap dance, they get nude right away, but it’s no contact, so you can’t touch. The girls come close to grinding, but don’t do it per say, so I must say that was a little disappointing considering the cost of a lap dance. Some girls are more stingy than others, and will charge you the “booth fee”, though the girls talked to didn’t. This club also closes pretty early for a strip club, at 2AM. That was kind of a bummer because we were planning on staying at the other place longer when we had to rush over before they closed. Again, this is something I attribute to it being in Sunnyvale, since the town pretty much shuts down at midnight. Overall I had a great time and good memories.

  46. Joshua F.

    So this place use to be the Kit Kat Club, but has changed ownership. I made a review of the Kit Kat a while back so I dropped by this one to see what has changed. So the lay out is identical as before, same stage and same sitting, but I think there is no longer food served (which is a plus).-Entrence is $10 (for now). -There are no private lap dances, instead you are taken to a separate room were there are like ten sectioned off booths. So if you get a lap dance, you can look next to you or across and see someone else getting a lap dance, not very good in my opinion. -Lap Dances start with $40 dollars, and in addition you have to pay another 5 dollars to install into a machine to tell the management that the booth is taken. -I didn’t see that many girls when I went but they are ok. The girls are nice but it each guy has there own flare. If you tip well you will get a good dose of breast and crotch in the face, very nice. -They have a bar apparently, so you can order drinks. -There are two stages, the main one is long, and sitting all around. So if your sitting you can easy see the guy across from you, slightly awkward. If you want action, make sure to get next to a group that tips well, or else you will see very little. The other stage is smaller and opens when the there are more guys. All together it is a nice place if you want to go someplace close. If you want something with more variety, check out San Francisco, Broadway.

  47. rolf
  48. Kense O.

    Pros:Probably the hottest girls of any bay area strip club. I was really impressed. Especially by Jasmine and Ivy X. Dime Pieces. I also like the size and set up of this place, nice and large.Cons:No Touching? I’m so used to San Francisco, Vegas and LA where I can grope and touch. I brushed the leg of one of the dancers during a lap dance and was warned that there is no touching. LOL Are you serious? I can’t even touch your ankle? Lame as hell. I won’t be returning because I can’t have fun if I can’t smack your ass when you’re bent over in my face.

  49. Valerie G.

    After spending Easter alone and being very depressed, I met up with one of my best friends for a bite to eat. We enjoyed a few beers because clearly going to the strip club on Easter is not something we do on a casual basis. First we pull up to the parking lot and hear dubstep playing from the inside. We were immediately excited. After walking to the front door and finding out there was a 20$ cover we weren’t too stoked. We decide to pay and once inside we couldn’t help but feel like we were in a Rock of Love episode. I mean I dont expect the BEST of quality at a strip club but some of these girls looked like little boys on stage I was not impressed

  50. ace

    Very pretty girls. Dances are just ok, absolutely NO contact. I didn’t mind, only because other reviews had me know what to expect. Also liked that there wasn’t too much of a hard sell. Dallas and Shandra (sp?) were smoking hot.

  51. Jim M.

    I love this place. Not weird at all….great, beautiful and smiling girls…props to mgr Manny. I was a retard and dropped shit tons of cash and he returned it all to me and was super cool. I had no clue i dropped my paycheck and stuff and he was able to link me w my possessions. Shout out to security manager M-dog.Great ladies…prices…atmosphere and staff. Gentlemans club indeed.

  52. Bennie T.

    The ambience was good. Music was alright. Girls were beautiful.The lap-dance was not satisfactory. There was no-touch involved.It was a big waste for money ( $60 / approx. 8 min.).Its $40 for one song. The girl had a tanned body. Her pic is not there in the website. If she would have given me a good dance, I would have come back again. But thats ( NO CONTACT) the law, then sucks.

  53. Harrison69

    Well I decided to make the drive to Cheetah since it had been a while since I came to 1 of these establishment. I didnt want to go to SF and deal with expensive parking, bumper to bumper traffic and being disappointed with the females up there. As a female, I truly enjoy and appreciate a dancer who takes care of her body even though they may modify it with tatts and piercings. What I like about this club, all the girls had perfect and beautiful bodies. No stretch marks, sagging breasts, cellilite etc. I honestly thought I was in Club Cheetah in Vegas. The only gripe I had was the 20 buck cover which I think it steep but hey they gotta find any means to make the mula.

  54. chris p.

    Spent a few hours at Cheetahs for my 30th birthday. It was, as expected, your standard full nude strip club.Cover was $20, but I got in free for my birthday. We knew this was going to be a full nude (non-alcohol) strip club, so we spent a few hours getting buzzed down the way at Sporty’s before we showed up to Cheetahs. The club was clean, the people were nice and the girls were beautiful. There was (IMO) some really top-notch girls here. My wife and I got a private dance from one girl for $35/song (NO TOUCHING)I don’t have much to say, good or bad. But I give Cheetahs my approval. If you’re gonna go to a full nude, might as well go to this one.

  55. Bakasur B.

    It was horrible!!Firstly, it is pretty small. The girls are cute, but here is what- I got talking with one asian-american chick. Really pretty. We went to “private room” – ahem, sorry! there is no private room- there are 8-9 couches, worst part is, they face each other. The girl entertaining you, puts a coin like thing in a slot machine and that sucker counts the time or the songs or whatever. I mean, there was this hot chick dancing in front of me- but there was no privacy- the guy sitting on the couch in front was staring right at us. Here’s the real bummer- you cant touch the girls here. I mean, hey, that’s why I go to strip clubs, you know. Don’t want to put my hand where it don’t belong, but no touching at all- that’s a real bummer. And that dance cost me $40 I think. That is RIDICULOUS.

  56. larry1

    Got a coupon from for $10 cover charge and free lunch so I decided to try it out.If you are looking to have some “sexy time” groping and touching the dancers, this is probably not a good place for you. Because it’s a non touch place, you find many college girl-next-door here. They are good looking and down to earth. There is this insanely hot brunette, I can’t remember her name, but I bought my coworker a lap dance from her and he was like “I can’t believe girls that hot exist…”The patrons are pretty good here, mostly folks working for tech company around the area. I used to work at Plug and Play so I recognized some of the folks from there.Overall, it’s a chill place to hang out and relax. If you are looking for a raunchier time, check out the clubs on Broadway.

  57. nickstrip

    This remains my favorite “gentlemen’s club,” not just in the Bay Area but pretty much anywhere. However, it depends on what you’re looking for, so read on.Three most important things you need to know is that it’s a fully nude club, with no-contact “lap dances,” and no booze. I come here for the stage show and maybe a “lap dance” as a way tip some of my favorite dancers (but they are pricey – $60 for 2 songs for a couple – especially for what they are).Most dancers work here for a long time, and they seem to enjoy what they’re doing more than an average strip club. I haven’t really seen the “I’m dead inside” look so common in most other strip clubs I’ve been too.The performance on stage is good striptease – sensual, the dancers seem to enjoy it which makes it a lot more sexy, and the songs are long enough for them to linger with the guests around the stage. Overall, this is my reason to come here. Even for the girls who don’t look like models, but they are really nice and natural/real.So to sum up, it’s not for everyone, but can be an awesome experience if this kind of stage dance is what you’re after.

  58. igor34

    cheetahs is one of the nicest clubs i’ve been to. the women are all pretty good looking and don’t appear to be miserable on favorite dancer, and dear friend in real life, dani, is totally worth a trip. this girl LOVES what she does and has an amazing- natural body that any man or woman would be lucky to see. her face is beautiful which is super important to me, and she is incredibly sweet and friendly.i love going to this place with my girlfriends. we always have a great time.

  59. winston12

    We went here for a girls night out to do somethign different and fun glad we did!! It was a fun experience. The strippers were decent and awesome. Although this is primarily a men’s entertainment club, it can be for girls night out.We were treated with so much attention and respect. The manager made sure we felt safe and made sure we were comfortable. When we were leaving, he sent a security person to walk us to our cars. I give 5 stars mainly for the service we recieved. I did not care too much about the interiors or the location.

  60. Franklyn

    I Love this girls are nice looking and very polite I would visit this place soon again last time I was there I got real hungry went home and my wife wondered what happen to me a was real hungry lol

  61. fuckery12

    Came here for a friends bday and I’d have to say out of the 2 strip clubs I been to this was wayy better than pink poodle. The girls here aren’t raunchy and are beautiful!!! They don’t make you feel dirty like the other place does. Its a roomy area and well lit as well. The girls smell like peaches which I do enjoy!!!

  62. talbot

    went here for the first time last week, definitely the best looking ladies i’ve ever seen in a strip joint. they don’t serve alcohol or(real) beer cause some dumb ca law that pussy and liquor can’t go together. got a couple of dances with sexy blond katelin. super hot dance in the back, she said she was the best and wasn’t kidding. rain puts on a good stage show. definitely worth a try. i’ll be back

  63. Bonnie D.

    I had a few minutes with Sin, and BOY! Was I in heaven! Last night was my first time at an all-nudey strip club. I have been to Sporty’s in Sunnyvale, and The Gold Club in SF. (I like them both for what they are.)Cheetah’s was pretty cool. The dancers were friendly and quite lovely. My buddy and I saw Sin from across the room and were totally transfixed. We didn’t see her dance on stage at all, but we did get a private dance! I totally fell in love with her. She is beautiful and very good at what she does. We were both reeling after the dance. =0)The setup took a little getting used to because the stage is a rounded rectangle with stools all around. Being able to see so many peoples’ reactions was entertaining in itself. Once you get into it though, you’re only looking at the dancer! I did like the two super-high poles, and pretty disco ball lighting on the fancy white curtains that filled the cathedral-style upper ceiling space.I am defintely going back. p.s. We paid $20 each to get in (Thursday night), and paid $70 for the two of us to get an amazing private dance. I also met the manager and he was very kind (as a woman it’s important to me that the clubs I patronize be run by good people–no one likes an a**hole club owner, no matter where it is!)

  64. XXXbeast

    Nice people working at a strip club? Say whaaaaa?!? Yea it’s true. Cheetahs wasn’t the usual dickhead bouncer and sleezy bitchy stripper girls. They were very professional, great dancers, and super nice and entertaining when you talk to them. That definitely helped make up for the lack of booze and touching (not going to ding them since the law is the law). So grab some snapple and head out with your girl or your boys, take a few shots beforehand and enjoy yourself!

  65. Jacqueline H.

    The girls were hot but the dancing wasn’t anything I haven’t seen. I guess I’ve just been to too many Spearmint Rhinos which I love because it’s fun for girls too.Cover charge was way much $20. One dance started at $40. For a couples dance it was a minimum of two songs at $75. WHAT?! thats like 6 minutes for a mediocre girl. And i think its kind of creepy that they do not have private rooms for the dances. Its just a ton of couches with a bouncer in the front. Price and ambience was what made it a no-go for me!

  66. Nate P.

    Sin is amazing. I think I love her. She saved my dog, cuz she’s like also a vet or something. So I kinda have a crush on her. Im a broke college kid but i’d always come back for her. She’s so sweet and friendly. I don’t feel creepy or awkward with her. I wish I was one of those rich Asian businessmen so I could throw money at people. I think sin would think that’s cute. Maybe I’m over analyzing this though. Anyways I love sin. I hope I don’t sound too creepy…I’m really not..

  67. Stephanie N.

    Yes, I was at this strip club. Yes, I actually enjoyed it.Okay, so I was here for a friend’s bday. He’s a nice guy but I think as a homie, I gotta make sure he remembers what coochie looks like before he gets too old and forgets. What are friends for?!Alright, the door man is kind of rude-ish. Word to the wise: just do what they say, ask and be nice to them or else you won’t get in. I felt that it was unnecessary for him to be mean but hey, you work as a door man for a strip club, did I expect much more? Nope.Upon entering the club, the stage is dead center and they have seats all around it. There’s two poles and it has tons of strip club lighting. To my surprise, it was PACKED. I’m not talking crowded, I’m talking packed. There was only standing room. To me, that only said one thing: this place is crackin’!As a girl, strippers have everything I have except I’m not flashing it to a bunch of strangers and spanking my ass for a dollar. Now, the girls in this place are actually of quality. Visually, they’re shapely, decent and fit for the most part. They’re nice not aggressive. My favorite was Veronica, the “Asian Goddess”… She was hot, sultry, and had a quite nice body. I’m a little jealous… Well a lot of jealous but hey, she was racking up the money so I ain’t mad at that. I wonder which car in the lot is hers: Beemer, Benz or Bently? At one point, she went ALL the way up the pole and I screamed “someone pay the girl!!!” – I love it when girls go all the way up the pole and come all the way down.Then there’s another gal there who has a pretty sizable tat on the side/tummy that looks like mine. I had to do a double take. I stopped her when she was walking around and we had a good laugh about it. I felt the girls in this place are definitely friendly and approachable. Even tho I wasn’t stopping them for a private dance, they didn’t ignore me (which is a plus!)I think I had more fun then I’d like to admit. Paying $20 for a pseudo-club that has no liquor, no touching or no cell phone use inside is quite steep but even more surprised that I would enjoy myself at this place. I work/live down the street and might come here for lunch one of these days. I heard from other reviews that they have a decent lunch… and can’t beat the entertainment. ;)P.s. I gave +1 star for one of the cutesy strippers who came right up to me and said “you’re really cute!”

  68. Logan T.

    Even though there is no private dance. However, I like the cozy feeling and there are more girls than customers, that’s what I like. My no.1 strip club is always Little Darling in Vegas. Cheetah is a good place to chill. Lastly, I love the girl called Envy so much. She’s super duper beautiful.

  69. NapalmDoll

    I am addicted to this place!! My 1st time coming here was INCREDIBLE, to say the least. (10 hot girls on stage all over me?) The girls are CRAZY HOT (with the exception of maybe like 2 I dont really care for. It’s easy to get picky when your oogling 10 after 10 and then a 6 comes on) ROSE is the most beautiful girl I’ve EVER seen, Ivy, Sin, Berlin, Veronica, Envy, Serenity has sexy stage presence and amazing moves on the pole.

  70. David L.

    like the environment here, fully nude club, and didn’t provide alcoholic here. Girls are clean (no touching) and good looking. Not suggest to came here on weekday for all u can eat buffet, only 2 lady rotating on the stage. Private dance is a bit pricey too, $45 for one song, $70 for 2 songs. Overall, it’s a chill place to hang out and relax with friends on the weekend.

  71. brokester c.

    cheetah’s was an experience i’ll never forget, for various reasons. to begin, cover was $15 the sunday night we went, yes, even for ladies. we sat down at the tables where a bunch of barely legal guys were sitting, watching the girl perform on stage. before we even got a chance to sit down, “veronica” approached to talk to me & asked if we had been here b4 & blah blah blah, gave us a price list, etc. no pressure. she was a smokin hot, doable asian girl. we thought it was interesting that over the course of the night the only other person she approached was an asian guy. hmmmm? but yeah, after seeing most of the strippers perform, and after seeing veronica’s acrobatic skills on the pole (she was the only one who went all the way to the top!), we eventually chose her for our couples lap dance, which cost $60 & lasts for the duration of 2 songs. DAMN! it was really NOT worth it at all, and it’s not entirely her fault. because believe me, this girl was gorgeous. she was just talking too much, like all up in our biz trying to analyze me & dude’s relationship. WTF? LESS TALKY MORE SLUTTY DANCY. so yes. DISAPPOINTING. that’s not even the worst part. i was too distracted by a weird smell coming from somewhere and i was scared it was her junk. every time she’d put her junk close to me i’d sniff to be sure, then when she was busy dancing on my date i’d be looking around investigating for possible sources of the smell. then of course she’d notice i wasn’t paying attention to her. at one point she accused me of falling asleep & i felt really bad, cuz my eyelids were feeling heavy 3/4 of the way through. i think i was just doubly stifled by the NO ALCOHOL and NO TOUCHING. back to vegas it is!oh yeah, they need to invest in a better sound system.

  72. Kari M.

    Really I give it 3.5 stars. The girls are hot for sure, but I was surprised how many times they just walked by me and my girlfriend (friend who is a girl). She had never been to a club before, so I took her here.$20 is a lot for a cover, but it’s worth it because all the girls are really good looking.My minuses come from girls ignoring my $5 bills. I came here for some entertainment and was completely ignored when $10 was down in front of me!!! Bull crap.But for those hotties who did pay attention, they were AWESOME! Especially the ones who did the tricks on the poles! And that’s the other minus. Only 2-4 girls actually did ANYTHING on the pole. I’m here for entertainment!I want to come back and try the free lunch sometime. 🙂

  73. Peaches C.

    Out of all the strip clubs I’ve been to, I could honestly say that Cheetahs has some of the prettiest girls.I came here on a Saturday night with my BF after a horrible house party. The house party was supposed to have strippers but when they came the police were there so they ended up leaving. Both of us were excited for the strippers so we were pretty bummed when they ended up leaving. Since I promised my BF a lap dance I decided that I would take him to Cheetahs. This place is really small, well the stage at least but they have a whole section on the other side for lap dances. Also because of the California State Law they do not serve alcohol since it’s a completely nude bar. When the bartender or the guy behind the counter (since he doesn’t serve alcohol) said I couldn’t have my jack and coke I felt like crying. Anyways overall the place was nice. The girls were hot. But if you’re thinking about stopping by Cheetahs to get a lap dance be prepared to spend $40 for one song! And don’t expect the girl to grind on you because she’ll barely touch you.

  74. mathewater12

    Gem of a club away from the big city bustle! The club is in a discreet location. I was pleasantly surprised when I walked inside how nice it was. The lighting, seating, and unique stage are almost as beautiful as the women. All of the women we’ve encountered there not only have amazing physiques, but they are very pretty too. I go with my boyfriend when we get out to the bay area. As a couple, I really like the women there are good about making contact with me first before turning any attention to my honey. 🙂 Couples are ignored at some clubs, not here. The atmosphere is very relaxed, the women give you as much attention as you desire, but aren’t pushy. Huge plus. No alcohol is served, so dinner and drinks ahead of time is how we roll.

  75. Gene B.

    The girls are sexy here. Long legs and tall. The one thing that it doesn’t have is touching. The girls won’t touch you nor would they allow you to do the same. If you like to just see, this place will do. Males and females is the same price for coverage.

  76. bojo
  77. D G.

    A nice place. Went there with a group of guys and gals for the first time ever. Got some grief from a bouncer when the admissions bloke didnt know how to properly give out correct number of tickets… or the bouncer dropped one. Never the less, the girls are good. One looks like Allison Hannigan and the other is a petite brunette named Pixie…Both are lovely. Ladies look clean and trim. Table Dances are good- would prefer lap- but hey, its CALI.A nice place, overall.Update since the last time. ANY of the good looking girls are GONE! There was one brunette there last time with some of the nastiest breasts Ive ever laid eyes on. Think of it like a pair of tube socks, filled with jell-o, and about 2/3 way down, the nipples start… its all dark the rest of the way… so sad. The other girls looked cheap and trashy… Nothing like how it used to be.

  78. Papa G.

    The place is clean and all employees were friendly. Most of the girls are solid 6s. No 10s in sight. Saw some decent acrobatics on the poles. Clubs typically have a “Queen Bee” (the girl that is so hot she commands attention), this one did not. Make sure you have plenty to drink before coming to this club as the cannot sell alcohol. My first sobering strip club experience.

  79. Mr D

    Nice changes all around to the old Kit Kat club. Been here a few times for the lunch special, which is pretty good. Talent here is definitely the best in the area.

    My only complaint is that I’ve been here at the shift change on two occasions and it took about 30 mins for them to get a new girl on stage after the day shift girls were done.

  80. Gil O.

    I came here with some friends of mine on a Wednesday night and the club was pretty mellow. There were about 8 to 10 girls working that night, 3 of them were good looking and the others were like whatever. I was approached by a Blondie for lapdance and I had money to blow so I said “sure why not!” She said it was $40 for one song or $60 for 2 songs, I took the deal for 2 songs and her eyes lit up and was smiling ear to ear. The lapdance was ok but I’ve had waaaay better. This club also has no-contact rule during the lapdance which kinda sucks, compared to the pink poodle where full contact with dancer is ok. I’d would only comeback if I happen to be in the neighborhood.

  81. Kirk
  82. JJ

    By far the best talent in the bay area. All the girls are 8s and up. Good atmosphere all around. All nude, no alcohol.

  83. Erik

    The girls are way better looking in this club!

  84. ryan123

    Amazing time here, I will come back for sure the girls are super nice and easy to talk to you and don’t pressure you for dances. It’s full nude, no contact tho but still amazing. When you go ask for honey she is amazing And super nice.

  85. Wilson L.

    I’m not the type of guy who would spend my time at a gentlemen club. When I went here to check it out it was clean and big. The dancers are really hot especially ivy. I would recommend this place to someone but probably not go back here myself don’t like to be found in this scene unless it’s a special occasion.

  86. Manton R.

    Have you ever walked into an establishment and it smelled like old wood and gave you a feeling of . . . I feel like I’m in a saloon from the western days. Well, if you haven’t, stop by Cheetahs and you’ll know what I’m referring to. Sure the strip clubs in the South Bay shouldn’t be compared to the clubs in San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver or Vegas, but for the amount of money Cheetahs make, they should at least update their venue. They have two main stages. Usually only one is open but they open the second one on a busy night. There is a bar (no alcohol) and the private dances are not very private. The “private dances” are done in two areas of the club and seems like there is a machine (above your head) in which you put your money in. It’s almost like a small vending machine. When the dance is over, the light turns off. It’s very odd. It’s so odd that I’ve never got a private dance since I don’t want to experience how tacky it is. Yes, it’s thaaaaaat bad. Anyways, the talent is ok so you shouldn’t expect much. The stage and venue is rundown. When you tip, they tell you that you need to put the dollar on a steel bar that goes around the whole stage. It’s almost perplexing. I guess they do not want any guys to “make it rain.” Would I go there again? Sure! Only if it was the resort and if I’m too drunk to make any wise decisions.

  87. rogerrab2

    This place is awesome. The girls are hot and so friendly. Will continue coming back whenever I have a group to party with

  88. Joel P.

    I came here on my birthday a couple months ago. I showed the bouncer my ID and I got into the place for free. YES!! The place was kinda small compared to the one I got into in Chicago last year. As you enter the door the stage is right there and the private rooms are behind this area. It is Fairly small. They have chicks that come one after another that were really HOT and i couldn’t help but give my generous donations to the beautiful women. In fact while I was there they had a special guest, a playboy playmate! I must say it was awesome. I gave more tips than anyone… But then again, I always do.

  89. Jordan D.

    I have never gone here before and it’s mainly because their website is terrible. I have only ever gone to the Pink Poodle because their website let’s me know which girls are working and when and they got pictures and a description of what they have there. I would go if I had a sort of a preview of what’s in there. Until then the Poodle’s got my attention and money.

  90. fritter17

    Cheetahs is one of the nicest club I’ve been in bay area. All the girls are pretty good and friendly whenever I came. The dancers love they job and have amazing-natural body. Entrance Fee $20, I usually paid $70 for one dancer to get an amazing private dance. Even though girl require no touching, but it worth to try.

  91. Dick

    The girls are all hot…WOW!!!

  92. Sally P.

    I am not really a big fan of strip clubs, but I respect what the girls do. There is a big market for female nudity, and people are willing to pay good money to obtain that. The girls are good at what they do, which is getting money out of the patrons. I have heard so many stories of friends saying things like, “That chick was so into me, did you see how she was talking to me and all over me?” or something like, “Yeah I paid for the lap dance, but she totally was into me and maybe we’re gonna get married later or at least I’ll get a handy.” I don’t have anything against the idea of a strip club, how someone chooses to piss their money away is their prerogative. Just don’t be so dense that you actually think the girl “wants” you or anything like that. She’s just dong what she does in order to get the most money out of you. Idiots. I had a good time though when I went one late Saturday night. I don’t know if maybe I just got a poor sampling of the ladies working, but they were all either pretty flat-chested, or had really bad boob jobs. And bad boob job, like where there’s weird pulling of the skin around the sideboob and it looks like a sack hanging off the chest. I guess you really do get what you pay for. If I were to get a boob job, I think I’d really rethink the $2k pricetag and say, “Hmm, I wonder WHY it’s only $2k…” Sorry, but if I am going to go to a strip club, I expect to see some nice tits. Maybe someday I’ll return and see if I just went on the wrong night.

  93. another josh

    To get in is 20 bucks, standard at all clubs ive been to. They serve food but i wouldn’t touch the stuff, strip clubs and food dont mix. The area was nice, good lighting, good seats, large first stage even a fire place. There is even a secondary stage that they open up when there is a large crowd in the room and no more seating. So it is a great to veiw two dancers at the same time! The ladies are very nice and dont hassel you too much about private dances. All the ladies looked great but lacked variety. However when sitting at the stage you should sit near others or bring your own group of friends, i did say the stage is large so if you are on a smaller tipping end of the table and across from you is a larger group of higher tippers, expect no action.

  94. SK Y.

    Apparently they don’t like you making fun of them for not having dollar bills at the bar or cashier and threaten to kick you out.

  95. Michael N.

    $15 bucks to get in during the day, including free BBQ food lunch.$15-$20 at night depending on the day of the week.Funny, but I’ve only been to a few of strip clubs in my life, and I’vebeen to this one twice.I work around the corner and came back with my coworkers to try thefree BBQ lunch special. It is a little surreal to eat lunch with yourboss in a strip club, but I guess it was a good bonding experience.The food was better than decent. Chicken and rib plate is definitelygood, and a great value if you want to be eating it in an all nudestrip club.As far as the stripping part of the club goes, it is best strip clubthat I’ve ever been to. The strippers were almost all top notchbeautiful and the atmosphere is pretty nice and comfortable. Thegirls aren’t as aggressive as strippers in the other clubs I’ve beento, but everyone gets a good view of the stage here.

  96. Marevie T.

    After the remodel this place feels alot more welcoming! They’ve got white silk drapes on the ceiling and the poles actually reach all the way to the top (plus for the knowledgable acrobat! Haha) The girls here are CORRECT in the face, and really clean looking. I love it! The best bunch of beautiful females I have ever seen… on a Monday afternoon even! I went here for lunch with a few man friends and they had a blast! What’s a lunch with great chicken, ribs and whoo haaa! (Gotta say that like a cow boy folks.. Whoo haaa!) Of course, I wanted to sit at one of the tables and watch from a far … I’ve got my own whoo haa to look at lol! I definitely enjoyed the company around me. Great suggestion to have lunch for a change in scenery =)

  97. Donnie J.

    Came in and it was a sweet looking venue. Fellas working there are pretty professional. Pretty sweet music played. Price is pretty good unless you’re a cheap bastard. The ladies are very beautiful and friendly. If I were you though, I’d come there to see Sin perform. Hands down most beautiful girl and she’s got the best moves. But that’s just me. Gonna have to go there to see the other ladies too, they’re all great but Sin was the one for me that night. I’ve danced with lotsa girls before and never seen moves like that. She won’t disappoint you and if you enjoy it as much as if, you’ll never forget her.

  98. Jenna M.

    Let me start by saying I had only ever been to one other strip club before this one. That experience had been just OK and mostly only fun because it was something new, however it was not great. But I must say that this place blew me away and I had an absolutely fantastic time! I went with a large group of both men and women and we found that the ladies on stage loved to give us girls a lot of attention! All of the girls were attractive and there was enough variety for anyone’s taste. Some, of course, were better dancers than others, and not everyone did pole work, but it was still great to watch them all. It was several months ago that I went, so I don’t remember most of the dancer’s names. But I believe my favorites were Isis and Raine because they both truly put on a great show. Regardless of whether I found them attractive or not, I couldn’t take my eyes off of them!I also loved the setup of the stage being in the center, so that we could sit on all sides and still have a great view. Unfortunately since it is full nude, there is no alcohol, which is a bummer. But if you’re going for the show, then in my opinion this is the place to go!

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